4752/Germination: Let there be Light, pt 2

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Germination: Let there be Light, pt 2
Date of Scene: 27 June 2018
Location: Space
Synopsis: Heroes deal with the giant space fungus 'ship'.
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Thor, Nuala Duvall, Hulk, Sister Reinhardt
Tinyplot: Germination

Iron Man has posed:
    "You are ... hitting it with your hammer, aren't you."

    Tony is both mildly frustrated and interested. He can't see easily what Thor is doing anymore, and communications are spotty. After all, seeing what it does when engaged is sort of exciting, even if it is probably better if they can talk to it. And the fight itself removes Tony from play, to end up watching from the ground. Messages are flung out to Alpha Flight, Nuala, other contacts, as Tony uses the time to rally what he can into motion and continue his analysis. All that, while Thor does his own manner of test.

    Thor's test involves smashing into the alien life form physically. The thing is physically slowed by the pummeling, and has an interesting style of creating little creature spawns and throwing them all over Thor's attacks, blunting all hits: using them to shield. Some of Thor's attacks do get through, which is what is slowing the monster's drift, but isn't stopping it. One heavy tentacle unfurls, finally, to bat back at Thor, with considerable clout, shooing him away as one would a pesky fly. All electricals feed the thing, empower it. Most recently it has attempted to lure Thor in, and then wrap him up tightly in a second looping vine. Perhaps it has had enough.

    The bright patterns all over the lower body and stalk sections flash almost musically. If it is communicating, it is certainly conveying a lot right now.

Thor has posed:
    "Aye, the Thunder God is ready to accept you, creature! Can you not feel each prayer?" The words are lost to the ether as Thor shouts at his opponent, the heavy hammer of Mjolnir whirls and crashes and crunches against the smaller cell creatures, creating clouds of the dead floating away from the monster like so much confetti tossed high and lost to the weightlessness in slow motion. Each impact from the hammer causes a cough of the things to flow outwards even as the Asgardian slices through and attempts to smite what vulnerable parts he can see.
    A tentacle slashes out and attempts to wrap around him and he bats it away with a heavy smack of his hammer as he flies away from the creature and its reach only to come flashing back and crashing heavily into the side of it, battering away with the hammer until he is lost in the steady rhythm of strike and counter-strike.

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    It took longer than Nuala would have liked to get the Sea Song back into a launchable position from the cargo ship. She let the Avengers and Justice League know about the situation, then made her way back down to Earth to retrieve help. This was going to take more than just her own resources.

    She goes to the cockpit, and starts the coffee. There's always time for coffee, and she had a few minutes before arrival anyway.
    "Nuala, there is significant activity at the site of the Oomycetan," the A.I. announces.
    "What kind of activity?" She asks, bringing up the sensor feed.
    "It appears Thor is...hitting it."
    "Hitting it? You're kidding me."
    "No, he is really hitting it."
    Nuala mutters a curse in Xandarian. "Look at the size of that." She pulls the coffee off the pot, pouring herself a cup before turning toward her passenger. "Coffee?" She seems only mildly alarmed about the matter.

Hulk has posed:
Mushroom spaceships. His horizons were expanding daily lately. It'd be fasinating for one Bruce Banner with the way these creatures worked, if they weren't trying to eat the planet.

Having just finished with some adjustment to the lab equipment he brought aboard to keep his sample stalk contained, Bruce is in a space suit sans with helmet up right now as he walks into the cockpit, "No thanks, I quit years ago and want to stay that way." Bruce gives in reply to the offer as he sits down at a utility station, "Is that... I thought he was trying to talk to it?" Bruce almost dumbly asks, "I don't know if this version of it will break apart from pure kinetic force. Looks like we're about to find out."

Iron Man has posed:
"He's been at it for hours. Have to commend his stamina--- and his dedication to keeping our space-lawn free of weeds," Tony comments. "Thor, mighty herbicidal god." When Bruce declines the coffee, Tony reaches around him in the cramped space of the cockpit to claim the cup for himself, drinking from it.

The important snarking joke out of the way for the moment, the inventor switches tacks. "So, summaries? I have my computers back on the surface on translation, should it be useful to us to know what the hell it's flashing about. Translating mold-energy patterns is a little new, though. I'm not sure we even need them to expect that it's probably angry at being hit with a magic hammer," Tony observes.

"I've brought some of my energy dampeners I invented for this: I've been using these fields to siphon energy out of the smaller ones and nuke them. In theory I could get them bigger and run off ship power. But that needs three modules in specific locations around the thing, and we lack another ship, even if we count Thor as a possibility for a stand-in 'ship'," Tony chatters around his coffee.

    Out in space, the Oomycetan draws resources in, soaking the sunlight, and appears to take a little time to slow, and regenerate the areas pounded flat by Thor, but it is, at least, nearly stopped.

Thor has posed:
    Every moment Thor holds the creature's attention and keeps it from advancing towards 'Frigga's Mercy' is a moment longer his people have to enact the escape plan and get the ship moving under its own power away from the beast. So indeed, he strikes it repeatedly, steadily, heavily... the Uru Hammer blurring as it spins around the Asgardian as he dives inwards past the reaching grasp of two of those tentacles that seek to gain some form of purchase upon the hero.
    His cape is torn and his armor bears what remnant of the space fungus is able to cling to such a surface in space, but he shows no sign of holding back, nor does his armor seem likely to fail even as the field flickers in front of his Sakaaran helmet.
    As the ship gets closer it might well pick up the transmission from the Thunderer, his channel left open with the refugee ship and they will hear him snarl, "You would have us worship a loathsome beast such as yourself? I say unto thee creature, NAY!" Even as several dozen of the smaller creatures swirl, whorl, writhe around him in a half sphere of writhing alien fungal flesh, only for a short sharp flash of light to be seen for a moment and then suddenly all of those creatures float away in different directions unmoving and quite dead.

Hulk has posed:
Then, something happens on Bruces station... and he leans in with his glasses to squint at it, "Huh." He says to himself. Then, he's standing up and going back to the cargo area again, "I have a theory. I'm going to go confirm it." Bruce states vaguely as he heads back to the containment unit... and begins to make some adjustments. Mechanical arms and a few devices are placed into the chamber and arranged in a particular pattern as Bruce suddenly becomes hyper focused on the lab terminal.

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    Nuala was intending to hand the coffee pot, and seems at a loss for a moment when Tony takes her cup. She doesn't comment, however, and instead of complaining she simply carries the pot back out of the cockpit to the multipurpose room, taking another mug and filling it before returning.
    "Humans are strange," she comments. "We do not need to communicate. We need to eliminate it. Like Thor is trying to do." There is a hint of admiration in her tone, which she seems to shake visibly. "But...not like Thor is actually doing," she adds the correction.
    "If we can fit your devices onto the Sea Song's torpedoes, we could use them to create the field," she suggests, turning to watch Bruce as he leaves to go confirm his theory. She glances back at Tony. "Is he always like that?"

Iron Man has posed:
"It's more the size of this thing may be well beyond what these devices can handle without some considerable upgrading. If the monster were split into chunks, maybe," Tony answers, seeming entirely unaware of his coffee kidnapping problem through his personal entitlement. Besides, she offered it.

    "You're suggesting that understanding what it's flashing about isn't potentially useful? If it's phoning a friend, I'd like to know about it. I'm not suggesting we ask it its star sign."

With the question related to Bruce, Tony mostly shrugs. "Only on his good days." Tony then adjusts his comm to talk to Thor. "How're you holding up out there? Looks like you delayed it some; did you insult its mother and heritage? Or mostly hammer?--- wait. What was that you just did?"

The Oomycetan, with those small minions fried by that different looking blast, seems to come out of regeneration, and a dozen fat tentacle leads unfurl from the bottom, whipping, showing obvious aggression, and for the first time, the ship actually orients on Thor in a clear way.

Thor has posed:
    Inside the ship they can see Thor though he is still fairly a bit of ways off, like a little doll Thor off in the distance. But in a small portion of the heads up display there's a zoomed in image of Thor and the creature lashing at each other with the Asgardian slashing across the distance and colliding once again with the Oomycetan. For a moment he's standing on the outer surface of the creature as other smaller ones assault him, though the whirling of the hammer smash them out of the way and off into the void.
    "Stark? This creature is proving entirely too durable to my taste." Though when the monster brings a pair of its tentacles up and slashes them towards the warrior-king they're able to catch him in that instant, twirling, entwining... only for that sudden flash to flicker into life again, this time draining the muted color of the creatures tentacles and causing them to snap off at the base, floating away as well.
    Thor crouches and then swings Mjolnir upwards, letting the hammer pull him upwards away from the monster. But he responds as he flies, "Mjolnir strikes not just at an opponent's physical form, but beyond as well. Is that of which you speak?"

Hulk has posed:
As everyone is doing their own brand of work, Bruce is quiet down in the cargo hold for about a minute. The stalk slowly orients itself towards the /starship/ mushroom as Bruce works. Eventually, Bruce stops, before he hits the intercom. "Tony. I'm getting suggestive patterns here that this stalk is giving off neural patterns that happened once we got within proximity, and it's repeating with variation. I'm ninty percent positive it's trying to talk to the mothership from the way it's bending itself towards it down here."

There's a small pause as typing can be heard, "I might be able to apply this same technique to the mothership itself, if we can manage to get close enough for internal scans." Bruce offers.

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    Nuala watches the battle rage between Thor and the beast.
    "Psionics," she mutters. "I hate psionics." She pulls the silver band from her forehead. "I guess you win, Mr. Stark, let's find out what it's saying." She sits down at the controls, and the ship interfaces with her suit. "Hold on. Thor, can you keep it's attention for just a short while longer? I am going to try to fly in close." The ships speeds up, flying closer to the monstrous creature. "I can pick up whatever it is communicating, but we need to be within 100 meters," she explains. She takes in a deep breath, changing the orientation of the ship for a more optimal approach.

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Just then, a small blue comet can be seen coming from the direction of earth. It's not truly significant, at least until the streaking comet slows and it's form shrinks to the form of a blue latern. "Jeez. I miss out on a lot of stuff when I have to sleep." Thankfully, her atmosphere is contained within the blue aura that surrounds her form.

The mass of fungus just....makes Suzanne tilt her head. "Wow. I've been out of the loop, haven't I? Must've been focusing on the Asgardians too much." Speaking of asgardians, she spots Thor. "Damn.....This guy would take a fly swatter against a tank and win." She says in admiration of his determination.....and a blue lance shoots out from her ring and stabs one of the 'tentacles' trying to slash at Thor....

Iron Man has posed:
    "You're psionic? Right; good information," Tony says dryly. And has a variety of surface thoughts related to how easy psychic creatures have it and then a lot of theorizing about various anti-psion helmets and similar things. Picking up a Stark flurry of surface thoughts is probably obnoxious. He's also thinking about his devices, and separating the creature into parts, and what Bruce conveyed to them. Multitasking mental gymnastics.

"100 meters? I'm not sure I'm ready for that close of a relationship with it just yet; Bruce, what've you got so far?" Tony deadpans. "Thor, whatever you did-- can you potentially do that tentacle-disposal down a center section, and get it into smaller pieces, instead of one big monster? Three smaller ones, and I calculate we can use my devices," Tony says. Thoughts explode into theories and changes on his devices. "Or maybe if we put one in the center of it as a final anchor---! I mean, it wouldn't be efficient, but hey. Let me check that," Tony says, hustling off the bridge to the lab.

The Oomycetan is NOT pleased. It starts to shudder, and morph. The large tentacles pull in, melting into smaller, faster appendages, and it gathers a mass of the spawned squidlings, feeding them, and starting to launch them in a barrage at Thor. The tentacle that the lantern construct hit takes a big gouge in the side, diverted towards her and away from Thor successfully, sending a powerful swat her way.

Thor has posed:
    Rising past the reaching grasp of two long tentacles, Thor flips end over end and twirls Mjolnir around in a blur of motion as he catches Tony's words. His brow knits from afar as he looks down at the beast that he has been fighting for some time. "You wish for me to strike it along the center line?" The hammer slashes to the side and collides heavily with the tentacle causing Mjolnir to flash and roil as it seems to withdraw what seems like energy from the appendage, leaving it less vibrant and more a husk.
    "I shall endeavour to, but that is where the creature defends itself strongest." And as if in answer the squishroom fires a steady stream of its lesser selves hurtling across the void to impact into the swirling shield of the hammer's might.
    They come and they come, and in droves they die but they serve to push the Asgardian back until he is almost drifting out of range. "Are you ready, Stark?" Thor's voice comes across the comms. But then not waiting for the answer he lashes out forwards with his hammer and flies straight down the stream of fire from the beast, blasting past and through most of them as he charges straight into the beast seeking to strike clean and true.

Nuala Duvall has posed:
    "Not exactly," Nuala answers. "It's a long story and this isn't really the time," she answers. "And no, I don't have it easy," she comments in response to his thoughts. "And...can everybody stop thinking for just a second? I swear, scientists."
    She dives in closer, the ship spiralling tightly as it moves close for the pass on the side opposite Thor and Suzanne.

Hulk has posed:
Bruce, meanwhile, is focusing on interpretation. Doing it raw from neural scan displays is no mean feat though, and Nuala will likely be more than annoyed by his mind racing as he does a real time translation of neural patterns from the stalk, "This one is trying to rejoin the mothership. It's like an ant collective, only with neural transmission rather then pheromones. I have enough mapped here to start working on a translator when we get back to earth." Bruce finally states as he activates the reinforcement on the containment chamber, "I just turned on the armor. If it tries to leave, it'll be stopped. Probably."

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Suzanne has no idea what is going on inside of the ship. but she does manage to see the tentacle coming and manages to get out of it's way...barely. If she was in an atmosphere, the wind would have blown her away. "Whew...that was close, but, at least it's one less tentacle that Thor has to deal with." She says as Thor flies into the writhing mass. "Well...here's hoping he stops it...or knocks it away from this sector." She says as she flies around the mass to see what's propelling it around.....and disable it if need be.

Iron Man has posed:
    "I better be," Tony says dryly, well aware that Thor isn't exactly going to wait. He hustles into the cargo hold, leaving his coffee cup somewhere on the way down. "Great on the translator. Bruce, give me a hand with these? If we need them, better be ready to fire," he calls, working to snare the devices and start to get them into the Sea Song's torpedoes. "This is really a 'maybe'," Tony comments, and ignores the voice of JARVIS in his ear giving him the exact probabilities. "Never tell me the odds," Tony quotes to himself and with a brief aside-smirk to Bruce, aware the other scientist will understand, at least. Benefits to not working with aliens or Asgardians all the time.

    Nuala's psychic touch, as they glide past it, is unpleasant. It ignores the Sea Song ship. The thing is not exactly outraged, but thinks Thor is being a foolish creature, attempting to worship it by stupid means, trying it's godly patience. The way it speaks, is clear that it does not expect Thor to understand it: much as someone might talk to the tiny fish they are trying to catch out of a tank. 'Oh stop being difficult, you won't win'. It was going to be a merciful god, but no longer, if little fleas like this continue to be so ridiculous in pestering it. It will just dump out the 'tank' instead of fishing. Nuala shares her information with the others, and Tony laughs some. "Wow, arrogant." Kettle, black.

Thor launches directly into it, and the creature attempts to bury him for it, splitting partially in half on purpose, to attempt to fully encase and destroy the little Asgardian 'fish'. It shows, blatantly, that it is more of a swirl of oozing spaghetti than actually a solid mass!

The blue lantern will observe that it seems to move itself by throwing and pushing off of the ugly spawn 'face hugger' critters it creates. They are all over the place; space is cloudy with the spores of destroyed and still living ones as they wiggle uselessly in space. It is extremely wasteful, yet the huge fungal ship is so large, that the loss doesn't seem to have phased the overall size very much.

Thor has posed:
    Deep within the splitting halves of the squishroom, Thor seems to disappear from view several different times, then comes surging back over and over. Lines and writhing bits of flesh lash out, striking, even as he struggles and strains against the most likely pleased tentacle beast.
    "Vile beast." The Asgardian kicks a heavy boot against one particularly aggressive tentacle, and then he seems to draw in. "No being looks down upon the Mighty Thor!" And as he speaks he draws inwards as the tentacles surge and lash, and then there is that blinding white flash that surges from the Uru hammer and suddenly seems to draw back and within like the snap of water when a stone is tossed in its midst.

Hulk has posed:
When Tony comes in, Bruce is intently focused on his monitors. "Tony, Han is gone man. Let it go." Bruce gives in an aside to the engineer as he types in some more. A few more seconds, and Bruce steps back, looking back to the main Stalk, "it makes a strange sort of sense, to give it an intelligent hive mind. Give it the ability to adapt to each planet, and it has a built in bio-defense system. Even Thor is just slowing it down, not really taking it apart." Bruce stands there for a few more seconds... before he starts to walk back to the cockpit.

"I need to borrow your sensor array." Bruce states to Nuala as he goes back to the utility station, starting his own scans as she does her own. Over the intercom, Suzanne, Tony and Thor can hear Bruce muttering to himself, but just loud enough to hear over the intercom, "Distributed intelligence... but what are these?" Bruce continues, "This doesn't work like any of the other models. I need to create another from scratch."

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Suzanne looks at the floating vines and makes a face. "huh. Well...we can't have all of these things out here, can we..." She says as she gets a scoop constuct and begins to scoop them all up.....then fashion a CORK out of all of the vines.....and shoves it straight up where the vines are coming out. "That oughtta slow it down a little.

Suzanne then actually looks around as she starts to hear voices. "Okay, the voices in my head are becoming audible. Space is a weird place....." Then she realizes it's the rest of the people on that ship back there. "Oh right. I'm guessing you might be the avengers......" She then tilts her head. "....I might've slowed the thing down a bit. it's propulsion system is about to get seriously backed up....but things get like that when you shove a cork up someone's ass."

Iron Man has posed:
"You're no fun anymore," Tony sighs back at Bruce. But then amends, "I had heavy things to lift. --- I'll do this myself, then," as Bruce leaves him to his own devices, literally. Tony is now pretty much just occupied with working the devices into the torpedo tubes and getting their power and remotes functional. He'd had some idea before coming on board that they'd be shot into space, but mapping their new guidance to the specific needs as well as physically MOVING them is going to take a little time. He did bring a suit with him, though, and automates it to help him out, though he doesn't put it on or wear it. Better it act separate from him for now. Teamwork with himself.

"Timmy, fire off torpedo tube one into the first of the coordinates list," Tony says, speaking to the ship's AI. "Ready on two in a few seconds here. Got it. Send number two."

Out in space, the devices rocket out, making their way to their designated positions. "Try not to maul the sensitive equipment that will save our lives. Hi, new friend with the giant shovel," Tony says into the comms, the last directed to the blue lantern. "We're trying to find a soft spot inside it, or break it into chunks that the equipment can deal with. Please don't be eaten, it will get stronger."

Thor isn't visible inside all of the churning layers of monster, but some flashes of light are as he batters away in the interior. There are some odd things in there, flashes of a different mushy, swirling consistency that the Asgardian won't recognize, but is a feature from earth: the digestive areas the earth ones possess.

The monster starts to pick up speed - no, actually, well it TRIED, but Suzanne added a lot of confusion to the side it was ejecting the creatures on, and as it works to untangle, it goes nowhere, instead.

Thor has posed:
    Lost amidst the layers and layers of disgusting squishroom flesh and the writhing of myriad tentacles, Thor can be heard on the comm freqs scowling as he slashes to the sides with broad sweeping strokes that provide him with at the least a bubble of semi-free space in the center of the creature.
    "I am doing something, Stark." There's a rush of movement as the creature tenses on the Asgardian, trying to grind him into pieces even as the magical hammer makes it wish it had some Pepto. "There are curious bits and pieces..." That he promptly smashes head on with the hammer, only for it to flare and surge as it unleashes that light and then draws back the very life energy of the creature itself.

Hulk has posed:
"Some adjustments.... there." Bruce gives with a note of finality. "This is pretty impressive. It has all the impression of being engineered. If it isn't, this is unlike anything I've seen before." Bruce starts to type, and a number of 'zones' appear on a 3D model of the creature. "This mothership creature is like a RAID set, only the drive links are acting like CPUs as well instead of just storage for data... and they're shifting. There's some sort of central intelligence in there redistributing it's own parts. It's protecting itself"

A few bits of typing later, and Bruce clucks his tongue. "Thor, you're near one of the central node sites. Hit at 67 by 433 at 45 in five seconds, and you'll be able to do real damage to the intellect inside." Another set of typing, "I'm assuming that the person doing constructs out there can do more direct attacks as well. Hit 57 by 346 in three seconds, and you'll hit the node on top of it indirectly. You're too far out to do serious damage, but every little bit helps." Bruce directs.

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    "It wouldn't like me if it ate me. I'm too salty." Suzanne says as she actually pushes a little harder on the 'cork' to keep it from being shoved out. "I'll just sit back here and try to keep the thing from going forward. "Is that Bruce Banner with you?"

Iron Man has posed:
    "Thor, directly on your left and two big paces ahead, roughly just above your eye level, is 67 by 433 at 45," Tony chimes into the comm, assisting, butting into the conversation as usual. "And there's more just through there, if it doesn't move, go quick."

From the outside, they can see the success of Thor's strikes, the creature is at dead stop, and churning with shock and agitation. How did this little disease inside it get suddenly so clever?!

"Last two torpedo tubes, right now," Tony orders quickly, urgently. They fire.

    The devices flow out to their assigned locations, and Tony runs up to the cockpit near Bruce, leaning over Nuala's shoulder to indicate where the nodes need to move, chattering to her and the AI. The devices adjust, and as Thor and Suzanne strike the soft spots, the creature buckles, unable to maintain cohesion as a huge mass, and starts to partially splinter into smaller sections, with the pockets of brain-like matter in side it under huge stress. The consciousness starts to fragment, and it gets confused, as it cannot access the areas it was just using.

    With a stuttering flash, the devices start to work. "Wait, one is - okay. Now!" Tony directs. With a sucking flutter of pulled energy, a third of the fungal monster is pulled apart and turned into thick white spore matter. "Keep the other parts away from each other just a moment longer, don't let it escape, Salty-lady, previously of the large magical looking shovel."

Hulk has posed:
"You recognize me by voice? I suppose I should be flattered." Bruce observes over the intercom, "I'm Doctor Banner. I have a working model for the intelligence on these mushrooms now, and I'd love to show you where to hit it to keep it breaking apart." As if on cue, "you'll have another node coming up on your 67 by 214 -that's a little down and to your left- in about ten seconds. Hit that, and it'll break apart more, or at least keep it stunned. I'm not sure yet which."

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    "yeah yeah. No salty for the giant fungus." Suzanne says over the radio...and she erects a barrier to keep the parts separated. "My....what?" Suzanne says before her ring puts up a 'window'....and showing her exactly where Bruce means. "huh. Someone's the brains around here. Sure ain't me." She then looks where the ring indicated (which was an extension of what Bruce said. Go fig), and she tilts her head. "All righty. I imagine if Thor was using blunt force...I should use the same." And she erects a giant hammer, that looks like Mjolnir, to hit the specified node. "It's Hammer time I guess. I don't think hitting it with a tank would work."

Iron Man has posed:
    "Thor is leeching energy out of it. But the strikes alone are jarring it," Tony replies, to the tank comment. "Even if it regenerates, we just need a little time."

Thor is visible as he veers through the other side, tearing out sections of the tentacles with his manipulation of energy within the magical hammer. A second big section of the mushroom ship is blown into small parts as the devices kick on, and the last of it hangs like a struggling fish in the air.

"Last part, hit and get clear, no more charges if I miss!" Tony warns. "Not that I'll miss."

With the teamwork asserted on it, between device, careful tactics and physical power, the last part trembles, flashing angrily with some sort of message, before it too is destroyed, fungal spores fluttering outwards in streamers of decaying tentacles.

Hulk has posed:
"Kinetic force will be just fine. What matters is blunt trauma to the biological structure inside." Bruce gives in reply to Suzanne as she goes to work on the directed goal, "That worked. The central intellect is too disrupted to keep it's neural pathways clear." Bruce states as he watches the sensor monitor, "I have a lot of data to go through here Tony, but I might be able to work with this to give you a way to build a disruptor. These things don't have central brains like we do, so disrupting the neural pathways should be very viable with the right stimulus so we destroy their coordination."

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Suzanne lets her barriers and 'cork' disperse. "Never thought a flying fungus would give us this much trouble. I'm assuming this is just one fungus out of a bunch? Cuz this can't be just a random encounter. Earth seems to draw a lot of flak from other systems for some odd reason." She says flying towards the ship.

Iron Man has posed:
    "No rest for us, there's thousands of these on Earth right now," Tony replies, to all of them. "Thor, I assume you'll be headed back to your people? Looks like you have all the time you need now, unless we get more of these things." Tony relaxes into one of the cockpit chairs. "Blue Lantern, do you have a name?" he asks, rubbing his face with a hand, and coordinating to get the devices to come back in: no need to lose those. They may need them.

"That. Is brilliant, Bruce. Let's head back down. I'll talk to the press a bit, see if we can stop some of the worldwide panic. Baby steps." He sends a thumbs up and tired smile to Bruce and Nuala.

Hulk has posed:
"These mushrooms don't really work like any of the patterned fungus on earth. There's some sort of psionic element that I haven't isolated yet. If I'm lucky, I can find the transmission points on the Stalk we have in containment soon." Bruce continues as he types. "I can't guarantee anything yet, but it looks viable."

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Suzanne makes a bit of a face. "Just call me Blue Lantern. I'm the only one in this sector anyways, so you don't have to worry about mixing me up with anyone else. If you need to contact me, just call for me on this frequency. I have to get back to Frigga's Mercy as well. Some of the Asgardians still have poison in them and I need to extract it, as painful as it is. You're....Stark, am I right? We'll likely run into each other again soon...." And she flies off, becoming a comet, yet again, as she streaks for Frigga's mercy.