4940/Germination: Mutant Town cleanup

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Germination: Mutant Town cleanup
Date of Scene: 17 July 2018
Location: Mutant Town, New York City
Synopsis: The mushroom threat in Mutant Town is dealt with in spectacular, heroic fashion. Hulk... makes new friends?
Cast of Characters: Shadow King, Hulk, Kid, Astrid, Twitch, Punisher
Tinyplot: Germination

Shadow King has posed:
The three story apartment building looks very bizarre. Normally, the mushroom stalk alien fungus does not appear in the city: and if it does, it's in a park or graveyard or something with grass. This thing has destroyed the roof in one end of the building, and the huge domed canopy spreads out from there. It seems to have found food somehow: probably a lot of the denizens of the building and the contents of their pantries.

The building itself is mostly clear of people, but there are terrified pets and an occasional confused person nearby. The mushroom, of course, is not alone: it has the 'squid' like creatures with it. They are roughly the size of dogs: bundles of horrifying white tentacle-sludge that look more like face-huggers than anything else. Their role? To grab things, tear them to pieces, and drag the pieces back to the digestion spores at the base of the mushroom. The base, as of now, is not visible: it's somewhere in the mix of apartments, possibly down to the first floor. With all the smaller creatures around trying to grab bystanders or even policemen, it is a big mess. There's dozens of the eerie things.

Hulk has posed:
It's been a few days since the Hulks been spotted in the New York area. Most Avengers attention on his has had him busy in the midwest, keeping the farm belts from being destroyed any further. Whether he's been very effective is up to the farmers and the experts... but many stalks have fallen to the Jade Giant over the last few days.

Now though, Manhatten needs attention, and Hulk has been seen jumping across the country to get there. More then once the military has mistaken him for an ICBM with his supersonic speeds in midair. He can't 'properly' fly... but he sure as hell can mimic it with his speed.

When he gets to Manhatten proper, he lands in a large crater just outside the city, the shockwave of which can be felt through the ground for a half mile, before he starts to jump onto the sturdier rooftops, beginning a 'patrol' of the city. Anyone who knows the Hulk well will realize this is him being /careful/ in the city, as he surveys. Eventually, the Mutant Town stalk is seen, and Hulk jumps over to a nearby rooftop, looking down to survey the goings on. Ten foot of the Hulk is right on the edge as he gets a good look, "Hulk confused. Why are mushroom things inside building?" Hulk asks out loud, rhetorically.

Kid has posed:
Kid has really REALLY grown to hate this fungus. They are litterly messing with his source of (mental) food! It like being in direct competition. As he was strolling about trying to decide where to go, he stops when he sees more of the fungus creatures trying to grab people.

He raises his hand thinking <"Frack it">

And he procedes to walk over to a pick-up truck and breaks the window with his elbow. Entering the car he takes out a few tools, and opens the dash board as he hot-wires the car. The engine roars to life witha vroom! The screeching of tire and burning rubber smell fills the air...and off he goes

Kid procedes to actually try to run OVER any funquids outside the building. He wasn't exactly a careful driver as he sent trash cans flying.

Astrid has posed:
    One of the stranger sights around the various cities has been sighting of armored angel flying around the cities. Things are no different in mutanttown as Astrid lowers herself near Hulk to look at the fungus.....and she's there when Hulk speaks. "Probably the same reason why you're on top of a building, green one. Hail Hulk. Why don't we get the people in the building to safety, and prevent this fungus from growing any more? I even brought more arrows this time." She then takes off into the air.....and fires an ice arrow at one of the squid things, especially if it's nearing a pet or person fleeing from the building.

Twitch has posed:
It's not a bad night for a ride. Tyler's out on his motorcycle with his full face helmet on, cruising through Mutant Town, looking over the folks there and getting a feel for the neighborhood. His little trip unintentionally takes him around to the apartment building with one of those space mushrooms growing out of it. Tyler pulls over across the street and removes his helmet to get a closer look at the alien menace. A cell phone comes out of his pocket and he quickly snaps a picture, then shoots off a text.

The youth hops off of his Harley and sits his helmet down on it, eyeing the squid monsters that are going after people. He seems indecisive for a few seconds, then opens one of the Fatboy's saddlebags, reaching inside to pull out a tactical load bearing vest. After swapping it for his jacket Tyler starts to shake his head, then shoots off another text before reaching into his back pocket for a black bandana that he uses to cover the lower half of his face.

The noise of the speeding truck causes his head to twitch to face that direction and Tyler stares, almost in awe, as he watches the driver attempt to run over the attacking critters. Shaking his head to clear it, Tyler then looks both ways before jogging across the street, filling his hands with the one pound lead ingots he uses as projectiles on the way. Any of the squidlings nearing a person will soon find themselves getting pelted as hard as Tyler can throw.

Shadow King has posed:
Kid's car has one fungoid speed bump, and another squid creature meets the front of the car and goes flying off into a driveway entrance on his arrival. Astrid's arrow streaks down out of nowhere to freeze a squidling that was climbing out of a broken window, long tendrils feeling out towards the car's noise with apparent interest.

The one that was run over? Toast. It is melting into spore-ooze. The one that was flung lost a few tentacles, and is recovering, squeezing and turning over itself to begin to head towards Kid's vehicle.

Tyler finds three of the squid monsters from his side: they are attempting to catch or drag a cat that is hidden under a car out, by feeling around underneath for it. The cat hisses and yowls in terror.

Hulk has posed:
"Hulk here because Avengers dealing with other things and Tin Man and the others have their attention on Goldilocks." Hulk states casually, before he jumps down. 1.3 tons of the Hulk leave a crater.... and a squished squid as the Hulk lands on one with almost alarming accuracy.

Stomping hard enough to hear thumps in the vicinity, Hulk all but ignores Tyler as he throws his ingots around. He simply grabs hold of two of the three squids going for the cat, and proceeds to start to smash them together, the raw power behind it being heard for a block, "Hulk smash!" Hulk roars as he starts to turn his toys into pulp.

Punisher has posed:
On a night like this, Frank usually finds himself staring down into the bottom of an empty bottle before either grabbing another one or gradually fading out until the sun comes up on another painful day of existence. Not today, though. He needed a break from the nearly-persistent pain swimming in his head. He also needed to get out of Hell's Kitchen for a few hours. He just needed to take a walk around the city, clear his head up some.

Guess today wasn't the best day for it, though. As he makes his way through the streets to Mutant Town, he comes across the fungus-infected building and the chaos on the streets out front. "What the hell.." he mutters under his breath as he sees some squid-like creatures going after animals and people alike. He wasn't planning on getting into any action tonight so he packed lightly, but at least he brought something. He shoves his trench coat aside and pulls out a pistol and levels it at one of the creatures that is meandering towards a bystander, "Get back!". His brows furrow as he squeezes the trigger and pops off a few rounds at it.

Kid has posed:
Kid sees the arrows from his mirror and whistles in appreciation. But more than that, his mirror reveals the pile of alien goo. A chuckle escape him, and the car turns sharply, screeching the ground as it turns around. He gets a full view of Tyler now, as well as sees Hulk above...and the angel with the arrows.

"Some party" he thinks

And one he intended to cause as much mayhem and trouble for these alien invaders. He pumps the break and burns rubber once more, the noise defeaning, before allowing the car to shoot forward. He swerves around Hulk as he landed almost in front of him and zig past tyler and zags past Frank, and into another car. He back up just as reckless...and begins doing a donut, reving the engine intermediatly, as if in challenge.

And like a mouth to a flame, more squids start comming out of the building, hearing all the ruckus and racket being cause by the oncomming heroes and vehicles.

Astrid has posed:
    More arrows are fired out as more tentacle beasts come out....and they're frozen in place almost immediately. "Smash 'em hulk!" She says as she fires a couple more, mostly keeping two of the three off of Tyler, and another that was nearing Castle. "Mortal." She calls to Frank Castle. "Do not use fire or any sort of energy up close. If they get close, use a blade. They get bigger if you use energy or fire." And another arrow is fired, freezing another in place......

Twitch has posed:
"Leave. That. Cat. Alone!" Tyler yells, punctuating each word with a tossed projectile aimed for the most head like part of the squidlings. Of course, that's when he's joined by the big, green being that is the Hulk! The sound of him impacting the ground is enough to get a little twitch out of the young man who watches for a moment as two of the fungus monsters are smooshed together into paste, "Holy crap! That's awesome!" His head twitches in another direction at the sound of gunfire, "Good shooting!" As squidlings near him are frozen in place Tyler delivers blows to the last remaining beastie, dodging between it's tentacles to pound it's headish region, using his ingots as fistloads to increase the power of his punches until the thing stops moving.

Then the larger group of squidlings making their way out of the building catches his eye. Trying to avoid getting between the moving vehicle and the largest concentration of fungoid beings Tyler rushes at the group. When he gets close the young mutant jumps into the air, coming down hard on the closest of them, smashing the point where it's tentacles join it's body hard enough that it seems to be done moving. The next in his path catches a roundhouse kick to the parts, getting knocked back into it's fellows. "I really gotta start carrying a blade." More ingots are tossed into the group approaching them, Tyler going through his ammunition quickly. Sparing a glance towards people nearby who don't seem to be trying to kill the things he says, "Get out of here folks! And someone go get me a fire axe or something!"

Punisher has posed:
The impact from Hulk landing nearby shakes the ground and causes Frank to lose his footing for a moment. He drops to one knee and glances around for the source of the disturbance only to see the massive green beast just down the block smashing things to pieces. "Holy..." He's heard of the Hulk, who hasn't? He's never seen him before and after witnessing in person the pure rage and power, he kind of hopes never to see him again. But at least for now they seem to be on the same page with this fungus crap.

A truck suddenly screeching past him and hitting another vehicle snaps his attention back to the matter at hand. Frank sees that the burning rubber has drawn more of the creatures out of the building. With a heavy sigh, he rises back to his feet and takes aim, firing off a few more rounds at each one he sees. The bullets slam into the squid and send a thick liquid spewing into the air as they tumble back. The magazine drops to the pavement and he instantly grabs another from his belt and loads the pistol and begins firing at more. He glances over at Astrid. Mortal? Tch. Good to know about the knife, though. At least he has one with him in case they do get too close.

Out of the corner of his eye he sees a young man trip and fall while running away from one of the creatures. A curse escapes his throat as he takes off, leaping over the hood of a car to intercept the squid before he can get to the fallen civilian. Following Astrid's advice, he holsters his firearm and unsheathes a blade no regular person on the street has any business carrying. He drops and rolls, swiping the blade as he rolls back up, slicing it across the squid's 'face' and sending it recoiling.

Hulk has posed:
For his part, the Hulk doesn't /care/ what's in the way, he just charges right through vehicles, trees, and sign posts as if they weren't there as he runs headlong into the exit where the squids are leaving with an enraged roar... and proceeds to battering ram through them all, and /right into the doorway/. It collapses from the impact on him easily, making a portion of the front side start to cave in.

The Hulk disappears from sight in the chaos, and the dozen or so squids he ran through are easily squished heavily, or simply knocked down from the kinetic impact.

Shadow King has posed:
The cat is frozen in place with fear under the car. Possibly from Hulk. Hulk is a little bit terrifying at times. All of the sound of that, AND the truck, will be a lot like kicking a hornet's nest. The creatures are clearly responding to the sound: either they like the noise, or are being sent to deal with it. The giant mushroom itself looms silently in the background, like a heavy beast squatting over the apartment building.

The creatures don't really have heads. Or spines. They are ooze-like bundles of tentacle-like vine-whips with a blobby center. However, shooting them in the limbs or center all works. 'Headshot' is going to be impossible, really, though.

Kid has posed:
The squids that do reach the truck find themselves getting squashed by the it as it keeps up it's resolutions! Some try to hop towards it only to be knocked back and into other objects and directions! A healthy puddle of ooze forming all around. Of course, this is an abandon car and it eventually sputters out.

Kid gets out of the truck with a grin on his face. Now this was fun. But it was also in time to hear Tyler call. A telepathic message goes out to him "Hey man, Catch!" and a crow bar is taken from Kids' pack and is THROWN towards Tyler!

Of course it was around this time, a Squidling tries to eat Kids Face! He does his best to hold it away as it begins to strangle him. He let out an angry animalistic roar. Other squids are comming fast now. And air was getting tighter. Sensing these things had minds...he did the one natural defense he could in this moment - he tries to drain the creature of ALL it psychic energy, not even being sure if that was possible, but well worth a try.

Astrid has posed:
    Another arrow is loosed at the beasts going after the cat, and once they're frozen, Astrid just smashes one of them with her fist. She then lifts the car and picks up the cat, depositing it in an alley.

Unfortunately, that much time means she gets a pair of tentacle monsters on her sides.....which her shield deploys and she manages to push one of them onto the shield......for the time being.

Twitch has posed:
Tyler's a hard target, moving almost inhumanly quickly to dance between the tentacles of his fungoid foes, making low, sweeping kicks at the few that remain after Hulk's crushing attack. That's when he gets the mental message Tyler turns to see a crowbar being tossed through the air and snatches it, letting it's weight whirl him around before he brings it down as hard as he can on another monster, turning it's center of mass into pudding. "Thanks!" A tentacle reaches out to grasp his ankle and pulls him off of his feet, "Damn it!" The young man twists around on the ground to bring his new weapon down into the tentacle, crushing it enough that he can pull himself free, scoot backwards a ways and kip-up to his feet. As another tentacle comes his way he parries it, grabs the tentacle with his free hand, pulls it to bring the rest of the squidling in front of him and brings the crowbar down on it a few times.

Dancing backwards and taking a deep breath Tyler looks around to see what else might be happening. Seeing that Kid's vehicle is now surrounded the young human bolts towards it, hauling ass to try to get to his friend's side, launching the last of his projectiles at the swarming monsters to try to distract them.

Punisher has posed:
After slicing into the blobby center of the squid creature, Frank stuffs his knife back into its sheathe and pulls up his pistol once again to squeeze off a few rounds into it, causing a pair of its tentacles to explode off and fall to the ground and twitch. Glancing over his shoulder towards the young man, he sees that he's already sprinting to safety.

Dropping the spent magazine, Frank scans the area to see the Hulk smash through the building entrance and cause a couple of the front floors to collapse behind him. His eyes widen as a fresh magazine clicks into place. Kid's feral roar brings him back and he looks over to see one of the monsters trying to cling to Kid's face while a few others quickly converge on him. He starts running back over towards Kid, slamming his boot on top of one of the squids as he runs past and takes a few more shots off at some that are closing in around Kid. He's not sure what the hell these things are so he's trying to stay on the periphery to avoid being overwhelmed by the creatures as well, but all the noise seems to be making it more and more difficult. Not to mention he didn't bring enough ammo.

Hulk has posed:
/Something/ is going on inside the apartment complex. The sounds of roars, and walls and other assorted things breaking can be heard outside easily. The ground quakes just a bit and a number of windows on the floors above break, leaving the sidewalks a mess of broken glass.

A squid shoots out of the wall on the first floor and lands squished against the building directly across the block, breaking yet more windows. The Hulk can be seen roaring through the gap before he disappeared out of sight yet again.

More breaking and quaking continues. The way the Hulks going, people could be excused for thinking it's a miracle the whole thing hasn't collapsed on him yet.

Shadow King has posed:
Kid's close proximity to the squid creature has it attempting to wrap long tendrils around his neck, arms, anything. It will dismember and pull him into easy to carry sections, if nothing is done to stop it. They squeeze, they rip, they drag. That is their major mode. The mind of it comes close, and Kid unleashes his mental power. The creature thinks, in a limited way. It is a small, dense little mind, like that of a giant ant. It has free will, but few thoughts. It is a minor little snack, for the effort given. It collapses as it is drained, going docile and limp. It isn't naturally a psychic creature, but Kid will sense that some other psychic thing was talking to it, somehow. It is very receptive to such things.

Astrid has posed:
    Astrid growls as she tries to get her arms to move, and the beasts awayf rom her body, but they cling like.....an octopus. Astrid grabs her bow and separates it....the act of such splats the beast on her shield against the building, and she uses the free blade to stab, then cut the other beast in two. They can't exactly absorb energy if they're dead.

"Very unpleasent..." Astrid says before she draws, and looses an arrow at one near Frank Castle's position, freezing it in place. "I prefer you alive, Mortal. Experience is rare against these monsters, and I am sure that, if you had more time, you would have been better prepared."

Kid has posed:
Kid was NEARLY out of air there, and is thankful that he manages to make it go limp and tosses it away! The rest of his limbs and body are thankfully saved by Frank and Tyler. As he stands up, he has to duck to avoid the flying squid being thrown by Hulk! he sings quickly, his watch speaking "Thanks"

But what he heard from the squid mind was...facinating. He suddenly got a rather big idea in mind. Why fight them, when he can make them fight each other possibly?

Kid takes a deep breath and concentrates putting his hand to his head as he closes his eyes to let the world fall away. A sound illusion is not like visible one. It a different sense to effect entirely, but one he may be able to utilize.

Within their simple minds, Kid tries to 'silence' the sound of their normal targets and tranpose them onto other members of their kind. To confuse them and allow the other heros to take them out more easily potentially.

Twitch has posed:
Loud noises cause him to twitch a little bit but Tyler still seems to be holding it together well, keeping his head on a slightly twitchy swivel to make sure he doesn't get surrounded. He doesn't take too long to make sure he's safe as there is still more smashing to do. Taking a deep breath Tyler waits for Castle to stop shooting before he moves in to mop up what's left around Kid. Still breathing hard he heads towards another one, taking the crowbar in a two handed grip, dodging from side to side to avoid tentacles and finally bringing his bludgeon down repeatedly on the monster until it turns to paste and tentacles.

Hulk has posed:
Eventually, The Hulk can be heard in the building, "Hulk tired of mushroom things. Stop eating planet and go away!"

Then, something starts to move... or rather, the /entire building/ starts to move. The sounds of a collapsing building can be heard as the stalk in the inside slowly lifts out of the apartment complex.

It looks like the Hulk is ripping the thing out of the ground somewhere in there.

Punisher has posed:
When an arrow strikes one of the creatures at Frank's feet, he glances up at Astrid for having his back yet again. He nods in her direction, "I'd have brought a little more firepower if I'd known this was goin' down." He leaps up onto the hood of a parked car and surveys the surroundings. Fortunately no more of them are emerging from the building where Hulk is hopefully taking care of them at the source. He is really wishing he had access to his arsenal. Grenades and a fully automatic rifle or even a damn minigun would be nice right about now.

Astrid has posed:
    "I was in a similar situation mere weeks ago mor..." And that's when Astrid realizes what Hulk is doing. "We must get to cover.....I fear the Hulk is....angry." She then collapses her bow, puts it on her right forearm and grabs Frank Castle. "Pardon the imposition." She says as she wraps her arm around Frank's body and flies into the air.....on top of the nearby building. "I have seen Hulk's anger. I do not wish to be very close when he gets that angry."

Kid has posed:
Kid's illusion is working. Many of the squids stop attacking bystandards, police officers or even the heroes. Instead going after one another momentarily before realizing it was their own! In otherwords, the traditional food source has become INVISIBLE to them!

Kid notes how easy they are to manipulate. They were simple creatures, following orders without question. At this point he was fairly certain he can make them dance thriller...but this wasn't the time to play

He signs "Alright fellas, prepare to kick it into Overdrive, big guys got the stalk, so let make sure than the small ones do not escape" his watch speaking out of course

And than with another telepathic signal...Kid actually begins ordering the Squids out into the open, in plain sight, to stop who they were going for and come to where the heros where. And to best of all...start killing each other.

The squids come in droves and groups out in the open and begin tearing into each other. But it was not enough to give this order. Kid was fighting agaist another psychic force to control the squids now. At one moment the squids are fighting, the next going back to what they were originaly trying to do. A back and forth dance of masscuring each other, and going back to the hunt.

Twitch has posed:
"Oh crap!" Tyler exclaims when he feels the earth move under him and turns to see the whole apartment building shake as the space mushroom lifts inside of it. "Hulk is so cool..." He catches himself before getting too lost in thought when he hears more rumbling. The young man calls out, "Get away from the building! It's going to come down!" He heeds his own advice, trying to get out of range of where bits of building will likely be falling. "Come on, man! Get clear!" Tyler calls to his buddy. Despite not recognizing him visually, that psychic message he sent out is a pretty good indicator of who he's dealing with. As the squids start coming his way Tyler starts smashing them, putting the crowbar to good use. It's a confusing mess and Tyler is dipping, dodging and rolling to avoid tentacles when the squidlings function as normal. When Kid's winning Tyler does his best to massacre the things.

Punisher has posed:
Frank continues to survey the area when Astrid slides her arm around him and suddenly he finds himself flying through the air and onto a nearby rooftop. When he lands, he drops to a knee to stabilize himself, his equilibrium thrown off a bit from the sudden change of trajectory. He glances up at Astrid with a slightly annoyed look on his face, but he nods up at her regardless, "Thanks."

Pulling himself to his feet, he trudges over to the edge of the roof and peers down towards the building where the Hulk is roaring. He doesn't know what he expects, but something in the neigborhood of a catastrophic explosion comes to mind. Looking back over at Astrid, "I'm guessin' I wouldn't want to be close to him either."

Kid has posed:
Kid sees the building rising and whistles. Yea, he didn't need to be told a SECOND time to get moving. Kid telepathic signal was clear to the squids - place yourself in the past of falling rubble! And many did, getting themselves squashed!

As kid follows Tyler, the large 'human' scoops him up and tosses him onto his shoulder. With a practice ease, he scalles up the sides of a pair of firescapes and up onto the same roof Frank and Astrid went to. A nice and safe spot...hopefully. Of course, he unceremoniouse drops Tyler on his rear once they do get up there.

Hulk has posed:
Portions of the apartment building collapse inward; at least those that were relying on the stalk in the center for structural integrity. Those outside can see the stalk lift up about a dozen feet as the Hulk roars out his frustration inside. Within about ten seconds, it starts to collapse in on itself, it's integrity compromised as its shredded and sheds... spores spread slightly into the air. More of the complex collapses into the center as it does so.

Punisher has posed:
When the stalk and the building surrounding its stalk begins to collapse, Frank takes a few steps back from the ledge. He doesn't intend on being around once the dust settles. The fewer people who know him the better. Especially super-types. It's all hand holding and campfire singing when you have a mutual cause, but as soon as it hits the fan, the tides turn and people don't usually approve of his... methods.

He does his best to sneak his way down into the building from the roof and make his way to the street, giving one last glance over towards the destruction Hulk leaves in his wake and then ducks down an alley and starts making his way back towards the Kitchen.

Astrid has posed:
    Astrid looks over to the pair that just joined them and nods her head. She doesn't speak, but she does bring an arrow to her bow....in anticipation of more trouble, and willing to keep the creatures off of Hulk.

Twitch has posed:
After getting dropped on his ass by Kid, Tyler quickly gets to his feet and takes a second to dust himself off as he heads to the edge of the roof to watch the destruction. The people next to him are given a wave, "Hey guys. Nice fighting those things with you." To Astrid he says, "Those arrows of yours are awesome! And you're one hell of a shot." Then to Castle, "You too, man." To Kid, "Thanks for the ride. I think you might climb even faster carrying me than I could alone."

Kid has posed:
Kid watches as Frank heads off, before looking towards Hulk. His own telepathic abilities still concentrated on the squids commiting self harm. The lack of self preservation instinct in them was helpful to say the least
    Kid signs and the watch speaks "thanks. had alot of practice. Also winged lady, got a spare bow and arrows? Those seem neat"

Hulk has posed:
In the dust and debris settling down around the former apartment complex, the Hulk is nowhere to be found. There isn't even a roar.

Soon, there are loud thumps, a few quakes as yet more debris is tossed, and the Hulk lands outside in the street. There's a small shockwave where he lands, but nothing breaks.

A sneeze later, and Hulk is brushing off piles of building debris, almost shedding like a wet dog. "Hulk done with building stalk. Tin Man can clean acid thing that eats Hulk." Hulk states. Is he talking to someone? It certainly seems like it.

Then, Green eyes from the now /massive/ sixteen feet goliath looks to the others, "Hulk done here. Others can go too, if like." *SMASH* a stray squidling is kicked into opposite building again.

Kid has posed:
Kid eyes are huge as he stares down at the now bigger hulk. Kid has never really been exposed to heros persay - but Hulk was a hero he can get behind. Kid turns up the voloumn on his watch, to make sure Hulk can hear as he signs "Dude, that was awesome. You just litterly tore through a building!" Welp he just found his favorit hero!
    He looks to Tyler and Astrid and signs "Welp, guess were done here. Only one thing left to do...." he grins and signs down "Thanks big guy!" and with that he heads back down to the ground

There was no time to loot like the present. Mangoes here Kid comes!

Astrid has posed:
    "I do not, I am afraid. This bow is Asgardian, as is the arrows....and myself. I do not have the knowledge to forge another, especially as powerful as this bow. The arrows, I can, but they are not quite as useful without a bow, and...the effects upon the arrows used are of my own making. So, an arrow loosed from a bow like this, would be less effective because you cannot use magic....I do not think." Astrid says a little bluntly. "You seemed to do fine on your own, Mortal, even without weapons like mine. Also, while I am a 'winged lady'....my name is Astrid of Asgard. It is a pleasure to be on Midgard."

She then hops off the roof and glides to Hulk's front, where she lands. "You are not injured, Hulk?" She says looking Hulk over. "Odinson did say you could withstand many things, but I scarce believed him....."

Twitch has posed:
"Thanks, Hulk!" Tyler calls down at the big, green Avenger with a smile. He makes his way to the fire escapes and descends rapidly, doing a series of front flips to get himself to the ground, following behind Kid, "See you around, man. Thanks for the crowbar." He waves the tool.

As he gets to the street he makes his way towards the Asgardian and waves to her, "It was nice meeting you, Astrid of Asgard. I'm glad to have you here. You can call me Twitch." A look to the green giant, "You too, Hulk."

The young man then heads for his Harley, ducking down to make sure that it wasn't harmed in the battle. After assuring himself that it's okay he opens his saddlebag, swapping out his tactical vest for his jacket and sticking the crowbar in so that as much of it will fit as possible.

Hulk has posed:
When Kid addresses Hulk, he just looks at the Gorilla confused, "Why gorilla thing impressed by building? Hulk bring down big sky buildings before when fighting idiot general." Hulk states, as if that makes matters better.

Then, he looks to Astrid as she floats down in front of him. There's teeth barred from rage, but Hulk doesn't seem interested in smashing Astrid, "small mushroom things tickle sometimes. Big mushroom things can hurt and scratch, but Hulk strongest there is and heals. Hulk yet to fight mushroom thing that gives Hulk trouble. Just so many stalk things on planet, Hulk cant smash them all." Hulk snorts, "Hulk been fighting for weeks. Hulk bored, but needs to keep planet from being eaten."

Kid has posed:
Kid himself was picking through a few dead bodies for wallets and what not and putting them in his pack. Not like they were useing it. But at Hulks question, Kid answer by signing "Simple, it way cooler to see you doing it in person, than it is to see you do something on the picture box! It like comparing which is better, watching food on the box, or eating it. You rather eat it right?" his watch beeps out followed by brow waggling.

He glances to Astrid a long moment. "...Huh, that explains things" he signs...before Tyler comes to mind. he was about to run over to get his crowbar back, but he stops...he can just steal another one.

Astrid has posed:
    "As long as you are not hurt, Hulk." Astrid says before she steps backwards. "I shall see you again soon, Hulk. I shall give greetings to Odinson for you as well." She says as she flies into the air....and out of sight.

Hulk has posed:
As the threat has passed and the stalk is dealt with, emergency services are finally starting to break their cordon and move in for rescue and repairs. The apartment complex itself is largely a goner, collapsed inward as it is... but it could have been a lot worse.

With the sixteen foot Hulk still on the scene though, some of them are still terrified to get close. Not that the Hulk seems to notice. He just turns to one side, and with a push off, leaps into the air, breaking the sound barrier almost immediately as he heads for the next threat to the city.