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Take That to the Bank
Date of Scene: 06 July 2018
Location: Tribeca, New York City
Synopsis: Jessica, Kaelyn, Tyler and Josh intervene in a major bank robbery!
Cast of Characters: Elixir, Spider-Woman (Drew), Scarlet Spider, Kaelyn Silverleaf, Twitch

Elixir has posed:
Mid-morning in Tribeca; it's busy. The sidewalks are jammed and the roads are no better. Hot, humid air hangs over the city like a wet blank. It's the kind of day where you sweat standing still. But New York never sleeps, never stops.

At NYC dispatch, a robbery call comes in on the Lower East Side, then another across the bridge a few minutes later. A major crash happens over on Broadway.

The Chase Bank branch at Worth Street and Church Street has the usual flow of people going in and out or standing in line in the wood, steel and glass interior. Business people and shop owners, a few students, a young mother trying to keep her two kids quiet.

Meanwhile, at exactly 10:17 am, a black utility van forces its way onto the sidewalk out front of the bank, sending people scrambling and screaming in all directions. The driver slams the van into reverse and stops just short of the front doors. The back doors of the van open and armed men pile out and rush into the bank. The front passenger door of the van opens and a man fires a machine pistol into the air. People run, some trampling over each other. The driver steps out as well and takes watch on his side of the van. Both of these men are wearing heavy ballistic armor covering the fronts of their bodies.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica Drew had just stood in line for thirty minutes for a TigersBlood sno cone. But the second the vendor hands it to her, she hears a gunshot, and screaming, around the block. She sighs, and slips into a convenience store. "May I use your restroom?" She doesn't wait for the clerk to respond before disappearing into the door marked "Employees Only." Guy should be used to it by now. She lets herself out the window, which he's probably also used to by now.

Arriving in blazing red and gold, Jessica leaps down from the side of a building and lands crouched on the top of the van. Immediately she turns to the driver and thwips out a web, giving it a jerk to try and spin him up.

Scarlet Spider has posed:
     Scarlet Spider is listening to all of this on his helmet, the police scanner feeding Scarlet Spider all the pertinant information as he sits perched on the corner of a building. "Two robberies within thirty seconds of each other, and a crash.. Yeah.. This is a setup for something bigger." The Scarlet Spider says to himself "Gwen, pull up all local banks near me." he says in his headset to the wrist mounted computer, a city map showing near by pins. "That one." he says as he starts making his way towards what ostensibly is the largest, (and busiest) bank in the area.

    Getting close and hearing the gunshots go off.. "Yup yup, yup.. get your tuckus in gear Spidey." he says as he uses his meta-humanly strong muscles to catapult himself into the air at break neck speeds towards the shots fired..

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
She'd been collecting objects she needed for the store along with books and whatnot, old books, and Kae was passing by the bank to do well, some banking and whatnot before heading back home... She'd pulled her large F-150 raptor into a parking spot and was currently shoving quarters into a meter when all hell suddenly breaks loose.

Kae blinks and looks up from her task at hand, to see basically all hell break loose as a van goes up onto the sidewalk and backs toward the bank she chose to do business with today? Kae takes a deep breath, the red-head's green eyes focussing on the goings on, and not really even flinching as the fellow with the body armor and machine pistol starts firing into the air.. "Greaaat..." She mutters...

Then a super hero shows up... "Help or no, Help or no..." She mutters quietly, then shrugs and waves a hand at the pickup... There's a ripple around it and suddenly it's shrinking in on its self, turning to about the size of a hotwheels vehicle before gliding into Kae's pocket as she makes her way toward the bank, her lips moving as a barely visible haze or 'wall' seems to snap into existance around the woman and a quintent of small blue ghostly spheres appear, these only just barely in the visible spectrum while they orbit the woman, as she closes in on the whole mess surrounding the bank.

Elixir has posed:
Josh, a golden skinned 19 year old in blue jeans, a black t-shirt and white sneakers, was just trying to make it to the NYU downtown bookstore to buy some textbooks on anatomy. His eyes go wide when the van pulls onto the sidewalk ahead of him, hitting half a dozen people before it comes to a stop, backed up to the doors. Josh starts to run towards the nearest downed pedestrian, against the push of people running the other way then skids to a stop when Spider-Woman lands on the roof of the van. When she thwips at the driver, he runs the last few steps to a woman in a pantsuit on the ground, screaming, holding her leg. He starts to pull the woman to her feet and there is a golden glow. Then, wide-eyed, the woman is running down the sidewalk.

The driver of the van seems to hear /something/ and is turning and looking up when Jessica lands. He moves, faster than he has any right to in that armor. The thwip catches his off arm. He starts to raise his gun arm to shoot at Jessica. The front passenger seems just as alert. He starts to turn to face Jessica but then sees a young woman walking his way with glowing orbs around her. He asks no questions, and in fact doesn't say a word. He knows trouble when he sees it and opens fire at her.

From inside the bank there are gunshots and screaming, and the sound of someone barking orders. A flash of orange and red light reflects off the inside of the bank's front windows.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
SpiderWoman jerks the line upward, attempting to pull the driver's arm painfully over his head, just as she leaps over him to twist it over his shoulder and the gunned hand down toward his shoulder blades. With her other hand, she thwips webbing around him to bind him to the van, her focus suddenly on the shots fired inside, and finishing this guy up so she can get in there. She hasn't yet noticed the man helping others yet - she's still more concerned with those trying to hurt them.

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
As the man starts to fire, Kae continues on, her now glowing green eyes focusing on the person firing at her, even as the ward she'd thrown up begins to ripple and crackle with energy as the bullets impact it, each one falling unharmed to the ground after having spent their energy.

Kae's eyes glance from Spider woman, to the guy she thwipped, to the fellow shooting at her, then to the injured around as well before she motions to the fellow firing on her a trio of the spheres suddenly leap to life, each one taking arcing vectors toward the fellow, Kae winces internally as one takes the wrong arc, and hitting the van with the force of a small wrecking ball, the other two however zoom toward the shooter like small guided missiles.

Twitch has posed:
Seeing as how it's broad daylight and he's told his advisor that he'd take a break from being a superhero, Tyler Grant is just cruising along the street on his bike, looking for a parking spot after having dropped off his buddy, Josh. The sound of gunfire instantly grabs his attention as his head swings in a twitch so he can look over his shoulder through his black full face helmet. As soon as he sees people in trouble he turns the motorcycle around in traffic and guns it towards the scene of the crime.

The Harley accelerates rapidly towards the front of the bank until Tyler swings to a stop in front and leaps off into a front flip, letting the bike lay down on the ground as he runs toward the the guy with the nearly invisible floating balls streaking towards him, intent on kneeing him in the face, not knowing that he's unlikely to not be standing in a moment.

Elixir has posed:
The driver tries to track Jessica as he pulls the trigger, but she is faster. Her second web shot plasters him to the side of the van. An instant later, the van /jumps/ sideways a foot towards Jessica as one of the blue orbs impacts it on the far side with a massive force. The front passenger takes the other two full in the midsection and is lifted off his feet and thrown into the passenger side of van, caving it in around him. It is unclear whether his body was falling back out of the indent in the van or he was pulling himself out, but whichever it was Tyler jumps up and cracks the man in the nose with his knee. He drops limp to the ground.

Josh is helping another pedestrian hit by the truck to his feet when there is an enormous orange flash inside the bank. He looks over and his eyes go wide.

"Look out!" he yells as he throws himself against the cement wall below the bottom lip of the window and turtles.

The windows all across the front of the bank blow out in a spray of broken glass. It's followed by a loud /whump/ and bright orange flames pour through in a wall of fire that licks down the side of the van. Just inside are two men in leather trenchcoats with matching half-shaved, half-long haired haircuts. They could be identical twins for all there is to separate them at the glance. They stand with their arms outstretched and fire pouring out of their hands.

Inside the bank is a mess. The main service counter is charred. People are cowering on the floor, some lying in pools of blood. One guy in all black wearing a balaclava starts pointing a gun in the direction of the windows and fires toward Jessica. Another on the other side of the foyer is yelling at some people on the floor. There is a green skinned... man?... on the wall above a door in the teller area, looking intently inside what must be the hallway to one of the vaults.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
As the van lurches toward her, Jessica jumps back. She stays put only long enough to make sure the driver stays secured. "Ok...don't go anywhere, I'll be back!"

She noticed the healer briefly, and she pauses, crouched next to him and touches him lightly to let him know she is there as she creeps along the wall. "You all right? I'm going in there. I'll get some out to you if I can, but I have to clear out the garbage before I can let you in..."

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
The wards around Kae flare to life yet again, glass and whatnot bouncing off the magical protection. THough a few hairline cracks appear slightly visible. Kae's clicks her tongue, muttering "Tsk.." Briefly as she notes the new folk...

Kae then begins muttering yet again, her right hand raising as there appears to be frost forming near her finger... She finishes her incantation and a blue bolt trailing frost in its wake launches toward one of the new wierd-haired folks along with the other two spheres with it, the ice 'dagger' as it were taking a direct path while the other two arc in from the sides at a slightly faster pace than the ice bolt...

Kae pauses from casting her latest spell, taking a deep breath as he looks to the fello who kneed her previous target in the head... "Umm nice knee?" She says and offers a thin-lipped smile. "Anyhow may need your help with these others, I'll draw their attention..." She says and raises her hand again as she launches several more of those icy blue bolts at the two 'bad guys'.

Twitch has posed:
When he hears the words 'look out' Tyler hits the ground in a somersault and turns his head, quickly scanning for signs of trouble. It's a damn lucky thing he's got a jacket and head gear on as glass hits him before he can duck beneath the windows and let the flames fly above him. A gloved hand reaches up to pull a piece of glass out of his left bicep.

When the lady shooting magic ice things addresses him, Tyler nods at her and says, "Okay. I'll try to handle those guys with the guns." And he proceeds to do just that, whipping his arm around to launch the hunk of glass he's just pulled out of his body towards the face of the man shooting at Spider-Woman, aiming to bury the glass in his nose. Even as his projectile is traveling Tyler rips his helmet off and hurls it at the head of the other gunman, putting all the force he can muster behind it. Then he starts moving towards the first gunman, hoping he's distracted enough that he'll be an easy target.

Elixir has posed:
"Got it," Josh says to Jessica as he brushes glass out of his hair. He looks harrowed but his eyes are focused. "I'll start out here," he says. He crawls forward on his belly and grabs an unconscious teenager by the ankle, just under the hem of her jeans. Glass shards push themselves out of her face and mottled, red and black skin recedes to match the rest of her caramel complexion.

The driver of the van, bolted to the side when the explosion happened, is screaming now. Glass and burns pepper his left side. Bullets meant for Jessica fly past as she moves onto the wall.

There is a pause in the flames as the two mutants assess whether they got them all. Two glowing balls and an ice bolt toward the leftmost of them is an answer in the negative. The balls smash into the mutant seconds before the ice bolt hits him. There is a sickening crunch of bone and the start of a yelp that is cut off as he frozen to the spot. The other fire mutant start sprinting toward Kae shooting fireballs at her icebolts and, then brings his hands together, forming a large one to unleash in her direction.

The man shooting at Jessica has no idea anything is wrong until blood is gushing down his face. He drops his gun and yells when the glass shard buries itself in his nose. His hands come up, shaking, in front of his face.

The other shooter seems to have finally realized that Something Is Wrong (tm). He turns, then raises an arm as Tyler's helmet comes at his head. The helmet bounces off his arm and the man opens fire in the general direction of Tyler and Kae.

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
Kae gives a tight lipped smile again as one target is down, then the other mutant comes charging in. Ice bolts impact fireballs and cancel each other out, litterally leaving what looks like a frozen fire ball in their wake...

Kae then sees the long stream coming her way and raises her voice, now incanting in an odd foreign sounding language, probably unrecognized as she holds both hands up, her ward flairing to life yet again as the fire impacts it. It starts to crack, then as Kae's words reach a point where it seems like the words are crawling into people's heads, making hair stand up, etc the wards begin healing them selves as she pushes them slightly away from her self, still muttering, that whisper of hers barely on the edge of hearing...

Kae leaves her left hand up, and begins circling now with the fellow unleashing the fire at her while she tugs a ring from her pocket. She then touches the crystal in the ring and suddenly, while she and her whole ward are covered in the flames from the one fellow that ring opens up... Kae steps through the ring, leaving the ward in place.

As she steps out she raises her hand her chanting changes now, simple words this time as a sustained blast of what appears to be something like lightning lances out from her outstretched hands at the fellow making the chain of fire on her now abandoned ward, which cracks and crumbles, the fire now consuming the ring shortly after the woman passed through the gateway.

Twitch has posed:
"Look out!" Tyler yells when he sees the shooter pointing his weapon towards himself and Kaelyn. Then the young mutant starts to move, his body taking off as if of it's own accord, dodging from side to side as he closes the distance between them. In his most intimidating voice Tyler attempts to get the crook to comply, "Drop the gun or I'm going to hurt you." Coming from a bleeding seventeen year old kid it may not be the most effective command. Still, if the guy doesn't drop his weapon Tyler won't hesitate to attempt to grab the robber's gun arm, jump so that his legs wrap around the man's body from the side, hug his head with his other arm and roll him into an arm bar after adjusting his leg placement. From there it's a simple matter for Tyler to lean back and cause a sickening crunch from his opponent's shoulder.

Elixir has posed:
Josh keeps working his way through the downed pedestrians, telling them to keep their heads down as the bullets keep coming. Golden glows flash and die as he does.

In the distance, sirens have started up and they sound like they are coming nearer. Above, there is the thwup thwup thwup of an approaching helicopter. The markings on the side suggest it is probably a news crew.

The remaining fire mutant is not prepared for Kae's move and misses her disappearing behind the light of his attack and her ward. Lightning lances out from her and catches him mid-stride, sending him tumbling to the ground, trenchcoat smoking. He is still moving though and seems to be trying to get up. He's badly hurt though.

Glass-in-the-face is running toward the back of the bank, leaving his gun behind. Still air craddling his face.

The second shooter keeps firing at Tyler, firm in his conviction that this /next/ bullet is going to get him. But Tyler dodges them all and the man's arm is nicely outstretched for the flying armbar takedown. The man yells as they go down; then he screams as his arm breaks backwards at an unnatural angle.

The green guy drops off the back wall, leaps forward and then his /tongue/ shoots out of his mouth and sticks to the high ceiling. He swings towards the front of the bank from it like... like.... like a guy swinging from his tongue toward the front of a bank.

There is a hum, somehow inaudible but there, and at the back of the bank a short, slim man appears. Then the hum happens again and he's gone. There is the sound of a door opening and new alarms going off from down a hallway toward the back of the bank.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Wow." Jessica is sort of speechless for once. She opens her mouth, then closes it. "I'll..." She stops again, just shaking her head, as he swings, and she shoots a web at the direct spot where his web meets the ceiling, to reinforce the union of ceiling and tongue. Like duct tape. Except not. She gathers energy within herself and she tugs the web as she does, to swing up and join him. "Hi, I'm SpiderWoman, and I enjoy long walks on the beach and hanging around in banks..." She grasps onto Greene in midair, and attempts to discharge the stored energy in the form of a tasing blow.

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
Kae blinks, seeing the fellow trying to get back up... She frowns and tries to nail him with one of those ice bolts this time, hoping to freeze him in place...

After casting that spell she takes a deep and wipes her brow. Looking closely one might see the signs that perhapse she didn't escape the whole fire plume unscathed. Still she watches the fellow she just hit briefly before she turns and notes the green fellow...

"Dammit." She mutters and turns in their direction, before Spiderwoman intercepts them.. "Works for me.." She mutters and from her pocket she pulls a blue vial which she quickly downs... Those visible burns she had are now quickly going away as the second degree injuries begin to fade... "What next." She mutters quietly and turns to look back at the second fire mutant, ready to launch more attacks his way should she need to.

Twitch has posed:
"Told you to surrender, dick hole," Tyler says to the guy he just messed up before attempting to grab his gun from him so he can slide it away from the bad guys. As he gets to his feet Tyler kicks the downed criminal in the head. Hard. Pointing at the green guy the kid says, "You're next, Kermit!"

Before he can get there Spider-Woman seems to have that one covered, so Tyler instead decides to deal with whatever is going on down the hallway. As he moves towards his destination Tyler reaches up to touch his wounded arm and winces a little bit before looking down to see if there's any blood on his glove. There is, and this causes a deep frown to appear, "Damn, that hurts."

Elixir has posed:
The second fire mutant is frozen in place to the ground now and will not be getting up until either Kaelyn says so or someone brings an icepick. Even then.

Tyler has no trouble at all taking the gun from the second shooter and sliding it away. The man's entire world is contracted into the pain of the multiple fractures and the serious break in his right arm.

When Jessica's web sticks the green guy to the ceiling his eyes go wide and starts to flail. He slams into Jessica making the most bizarre "hnnh hnnnh!" noises. There is the release of energy and he goes limp, still hanging from the ceiling by what must be at least 6 feet of tongue. Just drooping there, over top of the reception desk.

Josh peeks over the bottom of one of the window sills and his mouth drops open. After a brief pause, he gets up and carefully climbs over the sill, expecting more shots to ring out any moment. But the heroes have clearly dominated this room and none are forthcoming.

"What in the ever loving..." Josh starts to say, standing in the doorway. "Um... So... Who's hurt?" he asks, looking around. He moves over one of the bank guards, being cradled by two men in business suits, bleeding from a chest wound.

"No, what the..." /BANG/. A single gun shot rings out from the back of the bank and there is the sound of squealing tires.

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
Kae's head swivels toward the bang, and the squeeling tires. She frowns "Don't know my way back there, can't gate or teleport..." She mutters and shrugs, waving her arm and forming yet another ward while starting to jog toward the sudden noise. "I'mma thinking this whole thing was some kinda diversion." She mutters as she makes her way post-haste toward the back of the bank and of course the vault.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica furrows her brow. "Green dude?" Z'it okay if I cut your tongue to get us down?" She considers just leaving him hanging, but he could asphyxiate on his own tongue at this point before he comes to. So she climbs her web, releases it from the ceiling, and hears a loud collapsing FLUMP on the floor as Greenie drops into an unconscious heap. "Sorry! Green dude..." Then there's a gunshot, and squealing tires. Jessica springs from the ceiling toward the drive-through window at the back of the bank, firing a web at the ceiling to add centrifugal force as she hits the glass at full speed to find out what's going on out there.

Twitch has posed:
"Oh crap!" Tyler twitches when he hears the /BANG/ and turns up the speed as he hauls ass towards the back of the bank, hoping that the gunshot he just heard doesn't mean that someone just died. He runs quickly, hopping over whatever might be in his way and taking corners without slowing down. "I'm going to mess up that little disappearing dude when I catch him!"

Elixir has posed:
As they pass by the vault, Kaelyn and Tyler see one drawer in the bank of safety deposit boxes is pulled open. The cage where the ATM and teller's drawer cassettes are kept is not even open. Two wide-eyed cage employees stare back at them from behind the bars.

Further down the hallway, the shooter with the glass in his face is gasping ineffectually for air with a bullet wound through his neck. Even as Kaelyn and Tyler approach the light goes out of his eyes and his body slackens. The back door is open.

There is a smash of glass and Jessica comes flying out into the alley just in time to see a motorcyle tear into cross-traffic and turn left. But somewhere to the other end of the alley she feels, or is it hears, that hum again. But there is nobody there to see. Kaelyn and Tyler catch a glimpse of the motorcyle too, as it accelerates down Church.

Police cars, ambulances and two fire trucks begin to roll up. The police come in, guns drawn, but lower them in surprise, initially, then recognition as they see Spider-Woman swinging away.

"They're gone," Josh yells to the police. "I need help over here!"

The lead officer turns and speaks into her mic, calling in the paramedics. They come running in with stretchers. Josh flags the first ones down and reaches down to heal a woman with a gunshot wound, bringing her back to consciousness as he does. There are some startled noises, but the paramedics recover quickly and don't ask questions. They start triaging the wounded and pointing Josh at the worst of them.

Kaelyn Silverleaf has posed:
Kae frowns and rubs at the back of her neck "Soooo not used to superheroing..." She mutters quietly and sighs... "These villains are a bit hard to figure out at times..." She adds and sighs. She glances to Tyler and umms "Ya can hang around if you like, I gotta get going...NOt supposed to advertise our presence afterall." She says with a slight smile, then the woman waves a hand and a gateway opens up. The thing rippling in front of her briefly before she steps through... "Follow if you like, just think of where you want to go, the gate will take you there. If you step away, it'll simply close..."

Twitch has posed:
"Oh no," Tyler says as he sees the man die in front of him, briefly closing his eyes and tilting his head so that his face faces the floor.

Now that things have settled down Tyler looks over at Kaelyn and says, "I'd usually be all over a chance to get magically teleported, but I gotta get my helmet and my bike before I get out of here. It was good working with you, your magic is awesome."

Stepping away from the portal he makes his way back to the lobby, keeping his hands away from his body so the cops don't accidentally shoot him. Seeing that their guns are holstered and the EMS crews are doing their thing Tyler wanders over towards where Josh is, not getting close enough that he'll interfere, and watches him heal people. "Good work, man."

The young man pulls off his jacket so he can look at the wound on his arm, "I can't believe I didn't see that coming. At least I'll get a good story out of this scar." It doesn't look too bad, but it is bleeding pretty freely. Balling up his coat Tyler uses it to apply pressure to his injury.