4545/Germination - I love plants, plants are wonderful!

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Germination - I love plants, plants are wonderful!
Date of Scene: 30 May 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Lucky Day, Human Torch, Erddrache
Tinyplot: Germination

Lucky Day has posed:
Tom is out and about on a fine sunny day, wondering if it will be Bees or a lightning bolt today. The thing is, while jinxed, sometimes he gets 'good' days if only to make the really terrible ones worse. But rather than looking into his perplexing mystery of a life, today, TODAY he is going to try his hand at being a 'hero' again. Usually, this consists of infiltrating an organization of Villains and ...making life...not so pleasant for them. Simply by being there, but today the enemy du jour is...plants.



Wearing the closest thing he has to a costume, with a large black stove pipe hat and a montebank black cloak and a thin pencil costume twirlable mustache, he tip toes over to the tulips, that are, as he looks at them, being devoured by...well, for lack of a better word...LICHEN. In his hand, has a watering can. Some people sing to plants, and Lucky is no expection. He opens his heart to this alien stuff, pouring water on it. Some of it splurts out at him in a kind of 'glurp' burning a hole in his shoe and scarring his foot. Lucky ignores the pain and keeps watering it. After all, what is a little pain between such GOOD FRIENDS!

Human Torch has posed:
Today is already a good 'day' because Johnny Storm is coming his way.

Johnny notices the hat and the twirly mustache. What a cool look. Johnny bounces over to ask the strange dude a few questions. He does not notice the Lichen just yet because he is in awe.

"Hey mister....hey..hey...where'd you get that hat and that cloak from. That is dope!"

Lucky Day has posed:
Tom whistles happily to himself, ignoring the soft scene of sulfure coming through his shoe. Oh drat! A hero. Just being around Lucky, he might get hurt, eaten by (albiet for most non jinxed people largely immobile) lichen, or have a helicarrier fall on him or something. So Lucky, not wanting to be a jerk, but leaving plenty of room for Johnny to think that smiles, "Well I got it at the local evil evil evil cape and hat costume shop." He wipes his hands and cackles in theatrical and slightly maniacle glee.

"I am just watering plants. I also sing to them. Would you like to see me?" He pauses a moment rubbing his chin, "Say...you look....familiar.....

Human Torch has posed:
Johnny Storm smiles very large, loving being recognized, he sighs and rolls his eyes like

-You Got Me-

Deeping his voice a little and extending his hand, "He," a glint of sun hits his smile, "Johnny Storm, but my friends call me Jah'Storm," he smiles as he finishes. The totally practiced introduction.

Referring to the laugh, "Sounds like you have a great voice. Mind if I sing along? I no slouch either."

Lucky Day has posed:
Tom says, "By all means, though you might find this slightly impromptu."

He proceeds to dance, back and forth, "Tip toe, through the lichen, through the lichen, tip toe, through the lichen," and proceeds to pour more water on such hungry THIRSTY, plants such that they must surely need SOMETHING soon, as Lucky slips on a rock and goes hurtling faceforward towards his FAVORITE BUDDY the plant! He smiles in anticipation of greeting it."

Human Torch has posed:
Johnny Storm claps along as Tom sings and OH he dances TOO!

"Hey man, I think that we are gonna be good friends. We can dress the same one day and paint the town red."

"Are these your plants?" and pointing at the lichen he says, "What's that? I don't think I have seen anything like that before."

Lucky Day has posed:
Tom lands face first into the Lichen and his face begins to kind of...well....MELT. Lucky screams in joyful pain, "LOOK HOW MUCH IT LIKES ME!" He looks up....the makeup and mustache have been burned off and it is only the fact that he LOVED IT SO MUCH that safes his face from looking like hamburger right now. As it is, he has boils and festering wounds on his face. "Karma."

He winks at Johnny. "It's some kind of alien lichen that eats people's faces off, and it choose ME! It's appearing all over the world but is pretty rare in cities, and it LIKES me. I mean seriously, that's got to be like...the best luck in the world am I right?" He beams like he's won the lottery.

At precisely that moment a trio of individuals bearing hoes, rakes and various impliments of destruction drive up in a VW Microbus wanting to fight evil alien lichen.

Human Torch has posed:
Johnny Storm slowly stops clapping....and looks closely at his face then down at the ground.

"Dude uuumm.......dude. That doesn't look good at all. Not good at all," he looks down and the lichen and kneels to get a better look at it.

"Back up just a bit buddy and let me get a closer look at it."

He sniffs it then turns his ear towards it then standing up again,

"Dude...I don't this it's your friend."

Erddrache has posed:
Soon enough another phenomonon begins to pass through the area. A minature earthquake! It wasn't enough to cause damage, but cars where rocking back and forth, and people were getting knocked to their feet!

And it was getting strong as if comming towards them. And than quite suddenly it stops. A moment pass and it starts again even stronger than before, centralzed on the patch of man eating lichen

The ground around it ripples like water and suddenly like a whale breeching a...flying...dwarf...lizard...thing? Comes flying out the ground yelling german profanities.

As he lands he rolls about "oowowowowowowowowowow. get it aff git et aff!" he flip flops like some made fish. Where the lichen has eaten his skin, bone like plates grew, and there were deep gorges in his bone like spikes. He huffs stareing at the sky "...da abyss...is...going...on" it was at that moment his head turns to see none other than Johnny Storm...and some odd man who looks like he has seen better days

Lucky Day has posed:
Tom gets a great deal of the lichen sprayed onto him, and basks in it as it sprays all over him, causing some minor burns but SADLY the three gentlemen who came by with Rakes, Hoes, Shovels and other implements of destruction also had water and immediately douse Lucky with it foiling Lucky's wonderful plan to become food for his friend.

They also look to wash off Boris if possible, and one of them says, "Don't you people know about the Space Lichen?"

The second looks at Johnny and smiles, "Well gooolly, you're Johnny Storm!"

Lucky frowns at Johnny, trying to look evil. "Don't you tell ME who to make friends with." He looks at the others, "Just what are you three planning to do to this wonderful creature?"

The third guy who drove up, looking rather relaxed says, "Well, we had a lovely turkey dinner and our hostess, Alice, she asked if we could maybe clean up the park."

Human Torch has posed:
Johnny Storm as the ground starts to shake Johnny Storm flames his legs on and floats into the air looking the the direction of the next disturbance but as the normal guys recognize him he pops his hands on hte hips and forgets about every other thing going on around him.

Bowing while he is in the air he says, "Yes! Why yes I am."

He Floats down the the guys and recognized him and offers his hand, "I am Johnny Storm, my friends call me Jah'Storm. Nice to meet you."

Erddrache has posed:
Between the alien moss having some bad luck, his own regenerative abilities...and being doused in water, Boris get off easy this time. The dwarf like figure shakes himself off. He looks to the folsk who helped him "Vank yer!"

He growls at the lichen "Bah...nay, hauf nit heard of vis space liche...iz et prominate?" he asks...and suddenly remember where he was...he kind of tries and keep his distance. Some folks get iffy around stranger looking mutants. But between the weird acting tom, the fiery Johnny and the lichen...he should go relatively unnoticed

Lucky Day has posed:
All three smile and speak in unison, "Nice ta met ya Jah'Storm!"

One says, "Glad to be of service Mr Mole Man. You gonna be OK?"

Tom is apoplectic, "Who is going to feed this lichen if you keep pouring water on yourselves? Will no one think of the lichen? NO ONE?" He sheds a single tear, dropping onto the ground.

The Lichen does not reply.

The third guy picks his teeth with a wooden tooth pick (he has an aluminum one but saves it for speach occasions) and says, "Say, we were going to use these rakes, shovels, hoes,"

"And other implements of destruction," the second says while the third nods and continues.

"But you could burn it more likely as not. It's kind of a hazard for children."

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Tom is not happy person. "What if the children WANT to be burned, did you think about that? No, of course not. You're selfish. Selfish!"

Human Torch has posed:
"Burn it?" Johnny Storm says in his best superhero voice.

He floats over with a fiery fist and blasts it, "Ten Seconds should do it," and as he burns it..it seems to bubble then expand and cover even more space.

"Hey...you hat guy, look out!" then noticing the other new guys he calls to him, "Hey you! Look Out!"

Erddrache has posed:
Boris stares at Tom "....yer wan of vem insane folks, arn't yet. et eatin people fer cryin oot loud!"

To the man who spoke to him "Ermm thanks, ah will be fine...und...et be Eddrache" aka earthdragon...he wasn't giving these folks his real name. But than he hears Johnny call out to them to look out!

"...nit good, nit good, nit good!" he bristles as he half panics, the ground lurching. he picks up the one who talked to him above his head and begins running away from the spreading fire and the spreading hungry lichen "Kin we nit help et grow!"

Lucky Day has posed:
Tom puts himself between Johnny and the plant. "Don't you dare! Don't you dare try to burn that innocent space lichen." His hair is slightly on fire and if Johnny hadn't actually been TRYING to not hit Lucky, Lucky would be a lot more on fire than that. Lucky is a bit incredulous that it grew which means his emotional chicanery isn't cutting it. He kicks it up a notch. Kneeling and pleading before Johnny he says, "Please! It will be good I swear. It wasn't hurting anyone. Well....I mean besides everyone but it can change! I swear! Think of its poor tiny lichen children!"

He looks at Boris and is indignant, standing. He puts the last of his hair out, "Ow." He stomps over to Boris, "You of all people Sirrah, should be ashamed of judging people who are DIFFERENt. Lichen from outer space are people TOO."

Human Torch has posed:
Johnny Storm considers the man who was just kneeling in front of him curiously at first then shruging he grabs the final two men by the hands and moves them off a bit, "Well, that didn't work," he rubs his chin thoughtfully.

"Looks like that didn't work and we obviously can't leave it here," he calls out to Tom, "Sorry Dude! We can't just leave it here!" then going back to rubbing his chin he mutters, "Would be a good time to have Reed around."

He begins to look around the area for ideas.

Erddrache has posed:
Boris stares at Tom "....alright...jist stay away from meh" he warns none to happily. Last he checked, plants were not people! They didn't even have thoughts!

But he looks to the ground and the lichen "...Ermm...ah kin try somethin" he tells Johnny

he carefully edges to the lichen and puts his hands on the ground. The ground begins to fold up on itself. Taking the puddle of lichen and in essence...folding it into medium sized ball of dirt. He wasn't quite done yet though

Boris looks around...and sees a large sandbox...he walks over and steps inside "...alright...aye..this should werk...and the sand creeps up him as he slowly walks over to the ball he made. He put his 'hands' on the ball and sand encircles it "...alright Jah'Storm! Glass it!" Sand + fire = glass! A pause "...mabey yer kin take et ta reed...figure oot whit this stuff is" the fantastic four are pretty well known after all

Lucky Day has posed:
The three guys cheer and more people show up and are whistling. A food truck pulls up in the background and it becomes a bit of a celebration. People had missed their park!

Tom goes Grapenuts and begins to run around in a paniced fashion. "No! No I won't let you. Be warned! I am a powerful magician! I will give you...." there is a dramatic pause...."the evil eye!" He looks at Boris looking kind of evil until he steps on a rake that hits him in the face. Ironically also, about the same time, some grass that was still on fire and hadn't been absorbed by Lichen also sets Lucky's hair on fire again. "No! You can't! I won't let you!" He then steps on another rake. He steps back and forth from one rake to the other as they smack him in the face with perfect timing so much that several children think this is some kind of professional entertainment and also cheer.

Human Torch has posed:
Johnny Storm gives Boris a heroic thumbs up and 'glassifies' the sand.

He then turns to the entertained children and gives them a thumbs then says, "Clap along with him children he loves that," heroic smile again.

He floats down a grabs the glass ball and begins to float up, "I'd better get this to the lab ASAP," but before leaving he turns towards Boris and says,

"What's you name?"

Erddrache has posed:
Boris is memorized by Tom. "....da abyss is wrong wit him" he says as he see hm hit rake after rake after rake.

Of course when Johnny begin glassifying, Boris jumps startled and the ground heaves, but not too much luckily to stop the glassing process. He looks to Johnny and seems a bit shy "...ermm...ah be Eddrache" he tells him. It wasn't his real name...but as he sees so many people...the dwarf quickly becomes uncomfortable backing up some more.

Lucky Day has posed:
The children begin to clap. This is, of course infectious and the adults begin to clap as well. They also loudly cheer as Johnny and Boris make the park safer.

Tom cleverly dodges the rake (his is rather athletic after all) only to be hit by the shovel, followed by the Hoe. Then the rake again. "Never. Will. Not. Must. Stop."

Human Torch has posed:
Johnny Storm extends a hand towards Boris and says, "Johnny Storm, but my friends call me Jah'Storm," he waits for the shake whilst bobbing his head left and right along with the clapping.

Smiling he says, "Do you know what guy? He is great?" he laughs.

Erddrache has posed:
Boris looks to the hand and he shakes his head. From brave hero to a shy guy within moments. "ermmm...sorry. bit....nit hauf good control ovar strength. Ah rathar nit crush yer hand" he says apologeticly

And than he is stareing at Tom. A rake dodge...and than a tool gang up on the poor guy. He wasn't sure if he should call the hospital or not for this man.

But with the people distracted Boris sinks into the earth. Mostly. His bone 'fins' where still sticking out of the earth. And no burning eating sensation! yes! His head pokes up "...he is insane" and the head pokes back down.

Lucky Day has posed:
Food Truck Guy #1 "Man, I wish we could buy a new drink cooler, this one is just about done."

"I know right? But the boss says we can't until this one is a lot more worn ou...whoa moan, don't..."

The large barrel like cooler, now empty after having given punch to thirty people, turns end over end moving through the park, as Tom, finally having enough pain stands still and turns about with his cape, both terrifying, believable and ridilous at the same time, "You meddling kids! Don't you have any respect for nature? Sure face eating lichen isn't cuddly but neither are...." he gets knocked over from behind by the cooler, but manages to land on his hands just enough to roll along with it to the point that he is desperately trying to stay on top of it, logger rolling down a hill away...toward his good friend the Lichen. "oooooooooooowwwww."

Two small rainbows appear over the park and the birds begin to sing.

Human Torch has posed:
And Johnny Storm flies off into the rainbows holding the glass sphere.

Erddrache has posed:
Boris peeks back up. "...oh fer the love of" he burrows down the ground shakeing. Perhaps Tom will get a BIT lucky today? Hopefully? or this might send him flying....

With Johnny gone, boris burrows deeply below the ground and towards Tom and raise the earth up to form a hill between Tom and the lichen...hopefully sending Tom back towards the park.

And if not....well Boris ain't sticking around! There were too many people as is! As he leaves, a trail of car alarms and bikes falling over is the only sign of his trail before even that dies off.