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This'll Work
Date of Scene: 11 February 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: The Guardians of the Galaxy rescue Peter and trash a Prison Ship along the way!
Cast of Characters: Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord

Gamora has posed:
Quill has been captured!

Bounty Hunters loured him into a trap while on a refueling station... They'd setup a strip club themed after salvaged music that they had heard Peter Quill was a fan of, and like a moth to flame, he fell right into their trap.

All the rest of the Guardians had found out later by way of a group of tiny aliens knowing as 'Boggamites' who'd come to the Milano to haggle the information for profit... classy fellas those Boggas.

So after the Milano's motley crew acquired all the information they could get out of the little critters, they'd organized to hatch a plan...

That plan is where we find our heroes now. Gamora is in the Captain's chair of the ship, she's been piloting the vessel to their destination. She's left the others to decide who man's the weapon systems and who's going to run the 'Torch'... a device they're going to use to cut into the prisoner transport ship they're flying-steathly-up-behind right now... to sneaky dock with, and infiltrate.

Gamora speaks over the comms. "Stealth generator is working. Thats... a relief. They don't seem to see us yet. We'll be docking shortly, get the Torch ready." She tells the others.

Groot has posed:
Groot hums as he looks over the Torch device. It's a little overwrought in spots, maybe over-singed in one or two besides, but the welds are strong and sound as Groot hefts the device from the ground over his (well reinforced) shoulder. Well, the balance is okay. He's not sure what good he's going to get from it when its fuel stops, but he pulls it down in front of him to test it in each hand. Eh. It'll swing.

He braces himself as the ship slows behind the transport, then begins picking his way up to the cockpit, "Torch" hefted alongside. "I am Groot."

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket knew better than to have Groot handle the torch. Wood plus flame equals... well. Something worse than what Quill was going through right now.

However, Rockeet also knew better than to have the big guy try to squeeze himself into the gunner's station. Last time. Well.

So there were two things Groot really ought not do. Three if one figured in piloting the Milano. And Drax? Well who knew where he was. What was clear, however, was that Groot should not be using the torch, should not be flying, nor should he be trying to shoot anyone or anything.

So what's a sentient raccoon to do? Rocket mans the gunner station. "Weapons powered and armed."

He glances up as Groot moves past holding the torch. "Ah, man... Groot.." he protests as he looks at the torch long and hard, then to Groot. Then the torch. Then to Groot. ".... go get 'em big guy."

He'll probably, almost certainly, maybe be okay. possibly. What's the worst that could happen?

Gamora has posed:
Gamora's eyes were traveling all over the consoles in front of her, as well as up to the main viewports to ease... the ship in as carefully as she possibly can... When the mag-seals turned green she knew she was ready to engage them but she wanted to carefully get them as close to the other ship's hull as possible.

"Groot." She says over the comms. "Take the Torch to the portside hatch." Gams reaches out and flips a few switches... then engages the mag-seal and the Milano latches onto the massive prison transport. "Rocket, we haven't been spotted yet... but keep your wits about you. These ships have drone fighters and Hullguards. They'll come after us in both ways if they see us here.

Once they were docked on the side of the ship, she scrambled the Prison Ship's security systems with the codes she'd paid for with her own seaved-up earnings, then she went to get up out of her pilot's chair--tossing the harnesses off of her shoulders she spins around and starts to jog toward the back of the ship to join Groot.

"I'll open the hatch, you get the cutting started. Their scopes are down, their internal systems are scrambling... They're going to think its a reactor surge and will be on Yellow Alert."

Groot has posed:
It's really amazing, Groot decides, that the spacesuit cells work so very well. He grunts at Gamora's command and pushes in the center of the button, encasing himself in a large, shimmering bubble that protects him not only from outside elements, but also from... well, very closely nearby and anciently defined elements. Really, really hot ones. He huffs and glares at the Torch, then puts on some spikes while he waits for the hatch to open.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket would'a used Quill's rainy day fund, hisself. But Gams had to go and be all honest about it. Quill was the one that got himself caught over some stupid-azz human music. And the worst of it at that. Though Rocket did secretly thing that that one guy and his song was good.. he even had a catchy name. Psy. Of course, just what the Gangnam Style /was/? Rocket wasn't sure. But he was pretty sure he, himself, had that sort of style. His taste in music clearly reflected it.

"Yeah yeah. Gonna 'bang us both ways, I get it. Not even gonna give us a kiss first I bet. I'll be on 'em like one'a Quill's EsteeDee's."

Gamora has posed:
Gamora had the hatch open and they were staring at the hull of the Prison Ship, old and kind of nasty looking. She looked from that hull, over to Groot with the Torch and she thought of the sparks...

"Wait, should you really be the one doing thi---" Gam's voice was cut off by the sound of the Torch as the Tree lit it up and started to cut into the hull of their target vessel.

And with sparks flying, Gamora takes a step back, then turns and vanishes for a moment... only to return again a second later with a larve shop-vac-like hose that she aims at Groot's feet, and all the sparks start to get SUCKED UP inside the vacuum hose. (She's so smart!).

The Hull cutting would take a little while and Rocket would probably start to get pretty antsy, he'd see outside the Prison ship that some Drone Fighters were launched and were on patrol... probably due to the Yellow Alert going on inside of the big bertha ship.

Groot would have the hull cut in about five minutes and then he and Gamora would have a clear-passage into the ship's cargo bay.

Groot has posed:
"I am Groot," the tree states in an unhurried tone as he wreaks horrific damage on the hull of the prisoner transport. He taps at the hose with his root-feet and keeps cutting, every so often leaning to shove the end of the cutter into the hull plating to make it cut and break away more quickly. He growls deep in his... Well, it's not a throat, but it's making those noises.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket is impatient as one could only expect. He's got the patience of a junkie four hours overdue for his next fix while amped up on a dozen cans of that energy drink those humans have.. that Orange Yak stuff. Wings, indeed.

"C'mon.... C'monC'monC'mooooooon....!" he mutters through gritted pointy teeth. He's not wishing Groot would hurry up. No. No, he's hoping for the patrols to come around so he can ****ing frag'em.

"Company!" the absolute joy in his voice cannot be hidden. And the ship shudders as he begins firing on the patrols!

Gamora has posed:
"Come on come on come oooon..." Gamora and Rocket shared a few similarities, a few... maybe two. Possibly just one. Okay, none really. But in this moment you'd be hard pressed to know.

When the Torch Cutting is completed, the industrial vacuum hose is tossed aside onto the a pile of cargo containers inside the Milano and she reaches for her pistol out of the holster on her side.

"Don't announce our position until we've had a chance to get inside and look for Qui--"

Gamora is cut off by the sounds of Rocket engaging the guns, breaking their cover, and firing at the drone enemies.

The green skinned woman just sighs.

"Come on, Groot!" She shouts as she runs inside the cargo hold of the prison ship with her gun up!

Outside? The Drones have spotted the Milano now after Rocket destroys three of them in brilliant blazing balls of burning rubble! The others are now altering their course and coming after the docked ship!

Groot has posed:
"I AM GROOOOOOOT!" the tree bellows as he charges through the opened hull into the cargo hold. He swings the Torch in a wide arc and takes out two security crewmen, the business end sparking as he makes contact and sends them flying. A few others try getting in his way and firing shots, so the _Flora_ puts up some more spikes in his shoulders, chest, and branches before he starts swinging his arms and throwing his opponents up into the nearest available catwalk space. Groot is nothing if not efficient.

As the scuffle continues, Groot makes his way down the corridor, throwing bodies around as he goes. He occasionally uses the Torch for emphasis, whether for blunt-force trauma or for pyrotechnics. He growls and roars as he continues down toward the cell block. If no one knew he was around by now, clearly nothing he could do would change that. He makes another swing with the Torch and enters the cell block.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket cackles gleefully. His tail swishes behind him. His eyes SHINE. His paws fly across the displays, his digits flick with abandon at the triggers as he blasts anything that flies, moves or glows. Some of those things were already blasted and still glowing so he blasted them again to be safe. Then again to be really really sure. And he still seemed to stay ahead of the onslaught of drone craft.

More evil cackling. "Yeaaaaaaaah!! That's it! C'mon ya farkers! Come at me, bro!"

Gamora has posed:
"Okay, Groot." Gamora speaks softly. "Lets try to slip and not be noticed... we're going into the cargo bay so that means there's going to be a lot of cover and a lot of dark places to hi--" And then the Tree ran into the cargo hold shouting like he was Leeroy Jenkins.

Gamora sighs, her body wobbles and then she runs in after him while drawing her sword out of the sheath on her thigh... its blade locks into place and starts to hum with a dark glow of deadly energy.

Gamora lowers her own blaster pistol and starts to fire off at the other security / loading droids inside the cargo bay.

"Rocket!" She shouts over the comms. "They can't attack back, they know if they blow up the Milano that they'll cause a hull breach in their own ship! They're gonna try to get inside to capture you!"

As she shouts those things, the drone fighters are backing off while Rocket explodifies at least 3 more of them!

But, meanwhile, there's sounds on the Milano's hull... Hullguards walking with heavy metal feet... Thud-thud-thud-thud toward the aft of the ship, where the main hatch is.

Gamora leads Groot down a corridor, blasting a few more guards along the way. "Prison cells, this way!" She shouts at her crewmate.

Groot has posed:
The cells are dark and smelly, and Groot doesn't have much interest in spending a lot of time in the space, since there is absolutely nothing about it that would be friendly to a _Flora colossus_ or any other life form. He huffs and scans the cells... and doesn't find Peter. He stomps his way down the cellblock, and there is no sign or sound of the Milano's Terran captain. He turns to Gamora with a frown. "I am *Groot*?!"

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
The shooting stops. Rocket stares at the display.

"Wait. Something's wrong."

"Sunuva Karkin'... Stupid. STOOPID!" he moans. The comms go silent for several tense moments before the silence is interupted.

Mmf. Mmf. Mmf. Mmf. Mmf.

"Almost fergot my killin' music" he explains casually.

The throbbing techno beats start blasting through the Milano. Through the open comm channel to Gamora and Groot. Out into the vaccuum of space through the hailing speakers on the Milano's hull. The bass keeps pumping, the up tempo synth kicks in and Rocket begins once again shoot down drones and fighters. While he sings. Perfectly in time with the lyrics of the song.

"Magic. Johnson.
Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.
Coffee. Black.
Like Quill's boyfriends in his kinky games of yoga.
Barbie's got the shrimp.
Glazed with gojuchang and yogurt.
Dudes, I'm flat.
Done. Even down in Georgia...."

The song continues as Rocket mumbles along, humming evilly as he frags prison ship defenses left and right....

"Mmmm. Hey-o. Mmm. Hey-o! Adam Waarr-lock! He's got! Great! Hair! Sumthin'-Sumthin'-Sumthin'.... Oh-pah gangnam style..." he mimic's Psy's deep voice merrily as the song and the killings continue.

Rocket has adopted Earth music. Is it not glorious?

Gamora has posed:
So the Guardians (who are on this mission anyway) are a bit split up. Rocket's back inside the Milano and he's got a group of five Hullguard Robots making their way toward him, they're about the same size as rocket, only they're metal robot spiders with lots of glowing red eyes... One of them is lunging at the Raccoon while another is preparing some kind of energy beam... charging it up!

Meanwhile, inside the prison ship?

Groot and Gamora had made it through one prison block and they'd found no sign of Quill. They'd seen a bunch of cells filled with ugly aliens and nasty thugs, but none of them were their nasty ugly Captain (hah!)

Laser beams and plasma weapon fire are filling the corridors, smokey mist passing around through the air as sparks are flying everywhere!

"We gotta go down a level!" Gamora shouts to Groot. "There! That lever, call the lift!"

But thats not the lever for the elevator, no, that lever controls all the cell doors on this block, including the cell that Quill is inside of on the deck beneath them.

Groot has posed:
Chaos! Chaos everywhere! Groot whips around as a plasma blast grazes over the point of his shoulder and ionizes some sap and bark. He doesn't bother looking for the offending party, but instead launches the nearest guard over his head and several yards along the cellblock corridor. He comes out of his immediate distress when Gamora calls for him to pull a lever, and it takes him a few moments to spot the intended target. Groot rushes as best as a tree with a mission could, and he stretches out his branches to pound through the protective glass barrier and to entangle the lever. He begins retracting his limb, and the lever comes free.

Prisoners rush out of their cells, shoving and shouting to get past the immediate melee.

Star-Lord has posed:
One minute Peter is doing pushups -he's gotta keep in shape for the escape attempt and the ladies, after all-, the next, there are shouts and screams and... the cells opening?

He stops mid push and looks over. "Huh." A hop and he's on his feet, giving a look over to the door... and then sneakysneaking over to it.

The entire block, huh?

Waiting for the initial rush and guards intervention, Peter slips out of his cell and makes a mad dash for the cargo bay, where the prison effects are.

"Come to papa..." Peter drawls to himself as he moves to find the crate they put his stuff in, chucking other crates to the side in a hurry when they aren't what he needs.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket was busy. Busy killing things outside the ship. "BOOM! Murdered you! An' you!" But his sensitive ears pick up the metallic skittering on the deck. "What th...." He looks back, "Guys? GUYS! We've got Mother*****'ing bots on the ship. Better find Quill fast an' get back here or there won't be a boat t' come back to!" He dives out of the gunner's chair just as the back is blasted through by one of the bots. He grabs for his blaster to start defending the Milano.

Gamora has posed:
When Groot pulls the lever, Gamora instantly realizes that she'd pointed at the wrong one and it makes her brows furrow across her green skinned face. "Shikkpah!" She shouts in an alien tongue while the gates to all the cells suddenly swoosh open and the corridors of the Prison Block on this side of the ship rush open!

"Come on!" Gamora shouts to Groot as she gets up and rushes out from behind her cover!

Now the guards in the ship are firing on Prisoners and the Prisoners are running right over the guards, trying to get their weapons!

"Peter!" Gamora shouts at the back of a human-looking male. She grabs his shoulder and she spins him around.... IT LOOKS LIKE PETER... but with a mustache?

"Hey hot stuffs." The man says to her, eyeing her up and down. "We can go back into my cell if you'd li---" His throat is punched by a green fist and he's shoved back into his cell.

"Damnit." Gamora mutters, before she turns and charges back toward the cargo hold. "Come on, Groot!" She shouts at the Tree Man... right as she's passing by where the REAL Peter is... causing him to no doubt see her, and hear her as she's headed back for the Milano.

"Rocket!" Gamora shouts of her communicator. "We've got prisoners headed your way!" She raises her pistol and shoots two of them in the back as they're running for the Milano's makeshift hatch entrance in the side of the Prison Ship.

Groot has posed:
"I AM..." the massive plant begins to bellow as he tries to pick out Peter Quill's features and frame in the weapons haze. "GROOT!" he finishes as he pushes aside some prisoners and chucks a crate at another one that was about to throw himself bodily into the Milano's hastily constructed boarding hatch.

He keeps shoving prisoners aside, only making brief glances to see whether he's treehandling a familiar acquaintance or a stranger. A prisoner tries climbing up his back to vault him for some ill-advised forward progress, and Groot tugs down the offender and throws him into a bulkhead. The _Flora colossus_ puts on an array of spikes to discourage a further attempt on his lignins.

Star-Lord has posed:
A crate is actually chucked right into Gamoras' path as she comes into the cargo bay, so that kind of makes it hard to not see him. "AHA!" Peter exclaims as he finds his gear... only to take one of his element guns and fire a wall of ice at the cargo bay entrance, sealing the rest of the ship away from the Milano, no doubt making Groots job easier.

"I appreciate the save, Gamora." Peter gives as he starts to get the rest of his gear... and switches his helmet on, looping him into the comm-net. The jetboot attachments are easy to slap on as well.

He's not nearly as devilishly handsome as he usually looks, but at least he's combat ready.

Then, he's taking off over to the hatch, pulses of earth sledgehammering prisoners as he goes... along with the one that Groot threw. "I gotcha, Groot."

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket rolls away from another blast that scorches the deck plating before he fires back at the bots. Clipping the leg of one, the shot rips into the metal body of one beside it. "Damnit! Gamora can't you keep your own troubles to yerself?! This ain't easy ya know - fighting these crawlies in here. Why'd Quill buy such a tiny ship anyway?!"

Gamora has posed:
Gamora certainly does appreciate Groot's effectiveness as a tank... he plows a literal pathway for them to get back to the MIlano and... she stops when she catches sight of their Captain out of the corner of her eye.

"Peter?" She says, watching him discharge those elemental guns. After she speaks his name, he migh tnote that her eyes lingered on his upper lip for an awkward amount of time. Making sure there's no secret mustache...?

"We're... here to rescue you." She tells him, even though it looked more like she and Groot were running away more than rescuing at this point.

Rocket's cries over the comms get her attention though and she turns to head back into the ship. "We're loading up. Get to the cockpit and get us ready to detach, but not until we say so! We don't want to be spacecicles!"

Gamora's sword slashes out and chops a huge Space Monkey Man down as he was about to lunge onto her! He instead, screams and falls onto his side with a giant gash up his chest.

Groot has posed:
Friendly intentions aside, communicating pleasantries in these kinds of situations is not Groot's strong suit. "I am *Groot!*" he insists to Peter and Gamora, reluctantly slowing down to converse. He stretches to swing his arms back and forth in front of the hatch, knocking down prisoners as quickly as vine inertia allows.

The maneuver doesn't last long. A prisoner hacks into the tree's right arm and scrambles closer to the hatch. Groot whips his left arm around, trying to keep the path clear while he waits on Peter and Gamora. "I am Groot!" he calls to those present and over the comm, resuming his march for the hatch.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket dives past one of the bots and blasts at it even as one of its own shots singes his bushy tail on the way past. "Any time now. Annnny time!" He tucks into a roll and comes up to fire again, getting hit in the shoulder by the last bot as it lashes out with two of its legs. "Aaaagh!" he calls out over the comms as he empties his clip into the last bot. "DIE you farkin' Mother*****ing ***'ing ***** **** piece of ****in' *****!!" followed by labored breathing. "... this. This was a horrible plan. I hate it. Who's idea was it anyway."

Star-Lord has posed:
Then, the Jetboots are switched on as Peter flies his way into his ship, firing earth sledgehammers at anyone still stands, "One, that is a priceless machine that is built for sweet, sweet speed. Two, with all the people that like to shoot at us, the smaller the target, the better!" Peter replies over the communicators to Rocket.

In a few seconds, Peter is at the hatch, and switches off the jetboots, getting inside himself and starting to give backwards covering fire, "I got this, go." Peter aims both guns at the floor, and a flood of icey water comes out, turning the entire cargo hold stretch to the hatch into a running hazard.

He, of course, waits for Gamora and Groot before he ruins the path for them, before he's inside the Milano.

Gamora has posed:
Well, they'd found him. She could barely believe that they'd found him, but they had!

"You definitely are!" Gamora shouted back at Groot once she joined him at the hatch and made her way inside of the Milano throuh its airlock. She picks up the Torch they'd used to cut their way into the prison ship and tosses it aside to clear the airlock, then she takes a step back and waves the other's in, Peter and Groot.

"Come on, come on!" Gamora shouts before she turns and makes for the cockpit to join Rocket, her pistol comes up and she blasts another Hullguard Spiderbot with a bolt of sparkling purple plasma that melts the metal body of the little thing while its six robot legs curl up and then break apart.

"We found him!" Gamora says triumphantly to Rocket once she reaches the cockpit with him.

Groot has posed:
"We are Groot!" Groot exclaims as he grabs a spiderbot with his left hand and smashes it against the floor, then throws the debris out into the hold. He waits until both Gamora and Peter have cleared the space before he pulls *this* door's lever and closes the Milano's access to the prison ship. He storms to the cockpit, pushing everyone forward as he kicks a leftover spiderbot out of his way.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket looks at the breaching port as the team erupts through it. "Nice. Welcome back from yer vacation, Quill." He half smirks and nods to Groot. "Good job, Big Guy..." His shoulder's got a puncture wound but he's coping. "Let's get outta here.." He drops back into the gunners station, "I've got the guns. They're gonna be pissed..." He cackles with glee.

Star-Lord has posed:
Back in the Milano, Peter puts his element guns in their holsters and practically slides into the cockpit and into the pilot seat. "Hold onto yer dinner. We're gonna leave these A-holes in the dust!" Releasing the hatch, Peter brings the Milano around with a twirl, and proceeds to Get Them the Heck Out of Dodge.

"We're gonna need an engine overhaul after this." Peter muses, almost conversationally, as they fly off.

Gamora has posed:
When the Milano detaches itself from the side of the Prison Ship, the ship vents its oxygen (at least in the cargo bay that Peter sealed off with his guns).

Prisoner bodies, cargo crates and other debris launch out of the side of the ship through the hole that Groot had cut upon the start of their infiltration.

A few drone fighters chase after the Milano, they even fire off a few laser blasts at the fleeing nimble ship... but the Guardians 'ride' is just too fast for them to keep up with and they fall behind before freezing in their tracks to watch the Guardians run off...

Inside the ship, Gamora stands near the back of the cockpit, smirking at him. "Thanks for shaving the mustache." She tells Quill quietly before turning around, walking past Groot and giving the treet a couple pats on the shoulder before she heads for the rear of the vessel.

"Welcome back!" She adds in a shout.

Star-Lord has posed:
Even flying around lasers, Peter looks at Gamora with a confused expression, "Gamora, I know I can be in anyones dreams, but I've never had a mustac-WOAH!." Peter quips... then the ship flips around as the drones try to fire off one last volley... only for Peters flying to send them into a stray asteroid.

"Whew! Breakfast anyone?"