2755/Ladies of Limbo, FIGHT! -- Er, Reunite!

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Ladies of Limbo, FIGHT! -- Er, Reunite!
Date of Scene: 08 October 2017
Location: Xavier Academy
Synopsis: Ladies of Limbo, FIGHT! -- Er, Reunite!
Cast of Characters: Surge, Shadowcat, Magik, Colossus, Pixie

Surge has posed:
     Sunny fall afternoons are great for hanging around outdoors, and as such, Nori's playing frisbee on the front lawn. However, none of her friends are around, so... She's playing against herself! She tosses, watching the red disk sail through the air, before streaking across the lawn, trailing sparks, and catching it. Not quite as good as playing with other people, but better than another afternoon trying to study.

Shadowcat has posed:
The front yard isn't USUALLY the place one sees such activities happening, and this isn't exactly in plain sight. But the sounds of metal-on-metal have been ringing across the grounds for a good while now. It's *not* the same sound as Logan beating on his bike in the garage, and feminine laughter starts accompanying those metallic sounds. So by following the sounds, one happens across the source:

The two young women in the flat clearing of the lawn are as different as night and day in some ways, but both move with fluid grace. The brunette's katana meets the blonde's -- is that a broadsword she's wielding?! -- with that same ringing sound that drew the watcher. With a graceful twirl away from the engagement, Kitty laughs again. "Hey! No extra demons in the mix, Yana!" she calls out, as if maybe the blonde on the other side is cheating just a little. "Lockheed doesn't get to come play, neither can the critters! Last time, one tried to bite me on the butt!" She dances away from a particularly strong strike levelled at her by the blonde and the small dragon swooping above the fight chortles his amusement.

Magik has posed:
    All things being relative, Illyana is dressed simply. For her. That's the opportune phrase - simply, /for her/. The pants are black leather, just shy of skin tight and laced down both sides; the top is black cotton, but tight enough that you could see the impression of her bra straps if she quit moving long enough, and with the sleeves cropped short in lieu of fine, black mesh ones attached by mean of clips and hooked against the thumb and forefinger of each hand. The neck isn't quite plunging, but the fact she's wearing a high-shine black corset over the top does seem a tad excessive, especially given that - well, that she has a large sword in her hands, and that she is actively using it. This is to say nothing of the boots she is wearing, matte black leather with spikes at the toes, sport four-inch heels. They are, apparently, the most practical pair of shoes she currently owns.

    Despite the activity, despite the sunlight, Illyana is pallid as always and doesn't seem to have worked a sweat at all, and despite the impractical attire appears to in no way have disadvantaged herself.

    As Kitty disengages, Illyana cracks her neck to the side. There's a little twitch to her lips - it's almost like a smile, but Illyana doesn't smile, and so it must be some optical illusion. "It is not my fault, that is simply the largest target!" she replies, with a tone that's ... not openly mocking?

    Strange things are afoot at the Circle X.

Surge has posed:
Noriko Ashida snags the frisbee out of the air with a jump, before pausing to look over at the ongoing swordfight. Well, that's certainly more exciting. She still has no clue how you're supposed to fight in heels, especially on grass, but apparently Illy can do it. She wanders over to within about twenty feet of the pair before calling "How many demons equal a Lockheed, though?" Aaaah, Xavier's. You certainly don't get stuff like this at other schools.

Shadowcat has posed:
"Oh, you freakin' WENCH!" Kitty retorts, circling her best friend. With her dark hair in a ponytail and wearing workout clothes -- leggings and a sports bra/tank -- with a pair of trainers on her feet, she looks FAR more casual than Illyana. And she is definitely sweating and breathing deeply. Though she's in good shape, this exercise is not for the weak. She doesn't flick a glance toward the observer -- it's not like it's an unusual thing to be watched while training in this place, after all -- but she does call back, "Depends on if she brings the big ones!"

Launching herself forward at high speed, Kitty executes a tumbling move that brings her within sword-slashing distance of Illyana, phases right on through her friend to come out the other side of her body and bring her sword down from over her head to cleave the Demon Queen in two.

Magik has posed:
    "Half of a demon at best," Illyana directs to Surge - which is, again, an unusual thing, owing to how she generally just doesn't acknowledge anyone she is not standing directly next to unless it's to say something that's just absolutely *horrible*.

    That she does in fact let herself be distracted means that Kitty does in fact manage to phase through her, and to cleave a remarkably sharp sword down at her - though it seems like playing, and though it IS playing, these swords are both terribly lethal weapons.

    And Illyana's response to this is a click of her tongue, left foot moving backwards - and heel biting down into the ground, sending her falling onto her ass at exactly the right angle to make sure that, although she isn't harmed in any way, Kitty's sword slashes down the front of her top and leaves it hanging open, exposing the (really, surprisingly simple) black bra she wears beneath it, which luck of luck has not been rent in twain.

    Illyana, sitting on her ass with her top hanging open, fights against the turf until a clump of it is sent leaping skyward and her heel is released. "That was not a loss," she huffs quietly.

    "That was outside interference."

Surge has posed:
     And THERE is the reason why Surge never wears heels. One, they tend to not work at several hundred miles per hour, and they also make you vulnerable to uneven ground. "Totally not my fault. And you aren't going to get clean one on ones in an actual fight, either." After standing there grinning for a second, she zips back inside, before returning with a hoodie that totally wasn't borrowed from the school store. "Here you go, better put this on before the new kid shows up. I hear he's a starer."

Shadowcat has posed:
She was SUPPOSED to parry! Not go flashing her BRA!!! Kitty pulls that sword strike in an instant, so that what could have easily been a killing blow just slices those strings. The only reason she didn't phase is was because it means she wins. "What, now we're playing football??" she queries, standing on the air above her former roommate.

Bending down, she offers Illyana a hand up. And a grin and TIGHT hug once the Russian is on her feet. Because Kitty can't NOT hug her. Being home is a-may-zing and her joy lights her up from the inside. It's been a long three years. Then she settles her feet to the turf, her sword pointed downward. "We'll call it a draw," she says generously. "But only if you take back that comment about my butt."

Magik has posed:
    Illyana produces another huff, snatching the proffered hoodie from Noriko's hand. Without bothering to actually get up, Illyana unfastens her waist cincher (a long row of tightly secured buckles runs down the front), drops it onto the ground next to her, then (glumly) pulls off her (ruined) top, wads it up into a ball, and casts it off to the side. It doesn't go very far, because it's just a wadded-up ball of cotton and fishnetting.

    "So? They are just tits," she says to the helpful blue-haired girl, shoulders lifting then falling in a shrug that, let's be honest, makes them bounce quite a bit, it's what they do. If only to mollify the surely-in-need-of-mollification Kitty, Illyana *does* pull on the hoodie (which is not at ALL her style) and then manages, after grabbing onto Kitty's arm, to get back onto her feet.

    The hug - well, it makes Illyana flinch at first, but she relaxes into it. She almost likes like she's enjoying it! Nonsense.

    "It ... is not THAT big, no."

Surge has posed:
Noriko Ashida grins. "Yeah, but you'll never hear the end of it. And he'll start bragging to his friends, or something." Admittedly a bit weak, but it's also kind of distracting seeing the feared Illyana Rasputin actually acting, dare she say, NORMAL? She turns to Kitty, extending a hand. "Don't think we've officially met. Noriko Ashida, Surge. Nori's fine too."

Shadowcat has posed:
Illyana's surliness is something Kitty simply pretends isn't there. Because somewhere in that blonde is the amazing, beautiful, fun roommate that Kitty knows. And she'll make it back. Or at least as far back as a dour Russian can. Kitty will take any tiny moment that her best friend gives her, because they WILL be okay. Both of them.

Once Illyana takes her hand and allows the hug, Kitty steps back. Keeping her katana in her left hand, she turns to Noriko. "Yeah, that new kid... someone's gonna hurt him. The *first words* out of his mouth were about how hot the students were here." She rolls her eyes expressively. She takes Noriko's hand. "Kitty Pryde. Really nice to meet you. That's Lockheed," she adds, gesturing slightly upward.

Colossus has posed:
Rather than through the front doors of the mansion, Piotr appears around one of the sides of the building. Although it's not one of his official responsibilities at the school, the gentle giant has made gardening and various other bits of landscaping work on the grounds part of his routine, and it seems like he's at that now. To this point, a rather over-large sack of mulch chips is carried swung over his shoulder, bound for a currently empty would-be flower bed out front of the building that he's apparently working on. Important business!

Making his journey over, he spots the group out front, but still goes to put the bag down first, hefting it over and dropping it off with a soft thud. Clapping his hands twice, he then meanders toward the sparring bunch, waving at a short distance. "Hello Snowflake. Oh, and Katya. Is good to be seeing you both out!" Both are offered a large smile. "Are practicing?" Noriko is offered a smile in turn. "I should not be in way." He gestures over at the empty flower bed. "Since are no trees here, I am adding mulch instead of fall leaves. Good nutrients for spring growth before ground is freezing."

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn is flying around, as she often does since graduating. Venturing into the world, and interacting with it, in a way she hasn't since coming to the Institute. At this moment she's buzzing over the lawn, but drops down and slows down when she sees activity.

Magik has posed:
    Currently being hugged by Kitty, Illyana looks - well, not terribly uncomfortable, which is something of a rarity as concerns Illyana and physical contact. She is also wearing too-tight leather pants, impractical heels, and ... a Xavier Academy hoodie, which is to say the absolute minimum 'kind of out of place and like, not really matched to the rest of her outfit.'
    "Hello, Piotr," says Illyana. There is a gigantic sword next to her on the ground. (It is not the Soulsword, as that makes 'practice' difficult and 'abrupt dismemberment and villainous laughter' far more likely than even Illyana is comfortable with while in Kitty's presence.)
    "You are never in the way!" Illyana, acting like a human being, is likely to be something of a shock for Surge - acting like a human to TWO PEOPLE at once? A revelation, the likes of which Saul had on the road to Damascus. Or, well, at least kind of surprising.

Surge has posed:
Noriko Ashida winces, shaking firmly and giving a wave to the dragon. "Yeeah... Someone's gonna punch him. I'll probably just zap him a little if he doesn't get the hint, assuming there aren't any teachers looking. She gives a nod to Piotr as he arrives as well, grinning back. "They're practicing, I was watching. Playing frisbee by yourself gets old." From above, Nori's electric blue hair is probably pretty recognizable, the teen looking up again as Megan starts to come in for a landing.

Shadowcat has posed:
Piotr's approach renders a change in Kitty's demeanor, too, though she is low-key about it. Only the faint blush across her cheekbones may give away that she's a little flustered by his appearance. But her tone is steady and her smile easy as she murmurs, "Piotr. It's good to see you again." She's been gone for most of the past three years, only home on summer break from university, but her ties here run deep. Especially with the two Russians. "We were..." practicing, she means. And then her grin turns positively wicked. "Until Yana fumbled and flashed... what'd she call them? Her *tits* to the yard."

Because it's fun to see Colossus blush. And to tease the hell out of Illyana.

Colossus has posed:
Of course, Piotr always has the most sparkling, perhaps wildly inaccurate image of his sister, so he takes none of this as strange - although her being in a good mood does seem to reflect back in his own. Though he does add, maybe even humorously: "I mean in way of sword, if have not finished." Though it seems like they have, so he ambles closer, leaving the yardwork for at least the moment. Nearer, Noriko's mention of Kitty's pet has him glancing up briefly at said flying friend and then back between them. "Is very good to be having you back. You are enjoying travels? Mm, is like my reason for first coming to school, da? To study and learn in new place."

And while Piotr would generally not bother to think much of anything about his sister's odd dress, neither her strange 'normal' choice nor the oddly actually-normal clothes layered over them, when Kitty gives reason to the odd ensemble, he does in fact look a little uncomfortable. "Ah- erm. Well. If is just you girls here, is fine, da?" Though there is a worried look toward the front of the school building, where certain classrooms do have outward facing windows. Just like him to be worried for the modesty of someone who wanders around in spiked quasi bondage gear. "Do you need to go and change, snowflake?"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn is about to come approach the group, who seem to be having a time, when she's interrupted. It seems that Lockheed starts to kick up a fuss, signaling everyone about Pixie, then flying to her and circling her. "Hello," she says with a little wave. "It's ok, I belong here. I'm just going to say hello to everyone." She'll then land with the others, sizing up who's having fun here. And possibly at whose expense.

Magik has posed:
    The Russian - the pale Russian - no, the - look, the one with the tits, alright?
    She purses her lips together (it almost looks like a pout), and huffs out a discontented lungful of air at the words of her best friend. "I did not flash them!" protests Illyana, arms nonetheless folding over her chest and shoulders tensing, posture pushing up to immaculate straightness. She turns her head to the side, hair flipped, and offers up a scoff of protest.
    "They just came out! It was not my fault." She nods her chin towards the brunette. "Her sword cut open my shirt, and it just happened! Any anyway, as I said, they are just - "
    Illyana pauses; she clears her throat.
    And, in her brother AND Kitty's presence, she restrains herself.
    "They are natural."
    She unfolds her arms; she waves a reassuring hand towards Piotr. "No, no, it is fine now, the hoodie is ... it is fine, everything is fine."

Surge has posed:
Noriko Ashida snrk. She'll have to high five Kitty later. When there are less angry blondes with oversized swords who can teleport her to a hellscape. On the plus side... Illy seems to be glaring a bit less now that Piotr's here? Although... "She's right, Kitty. She still had underwear on anyway. I think Flashing technically requires no underwear..."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty just laughs. Because to see Illyana fluff and flounce and flip her hair is a welcome sight indeed. "I love you, Yana." She moves carefully with the katana in her hand to the sheath that sits off to the side near Piotr. Carefully covering the blade, she throws the strap over her shoulder and tilts her head to watch Pixie land. "Lockheed, she's not one of THOSE fairies. Don't breathe on her. I mean it!" The miniature dragon seems to huff, hovering as if deciding whether to bug Megan further, and then flies off with a chatter of something dragon-like over his shoulder. He might e singing, he might be cursing... who knows!

Clearing her throat, she looks at the small group. "I have to admit, it's really nice to be back. Lot of new faces. I hope you guys are liking it so far." She glances an almost-shy look at Piotr and says, "I don't start my job for a few days, so if you'd like help with some of the mulching, I can lend a hand."

Colossus has posed:
This all - discussion of underwear details, things being 'natural', what have you - is obviously all far more than Piotr needs to hear on this topic! Since what he needs to hear is NOTHING. In specific OR general really, as talking about boobs with a bunch of female students is definitely inappropriate! Who is he, Remy?

And of this is reflected in an expression that is a rich combination of embarassment, discomfort, and dismay. It's the the pure concept of 'awkward' given shape on his face. So he capitulates quite readily to Illyana: "Da, is fine." If that means they can stop talking about it, anyway!

The little dragonling flying over to Megan proves a very convenient distraction, however. Look! Over there! "Ah hello," he calls over as she comes to join the group.

Similarly, when Kitty approaches to put away her sword, he glances back down toward her. "There are many new students these days. And with troubles going on, some have already shown themselves to be very promising." But his smile broadens suddenly at her offer of help. "Oh yes, if you are wanting to join me, I would be very happy." To which, he somewhat hastily adds, "Ah, most students, they do not show interest in such things." Ahem. "So, what is new job?"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn gives Piotr and the rest a wave, as the dragon is leaving her alone now, but then starts to catch up. "Hang on, did someone's top fall off in some training? Or am I misunderstanding what people are saying?" She then looks to Illayana and smirks. "At some point I maybe should learn how to use weapons better? Since I have one and all, once that cost a great deal."

Surge has posed:
Noriko Ashida grins. "Yeah. It's pretty nice here. Would be nicer if I'd done better on that History test, but..." She looks back and forth between Kitty and Piotr, before taking a few steps back towards Megan and Illyana to give the pair a bit more privacy. "I've been mostly sticking to unarmed stuff with Logan... might be worth learning as well, if you'd be interested." Hey Illy, an excuse to beat up on the girl you blame for embarassing you!

Magik has posed:
    Illyana's finger snaps towards Megan, and - well, there isn't much niceness at all to the look she directs at the Welsh girl, just cold, hard eyes and an otherwise expressionlessly face.
    "It did not fall. It was cut."
    And immediately her attention turns back to the only two people in the world for whom she holds any particular affection - posture, expression, eyes, everything about her in the blink of an eye softened to a point that appears *almost* human.
    Both of Illyana's hands rest on Kitty's shoulders and, from behind, she leans and asks, "Yes, Kitty, would you like to be alo-one?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Great. Big. Anime. Eyes. Illyana behind her?? That's always just a little scary. Seriously! It is! And Kitty goes just a little tense and then blushes PROFUSELY. "No, Yana, thank you so much. I'm sure you'll be a wonderful addition to mulching the gardens!" she retorts quickly. Is it an attempt to keep Illyana with her, or an attempt to drive her away?

Kitty does attempt to reclaim her equanimity with a grin at Megan and Noriko. "Logan is the best trainer around here for combat of many kinds. He taught me almost all of what I know." Not counting Ogun, of course. And then to Piotr, she adds, "Uhm... the new job? It's... working with STAR Labs some. Remotely, though -- I don't have to live in Metropolis or anything."

Colossus has posed:
Of course, at Illyana's sing-song-y offer, Piotr goes up on the defensive too, to the degree that it's almost hilariously self-incriminating. He even holds up his hands. "No, no, of course you are all welcome to be joining in!" He looks past her at the other two girls as well. "Is great deal of work, the gardens. It would be good if more students were participating. Is good, in this modern world with the little phones everywhere, to be keeping in touch with nature." That's his excuse and he's sticking to it!

With schoolwork being discussed, he does switch back to teacher-talk a bit. "Ms. Croft is good teacher," he points out to Noriko. "I am sure, if you are having trouble, you can ask her for extra help?" And then a firm nod. "Friend Logan is very good. I am helping sometimes too, with hand-to-hand training. Or you can schedule more time in student danger room. Practice is always making perfect, da?"

Kitty's new job earns an impressed sort of look. "Oh, that must be very interesting. You are... working for them as computer programmer?"

Pixie has posed:
Megan Gwynn winks at Illyana despite the cold response, and she laughs a bit. "My apologies." Noriko and Kitty get a nod, as she stretches her arms and folds her wings. "Logan probably knows something about blades..." She watches the dragon a bit more, as the dragon flies off in rage(?), and snickesr before winking at poor Piotr. "I might have to take a look. Being out of school would give me more time for gardens."

Surge has posed:
Noriko Ashida ...wait she came out her eto relax, not get drafted for dragging bags of mulch around. "Y-yeah... It's just balancing school and the hero stuff. I mean, I'm helping fight Darkseid, than have a test a few days later? Whiplash. And yeah, Danger Room stuff is okay, but the schedule's a bit full at times."

Magik has posed:
    "I am not a very good teacher."

    Unless you want to learn to walk in ballet heels, this is a statement as true as can be. Nothing of Illyana's demeanor and temperament would give reason to believe that she's a person you want swinging a sword at you when you've only just learned to pick one up.

    "SHE... trained ME," she says, finger placed at the very tip of Kitty's head, brow arched in Surge's direction. " sort of. It is complicated. There is time travel involved, you see? Also, there are alternate dimensions. Anyway, yes, it is best to perhaps ask Logan. Oh! Or Ororo, perhaps? She taught me much of the magic I know that isn't about murder."

    An ever-so innocent flutter of her eyes, face over Kitty's shoulder, and she says, "Not that I murder, of course. A figure of speech!"

    "But I do not think this one knows magic. Again, it is all very complicated. For certain she can teach you how to fight, however!"

    On a pivot, her attention shifts.

    "Yes! What is your new job, Kitty?"

Surge has posed:
Noriko Ashida shrugs. "I don't know, I"m not really magical. But... I guess I'll ask Kitty later. I... should probably go get some dinner though. I'll see you guys around!" She gives the group a wave, before disappearing in a streak of blue light and sparks again, heading back inside.

Shadowcat has posed:
Piotr's dancing hands and horrified expression just makes Kitty's blush even worse!! But Illyana's praise brings the dark-haired girl's eyes around to her friend with a small smile. Their bond is a complicated one. It is easy to see from the way the two girls stand together, though, it is an abiding one -- there is a graceful utter lethality to the way both of them move with swords in their hands but in that one shared smile, even with Yana babbling about murder, there is a moment where an observer can see that these two women will never stand anywhere but back-to-back against whatever comes.

"Blades? Yes, Logan of all people definitely knows blades." Kitty supresses a laugh at the thought of Logan and his blades. She turns her attention back to the two students. "Quite well. Also, Kurt is a phenomenal fencer, if I remember right. So there are choices of teacher. Depends on what suits your style." Her eyes go between the two girls. "The schedule here can, at times, be grueling. Balance is important... don't lose that." She waves as Noriko heads for the house.

And then she laughs quietly. "New job. Computers. Research. Developing new tech." She bites her lip and looks really excited. "At STAR Labs. And the Watchtower." She wasn't sure she was going to blab, but it's Yana and Piotr! And their opinions matter to her.

Colossus has posed:
"I am sure teachers are understanding when there are... interruptions to class schedule, for emergencies," Piotr does point out, a bit more empathetically to Noriko, hopefully before she decides to zip off. "We are all knowing what is like, to face great dangers. Is stressful! So, I am thinking exceptions can be made. Maybe speak with Ms. Croft about having... how you say, 'making up test' after time for more studying, da?"

To the rest, he happily announces, "You are all welcome to help. Is not so much work." Says the giant! He starts over toward the mulch bag, tearing one corner to make a spout of sorts, and lifting it to pour some out. "Garden work is mostly not too difficult. For this, I will handle heavy lifting. If you are wanting to help, the mulch will need be, mm, spread out even? I am bringing tools eariler." Indeed, there's some shovels, rakes, smaller hand trowels, etc in a little pile.

"Working for STAR should be very rewarding!" he tells Kitty with genuine excitement, that helping somewhat in focusing elsewhere than any floating 'awkward.' "Is great accomplishment. I am very proud."