4013/The Impossible Compass Part 4

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The Impossible Compass Part 4
Date of Scene: 25 March 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: In Disney like fashion the wound in the world began to heal. The memory of changes to stories changed to the way it originally was, despite the thefts and Grodd's retention of some of the items. The Lilitputian gold was well and truly spent after all, but time mends all wounds and time healed the knowledge of a Gorilla....for the most part.
Cast of Characters: Gorilla Grodd, Crusader, Shadow, Redstar
Tinyplot: Impossible Compass

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd has grown cautious given the nature of the heroes approaching him. He makes sure to keep none of his stolen treasures near the compass and has moved the machine holding it to one of his deepest most secure bolt holes. He keeps the compass with him at all times and moves from safehouse to safehouse with a double non redundant random algorhythm sometimes interupting his sleep. So he's a cranky Gorilla. He realizes that at this point he needs to give this thing up and move on, but Vicky's idea of the Necronomicon appeals to him. True sorcerous power without having to actually study to get it. But, he would need something safe to hold it, with the most benevolent magic imaginable, and where else but the Nightmare Before Christmas. There is also a secondary objective there that has held his attention for quite some time and it could come in quite handy. He appears in a circle of trees, each with a large holiday symbol on it. Three children in a bathtub with a sack march hin front of him to report their ill gotten deeds. Perfect.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader after one...small adventure, had taken up using The Watch Towers computer system to monitor for any temperal distuburances. When a new signature is detected, he finds the Target being the Nightmare before Christmas. He grumbles "One does not like this story" but well, he got a job to do.
    His form changes from that of the Crusader, to that of Vorn - an orcish looking fella. If nothing else, this was a chance to be a monster and not get slack for it....there was one small problem - Crusader now Vorn is currently....a 2 foot tall shrimp, thanks to SOME Tricksters out there. But none the less, Crusader activate the trinket he got to enter books...and is whisked away to what is in essence a chrimistmas in holloween town.

Shadow has posed:
    Grodd has grown cautious. He has not, however, grown cautious quite quickly /enough/. Natasha has no particular mystic aptitudes herself, but the Shadow's Will is... Remarkably resilient against changes to reality. The first shift didn't really catch her attention, but his assault on the Arthurian myth caused a noticeable enough discrepancy between her memories and what everyone else believed was real to make her suspicious.

    The Shadow Knows -- and when the Shadow doesn't yet Know, she has her network of agents and contacts. A surprising number of her grandfather's contacts are in fact still alive - something about mystic aptitude that encourages longevity - and they've been able to point her at the ripples.

    Now it's just a matter of getting there herself. Which is why the tall, dark-clad shape is currently standing in the back room of a perfectly innocuous little talisman store, talking to a very wizened looking man.

    "You are certain this will work?" She asks, examining the amulet.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd runs after the scamps and doesn't plan on changing the story, not really. But he telepathically becomes invisible to their tiny minds, and cuts open the bag. This isn't really a problem because the fat man is still tied up though much to Grodd's surprise, Santa looks right AT HIM through the telepathic illusion and scowls. Grodd simply grins cheesily, takes Santa's sack and replaces it with another ordinary looking bag. No one will notice the difference for quite some time while the youths are singing their black little heats out. Grodd grunts happily and gallops towards Halloween Town as fast as he can. If he can get out and in before the others even arrive, this will be perfect.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Crusader....well the Goblin formerly known as Crusader and a grim shadow appear in a large circle of trees only five minutes after Grodd. They see six trees, each with a door and appropriate symbol. Both have sufficient senses to see that a walking bathtub came this way recently and it is moving in a paralell direction. Natasha, with finer senses, can tell there is an outer ring of trees that goes to other more minor holidays if, for reasons that boggle the mind or her point of being here, she wanted to enter, for example Presidents Day, Earth Day or National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Crusader has posed:
Vorn for some reason peers at the sky thinking "If whoever writes this book refers to us as Goblin stead of orc....gonna hafta bash there skulls in" author of holloween town beware!
    Looking at Natasha, Vorn grunts knowing she not from the story "Seem more pickin up dis mess" he looks to the bathrubs footprints. If he recalls the story correctly...the bathtub should have gone from christmas to holloween. And Grodd has in each story messed with the main characters in some fashion - Arthur from Lancolot, Monroe from The Island of Dr.Monroe. He stands to reason that he should following the bathrubs footprints away from Christmas and towards Holloween town.

Shadow has posed:
    Natasha closes her eyes for a moment and breathes deeply to let the atmosphere of the place soak into her being, letting the atmosphere flow into and through her. A laugh bubbles up from within the darker places of her soul and she lets it out, starting low and soft but growing until the forest echoes with sinister laughter and the shrieking of startled bats and ravens...

     The dark, hooded figure that seems to be made of half-solid shadows and glowing red eyes turns to regard the Orc. "Are you hunting apes as well?" the figure asks.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
The forest seems to respond to her laughter, and echoes darkness as she moves. This is a primal place, a reflection of the zeitgeist of humanity as well as a fictional real doing the same, and as such Natasha finds her laughter echoes more powerfully and resiliantly as she does so. The woods become darker, and gloomier as if the shadows long for more of the darkness that lingers in the hearts of men. Or women. Crusader definitely appears more orc light in lieu of his own comment and the laughter, and the resolution becomes more gritty...more realistic....less claymation.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd lopes past the Rock of Singing that Jack and Sally perch on for their respective numbers. He sets a proximity package behind him, timed to go off as soon as certain people cross it and lopes into town, shielding himself but annoyed at the number of people who see right through this illusion. Witches, devils and zombie clowns are not fooled by such things after all, but Grodd is nightmarish enough that he doesn't look THAT out of place. They just wave.

Crusader has posed:
Vorn says with a deep growl "No. Just the one. And preferablly, putting a stop to him before he ruins the best book in the universe" he tells Natasha "No time for formailities" and he continues following the bathtubs trail, running even - his small fett thundering much louder than some-one would expect of a person so short. Of course he has no idea that Grodd had left a package in his wake, and unfortantely for him - he was going right for it.

Shadow has posed:
    The figure nods -- or at least, distorts in such a way to imply a nod, and /flows/ down the path in Vorn's wake - no sound of footsteps, no perceivable bobbing from a run, less a physical being and more a semi-solid /presence/.

    "In his prior heists he couldn't help but try to one-up the protagonists, possibly due to his ego. Who would he be going after in this story? Jack himself?"

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
The resolute nature of the place whispers to Natasha here. She both is and isn't right. She couldn't normally use her powers so far, but this place echos and amplifies her nature. He showed up the targets but except for Moreau only did so because it was simply...convenient. But Halloween Town affects all but the most pure of heart. It is a representation of ALL of Halloween, even though its current face shows the brightest. Her unique understanding nature and power reveal to her that he is equally capable of not leaving a trace at all and might very well be doing that but it also brings out his bestial nature which might, depending on multiple factors be his downfall. The story of the story meddling has changed. They both move quickly and can see the children crossing the singing Rock.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd moves towards a nearby bridge and spots several weeds, which look like such to anyone else but he has seen how Sally uses these to create powerful but harmless divinations. No caster himself, he would still study their properties and mass produce them. He takes out a trowel and begins to dig, putting them into small planters which he then slides into Santa's Sack of infinite holding.

Shadow has posed:
    ... Of course, Grodd may have miscalculated on the nature of the story of this place - after all, the monsters aren't the villains, but the villains come to an amusingly sticky end.

    Natasha allows herself another sinister chuckle, then notices the children by the Singing Rock and drifts over. "Children. Have you perhaps seen a large ape rush by recently?" she asks, sinister yet oddly cheerful, eyes glittering above a splash of bloody crimson that's the only color of her semi-solid shape...

Crusader has posed:
Vorn continues speeding forward "Well,he wasn't after anyone. He was after stuff. Not really like this story, so not completly sure what is here than he might take. But he here for SOME reason"
    And with that the short orc speeds past the singing kids without much thought, reckless as ever. And unfortantly as he passes the package, a forcefield goes up that would prevent other people from readily passing through. Seeing these happens, Vorn skids to a stop to look at the forcefield "....were close"

Redstar has posed:
The sound of beating wings fills the air in the darkness above. The night seems to greedily gobble the dark red figure flying in its sky. If only that moon wasn't so full and prone to dramatics here. The silvery light falls across and highlights the most terrifying aspects of the demon here.

Brimstone and sulphur wrap around her like dark mist. The sense of forboding and darkness, the innate terror of evil, is all the more palpable. Here she has the draw and fear factor of the Pumpkin King himself, perhaps more. And so she comes to land on the fountain he himself had danced.

Never one to not show off, especially here, she poses. The wings are spread wide and menacingly and her back is straight. Black eyes with their yellow flames flicker and dance. "Oh sweet children, what have you got in your bag?" The demoness purrs at the troublesome trio. She knows this story and she grins showing off pointed teeth. But then she remembers...she is here for a reason and her thoughts echo in her mind. Who need earbuds when your companion has telepathy.

~Grodd, point me in the right direction.~ And almost in bored fashion she summons a globe of heat and drops it into the sludgy water. It causes an explosion of steam that envellops her spookily. And her laughter echoes through the square of Halloweentown. "Oh, what a glorious time!"

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd says, "Ah, good, you got here. Right now, circle above the town. Look for anyone bypassing my forcefield. The children and the fat man should have gotten through. Anyone who passes the force field should be attacked, leave the inhabitants of the town alone. This will take me some time." He is pleased to have the back up but keeps digging up the plants."

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
As the orc crosses the area, the blue shimmering force wall appears and goes high into the sky and deep under the ground. It seems to go one forever and the children are...well stumped about what to do and they all get into a circle and start whispering to one another about the best course of action.

Crusader has posed:
Vorn (currently at 1 foot tall figure in orc form) looks up at the blue wall of light, with clear annoyance. And than he spots Starr, and only looks more annoyed. This ment trouble, and alot of it
    But it ment they were close, and he looks to Natasha "Were definintly close - this here is one of his helpers" and right now it seems the wall devided everyone apart at the moment. Not content to deal with Starr...he wants to go for the big guns and begins making his way towards holloween town hoping perhaps Starr either won't bother with him or gets distracted by something else

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
The kids look up from their discussion and shake their head. They are drawn to the powerful and Natasha radiates it. "No Ma'am. Do you know how to get this thing? We have a delivery to make to Jack. He won't be happy about it.

Shadow has posed:
    The Shadow smiles -- or at least radiates dark amusement, since its face isn't a particularly visible thing right now -- and turns to regard the forcefield, one hand-like appendage reaching out to touch the edge. Well. This wasn't there in the stories - so it's a good bet it's Grodd's doing. She chuckles again. Time to start educating a gorilla on his mistakes.

    She takes a breath, then her eyes dim to slits before opening again and blazing with the power of The Shadow's Will. In the real world, she wouldn't be able to do this -- at least, not yet -- but this world of story is more notionally than physically real, and her power fits it like a glove... Whereas the forcefield is a piece of Gorilla City technology that's as out of place as a sleek iPhone in a steampunk setting. It doesn't belong here. And the force that batters against it /does/.

    As Natasha feels the power build and flow through her, once again her chuckle deepens into sinister laughter that echoes from the hills and trees, the perfect accompaniment to the ominous gloom...

Redstar has posed:
Starr cracks her neck with a little turn and twist and she continues to grin wickedly in her shielding misty steam created by rapid-boiling off all the water in the fountain. ~Delighted, oh silvery one,~ The demoness responds in her mind, the energy of the place doing odd things to her.

"Ohoho! Hello, I know that stench anywhere," Starr says and her head turns to where the Shadow speaks with the children. And she launches into the sky once more. The steamy mist created swirls into demonic shapes and screaming faces as her wings stir them. Up above the roofs, not too high, she circles carefully. This time she brought a few extra things with her, just in case. Courtesy of Grodd. The rifle hangs from its holster across her shoulders.

"Now, why did -you- have to come and meddle, hmmm? I might actually pout while beating the shit out of you," The voice is Starr's and directed at the Shadow about fifteen feet below her. There she hovers easily as the dark mists that smell of brimstone and sulphur radiate about her. The two dark presences meet and clouds cover the full moon. Here the world reacts as well as pushes.

It's a weird thing. Starr frowns slightly and then opens her mouth and is...singing, "You've come to the wrong town, Shadow. You won't win here. This world sings to darkness and evil, and you still need the light I fear." She doesn't look particularly thrilled about this. Then the heat begins, sudden, oppressive, blanketing the immediate world of Halloweentown in heat particularly suited to the Sahara at noon. The mist thickens and it becomes like soup.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
"Oh crap. Oh no. This music thing has got to go. If I hear one more bar I'm going to sheep myself. Oh dear. My word. I can't appear to swear. Now you've gone and done it fools, I'll soon have to make you pay. Time to leave this awful place, I know I shouldn't stay." He activates the device, even though he only has half the plants he wants and there is a "Roomroomroom blurp" sound. "Oh crap. Oh no. Now it seems I've hoisted my own petard. The forcefield has locked us in, like some kind of..." there is a pause, "Dotard." Putting his hand to his head and singing but also telepathically broadcasting, "We need to leave, we need to go, this isn't how my plan should go. Head for the rock and the circle of doors. I have a plan they won't ignore." He looks up to the scientist's tower and grins fitfully.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
The kids all grin together and nod, "Well if she can do it so can we, we'll blow right through with evil glee, you see this firecracker works most handily!" They set a pile of firecrackers right news to the force field and light her up! The fuse moves ominously toward the firecrackers.

Shadow has posed:
    The barrier shatters under the force of the Shadow's will, and she steps through before turning to look up at the flying figure above. Sinister laughter once more fills the air as she continues moving in a straight line for Grodd's location, letting the sense of what-should-not-be-here guide her straight and true.

    "Foolish child, how clearly you show
    how much there is that you do not know
    if you think that 'dark' means 'mean'
    In this town of Halloween...

    This is Halloween, this is Halloween:
    screams and laughter in the night
    This is Halloween, this is Halloween:
    joys of candy amidst the fright...

    Like calls to like. Halloween - or at least, the version of it that has become embedded in the cultural consciousness that this particular story embraces - is not an evil thing. It's not even pure darkness. It's a celebration of the times-in-between, neither dark nor light.

Like, for instance, a Shadow...

Crusader has posed:
Vorn kept moving forward, and soon enough was amist the folks of holloween town. Most wave to him and he waves back. And soon enough he is singing with the pack

"The clouds are growing darker"

"Our song keeps getting harsher"

Why the beep are we singing?"

"Someone stop madness, as this habit maddening"

"But people dark and scary! Tell me if you seen a monkey?"

And someone replies still singing "Yes indeed I have. By the rock of singing past!"

"Just follow up the path, and you will find your friend at last!"

Vorn booms out a "Thank you friend, and now I go! To stop this ape before he goes!!!"

And up the path Vorn rushes, quickly seeming to get in line with Natasha, both seeming to ignore the possible threat of STarr to reach an even larger target. So help him if he has to sing back in their world too!

Redstar has posed:
Starr's wings seem to beat in time to the faint music she hears. Does everyone hear it? It makes the demon's lips pull back in a sneer. The sound of her landing hard on the ground seems to match with a cresendo and as she rises she is singing again
"Candy and laughter in this day
Are not what it is meant to be
In the old times, beneath these streets
The roots of Hallows Eve grow!"

The demons presence seems to be pulling at the deep and dark roots of Halloween. When people placated and offered sweets and supplication to demons and spirits, so they would not visit harm and trickery on them. The thick mist of the area swirls about her form and darker things seem to fill the shadows. Just her very presence taints the story and the longer she stays the worse it gets.

~No. You will -not- destroy this too.~ Vicky had been silent up until now and for awhile. But here she -had- power and she used it. Starr's forward step lurches and her body changes amidst the swirl of mist. Red skin becoming pale, black flaming eyes normal if piercing blue once more. And Vicky stares at The Shadow.

"This is Halloween, this is Halloween,
We won't let the wicked and evil win
This is Halloween, this is Halloween,
Time to protect this stories ending..."

Vicky sings and smile faintly at Natasha before holding out her hand. "Let's go stop that ape from ruining -this- too," She says, intent to fly them both to the rock where Grodd has run too. And in the back of Vicky's mind, trapped beneath a pile of imagined sweets, is Starr screaming furiously and impotently.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd shifts and as the songs are sung and the inhabitants begin to sing the chorus along, the tide begins to turn against the interlopers. Grodd grunts and can feel it. Even as powerful as Natasha is here, invoking the primal chorus makes the shimmer of reality that every other story has had lessen here but grow at the same time. They all appear as clay mation versions of themselves and Grodd even more bestial and frigthening but in a cartoon version than unusual. Grunting, he lopes up the side of the building and rips off a chunck of the roof, grabbing the professors Lightning device, which he used to awaken the reindeer. He begins rewiring it as Sally cringes inside while the professor curses him.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
At this point, the changes in the air and the nature of the song awaken the story's and the land's primeval gaurdian, well established at being supreme in his domain. Jack comes to the window and begins to look around, "Someone has entered Halloween Town. Someone who should not be. There is darkness all around, but whose we shall soon see." At this the inhabitants begin to circle around Jack's tower as Sally leaves to go get help. Grodd finishes his modifications, and presses a button on his belt. A third and final gizmo has worked and though the song is working against him, his science still rings true here as he appears near the children and the tub, just as the explosion goes off, sending him up in the air with x-s on his eyes ala a Rudolph cartoon. He has, however, by passed those who were hunting him but his teleportation device shatters as does the barrier.

Shadow has posed:
    The Shadow takes Vicky's hand, radiating sinister amusement and approval. "Grodd miscalculated when he chose this place," she says. "The other stories he invaded were... Grittier, for lack of a better word. Grey enough that an impressive enough villain could win and be admired. But this place is more... pure. Even the Trio is not actually malicious. The only one that might be called evil is Oogie Boogie -- and look at what happens to him...

    Again, laughter echoes off the landscape. "Come. It's time Grodd learns a long overdue lesson..."

    And the Shadow flits off, moving faster than a human can possibly walk, entirely unhindered by terrain as shivering fright radiates ahead of her like a bow wave, crushing down on Grodd's mind and pushing him further and further toward mindless panic...

Crusader has posed:
Vorn looks up as he hears an explosion and subsquentially a monsterous Gorilla flying over head from it. As he sings out "In this town of Holloween, things have been a scream. But now it time to stop, this ape most obscene. Our friends here are gathered, and soon he shall see - that this was not ment to be!"

He runs towards STarr and SHadow seeing them togeather...not fighting. He even heard Starr last verse he calls/sings out "Go back the way came, this can't end the same! If we do not stop him, it may be far to late. So come ladies and let not wait!" He has slowly been growing larger and larger - perhaps due to the effectos of this world, Vorn was becomming bigger and more monsterous as well, even if he looked like clay

Spotting Grodd ahead he charges the great ape with an an unflinching stead intent on tackling him down.

Redstar has posed:
Vicky snaps her wings shut and the mists part around the Pumpkin King as he begins to descend from his tower. The heat which brought them suddenly vanishes and is replaced with what should be felt on a crisp October night.

"This is Halloween, this is Halloween,
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night!"

She signs with feeling and glee. Here her eyes glow blue and her skin seems to radiate slightly. Though she seems to belong here she also...doesn't. There is too much brightness and color to her. Vibrantly she stands out amongst the others. It's weird, given what she is supposed to be.

Vicky takes a running leap and uses her wings to guide her landing by the fallen Grodd. Her face is faintly sad but also resolute.

"In the darkest hour when you are all alone
Comes the time to consider what you have done
Are you ready to surrender now
Or must you fully be put down?"

That last verse leaves Vicky's lips, her voice high and sweet. Like an angels. It does not belong in this place and it pushes back the mist and the more cruel shadows.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
It's a funny thing really. Disney is a lot more complicated than most folks would think. The Nightmare Before Christmas was, indeed, definitely a Disney property and good was good and bad was bad. But it was, so oft forgotten, a Burton property as well. A monster was never simply a monster. Grodd was pretty much done for the count, but the looming vengful nature of the Shadow, the panic that she set trigged something deep and animalistic in Grodd. He wasn't a villain in his own mind after all, simply trying to protect his own people. This cause him to suddenly grunt and panic, his own primal latent telekinis activating as Vicky grabbed him like a rescuing angel. It was enough, in the end for him to throw the lightning cannon at Natasha. It wasn't going to hurt her, but it would HURT as the lightning flared off it it in all kinds of a rippling wave. Grodd's own gravity gun also hurled as they flew off towards the gate. Pulling triggers was for far more advanced minds than his, and he was ANGRY...an angry ape and as the gravity gun flared through the air, several halloween town inhabitants were hit by the twirlinging scarlet rays as it emmitted a beam freeing them of any contact from gravity. "Whee!" They shouted as they floated off in the air. In their minds a pleasant method of flying. Grodd reached for santa's sack and began throwing everything he could find in his mind with Pianos (toys) and candy canes and the plants and everything else he could, a veritable cornucopia o presents.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Jack growled as he spotted the monkey throwing things and raced with the same impossible speed as Crusader and Natasha, but his was even more impossible, dancing on the top of houses, treetops and rocks. The speed at which he was moving was simply unimaignable, and as much of a storm of insane objects that Grodd was throwing, NOTHING was slowing him down. Nothing could really.

Crusader has posed:
Okay, so Vorn doesn't like The Nightmare before christmas - but he wasn't heartless! Perhaps it was the story, perhaps his own nature. But Vorn was actually catching the presents and setting them down as quickly as he could while moving forward. It slowed him down sure...but it's christmas for crying out loud!
    That however doesn't stop him from ROARING at Grodd like he was a beast himself. And despite seeing the telekinitic ability of Grodds in action on Vicky - Vorn leaps towards Grodd, intending to grapple him as his body becomming lit with electricty.

Redstar has posed:
Strength and agility and...everything is more for Vicky here. There is a fire burning in her chest she hadn't noticed before. It has nothing to do with the spells against fear that Ares had placed on her. This was new and invigorating and helped guide her purpose. So she whisks Grodd off as he flings things at their pursuers.

The woods, dark and foreboding, appear before her and she angles towards them. The moon peeks out once again and like Sally and Jack on the Hill, the gorilla and demon-girl are outlined by it. This is no singing romance moment, though, this is a rescue. This is hope of turning the wrong to write.

Music swells but Vicky feels no urge to sing right now. So she tries to put it out of her mind as she swerves and ducks the pursuers. Then the clearing comes into view and she angles for it fast, swerving at the last to face their quick approaching pursuers. "STOP!" She says in a voice that has a firmness and command that seems to surprise her. It reverberates in the clearing about her.

Shadow has posed:
    Much like Jack, the Shadow seems entirely unbothered by the sudden flurry of thrown equipment -- one item actually passing straight /through/ her, but the semi-solid nature of shadows means she's unharmed and unaffected unless she chooses to be. Sinister, mocking laughter accompanies Grodd's every attempt until she looms, ominous and somehow larger than life, over the cowering ape.

    "You trample through the realms of stories, stealing what wasn't yours to take, trying to claim glory you never earned off someone else's story. Did you think no one would ever know?" A sinister chuckle. "But now your own ego has done you in. Because this, too, will go into cultural memory -- Grodd, the gorilla that thinks he's clever but tangles himself in his own plots, blasted off into the sky by his own malfunctioning invention, all his pride reduced to a panicking beast. This is what people will remember, now."

    Laughter fills the clearing. "Now... Leave the bag, flee, and /never/ return. /Never/ try this again... And be thankful to this young lady here," she continues, indicating Vicky. "I recommend you re-familiarize yourself with what happens to would-be clever villains in Disney movies."

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd does just that. He will grab Vicky by the hand, trying to take her with him as he activates the device. He is, after all, loyal to his allies but only a point. If she doesn't come he isn't stopping her. Grunting, not thinking at all - a decision he will regret later, he takes the Shadow's telepathic suggestion, neither realizing the strength of his own compared to her own or the inevitable recision of the panic. None of that matters now. Only complying with the story and suggestion so he sets the machine and tosses the Impossible Compass through the hole in a panic. He has lost the items he came here for though not without his own treasures. The sword Excalibur is set to the authorities of magic in an attempt to gain some good will with them. The gold has long since been spent but the notes remain...as does the focmula he stole from Moreua.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
The hole opens up in the warehouse as the lid is put on to the Ark of the Covenant. The compass lands right beside it, and the inhabitants of Warehouse 13 nail it shut. Where the government official replies to Indy. "Top. Men."

Crusader has posed:
Vor is PISSED OFF! He calls out "Seriosuly!!!! Was going to fry his sheepin brains out!" he growls. Of all of the state Bjorn can be in - Vorn was the most aggressive, tempermental and battle hungry of them.
    But still...its christmas. The bad guy got away....sorta? It hard to say anyways. But Vorn none the less goes over and picks up Santa Bag of infinate holding...and simply starts going around collecting the thrown goods, after all these needed to get back to Jack and Santa before christmas is ruined.

Shadow has posed:
    And one by one those not of Halloween Town depart the world of stories, The Shadow lingering as the last, pausing for a moment just before she's about to trigger the portal and leave. She turns, looking up in a direction that doesn't truly exist, and when next she speaks she addresses the audience directly:

    "If this Shadow has offended
    Think but this, and all is mended:
    That you have but slumber'd here
    While these visions did appear.
    And the villain's ill-wrought scheme
    undone as a fleeting dream
    He may not mend his wicked ways
    But he will fail 'till end of days.
    Now he flees back to his den
    As evil lurks in hearts of men.
    But be of cheer, if we are friends
    The Shadow shall restore amends...

    And with those last words, the Shadow slowly fades from the world of stories, and back to reality.