4876/A Friendly Visit

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A Friendly Visit
Date of Scene: 10 July 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Captain Marvel (Danvers), Groot, Rocket Raccoon

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
With the space fungus threat being a big issue, Captain Marvel has been doing a lot of back and forth between Earth and Kree territory. Every now and then, while making space treks, she likes to take a break where everybody knows her name. Sure, it's not exactly Knowhere, but the company is much better, even if others would refute it. Camraderie just tends to develop when you hang up with a crew long enough, even after you part ways. "Anybody home...?" Carol asks as she steps into the common area.

Groot has posed:
Groot lets out a soft grunt from where he's standing to the side of the common area, a hand splayed over the viewport, his digits saturated with leaves and surface chlorophyll to get a quick photosynthetic snack. He peers and shrugs, offering a wave and gesturing to the rest of the space. "I am Groot," he says.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket is currently hunched over in one corner of the common area. His tail is curled oddly and quite rigid at the moment. His ears seem pinned back. He's panting heavily as his right arm seems to twitch and jerk in repetitive motion. He huffs and chitters to himself, his back to the room.

"Huh...! ... Huh! Hnnff... th...that's it... ju..just like that... a'most.... there...huh! HNNNGHHHH!!" He goes utterly stiff, spine arched back, chin up, teeth bared and gritted together and his eyes closed.

A quiet little *click* might be heard in the pregnant pause as his breath catches. And then a quiet whine and whirrr as something powers up and its systems energize.

"......NNngggggawd....!" he groans in relief... panting heavily he looks down in his lap. ".... dammit... what a mess..."

Turning around, his right paw is slathered in some sort of lubricant. He wipes the paw off on what looks like one of Quill's tee shirts. A pair of female appearing lips open with a tongue sticking out. ".... damn that was amazing." he huffs again and looks up at the blonde. "Hey Cap.... welcome aboard. I was just finishin' up."

It may come as some relief (or not) to see he is holding some sort of device in his left paw. It appears to be a grenade or other explosive. It is glowing a pale blue and clearly has power though does not seem to be armed. Yay?

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"Hi Groot," Carol greets the most trustworthy of the Guardians, no offense but, hey. Then she hears all the noise made by Rocket, and strategicly doesn't look his way. "Good to see you're as loud as ever, when I ever I wonder why I made the decision to move on, you're always there to remind me. I apprecaite that Rocket. Where's Quill? Slacking off somewhere?"

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket stands up and moves to get another drip rag. "Hey. What can I say? I'm a giver. Besides. No one's bitched about my weapons when it comes time for a fight. You want part of Rocket, you gotta take all'a Rocket. Package deal, Blondie." He wipes his paws off and the grenade before setting it on the table. "Besides. Whose mind is dirty here? *I* was workin' on an explosive prototype that required the implosion core remain at a certain temperature during assembly. How the **** else am I gonna keep it from going fissile if I don't rub it and use friction to keep the temps up? Ain't my fault you got a dirty mind, there, sister. That's on you, not me!"

He shrugs and finishes cleaning up the corner work space. "Wanna beer? Quill got some fancy schmancy "Boo-Tique" beer last time we were on Earth. Only he forgot where he stashed it. Lucky for me, I found it and I'm in a sharin' moood!"

Groot has posed:
Ah, Quill. Groot snorts in his own way, the sound like a cough from just below his chin and rolls his eyes at Rocket's aplomb with destructive forces. He lifts his hands to face the ceiling and waggles his head back and forth before making a few strides to the cooler and its stash of fluid goods.

He extends and then retracts some vines to pull open the door and pulls out a bottle for himself that he stashes in the twigs and bark on top of his head. He looks over the open door at Carol and extends a few bottles of his preferred nectar. "I am Groot," he says. "I am Groot. I am Groot?"

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol shakes her hand in a dismissive gesture, indicating she doesn't want some of Groot's nectar. At least not at the moment, though she does smile at the offer, "thanks, I appreciate it, just not thirsty." But she does arch a brow as Rocket goes about his explanation, and works out blaming her of having a dirty mind in the process, "I have a dirty mind do I? How do you come by that Rocket? If anything, I'd say -you- have a dirty mind for reading what you were reading in my words, I only said you reminded me why I couldn't stick around," she winks like a champ and goes to settle in one of the seats, stretching her legs. "Glad to see you're still the best at producing the most spectacularly explosive weapons and gadgets though, those were always a perk."

Groot has posed:
Groot shrugs and tosses one of the nectar bottles back into the 'fridger before popping the seal on the other and taking up the juice through the absorptive tissues in his hand. He rumbles happily before peering at the bottle and reaching for a few dribbles of potable water to dilute the mixture for extended consumption. He leans against the wall as he sips.

"I am Groot," he points out at length, cocking his head as he regards Rocket. "I am Groot," he continues, pointing to Rocket's back and then to the weapon in turn.

Rocket Raccoon has posed:
Rocket snorts. "Why do *I* have a dirty mind? Blondie, I've been a *****in' live experiment as far back as I can *********in' remember. I've been in prisons that make dying seem like a vacation. Trust me. You do NOT want to drop ANY. *****in'. THING. in those places. EVER." He shrugs and grabs one of Quill's beers for hisself. "Why do I godda dirty mind? Why do I godda dirty mind. 'cause I seen a lotta *****. ***** dat don' go outta dis cybernetically freakish brain once it goes in." He gulps down part of the bottle's contents.

"'Sides. It's fun havin' a dirty mind. You should try it some time. Might do yah some good. Unwindin'." He chitters a snicker and gulps at his beer.

"Anyway, Blondie. What's the earth's greatest Captain doin' on our little rust bucket we call home?"

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"So...what's he saying? He's on my side, isn't he?" Carol asks Rocket, the universal Groot to People translator. "Uh huh..." Carol seems quite into Rocket's take on things, "so you've seen shit. I get it...nobody else ever seen shit, so you can be forgiven for having a dirty mind." One way or another, Carol just tries to agree with Rocket, while also anchoring the point she made previously. She can be slick like that. "Hey, I used to call it home at one time, don't diss the Milano, she's a good ship." Carol notes, before reclining in her seat, "just doing back n' forth erranding on behalf of Earth to the Kree. Some stuff you wouldn't care about, no credits to be made."

Groot has posed:
A chuckle clacks out of Groot's chest, the wood grating back and forth as he huffs his amusement. A quick chuck sends his first drink bottle into the recycling hopper, and he reaches up to the top of his head for his next serving. He waggles his free fingers near the side of his head, twirling one long index-vine in an up-pointing circle.

He points back to the device, then pulls his hand back to point toward Carol with a shrug. "I am Groot," he says finally, before popping the lid on the next bottle and shoving in a rootlet.