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Date of Scene: 29 July 2018
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Kid, Gorilla Grodd

Kid has posed:
It been a bit over two days since Kid has let Grodd and his rillas examine and trace the tracker embedded in him. Kid had in that time been quite scarce - his mood switching from quiet contemplative too bouts of rage without provocation. But now that the time has come....Kid was nervous. He always ran FROM these people....and now they were going TOWARDS them.

None the less the tracker revealed several bits of infomation. The organization was small and had no official name...this also ment that instead of one main body, they had several facilities in various parts of the world - including a few within a few hundred miles of Gorilla City - likely how they got ahold of Kid.

However, Kid's tracker lead to one within a forested region of the tri-state area, on evidently 'abandon' old lab sites. Intell would reveal that this was a ploy and the actual real labs where below the evidently abandon buildings.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd is loaded for bear, this time wearing actual battle armor that looks like Black Globe armor, somewhat like a samuari. He has a number of blasters and other things strapped to his massive form. He is dressed for war, wearing his actual Head of State battle gear; this is about more than just revenge. He has the coordinates prepped and ready in the teleporter. When they arrive he nods, "After you Kid.

Kid has posed:
Kid hops down - it took some convincing to get Kid to wear armor - and even than he went minimal compared to even the back up party. A chest plate, some boots and bracers. On his hands where what can be described as 'brass knuckles' with extra large spikes that seem to be made of energy. Such a close ranged weapon would utilized Kid's brute strength and short temper.
    Kid was tense, every muscle ready to spring at a single person. But he nods to Grodd and gestures to follow. sprinting on his knuckles, Kid makes his way towards the back of the building, ducking behind trees, cans and whatever else he can. Pointing out the secruity cameras when he saw them, making sure to keep out of sight.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd is letting Kid take the lead. What Kid does not realize is that this is his final audition for the Party. If he passes, he is a Made Man in Grodd's organization. If he fails? Well. Telepathy is a useful skill to have. He lopes behind, angry himself and determined to show these monsters just what messing with his citizenry entails. Payback is a Silverback. A very angry Silverback.

Kid has posed:
Kid opens up an unguarded door and leads the way down. Despite the pitch blackness (litterly no light) Kid has no trouble navigating the way down the stairs. His anger was growing and being fed by Grodds anger.
    Which made Kid's movement louder...angerier, more erractive. When they finally reach the door - Kid busts it down with all his force, the metal slab hitting the ground as they enter the labs proper.
    However...something was...wrong. Everything looked fairly new, sure. But...where were the scientist? The guards? The janitors? Everything seemed eerily...deserted. This confused Kid whose anger died for the moment as he walked in deeper. He signs "I do not understand they should be here"

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd can sense Kid's own trepidation but he is literally a combat veteran at this point, realizing that Kid is feeding off his emotions he carefully exerts sure patience that even if they are not here then he will get them in the end. He patiently moves and keeps an eye out extending his mental senses seeking out nearby minds.

Kid has posed:
And like a mirror, Kid's seems to begin acting with the same patience, carefully moving forward. Deeper into the base. Everything was working and in order, but not a soul to be found.

As Grodd might come to realize this was a trap. Not only could he not sense any minds within the building - he wouldn't even be able to sense his men stationed outside.
    That is untill one other mind comes into 'range' a highly intellgiant but well defended one. The thoughts were logical and unfeeling at best - cruel and sadistic at worst. This hidden person thinks loudly <"Well well, what a turn of events..."> and like that the door door has a steel slab slide down. All around various personel began to appear, some holding more traditional guns, other with more unusual looking weaponry - some sorts of Rays as it were. All were equipped with helms that even at a cursory glance Grodd would recognize as telepathy blocking ones.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd chuckles, "Do I look like Magneto?" He presses a button in his helm. The superior psi tech of Gorilla City manifesting as he shows a rare tech. Instead of the mass mind control helmet he wears sometimes, this one does one thing and one only. Boost his already considerable mental power. And he takes his own rage and begins to beat down on the 'defenses' of the minds around him. "You don't say. It's almost like I expected those experimenting on psychic abilities to be psychicly defended."

Kid has posed:
The head honcho smirks <"And it almost like we never had to deal with an uncoroperative Monkey before">. The soldier begin to shoot at Grodd and Kid - and without a second thought - Kid tosses a small disc that lights up and deploys a force field protecting them from the bullets.
    This allows Grodd telepathic beat down to take out several guards, the rain of fire slowly dieing off. The few who remain however group up - the telepathic helms feeding into and boosting each other.
    The one with the odd ray like guns lift them and press. But instead of a physical weapon - it a psychic one ment to induce rage and confusion. While someone with Grodd experince might not be effected as quickly or as much - Kid was highly susceptable.
    Problem was....Kid is highly suceptible. He let out a beastial roar and leaps towards some of the folks with the ray guns. Picking one up and slamming them onto the rail, breaking their back, before tossing the human across the room. This caused the group he went near to scatter - and they concentrated these rays on Kid...who than began to attack a wall...the railing - really anything that went near him was fair game.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd switches tactics and takes out the gorillifation gun, "You do know who I am right?" He unleashes the strange ray....on full automatic. It doesnt matter if he hits an enraged Kidd because ...well...he's already an ape but the guards would suddenly find themselves ill fitted for those fancy helmets and totally vulnerable to the rage emitter designed for apes...who will be quietly and telepathically directed away from Grodd and Kidd.

Kid has posed:
<"Gorrila Grodd, ruler of Gorilla City, 5th smartest sapiant on the planet, a scientiest, an oppertunist. Even tried to turn the world into Gorillas. Shame you didn't succede, Stronger than humans, with just as long a life span and as my research has concluded, innately telepathic. Superior in all regards"> the mind chimes in a bored fashion. But where was this mysterious man.

Regardless, the Gorilla Ray works - several of the people are hit with it, their helmets break or being ripped off. Flying into their own rage, they began to attack one another and the scientist.
    Only a FEW more strong willed one are unaffected...or at least unaffected enough to be able to still work for their boss. A few who managed to not get hit team up with the few gorillas able to control themselves. Now enhanced into a superior species - these Gorillas attempt to dog pile Grodd.
    A few brave humans unaffected though where trying to collar these Gorillas....but were being overwhealmed. Suddenly one human pulls out an odd looking grenade and tosses it - it opens up and begin emitting psionic waves that induce pain - affecting their own men and gorillas.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd unleashes his newer toy, the one way teleportation gate....just as they swarm him, they vanish and end up right inside of the Gorilla City jail. There, an entire batallion will stun the ones that swarmed him. But Grodd is finally hit by the psionic pain emitter. Just as he was replying, "Flattery will get you ev-" as it went off it unleashed the rage he had been keeping repressed and suddenly the thing that the man might not have realized about just how STRONG Grodd's telekinetic rage was as he mindlessly tore through those between him and the human who pulled the pin on the grenade, likely pushing aside all between them like bowling pins as he tried to literally bite the head off the imperteninent human.

Kid has posed:
The rage felt by all was intense. Bodies of man and gorilla both are tossed around, broken and beaten by Grodd telekinitic outburst. Some tried to get out of the way, but it was far to late. And unfortante for the man pulled the pin - the pain emitting hit him as well as he was down on his knees. Needless to say, the end of his pain and the last thing he saw was Grodd's jaw as they take him out.

Kid himself was in a rage. His mind could no longer be felt, he didn't need to be fed anger. As he tore some humans limb from lib and even a few of the gorillas. Though a few of the gorillas did a number on him as well, as they tore off his armor and bit into him creating large wounds. With no clue what was happening and driven by rage he ran deeper into the facility, dissappearing within.

It was at this point MOST everyone stopped carring about Grodd, their rage, or the confusion. The pain...the PAIN! A few human and gorilla alike crawl towards the grenade - working togeather. But the closer they got the more painful it was. Finally one gorilla rises and slams his fist down on the grnade, breaking it. Most everyone falls down panting in exhaustion. Kid was no where to be found...mentally or physically in the immediate vacinity.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd got some knowledge from the first dead human he ate but moved around eating the brains of the remaining humans, leaving the apes to their fate, teleporting their sorry asses back to Gorilla City. He took a moment to recuperate and clean up the scene, taking a few samples of the tech, including the psi stun grenade, the helmets and the pain emimitters for study later. Then and only then did he try to contact Kid. . o O "Kid?"

Kid has posed:
There was no reply from Kid - there was a mind, definintly Kid's mind. But it was...caged, trapped...almost shut off in a sense. No higher intelligence, no sense of self even. Just rage, sorrow and discontent.

Grodd did get some other bits of knowledge, including the full layout of the building. The man they were dealing with was a telepath who wanted to increase his own telepathic abilities as well as become stronger physically. To this end, he sought to capture and study the Gorillas of Gorilla city. He was the one to create design and often carry out the experiments and test Kid's limits. Grodd would also learn Kid's real name 'Jua Mandla' - which definintly sounds more typical of a gorilla city ape than Malcolm.

That same mind calls out again <"Impressive Grodd, very impressive. But...I am not quite done yet. I still need to study things a bit more in detail...and your going to help me.">

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd says, "And here I would have just helped a human intelligent enough to want to BE an ape out if you just asked. Hilarious, isnt it? Tell me, in your research of Gorilla City, have you heard about the Oubliette Terrible?" A telepathic prison for the strongest psionic criminals, a virtual reality where time was sped up using a variation of the speed force, to the point that a day in the real world was a year in the prison. Most sentances lasted for 3-10 years so not many an ape sentanced to it came out more than a little unhinged. "But what a wonderful opportunity to learn all about our wonderful culture." He began to move through the halls, gorillafication gun at the ready, closing in on the remanants of Kid's mind."

Kid has posed:
<"Indeed. The animal's mother had alot of infomation. But the grown ones are oh so difficult when not....condition properly. A shame, but her brain carried useful infomation. But what can I say, I have other plans. But first...let see how far we can push you"> he had total disregard for Kid and the lives he took. That much was clear.

The movement in the halls was quiet and silent. Seems no one came, and not because they weren't their...but because they were instrcuted not to interfer.

Eventually Grodd comes into a room, very plain and simple. And in the middle stood Kid. He drooled a bit, his eyes glazed over. He didn't seem to register Grodd presence. Around his neck was an unusual looking collar.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd nods, "Let me guess, a downlift collar? It supresses higher alpha and betawave thought leaving little but an animal? We did them as drugs for fun when I was a kid." He is expanding his telepathic search for the telepath, swatting at anything that wasn't himself or Jua. He finally looked at Kid, "Your name is Jua Mandla. You are not a human and you are not a Malcolm. Snap out of it.

Kid has posed:
<"Close. More of a ...programmable animal. Lesser being should be subserviant greater one. And this little 'pet' has given me very good result. Angry personlity, induced subserviance, and semi-automatic mind control. I think it and feel it, he does it">

Multiple minds are swatted down. But when he finds the specific telepath, his mental fortitude was great. Great enough to at least defend agaist Grodd enhanced mental state head on.

<"Now now Little Grodd, that wasn't very nice. Regardless, I do have a proposal for you"> and even as he 'says' that, Kid is in motion. He charges Grodd with every intent to kill him as leaps up and comes down, the energized knuckled poised to dig in.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd attempts to Swap minds with Kid which is, he imagines the absolute LAST thing Mr Telepath is expecting. Who in their right mind would voluntarily LEAP into a mind supression device, but Grodd knows things about Kid that the telepath does not. Unless totally overwhelmed by the collar, Grodd, mind strained but still likely stronger than Kids to the point of overcoming it with strain, "Yes Dr Shitforbrains?"

Kid has posed:
The mind swap works! With that particularly ability not well documented, it wasn't something they could plan for. Telekinitic effect yes, basic and advanced telepathic abilities yes. Swapping bodies? Not so much.

Kid Grodd blinks as his mind comes back, fuzzy, confused. And wide as he suddenly dodges...himself!!! Kid looks down to see he was in Grodds body and than back to his body that had Grodd. His mind was completly back, but he was mind was 'turning on' again.

As Grodd can tell - kid's body certainly felt younger and yet was just as stronger if not stronger than his own actual body, with the potential to grow.

Mr. Telepath was not pleased as the collar tries to get Grodd to attack Kid, but could not overcome the experinced gorilla. <"I am sure you know the benefits of a completely obediant army. I was going to offer to outfit your gorillas with such a collar. Combined with your...telepathy enhanced helm, you would be a King...a God even. In return for the tech...you serve me of course"> the collar keeps it up, testing Grodds limits.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd takes the path of least effectiveness. It's quite useful since all he has to do is keep up his mental sheilds and let Kid figure out what he needs to do. He lets the compulsions 'happen' but he obeys in the most dotarded and ineffective of ways. Kind of like what an Ape would do. . o O "If I wanted mindless thralls, I'd just use the mind control methamphetamine I developed when I was TWELVE and give it out like candy in the American South East. Your offer is to give me toys rather than elevate already superior beings into something less effective and utterly pointless? I mean look at me." Grodd is amused and openly mocking Mr Telepath.

Kid has posed:
Kid jumps back as Grodd fake charges him - a typical gorilla behavior to scare off rivals and threats. But Kidd himself didn't act like a standard ape. When he charge, it is for real, and he grapples Grodd Biteing down his his...his own? should, the large canines sinking in.

Mr Telepath <"You said it yourself, I saw it in Kid's mind. Your gorillas are nothing more than peace loving pacifist...so why not make them toys? And if your so smart to make mind control...why not make all of your Gorillas into predators like you?"> he challenges.

Likely out of arrogance from seeing Grodd attacking Kid and Kid willing attacking Grodd - the man behind all of this steps out onto a platform, watching with glee as the two fight. Unlike the other he didn't seem to wear any kind of special gear.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd whispers, using english, something that the telepath likely forgets, "Take. Him. Out. Or I will cadet." he whispers and shrieks out in pain as Kid bits himself. Grodd's teeth are hardened beyond most and the bite is much more painful than he is expecting, almost making Grodd lose it. Almost.

Kid has posed:
Kid aggression and rage is both a liability and a strength. If that man was the one to cage him...than Kid was going to take him out. He heard the order...but he didn't care. In some ways, despite kid having 'woken up' he was still dreaming in a sense.

He unhinges his jaw from Kid Grodd, and twist Grodd's arm behind his back....his grip tightening as he lifts up, swings around and procede to HURL his own body with zero disregard for what could happen to it at Mr. Telepath.

Unexpecting this, Mr.telepath dives out of the way, the amount of force Kid exerted on the thrown Grodd was enough to dent steel. But it likely what happens afterwards that is most important.

Mr.Telepath in a weakened state, Kid rushed forward and lifts him up by his throat. The human struggles trying to direct Grodd into attacking Kid. Even as Kid begins to drain the telepaths mind with extream force, his eyes glowing red instead of light yellow due to being in Grodds body. But the effect was grand - Grodd could actually FEEL Kid's telepathic abilities growing exponetially.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd grunts in pain and unlike his own body has not been able to systematically shut down pain receiptors to a normal level and writhes around in damage at the extreme tactic but approves on a base level. Right now, however, all he feels is pain and actually goes unconcious as his face is literally impounded into the wall though breathing that way might be a bit of a problem.

Kid has posed:
Kid drains Mr.Telepath of every single bit of psychic energy and kills him. It been a loong while since he has killed someone by draining them. He lets out a roar and beats at his chest as if to claim his dominance and victory.
    He heads over to Kid Grodd and peals him from the wall - a broken canine, a bloodied face. But alive. Kid consider where they came from and decided it best to leave via teleporter.
    Kid point the teleport gun at 'Grodd' and shoots him, sending him to the jail. But before he leaves he makes his way back out and send out a single telepathic message "Get this place cleaned up and stripped down." the tone dangerous and aggressive - not Grodd, but he didn't care. He than point the teleport gun to himself and ZAP. Whisks himself away to the jail.