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Tony and Hal Meet
Date of Scene: 19 June 2018
Location: Avengers Mansion, New York City
Synopsis: Stark and Jordan get together to discuss the latest threat to Earth, tactics, and possible follow up in Space and on Earth. Both teams are all in on defeating this menace.
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Green Lantern (Jordan)
Tinyplot: Germination

Iron Man has posed:
The security and welcoming staff at the Avengers mansion were expecting the Justice League member's arrival, and will greet him with polite efficiency. "Hello sir, I'm Katy. Mr. Stark will be with you very shortly," the blonde, young assistant assures their visitor as he arrives, escorting him into one of the mansion's sitting and meeting rooms. The room overlooks the back yard, the statues and garden visible through the windows. The room is air conditioned and pleasant.

"Can I get you any refreshment?" the assistant Katy asks, smiling, resting her hands together on her notepad in front of her loosely.

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    AFter hearing all of the latest intel from Tony Stark and the team in regards to the latest threat that they had uncovered, Hal sends a message off to Tony Stark and the Avengers. Hal then heads to Avengers Mansion, and the HQ of that august team. Hovering outside the mansion until the security systems give him the okay, Hal smiles, and with a flick of his will, heads inside the mansion. Looking around while hovering six inches of the ground, Hal whistles and shakes his head towards the welcoming staff. "Nice digs. Thank you."

    Hal moves slowly into the meeting room, and continues hovering just slightly above ground. Hal then crosses his arms across his chest and looks out at the view. When Katy speaks to him, Hal shakes his head, and turns on his best GL fighter pilot charm. "No, thank you." A pause. "I see Stark has excellent taste in associates." Hal's eyes twinkle warmly. "Is he around?"

Iron Man has posed:
    Katy's assured smile proves she's probably used to such compliments, and there likely isn't much doubt as to who those come from. "As far as I know, Mr Stark is---" Katy begins, only to be interrupted by Tony himself, who swings open the door and enters with his usual expectant and charismatic bravado. He's dressed somewhat casually, as he had been down in the laboratory areas: which means this is more of his 'building' attire. He still maintains his presence, though, sicne that doesn't come from his costumes (or lack thereof) anyway.

    "Welcome, welcome. It's been a while, I think. Always the disasters to bring us together," Tony comments, approaching to offer a sleek handshake to the hovering Lantern. "Not late, am I?" Tony asks Katy, who moves her hand in a 'so-so' motion, and takes her leave.

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    Smiling Hal nods towards Katy, and was about to say something, when Stark arrives. Looking him over, Hal nods in approval, and lands with a soft touch. Letting the shield drop as Stark welsomes him, Hal says, "Ah, Mr Stark. It is a pleasure. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice."

    Hal chuckles, and says, "Yeah, it does seem to be only the bad things that do brings us together." Shrugging, Hal takes the man's hand, shakes it firmly, and says, "No worries. I know how tough it is to have a busy schedule. "Fashionably late" is better than not at all!" Hal grins, and says, "I just wanted to get up to speed on what you brought to our attention. Thank you for that by the way. I am appreciating the closeness of our two teams."

Iron Man has posed:
"Tony, please," Tony says with ease at the handshake. He gestures a bit towards the chairs, "Relax if you like. I've been dancing around test suites all morning, I'll be giving you the overview from this couch," Tony says with a mildly teasing half-grin. He relaxes there promptly, with one ankle lifted to relax across opposite knee. He pulls a tablet-like object out; holograms spring to life on the surface as he instructs the subtle panels on the wall across from him to come to life. "Overview. Invading extraterrestrial fungus-like creature called the Oomycetan, one of our space allies reports. Planet consumer: in the sense that it eats all life. I suppose the planet itself would survive, but we'd have a bad time." Tony flips through some visuals on the screen on the stalks in various locations. "We're seeing them in areas with good soil: parks, golf courses, fields, farms. Poisonous Spores grow into these mushroom stalks. They eat everything around them, and soak in energy: fire, electricity makes them huge. The more they eat, bigger and smarter they get." A visual is shown of the Mexico specimen, which is the size of a building.
    "Their most recent trick is that they create these little minions. Their MO is to bring food in for the mushroom to eat, or kill us, or both," Tony says, showing a picture of a captured squid-like plant monster.
    "So far, cold and ice has been reliable to restrain them. I've got some tech that saps energy out of them now that is in test. Doctor Strange's magic containment has worked. The last time these were fought, somebody bio-engineered a virus to kill them. The Kree supposedly have something on that, so we're trying to get that off them."

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    Nodding silently, Hal frowns, and absorbs what Stark is saying. "Tony it is. I'm...Hal." Putting his hands behind his back, a military-like gesture belying his history in the Air Force, Hal starts to pace back and forth, not taking the offer of the chair. Listening to it all, Hal stops, looks at the panels, and says, "I see. Well, you have the Justice Leagues complete support, of course. I know we have been helping already, but whatever you need of course."

    "Little...minions...reminds me of an extraterrestrial species or two I've encountered before...never like this one though." Hal nods once, and makes sure his ring gets it all. "I'll upload anything the Guardians have to your systems, if you want. Not sure how much is there..." With a look, Hal concentrates, and sends the data he has to Stark.

    "There might even be the Kree stuff in there, not sure. I'll let the experts take a look." Experts, as in, Stark and his team. Hal nods, and says, "Thanks for this. We're here to help, any way we can of course."

Iron Man has posed:
    "There's one other thing, that may or may not be an issue," Tony says. He's relaxed on the couch, and seems to have no problem with Hal pacing around him. Tony's pretty laid back overall.

"Doctor Strange took one of the mushroom things into space. From what I can see, it is still alive out there. Soaking up sunlight. Slowly drifting towards the sun. I'm not SURE if we need to do something about it or not. It might just get destroyed when it gets closer to the sun. I mean, I'd place my bet that way, but." Tony swaps the visual. It is an eerie, massive mushroom clumped with bloated tuber-like pieces on the bottom. The flat top makes it look something like a weird biological space ship. "So there's that."

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    "Oh?" Hal says, stops pacing, and turns to look at Stark after enuring all the data he has had been downloaded to Stark's terminal. Listening attentively, Hal nods, and his frown deepens. "That can't be good. Maybe I need to take a team top deep space and check things out...hmmmm..." A pause. "I assume that everything so far points to it being...unfriendly?" Hal stops, and then considers a few things in his mind. "Something slowly drifting towards the sun makes me...uncomfortable."

Iron Man has posed:
    "If it didn't eat energy like candy and showed no limits or flash point, it wouldn't have been worth mentioning," Tony says with a vague gesture of hand, as if fanning away inconsequential things. "But it does do those things." He clears his throat and nods once. "There's a kid that supposedly talks to it: he has some videos up. Claims we should feed it. Everything else has pointed to it wanting to kill us and eat us. I think Doctor Strange said it thought of us as its cattle." Tony distractedly browses through the information he's been given, while the visual of the giant ship-like monster drifts on the monitors.

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    "All interesting. A kid you say? That talks to it? Will wonders never cease. Huh." Hal shakes his head and smiles. "Well, if we knew what to feed it...ha! Leave it to the good Doctor to say that. It probably does think of us as cattle..." Hal pauses, and looks over at Stark. Nodding, Hal says, "Thanks for meeting with me. As I said, we're here to help." Nodding, Hal says, "Give me a shout next time you are ready to go after this thing. You know how to reach me!" With a two-finger salute, Hal heads out.

Iron Man has posed:
    "Sure thing. If you've time, stop by our dining hall. Spared no expense," Tony teases, still relaxed on the couch, looking at the data. "We got a big stalk sample, and I'm pretty sure I'll get some tech that can vaporize it soon; I'll keep your team appraised," Tony says, with a return wave. The monitors do continue to show the eerie ship: a presence in the room to remind them that it isn't all cheerful conversations and games. There's work to do.