5074/Push it to the limit

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Push it to the limit
Date of Scene: 01 August 2018
Location: Brooklyn
Synopsis: Drake is set up again by The Foot and is critically injured. Caroline and The Wasp back him up. A major player is kidnapped by a monster.
Cast of Characters: Slipstream, Shredder, Shatterpoint, Wasp (van Dyne)

Slipstream has posed:
It's New YorK City. The city that never sleeps. It's past midnight in the old run down district of Vinegar Hill in Brookly, rated one of the top neighborhoods to avoid with the highest rat of violent crime. Drake is currently settled on top of a roof, watching the gang activity below with a passive look upon his face. He is wearing his black Avenger bomber jacket, a black shirt with the Overwatch logo on the chest in silver and a pair of black cargo pants. Snowball is floating next to him, bumping his shoulder at times to try and jostle his attention back. Even though he is on patrol, he keeps staring off into space. It seems that his mind is on other things, other worries.

Shredder has posed:
    Drake isn't the only one on patrol. Silently, a few more figures watch him just as he watches others. Black clad, moving from one roof to the next. They seem to have gauged Snowball's range of alertness, staying at a distance.

    Down below, a heavy box truck ambles down the road, and parks outside of an all night diner. Whatever is in that white vehicle, it looks like it's been through a war. The walls are dented, paint is scratched, and it's missing both tail lights.

Shatterpoint has posed:
    Unbeknownst to the pursuing parties, and Drake, Caroline is... Not on patrol. Instead, she is merely wandering- aimlessly retracing the streets of a city she visited in her youth, now a distant memory. She is somewhat incongruous to her surroundings. Dressed simply, neither garishly nor like someone who belongs on that section of street in her sweater and jeans, this... Strange individual seems as if they'll be a bystander, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Slipstream has posed:
As Snowball bumps into his shoulder again, Drake glances over to her, then gives her a pat on the head. Pushing up to his feet, he smooths down his shirt, then watches the trunk move along the street curiously. He eyes the state that it's in for a few moments, then starts moving to a new roof as he blinks across the distance to land easily on his sneakered feet. Unaware of anyone watching him, he keeps most of his attention on the gang that he recognizes down below known as Los Muertos. Latino gang with glow in the dark skull face paint.

Shredder has posed:
    Out of the box truck steps two familiar mutants. A giant rhino and equally large Warthog wearing shades.
    They only passively notice the Latino gang, who naturally take a step back when they see the two monstrosities.

    "I'm hungry, Rock," Bebop comments to the Rhino.
    "Yeah B, let's get somethin' to eat. I just gotta make a withdrawal."

    The rhino hoists up a two handed sledge with one fist, approaching an ATM on the wall, and smashes it into the device, and a second time, crushing it and spilling twenty dollar bills across the ground.

    Meanwhile, up on the roof, one of the ninjas tracking Drake takes aim with an electronic gun, honing in on Snowball with a disabling emp magnet. A localized strike, he waits for the scene below to catch Drake's undivided attention before firing, aiming to take out the hero's help. Caroline, for the most part, seems to go unnoticed as part of the backdrop.

Shatterpoint has posed:
    For her part, Caroline waits. Unlike the street gangers or... Well, anyone else, Caroline simply looks nonplussed. She isn't aware of Drake's presence, but seeing as the monstrous duo are only robbing an ATM, she hasn't felt the need to step in just -yet.- Caroline knows boundaries- and also knows that even inside Gotham, most of the others typically dislike the measures she takes in stopping scenes like this. As such, her hands remain in her pockets- as she waits for one of New York's heroes to take the fight.

    It does serve an ancillary purpose, in that the Foot clan isn't quite aware- Here there be Dragons. For what it's worth, though, she isn't aware of the covert clan either. Not yet, anyways.

Slipstream has posed:
"Are you fucking serious?" Drake says with a sigh as he spies Rocksteady and BeBop climb out of the van. He steps forward to the edge of the roof, ready to leap off when Snowball goes down in a loud robotic squeal, clanking loudly on the rooftop and smoking with her digital faceplate flickering out.

Whipping himself around, Drake reaches down to pull the ice gun off his hip that he has been using to deal with the fungi. "Snowball!" He calls over to his companion, leaning down to tap her a few times, then grits his teeth as he squeezes his free hand together. "Come on out of the shadows you cowards." He snarls out.

Shredder has posed:
    The response comes in the form of a small orb that bounces toward Drake, between him and the main section of the roof. There's an explosion and a green, noxious gas erupts onto the rooftop. One breath of it would reveal that this is not just smoke. It's burning sensation to the lungs if inhaled, most certainly not a whiff a person would want a second of.

    The two mutant zoo animals start to gather up the cash before them, with little heed to potential threats.

    "Think this'll work, B?" Rocksteady asks.
    "I dunno, Karai said this is what we should do. She's scary, I wouldn't want to argue with her," Bebop answers. "Hey, youse guys," he points at the other gang. "You can have the rest of whatever. Foot Clan says you side with them, there's more than scraps to be had." They stuff wads of the money into their pockets, and then look up at the smoke explosion above as it erupts.

    "Guess it worked," Rocksteady says. "Karai, she's real smart."

Shatterpoint has posed:
    From some short distance away, Caroline is watching, and listening. Keen in the eyes and ears, the conversation between the two mutants- who, really, can't help but reveal something interesting- catches her interest. Is it a scheme to get more support? Who is Karai? These are things Caroline idly wonders, and for a moment or two, she even seems to take a foot forward towards Bebop and Rocksteady before something erupts on the roof. Caroline's eyes flit to it with the precision of something that, perhaps, can see in the pitch black of the night as if it were day. Their conversation makes sense now, and she weighs her options. Money is insured, and she doesn't necessarily care about it- it'd be worth it to stop them regardless, unless... There was a life at stake.

    "Diversion." she utters, under a breath she didn't actually take. Raising an arm, a chain made of... Something powder-blue? Erupts from her sleeve, with more slack than seems possible for her to have hidden in the sweater. Before long, when it retracts, she'll be on the rooftops, making her way towards the cloud of smog.

Slipstream has posed:
As the green smog billows around Drake's feet and upwards, he takes in a deep breath as it consumes him. There is a few seconds of pause before he explodes out the other end of it, blinking across the rooftop towards the ninja that threw it. Moving at the speed of sound, he smashes his fist into the man's face with a roar of rage in his throat, followed by a hard kick to the chest to send him flying. There is a wild rage in the youngest Avenger's eyes as he roars out in frustration. He sputters out a bit of a cough, feeling the sting of the gas in his lungs as he holds his ice gun out at the ready.

"You two!" He hollers down to the two mutants. "Don't you fucking go anywhere! You're up next!"

Shredder has posed:
    The ninja's throat is crushed, his head snapping forward from the impact hard enough that he's most definitely dead before the kick is even delivered, his body flying over the edge, falling to smash into a garbage bin in the alley below. Another ninja appears, throwing a handful of other gas bombs at Drake before leaping over the edge and down onto the fire escape, followed by another leap down to the street.

    As the scene unfolds above, the rhino and warthog look. "Hey, come down here then and try it!" Rocksteady calls out. "B, this ain't right, ain't he supposed to come down here so we can squash him?"
    "Yeah, wait." Bebop points, seeing the stretch of blue flow to the roof. "Hey, what's that?" he asks, raising the shades to look at Caroline's advance. "That's just not fair, all them havin' fun up there. We gotta learn to climb like them ninjas."

Shatterpoint has posed:
    Landing on the rooftop and breaking into a sprint reminiscent of a liquid metal robot from the future, Caroline is approaching the scene of the attack with an inordinate amount of swiftness. Nowhere near the speed of sound- but, even though it's hard to gauge just by looking at her, much faster than a human being should be running. Lives come first, money later- Drake, a person she's never met, holds more importance than the random cash on the ground below.

    She arrives at the smog just after Drake literally kills some unlucky ninja, and for a moment she seems confused as to what is even happening. Still, Drake is threatening the mutants, who clearly are the bad guys here. (If only because they're weird and different, which makes them truly evil.) Idly, she begins to approach whatever sinister figures happen to be lurking on the rooftops. She can see- and to an extent, feel- them nearby. It helps to have Death's own sight.

Slipstream has posed:
As the body flies over the roof, there's a pause from Drake as he jolts to a stop and looks down. His eyes widen in panic. "Oh, God.. I.. I didn't mean to that.. I.." As more smoke bombs begins to hit at his feet, he gives a few blinks here and there to try and clear the air away. There is another couple of hard coughs in his throat, tears springing in his eyes as he wheezes. At the sight of Caroline now on the roof, he holds his weapon up at the ready, not sure who she is. "They send you to kill me?!" He calls out. "Why can't you just leave me alone!"

Flipping a thumb along his gun to set it from freeze to shard, he whips it around and fires upon Rocksteady with a 'fwump' from the weapon as he looks to plug him. "Shut up!" He calls down to him, followed by another cough. By now, tears are streaming down his face, his emotions ramped up.

Shredder has posed:
    Rocksteady raises an arm, catching the shard in his right bicep, and growls. "Get down here!" he yells, brushing the shard off his shoulder, a trickle of blood where it was.

    The gang members, unnerved by falling bodies, back off, deciding not to join either side in the conflict.

    Several more ninjas block off the roof, coming from the shadows. It seems that they decided Drake was worth a larger contingent after last time.
    They hesitate, though, seeing the superhumanly fast woman. There are a good baker's dozen of them that she might feel present, though only about eight are visible now. One is across the street on another building.

Shatterpoint has posed:
    The voice- Christ, it's the stuff of nightmares, that voice. Rasping horror, like the death rattle of a woman twisted into words. Clearly feminine, but nonetheless horrific. "If I were here to kill you, you would not have had the time to ponder it." she remarks- it's the stock response, to be sure, but she does mean it. Her attention is on the various ninjas- she can feel the water in their very human bodies, the blood pumping in their veins, even if they're not physically visible.

    Her attention, though, lingers on the one across the street. Very clearly, she can see that one- even accounting for distance and darkness. "There are a lot of them, but one is just... Watching. I am going to investigate." As such, she does- turning to face the one across the way and leaping towards that rooftop- more chains emerge, and will pull her towards it. Caroline is the same sort of freerunner, but a lot more mobile, than most of these ninjas are going to be. Evading her will be... Difficult. If not impossible.

Slipstream has posed:
Heaving a deep breath, Drake watches Caroline leap across to the other roof to engage the ninja that watches them, then turns his eyes back to the other eight. He curls his lips back into a glare, then leaps off the roof with a quick double blink, landing in front of the two mutants.

"What is it going to take for you guys to leave me alone?" He says as he charges the gun in his hands as it pulls the air and moisture around them to recharge it. "If you want to kill me, you need to try a lot harder than smoke bombs and ninja stars." He says as he narrows his eyes. "But just know, right now.. you have my /full/ attention." He says as he hisses at him. "So why don't you just send your boss down here. If he's man enough to face me, he'll stop sending his pets."

Shredder has posed:
    Across the street, the lone ninja watches, and she sees the approaching new player. Karai narrows her eyes, frowning. If someone knows she is there, they have some form of detection beyond their eyes, she's fairly confident in that. She decides to relocate rather than engage for the moment, seeing that Caroline has some unique powers that are as of yet mostly unknown factors. She rises, black and gray clad outfit flying through the air as she moves to another roof, and then vaults over the edge of the building, catching the fire escape half way down to slow her descent, and then releasing it to fall the rest of the way to the pavement below. She may not have superhuman speed that Caroline does, but as far as those with normal human abilities, it would be hard to find someone faster.

    Rocksteady eyes Drake, and then turns to Bebop. "He said he," he says. "B, does he know about him already?"
    Bebop shrugs, "Beats me. Karai just tells us what to do, she dun tell us nothin'. This little twerp has been a problem though."
    "Yeah, but what about what she said? Bout lettin' him help find that runaway?"
    "I don't remember, but he said to kill him if he said no, we can just skip to that part."

    "Hey," Bebop says, "How does this work for harder?" He walks over to a parking meter, and pulls hard, yanking it from its foundation. Rocksteady shoulders the sledge hammer. "This is gonna be fun," he snarls, and rushes forward toward Drake, swinging wildly with the hammer.
    Meanwhile, the several ninjas start to descend, hopping down the fire escape and to the street below, closing in on the back side of the hero.

Shatterpoint has posed:
    Caroline has an advantage not just in her senses, but in the usual ninja MO. Though Caroline doesn't know it, ninjas will typically try and hide and remain secluded. The best way to lose Caroline is in a crowd. She can't feel you as distinctly, and doubly, she can't -see- you either. When Karai starts running, the pursuit is on. Karai needs to find a way to slow Caroline down, as there are routes the Revenant can take that Karai can't.

    For example, when Karai goes to ground level, Caroline doesn't need to catch herself on the fire escape. She just drops from the rooftop as if it were from the top step of a step-ladder. It does mean that she's not sprinting when she lands, but she is soon afterwards- though enough twists and turns will stop her from hitting anything too crazy for a person- the real trick, though, is that unless Karai finds a way to outright -lose- her, Caroline will win the stamina war.

Slipstream has posed:
When Bebop reaches for the parking meter and charges at him, Drake fires at the ground with his gun, jerking it upwards as he creates an ice wall for him to slam into. There is a blink from the young hero as he zips out of view, just to come up behind the large mutant and slams his foot into the back of his knee at top speed, followed by another blink which ends up with a slam of his fist into his gut. He'll keep blinking in and out rapidly from thin air, using his speed to build up kinetic momentum and shower him with shots. "Don't" Blink. "Worry." Blink. "I did not." Blink. "Forget about you!"

That last statement was to Rocksteady as he uses his last blink to slam his fist into the ground to complete the circuit for his 'ultimate'. There is a sonic boom that ripples around him, then arcs out wide to try and catch both mutants in an explosive manner. Cracks will rip through the ground. Windows will shatter. Ears will pop.

Shredder has posed:
    Bebop frowns at the ice wall blocking his way, but only long enough that he takes the knee to the back. He falls forward, hitting the ice, then takes the next to the gut. The warthog is clearly slower, but he has a lot of weight, and while the blows hurt, they aren't taking him down.
    Rocksteady swings and misses, then swings again as Drake attacks Bebop. Miss again. "Hold still!" he yells, as if it would accrue some type of acquiescance.

    Both fall to the ground as Drake hits the pavement, cracking it, setting off car alarms and the like. The ninjas, who were closing to join the fight fly backward, scattering across the street in a daze. Bebop and Rocksteady, however, brush themselves off, and Bebop chuckles. "Cut that out," he says, "Don'tcha know I'm ticklish?" He rushes forward, giving a good college try punt aimed to catch Drake and send him flying.

    Meanwhile, Karai turns to see the approaching pursuant. Her heart is steady, not panicked, but instead very controlled. Unfortunately for her, she has no crowds to disappear into, so she turns and pulls her double ninja-to blades. "I do not know who you are," she says. "But you would be wise not to involve yourself with matters that do not concern you."

Shatterpoint has posed:
    Caroline is fine with banter. She's excellent at talking and being threatening and engaging her opponents verbally when needed- and this is totally a perfect time. The problem is, though, that she's not stopping. The woman has blades, and Caroline doesn't have any idea how strong she is. She could be dangerous- or she could be normal. She has no way of knowing.

    What she -does- know about Karai is how acrobatic she is. So while Caroline is hoping that the shoulder charge will let her pin the ninja to a wall and put an end to the fight rather quickly, she's also relatively aware that Karai is likely to go up and over... Which she's ready for. Her right arm crosses in front of her, with the left crossing underneath- the former is the brunt of the charge. The latter is readying a chain for the dodge.

Slipstream has posed:
There is another zip to the side as Rocksteady swings out with his foot, just to find Drake slamming his own quickly as he reappears into the stationary foot's ankle to try and topple him to the side. Whipping his gun around, he fires it straight down into the monster's chest as the ice shard rushes out in a cold bolt.

The knuckles of the young Avenger is bleeding from the punches he thrown, his lungs burning as he coughs hard from the gas. His bracelet on his left wrist is wildly signaling an alert as he has gone into code orange. "Just leave me alone!" He shouts at them, taking a few steps back as he points the gun at Bebop as well. He taps a button on his bracelet, sending an Avenger alert out.

Shredder has posed:
    Karai, when the charge continues, maintains an economy of energy, instead of going over, she rotates to the left side of Caroline as she reaches striking distance so that she can stay on the outside of the swing. Her foot plants on top of Caroline's as she passes, hoping to cause the attacker to trip into the wall herself, a swing of one ninja-too following for a slash at the back during the pass.

    Rocksteady takes the shard straight to the chest. and grunts, "Raaah! That hurts!" he complains. He looks at the wrist indicator flashin'. "Hey B, he's got a bomb!" he shouts out, stepping back.
    Bebop stays back, seeing the injury that Rocksteady took. "A bomb? You got a bomb?" He snorts, laughing. "Looks like junior here has upped his game." He doesn't look scared, but more like he is trying to figure out what his next play will be. Thinking isn't his strong suit.

    The ninjas, however, are intimidated by the claim that there is a bomb, and they fall back. None of them can take a hit like that.

Shatterpoint has posed:
    Caroline wasn't necessarily prepared for a shift to that side- Karai had anticipated her more than she realized. The problem for Karai laid in things she couldn't have anticipated, however. It's a brilliant move from the ninja- but while the trip is a success, the cut results in something much more harrowing. It's like attempting to cut through a solid mass of steel- the sweater opens up, and all that's beneath is the milk-pale flesh of the woman Karai had just outmaneuvered... But there's no cut. Where there should be an exposed spine and lots of blood, there's just pale skin.

    Caroline goes spinning- but not wildly. She is on control of the fall much too quickly for Karai's comfort, to be sure, and though she hits the wall hard, she's springing off of it in less than a moment. Maybe enough time to contemplate what to do, but likely not enough to execute.

    Her response, too, is a problematic one. While she'd not done it during the fall, if Karai lingers there after the blow for even a second, Caroline will have time enough to swing an arm in, seemingly, a blow that couldn't possibly have hit her target- though such a gesture causes the water in the air around her target to freeze solid- a possible prison of ice, that wouldn't fully encase Karai... But would likely put an end to the fight if she got that far.

Slipstream has posed:
As the two start to talk about a bomb, Drake looks over at his left wrist where his health bracelet is beeping loudly, displaying poor vitals. His guts are on fire, his nose is bleeding, he is continuing to hack from the green poison gas he inhaled. Thrusting his fist upwards, he says, "Yeah, it's a fucking bomb! You want me dead, assholes? I'm taking both of you with me! I'm turning you into barbeque!" Stepping forward, his eyes narrows are them as he grips the handle of his cold gun in his free hand. "That way you won't be able to terrorize /anyone/ ever again!"

There's another coughing from the young hero, followed by a wince of pain as his body seizes up and he chokes out a sob. "So what's it gonna be, huh? You two ready to die in the streets of Brooklyn? Become pavement paste to be scraped off later?"

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
    It takes a couple of minutes, but a couple of minutes is all it takes for a fairly small avenger to arrive in the mob of ninjas and two ugly as hell monsters vs one avenger and another a certain woman named Wasp knows nothing about. Now, instead of having just one avenger to deal with, Bebop and Rocksteady has two to deal with. Rapid fire shots from her stingers hit Rocksteady's shoulder as the little Wasp flies around the pair of them. The power of the stingers is PURE ANNOYANCE for Rocksteady. "You okay, Drake?" Jan calls out.

Shredder has posed:
    Ninjas are prepared. They are fast. But then there's physics, and Karai's maneuver to trip Caroline required her to plant herself for at least a moment, shifting her weight forward to ensure a successful trip. The failure to damage with her blade caused a momentary surprise, a surprise which gave Caroline the opening she needed. She has enough time to block with her right shoulder, unaware of the incoming result. The fist hits her, catching the young ninja master's arm and freezing part way around her. There's no yelp of pain or shock. She remains quiet, but clenches her teeth as she pulls, unable to free herself from the prison. She delivers a kick at the ice, but to no avail. "Bebop! Rocksteady!" she roars in a voice a bit uncharacteristic for one so petite, and then shifts her eyes back to Caroline, ready with her free left hand and blade.

    The bio electric stingers strike the rhino, and he jolts a little from their zapping impact. He pauses, and shakes it off. "That felt kinda funny. Where'd that come from, anyway?"
    Bebop taps him on the shoulder. "Hey Rock," he says. "Look." He points back over at Karai. "Think Karai wants us to help with that."
    "Sure," the Rhino says. "I'll go take care of that, you finish squishin' the nerd." Rocksteady turns, pulling the shard of ice out of his chest, and then starts running in the direction of Caroline, his horn bared low, aiming for the ice prison that holds Karai.

Shatterpoint has posed:
    Caroline Ramsey is, in all senses of the word, an absolute, R-rated nightmare of a thing. Her attention is on Karai for a moment or two, and then the shout happens. Caroline pauses, turning her head as the Rhino begins to bear down on them.

    Caroline is not evil. But she is also not nice.

    She could put down an ice slick, to trip the Rhino up. She could leap in front and try and wrestle the mutant down. She could do a lot of things. Or she could snap her fingers.

    Caroline does the obvious thing and plays into Rocksteady's ploy. She certainly does dodge the blow so that he can free Karai... But Caroline is a terrifying sort of cunning. The kind of cunning that goes undefeated in the pits of Apokolips.

    To her credit, she waits a moment- until Rocksteady is in that sweet spot where dodging such a blow would be extremely difficult even for Karai to dodge. Then, with a snap of her fingers... All that protective ice is turned to snow.

    Karai will be free, but the cost is going to be taking the brunt of the blow from Rocksteady, with all the snow possibly inhibiting his breaks.

    Life could -not- possibly get worse for the rhino than that. If the gambit is successful, he'll probably be pretty angry.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
    As soon as Rocksteady charges for Kurai's prison, Bebop's hair is grabbed, and he's suddenly yanked off the ground and flipped over an impossibly small human being, before landing on the ground. Something that'll barely annoy him, but more inconvinence them. "Slipstream.....get out of here. I don't think you want to carried away from here with me as Giant Girl again, do you? and, if this is the Foot again......I'm about to get angry."

Slipstream has posed:
Coughing up a mouthful of blood, Drake spits it on the ground as his body gives a vibrating tremble. "It's the Foot again. That's Rocksteady and Bebop. They're the muscle." Whipping his gun forward, he sets it to freeze mode and starts to fire it upon the warthog in an attempt to slow him down and encase him in ice. "I'm fine. Just my powers are pushed too far. Let's just finish this." He says to his teammate.

Shredder has posed:
    The ploy to deceive Rocksteady is remarkably effective. He slips on the ice that forms, sliding across it, losing control as he strikes the ice turned to a snowbank.
    Karai takes the blow fully, unable to evade the massive rhino as the side of his head slams into her. She catches onto him, and together they crash into the cement side of the building.
    "Imbicile!" Karai growls, grabbing Rocksteady by the ear and pulling hard, causing him to turn his head so that she can get out from under him. She lost one ninja-to in the process, but gets back to her feet with the remaining. "Kill that intruder, I will handle Winters." She pulls a kunai, throwing it with her deadly accuracy at Drake's chest, hoping to catch him while he is focused on his conversation with Janet. It's a long throw, though, giving time for response if Drake sees it coming.

    Bebop yells, Whaaaa!" as he finds himself spun over in the air to land on his back. He snatches a hand up to grab at the small figure, uncertain what he is grabbing exactly, his massive paw of a hand crushing around where his hair is being held. The freeze gun starts to encase the warthog, which may include Janet if she's not fast enough. "Aww, not again!" he whines with a snort.

    Convinced that in fact the bomb was not a real bomb, the ninjas reapproach, eight in strength, pulling their various weapons. as they encircle Drake, and biproxy, Janet.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
    Jan IS fast. That's the deal of being that small. She can also fly out of the way of the ice beam. It'll take Bebop a bit more time to get off the ground, but Jan, being tiny....flies out of the way. Like a real wasp.

Shatterpoint has posed:
    Caroline expected something of a different result to the blow Karai tanked, but admittedly, she's slightly happier that the ninja didn't just, you know, die or something. However, that is all that delays her- and it only does so enough for Karai to launch the shuriken. For now, she has come to believe that Rocksteady may, in fact, be an idiot. A lovable idiot, perhaps- but still somewhat dense. This, of course, can work in her favor.

    Uninterested in letting Karai 'handle Winters,' Caroline instead works a two-pronged attack. Sweeping a hand in front of her, she creates a nasty slick patch of ice, hopefully between herself and the rhino who has yet to detach from the building. Then, with a straight-punch at the air, she sends a chain surging towards Karai. The dexterity of the chain itself is likely to be surprising- as the thing is nearly sentient. If it connects, the tip of it will seem to burst, freezing the length of chain to Karai's body, and allowing her control enough to keep the fight where she wants it: Centered right around herself.

Slipstream has posed:
As Drake continues to spray the mutant down with his ice gun, he looks to cocoon him to the ground. "We still gotta deal with the ninjas. They're just normal guys though." He turns around to face Janet, preparing himself for the next attack when a blade sticks him in the chest at a fast speed. There is a loud 'gurk!' from the young Avenger as he drops down to his knees, clutching his chest around the blade as he gurgles wetly in his throat before slumping to the side. The bracelet on his left wrist begins to ping wildly now, turning from orange to red as his body gives a visible shudder.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
    "Drake? DRAKE!" Janet says as she suddenly grows to her normal size and grabs onto Slipstream. "You're not allowed any objections now, buddy." She says grabbing onto Drake and starting to grow in size. "I'm getting you out of here. The foot can go fuck themselves." She continues to grow and, once she's big enough, she puts Drake into one hand, and runs for the mansion....well, as best as she can run. It's more of a fast walk.

Shredder has posed:
    Bebop is frozen in place, his hand reaching to slap the ice that encases the rest of him.
    As Janet grows in size, the ninjas descend upon her, trying to slash at her feet to stop her escape. One in particular leaps forward, trying to run both of her sais through the bridge of her foot.

    Rocksteady gets back to his feet just as the chain whips toward Karai. She holds out her sword to catch the chain, but to her surprise, it evades the block, wrapping around her and freezing in place.

    Rocksteady roars, ready for round two as he slips a little at the start of his run back toward Caroline, arms open wide as he attempts to tackle her to the ground.

Shatterpoint has posed:
    The chain doesn't necessarily freeze in place as much as it latches on, but that in and of itself is rather problematic for Karai, as the chain begins to retract, as if attached to some high-power winch that resides somewhere up her sleeve. She doesn't get to celebrate this long, however, as Rocksteady gets to charging.

    Her attention shifts to him, and she knows that she can't necessarily get out of the way in time while reeling Karai in. She plants her feet- in doing so surrounding her shins and ankles with ice and attaching herself to the ground- and braces for the tackle. Running into her is going to feel like ramming his body into unyielding steel, and though she wouldn't have the pure physical strength to stop his assault, she does have the toughness to weather it.

    The response, in the immediate, will be to use her free hand on her left side to start battering his chest- the blows are stronger than a normal human's... But nowhere near the power Rocksteady himself can weather.

Slipstream has posed:
As he is scooped up by the giant woman, Drake croaks out, gasping for breath as he clutches at the blade that is buried into his chest. Blood is pouring out from the wound as he tries to apply pressure on trembling hands. In this position, he can't do much but trust in his teammate to get him back to medical.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
    The bigger Janet gets, the less....significant the ninja strikes are. Even the sais into her foot only sting like a bee for a moment. "Get off of me." She says at length before she raises her foot up.....and brings it down in a very very hard stomp.....that would create a shockwave large enough for the foot to leave her alone.....

Shredder has posed:
    The ninja falls free, rolling off Janet's foot and to the ground as she makes her escape.

    Karai struggles, and however nimble she may be, she still only has the strength of a nineteen year old girl, even if it is one in pique fighting condition. She grows, leaping up to kick at the ice, trying to bring herself down onto the ground and crack the frozen hold around her.

    Rocksteady hits Caroline with full force, his massive body grabing around the woman, the sheer force of his impact breaking the ice free. he grunts, feeling much more of a resistance than he expected. "Youse really strong!" he comments, holding her in his grip. "You aren't single, are you?" he asks. He sounds as if he thinks he actually has a chance.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
    Jane keeps running and running and running until she gets to the mansion and manages to get Drake into the Med bay before he loses too much blood. The benefits of long legs.

Shatterpoint has posed:
    The reeling in continues- The ice under Caroline's feet had been impromptu and in the end, mildly unimportant. It was more beneficial for her to remain standing, but even in the grip, this thing- that one might call a woman- is altogether still very, very dangerous. When Karai reaches her hand, she'll likely finger her neck in Caroline's grip. The temperature is extremely cold, a hair short of being so cold that it -burns-, and remaining in her hand for very long will be uncomfortable indeed.

    With one arm, she can't possibly break Rocksteady's grip. He's simply far too strong- but she can become hostile in others. She brings arm that isn't attached to Karai up, and in one long sweep, aims to slam the back of her fist into Rocksteady's jaw. It's not the most powerful strike- though it's likely to sting- but the kicker is the followup. Inside the bone, crystals of ice will form and expand rapidly- it'll seem like a delayed reaction, but it will shatter the bone in an... Extremely painful fashion.

    It's not lethal, but it is jarring. Worse still, Bebop probably won't let him live it down while he's on the journey back to solid foods.

Shredder has posed:
    Rocksteady taks the blow, grunting. The ice forms, and he howls as it erupts. "My jaw!" he mumbles his roar through the broken bone. "Is that a no?"
    "Mutant?" Karai asks, refusing to make any sound of pain.
    The eight ninjas that had pursued return, their weapons bared. Karai defiantly glowers through the grip, and then tries to sweep her leg in and around Caroline's offending arm that holds her in an attempt to torque herself free. Rocksteady, to his credit, doesn't let go, perhaps too afraid of what Karai would do to him if he failed her now. He tries to grab for the free arm to keep him from taking any more brutal hits like the one he just took.

Shatterpoint has posed:
    Having less strength in her one arm than Rocksteady does- and definitely not being in the position to avoid his grasp, the hand is grabbed up. Sadly for Karai, though, Caroline is stronger still than the torque she can put out. As well, that is a maneuver she's familiar with, and she knows how to defend against it, pulling her arm in and unlocking her elbow so that Karai's posture isn't likely to hold. Like something out of a horror movie, Karai is brought face to face with Caroline, who despite looking and smelling like any normal woman... Clearly isn't.

    The grip around her arm is a problem for a short while, but still- even bound so, she is incredibly dangerous. "No." she begins, looking directly at Karai, while behind her head her other arm is held by Rocksteady.

    Then, in a similar fashion to his jaw, more crystals of ice form in the bones of his hand and wrist, expanding like foam in their pores. As Rocksteady's hand shatters, Caroline speaks again. "Nightmare." That added pain is enough that even Rocksteady will flinch for a moment, breaking his hold on her and allowing her to slip free. Despite that, the most horrifying thing might just be the voice. Like a rattle, nigh upon a croak, grotesque in nature. Like the noise of a woman dying twisted into words.

    Caroline inspects the army of ninjas for a moment, and while she doesn't necessarily consider them a threat, she does figure that it's possible they'll break Karai free at some point. Before they approach, she launches a chain from the arm Rocksteady hand been holding a moment before. The chain will take her to a rooftop, and then at an extreme speed, she will be bounding away from them, Karai in tow for interrogation.

Shredder has posed:
    Rocksteady releases Caroline as she brings such intense pain to his hand. He grabs the hand. "Hey!" he mumbles around the broken jaw, "That's not fair!"

    The recoiling of Rocksteady causes the other ninjas to hesitate, but Karai is another matter. As she's curled in, a heavy strike of her elbow comes across Carolines face, and another. Her technique must be good, because while it is not effective, she seems to have suffered no damage. She uses the other hand to flip the ninja-to to a backhand grip, and stabs hard into Caroline's side, only to find it also ineffective. "Let me go, or you will find out what a true nightmare is!" she challenges. One thing may be said, the girl seems to have absolutely no fear, though she has rage to spare.