4171/Finding the Foot

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Finding the Foot
Date of Scene: 30 March 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Daredevil, Shadow, Shredder, Donatello

Daredevil has posed:
Things had quieted down in Hell's Kitchen, the fall of Moses Rider, had most of the criminals keeping their heads down and the Russians from over in Gotham, they'd slowed their migration too. Watching and waiting no doubt but it was a moment of relative peace. A normal person might rest, especially coming on the heels of a heart rending break up, but Matt Murdock wasn't most people. With things in the Kitchen on an even keel, it meant it was time to move on to other things, like those ninja from a few weeks ago: The Foot.

He shakes his head at the name, still sounded like the mutant he talked to on the rooftop was messing with him, but on the other hand, he didn't really know about the Hand until the guys in the black PJs showed up at his door, and they, were all too real. So he wasn't going to leave things to chance.

So he did some digging, the foot were elusive, but he was able to pull one thread, a delivery done by two mutants, ones with animal features, so his snitch told him, down to an old warehouse. Matt followed the lead, and so night finds him crouched in the long grass by the warehouse, senses left wide open letting them bring him what he needed to either confirm or reject his suspicions about this place.

Shadow has posed:
    Hunting the Purple Dragons had been... Entertaining, but as her investigation progressed, Natasha found herself concluding that they were distractions, not the true culprits. The Hun had proven elusive, but there was one more lead to follow - a warehouse in the Hell's Kitchen district where they sometimes gathered, but were never allowed inside.

    As night falls and shadows lengthen across the city, a perfectly nondescript and unremarkable cab passes down the street, one among many cruising the city looking for a paying fare...

Shredder has posed:
    The warehouse is condemned, supposed to be torn down, but the records show that it's been condemned for the last 8 years. It seems an oddly long time for a condemned building to remain standing. Sure enough, a white rental truck can be seen pulling into the overgrown parkinglot, riding over a worn path of tall grass that peeks through the cracks in the pavement.
    The two mutants aren't driving, it looks like a member of the local Purple Dragons, one of the ones that escaped Natasha during her previous altercation. Frankie seems to have been scared enough that he hasn't been heard from since. The warehouse is dark, though, giving no indication from the outside that anyone is occupying it.

Daredevil has posed:
The passing cab is studied, and for a moment it sounds like a car door opens and closes, but he doesn't sense anything else out of the ordinary. Or much from the warehouse at all. Still, he didn't come this far to give up, Matt, rises from his hiding spot, and some climbing and a couple of jumps take him over the fence. He lands softly, and them makes his way towards the wearhouse, focusing his senses now listening for heartbeats and breathing to get a sense of where any sentries before he's in their line of sight.

If he finds none, then his goal is the roof, to peek in through some skylights.

Shadow has posed:
    Unseen by human - or mutant - eyes, the Shadow's power wrapped around her like a shroud, Natasha follows closely behind the truck. As her grandfather liked to say, the best way to pick a lock is to let your enemy open the door for you.

    She moves quietly, taking care to stay out of the truck's headlights where her shadow might betray her...

Shredder has posed:
    The truck pulls up to one of the old loading docks, though it is a bit shorter than the ideal height of a semi. The back opens, and a giant humanoid warthog and rhino step out. The truck visibly raises as they get off, and they start grabbing large boxes. TVs, computers, boxes that look like delivery boxes to who knows where, Large ones, small ones, they start piling off the truck, and the two monstrous creatures seem to handle them all as if they were empty cardboard. The dock is still dark, and as they put them up, they vanish into the warehouse. Lithe steps tuck the boxes away with scarcely a sound to normal human ears, though the careless slamming and dropping from the mutanimals more than makes up for it.
    "Hey Bebop, How big is your TV?" the rhino asks.
    There is a snort, "70 inches. 4k too."
    The rhino examines the box. "This is 80 inches, that's better, right?"
    The warthog looks over the box. "Oh, yeah, thanks." He takes the TV, and places it to the side.
    "Don't forget to sell the other one on eBay this time."
    "Yeah, I won't. But it was fun throwing it at Reggaeton's car." They both laugh at the memory.

Daredevil has posed:
Matt ducks down low in the shadow of the warehouse as the truck arrive and the two mutants begin to unload it. He frowns. TVs? The last Foot guy he saw was stealing video equipment. He was beginning to think as far as these guys went they were a pretty low key criminal element. Still, he'd come all this way, he moves in closer, looking to make sure these guys didn't have back up, before he made a move.

Shadow has posed:
    ... And as they laugh, there might be a moment where a third chuckle, as well as a brief flicker as if an insect passed close by the truck's headlights...

Shredder has posed:
    The two mutants pause, "Did you hear that?" the warthog asks.
    "Hear what?" the rhino answers.
    "Someone was laughing at us."
    "They can't laugh at you if you laugh with them. That's what my mom always said."
    "Your mom? Your mom didn't hear them laugh."
    "Yeah, but she's right."
    "But who's laughing?"
    "We were laughing."
    "Yeah but who else?" The warthog looks around, and sniffs the air.
    "Rhinos have terrible eyesight, Bebop, you know that."
    "Yeah, and terrible hearing too," the warthog answers.
    "No, that is a myth, rhinos actually have excellent olfactory sense and sense of hearing."
    They both fall silent, and perk their ears, listening for the sound.
    "Over there," the rhino points...not at Matt. That's just a bush. "I smell someone right in there." The warthog grabs a metal pipe from inside the truck, and the two start approaching the spot where...actually nobody is at all.

Shadow has posed:
    Natasha keeps a follow-up laugh to herself as the two mutants trudge off on a wild goose chase, yammering at each other -- considerately leaving room for her to enter the warehouse and get a look around. She knows a thing or two about the logistics of loading and unloading a truck -- and at the rate those two were moving, there should be quite the smooth operation inside with who knows how many people...

Daredevil has posed:
Matt blinks behind the lenses of his mask. "Huh," he says hearing the chuckle before the two mutant goons debate and then move off to scout to what Matt's senses tell him is a normal bush. Matt moves closer to the doors, listening now, for the lithe steps inside the darkened warehouse, trying to get a sense of the numbers. As it was the two big mutants, the way they were moving those TVs were going to be a tough fight, add in untold ninjas and a somewhat uncertain ally and this was not looking like a winnable fight. However, before he made any decisions, he wanted hard facts.

It didn't take long to get them, twelve guys inside the loading dock and a lot more inside. This suddenly became less about busting heads and more about getting intel. He creeps closer, keeping his senses fixed on the men inside the warehouse, listening for snippits of conversation, and of course watching to see what his invisible friend does.

Shredder has posed:
    The ninjas go along, the darkness aiding their quiet and invisible presence, but also aiding Natasha's as she makes her way into the dock. The movements are fluid, hand trucks are loaded, well oiled and quiet as they start moving back past a curtain of black contractor plastic into a better lit area of the warehouse. Several people, all remaining in their formal garb, move about, cataloguing and organizing the merchandise, easily over a million dollars in stolen goods.
     Meanwhile the giant zoo animals search, kick, and most certainly conclude that the bush is empty before starting back.
    "Hmm, I smell it too," Bebop says, "Rocksteady, you should shower. Your stink is getting in my way."
    "They say that sweat is a natural turn on to the ladies," Rocksteady answers.
    "Like anyone is going to want to go out with us lookin' like this?" Bebop growls.
    "You never know, she might like me for my mind, if I found the right girl," Rocksteady defends. They start sniffing again, and this time, they are moving far closer to Daredevil's location.

Shadow has posed:
    Ninjas facilitating grand theft. What /is/ the world coming to? Natasha moves with caution, keeping to true shadows wherever possible -- these are clearly significantly better trained than the usual thugs she combats; best to take no chances. She needs more information before she can act, anyway...

    She moves between the stacks, mentally cataloguing as she goes, looking for the office.

Donatello has posed:
Donatello had been playing with a new thing lately. Trying to come up with a way to zero in on the Foot's communications. A variety of radio receivers, cell phone tracking apps, and some wiring and the program spit out this address and a couple others. The others had been a bust and, of course, he had checked them out first.

The turtlevan, lights off, came to a stop where binoculars allowed them a good view of what was going on. Donnie pulled out his binoculars only to have them yanked out of his hand by Raphael. "Hey!"

"Sit tight, nerd," Raphael said, shoving Donnie back into the drivers seat as he took a look through them. "What the hell is that?!"

Donatello yanks the binnoculars back with a glare. "Give me those," And he looks through and then drops to stare then lifts again. "Uhhh... That is a rhino person and a...pig. Boar really. Huh..." Donatello looks disturbed, Raphael just slides the door open and begins to pile out.

"Well, let's go get ourselves some bacon then." The older brother says as he hops out. Donatello groans and moves to follow. Where was Leo when you needed him to boss the hothead around?

"We need to take it careful, Raph..." The purple-masked turtle said. His brother snorted in agreement before the two faded into the shadows and began their approach.

Daredevil has posed:
Matt can hear the two mutants coming his way, smell them too, ick, he lets out a breathe, weighing his options with all this open ground and a warehouse full of ninjas right beside him. He figures his best option, is a quick roll across the ground under the truck and coming up in a crouch on the other side. He grabs his baton mid way through the roll, ready to use if his move was less stealthy than he hoped.

Shredder has posed:
    The two don't seem to spot Matt, but they hear him. "Somethin' went under the truck," Rocksteady says, walking forward and easing himself down to his knees. He's a solid 8 feet tall, so it's a long way down to look under the truck. Meanwhile, Bebop stands behind with the metal pipe in his hand.
    Inside, A singular ninja walks past who is not wearing any face cover. Her jet black hair drapes down along her shoulders, her clothing a little more formal. It still is a functional combat suit, but seems less focused on blending in. A small shoulder patch of a footprint denotes her as the same group as the emblems on the other patches. She walks past, looking at a clipboard for a moment, and then passes it to a more ordinary looking grunt. The searched for office is reached by her momentarily, and she opens the door, walking inside.

Shadow has posed:
    Interesting. Almost certainly the one in charge here. Natasha briefly peruses the clipboard when the grunt puts it down in a sudden burst of absent-mindedness, then looks at the door to the office while she weighs her options. Dealing with a single opponent is much less of a strain than with many, but the office is entirely too well-lit for her tastes. A distraction would be very useful right now...

Donatello has posed:
(( Oh damn, he is HUGE! )) O o Donatello thinks as he slinks through the shadows with his brother. "We're gonna need to be careful, Raph," He says softly. When he turns to look at him, though, his brother is gone. "Damnit!" The brown eyed turtle looks around for him. (( I am SO putting anchovies on his pizza. )) O o He thinks as he comes around and sees...Daredevil.

The turtle grins but stays hidden, trying to find where his brother went.  Raphael has decided to disrupt the Foots plans. There are only the two of them so the best way, he figures, is to drive off with their stuff! Right? Take that truck out of the equation, maybe run over a pig.... (( Damnit, Raph...)) O o Donatello glances at the two large creature people with distaste. Then he pulls off the flash grenade, no bang on this one he has ears too, and tosses it at the two brutes. As it goes sailing he turns his shell away and pulls a pair of goggles down over his eyes, shielding them. 3...2...1...


Daredevil has posed:
Matt had been planning on hitting the ducking one and running, but the flash grenade changed everything. He's barely even aware of it, just a warming of the air that suggested intense light, but he could guess what it did to the others. Matt kicks out from under the trick, hard, boot heel aimed right at the mutant's eye, then, as he slips out from under he clocks him with a follow up from his billy club. Pipe guy, well, he'll deal with him in a second.

Shredder has posed:
    Rocksteady was just noticing, "Hey, there's someone..." when the flash causes him to squint. The kick hits directly in his nose, and he stumbles back, standing to his feet and holding his nose. "OW!" he growls. He didn't move back nearly as much as a normal person would, but the nose is a sensitive spot. As Matt moves out, Rocksteady takes two more clubs to the head, a very solid head, which barely moves from the blows. "Hey, cut it out!" he swings his hands past Matt, unable to grab ahold of him as he dashes out of the confrontation, back into the shadowsBebop incidentally covers his eyes, growling. "Hey! Who turned on the lights?" he yells. "We're supposed to be sneaky!" Just like his bellowing voice now.
    Inside, the woman pauses, stepping back out of the office. "What is that?" she says, her voice sharp and commanding. She's young, perhaps in her mid twenties, but she carries herself with defined authority. "Go find out." Several of the ninjas abandon their work, and start rushing toward the exit. Meanwhile, those in the dock hop out, as does the truck driver, only to realize that a green blur blows past him, knocking him to the ground. It is suddenly a rumble.

Shadow has posed:
    Natasha frowns as she reads, then takes her phone and sends the warehouse's address to one of her contacts. An anonymous tip will be called in to the police, who should be on their way in five minutes, probably onside within ten if their efficiency holds. She finishes just as the flashbang goes off outside, and her head whips around to watch the fracas, then turns toward the door to see what the woman chooses to do. This might be the chance she needed...

Donatello has posed:
While trucks do not go fast to start with, they can pick up speed fairly quickly. Raphael raps the driver upside the head and throws him into his fellows before he hops into the cab. Slamming the door and locking the doors he shoves the truck into drive and floors it. "Oh come on," He grumbles as it starts to pull out and away from the dock.

"Dangit Raph," Donatello mutters as the truck begins to move and the flash grenade continues to spew vibrant and blinding magnesium flare in a thirty foot area. Donatello has already booked it back to the van and is kicking it into life. "Let's see how tough these guys are against you," He says and suddenly there is the squeel of tires. The van explodes from the alley and rushes down on Rocksteady. In Donnie's mind the rhinoman is much more of a threat than Bebop. But that doesn't meant the mohawked pig gets away. A button or two and the manhole turret whirs towards him. Driving and targetting are hard, but Donatello isn't doing anything fancy. Just ramming a dude...

Shredder has posed:
    Ninjas pour out from the warehouse as the van swings around and starts coming back toward Rocksteady. "Hey Bebop!" he points, seeing the van coming straight on. "Somebody wants to play." Bebop joins his compatriot, and they don't make any attempt to dodge the van. The throw their weight forward, and hit it straight on, one on either side. They slide back, the force of impact crushing the front of the vehicle, their feet stopping after several feet. Both menacing figures grin.
    "Look, it's a turtle. Didn't the boss say somethin' about them?" Bebop asks.
    Rocksteady shrugs, still gripping the front. "I dunno, maybe he said smash them. That's what we're usually good at."
    "Sounds right," Bebop agrees. Their muscles bulge, and with a combined effort, they lift the front of the truck and tilt it over onto its side, letting it crash to the ground with a dull thunk. The ninjas begin to surround the truck as well, and the woman Natasha has been following makes her way to the warehouse loading dock, swinging the door to the office shut behind her.

Shadow has posed:
    Quick as a flicker and silent as a shadow, Natasha slips into the office before the door closes. Time will be of the essence; this distraction, welcome as it is, won't last long. Names, locations, addresses, anything that could provide a clue to what these ninjas are up to -- she refuses to believe that petty larceny, no matter the scale, is all they're pursuing...

Donatello has posed:
Well that was not good. Not good at all. Good thing the manhole cannon was still fully operational. And the two idiots -were- standing right in front. Also? Net thrower was a thing and now both flashed out towards Rocksteady and Bebop. Along with a manhole cover flung with extreme momentum from the canon at each of them. Then Donatello has other worries. At least they didn't bend it TOO badly!

Like the van being on its side. That was not good at all, especially with it being swarmed by Ninjas. Well, that last part was okay. Because he hit a button and the outside of the Shellraiser came alive with electric current. Just enough to knock any ninja touching it out. Rocksteady and Bebop on the other hand...


Yes, Raphael did just honk 'shave and a hair cut' as he aimed the truck down on the rather distracted Bebop and Rocksteady. "HEY ASSHOLES! STOP THIS!" And he slaps one of Donnie's gluetraps under the gas pedal and then bails with the wheel locked on the two. Then he bails out the door in a tuck and roll, coming up to kick ninja Foot butt.

Shredder has posed:
    Inside the office there is little...except a laptop. A few scant pages give information of little use, some used as scrap paper for hand written numbers to be held onto, but the laptop is clearly the device used to keep track of what happens here. It's closed right now, though, most likely password protected.
    The woman pulls a mask over her face, tucking it over her nose as she steps out. Bebop takes the net, and Rocksteady is having a bad day. The manhole cover clocks him across the face, knocking him clean out. One of the ninjas jumps forward, grabbing the door of the truck as he narrowly dodges being flattened by it. He opens the door, trying to grab Raphael out of the driver's seat as several other ninjas dive out of the way of the truck, keeping them off Donatello's location for a brief moment.

Shadow has posed:
    Tempting to take the laptop for leisurely perusal somewhere more secure, but at the moment The Shadow's lacks the security features to ensure that the Foot couldn't track the laptop remotely the moment she turns it on. For now, she'll have to settle for memorizing the numbers and figuring out what they mean. She checks the time - two minutes since she arranged for the call. Three to five minutes before the police will likely arrive to find a warehouse full of stolen goods. Time to find out what's going on outside with the conveniently timed distraction, and make sure they get away clean.

    The office door opens and a shadow flits out, all but unnoticed with the current consternation going on outside...

Donatello has posed:
"Oh, you wanna play too?" Raphael replies as the Nija grabs him. "I can handle jumping from a truck, can you?!" He asks as he leaps from the truck. Which is set to smack into Bebop on its way for the water of the docks. The turtle grabs the Foot and leaps from the cab of the truck. As they land he uses his shell to skid along the asphalt as he plays punch-a-ninja.

Donatello bursts from the back of the Shellraiser with his bo-staff swinging. A projectile is thrown at a flock of Feet coming his way. Another flash bomb that goes off just as he moves around the Van to see Raphael goes diving. "RAPH!? He shouts and goes running for his brother and the swarm of soldiers on him. "Get up!" There is a groan as slow working pnuematic lifts begin to shift the Shellraiser back onto its wheels.

The whirling bow staff and carefully placed smoke bombs flood the area around Raphael. There is the sound of bodies being hit, a few, "HYah! Hah! YA!" In there as well. And when the smoke clears they are gone and the Shellraiser is on its wheels and backing up wildly.

"Leo and Master Splinter are going to have our shells!" Donatello says as they speed away. Meanwhile Raphael is laughing and seems pumped.

Shredder has posed:
    The ninja handles it as well as can be expected when he lands on Raphael's fist. Dazed and confused are the words that come to mind. Ninjas fly back and forth as the staff strikes the less skilled Foot soldiers, and as the Shellraiser is righted, they start to charge, only to be unable to catch the fleeing turtles. The woman narrows her eyes, watching them leave, and then announces. "Enough, the police are on their way, we have little time to prepare. Regroup."

Shadow has posed:
    "You have less time than you think." comes a mocking, sinister call, drawing the eyes of everyone outside the warehouse to a shadow-clad figure perching on one of the intact pillars that marked the edge of the property when the warehouse was still in operation.

    Blazing blue eyes seek out the masked woman's. New York will bring you nothing but ill fortune from here on. Find somewhere else to play your petty games."

    Lights flicker, and the figure is gone, only the echoes of mocking laughter fading into the night...

Shredder has posed:
    The leader tilts her head up at the voice speaks. She doesn't flinch, she doesn't cringe, she doesn't even look surprised, at least externally. She watches, then reaches up her hand, snapping her fingers as the figure disappears. "Hmm. Interesting," she comments as the ninjas flow past her as a wave back into the warehouse. They have some goods to move, and they have very little time to do it.