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Something's Afoot
Date of Scene: 16 February 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Shredder, April O'Neil, Donatello, Jill Valentine, Shadow, Kaydin LeGraize, Kaelyn Silverleaf, Savage Dragon, Daredevil

Shredder has posed:
    Night in the big apple is never the safest, really, but something has been afoot lately that is a little less safe. Crime has been up, the death of the internet made it worse, but besides the standard looters, something is strange about this recent outbreak.
    Reports are coming in from all over the city about people's belongings disappearing into thin air. They will turn around for less than a second, and even things that seem secure vanish. Could it be a mutant thief? Could it be a space-time collapse? One woman even swears that she was looking at her big screen TV when it vanished before her eyes. Whoever the culprit, they have left no trace of their presence.
    The streets are damp from a recent rain, and beneath the city lights, people head in and out of the stores that are still open.

April O'Neil has posed:
April is in New Lots reporting on the crime wave, she'd seen similar things like it i nthe past in this area but recently it'd been pretty quiet here... aside from everything that happened this past fall, with... alien invaders and then the riots after the death of the President.

Currently the young reporter is standing with her camera man, Vernon Fenwick near one of C6's News Vans, she just finished a report on the crime spree and the lack of help from local law enforcement who seemed more intent on letting 'Super Heroes' do their street level work these days, than doing it themselves... Needless to say cops weren't her biggest fans.

April is chatting with Vernon, while he's putting away the camera equipment into the back of the news van.

Donatello has posed:
This turtle is not dumb. He has seen the pattern. Crime picks up, April reports on it, April gets attacked. So where is Donatello tonight? Why out of sight like a good little ninja.

The others had thought he was just being paranoid and stayed to watch a game with Jesse and pizza. That didn't mean Donnie hadn't brought a box with him of course. And he was kicking back enjoy extra extra cheese stringyness, seeing how far he could make it stretch.

Jill Valentine has posed:
    This is probably the worst thing to happen to Jill since she was trapped in a mansion with only various undead monstrosities, a sentient slicked-back hairdo, and Barry Burton to keep her company. Seeing as the developed world is in shambles- to some degree or another, at least- and S.T.A.R.S.' whole pitch is to help law enforcement, Jill has been dispatched to pleasant and ever-shiny New York.

    Idly, she spends a moment taking stock that the S.T.A.R.S. branded SUV is still where she left it, at the same time as she converses with an elderly woman who has had several of her belongings pilfered, all of significant value, seemingly right from under her nose.

    Normally, this wouldn't be Jill's job. However, as per usual, Chris went to perform some banal task, and has since gone missing- and if she finds one single, solitary thematically shaped key, Jill is going to lose every last iota of calm.

    "Yes ma'am. I'm afraid we're currently waiting on another unit, who will be performing most of the on-site investigations. No ma'am, I wouldn't like some tea."

Shadow has posed:
     Grand thefts, petty thefts, stealthy thefts. In her Sanctum, the woman known to most of the world as Natasha Cranston studies the reports with an intensity that most of those who think to know her would not expect. She is also privy to a few things the police is not, and she scowls at the pattern emerging.

    A moment's consideration more, and she nods, then leaves the sanctum, entering a combination on her phone as she leaves the house. A few minutes later outside, an entirely unremarkable taxi drives past, slowing down briefly to navigate a tricky spot between parked cars before picking up speed again.

    "Where to, boss?" Benny asks the occupant that nobody noticed getting into his car. "Brooklyn. Drop me off at Cleveland and Linden," Natasha replies, the voice mask kicking in as she settles her scarf around her face.

    "You got it, Boss." Benny replies, entirely unfazed by the change by now as the woman's features vanish under a bulky greatcoat and slouch hat. He doesn't bother asking why there, or how she knows where she needs to be. After all... The Shadow Knows..

Shredder has posed:
    The slower internet has led to still sluggish responses from emergency teams. One of the gangs that have been happy to exploit this has been the Purple Dragons, led by a particularly mean street brawler named Hun. They are known for less than subtle tactics, and it seems that tonight, they aren't worried about things that vanish into thin air, and it looks like there are at least seven of them walking openly down the street right now.
    "Hey, Frankie, yoo gonna pick or what?" a scruffy red haired young man asks. Their common garb is ratty and torn. They wear exceedingly cliche thug outfits. One has a chain for a belt, one has a spike bracelet, they all have a purple dragon tattoo somewhere on their skin, some more visible than others.
    "Hey," the indicated Frankie responds, "I gotta think about it. It's a very delicate process." He glances around, and spots the news van. "Hey, it's the lady from TV! Maybe she'll interview us!" He says, pointing in April's direction. "News Lady! Let's get an interview? C'mon toots, we'll be real polite, won't we boys?" There is a chuckle amongs them with a general agreement, and they start heading in the direction of the van.

April O'Neil has posed:
April isn't aware of Donatello being on 'Guard April Duty' tonight, she's not seen him for a few days now.

The reporter in the yellow faux-leather jacket is putting her microphone (that Donnie gave her) back into her black messenger bag and pulling said bag out of the back of the van when she notices an Agent down the street a few doors... Doesn't look like a cop, looks more like... SHIELD?

April's blue eyes watch Jill Valentine for a moment and just as she's getting ready to go seek the Agent out to chat at her, those 'guys' come up on her.

"Uh..." April look at them and cracks a smile. "We're all finished up here tonight, fellas. Maybe next time" She says, trying to be friendly with them.

Kaydin LeGraize has posed:
    A blur of motion and lightning can be seen as it moves amongst the buildings. Packages get left on doors with a knock on the door before bluring off to the next place. He stops next to a building and sighs. "Honest work is hard." Kaydin says more to himself. Seeing the gang he begins to walk towards them. Even his walking speed is fast compared to most. "Need some help, Miss?" He asks with some concern.

Shadow has posed:
    This particular gang isn't too bright. So it takes them a bit longer than it might someone else to notice that there's one more chuckle going on than there are visible people chuckling. And that extra chuckle... Isn't nearly so pleasant. It lacks the bravado and the leering of the others, instead pulling all its weight into menace... And it isn't directed at the reporter.

     "Scum," a sinister voice snarls from just behind one of the goons. "Vermin," it continues from just past "Frankie"'s right shoulder. "Preying on the weak while the city is paralyzed. How /brave/."

    The voice echoes around the buildings, shifting position and direction almost every other word. "Tell me. Did you really think you'd get away with it? That no one would /know/?"

     The chuckle resumes - and erupts into all-out laughter as a blurry outline is /almost/ visible just in front of "Frankie"'s eyes.

Donatello has posed:
Donatello sits up and tosses the slice into the box with expert aim. "Hmmmmm," He eyes the situation from his fire escape in an alley, then the shadows start laughing and that just isn't right. The baton at his back is pulled out and a button pressed and it telescopes out into his bo-staff. "Okay, creep factor just went up by a margin of Fringe."

With the ease and grace of a ninja he spiders down the fire escape and hits the ground without a sound. The van is at the end of his alley, he wanted to be nearby after all, and he is making his way to the street. o O (Don't worry, April, I got your back.) He thought, keeping quiet.

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
Probably somewhere near the whole thing, well over closer to a wall in a nearby alley, but viewable by those paying close attention to the whole deal there's a bit of a ripple and suddenly, a redhead wearing kind of steampunkish garb and a large backpack with pins on it falls out of the ripple, promptly landing on their backside and bouncing while emitting a bit of a squeek... She groans and rolls on her hip some while rubbing her now beleagured posterior, before starting to get to her feet...

Kae glances arond the place and mtters "Really gotta work on the landing." to her self as she glances arond, now noticing a news reporter and van? She blinks and oohs "I've seen her before.." She mutters and now notices the finks, and the some kind of shadow thing,but is rather too far away to completely hear everything... She walks up to the corner of the building she almost bounced off of and watches for now.

Jill Valentine has posed:
    To say that Jill has been in the game a good, long while. She's not necessarily a police officer as much as she is something a whole lot more... Intense... And even in the periphery, the sight of a gaggle of thugs wandering down the street and proceeding to get into the usual Friday Night Casual Harrassment gets her attention. Politely, she calls an end to the conversation she was having with the elderly patron, whom she sends back inside to wait for the other car- which, at this point, is probably going to be a long while.

    She starts making her way down the street towards April's predicament, fully intending on doing what she can to aid the reporter... Before she certainly notices that there's one more voice there than there ought to be. Decked in the friendly blues- an outfit she hasn't worn since Arklay- Jill looks the part of a concerned officer.

    For a moment, she looks almost like she'll let whoever- or whatever- it is handle the situation, but Jill isn't really a betting woman. She continues to stride confidently forward, adjusting her beret a touch.

    "Gentlemen, I'm absolutely sure there is something else you should be doing tonight. If you would, please, move along."

Shredder has posed:
    "Aw, c'mon now, my mum will want to see me on TV," one of them says. They turn around when they hear the voice behind them. "Hey now, we just mindin' our own business, like law abiding citizens, right boys?" Frankie indicates, turning around to talk to...wait, where is that voice anyway?
    They look around. They turn back and forth, and then spot Jill as she approaches. "Oh, hey pretty lady," Frankie says, we just headin' down to get a drink, maybe you'd like to join us, huh?" they offer.
    "Frankie, I think these folks are judgin us by the way we dress. I don't much like that, they think they can bully us," another says.
    "That's right, Purple Dragons are a family, we aren't gonna be pushed around by..." the one with the chain belt points. "Hey Frankie, what's that?" He points at the blurry vision. "Is that a ghost there?" They all look to see the blurry vision of Natasha coming into focus.
    While attention seems on the street, above a few shadows bounce along the rooftops, staying out of streetlights and out of moonlight as they move silently through the streets. One such shadow slips into the news van.

Savage Dragon has posed:
Unlike Jill Valentine the green skinned fin-headed man is a police officer, a rather oblivious one right now who is self absorbed and going over several lines in his head. He knows where April is tonight, he got her voice mail but called in to the station and was rerouted, standing there staring at a card he mumbles to himself, in the other hand is chocolate and flowers. Late, very late. Considering the date but then he was also on a berserker rampage leaping lost after a menacing dimensional alien that has vowed to destroy himself and April O'/NeLL'.
This ordeal had stuck Dragon in Gotham, lost and being escorted back towards the train by a rather friendly clown girl he decided to call Daffy, though her name is something more like Haley Queen? Really he has no idea. One of those.

"I suck at this." Officer Dragon in his NYPD uniform says outloud, leaned against the squad car a block away from where April and the others are amassing, clueless to what is transpiring as he rehearses an apology. Several of them. His chief at least forgave him, maybe April will be just as considerate... yeah...

Donatello has posed:
Donatello comes to a stop in those shadows, though it makes his shell crawls the way they're moving. That just is not -right- man, but the way of the ninja meant he was sticking to them for now. And it looked like April had a number of others heading in to help, so he waited. No sense showing himself or using a smoke bomb needlessly.

"You're paranoid Donnie. Nothing's gonna happen Donnie. Stay and watch the game, man! Hah. They're gonna be kicking themselves," Donatella says softly to himself. A slow smirk crawls across his turtle mouth. Raphael was gonna be so furious, he'd get to rib him for weeks. Nice to turn the tables on his brothers for once.

It is only because of where Donnie is that he sees the shadow slide into the van. o O (Not on my watch, buddy!) The geekiest of the brothers thinks, ducking and moving quickly, using the van to block him from sight of the rest. Then he whips around the open doors, hand reaching to grab the back of that shadowy figures shirt, yanking him out and into the alleyway. There is a crash and then the sound of feet running. "Damnit," He says before running after the Foot into the alley again. April has her buzzer and is surrounded by others. He can chase -this- guy.

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
The Redhead is watching things ramping up a bit, staring at the two mooks talking about the whole Purple Dragons.. She glances around curiosly now and makes her way just a little closer, walking in the open mind, but well trying not to obviously be watching the whole get together..

As the woman gets closer her hair switches from red to black now, eyes now ble and she's wearing a jean jacket and matching pants with a red top on underneath instead of the crazy leather stuffs.. She settles on a bench nearby and pulls a small metallic object out of the screen of her phone, tapping it and making the tiny automata cogwork lookig moth come to life.. It's wings begin flapping and it flutters over to where April and the mooks are currently standing, landing on an upraised thing nearby and well 'watching' with tiny blue eyes.

April O'Neil has posed:
A group of gang members from a notorious gang... mystical voices... menacing words being spoken...

April glances over to the C6 News Van to see if Vernon was going to help her out on this... only to see the van doors closing with Vernon inside of it. "Nice." She says softly. "Thanks!" She shouts at her co-worker.

"Look guys, I got no problem with how you're dressed. Its pure vogue, right?"

Apes eyes look over to see Jill then, that was comforting at least... Then Savage appears behind her? With chocolates and flowers? She smirks at him and takes a few steps in his direction.

April remains yet unaware of Donatello being nearby, she'd been a bit too overwhelmed to reply to Kaydin's inquirey as well too.

Daredevil has posed:
Like the name suggests the Devil of Hell's Kitchen tends to stay in, well, Hell's Kitchen or at least nearby. Though one sure way to get him out of his little corner is ninjas. So, as the shadows leap across the rooftops another shadow follows. When they stop that shadow stops too, paused like a gargoyle on the edge of a building his senses drinking in his surroundings. What his senses told him was confusing to say the least, though through all the chaos and noise he keeps an eye on the ninjas waiting for them to move before he does the same.

Shadow has posed:
    More mocking laughter meets the thugs' bravado, the ambient light fading as it's being consumed by the shadows that seem to be coming alive.

    "And that /is/ the burning question these days, isn't it?" the sinister voice asks almost conversationally. "Who /do/ the Purple Dragons get pushed around by?"

    The last syllable is hissed from beside Frankie's ear, but the moment he turns to look a blurry fist materializes and sucker-punches him, then grabs the collar of his jacket and lifts him off his feet before flinging him bodily across the street into a pile of empty carboard boxes.

    Before he can pull himself out and to his feet a tall, shadowy figure towers over him and lifts him up and pins him against the wall.

    You call yourself family? Then who heads your house?" The Shadow snarls at Frankie, blue eyes blazing into his, battering at his will, /forcing/ an answer...

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Jill's rather intense gaze never seems to drop below the level of A Little Too Serious as she gets some minor attention from the thugs. Her hands are on her hips, but it's important to note that she, like everyone else from her unit, is armed. She probably isn't too imposing, but she still isn't one to be taken -lightly-, either.

    "I'm not interested. I'm judging you by your actions, not your..." And then, it breaks into a fight, as the looming, cloaked figure of the Shadow lays into Frankie. For a moment, Jill notes some movement in her peripheral vision, but it's so quick and so subtle that it's mostly chalked up to paranoia. Her attention is on the fight, which she, for now, doesn't do anything about.

    Her hope is that the Shadow can handle it, but at the same time, she's fully expecting it to be a rather troublesome melee.

Shredder has posed:
    The shadow Donatello nabbed does not stop to fight, but drops his prize, one news camera, which smacks not-too-delicately on the hard concrete. A leap and the silent pursuit bounces up the fire escape as the black clad thief vaults his way to the rooftop, where he is met by six more of his allies. They turn as one, looking in the direction of Don should he follow up the fire escape, and draw weapons. Quarterstaves, nunchaku, and katanas, ready for him to crest the building.
    These same ninjas at the top of the steps are more concerned with Donatello than a certain blind devil, and they seem to all have their backs to him at the moment.
    "Hey now!" Frankie growls, he grits his teeth, staring back at Natasha. He then laughs through the pain. "That ain't nice," he tries to hold his own, but his attention is fading. From behind one of the other thugs comes to his defense, a set of brass knuckles swinging toward Natasha for a kidney shot. Two of the others turn toward Jill, but don't attack her just yet, they seem to be intent primarily in preventing any outside help as the last three scramble to surround Natasha.

Donatello has posed:
Donatello does indeed crest the roof and finds himself faced with the group. He smirks and begins to twirl the bo-staff as he steps firmly onto the gravel top. "Hey, that was -not- your camera. Have some respect for the tech, man!" Donnie says pointing a finger, in general, at the six Foot. He can't tell which it was he chased. "Now, let's have some fun!" And he leaps at them, spinning the staff.

From the rooftop can be heard the click and clack and scrape as his metal bo-staff goes against six other weapons. The turtle moves with a grace one would find hard to believe if they didn't see, or in Daredevil's case sense, it themselves. "aaAAeeee!" He cries as his staff connects with the wrist of a nunchuku wielding foot, making him drop it. "HYA!" And he sweeps the ninja's feet out from under him. BUt of course, that leaves his shell exposed to the other bo-staff wielder.

Savage Dragon has posed:
Ninja Fights! They are very quiet. Officer Dragon of the NYPD very good at being oblivious and caught up in his own head whe something is bothering him, right now, that something is one hell of a hurdle, punching things and shooting at badguys? Thats easy. He could sleep doing that, but this... different story.

"Seriously? Roses are red and so is your ha... cmon, think harder man, your eyes are like... no." A thoughtful noise, the radio from his car spitting out chatter and reports outside of his jurisdiction. He listens to it, turning around to lean in and pick up the mic, repeat a string of phoenitcs missing rooftop shadows and movement beyond his line of sight, turning around just in time to remain in a world of staring at silly flowers, hearts and bad handwriting, thats erase to repeat.
Annoying taking a bite out of a half-eaten Big Burger Belly burger and chewing.

Where are the cops when you need them, right?
"Like the wind... "
"Never having to say you're sorry... "
Furious scribble battle with pencil and smudged card becomes Dragon's great fight at the moment.

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil cocks his head, momentarily taking in what he feels from the street around the thug calling himself Frankie. His attacker was a blur to even his senses. He focuses, drawing those little threads closer but they don't get any clearer for his scrutiny, except for the voice, that he has a bead on.

The sound of quickening heartbeats and weapons pulled free of their bindings, draws his senses back to the ninja. They were moving and Daredevil moves too, dropping down from his hiding place, he breaks into a sprint, feet silent on the rooftop even as another joins the fight, attacking the ninjas. Whoever it was, didn't lack for training, though for a moment Matt wonders if the woman from the street had messed with his senses, did this guy have a shell?

He doesn't have time to wonder about it, he push kicks one of the ninja from behind, sending him sprawling into the one attacking Donatello from behind then he ducks low under the swoop of a katana blade. He comes back up inside the weapon's reach to deliver an upper cut to the jaw.

There's now words or battle cry from the horned man in red, just the odd grunt as a blow is struck.

April O'Neil has posed:
April is back stepping when the fighting starts and she's moving toward the front of the News Van while pulling out her cell phone, not to call anyone... because well... there's NEWS happening here, and she has to record it, and with Vernon locked up inside the van like a scared lil' puppy she has to do it the 'old fashioned way' (with a 2026 cell phone camera?)

The reporter is definitely not trying to get involved though, no she's stepping back, glancing over to the STARS Agent to see what she's going to do, but otherwise recording the gang members!

Donatello has posed:
And three fingers and toes! A kick sends another foot flying back and then Donatello turns to see who has joined in on kicking Foot butt. There is surprise from the turtle, but even he reads the news and knows about the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. "Cool," He says before ducking an incoming attack.

He turns his attention back to the remaining Foot, but is aware there are -always- more. He remembers what they did to Raph not too long ago. But he was not his brother and knew when to split. Bravado was Raph's thing after all.

Shredder has posed:
    Donatello's skill is quickly evident to be above any one of his foes, but, they significantly outnumber him as well. The first ninja falls, and rolls back out of the way, while one with the quarterstaff swings at the exposed shell. The staff breaks across the shell, and he looks back at his broken weapon, as does one of his allies. Another dives in, slashing down with his katana at the leg. The group fans out and takes positions around Dardevil after one of them is knocked senseless by the man in red. They ready their stances positioning themselves so that they surround both the Turtle and devil of Hell's Kitchen together, and they all leap in at once to strike. No lining up for you two!

Shadow has posed:
    The Shadow parries the attack with the nearest object to hand -- namely, one 160-pound tattooed thug by name of Frankie, flinging him bodily into his knuckle-duster-wielding friend. The force sends both of them careening back and onto the ground -- and by the time the others' lines of sight clears, the blurry figure that held him can no longer be seen, shadows flitting every which way until a foot sweeps the legs out from under one of them. Moments later, a knife hand strikes another thug's Adam's apple, severely impeding his breathing, but again there is no sign of the arm that owns the hand...

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Jill isn't necessarily one for a fair fight. Namely, anything that sets things less in the hands of a group of thugs is better than nothing, and though they are outnumbered, Jill figures that it's still well within their wheelhouse.

    Besides, the reporter is basically forcing her hand, what with the recording. To have a member of erstwhile law enforcement present twiddling her thumbs while a streetfight rages on? Inconceivable!

    Without really being invited, Jill makes her way towards the two that had barred her entrance, and in the space of a few moments, she's squaring off with them, intent on breaking their barricade. Faster than a human being really ought to be moving, she pulls herself into a trained stance, and then her backleg surges forward. The first kick is fast and powerful, on a scale just above human in both regards, aimed towards the face of the goon on her left. It isn't finished, though, as the return movement of the leg sends it flying down towards the knee of the thug on her right- a crippling, painful move, on both accounts, though the latter is the one that'll require hospital time.

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil can hear the fast beating hearts of the ninjas closing around them, hear the wind blow past their weapons, smell their sweat on the air. He backs towards Donatello, the scent of pizza and sewer adding to the picture drawn by his senses. "Trade?" he suggests quietly, as their opponents begin to close taking stances in preparation to fight the foe directly in front of them.

If his offer is taken, Daredevil springs backwards over the shell of his ally, lashing out with the corded billy club, feet and fists at the ninjas who had been prepared to fight the turtle.

Shredder has posed:
    Frankie groans as he takes the hit intended for the Shadow. "Hoods! You idiot!" The tactics of the thugs become rather disjointed, as one of them goes down. Another comes forward with a balled fist, swinging at the...air? They stop, looking around cautiously. "Where'd it go?" one asks, and Frankie gets to his feet.
    As Jill strikes the first goon in the face, he has little response besides landing flat on his back, dazed from the blow. The second takes the stroke to the knee, and he topples to the ground with a yelp of pain. Frankie glances around, realizing that they can't fight someone invisible, and with hopes that the ghost will attack Jill rather than pursue them. "Gotta get out of here guys," He looks around, reading the situation. This is bad. "C'mon!" He starts getting up, holding his kidney while another one helps the one up who is choking.
    "Hun won't like it, Frankie, that we just ran!" One says.
    "Fine, you stay and fight," Frankie barks back. There is one, of course, who is still dazed on the ground, and one who is hobbling behind from a broken knee, begging the others not to leave him behind.

Donatello has posed:
Donatello finds himself shell to back with Daredevil. "Switchies?" He says to the man in Red. Somehow the two just kind of sink up. Must be the mutagen in both their genes now. The turtle crouches suddenly as three come at him. The Red Devil using his shell to roll and make his attack from...on the men attacking Dontatello! The two switch positions suddenly so that their opponents find themselves with different oponents.

The staff lashes out, hitting Foot whose weapons were better suited to the man in red. He moves gracefully and with all the talent his lifetime of training with Splinter has given him. Six on one was going to be hard, but six on two with Donnie's toys? A small canister is pulled from the pouch at the belt about his shell and 'waist'. This is tossed at one foot as he goes past. As it hits it bursts open, coating the Foot soldier in super-duper-sticky something. It spreads a surprisingly across the man's shoulder, arm, and back. That arm isn't going to be useable for long. And if he falls on the roof? The bo staff sweeps for his legs.

Savage Dragon has posed:
Dragon is now just spent on writing, a groan of frustration and he crumples the card and hurls it. Chocolates and two day old flowers will have to suffice. Busy schedules don't allow for much else, fumbling through his pocket he draws out the geriatric smart phone, old because it was used maybe six years ago, but he has large digits, its hard to find new things, new tech thats not micro or voice or an implant.
The squad car leaned on it lurches under his weight, ring ring. Ring ring. April's cell phone should be buzzing now. Ring ring.

Facing this direction he remains still, /blind/ (eat it Murdock) to the massive Kung Fu craze of the 70s and 80s style battle thats going on. Maybe he would luck out with super hearing or not having his radio on so loud in the car, or not mumbling to himself so much.

Shadow has posed:
    "Going somewhere, Frankie?" comes a voice entirely too close to the thug's ear just before his arm is grabbed mid-pump and his frantic sprint is converted into a judo throw that ends with him flat on his face on the pavement. "Did you think I was going to let you leave without answering?"

    The attacker may have seemed as nebulous as a ghost while they fought, but the knee pressing down on his spine is /distressingly/ solid...

Shredder has posed:
    All six foot ninjas are caught off guard, and Daredevil knocks the first two back with a well place strike, and the other ducks, forced to break off his attack. The two struck by Daredevil scramble back to their feet, but they look like they had their bells rung.
    The glue bomb causes the ninja to stumble back, falling to the rooftop, sticking to the gravel. The next takes a foot sweep, but ha! He dodges, handspringing backward...into the other who had been hit by the glue bomb. Now they are stuck together. There is grumbling and growling between the two as the last one glances around. He throws a smoke pellet on the ground, exploding with a noxious and disorienting smoke as he bursts forward, taking a kunai from his belt and using it to quickly cut free his allies from their clothing, some of which remains stuck to the roof. The other three take the cue as well, and try to make the opportunity to flee into the darkness.

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
Kae blinks and tilts her head to the left now... She's getting something from the little moth that was trying to track everything, and Kae hops to her feet, now moving toward where the moth is that is now trying to track the fight... She pauses at the bottom of the building now, and umms... Looking up it with her hands on her hips.... "Well golly...." She mutters to her self.

April O'Neil has posed:
April is continuing to move around to get the best angle shot that she can get of the action, she's getting a text from Mikey at the same time that she sees Savage's call come across... She's using a Starkphone so naturally its display is doing all kinds of fancy (and mildly irritating) things while she's traying to record.

April swipes the call and brings it up on speaker. "Hey... can't talk, there's a fight going on. Its a usual day in paradise." April says back to Dragon as she backs up into the street and is almost run over by a chinese food deliveryman on a moped!

Jill Valentine has posed:
    The thugs start to book it, and Jill's response is to drop guard and let them run. She isn't necessarily here to make arrests, and while they were thugs, they didn't start the fight.

    She places her hands on her hips, mildly content to let Natasha handle the thugs as they run.

Donatello has posed:
Donatello's staff comes down and through smoke right after the Foot escape their clothes. And then attempt to flee the roof. Donatello has his own smoke bombs he likes to use, but unless you get the drop there is only so much you can do. "Damn!" He says as the staff slashes through the smoke, narrowly missing one of their attacker's heads as they head for another roof.

Donatello can't see like Daredevil can in this. And without more backup they could just lead the two of them into a trap with dozens of Foot. "Let 'em go, could be a trap," He tells his new rooftop buddy.

Shredder has posed:
    Frankie whimpers as he is caught, but at this point his 'family' seems more intent on escaping, save one that is still uncertain which way up is. "Just lemme be, see? I got nothin' with you, you know? We was just mindin' our own businesslike, you'en got nothin on us! His name's Hun, you don't wanna go after him, see? He don't have a beef with you or nobody."

    Above Kaelyn, suddenly a stray katana comes plummeting down toward the earth, and the brilliantly sharp blade falls tip first, piercing the concrete from the force. The blade wanes back and forth, bobbing as it loses momentum.
    As the smoke clears on the roof, there is left behind two pieces of ninja gear. One of them has a partial image of a footprint on it.

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil is left reeling by the sudden intense smell of the smoke. It was like someone lit his nostrils on fire, the alarm of it blotting out his other senses. When it fades the ninja were already fleeing and he had to agree with Donatello, it could be a trap.

He'd look into them later.

Turning, he let's his senses take in, Donatello, so far as he could tell, he wasn't wrong he had a shell, or at least was wearing some sort of organic armour. "Who are you?" he asks, getting right to the point as the red eye coverings of his suit reflect Donatello's face back at him in duplicate. "And who were those guys? The Hand?"

Shadow has posed:
    "If he's ordering around scum like you, he already has a... 'beef' with me. Where can I find him?" The Shadow demands, pulling just a little harder. "You seem to be mistaking me for a servant of the law that's bound by their rules..." The noise just by Frankie's ear is unmistakable -- the sound of a pistol's hammer being pulled back, a nonverbal but very eloquent threat...

Donatello has posed:
"Names Donatello," The turtle says cheerfully, holding out a plump three-fingered hand to the Devil. He smiles and while he is breathing heavy there is a friendliness in his voice.

But then it turns a bit dour, "Those jerk-faces," He never was the one who came up with good insults, "Were a different appendage entirely. I haven't seen them in over a year. They're called The Foot," And Donatello pauses. There is a bit of dread as he adds, "They were led by a man named Shredder...we thought he was gone, but..." The turtle shakes his head, frowning in worry.

He pulls out his turtle-modified phone and texts April as he moves to the edge of the roof, peering down to see how things are going. -The Foot is back.- Is all it reads. She'll know.

Savage Dragon has posed:
"Hey! So I figured I would surprise you when got of... Fighting? Like argue fighting or... " The moped, it just sped by him also and he can swear he heard it's sound over the phone. Shes right just there and he hasn't noticed a damn thing? Head pop out of backside and hes rushing that direction, he didn't hear any damned fighting! Rooftop leapers, they're unseen as well.

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
Kae peers now at the sword, and glances to the roof, then casally walks over, grabs the sword and begins muttering a little bit. Soon enogh steps through a brief shimmer and well now she's on the roof, barely able to keep her balance before folling onto the roof rather than off the edge. The latter would of course be bad... "Hellooo? Did someone drop this??" She calls out now, probably not the brightest of ideas, but well, it seems like that would work best at this point!

Shredder has posed:
    "Hey now hey now!" Frankie whines, "We didn't kill nobody! You'd be a murderer, you don't want that, right?" Which usually is true, Purple dragons are bullies, they rob stores, their repuation for violence is known, but it means they usually don't have resistance from common people, so they aren't known for many murders. "Hun is down in the warehouse district, don't you tell him I told ya, hear? He'll kill me!"

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil cocks his head, "Like the sculptor?" not that Matt got a lot out of visual art but he'd dated enough cultured women to know a thing or two about the classical masters. His expression is mildly amused as the name of the group is brought up. "The Foot? You're joking right?" he says. "But seriously, are these guys with the hand or-"

The sound of a gun being cocked reaches his ears. "Hold on," he says running towards the sound ready to jump off the building if he needs to stop it.

Shadow has posed:
    "See? That wasn't so hard, was it Frankie?" the Shadow replies, almost amused. "Now, here's what's going to happen. The police will likely show up soon. You're going to stay right here and wait for them, and when they arrive you will tell them /everything/ -- who you are, what you've been up to, at whose behest. EVERYTHING. Because if you don't, if you decide to gamble your luck on what they can't prove, if you think you'll walk free... I. Will. Find. You."

    "Do you understand?"

Donatello has posed:
"Yeah, but you can call me Donnie. And uhhh, I dunno. Never met The Hand. Maybe they're friends. But one thing is sure, The Foot stink," The turtle says with a nod to Daredevil.

Then the man in red is running past him and he turns to peer over the roofside himself, curiously, eyeing that weird moving shadow mess again. "Man, that just ain't right!" He comments with a shake of his head. Then there's a witch on the roof, almost off the roof, and he is staring in surprise. "Woa! Teleport technology?!" Yeah, geek, that's the conclusion to jump too in a room full of super heroes. "Uhh, I'll just take that." And he moves to take the Katana from Kaelyn. Kind of hard to hide the fact he's a man-sized turtle in a purple mask now.

Shredder has posed:
    Frankie nods quickly, his face still in the ground, "Yeah, yeah I'll say everything, hear? I will." He doesn't try to resist. "Stayin' right here, see?" Poor Brooklyn kid needs to get some superpowers, this just isn't fair, what's a thug to do?

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
Kae blinks at Donatello, and here's the odd thing, without a beat she sits all indian style as she holds the sword out to Donatello hitlt first. She then smiles and umms "Not quite 'technology' per say." She says and umms "It's a kind of magic..." She says and grins just a bit....

She then ummms "Soo if you don't mind me asking and no offense but ummm, you're not Kappa are you?" She asks, referring to ancient Japanese turtle demons... "Not every day someone meets a man-sized anthropomorphic turtle..."

Shadow has posed:
    "Good boy." the Shadow chuckles -- and as the pressure on Frankie's spine fades, so does the laughter. From his vantage point on the rooftops, Donatello sees the blur dissolve and fade into the still-moving shadows; Daredevil's radar senses spot /something/ moving away at a pace to make an Olympic sprinter take notice... And the Shadow is gone.

Daredevil has posed:
The threatened shot doesn't fire and Daredevil stops him short of leaping to the street. He does hear Frankie's words and feels the figure running off at an impressive clip. He cocks his head again. Interesting. He was going to have to pay the warehouse district a call.

For now though, he turns back to Donnie. "So about this Foot?" he asks.

Donatello has posed:
Donatello blinks as the strange teleporting magic woman hands him the sword in such a fashion. "Ah, thanks," He says and takes it carefully, sliding it carefully across his shell and into the bo-staff's holder for now. The bo-staff becomes a baton and is put away.

"Kappa? Like...capoerira? That's Afro-Brazillian fightning, I practice ninjitsu man," The turtle says with a wave of one three-fingered hand. "Ah...yeah. Look, don't tell anyone you did ok? It's supposed to be a secret. And Splinter will get mad at me if we bring -another- girl back to the layer."

The mutant teen has made his way to the edge of the building. Where the fire escape is. "Hey, Red, nice work. We should do pizza sometime!" Then he steps back and seems to just...drop off the roof. Ninja! Of course Daredevil can probably tell he is parkoring his way down to the ground and then opening a grate that leads to the sewers below. April is okay and he has to tell the others about the Foot. Pronto!

Daredevil might find a card with a number on it stuck to his suit with a bit of glue. Damn ninjas, so sneaky.

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
Kae umms "Nooo, Kappa, turtle 'demons' from Japan and all... Probably not though since you didn't recognize them names.." She peers back at where Daredevel was, is... She shrugs and grins slightly. She finally got to see/meet one of those strange turtle creatures sometimes mentioned in the tabloids... For a magic user at least like, her, this is fun stuff....