4665/Germination:A council of heroes is Called

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Germination:A council of heroes is Called
Date of Scene: 15 June 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Crusader, Power Girl, Batman, War Machine, Nuala Duvall, Captain Marvel (Danvers)
Tinyplot: Germination

Iron Man has posed:
    The thing dubbed the "Space Mold Conference" and a few other creative titles by the media who are aware of it (as Tony Stark mentioned it in his sudden interaction with the press) is set to begin quickly. Having a rapid response, and showing the effort, is important to the population, and Stark is on top of it.

    The invitations go out to the other teams that Tony Stark has contacts with: a council against the threat of the bizarre space invading fungus is clearly needed, is the general message. He has information, and wants to go over what everyone knows. While Tony did offer to host, a better location was found at the Justice League building, in one of their meeting rooms.

    And so it is that the gathering has begun and attendees are finding seats, though Tony Stark, despite it being his idea, has found his way in only a little bit late: he was caught outside by the media again, and has now freed himself, to arrive in the meeting room. He isn't in costume; just his sleek expensive business attire, and something that's not quite a tablet in hand. He strides in quickly with a few assistants which he leaves near the door, greeting and shaking hands in his over the top, charismatic manner, to those in attendance. "Let's get drinks and snacks?" he suggests of an assistant, with a waggle of fingers towards the meeting table.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana is, of course, in attendance here today. She's not dressed in her armor, oh no, just a simple black sleeveless dress with her hair bunned up on the back of her head and an air of professionalism in her overall appearance. She's seated at the head of the table where there are two chairs opposite of the main entrance to the meeting hall that holds a very long table at its center, framed by windows that look out onto the courtyards on either side.. though their drapes are closed sow the sunlight is muted on the western side.

Diana has her tablet computer out in front of her and she's been reading some news reports about the very subject that they've all been summoned here today to speak on, but as others start to file in she deactivates it and looks over and up to Tony, who gets a smirk. "Cheese and crackers?" She asks the well dressed Avenger.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader has come, and has fully recovered in both strength and size. He decided to tend in his heroic form...because his otherself wasn't nearly as patient. He shakes Tony hand and says "One highly enjoys chocolates if there are any" not minding being less formal than needed

But of note, crusader does not sit. With his arms crossed and standing as tall as he does, he might come off as intimidating...but him and seats, especially normal ones like the ones here, do not get along with him. As such he opts to move a chair aside and stands where he would have otherwise sat. He looks to Diana and Tony as he is says "One hopes you do not mind, but one has invited Nuala, due to her expertise in this field, to hopefully aid us before it is too late. She should be here soon"

Power Girl has posed:
    Clark is currently away- for one of various reasons- and while that could mean he's gone for days or for fractions of a second, it still means that someone -else- from Metropolis is tasked with representing the Super-family in this particular meeting. It's not that anyone specifically decreed a rule like 'meetings require one bat, one amazon, and one kryptonian'... It's just that every time she doesn't do things like this, she gets a speech about Due Dilligence from the one person who can match her airspeed velocity on the planet.

    "Afternoon everyone." she states, while idly plutting her feet up on the table. A massive gulf less formal than the boy in blue.

Batman has posed:
     Batman didn't quite enjoy being summoned, but there was indeed a global issue happening. It was a call for the Justice League.

  Batman marches in, avoiding the press by entering the hall via underground entrance. He makes hardly a sound as he moves, a side effect of his gear. Unlike Diana, Batman is in full regalia. He doesn't sit, however he stands on Diana's side of the table. He nods to those he is familiar with in greeting before standing like a sentinel as others arrive.

War Machine has posed:
     Rhodes was already on the scene for some time, dressed in a rather respectable suit and tie for the occasion as to make a good impression. His whole ensemble wasn't the most expensive or flashy. Of course he wasn't going to outshine anyone in a fashion contest, but he didn't need to, it was more a show of mutual respect for the other people in attendance.

     And there was a very good chance for some quite big names in attendance.

     Rhodes stood to one side of the room sipping away at his cup of water, having just made it back stateside from a small trip to Baghdad. Sure he was a bit the trip hadn't been easy, an epic adventure worthy of its own series of novels turned into films for daytime television viewing.

     Still the coffee was more then enough to keep him alert and focused in spite of recent events. He'd even managed to keep an almost perfect shave.

     "Oh hey, it's Kent." Rhodes commented with a bit of a nod and wave. "Loved your coverage on the game while back."

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    Nuala has never been to the Hall ofJustice before. She arrived early, so to avoid possibility of being late. She carries a case, clear on the sides. She feels a little outclassed, just a lowly Halal Agent among some of the world's most famous heroes. All the same, she isn't here to look pretty, she's here because she knows what's happening.

    "Yes, I am here already," she says to Crusader, putting the frozen 'fruit' in it's container on the table, the blue light glowing through and showing the frozen sample where everyone can see.
    "There it is. The thing that will end the world if it is not stopped." She lacks tact, perhaps.

Iron Man has posed:
    "If that's what you've got, I won't complain," Tony promises playfully to Diana's cheese and crackers. He might tease, though. He approaches Diana to offer her a hand, and shakes Crusader's as he passes him. "Mind if I go ahead and hook in?" Tony questions with a vague motion to the visual screens in the room. Look how polite he's being, not just assuming and taking things over. Best behavior Tony they have today. Perhaps he wants something.

    "Are we expecting anyone else that isn't here yet?" he asks, dropping at ease into a chair on one side of the long table (opposite Diana and Batman), not bothering to take the head of the table. Even so, he'll still lead from his position, in his way. He reclines back, relaxing an ankle across his other knee, and drops his attention into the holograms on his tablet. Still, he looks at the ice cube that Nuala shows off. "Right, so, if any of you have some ice heroes in training, let's get them busy," Tony jokes lightly.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers arrives with Tony, and due to the nature of the meeting, she elected to show up in her USAF uniform. Dignified, commanding authority, and at the same time not nearly as flashy as her Captain Marvel uniform. She knows she's not a leading scientific mind, but she does bring word from her Kree contacts. She does the song and dance of shaking hands, and sharing salutes where necessary, as is the case of James Rhodes, a Colonel in his own right. "Nice to see everyone here to lend their wits to the matter," she remarks before stating matter of factly, "I have words from the Kree...this is a planet eating creature we're dealing with. It eats organic matter to depletion, before spreading spores to other planets...the Kree managed to stop it before with an engineered virus, but cannot offer assistance due to the specific variables we're accounting for under our own atmosphere." She takes a moment of solemn silence to let everyone process her words, before offering, "should we choose to assemble a science team on the matter, I'm sure they will be willing to offer their input to aid in the research."

Batman has posed:
     Batman gives a nod to Tony as he asks for access to the view screens. "By all means." He says in a gravely voice. He can wait to give his information, he doesn't want or need the limelight in this situation.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader grunts "We do have two people with the possibility of cold based powers to my knowledge" he gestures "Power Girl here is one, thanks to her breath and some help froma SHIELD agent, we actually took in an entire mushroom stalk for studying. Superman is of course the other one."
    "Though with your expertise and the combined efforts of both our labs, one imagines we should be able to outfit everyone with at least some sort of freezing gun. But this does does not solve the problem. As Nuala here stated, this fungus is a planet killer. If one may be so bold...have you discovered anything of import Mr.Stark and Mr.Rhodes?" since he was fairly confident the two worked togeather quite often. He nods to batman having only just noticed his entry.

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl IS a scientist- but doesn't really like to flaunt the concept. When she presents ideas, they're a little too casual for it to seem like it has a lot of logical backing. This is why, with her hands behind her head, her offerings might seem a little... Simple. "Have we spoken to anyone from the mystical community?" she asks, offering a small shrug. "I'm not sure if the Kree have Strange or Fate on call to just delete it from reality." There's a pause then, "Admittedly, I never really know if -we- do, either. If we can't..."

    Her booted legs slip from the table and she leans forward, setting her elbows onto it. "We know that cold works to put it into stasis. Probably sounds dumb, but don't we know of anyone that's, well, colder than cold? If something works at a setting of nine, then we might as well try a setting of twelve or thirteen if we can find someone to turn the nob that high."

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana attempts to make eye contact with Captain Marvel from her space at the table. "Is there no way to convince the Kree to aide us with at least the knowledge of how they put together their chemical that they used on the Fungus?" She asks the Avenger. "Even just a little bit of insight into how to put something such as that together could be a seriously beneficial thing... It could take years to develop it on our own if we are to be left in the dark." Diana refuses to believe anyone would wish such a fate on another world.

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    Nuala arches her brow when she hears the Kree mentioned by Carol. "It is also not reasonable to think that ice will solve our problems," she adds.
    "I know that most of you do not know who I am," she says, a little stage fright notable in her demeanor as she speaks. "I am part of the Halal Taskforce. We specialize in trying to prevent parasitic life forms from invading alien worlds like Earth." Yes, Earth was just called an alien world.
    She places a device that shows a hologram of a field. "I have been taking samples of this throughout its existence. It took a while before I was able to identify exactly what it is. We call it Oomycetan. One of three strains that have similar traits, this one is notable due to its mobile fruit." She glances around again, then taps on the case with the fruit in it.
    "Ice only slows it down, it won't kill it. My sample studies have shown that any form of energy tends to feed it, but contrarily, if we are able to starve it, it withers and dies. Arsenic was effective, but not as immediately effective as we might like. If we can isolate the fields from additional food, it will die. The only problem is that there are literally thousands of fields around the world right now."

War Machine has posed:
     "If I knew we needed to show in uniform..." Rhodes said trailing off before giving a return salute to Carol. "Got me feeling under dressed." He was mostly just following along with what was going along and trying not to make too much of a scene.

     Rhodes found a comfortable spot at the massive round table setting down his coffee to one side so that he could just sip from it when needed.

     This kind of a meeting was something a little new. Rather it was new that instead of a board of directors, or panel of military personnel it was a bunch of masks. Not a bad change but it would need a slim bit of getting used to at the very least. Still thus far he hadn't been thrown through a wall so it was going well.

     "I'll level with you." Rhodes spoke in a calm voice. "I've been mostly out of the country the last few weeks dealing with a situation in the middle east, so you're all probably a bit more up to speed on the situation then I am."

Iron Man has posed:
    Tony takes over the screens with a grin to Batman and immediate adjustment. He starts to visually list on screen the items as they are brought up, starting with Carol and Nuala's opening statements and visuals. "Yep, a few things. Might be able to kick in on some kind of bio-engineered solve if we had something more to go on from the Kree-" A nod is aimed at Carol, "but that's still probably the most time consuming if this stuff continues to grow. The main thing I wanted to bring up from my end was I have some data on magic being extremely effective. I have no real way to cast any magic missiles at this stuff, but hoped one of you might have that resource." Tony puts up a video on one of the screens of a young mutant type throwing some glittering magic at a stalk: reality seems to warp in the video, and the stalk squeezed down in size, before sending a horde of small monsters after the mutant, who fled. "Maybe with some guards," Tony admits. "And yes, I'm hooking Strange in," he adds. "Not that I'm his favorite. Work in progress there."

    Tony glances to Rhodey, with a dismissive gesture about him not knowing what's going on, as if that weren't important: "I'm going to swap out the weapons suites on your suit to run some extreme cold. If we can team you with somebody else here that wants to run some other tests, well worth the shot."

Crusader has posed:
"One did bare to a apparent mage speaking with the fungus. Evidently it wants to eat everyone. And even when not at the fruit stage, the fungus at the time did show it was capable of movement. Though one has no way to know if this was because of the spell used or not" he adds a small video clip to the screens showing one Tom, trying to befriend the mold and the mold bunching up far before the stalks ever formed.
    "Dureing the field, one also noticed it was attracted to sound. Something we may be able to use to our advanatge, along with perhaps a.." he nods to Nuala "Modified aresnic. In truth, with the current infomation...one believes we can begin to lesson the problem while we solve for aim for a more perement solution. As of note - when the fruit is 'killed' they release more spore, so outright trying to destroy it physically is likely not the best idea"

Batman has posed:
     Batman steps forward, placing a small glowing blue canister on the table. "I can make available freeze grenades to those who need them."

  The white eyelets of the cowl give a bit of a scowl towards Captain Marvel's statement. "If the Kree cannot be bothered for assistance, I implore we get our strongest minds working on something for the meantime. And possibly see if Swamp Thing has any insight. I'm sure he isn't in a good mood with this organism infecting The Green."

  "Arsenic will also seep into the water table and only serve to poison the Earth and its inhabitants in the long term. We need to find an alternative, as Nuala has said." Batman starts to tap on holograms projecting from his gauntlet, calling up the information he has been able to glean. "We have some magical resources available. Zatana, John Constantine."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol looks towards Power Girl when she brings about the mystics, she doesn't really have much knowledge of Fate, but she had occasions to meet and work with Strange, enough to quip, "from my understanding of the mystical ways, if it's not a given Tuesday after the stars aligned in a pretzel formation, we may or may not be able to have them assist in a specific dillema."

Meeting Diana's gaze, Carol offers a polite inclination of her head. "Of course, I will insist on that, they owe me at least that much."

She listens to Nuala offering her distinct alien input, before grinning at Rhodes, "not a necessity, but it is a formal affair of a certain nature, seemed fitting." She laughs as James mentions feeling underdressed, "this is what happens when you follow Tony's lead," she flicks a glance at Tony and mouths out 'no offense' without actually speaking the words.

Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana sits up straighter in her chair, leaning back against it and placing her hands over her lap while giving a nod then toward Carol. She listens to the others and lets her blue eyes sweep from one face to the other as they speak. "If we cannot get assistance with the creation of a serum that will infect and eradicate this spreading mould, then we need our best minds on it, as you say. We have to unify as a team and centralize everyone within one lab if possible." Diana looks up to Batman then. "Perhaps on the Watchtower, which is a controlled enviroment." She says to the caped-one before she releases a soft sigh and looks away again. "I will have to be in touch with members of Alpha Flight. I have been to their facilities, they are quite impressive as well."

Power Girl has posed:
    There comes a raise of Power Girl's brow. "Well, if we need to isolate it and keep it from food, I happen to know of a pretty good place in the antarctic. Without any solar energy or organic matter to eat, they die off, right?" she asks, her head rocking to one side. "So... Can't we deep-freeze these things and move them to a spot somewhere in the antarctic? I get that there are a massive number of them, but there are a lot of us that can move... To put none too fine a point on it, -really- fast. We can't disregard the idea of isolating them manually, especially with the speed some of us have available."

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    "It wouldn't have to be arsenic," Nuala points out. "If magic works, that might be the best solution. I don't know how many magic...people are out there," she admits. "That isn't my area. The most effective natural remedy I have been able to find is to starve it. If we have those who can magically contain it, then perhaps we can contain the fields that have not produced as quickly through ice and starvation until the magic people can put a stop to them all."
    As Power Girl mentions the fast movement, she points out, "Moving too fast could be a bad idea, the friction in the air could cause them to grow from the heat it would generate. Unless we have a way to prevent the friction heat from reaching the field during transport."

Iron Man has posed:
    Tony responds to Carol with an equally silent 'none taken' and flashy wink, and sleekly loosens his tie, amusement in obvious trace on one side of half-smile. He reviews the visuals, listening despite being buried in his tablet's little crowd of bright orange holographic controls. "Our labs are in full swing. I mean, we know that we have a few mutations elsewhere on the planet of this stuff. It's adapting. But if we can get Dr. Banner in with whatever you've got, could create some new ideas there: he's highly recommended for getting unstuck," Tony says, "Almost as good as me." Of course.

A snap-point is flung towards Batman, "Mystics, magical resources? Great. They're hired."

    Tony pauses, then. "Quick question, for all of you. /We/ haven't had any indication that something is controlling this thing. No big world conqueror asking for our submission. Nobody's had that, right? Communication, beyond what you said, Crusader? 'Nom nom'?"

War Machine has posed:
     Throwing an arm over the back of the chair Rhodes looks in the direction of Stark. "Always know exactly what to get me for my birthday." Never mind that his birthday was still a while off. "Got zero problem trying to flash freeze Audrey II over there."

     His head motioned over towards the monitor as the video played. He wasn't too worried about this to be honest, at least on the surface. Internally there was certainly a bit of fret hidden deep down that they might not be enough, then again he wasn't exactly working with amateurs.

Batman has posed:
     Batman gives a nod in retort to Diana. "The Watchtower could be a best bet for a lab. And if Power Girl's Antarctic location proves to be a good area, we can arrange for mass transport of them after freezing. That should slow them down enough to counterbalance the friction of air, correct?" He asks Nuala, keeping his focus on his hologram.

  Bruce chimes in again, gesturing commands to his gauntlet computer and displaying some on a view screen. One of the monsters from the mushrooms. "Upon analysis, it seems these creatures have the relative intelligence of a canine." He shows some pictures of the creature, being dissected. "It did not seem that it was under the control of the mother stalk, as I was able to dispatch it."

  More pictures presented: one of a mother stalk, and some samples taken of the tainted soil. "The stalks seem to spread the soil. And are less apt to spread as much soil at night, it would be advised to approach them at dark."

Crusader has posed:
Crusader considers the infomation "None that One is aware of. However, we should not discount a central fungus being in control. This species seems to at be at least semi-sentient. Even earthly fungus are able to actually communicate with each other and even with other plants, so a small degree. For instance, if one group of plants or mushrooms is being infected with bugs, they can warn neighboring plants and mushrooms of it and they can begin mounting a chemical defense" he says "Considering this species seem far more advanced, we should not discount the possibility of a central leader of sorts"
    "One would also, if possible, like to propose the possibility of centralized forcefields. One that can block the sun if possible. Even if we create such things even a small scale, we can begin to 'kill off' areas of the fungus, especialy in cities or where it can spread the quickest. One imagines the equator is at most risk at the moment." he puts forth

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"It's not that they cannot be bothered, it is that their immediate concerns lie with the Skrulls who ever cause mischief," Carol somehow seems to take a bit of offense at the suggestion the Kree won't help. "It's a matter of coaxing, and taking initiative, once we have a working team, the designated science leader will have personal contact with the Kree team who solved it in the past."

She does, however, nod full heartedly in complete agreement when Batman mentions why arsenic should not be used. "We are to be saviours, not destroyers."

At the mention of Alpha Flight, Carol grins at Diana, "you will have Alpha Flights full resources all alloted to this endeavor, the chief mission is protection of the Earth from alien threats. That's a bingo."

Hearing Power Girl's suggestion of moving the damned things, Carol offers, "how about telekinetics? Would that be of any use, Nuala?"

As Tony brings the most valid issue of puppeteer behind the scenes, she notes, "from what I've learned from the Kree, while the proginetor of the life form could have had malintent, this may actually be an entirely organic attack...at least to the best of my current knowledge."

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    Nuala considers Carol's question, "As long as it doesn't generate enough friction to generate significant heat, I don't think it should be a problem. The antarctic certainly would create a place that they would have little to feed upon.
    "Regarding thoughts, these things do think. I can't tell you if it is a part of a hive mind, but the larger they get, the more developed their thinking becomes."
    "Batman is correct," Nuala says, "The night is not helpful to them, it's less energy for them to feed upon because there is no sunlight. If they are thinking, though," she says. "I wouldn't count out a central mind, possibly somewhere on the planet. I haven't located one yet in my scans, but I would need to be close in order to detect it."

War Machine has posed:
"Crazy idea" Rhodes speaks up from his spot at the table leaning back in and pulling his arm off the chair. "What if we put a big blackout dome over the city, then air condition it so cold they can't survive?" Already his own tone of voice telling them even he doesn't think it's the best Idea.

     "Sure it'd be insanely expensive but if it stops a plant from taking over as president?" He shrugs his shoulders. "Think it'd be worth at least trying."

Crusader has posed:
Crusader looks to Rhodes "That would only slow them down. These creatures travel through space, no where on earth gets that cold. If anything one would think that would put any present spores in a state of hibernation. Instead the dome would need to be kept warm enough to live in for the spore to stay active, but cold enough so they do not gain energy, nor do we kill the people who live in the city. Not a bad idea, but needs adjustment"

Iron Man has posed:
    "You've come to the right place for forcefields. I created a device to help with redirecting gas and air particles to a given location within the field, which was additionally honed with some fear gas problems that we had a few months ago," Tony says, while digging in one of his coat pockets. He has some chocolate raisins. "Technically it was originally a safety field, but this isn't far from that purpose." He eats a few, and offers them aside to Carol, since she's next to him, if she'd like any. "I can start to produce those more heavily, but those mushroom-pups will just destroy them if they're unguarded, I'd expect, which is a bit of a waste."

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    Nuala unceremoniously rounds the table. "Wait. Wait wait."

    "The larger fields have larger minds, and they invariably will merge with one another on a given planet as they take over."
    She goes to where Tony is standing. "Mr. Stark, if I may," she says, "Timmy, patch in the current data." She doesn't wait for an acknowledgment, but starts to use the controls on the display. "Sorry, but maybe this will be important."

    The display pops up the globe with all of the current fields, and she zooms in on one in Mexico. "Here," she says, showing the readout of the largest field. "I'm not sure what they did to this one," he says, "But this is the largest field. If it has the largest intelligence...and if the intelligence is growing, and they eventually will merge, it means the their minds will merge inevitably anyway. They would have to be a hive mind or they would eat each other. If we can somehow create a...I don't know, a psionic virus, or a magic virus that can go through the minds of the...subjects. Perhaps that would stop all of them." She backs up, motioning to Tony again, "Sorry, there, you can have it back."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol declines Tony's generous offer, mostly because the topic of a plant-like life-form that is eliminating the planet she is sworn to protect is somewhat hindering her appetite. "Sounds like we have some direction to act upon, I would put utmost importance of assembling the proper science team and giving them all the resources they need." She turns to look at Tony, "in regards for the forcefield containment solution, you can have anything you need from Alpha Flight on top of your given and considerable resources."

As Nuala mentions psionics, Carol's blue eyes light up, "I know some of the best, if you think they could be of assistance, I can patch you up with one or two..."

Iron Man has posed:
    When Nuala asks about patching in, Tony was looking into his chocolate raisins a bit more, and gave an indifferent nod. He wasn't keeping it as his own personal show (well, not today, anyway), and she's welcome to a few monitors. His opinion on his appetite is to keep his strength up, evidently, to solve the problems. He finishes chewing the ones he had in his mouth when Carol makes that offer. "'Anything' is so broad. Love it. No way they'll regret that," Tony says sleekly. "Some psychic people? Great, good to hear a new angle. Make it so," Tony declares, in 'proper' Avenger Leadership fashion, swiveling his chair just a little bit. "I think we've got some good new areas to push on. No sense hanging out here all night. Anything else?" Tony asks.

    There is, indeed, a long list of information now on the monitors, from all of the contributions over the meeting.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader narrows his eyes and crosses his arms, his face...well what can be seen upon it, set into a dissapproving grimace. "So long as it only affects the fungus hive mind...it could be a viable solution" oh he did not like that plan, not one bit. Though his eyes were also on the chocolate raisins, much like a dog being teased with a bone. "One suggest researching into sonic barrier to prevent the fungal squid from attacking the forcefield generators...yes more research would be good"
    "That being said, if this fungus really is intelligent. Perhaps we can establish some communication and develope a more mutalistic relationship with it. Juthuum knows we still have a trash problem - perhaps we can convince it to let us genetically alter it to be a co-existing species. We would need to play to it tune...but it is something that should be considered if nothing else" that and he was very uncomfortable about a psionic virus.

Batman has posed:
     "I agree with Crusader, the creatures are attracted to sound. Thy are blind in the normal sense." Batman regards the new information carefully, Captain Marvel's offense towards his prior statements goes unanswered. He said his peace on the subject. Though Crusader's idea is a little suspect. "Convincing it would require it to have the capability of rational thought. Right now it seems have a rudimentary intelligence. Feed, and multiply, or in this case, spread. I don't see any space to reason with it without allowing it to propagate to higher proportions."

  When the others chime in, he does as well. "We can attempt to contain it for now, if sub zero temperatures can slow it down, it could buy us enough time for us to get this virus established, without this thing growing and getting smarter. We all have people to gather, I will seek out the mystics."

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl has been silent for a pretty long time. Eventually, though, she does speak. "Either way, while the mystics might end up being a shortcut, our fridges are going to be a massive asset moving forward." For a moment, a little bit of the CEO of STAR Labs is shining through. "If we have a list of people whose expertise is on dropping temperatures, it'd be a good idea to share it, and if you've got an in... Might be a good idea to put them to work. Certainly can't hurt."

    Her attention shifts to Bats, "You may want to pull in Fries if you can. We don't really have anyone in Metropolis that fits the bill."

Iron Man has posed:
    "Great. We need all of us, Batman. Need anything--" Tony aims this in general at everybody--- "contact through to one of the other teams here. Pretty sure we're all working for the same direction, no need to do any trust exercises after this," Tony smirks, and looks over his notes on the monitor on the 'Oomycetan', as per the name Nuala declared for it. He sobers. There's a graph of growth rate, and the exponential spikes suggest they don't have a ton of time. "So let's do something heavy before next week," Tony suggests mildly. That would be good, based on the graph of world coverage. He taps his fingers on his tablet device, and then rises to his feet. "Any details, share through to me and the lab here, and we'll keep everyone updated on it. Let's get to work."

War Machine has posed:
Rhodes is about to say something before his phone starts to go off inside of his pocket. He looks down towards his wristwatch to check the caller ID before just pushing himself back up to a stand. "If you'll all excuse me, I need to step out."

     There's nothing to strange about the way he says it, and it doesn't sound that serious but he's already making his way for the door at a good clip. Within not more then a moment he's vanished from sight the door shutting behind.

Crusader has posed:
Crusader nods "One will put himself as field researcher...one will travel between lab and field for tests and study" he says bluntly, putting himself on the science team. He had two things going for him - strength, and energy. Neither of wish was helpful in the situation, so he may as well put himself in a position where he can be of use.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol offers a salute to everyone, "if you'll excuse me, I'll go update Alpha Flight on the current priority, and see about getting us a telepath or two." With that she turns to leave, but as she passes by Rhodes on the way out, she adds tongue in cheek, "you certainly look underdressed," a playful wink, and she hurries away.