4703/Help From the Spooky Side

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Help From the Spooky Side
Date of Scene: 21 June 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Constantine, Batman
Tinyplot: Germination

Constantine has posed:
The House of Mystery is hard to find for non-magical types, but it's not impossible. Especially when the House itself wants to be found for some reason or another. In this case it has a couple of reasons and so makes the way to it's door reasonably clear, though it's a toss up if the Dark Knight couldn't find it without the house's consent. He is said to be that good.

As for John, he's just slouching through the door after a day at the track, he'd won of course, not enough to be flagged a cheat, but it'd keep him in Silk Cuts and whisky for a while anyhow. He stands on the portch feeling about for the old key that opens the door, money and race forms in hand as he searches his pockets.

Batman has posed:
     There was a strange fungus attacking the Earth. And the planet's heroes had gathered to figure out strategies to get out of this situation. Batman had volunteered to find the mystics.

  The House of Mystery was an interesting creature alright, Batman had to keep it in his mind the what and why he was looking for it before he had crossed its path. He was in the Batmobile, his iconic car had approached the elder house with hardly a sound, the electric motors only let out a slight whine as the lights illuminated over John as he searched for his key.

  The canopy opens, letting the Dark Knight out of the vehicle. "John Constantine." He calls out, pronouncing the magician's last name correctly.

Constantine has posed:
John finds his key but before he can open the lock, the Batmobile is rolling up out front and Batman is calling him by name.

"Oh, this isn't good," John mutters as he sticks the race forms and money in his pockets and pulls out a cigarette and lighter in it's place. He lights up, as he says, "An' I know who you are too mate, come on in, got nosy neighbours," he jokes, the houses around his seem old, forgotten and empty.

He turns the key in the lock and opens the door, waiting for Batman to join him before he steps inside.

Batman has posed:
Batman's cape is draped in front of him, hiding the grey and gold of his suit. As he is asked to come in, he keeps himself covered by the cape.

  He's never seen the inside of the House of Mystery, but had heard things concerning the contents of the house. "You are aware of the fungus that has been attacking life on Earth, correct?" Seems like he was the right to business type. Not mincing words.

Constantine has posed:
The inside of the House is what you'd expect from the outside, a mansion in the gothic style. The sort of place where you'd expect to find a tell-tale heart under the floorboards, or an old enemy bricked up in the cellar, except the scale is off, the windows inside don't match the placement outside and the ceiling of the entryway goes on and on upwards, beyond the bounds of what should be possible.

John steps inside and closes the door, "Sort of bends the mind, doesn't it?" he observes with a smile, before heading on towards a sitting room between the two curving stair cases leading down from the second floor. The room flickers dimly with the light of a low fire.

"Heard about it, was going to look into it before I got caught up with some business with a chaos demon," he says. "Looking at the papers, you tights crowd are looking into this pretty hard."

In the sitting room, John, flops down in highbacked leather chair, another is set opposite him. He doesn't offer refreshments guessing by Batman's brusque demeanor it'd be refused.

Batman has posed:
     Batman settles down in the other highback chair close to John. "The organism, is showing a significant weakness against magic. We need all the mystics we can find to help stop the spread of the fungus." He speaks plainly, but theres honesty in his candor.

  The cape has given way to allow Batman to sit, making the small armored plates seen. The golden bat symbol on his chest gleams in the stark light. "You were one of the names mentioned that could possibly assist."

Constantine has posed:
John settles into his chair, looking somewhat thoughtful. "Vulnerable how?" he asks, getting down to business. "What's worked so far?" he asks.

The Warlock takes a drag from his cigarette and knocks some ash into nearby ashtray. "An' if it's mystic types you're looking for, I can definitely find them, but some of them are going to be of the sketchy sort. That going to sit well with you and your mates?"

Batman has posed:
     "Something to do with their physiology. When you physically destroy one of them, spores are released. When magic is used, the effect is significantly decreased." The caped crusader sits nearly on the edge of the chair, looking directly at Constantine. "Several methods were attempted to kill them, arsenic took well, but on a large scale, it would do more harm than good. Their spread can be slowed by freezing temperatures."

Constantine has posed:
John frowns and picking up his cigarette and taking a drag. His brain works through the problem. "Freezing can be done, also, with the right circle we can likely contain those spores to a manageable area. The problem there is time. Got to take time and energy to set up the circles, how many of these things are we dealing with?"

Batman has posed:
     "Freezing is easy, but we need to eradicate the problem. From what we can tell, as the fields grow, so does the relative intelligence. From what we can tell, the goal of each field is to connect to the others, destroying all of the plant life and possibly animal life in its path."

  Batman raises his gauntlet, flipping a hologram projecting from it and showing the areas affected by fungus fields. "We can buy enough time by freezing the fields, but as I said, that will only slow them down. So if we need to stall their growth while your group can get ready, we could get that taken care of."

Constantine has posed:
"Slowing them would be good," John says. "You know us magic types takes us awhile to get anything going, especially something this big. We'll need to gather up and try our tricks on one of these things to see what might work for them all. Though once we've got that down, we can do some damage to be sure," John says before taking another drag from his cigarette. "How much time can you give us?" he asks.