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Log 4822
Date of Scene: 05 July 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Darcy Lewis, Melinda May, Quake, War Machine, Lag, Jill Valentine

Darcy Lewis has posed:
Among the various things you can be trained for at SHIELD, quinjet piloting is on the list. Darcy has someone managed to avoid it, but no longer. Today, she's been almost bodily hauled by May (read: May went into Darcy's office and gave her The Look (TM) until the green eyed woman got up and followed her out) to the locker rooms, changed into a flight suit that's snug in some places and baggy in others, and is now standing by a quinjet, trying her very best not to look every ounce as intimidated as she feels.

"Please tell me we aren't ACTUALLY expecting me to be able to fly one of these..." she's saying to May, a last ditch effort to NOT have to be responsible for this much hardware.

Melinda May has posed:
May simply look at Darcy flatly before starting up the quinjet's loading ramp. She's expecting everyone else to already be here, but won't be surprised if they're not.

"I'm not," she tells Darcy with her usual verboseness. Which means that she really didn't give Darcy much reassurance at all, even though she spoke the absolute truth. This training session isn't designed to teach piloting.

"Every agent takes this course sooner or later. You've gotten away with ducking out of it more than long enough."

Quake has posed:
Skye couldn't really say she's ever had a hankering to learn to fly, but she's been noticing an alarming track record for the jobs she's been sent on: need to be in a moving quinjet. And while there were usually pilots abounding, it also made a lot of sense at this point in her training to rectify the fact that she hadn't a clue about the controls. She might be a field agent now, but she also was aware that the better part of her valor often was staying behind the scenes. Being another body who could move that jet in a pinch was always a good thing.

Besides, May told her she had to. And while May wasn't her SO anymore (Clint kind of was, as he was filling in those field agent gaps), Skye still did what May told her to... For some value of did what she was told to.

She was Skye after all. D'uh.

And if Skye was learning, so was her shiny new Agent-in-Training Marty. "Don't mind May," she tells him. "If she likes you, you'll know it. And if she doesn't, you won't. But she's damned good at what she does so pay attention and learn. I can guarantee you something you learn today will save your life down the road."

War Machine has posed:
It's about this time that another quin jet flies in landing right beside the one Darcy is about to hop in for the first time. The surface of the jet is covered in strange squares and triangles a mishmash of black and white patterns that on the surface serve no purpose at all.

     The craft is sleek beyond measure with radar deflecting features all abound its surface. Its cabin is mirrored blocking out light from entering in and revealing the man behind the controls. It looks a far cry, at least in paint-job, from anything people would expect to find here.

     The cockpit cover lifts up on its hinge allowing the pilot to hop out and over the side. He's dressed head to toe in a pitch black flight uniform that looks more at home in a star wars flick then it does in real life. There are no patches anywhere on the uniform to identify the figure as a member of shield.

     "Oh wait, we were doing this today?" The figure asks in a modulated voice motioning over to Darcy as he speaks towards May. "I thought you'd give me at least a bit more warning" The tone holds a bit of almost menace to it as he reaches up to either side of his helmet and pulls it off.

     Inside is Agent Rhodes, at least once the hiss of decompression from the hermetically sealed suit finally fades a bit allowing him to look about the helmet falling back onto his back.

     "Could have sworn we were doing this tomorrow."

Lag has posed:
Lag eyes the quinjet curiously, trying to gauge what it will be like. "Yeah, alright," he says to Skye. "Can I touch it yet?" he asks her. "Cause you /know/ I wanna feel this thing. It's like, begging for it," he grins.

Darcy Lewis has posed:
"You know, that's not at all reassuring," Darcy quips at May before smiling with pride at having dodged this training for like EVER.

"You know I'm boss at requistion forms. This includes dodging them." Darcy seems to juke and rock back and forth like she's a prize fighter dancing away from blows. ...only, none of what she's doing would /actually/ work. Darcy just thinks it does. The new jet arrives and Darcy delays boarding the jet May went in to in favor of gawking at the ugly paint job.

"Holy fuck-balls, Rhodes! Your plane looks like shit," she calls out. Her eyes track to other motion in the bay, Skye and Lag, and Darcy delays baording again by waving hugely at her friend and her friend's intern.

Darcy needs an intern. And then her intern needs an intern.

"Heya, Shitcode! Little Shit! How's it going?"

Quake has posed:
Skye had seen enough planes now that she didn't feel the need to wander about gawking all wide eyed like she'd been invited back stage to meet the band anymore. Still, they were pretty impressive things. Even if Darcy was laying down the dissing on Rhodes' plane.

Darcy gets a smirk. "Dragged you in on this too, huh? That's what you get for figuring out I wasn't a traitor and how to find me. And ixnay with the Itcodeshay in front of the Ittlelay Hitshay, huh?" Which comes with a grin and a wink.

But speaking of.. "Everybody, this is my trainee, Marty. He goes by Marty, or sometimes Lag. Apparently Little Shit if we're to listen to Glittertits over there, and any moment now, May is going to scowl at us all and remind us we're on business..."

She grins, and gives Marty a nod. "They're good folks. This is how they say welcome to the family."

Melinda May has posed:
"Enough cursing. Rhodes, join us when you've finished your post-flight checks." She doesn't say anything about his complaint. Maybe that'll be an argument for later. She looks at the others before stepping toward the pilot and copilot's seats in the quinjet -- this model being one that does not have any sort of bulkhead separating the pilots from the rest of the jet. She reaches past the seats to pull something loose from the control panel, then gestures.

"Lewis, pilot's seat. Perkes, copilot's seat." She indicates each chair in turn. "Skye, stand between them so you can see as well. Now before you start humming the Top Gun theme song or something," and wow can she make that sound like a bad idea, "you're not here to learn to pilot a quinjet." She gives Darcy a moment to react before proceeding.

Darcy Lewis has posed:
Enough cursing. But Darcy isnt? That's just what she calls Skye? bah, humbug! She turns to Marty, smiling and holding out a hand.

"Darcy Lewis, nice to meet you Agent McFly." Really, she couldn't resist.

Ushered in, Darcy drops into the pilot's seat and looks up and back for May.

"Actually, I think I'd rather be the Flavigator, please..."

100points if you get THAT movie.

Lag has posed:
Lag runs a hand along the frame of the quinjet when he climbs in and smiles broadly. He rolls his eyes at the ribbing, but nods to Darcy. "You too,"he says with a smirk.

Still, he seems more interested in the plane. "This is gonna kick ass," he says largely to himself.

Quake has posed:
Skye snorts. "Less cursing than what she calls me," May is informed. The young woman shrugs. She can deal. She knows about the level of cursing May will tolerate. She's pretty sure she can keep under that thin red line, even with Darcy's presence.

"So," Skye tells Lag. "May is the ranking Agent here. You report to me as your SO, but when you're on a mission, or in a training exercise, you listen to the ranking Agent, or the Agent in charge. In this case, May is both."

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Jill, for what it's worth, has completed just about every required training for all agents within SHIELD, on time, and with high marks. Following the incident in Raccoon- and even before that to an extent- the level of organization on her part is never anything other than extreme.

    However, the training requires various people in various roles, and one of those roles is Passenger. As usual, Chris is in Somewhere Else, Utah and Barry can't be trusted to not call someone the master of something inane or some form of incompatible food product. As such, Jill has been tapped to... Sit in the back of the Quinjet and provide commentary as a secondary observer to the abilities of the pilot(s) being tested.

    She arrives when she needs to- not a moment before- dressed in combat kit (for her) because it's somewhat required. Dutifully, she calls to May, "Agent Valentine, reporting." before sitting down.

    Admittedly, these particular drills are not usually particularly harrowing. For some reason, one of the more composed and moderately fearless agents has been called to sit in on this one.

Darcy Lewis has posed:
The nerves of havnig to actually handle the quinjet finally getting to her, Darcy pushes herself up and nopes out when Jill arrives.

"Seriously, I am so not up for playing Sulu. Plus, today's shipment day from Office Max. Peace." And she's out! ...adn she'll pay for this later, she know.

Melinda May has posed:
May steps out of Darcy's way when she nopes out and flees, and after watching the agent disappear out of the quinjet turns back to look at Skye. "You're in the pilot's seat, then." Yes, the lesson is going to continue. "Valentine, thank you for being here. You've had the basics course already, yes?" If she has, it's the training class where SHIELD agents are given a very brief overview of the quinjet's systems and are shown how to do a few very basic things in case of emergency, like using the communications system or activating the automated landing sequence.

"If not, step over and join in." If she has, May use this as a chance to test the agent's memory of her own training course to see how much she retained.

Lag has posed:
Lag takes a seat while May sorts out who is sitting where up front. He opens his mouth to volunteer but shuts it when Skye is put in the pilot's seat. Instead he sits back and waits for the training to begin.

Quake has posed:
Skye gives Darcy a shake of the head as the other flees, but enh, she'll take the pilot's seat. She's not worried about that. How bad could it be after all? Of course now is when it occurs to her that May might have wanted a headn's up about some of the particulars of what Marty could do... then again, May had clearance, and someone like Lag would have been on her radar. No doubt the senior Agent already knew.

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Jill has, admittedly, learned more about the Quinjet than she's supposed to. Not from something as amazing and dutiful as reading the manual or attending unsanctioned training events otherwise known as joyrides- but because one of her oldest friends is practically a giddy child in the face of a new thing to fly.

    When Darcy leaves, May invites her up, but Jill shakes her head. "The paperwork required to allocate the training hours to me instead of Lewis would probably kill both of us-" And Skye takes the seat, all the same.

    "I think she'll use the knowledge more. I mostly jump out the back of these things anyways."

Melinda May has posed:
May looks at Jill. "There may come a time when you end up having to put this bird safely on the ground instead of jumping out of it. I'll deal with the paperwork." Or, more likely, she'll make Darcy deal with it since she's the one that bailed.

Regardless, she lets the field agent decide if she's going to just hang out or actually step up and participate, and turns back to the two seated in the pilot's chairs.

"This is only a quick over view of the systems here in case of emergency, not actual piloting. We're starting with the communications system." She takes a minute to point out the controls in relation to both seats and where the headsets should always be stowed when not actively worn as well as the sequence to key a mayday broadcast.

"Even if you forget everything else, remember that sequence. It may save your life and the lives of everyone aboard."

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Admittedly, this particular field agent is probably the most boring. As well, Skye is already in the seat and Lag is her co-pilot. The most Jill would be doing is standing behind them and going over things with May. However, it is a statement of her discipline that she doesn't do anything petty.

    Instead, she offers a nod or two along, and is clearly listening- but at the same time, despite that she's paying attention, from the way she follows along, she remembers the little details.

    After all, despite the complexity, none of the instructions end with "and then turn this crank and that statue will move allowing you to take an emblem to the console to open the headset box, which doesn't have headsets but does have a colorful, specially shaped key that can be used to open the cargo bay of the quinjet, in which are the spare headsets that you can use to operate the communications systems."

Quake has posed:
Skye makes a note of the instructions, if only because May doesn't point out things you aren't going to need to know. If she says it, she expects you to pay attention, and that you might need it one day. So Skye follows the instructions along, nodding as each is given, and noting the placement of the controls. Memorizing the details.

"Heh. So this is what it's like when I give people the IT girl rundown about their computers, huh?" Grinning. "Did you turn it off and back on again?"

NOT that Skye was the IT girl, but she'd let people believe that for a long time.

Melinda May has posed:
"Similar, but more likely to keep you alive," May retorts. Then she moves on to explain other systems on the quinjet's control panels, leaving the most important for last.

"This is the automatic piloting control. If something happens to every flight-cleared agent on this bird and it's up to you to put her on the ground in one piece, this is the single most important part of the entire 'jet." She proceeds to explain how to trigger the auto-landing sequence, and it's even simpler than the communications system.

Quake has posed:
"Hey, landing this bird might be more likely to keep you alive, but your comms go down, you're gonna wish someone like me were on your team. Can't find you without working beacons and systems."

Skye is all grins. "But fiiine, not crashing, really good plan. And I'm guessing phase three, if autopilot fails, is actually taking the controls and flying this thing?"

Jill Valentine has posed:
    What better way to help out, however, than providing insight from the rear seat! "The automated landing system is very good at finding a suitable surface and position on which to land. But, it isn't infallible. In the event that it can't find something, or what it finds is not what it needs, there is a manual override. There are also parachutes for all crew, with spares, in the event of an emergency."

Melinda May has posed:
May nods in agreement with Jill's commentary. "That is absolute last resort only. SHIELD agent teams are intentionally comprised of at least one flight-certified agent beyond the two pilots. These are precautions in case there is no one left who has more knowledge of these birds." She doesn't add that she suspects Skye will likely never need this information for multiple reasons, but there it is.

Really, it's Darcy that most needs the information being presented here.

"Now. Let's see how much you retained. What does that do?" She points at one of the literal dozens of controls on the bird's panels.

Quake has posed:
"Heh," Skye laughs. "What you're saying is if I learn this, Clint and I can go out on missions together." She pauses. "Wait, is he flight certified?"

May can see the wheels turning. Learn something before he does..

And May is right, too. Given her trainee, Skye's actual danger of not having someone on hand who can control such things as the quinjet are fairly nil.