4453/An Eggsclusive Meeting

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An Eggsclusive Meeting
Date of Scene: 15 May 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Egghead, Shredder

Egghead has posed:
Egghead maintains a small, discrete manor outside Gotham City, in a residential neighborhood full of small houses. White corinthian columns sit outside the front holding up a relief, 'Heed' engrave atop on a freize. Past the buzzer at the gate, manned by Edgar's butler, there's a small winding road that leads to a parking area, near some peach trees transplated from Georgia. The mansion is made of white bricks and egg yellow paint with white frosted windows about the outer surface, owing to Edgar Heed's eccentricity. Another butler greets visitors, bringing them inside.

Edgar Heed sits inside his study, a painting of him behind him on the wall. A bookshelf is to his left, and to his right is a pool table, all of the balls egg-shaped, indicating that it has never been used. He quietly waits for his guest, dressed in his flamboyent attire.

Shredder has posed:
    Oroku Saki did not come the way many criminals come. He brought no bodyguards. His wife did come, Oroku Kitsune. There are stories about her. They mostly sound like they come from horror films. A witch of terrible power, rumored to be thousands of years old.
    Given that Saki is supposed to be dead, he may be one of those stories. He wears a slim fitting business suit. It's not extravagent, but it is expensive. Kitsune with her almond eyes looks ageless, somewhere in her mid twenties. Saki, perhaps in his early fifties, hints of gray. As he enters, he gives a slight bow, his wife standing to the right and behind him. "Mr. Heed," he says elegantly. "It is good to have the opportunity to meet you," he says.

Egghead has posed:
With all the panache of a French noble that had never worked in a day in his life, but had arranged the fates of thousands of men and women, Egghead uncrosses his long, slim legs and rises from his chair, upholstered with white leather.

    "Greetings, sir and madamoiselle," comes his rolling, slick greeting, moving across his posh white carpet with his yellow and white polished shoes. "I prefer the name Egghead. Call it a bit of humor, that puts us in the proper method of thought." His worm lips slowly curl into a smile that shifts his petit mustache, as he taps the side of his tall, bald head.

"So," he says, spreading his long spider fingers as he extends his arms past his luxurious cape, moving to his liquor stand. "How may I be of service to the Foot Clan?" he asks, pouring himself a flute glass of white sangria. He does not offer anything to his guests, waiting to be asked, following a counter-intuitive host's strategy.

This is crime, after all, not Martha Stewart. But with Egghead, it's often unclear.

Shredder has posed:
    "<Westerners are insufferable in their manners,>" Saki murmurs in Japanese to Kitsune.
    "<We are not here for his manners.>" Kitsune's smooth voice answers, also in Japanese.
    Saki walks forward, glancing around. "Egghead," he repeats. "I understand that you are a man with talents regarding the movement of finances. As my business has developed, I am finding a great deal of connections which I would like to keep discrete. My previous accountants are beyond their skill in this area, given the scope of connections that may be arriving soon."

Egghead has posed:
Egghead turns about, the flute of sangria in his left hand, pinky stretched out eloquently. He takes a slow sip, as he rests his right hand on a nearby globe done in white marble with golden continents inlaid over it.

"Mm, you require a place to store your nest eggs, do you two?" he says with a little smirk, tilting his chin up with a knowing smile as he tilts his sangria up to his lips and takes a slow draw.

"I know a little of the Foot Clan," he continues, hand drifting off the globe as he moves over to a computer system built into the wall past the billiard table, tapping the keyboard with his right hand. "You are mostly involved in urban youth recruitment, method of operation, martial arts training? A traditional broker would place everything in a bank. But that would give you an uncomfortable angle when you slept. A crick in your neck?"

He looks through his registers.

"I can get you in touch with inner city real estate for martial arts dojos. It is very cheap, and you could justify cheap property taxes, due to the area, and you will have a defense against auditors in the form of your business being openly displayed. The key to the chicken coop, is the method of placing funds into it."

"An insurance company I run can hold monetary funds for each dojo, as an immediate payout if your real estate is destroyed, as well as a side bank account which you will hold, as a proxy, that you will be paying the money into the insurance account for. It's not an immediate endowment to launder your money, but you will be accruing overseas funds at a rate coherent to your organization's street level movement into the area. The rate is adjustable."

Shredder has posed:
    Saki lets a hint of a smile break on the corner of his mouth. "I am glad that is all that you have heard. I try to keep it that way. The matters I require to keep quiet have to do with a much larger scale, and more primary to my operations. I have a good deal of investment in biotechnology, and that branch of my operations will likely be exchanging funds with some other large, similar companies in the near future. You may heard of StockGen?
    He moves to a decorative egg, picking it up and examining it carefully between his fingertips. "StockGen, while it is a completely legitimate company, has some activities that remain below the surface. I would like not to draw the attention of the IRS as I expand that element."

Egghead has posed:
"You need a hen to sit on this egg, yes?"

Egghead sips his sangria again from the delicate flute grass, looking through his files.

"You will require a three shell company game. This is a Yakuza system they use with the 'keizei yakuza', the corporate mafia. You will hold three shell companies, and there will be two you have in mind, while your adversary views three choices. You will move the data evidence of your facility locations between two subsidiaries, these lovely eggs, while one serves as your decoy. And then, should they come close with an inspection for an audit, merely poach that egg and make it your decoy."

Shredder has posed:
    Saki narrows his eyes, and places the egg back down before looking back to Kitsune first, and then to Egghead. "That is a fairly traditional strategy. What prevents the authorities from becoming saavy to this?" he asks. And how would I use this strategy to move funds back and forth to and from other entities which I do not control?"

Egghead has posed:
"I cannot do everything for you, dear Shredder, since security against stock fraud requires personnel management, and you are Japanese, the origin point of the strategy."

Egghead moves about to face Shredder again. "Do you fish? You will require a method to see where each IRS audit is coming, before it comes, without attempting to infiltrate the auditing office. In America, we call this brand association, the operation of baits and lures. But in China, this is an ancient tool of the Tong. You must label each of your perfectly arranged three eggs, a different concurrent game, to see which company they are interested in, before they attempt to plant a spy in your facility to determine where your funds are being controlled from."

"The Chinese Zodiac is structured in twelve - that is a police officer's game, the Zodiac. The criminal's game is a three, hence four being the cipher number that Chinese police use to spot the structure of three. Hence why you need a quintessential structure - that's a structure of five. The common English school system's essay is based on the method of evading Asian law enforcement four-fingered logic."

"You must use two faces, for three holding companies for your funds - one of them is an announcement of your firm's intents, an publicity firm, and the other is a corporate recruitment lobby. If they check with the publicity firm, there is information on all three holding companies to see which they suspect. If they check on assets you have that will contact the headhunting firm, once queried, they will have spotted the holding company - move your funds."

"They will be using three investigators with a fourth commander - four - to counter your strategy of three for the shell game - three. Hence why an addition of an inquiry panel with all three holding companies, and a personnel monitoring firm with a plant in each, increase you to five - a game of twenty. Impossible for a law enforcer to crack, unless they're in your pocket. Nice and round, a fifth, don't you think?"

"As for moving the funds back and forth, I can design a cipher system for you, with some local credit unions," he adds with a wave of a hand.

Shredder has posed:
    "Indeed," Saki listens closely to each word. "You have a good mastery of your understanding. Your reputation also precedes you and does you justice," he admits. "I imagine that for your services regarding such things there is a fee which would be appropriate." He wanders around the edge of the pool table, curiously studying the egg shaped pool balls.
    "I mean to make a large profit by this, and if I can do it while staying off the radar of the police and public, it would be all the better. There are a few select people who are aware that I am alive. I like it that way. No one investigates dead men." Kitsune, meanwhile, continues a silent vigil, not speaking, but she does seem to be studying Egghead carefully, conversely uninterested in the egg decorum.

Egghead has posed:
"Let us play a Chinese game."

"Twelve times twenty, is three hundred and sixty. That is a perfect circle, is it not?" He smiles with a thin sheen on his upper lip, sweating with the effect of the wine beginning to hit his unusual metabolism. "One ounce is twenty-eight grams. I will ask you for a twelfth of an ounce in percentage as due."

"That is one point seventy-five percent of the gross profit that passes through my currency nets, to be taken into calculation before net profit."

Shredder has posed:
    "Gross profit?" Saki asks, arching his brow. He doesn't seem pleased with the figure. "That is a rather large sum of money," he observes coldly. "I will offer 0.3 percent of net, which should still net you seven figures annually. Not only this, but you will possibly be able to open doors to other lucrative ventures with the formerly mentioned. I have not gotten to where I am presently through careless expense of any resources." His posture seems a bit more rigid. He does not look as if he likes the game of haggling.

Egghead has posed:
As Egghead's mathematical trick is turned aside, he straightens his back.

"I didn't get where I am, Mister Shredder, by playing fairly."

He smiles, sighing. "But, however, I didn't get there by playing unfairly, either. Offer eggcepted."

Egghead turns about and strolls to a chain hanging from an edifice, and pulls it. A few moments later, an accoutant in a banana yellow suit that was waiting in the wings of an ante room emerges.

"If you will, Claude, please provide this gentleman with the pertinent routing numbers for his operations package I will place on the server in a moment."

Egghead hands his flute to a Claude, who sets it down on the liquor cabinet, and then Edgar goes about typing with both hands at the standing computer station, summarizing the operations for Shredder in a neat, brief typist's form. "Once our affairs are in order, I will require an escrow account to the Cayman Islands to be accessed by your accounting operation, for a timeshare in New Jersey that is occupied by some of my lady friends that I see on occasion. They make Dada artwork of female serial killers from the 17th century, or at least so they tell me, at the moment," he says with a rare low droll of self-scrutiny.

Shredder has posed:
    The jonin smiles slightly at that. "I see," he says, folding his hands behind his back. "An associate of mine, Baxter Stockman, will also be engaging this process, as he is the CEO of StockGen. I'm glad we could come to an accord." He looks back at Kitsune, and then a curious knit of his brow causes him to look back, frowning thoughtfully as he looks at the floor, and then shifts his gaze up to the eggcentric. "Tell me, why eggs?" he asks, out of curiosity it seems, more than to gain any particular knowledge.

Egghead has posed:
"I find them to be a useful shape, don't you?"

Egghead finishes typing, hits enter, and then Claude begins working on another machine near the entrance Shredder used, before a printing out a series of routing slips.

"A firm, grounded basis, a note of style on the top for organization, a smooth, three dimensional surface, and a weight inside that belies the object's visual cue. I use the egg for each scheme. Each of these elements I give to you is an egg. It is something only my mind can grasp, when used in just such a way."

Shredder has posed:
    "Hmm," Shredder answers, as if weighing the response. "I suppose there is a degree of appropriate symbolism to the matter," he concedes, seeming satisfied.
    "Tell me," Kitsune says, speaking up. "Why do you choose this work?" Her voice is like silk, soft yet direct, and it carries a certain air of authority behind it that seems every bit as distinct as her husband. "What fulfillment do you receive?"

Egghead has posed:
Egghead turns his attention to Kitsune, placing his hands before him, right before left, although the gesture seems nuanced in a manner that indicates it's not his natural choice.

"Merely as pleasure, Mademoiselle. There's no fun in being a square peg, is there?"

Shredder has posed:
    Kitsune seems to weigh Egghead's answer as if she could put it on a scale that only she holds. "Of course," she responds. She observes his hand movement. "You put yourself in proximity to great power, Egghead," she says, as if it is both an observation and a caution. "It can be both asset and liability, depending on the tide."

Egghead has posed:
"I try my best to stay afloat," Egghead replies with a demure tilt of his chin to his accountant, as Claude offers the routing numbers, now laminated and printed on off-white egg shell paper, to Shredder.

"The key, I find, to leveraging risk, is a venture capital secret. You must remove all personal judgment of any condition but potential profit, calculate the potential profit against the sum money you have for investments, and then aim for a multiple of five. The standard rule is: out of five ventures to give one hundred million dollars to, I must select the one out of the five capable of making at least five hundred million dollars. The slimmer your consideration, the more successful you will be in the world of speculation."

Shredder has posed:
    "Well, then I wish you many returns in your speculations," Saki answers. He walks back over to Kitsune's side. "I look forward to our future ventures, and commend you at your attempt to slide a rather lopsided deal past me. It is a bold man who makes moves like that, and I hope that you will deal so shrewdly in the future with my adversaries." Though he doesn't like someone trying to pull a math stunt on him, he has a great respect for someone who is bold enough to do it, so it seems.

Egghead has posed:
"I would be a poor entrepreneur to your needs if I had done any less, good sir," he says with a bow. He claps twice, and the butler that led Shredder in appears. "Matteodo, please bring our guests back to their automobiles."

Egghead pinches one of his mustache points from the side. "Good day to you, dear lady and esteemed master."