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Germination: Ignited
Date of Scene: 04 July 2018
Location: Central Park, New York City
Synopsis: The JLA and Avengers team up on a fungal monster in Central park.
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Hulk, Superman, Astrid, Black Widow (Romanoff), Slipstream, Power Girl
Tinyplot: Germination

Iron Man has posed:
    Central park has become a miniature hell. And it is a fairly large park, so that really is saying something significant about the state of it.

    Emergency vehicles are everywhere. Firefighters yell and panic as they work on the fires along the exterior edges of the park to the north, trying to contain the inferno. A great deal of it IS contained, around the bottom of the churning, angry ground at the foot of the enormous fungoid monstrosity. It is eating the flame and heat, as ash and particles flush over it from the burning areas nearby. It is still daylight, dusk nearly, but with the absorption from the alien monster, it is very dark below. Dark, hot, full of ash and destruction.

    "Alrighty, some assembly required. Going with two teams," Tony instructs into the communicator loudly. "Big man -- Superman?--- think you'd like to be on point with the massive monsters this thing is going to spew out? Hulk with him, unless you got a trick you'd rather do -- which I'm all for, really. Widow, Slipstream, those firefighters -- can you two direct them so they don't get eaten by that expanding base of digestive awful coming right at them, then fall back to where I'll be? I'll be getting a dispersal set up on the stalk itself, if I can get in there."

    The mushroom itself has clearly started to drop an array of nasty enemies, bigger than any seen locally: many are nasty in both size and strength, the size of cars, soaking up the heat around them. And they are on the move outwards.

Hulk has posed:
Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, Hulk has made his way from the Avengers mansion from Bruce performing experiments of his own. One last jump, and he craters a good mile inside Central Park. The ten feet of a newly transformed Hulk can be seen on the northern edge at this point.

"Hulk not need babysitter, Tin Man." Hulk states over the commlink, "Hulk help Blue Tights Man when he can." Hulk starts to run directly to the center of central park, making himself a big target as he thumps his way in, slowly going to 200 MPH.

Superman has posed:
"Got it, Stark," Superman replies. There is a boom as he drops below supersonic speeds coming in toward Central Park. The inferno is... not like anything he has seen in New York. He drops down quickly, falling in above and to the side of the Hulk as the big green machine gathers steam.

"Have anyone that can help beat that fire back?" he asks.

Astrid has posed:
    "Interesting." The Asgardian woman only says to herself as she flies on in. The wings upon her back carrying her almost soundlessly through the air, but the Avengers and JLA beat her there, which was expected. She lowers herself at a steady over and lowers a visor over her eyes. This was going to require her to see in this sort of darkness.

"lets see if this works...." She says as she draws an arrow and pulls back on it slowly....then lets it fly.....for the arrow to impact the ground where a fire is.....and a burst of ice can be seen in the middle of the fire....which may or may not melt upon impact. A second arrow is loosed, but it's only a blue glowing arrow, right at one of the nasties that are starting to spill out of the mushroom.

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
    The roar of a motorcycle can be heard as more Avengers traverse the distance from their Mansion to Central Park. The Black Widow is at the controls, pushing the machine to its highest speed as she rushes to the scene. Only she isn't alone. She has someone riding with her.
    She is wearing her usual costume but one of her Glocks has been replaced with a futuristic looking gun. It was manufactured by Stark and should prove helpful in this particular situation.
    "On it," she replies to Stark as she drives directly into the park and heads in the direction of the firefighters who are a bit too close to the growing darkness beneath the giant mushroom.

Slipstream has posed:
Clinging to the Widow from behind on the motorcycle, Drake is wearing a new black leather jacket with a large red A on one shoulder, along with an Overwatch symbol on the other. Besides that, he is still in a pair of relaxed jeans and a snug black shirt over his body. Along his hip is a futuristic looking gun, and in a shoulder bag is Snowball who is blinking with LED lights and making a few noises of a chirpy beeping kind. "Yes'sir, Mister Stark." He says into his comm on his wrist as his other arm is wrapped about Nat's waist.

Power Girl has posed:
    Following along with the Big Blue Boy Scout, Power Girl arrives mere moments after. Not necessarily because she's slower- in fact, she's definitely less cautious than Clark, so she's going a time or two higher on the Mach scale- but because she was halfway around the planet cleaning up another mess when the call went out.

    The sound of her descent is like a rocket nearing the ground, and she only comes in below the sound barrier about twenty feet above the rest of them, slowing to a reasonable velocity in a few instants and then lowering herself at a less threatening speed, to stand alongside her other-universal cousin. "I came as soon as I heard. Should we throw this one to Titan?"

Iron Man has posed:
    "Babysitter? No, I need all my babysitters un-smashed," Iron Man replies to Hulk quickly as he does his own brand of distracted multitasking. Scanning quickly and sending a legion of little drones out. He has three with him, as well, each about the size of a (floating) trash can. "We have a few people with ice weaponry, and I've got my own robots making a barrier on that side. So long as we focus on those monsters and keep the emergencies responders safe, I think I can do both that and the stalk," Iron Man answers, with his usual easy confidence. "Wait, arrows? Is Hawkeye with us? When did he sneak in? --- and please don't throw it anywhere. Do you want more space monsters? Because that's how we get SPACE monsters."

    The arrows shot by Astrid as she arrives on the scene do work effectively, though the general heat doesn't mean their effects last for very long. However, she does have some backup on that: the robots with their sprayers are starting to push on the fire line.

    "Anyway, I've got three nodes I'm positioning near the stalk to destroy it, like we did with the one in space. No prob---" Iron Man's chatty, gliding in low, before the unexpected surge of four large monsters comes up out of the surging mush of white spores. The monsters look like giant masses of off-white vine tentacles, and they moved suddenly and with purpose, surfacing from ground under the mushroom, and wrap their squidlike vines up and out with shocking strength.

    In Superman and Hulk's immediate view, there are about six of those big ones out and about. They are massively strong, and weigh a great deal. Four are now on top of what used to be a nice clean Iron Man, pulling him towards the digestive ooze (probably), two others rumbling out together to the side to meet Hulk directly. 'Little' monsters, comparatively, the size of dogs, start to crawl out all over the edges of the circle of oozing ground, making up the main force of what the fungoid is sending out. Sheer numbers, clearly moving to shove others off of it's delicious barbeque.

Astrid has posed:
    Seeing how her arrow did help a little bit, she does fire another one to help the drones out in their push. "Seems the less energy and heat the fungus has, the slower it grows." The dark haired woman says, just as she spots Tony Getting hit by four of the tentacle things. One arrow flies in to attempt to knock one off of Tony, maybe two. It is a freeze burst arrow, after all. Of course, it also means Tony might get partially frozen in the magical attack.

Hulk has posed:
Going 200 MPH, Hulk is much slower then the two above him. Not that that's letting that stop him as he roars at the two about to clash with him.

"HULK SMASH!" Hulk leaps from his position, directly at the one to his right as he roars, both arms coming up into a sledgehammer as he brings his currently 1.3 ton self down right on it's 'head', before working on pummeling the thing into the ground.

Superman has posed:
"Guess not," Superman says to Power Girl. "But we'd better get Stark out of there. I'll cut their hold on him, you go for the body."

Superman takes aim at a cluster of vines reaching up to wrap around Stark, lining them up so he can hit as many of them as possible in one pass. He accelerates at blinding speed. Boom, boom, boom echoes in his wake and he impacts a row of vines grabbing Tony at several times the speed of sound, hoping to slice through them by sheer kinetic force.

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
    The bike skids to a stop and the kickstand is stomped into place in the same motion. Then Natasha is dismounting and heading for the firemen. "You have to push back this perimeter! The more heat it gets and the bigger that," she points back at the cesspool beneath the stalk. "Gets. It'll be eating you and your trucks soon if you don't."
    She turns back to see some of the smaller creatures questing forth. The freeze weapon is drawn and raised as she fires to see just how well this does against the things. Only she doesn't stop at one. She aims for two more in rapid succession, squeezing off rounds at them too.

Slipstream has posed:
"... Ahhh-Mei-Zing." Drake trails off as he spies the chaos once he and the Widow roars upon the scene. He blinks off the bite, drawing his gun as he gives a command to Snowball to detach. He makes his way to the firefighters to give instruction and to convince them to fall back as he uses his ice gun to ward off any of the smaller creatures as he takes aim and fires over and over again with pinpoint accuracy.

Iron Man has posed:
    Hulk does indeed meet two of the very large monsters head on, and begins to mash and mash and crush one side of the first of them. It does lose some tentacles, but these large ones have plenty to spare. Lots of squishing occurs. They are massive, though, and suddenly that tide will turn: and the two of them begin a very aggressive tug-of-war with a Hulk in the middle. This doesn't last too long, though: they suddenly orient as if they were reprimanded, and start to work in concert to start to pull Hulk towards the pit of digestive mold spores. While being pummeled. Seems like so long as the food is being dragged over, they are willing to be beaten up: sort of suicidal solider behavior.

    The ice attacks from Astrid launch through and magically freeze one of the big monsters directly on Iron Man's lower body, while another one bucks up from the explosive ice, to find Superman immediately on it. It tries to grab at Superman, unable to match his super speed at first, but is sliced loose, tumbling aside and disappearing into the churn of digestive ooze. The second one is caught by the next super-speed pass of Superman, losing half its tentacles. Repulsors flare to life, flinging Iron Man, the additional vine creature and his frozen companion together in a wheeling arc backwards, skidding on the ground, bits of frozen tentacle flying. "This is /not/ the tentacle show I prefer," Tony's voice comes over the comm, forcefully 'calm'. He isn't fine, veteran Avengers will realize quickly, he's overwhelmed. He does only have two now, so that's improved.

    Natasha's pulses of freezing blasts don't kill the monsters, but they do make them trip over themselves and fall, twisting and stunned in the ice. Drake's follow up assault downs even more of them as he blinks and speeds into the fray, and the firefighters, exhausted and spooked by all of this, are extremely relieved to get Avenger help. "Thanks, I was sure those things were coming at us. Where do you want us? We can still help," the leader of the firemen on that side asks, gesturing to the remaining trucks, and gathers his men and women to him to regroup. Next to him another firefighter nods her head grimly, and flashes a thumbs up to Drake. They're motivated by the heroes; they're in!
    "Hey Slipstream, if you're not busy, I have some drones that need to be moved to the stalk at the coordinates I'm sending. I'm just a little popular," Tony laments.

Astrid has posed:
    Another ice arrow is loosed at one of the tentacle monsters that is attacking Tony. Whether it hits or not doesn't matter, When tony hits the ground, Astrid lands closeby to try and pry the other tentacle monster loose with a wickedly curved sword that seems to have taken the place of her bow that she was carrying somehow.

And by pry, we mean cut the blasted thing's legs loose.....

Hulk has posed:
    Meanwhile, somewhere in that mess of giant monsters, everyone in a few miles can hear the roar of the Hulk as the Jade Giant tries to both pummel the one he's on, and try to tug the one tugging /him/ over to him.

    When they start to pull him into the pit though, Hulk works on pummeling his way out of one set of tentacles to drop himself back to the ground... digging his feet in to /grab/ the tentacles around him to pull the monsters /back/, starting his own tug of war with both as the Big Green Gamma Machine visibly grows to eleven feet.

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl nods a bit at Superman, but by the time he's sliced the vines, Tony is already boosting away. He is not, however, alone. Time seems to freeze around her- the sped up perception that is required of someone moving at several times the speed of sound. Then, she's bolting forward, shoulder first. Her attention is primarily on the friend Tony has, but the route is a little strange- she's making use of the speed.

    In addition to shoulder-checking the beast, the sheer amount of air moving around an object at those speeds should help to dismiss some of the flames- she hopes.

Superman has posed:
Seeing Tony's repulsors firing and Astrid helping him, Superman looks up and notices Hulk fully engaged. He flashes over in that direction, coming to hover in the air between the two creatures dragging Hulk and the roiling mass. He takes a deep breath and then blows at them, absolutely frigid air leaving his lungs and pouring all over the two of them.

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
    "Back there!" Natasha turns enough to point to a location some distance away. "Coordinate with the other fire houses. Hit the fires with everything you've got but do it from the outside of the flames."
    She fires a few more rounds as some of the beasties continue moving their direction. It might not stop them but slowing is better than nothing.
    When she sees the big guys getting overwhelmed, she starts to aim her weapon that direction to help just as Superman lets out that gust of freezing air. She's on the comm almost immediately.
    "Any way we can get Superman and Power Girl to get these fires out doing that? It'd stop the growth and we could then evacuate all these fire personnel out of the danger zone."

Slipstream has posed:
"On it!" Drake calls through the comm to Iron Man as he fires another round of ice shards as he blinks in and out of the combat, looking to pull attention away from the humans, and then thin the ranks when he can get a good shot in. "Widow, I'm taking Tony's drones on a field trip!" He calls out as he receives the coordinates on his wristband, then disappears in a blink as he speeds his way over to the drones, then guide them on.

Iron Man has posed:
    "It's frozen to my---" Tony only begins to say. He doesn't get to do a lot of things with these rapid speedsters around. Suddenly Power Girl is shoving the ice monster, and Tony's stuck to it. It DOES mean that they go flying, and the other one is left alone for Astrid to deal with. It rears, eager to engage her and fight; as she cuts off three tentacles with her sword, three come from low to try to jerk her legs out from under her. Smaller monsters head over as well, intending to dogpile and assist their larger squid-friend.

    "....shiny metal ass," Tony finishes, now hanging heavily in the air a distance away, working to pry at the frozen and pulsing creature that is clinging to his back and rear like a pulsing, enormous backpack. "Throwing it upwards, if someone wants to get it in the air," Tony warns, and then fires off the thrusters off his back and shoulders, tearing the tentacles loose and launching the creature high. Tony's armor has massive gouges in it, some crackling exposed circuitry, the works: these creatures are very, very strong.

    Hulk's two friends are getting smarter, or being given better instruction. Little monsters rush in to try to get under his feet to make him lose his traction, ideally to make him slide back. One of the big ones is getting short on tentacles from all the ripping Hulk is doing, though, and has to fall back with a twist -- only to be met by Superman, getting full cold breath, and it stops entirely where it is. It is still pulsing, much like Tony's launched one is: down but hardly out. The heat will thaw it if it isn't dealt with.

    "Yeah, we can hold these big ones with our faces a little while; Widow's right, they're using too much of that heat to regenerate, at this size. Not familiar with your cold powers, Superman, how broad a range can you do?" Tony says, voice tight but still multitasking.
    "JARVIS, handle those drone deployment, I need to get beat on a bit more," Tony mumbles to himself, but an issue with his suit being pummeled means that got broadcast to everyone, along with his personal soundtrack he's playing internally: "WELCOME TO THE JUNNNNGLELiu (talk)" screams the comm.

Superman has posed:
"We're on the fire," Superman says. He looks to Power Girl, nods, and breaks in the opposite direction she does. He flies, breathing out a whirlwind of cold as he does, turning burning ground into ice in an instant. He works from near the stalk backwards through the worst of the flames on his side, pushing them away from the mould.

Hulk has posed:
With yet another roar, Hulk is getting frustrated. Keeping the things occupied has him multitasking hard as squidlings try to trip him up. This causes him to start kicking the suckers right out of the park and into the sides of buildings miles away, but it works well enough to allow those behind him enough momentum to pull him backwards, ass over kettle as he tumbles briefly... only to visibly grow to twelve feet and growl, "HULK TIRED OF MUSHROOM THINGS!"

A loud *SMACK* can be heard as he claps his hands together, a large shockwave emitting out to half a mile out as he tries to clear out the squidlings. The big ones will be dealt with once he gets his bearings again.

Power Girl has posed:
    Admittedly, Power Girl might have enjoyed sending Tony flying a little too much to call the incident an accident entirely- but she figured that Tony was better working from that position than the creature would be. At Superman's direction, she breaks in the opposite, inhaling and exhaling while trying to keep their speeds at a little bit below the speed of sound, matching Clark's. They can't really tear it up- nobody really wants or has ordered one fresh Tornado.

Astrid has posed:
    Astrid is surprisingly fast with those blades, and two more stalks get cut down before the third get her legs pulled out from under her. She lands firmly on her butt, just as she cuts the last tentacle off. She gets up, reforming the bow with her hands and lets another arrow fly, at point blank range, into the not-so-tentacly-monster. "Falling on your arse stings a little." She says to herself again. "At least that armored one is safe....sort of." She then fires an arrow to one of the fires Superman is 'blowing out'....to add a bit more ice to his freezing breath....provided he doesn't blow the arrow away.

Iron Man has posed:
    "WE LIKE FUN AND GAMES," continues the loud rock music into the comm, before something is done about it, and it tones down to a more low roar of intentional sharing.

    "'Safety' isn't really my thing," Iron Man remarks, giving Astrid a hand with the beast she's fighting. Between her slices and his force blows, they dispose of it. Tony continues after the one that was stuck to him before, with obvious avenging annoyance. While doing that, he's relaying instructions with Drake, and getting the drones set up. Everyone is protecting them well enough.

    "Ninety seconds and we will take out this stalk. Keep the monsters occupied, and the fire down, and we'll have this set to be just a cleanup," Tony assures the group into the comm.

    Hulk's attack, his sonic blast, is extremely effective. The creatures are stunned by it, confused, and the little ones mill about, entirely lost. They chase the echoes around in circles, baffled. One of the monsters trying to drag Hulk drags him in the wrong direction: although still heavily and strongly, but entirely the wrong way.

    Between Superman and Power Girl the fires are abating, enough to where the fire crews start to just pick up the last of the patches, cheers loud for the heroic team.

Power Girl has posed:
    As the fires start to abate, Power Girl slows down. Her attention shifts to the Hulk- while not really "struggling" (Hulk Don't Struggle) per se, he could probably use a little assistance. "Kal, white-on-green, you go low." Her meaning is pretty clear- Superman froze it a moment ago, but without some serious trauma, the beast that has the Hulk entangled isn't going to let go.

    Arcing around, and hoping- perhaps even expecting- Superman to follow her lead on the opposite side, Power Girl accelerates to breakneck speed in order to ram the plant-thing fist first up high while Clark hits him down low. She's not really hitting anything above mach II or III- this is more a strength and unstoppability thing.

Astrid has posed:
    "I can see that." Astrid says with an amused tone as she stabs the monster still on Tony, or tries to. "I am Astrid, one of the Asgardians from Frigga's Mercy. Odinson sent me to assist since he had another matter to attend to upon the ship." And she even twists the sword, if she connected, before she pulls it free and connects the hilts again to reform her bow.

Superman has posed:
Superman shakes his head at Stark's musical antics as he lets up to survey the situation. With the fires coming under control and instructions from Tony, he turns his attention to the monsters battling the Hulk as well. Then he hears Power Girl's call.

"On it," he assures her and accelerates as she does, flying in to drill the thing down low in time with Power Girl's strike.

Hulk has posed:
With the squidlings confused, Hulk manages to get to his feet again, and once more engages in that tug of war. This time, with the intention of either pulling all the tentacles on him and ripping them off the creature, or pulling the monsters right over to the Hulk... so he can throw it right into one of it's big brothers. "HULK SMASH BIG MUSHROOM!" He's too tunnel visioned in his rage to see the kryptonian duo coming to help.

Iron Man has posed:
    The monster is shredded with the combination from Power girl and Superman. Perhaps if it was just one of them it would have lost just half of the tentacles, but with the pair of them, it has no where to lean, and both sides are simply cleaved off. It falls in a spray of misty spore bits, powder, over the other squidlings that were wandering lost. The slam of sound of its destruction causes them to orient, though three get pummeled just from a passing Superman when they get in the way. Unfortunately this does mean the Hulk doesn't have a big squidling to pummel anymore: just a field of little ones to march around in and crunch underfoot like so many bits of popcorn, which may be fun and pleasing in a different way, since they are easy to fling, and splatter pleasingly on surfaces. Keeping them occupied is still very important, as is keeping the last of the fires from re-igniting.

    "Astrid, got it. Did we meet on Frigga's Mercy? Maybe not. I do probably have a concussion, so let's not be trusting my memory this instant," Tony comments thoughtfully. "Okay, twenty seconds now. I think it knows," Tony says.
    Indeed, the mushroom has turned its small minions towards where the drones are. "Keep them clear!" Tony calls urgently into comm. Slimstream is on one, Natasha seems to have found a spot on another, but that third-- "With me, Astrid," Tony asks her quickly, leading the way towards the small group of approaching squidlings, and releasing a volley of low ice, to set them up for her to destroy.

Astrid has posed:
    With the squidlings already slowed and/or frozen by Tony, Astrid separates the bow, yet again and starts to spin. With a twirl, she lets go of her blades, turning the display into a twirling dance of death and squid destruction in her wake.

Superman has posed:
Superman reigns in his speed from his charge and sees the other heroes are protecting the drones. He smiles, then takes a breath and goes back to making icy passes over hot spots in the fire. If he happens to catch a few squiddlings on the way, so much the better, but his focus is on making sure this monster cannot feed any more.

Hulk has posed:
*Thump* *Thump* *Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

The sound can be heard in his local area as Hulk starts to leap here and there, crunching the squidlings running around underfoot from running or small leaps as he works on crowd control now. The commlink on his head is strong and size adaptable, keeping Hulk in the loop despite his rage shouts.

Yeah, Tony probably has had to do some massive tweaking to his transceiver so Hulk didn't shout out eardrums with dynamic noise compression.

For now, he's happily stomping his way over to the drones. When he manages to miss a landing, he simply kicks the squidling like a football in a random direction... somewhere.

Some poor New Yorkers are getting rained on with squidling corpses courtesy of Hulk. "Small mushroom things like ants." Hulk states over the commlink, some of the rage removed at this point as he's found an outlet and isn't directly engaged.

Power Girl has posed:
    Power Girl offers this small groan, "Twenty seconds is a long time, Stark. I think we can buy it, though." she states, her attention shifting all around the battlefield. Superman has the fires handled- by now, there's no need to dedicate the both of them to the job of keeping that contained. Instead, she starts to support Big Green. Taking to her feet, she becomes a pink blur, moving around the battlefield and creating paths of extreme cold- not necessarily doing anything to fires or the creatures unless they're stragglers or outliers... But creating a funnel, a constant barrier of ice-breath that will direct the creatures towards the Hulk.

Iron Man has posed:
    "Twelve more seconds to full charge-- ehhh, nah, you're right, too long: triggering," Tony says, and with a sudden weird empty pulse, the field is created across the drones, creating a siphoning zone between them. Energy pulses in a backwards flux as they kick in, drawing across the high technology. With a tremble, the stalk is sheered from existence, evaporating with a tension through the fabric of the air in the zone. Pieces of it outside of the initial field, fried, slowly descend, and the light of the city fills in over the dark area.

    The churning field of digestive ooze turns to waxy paper, and then into nothing as it disintegrates. Squidling creatures suddenly are exposed that were under it, and mill about, as if unsure what to do anymore. They attack targets randomly, but are easy to pick off: Natasha makes short work of a clump with some quick shots, and a crew of military start to come in from the west, clearly signaled by someone such as the multitasking Stark.

    "Well done, everybody. You're all invited to my party tomorrow," Tony says tiredly, but the smile carries in his tone.

Superman has posed:
"Stark," Superman says over the comms, floating in the air above the fire trucks. "Good job, you made us a team today."

He waves to everyone, nods to Power Girl with a smile, then rockets off into the sky.

Astrid has posed:
    Astrid lifts off from the ground again....and looks to Tony. "It was good to assist you in this, Friend Stark. Thor spoke highly of you and you did not disappoint, as he did Hulk. If you need help with the fungi again, let me know." She then flies up into the sky.....and out of sight.