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High Rise Heist
Date of Scene: 22 May 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: The Light pull a heist to steal a rare compound chemical. Things get really messy.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Gorilla Grodd, Crusader, Slipstream, Power Girl, Iron Man

Shredder has posed:
    Karai sits in the front shop, owned by the Foot Clan. It's a restaraunt in the heart of the business district downtown. A few of the more elite Foot ninjas are present with her, and she pulls her mask across her face. Jet black hair falls down, framing her head, and calculating eyes look around the room. "You all know your roles. Luna Corp has recently delivered their shipment of Cr-390, very valuable for some of our current experiments in working with our new partners. This area of town has a high police presence, so Bebop, Rocksteady, you know your roles. Pull as much attention as you can. Dr. Grodd has been kind enough to let us borrow a few toys for you to play with."
    The monstrous warthog and rhino mutants chuckle. "Sure, thing, Karai," they answer. "We know how to make a scene." Of course, it's about the only thing they know how to do.
    Karai turns to the gorillas as Bebop and Rocksteady head out onto the street, one carrying a shock weapon, the other carrying a strange device. "Okay, I will turn it over to you," she says to them.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd is watching the entire scene through his most recent bolt hole. He is setting up an advanced base in New Jersey and it is fortified to the brink. The Gorillas all have holo generators making them look 'human' though they don't stand up to close scruitiny. They are armed with Laser Rifles and Grodd himself is sporting rare battle gear, with two bandoliers of grenades and his Psychic booster helmet. Now that the Light is involved, he's bringing out the heavy gear. A single hover drone moves towards the extraction point which will determine if Grodd beams in. He isn't leaping in blindly after all. "I think we should be in position soon."

He says that but a siren sounds somewhere in the distance. "How?" He curses under hisbreath.

Crusader has posed:
It pays to make friends on the street sometimes. Weather it is the homeless with open ears or the occasional formal criminal contact you might be friends with. Regardless Crusader was in the area. He himself was shapeshifted into an unassuming old man reading a newspaper. He had gotten word that something may have been going down in this area today...and decided to stop in.
    Though he requested back up just incase, he is unsure if he will be going it aloneor not. As such he had his comm piece open for other heros to get in on. And was himself useing his technopathic abilities to listen in. he manages to patch in to any cameras or secruity systems that might give him some idea of what was going down. At most he can only find comms with far too high encryption for him to break into. In an area like this that is rare making him more suspiciouse, but for now stands by as nothing is quite happening yet.

Slipstream has posed:
Having been hanging about the Avenger's mansion without much to do, Drake was able to catch the signal from Crusader coming through one of the comms. He lingered about for a few minutes, before finally 'suiting' up and heading out once he realized no one else was about. Most likely they were out saving the world from Skrulls or something. So, dressed in a pair of black cargo pants and a dark green shirt with an Overwatch Logo upon it, he is currently walking down the street casually in the general area of where the call came from. For now, he's just a quiet citizen, though his companion Snowball is close by, trailing from a rooftop to put more eyes out and to deliver feedback to him through an ear piece.

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl is not in New York. Hell, she's not even -really- all that close, though to call her Metropolis apartment far away isn't really fair. Today, Metropolis is quiet, and as a result, PG's League communicator is tuned into some wider-range frequencies than just the Super-Folks that patrol the one area.

    She has a quick exit planned, and she's listening in for the familiar voice of Crusader, but for the moment, the most she's done is change into the uniform she wears as Power Girl. Likely none of the people taking to the streets with nefarious deeds in mind are expecting an arrival from Metropolis- it's a different kind of ruined day than if someone from Gotham shows up, but they're in the same vein.

    For now, though, Power Girl is waiting for things to actually happen over in New York- more as a professional courtesy to the Avengers than anything else.

Shredder has posed:
    Bebop and Rocksteady draw looks just by walking down the street. People part like a sea as they walk around, large shock weapon in Rocksteady's hand causing several people to start running before he has even done anything. They made the news previously, so anyone who remembers that event wouldn't have any problems recognizing them. They kind of stand out. The rhino turns, looking around.
    "Looks like a good place to me," he says.
    "Hey, we should get some Quiznos after this," Bebop comments, pointing across the street."
    "Okay, I'll try not to wreck it," Rocksteady agrees. He pulls up the shock gun, and there is a sudden arc that streaks from it. crackling across a skyscraper and breaking several windows.
    "Oh, I like this, we gotta get more of them," Rocksteady laughs.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
The two are definitely enough to aroused the Police who arrive within minutes and are shouting various things likely to be ignored by the two of them. Grodd has two drones monitoring the situation and ready to lend fire support if need be but now he is coordinating his own apes and watching the Footmen approach the target.

"Area secure." One of the apes with a very LARGE rifle speaks into his comm.

Grinning, Grodd headed to the teleporter. This time he was taking no chances. He had been planning this for weeks. Slowly, he faded from sight.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader speaks into the comms "This is bad. If any can here One" as neither Drake nor Power Girl actually said anything back to let him know they were on stand by "Nows a good time to come...they are breaking out the heavy equipment. Possibility of civilian getting hurt is high"
    With the message out...he springs into action. The first target being of course was to tackle RockSteady. one moment an old man...next moment a Caped Juggernaut is flying toward Rocksteady preparing to take him down hard and fast as he was the one fireing the shock gun!

Slipstream has posed:
"Slipstream is here of the Junior Avengers. I dealt with those two before. Super strong and super dumb. They don't have a lot of regard for personal space and will tear this entire neighborhood up for kicks." Drake mutters into the comms as he lifts his wrist up to talk into it for a moment. "Snowball, survey the area and send live feed back to Iron Man for data purposes. If this gets hot we may need to pull in a bigger gun." As he spies the old man leaping up and tackling one of them, he recognizes Crusader with a grin.

There is a burst of speed from the young hero as he disappears and reappears in a blur, looking to slam his foot into the back of BeBop's knee at a high rate to hopefully drop him down, followed by a lunge away as he calls out, "Hey, nose ring. Looks like we meet again. How is it you two haven't become bacon yet?" As he prepares the role of flanker for his 'tank' that is Reinhardt, he looks to keep out of reach and simply buzz about to draw the attention of one away so Crusader can't get tag teamed.

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl doesn't necessarily announce herself as much as she merely responds to Crusader's call over the comms. "On my way, I'll be there in just a few seconds." With that, she floats with little effort out of her apartment, through a long chute she had installed so as to let her exit the building secretly in a nearby alleyway- the kind of secret-passage-exit shenanigans that really are a dying art nowadays- and then she's off into the sky.

    Seconds isn't a bad estimate. Further, the sound of destruction and fighting draws her right to Bebop and Rocksteady. She isn't entirely sure how hard to hit them, as she hasn't fought them before. However, she can tell by looking at them- and how brazen and big they are- that they're not exactly going to fall over easy.

    That is why she puts enough strength to shatter a concrete pillar into the first hit she's leveling at Bebop's chest.

    It's also why she delivers it at one and a half times the speed of sound. Her very arrival shakes the windows and jostles the cars around them.

Shredder has posed:
    Karai arches her brow as she watches the scenario begin to unfold, and narrows her eyes. They may have less time than they thought. She points with her fingers, and the Foot elite move out. They burst with incredible speed across the street, uniformly vaulting over a yellow cab one after another as they file into the floor level of the building. She goes last, but instead of going in at the floor level, she leaps up, gripping the thin dividers between the windows on the sky scraper, and then pulling herself up to the next, and then flipping over and into the fourth floor window that the shock rifle had blasted open.
    Rocksteady is caught completely off guard as Crusader rams into him, He stumbles back, a really stinky armpit comes around to grab against the tackle with a free hand. He is knocked off balance, stumbling back with Crusader's weight, but seems to manage himself all right as he turns with the pressure to throw the hero back off him and against the wall of a building with enough strength that it could do some significant damage to the wall. He's not a weakling, that's for sure.
    Meanwhile, sometimes even dumb people get lucky. Bebop was just reaching out to hit the button on the forcefield projector just as Power Girl was making her dive, causing her to hit the forcefield instead of him. He jumps at the impact, and raises his sunglasses to see her. "Oh, heheh," he laughs. "Lucky me." He pulls out a pulse pistol, and starts firing it at her.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd immediately detects the proximity and chatter traffic to the League and Avengers. "This has already gone up three orders of threat. If this were not our first mission with this protocol I would recommend immediate retreat." Grodd is NOT happy at Stark Tech, even if he doesn't know its not Iron Man and Kryptonian means this is MUCH heavier than their distraction can warrant. He instructs the drones to monitor the situation and moves as fast as he can into the lab. The Apes begin immediately begin taking out security guards and quickly disable the alarms hacking into the systems of the building. Grodd scans their minds for appropraite codes. The time table is on track but the risk factor is through the roof!

Crusader has posed:
Crusader is slammed back into a wall, the wall crumbling to dust and destroying any would be supports. As dust rises he gets up, ignoreing a brick that bounce off his shoulder. Alright, Rock steady can definintly take a hit. But least he was paying attention, as he notices someone, though unsure who, enter the buiding beBop was attacking. And...Ninjas. Why is it always Ninjas! "SlipStream, PowerGirl, someone just slipped into the building...from foor floors up. They must be going for something...or someone useing this as an oppertunity" he informs them
    But of course, there was still that rhino to deal with. No need to hold back, Crusader puts his forarm over his chest as if holding up a shield....and well such a shield manifests "Let go big guy..." and flies forward intent on ramming Rocksteady into a wall and pinning him there. The shield was mostly to hopefully avoid getting grappled.

Shredder has posed:
    For Bebop, it isn't as lucky a day as he thinks, as Drake was just fast enough to get inside the force field. Bebop takes the blow to the back of the knee, and while it does little to injure him, it does cause the mutant warthog to lose his balance, tripping him to the ground and stopping his attack on Power girl. He spins around, "Hey, I know you," he says. He glances around, looking for Snowball. "Where's that little drone thing?" he asks, cautious. He remembers what happened before when Snowball came into play.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd unleashes the two drones on Snowball as both shoot lasers at it though the AI is not as sophisticated. It's to give the distraction a needed distraction. As he looks at the new blip on his sonar that is Crusader Grodd gets annoyed. He takes his personally and uses his psionically amplified power to slam Crusader. "You have interferred with my plans for the LAST time!" The minions around him work their magic and are much farther into the vault. Grodd considers his options on the Kryptonion but for now is more focused on Crusader.

Slipstream has posed:
"She's around, posting your handsome mug all over the news." Drake grins at Bebop before he blurs away with a hard kick to the force field generator to try and send it sprialing to the side and hopefully disarming it. The call of Crusader gives him a firm nod and he looks towards the building, blurring his way forward in a few skips to enter after shooing some bystanders away. As he moves through the building, he calls out positoning of the bad guys to his fellow heroes and Snowball who is still monitoring from a distance, but not yet engaging.

When the drones attack her, her small face plate goes from N.N to X.X and a loud alert is heard whistling through the air as she bobs and dodges the blasters as best she can while returning fire with her ice canon to try and slow them down or topple them to the rooftops.

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl is faced with a more than mild dilemma. Fact of the matter is, until Drake was in there with Bebop, she could take her time and do this at her leisure. Now, she has to focus- and bring to bear the most intense of power. Drake is great, really, at avoiding hits- but she isn't really sure if he can port through the barrier, and she's not abot to find out.

    As soon as Bebop's back turns, she starts pummeling the shield- and the strength doesn't ramp up slowly. Soon, each punch would knock over a building. Soon after, if she clapped with that much force, it'd put a hurricane out of commission.

    Energy, to a Kryptonian, is like angry glass- and she is actively seeking to tear it apart.

Shredder has posed:
    Rocksteady grabs the shield as he is pushed back, and slams into the wall with a crack and a grunt, dropping the shock riftle. "You're strong," he comments. "That makes this fun. Do you workout a lot?" he asks, making conversation as he pushes back against Crusader to try to unpin himself, unaware that Grodd is joining to help. He spots Power Girl out of the corner of his eye, and kicks his shock rifle toward Bebop.
    Bebop growls as the force field is kicked. It took the first punch from Power girl, weakened at the second, but then the kick from Drake caused the last to disappear all together. Bebop decides to ignore Drake, all the same, and dives to grab the shock rifle, something he hopes will be more useful to slow down Power girl, and spins to fire at her with the electrical pulse. "Hey pretty," he says. "You're pretty strong, you are like one of those superhero types, right?" he asks.
    Up on the higher floor, Karai ignores the rest of the activity. The Foot ninjas slip to the stairs, kicking in the door and starting to ascend without engaging so much as the front desk security while Karai searches for the room. She spots it, and pulls out the cracking device for the lock. The program starts running, finding the proper combination. An unsuspecting worker rounds the corner, spotting her. It will be the last thing he sees for a while as she delivers a single, well placed kick against the side of his head, knocking him out cold.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader grins, unlike most 'heros' (which ironicly he never officialy considered himself one) he is more than happy to engage even a 'Villian' "Heh, your not bad yourself big guy. And yea, One does...can take down a whole building" was tone...was almost comradary, suggesting he wouldn't mind taking rocksteady on again!
    His pinned on Rocksteady held at first "Be there soon Drake keep an eye ou....GAAAAAAAH!" as he responds to Drake, the psychic assult hits and hits hard. His grip fade and he is shoved back now by Rocksteady. As he lands roughly, he holds his hands to his head in pain. He growls out into the comm (barely) "They have....a telepath..." telepathy and technopathy where some of Crusaders biggest weaknesses.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd immediately halts his assault having let his emotions gain the upper hand. He takes out his own giant cannon and says, "Blow the wall!" He begins to melt the side himself and telepathically directs his apes to begin to place shaped charges. He doesn't expect it to MATTER at all but he has a swarm of waiting drones swarm down on those heroes near the two Foot henchmen and lay down a barrage of high intensity fire, utterly indiscriminiate in its reigh. Grodd has seen the footage. Kryptonians might not break....but they can feel pain.

And so can Crusader. Drake is merely collateral.

Slipstream has posed:
As he races through the building after helping disarm the shield, Drake is frowning as he hears the voice through the comm about a telepath. He zips in and out quickly as he pulses up the floors towards where the ninjas are currently working. When he comes upon them, he'll engage in combat quickly, looking to strike in and out as he zips about in his speed powers, gathering up the kinetic energy for when he'll need to release his ultimate. "Hey guys." Whap! "You know." Whap! "You really should stop wearing pajamas to these things." Whap! "People will think you're Walmart customers."

Power Girl has posed:
    It comes from all sides. Superman is better at dealing with this in stride- Power Girl... Knows how powerful she is, and isn't about to let that rest on its laurels. Bebop finds a shock-rifle and though arcing electricity is slow in comparison to a Kryptonian, the environment doesn't necessarily allow for that particular tactic. She can't let it hit anything -but- her. She surges forward in the instant that his finger pulls the trigger, but the distance is just a hair's worth too far for her to cover in that time- she gets a mere few feet away before she has to pull both of her forearms up in a boxer's block, the electricity striking in exactly that spot and holding her in place for a moment...

    Only for a moment. Before there is much time to capitalize, if any time at all, on her distraction, she is pushing forward through the bright light. Step by step she approaches Bebop, and the moment she's in arm's reach, one will exit the 'block' in order to reach for the barrel of the rifle... And -crush- it like so much balled paper in her hand.

    It's around that time that Grodd's barrage opens up on her. Kryptonians are invulnerable- so difficult to harm that every sane definition of the word invulnerable applies to their impossible flesh. There is, however, a scream of pain- it takes each drone prioritizing her, pouring shot after shot of energy into her back and sides, and for half a moment she drops to her knee.

    There are people, out there in the world, who wake up in a cold sweat just -thinking- about seeing this happen. Not a Kryptonian taking a knee- that happens often enough when they're caught off guard or have to take on someone in their weight class- but the aftershock. It doesn't happen with Clark very often- he's too worried about the collateral.

    Power Girl is just a little more impulsive- and a whole lot more angry. The shots aren't tearing her open, but they hurt- and they don't stop coming, and there's just so much to do. Couple that with the understanding that it's Grodd tech they're dealing with, and that that means a team-up, which means these two idiots are just idiots meant to take up their time.

    The noise she makes, a grunting shout of angry effort, as the most horrible red light bursts from the cloud of smoke surrounding the heroine so many drones had just fired on. It's hot enough to melt metal and shear apart buildings, focused into two pinpoint beams that rake across as many drones as they can, all while the blonde looks less like a heroine and more like an angry god, bringing the light of the sun to burn away the pests.

Shredder has posed:
    Bebop's eyes go wide. "Wow," he exclaimes, the shorting rifle sparking and shocking him as Power Girl grabs and crushes it, and then tears open the drones with the heat breath. "I think I'm in love, Rocksteady," he tells his compatriot.
    Rocksteady watches as Crusader is knocked away by the telepathic attack. "Oh, come on," he grunts, "You pull a muscle? I did that a while back, hurts like hell." He walks up to Crusader, not finding it a reason to stop fighting, and his heavy boot comes up to deliver a rhino sized kick toward his chin.
    The ninjas on the stairs find themselves engaged as one, then another take a speedy attack. The other three pull their weapons, and attack as one. Not a standard attack for ninjas, but in a stairwell, they seek to pin and overwhelm Drake to keep him from moving so that they can more effectively dispatch him.
    Meanwhile, the lock clicks open for Karai, and she steps into the storage room. She quickly cycles through the racks until she finds the vials they look for. "There you are," she says with satisfaction, nimbly picking up the tubes between her fingers and pulling out the small case to store them in. She tucks the case back inside her sash, and turns to walk back out of the room, not forgetting to turn the light off, of course.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd grunts as they are turned to slag. He felt a small amount of pain thanks to the psychic feedback. He considers slamming them all telepathically but if he does that he can't coordinate his minions. He is not pleased by this turn of events and turns the gun up to 'overload' level, turning the wall to slag as the cargo is finally apparent. The Light WILL triumph this day damn it. The apes around him work like clockwork, a well oiled machine and have now breached the precious matieral they sought. They are loading it into trays and crates.

Crusader has posed:
As the telepathic attacks ceases, and he is knocked up by a chin, he growls in anger. The drones were attacking everything...and he knew Slipstream unlike him and Power Girl, wasn't exactly invulnerable. PG did a great job at taking down a GREAT deal of Drones...but now that needed to dispower the other ones, and take down these guys
    "Slipstream, get me some more intell...can you find any telepathys or anything? We are almost done out there" hopefully. And with that he comes down...lightning up like a christmas tree "No..just warming up. Time for a Thunder Drop!" and when slams into the ground...he unleashes dozen of bolts of lightening everywhere. Hitting Drone and Goon aline (and mabey Power girl - sorry!) but at the very leas the civilians have hopefilly since longer cleared out.

Slipstream has posed:
"Kinda busy right now! Engaged with ninjas and they got sharp things." Drake says as one ninja is tossed over the stairs as he blurs forward and next to him, followed by a quick hip throw to the side as he uses his powers to try and unbalance the opponent. By now, his breathing is heavy and his nose is bleeding, his wrist band glowing a bright orange. ".. Fuck, that's another email from Tony." Backing up with his hands up in the air as the last three ninjas approach him with weapons, he looks past them to the next level, then steps forward as he blurs out of sight, reappearing behind them as he starts up the flight to the next level to try and catch up to the 'boss' of this operation.

As he comes into view fo the storange room, he wipes at his face to smear blood across his cheek, then stares down at Karai as his chest rises and falls. "Psst, whatcha lookin' at?" As she shuts off the light and starts out the door, he stares at her from the hallway, holding his fists upwards. "Mind putting whatever you stole down and surrendering? I got a Super Woman out front beating the tar out of your zoo animals and a guy that looks like a WWE Wrestler manhandling the other one."

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl's response to Bebop's vaguely flirtatious statements with the same thing she does to everyone else's vaguely flirtatious statements. She whips around, drawing back the right and and sending it right for the massive mutant's jaw. It's the same level of force as the first time- though now it requires more of her actual strength since she isn't currently breaking the sound barrier, but it's all the same amount of kinetic energy: A lot.

    She doesn't linger with Bebop for very long- disarmed and hopefully unconscious, she breaks off from him. Eyes still alight with red energy, she takes half a moment to listen, and look. She can see through walls, hear through concrete, and if there isn't any led between the two, her next words will be a quiet "There you are."

    The movement she makes is faster than the eye can see, an eardrum-rattling crack echoing through the street as she shatters Mach I so efficiently that the windows are barely holding on anymore. There is no complexity to her movements, and her target is very familiar with this particular dilemma, someone moving toward them so fast that the sound of her screaming "GRODD." will reach him almost -after- she does were it not for the intervening walls.

    Worse still, a Kryptonian is difficult to influence mentally on a normal day. An angry Kryptonian woman hellbent on changing your GPS position with only the use of her fist? Grodd is only going to have so much time to react, because Power Girl has already measure out how much money STAR Labs needs to pay to repair the walls she's ripping through like they're rice paper. If he's not quick enough, Bebop isn't going to be the only one at risk of needing their jaw wired shut.

Shredder has posed:
    Bebop can't say that he enjoyed the punch. In fact, he can't say anything as he goes flying through the air, landing in the windshield of a nearby suburban. He's out for the count.
    Rocksteady reels back from the shock fo electricity as it jolts through him, and he screams angrily. "Okay," he roars. "That's not fair." He pulls a grenade from his belt, one of three, and hurls it at Crusader. Not a concern in his mind for the innocents that are in danger.
    Karai turns as Drake appears up the steps, and the dark eyebrow on one side raises. "Drake Winters," she says, able to identify him immediately, though they have never met. "You are a brave one, you have proven to be more trouble than I am interested in dealing with right now." She looks remarkably unconcerned. "Tired. Spent. Let me help." With a blinding reflex, her right hand flicks a kunai at the orange lit device on his wrist, followed by a quick dash forward with a flying kick aimed straight for his chest. She does not seem to be in the mood to play games.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd is both able and unable to stop Power Girl. The speed that she moves is insane, but he can LITERALLY react at the speed of thought so he is, BARELY able to engage a massive telepathic blast straight at her, designed again for PAIN since he knows he can't stop her in time with a command to stop. But frankly as his minions begin to teleport away he considers it worth it as he flies backward and into a concrete wall, saved from death only by the telekenetic abilities awoken by his rage but he is still stunned, though roaring all the same.

Slipstream has posed:
"You know my name? Are you like my arch enemy now or something? Sweet, I'm so glad I didn't get Galactus or Thanos or Darkseid. I think they can turn me to dust or something by just giving me a stern look." Drake says as he rocks on his feet to prepare for the fight. "So, what's your name by th---" He gives a flinch as the woman throws the kunai at him, then blinks as he watches his wrist device hit the ground with a spark. ".. Oh God.." He breathes out, followed by a loud noise as he is kicked in the chest.

A couple things happen here in the next few moments as Drake flies back and hits the wall with a loud, pained noise. He starts to scramble towards the device on the ground, reaching out for it before his body starts to shake violently. He lets out a loud scream as his body buckles, his skin rippling as he grasps at his head as his nose bursts into a bloody stream. The sound he makes is almost inhuman as he wails, his body blinking in and out rapidly from his crumpled position on the ground.

There is a loud crash from the far wall as Snowball comes barreling through it, signaling a distress call as it circles the body of Drake, an ice cannon pointed at the woman with glowing red eyes, ready to attack her.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader can be said to have a chaotic lawful personlity at times. Lawful enough to protect people....chaotic enough to not give to shites if he happens to be dealing with a grenade. He catches the granade within a forcefield of eletrico-magnetic energy...and HURLS it back at the fella with two other granades. Telepathy puts him in a BAD mood.
    And well he can hear the name Grodd being yelled and dead pans. "Of course, the over grown monkey is behind this" but there were more important matters at hand. He senses the distress call being put out...and knew it ment trouble. Power Girl can handle grodd...but a down hero was easy picking.
    Crusader rises up into the air and soars up the side of the building, following the signal of Snowball...of trying to get to SlipStream. A building full of ninjas might just kill him, or he may just kill himself if that scream means anything. Well not on his watch!
    He burst in through an already Broken window before charging forward towards where he hears the signal comming from - plowing through Ninjas and goon alike.

Iron Man has posed:
    "Hey kid, getting extreme and noisy warnings over here about your eminent demise. That wasn't part of our agreement, so I'm going to have to ask you to knock it off, alright?" Tony Stark's voice filters in through Drake's comm.
    In his way, Tony's checking to see if the alarm is a real one or not, though the tension under his tone is quite serious, and it isn't actually a joke. Iron Man was already airborne for other reasons, and is now blazing towards the location of Snowball's tracker. Still, he has some distance to cover.

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl runs head first into the kind of brick wall that could even cause other Kryptonians to stutter. It's not necessarily fast enough, and it is indeed incredibly painful- but it is not at all a double-KO.

    She hits Grodd with enough force that the powerful primate's brain can't necessarily cope, awakened by rage or not, even through the pain of her own mind being psychically assaulted in a way specifically designed to do nothing but cause extreme pain. As Grodd hits the ground, so does Power Girl, rolling to a stop and pulling herself to her knees before she does anything else.

    Whether or not Grodd had intended it, the psychic scream is a success- it won't save Grodd, but it does knock the blonde Kryptonian for enough of a loop that his teleporting minions are going to get away. Grodd himself, however... Isn't really as lucky.

    Never let it be said that she did half a job- two of the three heavy hitters down, in relatively quick succession. A little nauseous and bleeding from the nose, Power Girl stands and cleans herself up, idly dragging the gargantuan gorilla from where she'd engaged him, back out into the street. Sadly, she can't really attend to him for very long.

    Instead, there is a scream of pain that she recognizes as Drake "I can stay out of trouble, I swear" Winters, and much like Crusader, she's off to the races- taking off at such a speed that the cars around her skid a few inches from the spot she was standing in.

Shredder has posed:
    Karai doesn't wait for Drake to even hit the ground. The little robot has more important things to do than to chase her. She bolts toward the far window, the opposite side of the building, flinging a tiny explosive against the window. The explosive is tiny, shattering the window ahead of her, and she leaps out, a thin grappling hook flinging from inside her wrist as she catches the edge of the window frame to descend quickly to the safey of the street, and then rather than go back out, she tucks back into the building, heading for the stairs down to the lower car garage. With a Kryptonian about, it is best that she put as many layers of concrete between her and the unstoppable hero as she can. It may not be lead, but enough thickness should give her the same advantage. Karai is very quiet, and while there may be superhearing in the area, she knows that it will be hard to distinguish her beyond the current roars and crashing walls. It's time for this ninja to vanish.
    The other ninja goons are mostly down, littered about the stairwell on the opposite side that Karai was exiting, while Rocksteady takes the grenade, catching it again. Hot potato. His eyes go wide, and he starts to throw it back, but it explodes just a foot out, knocking him back and into the same suburban next to Bebop, only partly conscious. "That's not fair," he groans complaintivly.

Slipstream has posed:
Once the woman leaps out the window, Snowball's cannon retracts as she buzzes down to Drake's body, continuing to send out distress calls. His body shakes uncontrollably on the ground as his screams echo through the room, one of pain and terror as his vision begins to blur over. He continues to reach for the device on the ground as Tony's voice can be heard squawking from it. As his fingers brush against it, then though it, it seems his body is having trouble staying in a physical shape as he continues to blink rapidly through one reality to the next that tries to tug him through the thin layers of time back to it.

The device on the ground is blinking rapidly from orange, to red, then to black as a single flatline noise is heard in a high pitched screech as the young heroes body slumps with a sputter of blood coughing up from his lips as he gives sporadic twitches here and there upon the ground.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader finds poor old Drake on the ground in pain. But he was still in the comm systems "Iron Man, Slipstream is done...he lost some sort of device on his arm it seems" a device he sees nearby. he picks it up and places it agaist Drake arm...well tries too as he seemed to be...blinking out of existance 'come on SlipStream...need you to try and hold still" he urges him.
    He assimilates the Device...and suddenly Drake is on the ground "...Son of Juthuum" he growls. "Alright, were doing this. Going in" Crusader melts into an amorphouse goo that over takes Drake Body. He connects to the heros nervous system...his cells, bonding with him. In this way he can stabalize and even begin the healing procces on Drake. The 'cocoon' refomrs into Crusader...though he had Drake face. A sleepy looking Drake for that matter. At most he pokes at Drakes mind to try and wake him, even as Power girl and Ironman speed over.
    He'll hold him long enough to get somewhere stable that real doctors can work on him.

Iron Man has posed:
    Iron Man isn't going to recognize Karai as anything more special than any of the other various ninja-dressed people running all over, and though he may see her, as he arrives and cuts a sleek arc down and acrobatically between several buildings towards the one in question. "Full layout, mm, thermals first, and order the rank 2 city support suite," Tony instructs his AI. The support suite includes getting police and other protection forces allocated properly, medical staff at the ready, and so on. The 'usual' for Tony when defending in the city.

    Tony's on the building now, quickly assessing entrance paths, and selecting to do one of Captain America's moves, since the other Avenger isn't here: namely, busting in through a window dramatically. However, when Tony gets to the window, there's already a hole, made by Crusader. Seems the busting part is covered.

    What does he see? Drake covered in some kind of goop. Snowball sending terrible readings, Drake is dying. Iron Man's weapons gear up, both hands glowing, chest starting to beam. "Put the kid DOWN, FINAL and ONLY warning," Iron man requires, icy, of the very very maybe-sentient weird goo-like blob. Looks like goop is eating Drake, killing him. It doesn't look too good to a new arrival that doesn't know.

Crusader has posed:
The goo reforms into the form of Crusader. He looks at Tony leviating before him as his goo closed around Drake. "Relax, One is only stabalizing him. His...bracelet was damaged and One is attempting to repair it while keeping SlipStream safe. it evidently helps keep him stable" he explains calmly to Iron Man. Crusader now in his heroic form may or may not be a recognizable hero to Ironman as he has a appeared a few times on the news. As Tony scanners might show, he was a compeltly goo like techno-organic being.

Iron Man has posed:
    Tony was in the process of adapting, as he'd run a scan on the techno-metal being and was gearing to release some energy that might be far more effective on that type. But Crusader not just pulls back but speaks, and it is the same voice that was on the comm not long before. He also has an AI in his ear identifying the person.

    None of the facial expressions are visible through the Iron Man helmet, but he does relent on the energy charge and land. Snowball is immediately pulled open with a few passes of fingers over her access, and Tony removes one of her energy cells, and a spare bracelet from her lower body, hooks them together, and approaches.

    "Crusader, right? You change your hair?" Tony asks. Then business:
    "Get him as stable as you can, then. I'm recalibrating before I get this back on him, his state keeps fluxing: I need to match it up, or at least follow his pattern." Iron Man says, with an easy, confident leadership. "Tell me when you've got him held stable, and I'll snapshot it and get him grounded."

Crusader has posed:
Crusader nods to Tony "One can change many things" seeming able to joke at a time like this" he rubs his stomech gently connect with Drake nervous system so he can speak if he wakes up. "He should be almost Stable. Drake can you hear One? You are with friends to get stablized" he gestures for Tony to prpare to get the snapshot he needs, as he stabalzies the hero

Slipstream has posed:
A few silent moments pass before Drake's voice comes out in a drowsy manner. "... Laurel..? Wh.. where am I?" He groans out slowly, then starts to panic. "Where am I!? What is going on?" He begins to flail within the body of Crusader as his eyes bug out. "Oh god, am I in the Matrix?" He coughs out raspily.

Iron Man has posed:
    Tony's helmet visor flips up as he leans over to be seen by Drake. "Hey man. You're-- well, I can't say you're looking great, you're sort of in a giant chewing gum bubble made of his insides, but, upside, I'm on the case," Tony' assures' him, before nodding once at Crusader, and attuning the bracelet, and snapping it on quickly, engaging the power to pulse evenly with Drake's fading. "Got it."

Crusader has posed:
Crusader looks up and begs that this kid doesn't puke or crap his pants. Please lord, he just tryin to save a life. "Relax Kid, your safe. Could plug you into the Matrix...but not today. Your being stabalized so you do not die" as Tony snaps the bracelet on after stablization, Drake is carefully pulled back out, and held in his arms "You should still see a doctor though" he looks to Tony "Und please, chewing gum? More like tar" he says with fake offense not minding the joke.

Slipstream has posed:
"But.. but what about Laurel? Where's my wife? Who are you guys?" Drake asks in a panicked tone of voice as he is pulled out of the goop that is Crusader's body. As Tony slaps the bracelet on to his wrist, there's a flicker of light within his eyes and he gives a shake of his head. After a few blinks, he stares at Crusader for a moment, then turns his head to Tony. ".. Hey boss. Um... what happened?" He asks in a drowsy, pained manner. "Why do I smell like wet alpaca? Shit, did she get away? She had something.. a vial.. something from that room."

Iron Man has posed:
    "As I am just the cavalry that arrived in the nick of time, you'll have to aim those questions at someone OTHER than me," Tony informs Drake, nodding towards Crusader. The readings on Drake are stable enough, and the threats are contained: Tony relaxes.
     "I..." Tony begins, with a loose gesture at the Snowball robot, "Am going to automate Snowball to be able to do the function I just did. She'll stand in as a temporary grounder for you if this happens again. So, she's coming with me a bit," Tony says. "Little robot vacation for her while you supervise our medical bay ceiling," Tony smiles vaguely. "I expect you there when you're done here and have showered."
    Tony is not doing the homework and cleanup on this operation, NOPE. He moves to the window, with a very low power, shell of a Snowball in tow.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader grunts "Come on, will take you to the Hospital SlipStream...unless you can walk out of here on your own....than again thee probably ambulances down there. Regardless glad you are of the stable." he says "As for what happened, someone took out your bracelet" he didn't see the ninja action "And guess...we will have to look into this" and by we, he means himself. he may rope tony into this depending on how much league help he can get...or how far his own research goes. "Let just hope it not time altering bad like SOME lame apes did" nope, Grodd ain't a great ape.

Slipstream has posed:
"There was a woman, she threw a blade at me and it cut my bracelet off. She was stealing something from that room. She knew my name. My real name." Drake says as the memories come flooding back as the memories of the other timeline washes away. "This is the second time I ran into these guys. They broke into Star Labs and stole a bunch of things before. These are the guys I was telling you about, Tony. These ninjas with the feet on their pajamas." He looks at Crusader and rubs his neck. "And thanks by the way, for .. um... fixing me.. I should be fine though. I'll just.. head to the med lab and stare at the ceiling." He says with a sigh. ".. and read the emails I'm sure to get." He gives a wave to Tony, then smiles at Power Girl and Crusader. "Take care vault hunters." He says as he gives a glance to his bracelet that glows green, then blinks out as he pushes off his foot.