5041/Disturbed Operations

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Disturbed Operations
Date of Scene: 29 July 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Kid, Shredder

Kid has posed:
Rival gang wars can be bitter, long and brutal. The old have to fight to keep their space and expand, while the new carve out a niche for themselves in blood, sweat and tears. It is cruel, it miserable, and for those who survive...it is their way of life. And when two groups meet in whatever form it may be...one is never QUITE sure what to expect.

But out hear in the old china district? The Purple Dragons made their home. They were not a new gang, but there were relatively small. And since new management came in, they have been working on expanding into other territories, such as The Angels, and the foot.

Today was supposed to be a big day. It was nighttime near the warehouse. Crates of guns and other smuggled goods where being gathered and prepared for shipping to other clusters of their own territories. Unbeknowest to them....someone else was in their midst.

Psychicaly cloaked to be invisible, Kid was light of foot and quick of hand. He steathly climbed up boxes of crates without making a creak as he scouts for a human seperated from the 'herd' the gang.

Shredder has posed:
    Hun strolls through the shipments. "Be quick with those," he says, the 6'7" mountain of a man unopposed. "Last thing I need is Angel and her loser sidekicks to show up and slow this down." He walks along the warehouse crates, he himself separate from the crowd a little. He isn't the smartest there, but it's clear that he's in charge, and he carriest himself with an attitude that has absolutely no fear.

Kid has posed:
Target sighted. Kid's eyes where on Hun. He himself was larger than the average gorilla...still smaller than Hun, but he wasn't afraid. He has yet to meet a human who can go toe to toe with him. But he also wasn't dumb, he needed to get him just a BIT father.
    Kid takes a breath as he concentrates needing to keep up his own personal illusion and create two additional ones. The first is seen by Hun only - A guy in charge probably doesn't like anything that potentially jeopardizes their operation...and that is what Kid's illusion will entail. To Hun's eyes only, it would appear a more nervous member of the Dragon had just snuck some merch into his jacket and was heading deeper into the warehouse, to a more secluded area.

And for the rest - should Hun bark any orders or in general is a loud mouth, the other REAL dragons will seem unable to hear him. This series of illusions though simple - was often effective for seperating prey from the crowd.

Shredder has posed:
    Hun arches an eyebrow. "Who're you? You think you're gonna come steal from me? We don't go pickin' arms until we got it all back at the base." He starts to approach menacingly. "Hey boys! We got us an imposter here!" he laughs, unaware that he is unheard by the others.

Kid has posed:
    The illusion doesn't answer and merely makes a run for it. The other of course do not hear Hun as he goes for the figure. And that was fine by Kid. The bait was set and now being reeled in.
    Closer....closer...and suddenly the illusion dissappears. As the illusion does so...Kid leaps from the crates above, his illusion dropping as he goes to grapple the leader of the Purple Dragons!

Shredder has posed:
    Hun tilts his head in confusion as the illusion drops, but it isn't with enough warning that he is able to respond to Kid's attack. He is clobbered to the side, and though he is a very strong and very tough man. He's not a giant gorilla. He roars with anger, swinging an elbow blindly to try to deliver a decisive blow to whoever it is that just dropped on top of him as he spills to the ground.

Kid has posed:
    Kid nearly double over from the powerful and sharp elbow job. But it wasn't enough to take him out. Hun was on the ground and this was no time to get cold feet! He didn't expect Hun to do much more talking and thus didn't block the roar of anger. Means the others are bound to hear.
    So without wasting more time, Kid jumps ontop of Hun, a nice 600 pounds of muscle trying to hold down Hun. Kid's eyes glow dully as he begins to try and drain Hun's mind...well what he has of one anyways.

Shredder has posed:
    Hun struggles, and while he is able to move a little, the gorilla is just too strong even for the likes of him to be able to break free. He growls, his mind growing hazy. Arnold Jones. He goes by Hun because he doesn't want to think about his old life. He used to be a slobbering drunk. When his son Casey ran out to join with some mutant freaks, he went cold turkey by sheer force of will, and became Hun, one of the meanest street fighters in New York City. He's afraid of the Foot Clan. He knows that the Shredder is not dead. He's too dumb to get out of his own way, and so he does what he's already done. He breaks things. It's the only thing he's good at.

Kid has posed:
Kid shivers as he fears Hun fear as his own. But...he couldn't help but appreciate Hun and what he has been through. Big man, been through tough times and made a name for himself. May not have been a high rise niche...but it was his niche. "Heh..I'll be lucky if I make a name for myself like yea" Kid thinks. He always had an appreciation for mobsters, and Hun seemed a modern day one. But time was running out as he hears the other Dragons getting closer. He drains faster...aggressively. Hun would feel a headach...and suddenly nothing. The gangster put to sleep - and will likely stay asleep for the next hour or so. As bullets fly...Kid makes his lead, putting up his psychic cloak to make his getaway.