5132/Dealing with Arms Dealers: Fungal Aftermath

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Dealing with Arms Dealers: Fungal Aftermath
Date of Scene: 08 August 2018
Location: Starling City
Synopsis: Green Arrow resumes tracking down the Arms Dealer ring escalating gang violence in Starling City in the aftermath of the Fungus war. Numerous parties show up and help with the ambush.
Cast of Characters: Green Arrow, Nick Fury, Kid, Red Robin, Jill Valentine

Green Arrow has posed:
Even with the fungal war done, Earth in general was still recovering from the massive losses in people and property inflicted. It's business as usual in some places. In Starling, it's turned an already chaotic situation into a series of turf wars. Whole gangs were wiped out keeping neighborhoods intact, and others stepped in to fill the void. Green Arrow and his team have been too busy helping with keeping the big picture in mind and dealing with collateral damage to really get the situation under control. SCPD was just as skewered as the gangs... which made enforcement difficult at best.

With the fungus gone, new players have risen, and old ones find new ways to hold grudges. Shipments of arms Green Arrow had been tracking from North American cities had disappeared under the radar... but Team Arrow has been getting back on the case.

Today, a group of arms dealers has been taking up the slack that was left when one of the smuggling routes was ruined by stalk roots. In a Glades park, the Blood Omens have tried to get an edge on their competition with military grade weapons taken in the fungal wars chaos.

The meeting place chosen was in a semi-hidden section of forest with a cave entry nearby. So far, only a few have come by early... but anyone in the know, knows about this deal... and the sound of muffled vans and motorcycles can be heard approaching nearby; the meeting was going down soon.

Green Arrow himself was already nearby, behind a tree in the distance. In his hand is a directional mic that is barely turned around the tree towards the few thugs already there. The hooded and domino masked vigilante waits for the right moment.

Nick Fury has posed:
    Coming out of the nearest Starbucks is none other than the Director of SHIELD, Nick Fury. Blowing on his hot coffee, Fury looks non-chalant, as though he meant to be there. His eye scans the area carefully, while taking a sip of his slightly less-hot coffee in his left hand. "Ah." Fury says, enjoying the flavour, but his expression doesn't change. Cold, hard, almost like a statue. His other hand rests inside his over coat, on his gun belt, ready, just in case.

    Moving across the street after a quick look left and right, Fury moves into the forest, without making a sound, strangely enough. Taping his eye patch, Fury nods, and then moves to hide behind a tree, also strangely enough, seemingly in full stealth mode. Kneeling, Fury sets himself ready to observe, and if necessary, get involved.

Kid has posed:
Of course you also have the 'innocents' the bystandards who come across such things. Kid was in his human teenager illusion, and was no stranger to finding parks and forests to hang in. In a nasty mood, he found himself in THIS forest. As he walked along...he could feel it, something was building. A familiar sensation.
    Kid gives pauses in the forest near the drop off point. And takes a moment to concentrate on the sensation. Starling was new, and the dangers unknown.. But for now he keeps meandering through the forest.

Red Robin has posed:
     The Bat family has some of the most bleeding edge tech, from Bat-subs, to bat-planes. It's in one such piece of equipment that Red Robin makes his way to Starling city the 'plane' would look similar to a QuinJet with it's swept back wings with jet engines that are able to rotate 90 degrees taking it from supersonic to a quiet hover mode. And that's where Red Robin is, relaxing in the redwing as he launches several realistic looking small drones designed to look like various songbirds.

    Swooping down and flying through the forest they all send back survelliance footage as Red Robin watches several landing on branches outside of the cave whistling and singing while watching who comes, and who goes from the caves...

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Emerging from a similar Starbucks shortly after mildly-worsening Fury's day with signable forms in triplicate, for some reason still in hardcopy, is a somewhat incongruous woman to the rest of the world. While she is by no means dressed for combat, Jill's 'casual' outfit consists of a sensible, yet faded grayish-blue T, tucked into a seemingly leather skirt, with a sweater around her waist- despite the current weather. In addition, strangely enough, a pair of knee-high combat boots adds a final dash of confusion. Jill, it seems, is not particularly fashionable.

    An immediate appraisal of the situation happens in a similar fashion to Fury's- Jill, herself, has become an incurable paranoid, and she's moving along with him just about as silently, so as to not blow his cover. If she needs to know anything, he'll tell her. For now, she makes sure to set her bag down where they'd been standing- it wasn't sensitive information. It'd probably be safe while... This happened. Whatever it was.

Green Arrow has posed:
"They're late." The thug in the trench states, bored. "A lot of the old tunnels collapsed, Marty. They're probably finding a lot of dead ends. You know we're not getting anything better elsewhere. Relax." The man in a casual navy blue and jeans outfit states next to him. The others exchange looks at the impatient grumbling, but all keep their attention out in the forest for now. The motorcycles and vans are parked in a nearby lot... with one van being driven over to the cave entry itself.

A minute passes... two minutes. Three.

About the three minute and five second mark, "seriously, didn't they just send out a-" the man speaking is cut off as a blonde woman in business attire walks out of the cave, a black leather briefcase in one hand. Her shoulder length hair sway slightly in the wind as a dozen more gangsters in various dress step into the meeting, "Took you long enough." One states.

The woman gives the man a cold, calculating stare. For anyone who pays attention to underworld goings on... she's an unknown, "we had a problem on our end that delayed our schedule. The items you've requested will be along shortly." The soprano voiced woman gives in reply, to more grumbling from the Blood Omens. The one in the trenchcoat steps forward, "we've had our share of problems. I have no doubt you've had yours." The blonde nods, "He'll be along in a min-"

It's at this point that another set of motorcycles can be heard coming in, and the woman turns to listen, "Do you have anymore people coming to this?"

"No." The man in the trenchcoat states, simply, an MP7 taken out. The rest of his men follow suit as they start to get behind trees.

Nick Fury has posed:
    Tuning into the Green Arrow's audio feed/directional mike with a tap of his ear piece, Fury hmmms. Looking over at Valentine, he points his two fingers at his eyes, then towards Arrow, followed by a "Wait and See" motion, and then at the cave area. One finger to his lips, Fury motions that he was moving, a bit closer to the area, but not close enough to give up his "melding with shadows" bit.

    Stopping at his new post, Fury watches the "Bat Family" tech arrive, and with a subtle sigh, shakes his head. "Just what we need..." Fury whispers, only heard by Jill. "We watch only, and if they need back up, that's where you come in. I read somewhere you are a pretty good shot..."

    Spotting the blonde woman, Fury nods. "Interesting." That was all he said. Was that why he was here? To find out intel on the inner workings? Who knows.

Kid has posed:
Kid sees the blonde woman from his spot, and the various people gathering. His lips curl as he knew something was comming - the sensation of unexpected guests evident. Kid slides himself behind some large bushes for now to observe

Red Robin has posed:
     Red Robin shifts hitting the release on the harness keeping him attached to the pilots seat, hitting another button, the seat itself folds out of the way as the bird drones flitter about 'disturbed' by the motorcycles and getting a different view as to what's going on. The show hasn't started yet, but Red Robin is prepped one hand flipping a bit of his folded cape around so it's ready for when he drops into the fray..

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Behind the tree, Jill remains silent, for the most part. The paperwork is safe, and idly, she folds her hands behind her- under the sweater. Beneath it is an old friend, and a combat knife just in case.

    She doesn't look to Fury, but she does respond. "We all are." she notes, regarding the S.T.A.R.S. unit. "But this is probably going to get ugly very quickly."

Green Arrow has posed:
Laughter. Lots of Laughter. Then the lights of motorcycles can be seen as six enforcers in all blue and black turn Uzi's one handed towards the meeting place. Green Arrow drops the mic, the off switch hit as he brings up his compound bow and launches an oil slick arrow just in front of the motorcycles. The front two swerve to one side... and the rest are forced to adjust as well, sending bullets wild into the trees. A flash arrow is launched just in front of the group around the trees, sending more disoriented screaming into the night from a couple of the enforcers. The woman... disappears, already gone into the cave as a couple of the Blood Omens start to search for the source, "it came from over here!" one thug points in the general direction of where the emerald archer is... but nowhere near the vigilante.

Green Arrow, for his part, is already moving, stealthily finding a new vantage point as the two rival gangs shoot each other... and try to deal with him.

Nick Fury has posed:
    Nodding at Valentine's comments, and her steady, confident nature, Fury says, "I'll stay in the background for support. Feel free to engage if necessary, but until then, keep gathering intelligence. I want to know what is going on, from the BIG picture. If possible."

    Watching as Arrrow gets started, Fury stands, leans against the tree for a moment as he finishes his coffee. "Here we go." Fury nods towards the scene. "Remember..." Fury taps his temple, nods, and then he suddenly, quietly, moves deeper into the shadows of the forrest

    Fury's job was to watch and find out more about what was going on. He couldn't do that in a gun...or arrow...fight. Which was probably coming. Soon. And there it goes.

    Tapping his ear piece once more, Fury says something unintelligible, nods, and moves again. His eye, his eye piece, and his surveillance continuing, leaving Valentine to do her thing as well. All but disappearing. Valentine's autonomy was important...or was it a test? Of her skills? Hard to say with Fury. Under "play with his cards close to chest" in the dictionary, was Fury's picture.

Kid has posed:
Kid jumps startled by the fiery arrows, and sound of bullets. He didn't notice the bat-tech birds, but he sure as hell noticed where the gang men were going. This was alot of confusion...this could work for Kid. He cracks his knuckles.
    Kid takes a breath and seem to vainish. A psychic cloak to any affected - of course heat vision, gadgets, etc all work on him. His form is just invisible to the one's normal senses. He stalks closer to the cave, moving through the open, hoping his illusionary cloak keeps him hidden as he goes to see what was so special inside the cave.

Red Robin has posed:
     Red Robin hits one final button, the redwing shutting off it's engines and plummeting from his vantage point, the floor opening under Red Robin as he is launched out, the Red Wing's powerful engines kicking in again to swoop the plane up and away back into the atmosphere as Red Robin's cape hardens becoming a gliding wing that slows his descent enough to neither hurt himself, or the thug that he's dropping down on with a boot to the jaw. "Gentlemen, don't any of you know you're supposed to introduce yourself before you spray the place with bullets." he chides his voice altered by a throat mounted vocalizer.

     Catching several more thugs attention Red Robin is already flipping out of the way of the hail of bullets only a few of the slugs catching in his cape to be rendered ineffective as he acrobaticly brings his fist down into the temple of a second thug.

Green Arrow has posed:
Too many for Green Arrow to deal with at once, he keeps low for now... occasionally taking shots at gangsters who look like they're about to get their bearings. Arrows pierce through shoulders and legs from the shadows as Green Arrow goes to work, trying to keep them off balance. A couple thugs manage to fire off a couple bursts at him in between trees... but the Uzi rounds bounce harmlessly off his armor matrix to the ground, though not without getting a pained grunt out of Oliver as he goes.

When Tim lands, he's much closer to the fighting... and one of the gangsters still on his motorcycle turns around in place, "since when did the bat brats come around here?" The man on it declares with incredulity, before he charges Red Robin on the motorcycle, "one bat brain, coming right up!" Those having adjusted simply take aim at Red Robin with Uzis, three of them come up to try and shoot him, even as Tim takes down one on landing, and is keeping another busy.

Having noticed Red Robin drop in out of nowhere, Green Arrow sighs to himself... but he's busy handling the hunkered down group, who are still firing his way. Tim is on his own for now.

Down in the cave, Kid is treated to... a tunnel, branching off into two paths. There's a definitely feeling of a network down here, if Kid wants to press forward.

Kid has posed:
Kid looks back outside at all the shooting. Yea, he already been shot three times, he'll play it safe for now. Cloak still on he eyes the two paths. He concentrates a moment and takes which path seems to have the most emotion comming from it. Granted if he can't get a clear idea of which has more, he'll opt for the right most path.

Red Robin has posed:
     "Wrong vigilante mate" Red Robin says his left hand swishing his cape around to absorb the bullets as his right hand launches three thin brass disks with the Red Robin symbol workd into the metal, the heavy disks hitting a hand, a jaw, and the temple of three seperate thugs, disarming, the first, and knocking the third unconcious.

    Red Robin misses one of the thugs though coming around behind him a crowbar in hand to come down on the cowled crusader leaving Red Robin's ears ringing as he staggers away from the blow..

Jill Valentine has posed:
    From her vantage point behind the tree, Jill finds it hard to stand there and do nothing for much longer. While it's likely that the vigilantes can handle themselves- and, possibly, handle this particular situation- the Police Officer still in agent Valentine finds it highly difficult to be idle. Popping the strap off of the pisol at the base of her spine, hidden under her Inconspicuous Sweater, Jill draws it free along with the knife and begins moving forward.

    Unlike the more... Difficult to shoot vigilantes who likely have body armor at the moment, Jill herself is a little more exposed than she'd like. As well, she's almost certainly carrying a touch less ammunition than she'd need to engage in any suppressive fire- so this means she needs to get close and engage directly.

    She moves between cars and behind what cover she can, until hopefully finding herself within range of the thugs engaging Red Robin. The shots she places number three in total, and are frighteningly accurate- something about the accumen of firing at only the head for years being difficult to shake when it comes to shooting for the center mass.

    She's likely too late to stop Crowbar from throttling Tim that first time- but he isn't going to get a second, as he's her first target. The other targets are just whoever happens to be nearby.

Green Arrow has posed:
The disks and Jills shots from nowhere hit their marks, sending a fresh wave of disoriented chaos through the would-be ambushers. Whoever they are, they're mostly down for the count, screaming in pain from the bullet wounds and from getting disked, with only one still on his motorcycle and starting to drive away; looks like he's leaving his buddies behind.

Over near the cave entry, there are around four gangsters still firing in the general direction of Green Arrow. Too spread out for any area denial choices, Green Arrow ducks between trees, firing net arrows at each in turn. Another bullet bounces off his leg armor, sending him tumbling to the ground as he manages to get off a second net arrow as he falls into a painful roll, just to get right back up and behind another tree. The two confined to nets try to fire wildly once more, only to shoot into the sky. Back to the trees, Green Arrow waits for a lull in the firing arc in his direction.

Inside the cave, Kid can sense the rapidly fading trail of the woman... whom has taken the left path.

Kid has posed:
Kid looks back to the entrence and grunts. The lady would be far more interesting he thinks. And judging by the sound of it, being invisible was not going to help. Kid heads down the left path quickly, actualy knuckle-running instead of walking. Trying to keep the trail in range and see where it leads.

Red Robin has posed:
     Red Robin just shakes his head, looking around for the shooter that helpped peel the guy with the crowbar off him. "Thank you.. Officer.." he says taking inthe standard issue pistol. "Or should that be Detective?" he asks as he pulls out his grapnel gun and fires it at the escaping cyclist, the grappling hook opening and snatting the back of his leather jacket before Red Robin plants his foot and /pulls/ yanking the guy off the bike to start sliding back towards the powerful wench. "I think there's someone else helping out from the tree line over there, might want to see if they need assistance, I'll be there shortly."

Jill Valentine has posed:
    "You're welcome." Jill replies, in a polite, if curt and professional, sort of way. She isn't going to break her cover as Totally Not A Secret Agent, so it's better for her that Red Robin assumes whatever he's going to assume and that she do nothing to weigh that opinion one way or the other.

    Using cover is important, so Jill pushes from tree to tree, making her way towards the treeline that Tim had pointed out. Now that the odds were more evenly in the young vigilante's favor, she leaves him to it. Most of the NY capes have powers, and Jill still thinks it is unlikely if not impossible for one to just be some really well trained guy in a colorful costume.

    Her progress is hindered only by military movement- she doesn't expose herself much unless she has to, and only when she knows it's something approaching safe.

Green Arrow has posed:
With two gangsters still focused and up, Green Arrow is hanging back. If he moves, he'll be shot, and with the other thugs dealt with, it was obvious that the newcomers were helping to disarm the ambush. The two fire suppressing bursts in Green Arrows direction every few seconds... but when Jill starts to make a move, they switch directions and start aiming her way, rounds shattering tree bark as they shout, going berserk by now. This close, she can hear them speak to each other, "We gotta get out of here. No one said anything about the archer being back in town!"

With that, the two beeline it for the cave, fleeing like bats out of hell.

In the cave itself, Kids investigation reveals a tunnel... going right into a sewer system junction. When he gets to it, the smell is overwhelming... but he can feel the woman went right. She's /fast/ though, and rapidly approaching the limit of his senses.

The ambushers lay disabled or downed around Tim. The grappling hook sending the last straggler screaming to the ground with a thud.

Kid has posed:
Kid unafraid of a little old sewer system, heads right on in. He was about to lose her, he knew this. But even if he doesn't get her, mabey he can find out where she leads! he quickly turns right and charges ahead trying in vain to catch up! Dang was a human so fast!

Red Robin has posed:
Looking around, seeing the two making their escape into the cave, Red Robin just shakes his head, an unknown cave system, in an unfamiliar town.. Not when there are the better part of a dozen guys to start rounding up.. pulling out a small handheld device he starts to treat gunshot wounds, the small device injecting foam pellets that stop the bleeding before he's handcuffing them together. If the others involved want to introduce themselves, he'll be friendly enough, but as things sit, there's cleanup to do..

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Jill makes her way forward, but eventually she comes upon the cave that the others have retreated towards. She pauses at the mouth of it, and takes a position off to the side. With a calm demeanor, she calls back. "I can't go in there without backup, and I'm not exactly dressed for spelunking. It'll have to be called in."

    Primarily, she's -actually- speaking to Fury, but at the same time, it'd be pretty easy for Tim to understand that her hands are somewhat tied.

Green Arrow has posed:
With all hostiles dealt with and being handled, Green Arrow steps out of the trees, the masked vigilante bringing his compound bow to a readied standby position, trick arrow nooked still as he went over to the cave... and to Jill. The white lenses of his domino mask look directly to Jills eyes as he comes over. "I don't recognize you." the masked voice of Green Arrow gives in 'greeting'. "Your stance tells me military, or police." Green Arrow notes, "Welcome to Starling City." A look is given to Red Robin, the hood turned just enough to block a view of his face, "he one of yours?" Green Arrow asks in an aside.

Inside the sewer system, Kid loses track of the womans emotional residue as he goes. It's plainly obvious that she was moving far too quickly for someone on foot. It'd be easy to deduce she probably has transport of some sort down here.

Kid has posed:
Kid let's out an annoyed grunt. Whatever the reason, once out of his range, he couldn't go much further considering the dizzying maze. Without much thought Kid heads back the way he came, easily following the path he took back without a Hitch. If he knew this city beter he might have stuck with the sewer system - but yea, he doesn't want to accidently bump into trouble.

Jill Valentine has posed:
    Jill lets on that she knows at least enough to recognize Arrow. While paranoid, she's hardly jumpy- she doesn't level the pistol on him when he approaches, instead offering a clean nod as she stands some form of guard outside of the entrance. "Both. He's not one of mine. Probably Gotham. I have to go call this in." she states- all business, no PR. As such, with Green Arrow present, Jill actually moves off to do exactly what she said, though she's hardly far- her phone was back in the bag where Fury definitely isn't anymore.

Green Arrow has posed:
When Jill heads off to do her own thing, Green Arrow turns his head back and stares at her. His face is a carefully schooled neutrality in that moment, before he walks over to the trenchcoat wearing man. Replacing the nooked arrow back into the mechanical quiver, it's deconstructed automatically as the archer starts to pat the gang underboss down.

It doesn't take long for Kid to get back to the 'surface', to see Green Arrow going through one of the gangsters. He visibly takes a smartphone and a notepad from pockets on the pants, before starting to work through the trenchcoat proper, the compound bow -for the moment- on the ground.

Kid has posed:
Kid approaches still hidden. As he does so he notices the compound bow and approaches it. staying quietly he tries ti pick it up unoticed as he eyes the various folks still hanging around. They looked like heros...and cops. that was either trouble or a good thing.

Green Arrow has posed:
His compound bow slipping away on it's own? Either telekinesis... or an invisible thief. Only one way to find out which.

Without giving himself away, Green Arrow has a tranq tip arrow constructed visibly. Within a second, the arrow is grabbed from the quiver, and /jammed/ into the area around the compound bow. Kids hand is easily hit by it, and Green Arrow takes the opportunity to take his bow back and start to dash away, into the trees.

He wasn't counting on invisibility at work, but he does have his Skybike nearby. Having gotten his intel, Green Arrow takes off into the city, leaving the mess for the police to clean up.

Kid has posed:
And following Green Arrow flee was a loud ROAR of pain, definintly not human. And true to form of being startled and drugged by the tranq. Kid illusionary cloak actually drops. Dazed the cloak flickers back on as if he was trying to recover.

Needless to say, he wasn't staying put. Drugs hit him HARD and he tries to as quickly possible take off. Hekc, he runs back into the cave, at least there was a sewer system to dissappear into!