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Friends of Veterans
Date of Scene: 14 March 2018
Location: Manhattan, New York City
Synopsis: A Friends of Veterans gala is interrupted by the Condiment King and his Condiment Crew! The veterans rally to the defense of their event!
Cast of Characters: Captain America, Phoenix, Jill Valentine, Iron Man, War Machine, Silver Sable

Captain America has posed:
    Manhattan. The Ritz Carlton was a happening place even back in Captain America's time and before. It still has that almost monolithic facade that faces the street, the great series of multiple double doors along with the one set of spinning doors all set to allow the travelers visiting New York City access to one of the best hotels in the country, perhaps even the world. Most nights it's fairly busy, a brisk business, with two bars and a restaurant entertaining a myriad of customers... but today it's special.
    A charity ball has engaged the second floor ballroom. A beautiful and long gathering place for the city's elite with a decor to match the occasion. The Friends of Veterans organization, a foundation with a long storied past, has spared no expense in tempting the socialites of the city out from their respective manors. Bringing them here to celebrate and laud the men and women of the armed forces. Flags of all sizes adorn the room, the tables have red white and blue tablecloths, and a line of flags are set in a row off the open air veranda that will allow party-goers some chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the inside.
    But what has brought many of the people out of the woodwork is the center ring attraction. Captain America, Steve Rogers, garbed in his dress greens and smiling as he stands amongst the various people all eager to press the flesh. A cadre of old Manhattan moneyed elders are laughing and chatting with him, all trying to get him to relate this story or that, or asking if he remembers a family member here or there.
    For his part, Cap seems to be weathering it decently. For now.

Phoenix has posed:
Jean has decided to attend the event, because charities are a cool thing, but also to help take her mind off the negativity that's been surfacing around lately. It should be good to surround herself with some more positive feelings for a change.

She arrives on time, because she does none of that Emma Frost 'fashionably late' BS. She's decked in a knee-length, sleeveless green dress, cinched with a golden sash at the waist. Matching heels, obviously, and light application of make up, in that sort of not wearing make up kind of way. One of the perks from her early forays into modelling, she got quite good with makeup.

As she walks into the 2nd floor ballroom, she moves to keep along the wall, it would certainly be folly to immediately look for Captain America, seeing how he's flooded with people eager for a photo or autograph.

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Jill Valentine is there, near the outskirts of the party. She's dressed in aa fashion similar to Cap, in a modern style Army dress, though it has a few added decorations. One for S.T.A.R.S. and another for the matter of Raccoon City. She is there not necessarily by choice- even though she is indeed a military veteran- but rather by process of elimination. When it came up, instantly the first person to be pointed at was Barry, who asked if he could bring his kids, and was disqualified. Then, everyone in the decision making process simultaneously had, and then perished, the thought of sending Chris, because it's Chris.

    So, as per usual, Jill is meant to be the public face of S.T.A.R.S. in its attempts at pulling more individuals into the fold, at this point just by making a public appearance and looking altogether like... Any othe veteran. She's on point though- despite having been out of the Army for a long time, her dress is immaculate, and though not entirely congruous, the blue beret that hasn't actually left her possession since Raccoon fits her outfit regardless of color.

    Her presence is somewhat cold and aloof- she's the least likely to commit some sort of social faux pas, but she's also the least likely to commit any sort of... Social anything.

Iron Man has posed:
Not to worry, the spotlight can refocus for a little bit. Because Tony Stark's entourage has made an arrival. And Tony's groupie squadron is extreme this time. Why? "Savior of the Internet" is still fresh on the tongue and in the minds of the city (...World), and adding his attendance to this charity event will draw an appropriate fever-pitch of interest. Reporters will turn out just to get to annoy him about that recent global near-disaster, and also draw attention to the event itself. And Tony knows all of that. Everyone wins.

    Especially Tony. Tony is winning tonight, dressed impeccably with a flash of gold edge to suit tie, and a flashy smile to go with it. Not military, of course: no, he's one of the Money Guys. The billionaire is solidly in their ranks, visually, if a little bit rock-star in posture. If he can even really be SEEN through his wall of people that are either hanging on his words (or whims) or trying to get their questions in, that is. He doesn't get very far at all upon arrival: he's somewhere near the entrance, fielding the attention and mobbed, but seems entirely in his element.

Except for the drink. Tony flags one of those down right away. Priorities.

War Machine has posed:
     For once Rhodey isn't arriving with Tony. On the contrary he's already been here for quite some time just talking and hanging out. The strangest and most striking thing about him as he recounts with a fellow soldier, also present in their dress uniform, is the absence of his trademark beard, and just how remarkably short his hair has been trimmed. He's got a baby smooth shaved face and hair cut right down to marine corp regulation standard. He has an expression on his face of a man on a mission to enjoy himself and bring honor to the corp with his presence, and went above and beyond the call of duty to look absolute perfection.

     He's dressed in a long-sleeved midnight blue coat with a standing collar and midnight blue web belt with a gold M-buckle cut to be completely form fitting. A quick glance signifies him as a colonel. On his head rests firmly a white barracks cover, under his jacket a plain white shirt, midnight blue trousers, white gloves, and black dress shoes and socks. Each shoe is polished to a perfect mirrored shine, and each lace measured just right into place. Several rows of full-sized medals are worn on the left chest the most striking of which is a congressional medal of honor, with row upon row of ribbon-only awards worn on the right.

Silver Sable has posed:
    At a table near the back of the room sits a non-American citizen who has chosen to attend. Silver Sable is wearing her signature colors, the silver gown clingy and showing a lot of leg with a faux fur wrap for an accessory. That is currently hanging over the back of her chair. She has short glass in front of her with whiskey on the rocks within though it doesn't appear she has taken a drink. It simply sits atop the table as the ice slowly melts, diluting the liquor.
    She watches the crowd pressing around their hero in the center of the floor, a slight smile on her lips. That is what it's all about. To try and get close to a living legend, a man who fought the Nazi war machine personally. His presence is why she attended, though not to press for an autograph or the like. She simply wanted to see him. He did what her grandfather had done, that which started the path she has continued through her life. It is respect that brings her.
    As there is a bit of commotion at the door, she glances that way in time to see Tony Stark enter. Her smile remains as she watches the many people crowding around the man. A few moments then she goes back to watching the crowd idly.

Captain America has posed:
    The room is alive with the movement of the people, the crowd. Any number of conversation circles have formed with people talking and laughing, though Captain America... he remains where he was before. Himself, and the other veterans that are the guests of honor there are standing atop a low dais, chatting with one of the charity representatives and the people that wander by. At times he'll sign an autograph, and there's the near constant shaking of hands.
    An older biddy with blue hair is beaming happily at Captain America, "So glamorous, Captain. So lovely. It's a crying shame you're not married yet. And so good of you to come here. A true hero."
    To which he smiles and perhaps blushes just a touch as he replies, "That's kind of you to say, ma'am. But really compared to these men," He gestures to the other veterans around him, seeming rather happy to be there. "Well, they're the heroes." Which sets off a small chorus of pleased sounds from the people around.
    At Tony's arrival, however, some of the attention slides free of Cap and to the fabulous billionaire who naturally just draws the cameras to him. Flashes go off, men and women gasp, and it's with that that the night will assuredly be considered a success. As for Steve, he sort of gains a small sour half-smirk, just for a moment.

Phoenix has posed:
Jean turns her head, as do many others, when Tony Stark makes his enterance, likely one of the few people who could divert some of the attention away from Captain America on this event. She appraises from afar rather than come anywhere near, as she ventures further into the room, unable not to stop a moment over Silver Sable and appraise her dress. A far fancier selection than Jean's modest one, which makes her feel that perhaps she needs to slot in some time for shopping in the upcoming week.

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Jill notes the arrival of Tony, merely taking her place as a wallflower and, for better or worse, trying to make herself as unapparent as possible. It's almost comical that two personalities are- even if unintentionally on the part of Cap- fighting for attention and there's Jill, trying not to attract too much herself.

    She is neither eating, nor drinking, nor leaving the perimeter to head for anyone in particular. Instead, she's the other sort of vet- the kind of person who has, say, been assaulted by the living dead while wearing a leather miniskirt and a tube top- and as such her attention is all over the place. She has an eye on all of the exits, she's making sure that nobody there doesn't look like they belong in some way- either by being a vet or by being someone well dressed enough.

    Fury would be proud of her paranoia.

Iron Man has posed:
Tony does absolutely nothing to get rid of any of the people around him. Really, it is entirely the opposite. He'll gather steam, as his extrovert batteries shine. Stark loves his audiences. And chats them up about a topic he knows better than anyone else: himself. And the trials and tribulations of what he did lately. He leads smoothly into what the armed forces groups did as well, within the most recent global problems, specifically moving into the security locally. While yes, he does make sure he is part of the discussion (and gets a few laughs with a joke here and there: cat videos restored, ha-ha), the topic wanders to the charity's focus. Eventually.

Tony is asked for a few photos with various people, and that madness begins. Tony will be doing that a while in front of one of the large charity banners. Poses with drinks toasting, poses with serious military finesse, poses teasing other rich people, it's just a parade, really.

But don't worry, Captain America: Tony will flash a flippant wave when he sees you looking. He's here to help. In his robust and sometimes frustrating manner. He also adds a gesture that means 'be over soon', as if believing Steve was actually /waiting/ to talk to him. It doesn't last: Tony is then getting distracted with a compliment of a young lady near him, and leans down to laugh and tease her. Possibly due to low (AND high) cut dress.

War Machine has posed:
     Rhodey lets his head drop slightly at the sight of Tony. A low chuckle escapes his lips as his see's his best friend doing what he does best. It just gives him that moment to shake his head and take it in as he turns back towards the other soldier he'd been talking to. The two chatter and talk for a little bit going back to their own tales of high flying adventure and chaos, until a stunning redhead with bright blue eyes walks up to the two and interrupts their little conversation.

     She's wearing a dress that's two sizes two short for her, but it's clearly intentional to highlight her features with just how expensive her dress happens to be, only the most exclusive of designers having worked on it. "Excuse me, but are you THE James Rhodes."

     Rhodey is taken back for a moment bolting up to a more respectable posture on the spot as it's the first time in a long time that he's actually been recognized by anyone. Let alone at a party with such big names. "The one and only." He states with a charming smile as he gives a slight bow and a tip of his hat. "Something I can help you with beautiful."

     She gives off a ditzy giggle smiling her pearly white teeth as she flutters her eyes getting a bit close into Rhodey's personal space, not that he minds. A single hand runs up the chest of his uniform before she finally asks. "Can you get me Tony's autograph?"

     The words echo inside of Rhodey's head. The glass can practically be heard shattering inside his brain as he looks at her trying to keep the smile on the outside even as his eye twitches slightly. "Well, can you?" She asks, and that's all Rhodey hears before he just grabs another drink, something a bit stronger then the punch he'd been drinking. Under his breath as he moves away from her he mutters. "Every time."

Silver Sable has posed:
    As Jean approaches, Silver glances her direction and there is that momentary evaluation of the woman before her. It may seem to be about the fashion but it is a bit more than that for the mercenary. Then she gives a smile in the direction of the redhead. "That dress is lovely," she says, that slight accent marking her as not from around these parts. Her words sound utterly sincere though. Perhaps they even are. "If it is available in silver, I would love to buy one. I would settle for white if necessary, I suppose." She tilts her head to the side, her silver hair falling over her shoulder as she does so. She brushes it back absently with a hand as she continues. "May I ask where you purchased it?"
    She catches sight of the young woman nearby against the wall. She is doing a good job of keeping the place under surveillance which amuses Silver for some reason. She flicks her gaze back to Jean.

Captain America has posed:
    Stepping down off the dais, Cap smiles to the people around him as he looks to them. "If you'll excuse me?" He asks as he turns his shoulders and slips into the crowd. People at times look up from their conversations and smile or laugh, greeting him with a wave or a nod. Waves and nods that he returns with a polite smile. To every single one, making sure nobody feels left out.
    But he makes his way through the crowd, passing by Jean Grey for a moment and giving her a smile as well, his blue eyes meeting hers for a moment as he murmurs to her, "Hello, hope you're enjoying yourself."
    To which she'll catch his surface thoughts, // I hope she's enjoying herself. //
    He continues on and accepts an elder statesman's hand and a shake. "Senator, good to see you."
     // It's good to see the senator. //
    But then his eyes pass over Silver Sable as she addresses Jean and he does a brief momentary double-take.
     // Wow. //
    But to be fair, the 'wow' isn't evident in his features as he continues on until he makes his way towards Tony and draws up short. "Tony, nice of you to swing on by." Yet by this point, luckily, Jean is perhaps just a little bit out of range for a casual surface scan.

Phoenix has posed:
While there are plenty of men with varying ranks and medals on their uniform, they also tend to draw the most crowd, so Jean is more comfortable taking her momentary pause to study Silver Sable's dress, and at the unexpected compliment of her own dress, she smiles warmly, "kind of you to say, but yours is much more grandiose, caught my eyes from across the room." At the 'silver' comment she laughs, "is that a trademark color you're running with? If it's not silver, you're not wearing it?" She grins when asked where she bought it, "it's not a secret hidden gem or anything, bought it at Dressbarn actually." Good thing Emma wasn't present to hear that one.

"Captain America...? It's true what they say about you," Jean turns to the hero of the day, with an apologetic nod at Silver Sable, "I wasn't even going to try and see you, very surprised you took a moment to speak to me, I appreciate the gesture."

As Steve goes about the meet and greet business, Jean can't help but pick at some of his surface thoughts, there are far too many 'voices' to block out entirely in this room, and for a moment she glances between Captain America and Silver Sable, a musing expression on her visage, but she says nothing.

Iron Man has posed:
Tony still has his yellow-tinted glasses on. With the amount of times he's had cameras flashing lights in his face, it's no small wonder he hasn't taken them off yet. It adds to the impression of ease with the whole thing.

And Captain America just got close to his little world. Big mistake. "We need you /together/," flutes the photographer.

"Obviously. Assemble yourself over here, Rogers," Tony agrees, gesturing broadly towards Steve. Which makes all of the people around him turn to look and clear a little path to Stark. A few even clap. See how nice Tony is, sharing the spotlight with a probably unwilling Captain America? Who really can't just walk away anymore, with the amount of pressure this just applied? Just the best. Tony holds up a few fingers for the photography to pause while he downs the rest of his drink, hands it off to whoever without looking (does it matter?), and aligns with Steve in a friendly manner, offering a companionable clap on the shoulder.

"Busy party, well done!" Tony says cheerfully. Well, busy around Tony, at the very least.

War Machine has posed:
     Kicking back his drink Rhodey takes a long moment to think to himself, he see's cap make his way from the table and takes his excuse to follow along. Of course he wasn't invited to follow the man but it's an excuse to get away from the woman in the red dress. He wanted as far away from THAT as possible.

     The completely empty glass gets left on the side of a table, and with a bit of liqueur in him he gets an idea. Sure no one is there to see him, no one ever is, but that doesn't mean he can't join in where he's not wanted.

     Moving with grace poise and above all stealth Rhodey inserts himself into the crowd. He's at the far back of it one moment then the middle the next and then soon after he's right square in the back of the frame as the camera flashes start flying. That's right he's photo bombing, and he doesn't even care.

     He even throws up a pair of bunny ears over Tony for good measure in one shot.

Silver Sable has posed:
    At the entrance to the ballroom comes the sound of raised voices followed by a sudden yell of surprise. A moment later, the double doors leading into the room slam back, allowing the two men that had been manning the door to be shoved inside by rough hands. A small group of people follow them in, brandishing their weapons as they fan out to block any exit from the room.
    Only, these are no commandos or men in black-on-black suit and tie combos. Instead, they look like they may have raided a Party City and gotten their costumes there before opting to invade the charity event. Each of them is dressed up as a bottle, in varying colors and flavors. Represented are Ketchup, Mustard and Relish. Red, Yellow and Green with face masks of the same cheap costume store variety to match. Each of the three has a large tank on their back of some sort, a hose running from it to a gun in their hands--also color coordinated to their particular flavor.
    In the center of the group is their leader. He is dressed less colorfully, wearing a black bodysuit with a yellow oval pattern on his chest, much like Batman wears. Only, inside that circle is not the emblem of the bat. Instead it is a black crown. Around his waist on his utility belt are multiple bottles in red, yellow and green, spaced evenly all the way around his body. There is also a large, double silver tank on his back. Cords run from the bottles and tanks to a large black gun he carries, a mix of a gatling style and handgun, each of the four barrels of the machine dripping.
    "Everybody stay where you are and no one gets hurt!" yells Mustard. "Le--do I hafta say it?" he mutters, looking to the leader in black.
    "Yes! Now do what you are being paid to!"
    Mustard sighs and starts again. "Lettuce All Hail the Condiment King!"

Captain America has posed:
    When Jean addresses him further, Steve turns back away from Tony and offers her and Sable a warm smile. "Well, luckily today I can take the time to meet at least most of the people that I can that have gathered here." He looks between them, his smile turning a touch apologetic. "Forgive me for being so brief, I'll try and catch up with you after the festivities."
    But then he turns back, perhaps readying himself to address Tony once again and to offer some rejoinder to the man, even as he's herded like some errant steer into the limelight with Tony Stark. He laughs and shakes his head, but rests his hand on the billionaire's shoulder to give a smile. A smile that grows all the wider as he catches sight of Rhodey and the bunny ears. He laughs again, then even goes so far as to say, "Cheese."
    Yet that's the moment... when things get weird.
    The old soldier's eyes shift down range towards the sudden bursting arrival of this... Condiment King. People quail as almost as one the crowd turns to face the people stepping forth to try and take control of the situation. To the side he murmurs to Tony, a touch concerned. "Did you uhh, bring one of your suits?" But upon perhaps reading Stark's body language and the likelihood of him being ironclad... he shakes his head and then starts to step forward.
    To the criminals he lifts his voice. "Are you sure you fellas have the right address? Doesn't seem to me like it'd be the smartest thing for some thugs to try and hold up a gathering of America's Armed Forces."

Iron Man has posed:
"/I'm/ expected to protect your _armed forces_ party? I mean, I can, but," Tony asks Captain America dryly. He fixes the dryness by stepping behind several people - "Hey, Rhodey," - and picking up a drink off of a waitress's tray with a suffering sigh. Condiment King indeed.

Tony incidentally has about four bodyguards amid that giant cluster of hangers-on, and they are moving protectively to interfere in anyone that may decide to get mustard near Tony's expensive shoes. "I'm probably the only one with the 'Ketchup song' now stuck in my head, aren't I," Tony observes as well to the bodyguard that materialized near him, who just gives Tony a confused look. That's okay. Tony's had a bunch of drinks even before he arrived, and he's fine with it.

And reorients. "Your /poor beard/. Did someone remark on how ancient you looked? I told them NOT to," Tony asks of Rhodey. Yes, very concerned with condiment villains, very.

War Machine has posed:
     Rhodey is having a good time, things? They're looking up for a few precious moments as he gives a warm knowing smile to Cap. It's a moment that'll stick in his mind fore- at least five seconds now the door's busted down. Then his smile drops somewhat, falling to a more professional expression as he reaches down to his holster pulling out a strange looking pistol.

     "Hey Tony." He replies as he flicks the holster open drawing his ICER down to one side and flicking the safety off in the same motion. He's counting out potential targets in silence switching from one face to the next as he remembers every detail about them that he can. Which considering they're all wearing condiment bottles aint exactly much to work with, but the hope is they aren't bullet proof.

     "Come on Tony, the beard was distinguished." He argues back as he takes his attention firmly off the threat. His shoulders drop from their tense ready for action stance as he completely changes tone trying to defend his own facial hair. "The ladies loved it, and you're just jealous." As he reaches a single gloved hand back to the side of his face in order to mourn the loss of his facial hair. "Trust me if I had the option I would have kept it."

Jill Valentine has posed:
    To say that Jill saw this coming would be... An incredible level of untrue. Sure, she's sharp enough that as soon as things got uh... Properly sauced? She sort of saw something coming.

    The reactions to the Condiment King have been mixed so far, and Jill doesn't seem to be the kind of person to create a trend. Instead of disregarding or mocking the villain, or as Cap is doing, trying to keep the peace, Jill takes this incredibly, completely, and totally seriously. The Condiment King is a threat. He could kill a guy who has... A tomato allergy? Even Jill is having trouble figuring out what the danger is, but the man is clearly dangerous -somehow-.

    The unassuming nature of her position at the party begins to be leveraged. The beret comes off, and for a moment, she just disappears into the crowd. She's moving to take a proper takedown position, to flank this particular criminal element with Cap on the opposite side- she may have to make the first move, but she trusts the man to follow through, even if he's not in on her plan.

Silver Sable has posed:
    As Captain America speaks, the Condiment King smirks and shakes his head. "A bunch of old codgers standing around swapping war stories. Get back or else!" He makes a motion with his hand and Ketchup steps to the fore.
    The gun in the hand of the man in red ejects a liquid that looks very much like his namesake. It appears, he is armed with ketchup. Or catsup for those who prefer it. But no, as soon as that red sludge is about an inch from the barrel of his weapon, the chemical compound within causes it to ignite into a flame. That flame is sprayed up and outwards, going out a good fifteen feet before it is cranked back down to about a foot in front of the muzzle.
    They may look comedic but that flamethrower is no joke. What might the others have?
    The King continues to speak after the demonstration. "Tabasco will be going through the crowd with a bag. Just put your valuables in the bag quietly. No sudden moves." And with that another man comes through the door.
    The man coming in the door is wearing all white spandex with a matching mask, instead of the bottle motif worn by his compatriots. He is carrying what looks like a pillowcase that was designed for a body pillow. The man starts to work his way through the crowd, to allow people to put their watches, jewelry and billfolds in the bag.
    The Condiment King pauses, lips pursing as he looks at the man in white. "Tabasco, what are you wearing?"
    "Not Tabasco. I'm Ghost Pepper now."
    "That isn't a condiment. Why can't I find good help?"
    The condiments continue to spread out a bit futher, keeping a wary eye on the two known heroes as well as the few uniforms scattered around the room.

Captain America has posed:
    The good Captain stands there, and almost naturally the place he stands has become the point foremost between the crowd and the criminals. People are drawing back behind him even as he turns back from gauging those nearby. Small hints as to who might well stand with him, and who might not. He affixes the Condiment King with those blue eyes.
    "Well, I'm sorry to hear you're set on this course of action." He untucks his cover from under his arm and places it on his head, a fingertip smoothing the visor as he then adds. "I guess the only thing to say to that is..."
    There's a /CLANG/ as he sweeps up a serving platter in one clean motion and sends it spinning across the distance straight towards the King and hopefully to carom off into one of his cronies. Cap points a finger and then shouts, "Veterans Assemble!"
    And all of a sudden he's leaping over a table, leading with his feet straight towards the chest of the nearest ruffian.

War Machine has posed:
     Rhodey doesn't have to stop to think twice. He shouts at the top of his lungs like a drill sergeant. "You heard the captain, let's teach these costumed freaks a lesson soldiers, that's an order." As he sprints out into the open section of the room taking aim with his icer using both hands. He steadies his aim letting out his battle cry and showing his best war face as he takes a carefully aimed shot right for the tube connecting Katchup's flamethrower.

     From the stage a few of the guests of honor surprisingly join the charge. One man in a world war two era uniform and an oxygen tank right beside one of the goons collecting cash lashes out with the tank hooked up to his nose. He hoists it over his head with all his might and slams the weight down towards the back of the man with the bag.

     From the crowd a few soldiers from the Vietnam war join the charge shouting in unison with the WWII soldiers, and even a few Iraq war vets. The shouting fills the room as the charge takes place Veterans ready for war.

Jill Valentine has posed:
    There is one thing that Jill has learned from Barry. Always. Be. Armed. Sadly, unlike the bear-man that makes up one third of the commanding roles of S.T.A.R.S., Jill only carries what is necessary.

    Sometimes, this means violating the law a -little- bit, but it's okay, because Jill is one shade different than the other veterans in attendance- even Steve- in that she is actually one hundred percent genuine Law Enforcement. She gets a pass. Slung under one shoulder in a reverse harness under the green dress jacket is a blackened pistol with a small logo punched into its grip, bearing the letters: S.T.A.R.S.

    As she's moving through the crowd, her dress jacket finds its way onto the shoulders of a younger veteran, before with a pair of clicks, the pistol is drawn. The motion to level it is a quick action, but she's not about to start firing yet- when the main thugs turn to face the Captain, she provides supporting fire with... Incredible marksmanship.

    Did nobody else think to bring a gun? Is she the only one that's -that- paranoid?

Silver Sable has posed:
    The attack was not expected. The silver serving tray flies through the air and slams into the Condiment King's head, sending him falling to the floor in a heap. From the floor he screams, "Get Them!" Not nearly as impressive a rallying cry, his condiments rush to do his bidding nonetheless.
    Ketchup lights up that flamethrower, sending out a jet of heat and fire which has the vets approaching from the front diving out of the way and reassessing their attack. A moment later, the fire just stops. Ketchup shakes his weapon a few times. A few drops of red liquid fall, lighting and burning to nothing before they reach the ground but there is nothing more. Rhodey's ICER did it's job and the hose has frozen enough that nothing will get through. He takes a few steps backwards as the veterans swarm toward him.
    On the stage, Tabasco, AKA Ghost Pepper, gets nailed in the back by one of the oldest men still alive from WWII. With an oxygen tank, no less. "What the..." Before he can recover, another one has whacked him with a cane across the side of the head. He drops the bag and stumbles, falling off the stage where he too faces the anger of a mob of vets.
    Relish brings up his weapon and fires, sending a spray of a green, gelatinous substance onto the five men charging his direction. The mass turns into foam and expands, freezing them in place but they are otherwise unharmed as they struggle to get free. He aims towards another group but suddenly the expert marksmanship of Jill cuts the line that feeds his tank. He turns to make a run for it.
    Captain America's boots meet Mustard in a very unfriendly fashion, sending the man to the floor. But he manages to pull the trigger. His weapon sends out a yellow gas that begins to expand around him, enough to cause breathing problems for anyone nearby.
    The Condiment King gets to his feet, bringing up his weapon and preparing to fire on the crowd.

Iron Man has posed:
"I suppose I can be backup," Tony sighs at Cap's back. The bodyguards give Tony some cover, as they hustle him back towards the rear of the room. During this, Tony retrieves a bag from one of them, opens it. Yes, fine, he didn't bring a whole suit. However, he doesn't wander around unarmed. Or unhanded? He brought a gauntlet. However, it takes a second to pull that on, and drop a power lead down and under suit coat.... there.

There is suddenly a really big cannon in the back of the room. The powering up sound is like a large sound system turning on. Phwwwwirrrrr. Tony's blasts aren't, say, subtle. They're bright, and light things up in bursts, as Tony releases several little pulses from the gauntlet's palm, primarily at legs, seeking to disable the armed condiment wielders with shots that will knock them back but not wound.

But, well, his low shots will probably not go towards Condiment King's legs, seeing as the guy is already on the ground.

Captain America has posed:
    Even as mustard goes down from the double kick as Cap vaults over the table, he's spinning to the side both hands grabbing hold of the buffet's rather elaborate chocolate mousse, cake, and pudding fountain. He /yanks/ hard and to the side, sending it crashing over and onto the prone gaseous condiment even as it splatters gummily and messily upon the man. But it's when the thug tries to get to his feet that a solid right cross smacks hard across his jaw and sends him down into that mess around him.
    From there it's just a step of crushing that nozzle shut and then rounding upon the King himself as Captain Rogers points at the man.
    "Give it up, Condiment King. It's over." He stands there over the fallen man. "Come along quietly before anyone else gets hurt." And with that he extends his hand to the mastermind of the heist, perhaps hoping that some element of the evening can be salvaged.

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Jill is providing support fire as best she can. A round in a shoulder here, a hose there. The reload is instantaneous when she needs it, the Samurai Edge an impeccable weapon in the right hands. Balanced perfectly, and nobody has been using it much longer, than Jill herself.

    She switches targets, from Relish onto the King himself, as soon as Cap engages him. However, she is not necessarily interested in letting Cap get particularly close and... Well, let's face it: Anyone who calls themselves the Condiment King is not really going to just give up. At least, that's how she figures it.

    Therefore, she begins to unload. Round after round into the tanks on the back of the King- they're large targets, and Jill is a fantastic shot- her intent is to disable his weaponry so as to allow Cap to disable the fleshy bits.

    She hopes he doesn't explode. She's certain it's probable, but part of her really does hope he doesn't explode.

Silver Sable has posed:
    The few Condiments that were still on their feet are taken down to the floor by a powerful impact with their legs. Nothing is broken but there is no way for them to retain their balance. This gives the veterans plenty of time to swarm them, a mass of uniforms obscuring the various bottles as they are pummeled into submission. Rhodey and his heroes of wars past have them well in hand now!
    Only the Condiment King remains. As Captain Rogers demands his surrender, he laughs loudly. That stereotypical villain laugh that he studied very carefully on old movies several times before taking up his career as a villain. Always best to be ready for such things. Then the laugh takes on a hysterical edge. "I'll see you battered and deep fried first!" He pauses, frowning. "That sounded much better on paper. And it really has nothing to do with condiments. Damn."
    He focuses on the crowd as he starts backing toward the door. Which is when the bullets start to fly from Jill. The tanks are ruptured and suddenly the very liquids he was going to fire onto the crowd cover him instead. Yellow, red, and green all pour over his form. He begins to cough then wheeze, reaching up to grab his throat as it begins to close off from the chemicals inside. Hives break out on his face. The allergic reaction isn't pretty but he won't die. Hopefully. Once those medics get in there and give him that epi shot.
    They're coming, right?
    The day is saved by the veterans! Authorities begin to arrive to take the villains into custody.

Captain America has posed:
    As the Condiment King goes down, Cap holds his hands up and stays clear of the toxic man's now very porous pressure tanks. He spreads his arms out, "Step back everyone, stay clear." He eyes the man as he starts to cough and hack, but the medics are only moments away. But even as the crowd begins to quiet down, Captain Rogers turns his head to the side and in the crowd he'll be able to pick out that marksman. His eyes meet Jill's and he gives her a nod, then mouths two words to her silently from afar.
    "Good work."