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Dragon Ball... Selene
Date of Scene: 26 July 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Black Queen, Magik

Shredder has posed:
    The StockGen office of Oroku Saki stands with an imposing looking double wooden door, etched with a relief carving of a Japanese battle scene. Very few know the story. Takeshi's defeat of his clan when they attempted to kill him out of fear.
    He let Selene know that he had acquired a certain sword she had lost, and invited her to join him. The receptionist responded promptly, and there was virtually no delay in admitting her to the office.
     Behind the tall double doors is revealed a rather unique looking office. It looks very much like traditional Japanese dojo. The smell of incense hangs in the air, the floors are padded as if they were designed for sparring. Pillars along the side of the room are adorned with long thin oil paintings that have Japanese scripting upon them. The view should be amazing outside the window, but the natural sunlight is shielded currently by thin paper walls, allowing only the soft glow of the sun's light to filter through. Various stands containing traditional martial weapons are placed throughout the room, Swords, nunchaku, spears, ancient armor all give a very authentic feel to the office, as if it was part museum.
    Saki stands from his desk as she is admitted, which is low to the ground in traditional Japanese fashion. Pillows on the floor in front of the low surface, which has a tea pot and two individual cups.

Black Queen has posed:
There's really a lot of hassle using modern world process and order. Waiting at the entrance for the doorman to open the door, waitin at the desk for the receptionist to ring up and give permission. Waiting in the elevator as it goes up. Someone could literally -die- waiting and Selene's as impatient as an immortal gets. Though there's something she wants and that's why she is here, and so that drives up the impatience.

When the elevator dings and lets her inside, she's brought along another, and she walks in a few steps more, "I could -kill- someone with how long it takes to do anything." She says in a clearly frustrated voice. The serenity of the entire office destroyed by the agitation of one evil woman. She brings a hand to her mouth and coughs a little bit, and then waves dismissively, creating a pass of air through the incense. If she weren't so agitated perhaps she would enjoy the smell, the sight, but right now she's a child staring at packages under the christmas tree and her parents are -not- waking up fast enough. "What are you doing in here? Trying to choke to death your staff?"

Then a small wave goes off in Illyana's direction, "Illyana this is Oroku Saki. And she is..." Indicating back to Illyana, "Something of an apprentice you might say, requiring my specialized talents. That said..." Now, finally smiling, she looks to Illyana, "Oroku is an old friend..." All before any kind of hello, or how are you, or any other etiquette required pleasantries.

Magik has posed:
While Selene expresses her agitation for the prolonged process of getting what she wants, Illyana is standing to her side with a serious demeanor. She is even dressed professionally, opting for feminine navy blue pant suit with high heels. Her blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail, revealing her full Russian face. She looks very much like Selene's bodyguard, only smaller and thinner. Not that the Black Queen needed such treatment, Illyana provides an illusion an authority.

Still standing to the woman's side, Illyana looks up to the man and gives him a nod. "Any friend of the Black Queen is a friend of mine," she says, considering the man for the moment. The dojo-inspired office captures Illyana's attention briefly before her focus returns on those in front of her.

Shredder has posed:
    Saki arches his brow, the only movement that indicates any response to the huffy whirlwind of an entrance. "Well," he says, "It is a pleasure to meet you," he says with a slight nodding bow to Illyana. "You have a skilled teacher.
    He looks back at the Black Queen. "My dear Selene, you seem distraught. "Perhaps you would like some tea," he offers. Of course he takes the route of being a proper Japanese host, which often includes being anything but in a hurry.

Black Queen has posed:
Tea?! Selene grumbles a bit, an audible disgruntled growl occurs before her eyes glower some. Then, she's smiling, pleasantly, "Distraught is a woman about to be hit by a bus." There is the sound of screeching tires down on the streets below, horns honking, and a lingering smile on Selene's lips, "Not distraught any more." And she moves towards the table, and offers a slight bow of her head before beginning to sit. "Certainly, tea would be fine."

And then beckoning Illyana to follow, "You see, my good friend here has long known me, well, longer than most. And he is rathre the epidome of calm waters flowing through a sandy riverbank. Eloquent, calm, precise..." She settles, and waits for the tea, "Illy here, should be of great use to help determine the exact uses of the sword, and whether or not there are any troubling magicks on the stone. Now, Oroku how fairs the day?"

Magik has posed:
    "I hear her abilities are quite renown," Illyana replies, looking up to Selene to regard her frame. "I'm sure something good will come of it." Her physical expression is a typical deadpan look: hands to her side, perfect posture, visually observing, but not settling on anything for too long a time.

    At Selene's audible growl, Illyana senses the Black Queen's aura, shifting and then spiking before returning to normal. The woman's words and the reactions occurring on the street level complement each other as the fate of a civilian woman goes into the hands of someone else. Illyana takes note of that, following Selene to the lowered table. She bows before sitting at it.

Shredder has posed:
    Saki moves back to the rear room, sliding open the paper door and disappearing for a moment before returning with a selected bowl for the third person. It's made of alabaster. "In Japan," he explains, "The tea ceremony is a very important thing." He is explaining it to Illyana, expecting that Selene already knows. "Everything has purpose, and is selected with care." He places the alabastar bowl before Illyana. An onyx bowl is before Selene, and a steel one before himself. He holds up the tea scoop. "This was made from the scrap of a World War II airplane propellor," he says in example. "Each bowl should reflect something of the drinker," he says, pouring a bowl for each of them from a stone teapot. He replaces the pot, and then walks to a stand holding the sword, which was on display among many other weapons. He retrieves it with care, and brings it back, placing it on the table before Selene and Illyana.

Black Queen has posed:
Once the tea is poured, Selene places her hands around the bowl and rotates it clockwise, twice. Then she brings the bowl up to her lips and gulps down some of the tea, before rotating it back counter-clockwise the same amount and settling it back on the table. When the waepon arrives, Selene is excited enough that her hands come off the bowl and is in that same demeanor as the child at christmas. Gimme gimme, says the hands, and she picks it up quickly and without care. Looking over the sword she comments, "This sword, a very powerful weapon, likely able to cut through most things as it stands..." And she just focuses some energy and the sword shatters into many little pieces, but a large hematite stone remains. This, she does not pick up but looks over to Illyana, "This stone, however, this... this is what is important."

Looking back to Saki she smiles, "I hope that our new friend... that... fellow, who... I forget his name." She never forgets anything, unless she never cared to learn it, "Was he of any help at all? I sent him after this, as a kind of 'test' but if he failed, so be it. Then we know." Back to Illyana she smiles, "Now, my child, would you be so kind as to investigate this stone. It is quite magical, one of many pieces, of something important. Could be dangerous though, so... be careful hmmm? I would hate for you to renege on our deal because you are dead."

Magik has posed:
Illyana considers Saki's words, watching him as he describes Japanese culture and prepares their teas. When he returns with an alabaster bowl for the Russian, she takes a moment to wonder what his choice means. She does not ask the man, not wanting to add to the temper of the woman sitting next to her.

As the sword shatters and the stone appears, Illyana extends a hand and motions for the relic. It floats in front her glacial eyes, and without pausing, she analyses it. Because of Belasco's library and Limbo's major time ratio with Earth, Illyana has read thousands of books regarding the mystic arts, and becomes familiar with a particular chapter.

"An ancient relic, with augmentation properties. But... something else," she says, concentrating on which area to look in her mental catalogs. "It is wrapped in legacy magic. If I am not mistaken, it is charmed or acts as a summoning stone." Illyana looks to Selene in that moment, unsure, but something tells her that the Black Queen does. "Summoning something?"

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder frowns at the destruction of the sword, "I do not know that was necessary," he comments, but does not speak further on it. "The Taskmaster. On the contrary, his skills were quite useful in tracking your sword," he says. "I may have acted upon them. He is training some of my Foot, and I wanted to see this relic for myself before it was returned to you. They always answer to me, first." In other words, he let Taskmaster do the work, and because he was training some Foot, they relayed the information ahead of time.
    "Summoning," he echoes. "The drunk and the young archeologist seem to have stumbled onto something of significance," he comments. "Do you know what it is that might be summoned?"

Black Queen has posed:
"Precisely, right." Selene mentions as she reaches out her hands in a cupped like fashion to receive the hematite stone from Illyana. Though the woman would have to drop it into her hands in this way. There's a bit of a chuckle, "Summoning something though, it sounds so quaint." Her eyes are excited and a bit wide with the emotion, as she looks to the other two, "This relic is one of a handful that are linked to a very ancient soul. One that is old, and grand, and well... anyhow. It is a dragon, an ancient dragon that has gone off to sleep. Dragons never really die, they just go away for a while, sleep until they can be bothered to open an eye." And she smirks in the direction of Shredder and to Illyana, "My dear. For your request, it may very well prove to be worthwhile. For in the dealings of the soul there's always a cost, an exchange. Something of power for something else of power. And if you are going to play with souls, may as well win the income to debt ratio."

To the comment about the sword, though, Selene chuckles a bit and says, "I believe you have an addiction to collecting weapons Saki, and I was doing my part as a friend, for this intervention. That, and it was poetic..." She probably just likes destroying things. "It is good to know that he was of use to you then. I... do not like his... free will, very much. Though I suppose I would get in trouble with our friends if he was... well, more loyal."

Magik has posed:
    "A dragon?" Illyana repeats, an eyebrow rising at the thought. Dragons were a popular topic to study in mystic lore and now in the modern civilization. While the production teams in Hollywood had enough money to build an artificial replica of a dragon, the sighting of one in recent times... Illyana isn't sure if something like that has happened yet.

    With the stone now in Selene's care, Illyana finally decides to take a sip of her tea. "Devastating creatures, I bet," she says, placing her alabaster bowl back on the table. "I would love to encounter one someday."

Shredder has posed:
    "Some have said the same of me," Shredder comments to Selene's assessment of Taskmaster. He arches his brow. "Well, young Illyana," he says. "You may just get your wish. I may not use the word creature," he comments. "Dragons are...closer to a force of nature. They are not to be trifled with, even by beings such as Ms. Gallio. Interaction with them must be handled with great care. I myself have never met one. I believe Kitsune has," he adds. "She may well be able to shed light on this mystery further."

Black Queen has posed:
"Yes yes yes, dragons are powerful entities, big, monstrous things." Selene lets out a faux yawn, "Boring, lazy beasts." She off handedly remarks, "And yes, this one is rather ancient, and rather powerful, but quite frankly it has probably slept eighty or ninety percent of its life away-" Looking to Shredder as he comments about Kitsune, "Perhaps there would be a use of Kitsune then in the future, for now, I am aware that an organization SHIELD possesses at least one of the other pieces, and so that is where my goals next lie. Exactly where, I do not know."

There's a bit of a look to Illyana, "As long as you live, you will meet this one. And perhaps it will be how we get our deal accomplished. I was planning originally on making it a pet, but I think I've found a pet I like more than that." There's a pause and a wave of her hand, "Not you, my child... never make pets of the willing I always say." And back to Saki, "Perhaps a... small... chat, with your... witch, may be of some use, though I doubt it most sincerely. What we need, is a hound good at sniffing out a familiar magick... and sick them on the task."

Magik has posed:
    At the mention of her name, Illyana looks up from a brief daydream about dragons. Her expression maintains a deadpan look of emptiness, simply blinking at Saki because she is familiar enough with the topic. His words held validity, at least.

    Selene's voice is heard in Illyana's direction and she turns to face the ancient woman. "Perhaps," she responds, a smirk daring to form at the sides of her mouth. The Russian maintains, however, and looks at the stone once more.

Shredder has posed:
    Saki does not give any disagreement with Selene's assessment, nor affirmation. "I can speak with her," Shredder says. "I will let you know if she would like to confer with you." As much as the Shredder seems to be able to command Kitsune, it's long known that he is also slow to do so. She has a unique position in that. She's the only person who he will not casually order about who is affiliated with him.
    "You are a remarkably talented young lady," he compliments Illyana. "If you ever require extracurricular activities to occupy your time, granting Selene's agreement of course, I am sure that I can find some arcane puzzles worthy of your attention."

Black Queen has posed:
"Oh, please." Selene says to Saki's comments about Illyana, "My apprentice, is your apprentice. The more work we get out of her the better the deal is for me." And she smirks, looking over to Illyana, "Is that not correct?" There's no holding back on talking down to the other woman as Selene rolls the hematite stone about in her possession. Then she closes her hand and the stone disappears, teleporting away to who knows where. With that she looks back up, "That said, do not put her on anything that will actually end her life. I have requirements of her... and she needs to be intact for those things. An eye here, or a leg there, certainly fixable... but a complete end? It would be a rigorous task to bring one such as her back... at least, right now." With that, however, Selene does start to stand up and nods her head in a bowish way to Saki, "Thank you again for your hospitality, though I have much to do, and much too little time to do it in." For an immortal person... "Illy, if you wish to stay and talk the ear off of Saki, feel free, he is always an interesting chat."

Magik has posed:
    To Shredder's compliment, Illyana nods in his direction. She agrees with him fully; Illyana is a bright woman who is well beyond her years. Working with Selene put experience under her belt. Despite being trained by a master of black magic, it will not hurt her to learn another person's perspective.
    This is why Illyana is around the elder mystic. She dared not to tell her that retrieving her soul is no longer her first priority. Why pass up an opportunity to explore the underground and meet new people? Illyana isn't going to. When Selene offers Illyana to Saki, the sorceress didn't physically respond. Instead, she turns to Saki and proceeds to ask the first question on her mind.
    "So, what sort of operation is this?" Illyana asks, wondering.