4077/On a Road to Knowhere

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On a Road to Knowhere
Date of Scene: 15 March 2018
Location: Knowhere
Synopsis: Mantis, Korg and Hzt are getting ready to head out into space from Knowhere.
Cast of Characters: Korg, Mantis, Hzt

Korg has posed:
    Knowhere, to a visitor, is in a near constant state of chaos. Creatures and beings of all sizes are stalking up and down the thoroughfare. The rumble of the crowd is some crazed cacophonous ensemble of dozens of different languages being spoken. And the traffic both on the streets and in the sky seems almost always on the verge of constant collision. Yet to the practiced eye of the cosmically inclined traveler, it makes a sort of sense...
    Looked at from far enough away and the steady streams of traffic all have a rhythm, seemingly a pulse as if Knowhere was still a living thing. And the sound of the people from far off is just a steady hum that could almost serve as a peaceful white noise. But down in the streets and the grime... madness.
    In front of a bevy of space ports, just on the edge past what passes for 'customs' on the planetoid, there are innumerable merchant stalls and shacks. Plenty of places to eat and almost anything a person could want can buy. There's a loud roar as a great tentacled gelatinous creature lifts its tendrils into the air, the limbs quivering as it seems almost in a state of panic, causing some avian beasts nearby to squaw and roar in displeasure. So it only makes sense that a tall rock-being plays peacemaker, stepping in between the tentacled monster and a tiny winged wasp-like creature with long fangs.
    "Aw cripes mate." His curiously soft voice is loud as he speaks over the crowd. "Yeah, no worries, cuz. It's chill, right?" He touches a big hand to his chest. "Check it. I'm Korg, this is my lil ship buddy, Hzt. I know watcher thinkin', he's a Brood and all. But straight up." He gestures with one big hand as if trying to steady the big tentacle creature. "E's not got all his bits, yah? His lil' stingin' sac got the chop, right?"
    Hzt props up on his hind legs and waggles his tail in the direction of the tentacle beast, showing that he is indeed missing his ovipositor, his wings flaring with annoyance however.
    "We're just here ta get a squizz at yer stuff. Got coins, bro."

Mantis has posed:
    "On some planets, shaking one's posterior section at another being is an insult."
    The smooth voice of Mantis comes from the side where she is looking over the wares at a booth. They aren't anything fancy but they have an aspect to them that reminds her of Earth. They look almost Asian in design and that has caught her in a web of nostaligia. She picks up two of the weapon sticks, though they resemble the hair sticks she had been raised seeing as a child. Yet as she regards them, she has been keeping up with the goings on of her shipmates. She continues speaking to Hzt. "Perhaps simply a turn of the body to show the area without the shake would be more fitting. Unless you mean to be insulting in which case you should continue to shimmy and perhaps add a few extra rude gesture."
    Ever so helpful, even as Korg is trying to calm things down. She looks to the vendoer to inquire as to the price of the sticks. A moment later, she is passing over the credits then reaching up to wrap her dark hair in place at the back of her head and slipping the two sticks into the mass of locks to hold it there. She looks to the tentacle beast and tilts her head. "I am certain he meant no offense." She's not at all certain.

Korg has posed:
    Turning his attention over towards Mantis, Korg perks up. "Hey 'tenna lady." He digs a huge hand into his pocket pouch and produces a hexagonal coin that gleams silver. He tosses it to the merchant to cover whatever expense might have been accrued, then he starts to shuffle off over towards Mantis, figuring she's about to head off and willing to follow her. "No ruckus, just jawin'." He looks over his shoulder, "You 'eard her, Hzt. C'mon mate!"
    The Brood leaps up and waggles its tail a bit again at the tentacle beast who seems still somewhat annoyed but slithers a limb forwards to take the coins offered by both Mantis and her companion.
    "So, that list fing, you 'ad me'n Hzt looking up." He digs back into the pouch and produces the /really/ crumpled list that he holds up a foot from his large rocky eyeball as he scrunches the other trying to read it. "It's right buggered, but I think I got most of the loot, though one fella wouldna gizza bit oh that convertor stuff. If that's what you wrote."
    He hands the list back over to her as he strolls along, "Other than that, we're good ta go. Dependin'."

Mantis has posed:
    The list is accepted. Mantis stares at it a moment, bringing a second hand into play as she tries to uncrumple the paper. It's a bit useless at this point. She crumples it back up and tosses it into an incinerator can. The trash receptacle flames as the wad of paper enters, turning it to dust. "He wouldn't part with it? There has to be someone around here that has a convertor for a class seven Halkan vessel."
    It's not something they have to have but the person who wanted it had offered quite a few credits if they could find one. It wasn't their own ship in need. That would lead to her scouring the marketplace. "It's worth a thousand credits if we find it but no worries if not. The other items on the list were the important ones." Some of them were needed for repairs of their ship. She glanced over her shoulder at the rock being with the smaller insectizoid flying above his shoulder as they walked with her. "Was there anything specific you needed before we left port this time? I figure we'll be out about a month.. Although there is a job I heard of an Dalos that might be worth looking into. Always a few nice ships in their system we might be able to take advantage of as well."

Korg has posed:
    As he walks with her, when Mantis tells him 'no worries' Korg sort of gets a wry grin and laughs a small, 'heh' to himself. But as she speaks he'll nod along with her words, even as Hzt runs along after them, bringing up the rear and then leaping into flight with his small wings flapping blurringly fast so he can be propelled right along beside her.
    "Too right then, you want me to go jack up that transport we saw? I can do subtle, ya know. My bruvva was all, 'dag, Korg. How'd you sneak up on me?' and I was all, 'Whaaa?'" Korg shakes his head, "Too bad he cacked it way back when on Sakaar."
    But then they get close to the port where their own ship is stored and he'll turn to the side facing her, "Me? Nah yeah, m'good. I got my stuff. Could use a new chilly bin if we come up on one. But other den that? Nah."

Mantis has posed:
    That brings Mantis to a stop as she turns to face the pair. Hopefully Korg was paying attention considering there wasn't really any warning. "A chilly bin?" Her antennae twitch as she realizes she has no idea what that might be. It isn't a term she has heard before. She could 'peek' so she might get an image of what he means. That's rude. She has learned many people are not comfortable with telepathic communication without some sort of warning. Or consent. Ever complicated how people viewed things. These were lessons she had learned long before meeting her shipmates so it had never come up as she didn't try to read their minds. They might not even care but it was a principle situation so she refrained.
    "We should get it while we are here then. Whatever it is. What is a chilly bin?"

Korg has posed:
    "Oh, you know it's..." Korg walks along, his stride loooong and heavy, causing a thud with each step as he moves. He holds up his large arms and his hands a few feet apart as he tries to shape a representative chilly bin out of the air. "About yea... and it's..." He twists his arms around, hands up and down now. "This tall. And, ya know. Ya put things insidea it that ya want ta get chilly, right?"
    But that said he lowers his hands and then leans past her to thump a fist against the door lock that leads into the docking bay. The doors whisper open as he waves to the side, "But yeah, nah. We can make do. Hzt don't go for the suds, and ain't ever seen you rightly imbibe." He starts to step through that door, ducking his head low to make it through and head towards their ship.
    He turns back around and spreads his arms, "So we good?"

Mantis has posed:
    "No, I am not a fan of 'suds' but I do enjoy a drink from time to time." Mantis just has more exotic tastes in her drinks. They don't always have to be chilled either. Now that she has an idea of what a chilly box is, which seems to be a refigeration unit, she will keep an eye out for one. "Our unit is still working at least?"
    She follows him through that door and starts off in the direction of the docking bay where their ship is currently waiting. She'd already arranged for restocking of supplies when they had first arrived so the basics were all done. "If it isn't working at all, I want to be sure to replace it before we go."
    Otherwise, she has things she would like to keep cool. Well, not cool. Frozen. If her ice cream melts, there will be hell to pay for the rest of the crew.