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Tournament: There Can Only Be One
Date of Scene: 20 October 2018
Location: Kairos Island
Synopsis: The Tournament culminates in one of the oddest battles yet. Robin, in a self-sacrificing move... WINS? How does that even work? (Because: Deadpool)
Cast of Characters: Elektra, Sister Reinhardt, Robin (Wayne), Deadpool, Daredevil, Shredder, Zeitgeist (Julius), Green Arrow, Dragon
Tinyplot: Tourney

Elektra has posed:
The leader boards proclaimed the winners of all the prior rounds, and now it was time for the two remaining to fight it out. The arena area had been transformed, and set with more seating, and illuminating lights, the fight area itself marked off with ropes to keep spectators out and away.

Elektra, herself, was going to kick it off, and as such, to mark the final bout, she walks to the centre of the 'ring' for the final round.

"Welcome everyone. I wish to thank you all for coming this weekend and providing such entertainment. I believe that we are seeing, this evening, the culmination of skill and art combined in our two fighters." She can't help a small hint of a grin Wade's way. "And I trust that you will all join me in giving due respect and attention to this, our final bout, where Robin and Deadpool shall face off for the glory of saying that they are the best."

Even if Wade had laboured under the delusion that there was a monetary prize attached this weekend.. (he might note a certain children's hospital receives a very large anonymous donation after this weekend, though).

And with that, she politely withdraws from the ring to let the fight begin, taking her seat in the stands with the rest of the spectators.

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Suzanne had been watching, but from a distance. She didn't want to interfere in the battles, nor fight. But she WAS enjoying the displays of prowess being put on display. She did get excited over some of the victories, but she enjoyed the food more. Having both was even better. She cheered, she booed, but now, she got to see the two best, or luckiest, in the tournament put on their own displays....and she wanted a front row seat to see it.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
     Robin had bandaged himself up after his last bout, nose brushed and black from the break suffered from Karai.

  Though Damian has been busted and such, he didn't let it bother him, little evidence would show that he even dislocated his shoulder in the last bout.

  Damian bows to Elektra as she exits, respect for the tournament promoter here. "Let's get it over with, I need to get back to Gotham." He comments, looking to his opponent with a slight scowl, placing his sheathed katana on his back. The small fry bent his neck from side to side, popping the vertebrae with several pops.

Deadpool has posed:
    "Whoooooa ho ho, time out. Time," Deadpool speaks up loudly, one hand horizontal over the vertical other palm to signal the time out. He's dressed like ...Deadpool! "It's -just- saying we're the best? That's not really a change for me personally. I was expecting a chest of doubloons. Overflowing, preferably. Have you noticed how pirates never have the correct size of treasure chest for the treasure inside? I want that type of chest. Unclose-able." Deadpool pauses. "I mean, and the thing about how I'm a good example of art and skill and blah blah is okay, but they don't ALWAYS give free tacos for that. I mean, unless you also include pointing a gun at them."

    Deadpool isn't ready to fight. He's off to one side. Those who were aware of Deadpool's first fight would know he has a little gang of children in his cheering section, many of them looking extremely ill, with no hair. There are seven children there now, each petting a cute little tiny puppy. Deadpool is among them.

    "Okay SO, yes I did say, the power inside you can beat all things, even cancer sometimes, believe in the heart of the cards, but also, the no guns rule is terrible---" Deadpool is regaling the children, but turns and yells roughly to where Robin is, "Hey! No pew pew, right? .... Does a thrown puppy count as 'ranged'?"

Daredevil has posed:
This was it, the end of the tournament. For reasons of his own he had hoped it would stretch on longer than it did, but, there they were.

He stands off to the side during the introductions, then as Elektra takes her seat, he moves out to stand nearby, giving her a small nod and a smile.

"Nice, intro," he says. "Mind if I join you?"

Shredder has posed:
    The Shredder has come, as might be expected. He makes no show of it, and Karai is with him a rather hefty couple of bruises. He takes his seat, the Foot Elite aside himself and a rather sour looking granddaughter.

Elektra has posed:
When Matt moves closer, Elektra offers him a smallness of smile. "It wasn't my best," she murmurs. "I'm afraid I'm distracted this evening. But nobody came to hear me give speeches. They're here for what's in that ring. I confess, it's not the lineup I expected. Still, I am not displeased."

Her position is shifted somewhat, moving over to allow room beside her for another to sit by her as way of answering his question about joining her.

Zeitgeist (Julius) has posed:
Zeitgeist enters the arena to spectate, he makes his way to a spot to sit down and as he does so, he closes the visor with a tap on the side of his mask. He adjusts himself into a relaxed position and he rolls his head. He projects a thought to Deadpool < This isn't a video game, my friend. >

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
     "If you throw a puppy I will feed your entrails to my bat dragon." Damian calls back, looking severely unamused.

  The severely ill children, hits the fifteen year old in the feels, but he would find out what the hospital is they were at and send a grant their way. "If you use guns, I use mine." He didn't have guns, but he did have many ranged options. "Unless an 'ass-ton' If pirate treasure is what you really want." He answers the questions about a prize. Funny thing, he isn't strapped for liquid funds.

Green Arrow has posed:
    Somewhere in the audience seating is Green Arrow, in his traditional suit now, instead of the kimono he wore during his match. The green balaclava is still being used instead of the hood and domino mask. His attention moves to Shredder briefly, before going to Deadpool. The mutants antics have him listening for a moment.... before he quips, "always with the comedy routine. They should pay you by the hour." The voice distorter is in full effect, audibly.

Deadpool has posed:
    Deadpool finally actually visually takes in Robin. "Holy *BLEEP* on a *bleeping* clown's *bleep*. Are you /twelve/?!" Deadpool asks, staring at the center where Robin is located. He is saying the word 'bleep'. He's self-censoring. Aloud.

    "WHY am I given a second child to fight? Someone out there is determined to get footage of me beating the *bleep* out of a kid," Deadpool vents. He is putting on something that looks like a tactical vest on TOP of his usual tactical attire. It has large pockets on it. He starts loading the puppies into the pockets as if they were grenades. While still being chatty. "Cool, the puppies are a go," Deadpool says happily as Damian answers the question.

    "But STILL. This just strips ALL of the good sexual jokes out, kiddo. Even if you have a nice ass I can't tell you. Or be reasonably distracted by it. That's *bleeping* *bleep*. I am a lot of things, but a pervert with babies isn't one of them," Deadpool grouses. "I do, however, have room for a sidekick. Totally platonic. Preferably deaf, so that I don't bleep. Get them while they're young. We can audition you right now. How deaf /are/ you? You heard me so I'm suspecting not-very."

    There's a voice in his head. Zeitgeist maybe. Or just inner monologue. He's busy, so he doesn't reply. Green Arrow, though? "DID YOU NOT HEAR. I am not being paid at ALL. Wait. Where are YOU on the deafness scale?"

    So distractible. This fight may never start.

    "It will-- shut up-- I'm doing it. LEAVE ME ALONE."

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
     A fire brews inside Damian, if this was an anime, there would be flames around him as he comments towards his opponent. "I'm fifteen, for fuck's sake! And I've had more training than you could ever wish to go through." Damian watches as Deadpool equips his weaponized puppies, suddenly going from raging anger to straight up disbelief. "You're not actually going to try and throw puppies at me, are you? In front of them." Damian offers, gesturing to the kids, and pulling his katana from the sheath, the blade singing that high A note.

  "If you don't want to beat up a kid, concede the fight. I'll make sure a hefty sum goes to your terminally ill children." One more offers to start before Damian starts it himself.

Daredevil has posed:
"I wouldn't be displeased either," Daredevil says as he takes a seat beside her. "The whole thing went well."

Then he turns his head towards the ring, chuckling ruefully. "So-far anyhow. I met with Wade last night, this should be an interesting fight."

Zeitgiest and Green Arrow's arrivals are noted, as is the presence of Suzanne and Shredder's entourage. They all get 'looks' and nods, invitations to join them if they wished.

Deadpool has posed:
    "Okay I'm starting, keep your pants on. Or don't. Pants are optional. Unless you're twelve. Or claiming to be fifteen. ... THIS IS GOING TO SUCK," Deadpool shouts at nobody. The puppies bark and cry due to the shouting. "Stop that, Mr. Wiggles," Deadpool says to a puppy on his back left shoulder. "I only *bleeped* around for..." He starts into the circle, checking his phone for the time. It has some glorious Lisa Frank stickers on it. Rainbow dolphins, yo. "An hour? That's not right. It felt like a few minutes. Time is confusing and timey-wimey," Deadpool says, friendly, to Damian.

    "You're offering to pay me off to concede? Is that legal? I mean. I'm pretty good with being paid. I'm a mercenary. But you need to name a sum or show me a napkin with the amount written on it," Deadpool aims that last question towards the Elders, or Elektra, or whoever is running this thing that's become a circus.

    "Also, just to clarify, before we start, do you want to bow, or handshake, or hug? Platonically. No ass grabbing. Unless it's mine. I give consent. But normally, costume is not consent."

    Two of the puppies are trying to escape. One is crying loudly, a little Maltese, back feet kicking in the pocket. "Hold it in, Captain Pooper. Now is the time to try some adult self control." Deadpool still hasn't drawn a weapon.

    "And would it be, go on three? Or one-two-three-go? Or ON three? If you need to go on 'two', that's okay also, lots of people have premature issues like that and I'm sure this audience is all understanding."

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder watches the exchange. "Hmm," he comments to Karai. "Your previous opponent lacks control, lacks patience. You became impatient and he was able to defeat you," he instructs her. "If you had better exploited that flaw rather than open your guard because of overconfidence, you would be standing there now." He glances over the crowd, examining the onlookers.

Elektra has posed:
In the stands, Elektra tries not to look as pained as she's feeling.

"Conceding is legal." More pained looks. "While also legal, I would be most disappointed if the match degnigrated down to a buyoff."

She can't let the puppy vest continue, though. "If you would, please return the puppies back to the children." And because she's not above such things, "Do think of the children." Because puppies? In a martial arts fight of the sort that transpire in this tournament + those kids == Wailing and crying. "Let me buy them off of you."

To herself, under her breath, "Happy birthday to me."

Green Arrow has posed:
    As Deadpool goes on his rant, Green Arrow listens. After a minute, he finally holds up his hand, "Wait. Back up. Did you just imply you want me as a sidekick?" Green Arrow asks incredulously of Deadpool. "I mean ranting about bribery is great and all, but the amusing absurdity of that has to be noted."

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
     "Oh, I want to fight. It's the entire reason I came here." Damian holds his mouth open with more disbelief once the Merc with a Mouth isnt sure of the rules before the match. With a huff, he answers back. "Bow, then we start. No ass touching, by either side." The puppies seemingly taken care of, Damian offers a bow to his opponent in response.

Deadpool has posed:
    Deadpool maybe knew the rules. Maybe not. Sometimes he doesn't remember even if he knew. "I ALSO love to fight! We should be pals. Except there's an age gap. We might not have other things in common. Do you also like to macramé entrails?" Deadpool says, cheerful. And is now distracted by Elektra. He actually turns his back on Robin to look at her. The puppies on his back while at Damian. One of them licks at the air between the opponents. "How much?" Deadpool calls. "We could auction the puppies," Deadpool suggests!

Why is everyone encouraging me?!

They love you. It's cool. Just keep going. You're doing awesome. You only lack glitter.

    "Glitter is the anal cancer of art supplies," Deadpool declares boldly in clear non-sequitur. "Can we fight yet? I've gotten really turned around in what's going on. Basically I'm hearing you want me to undress out of my puppies? Can it wait until after the fight?"

Elektra has posed:
Elektra merely gestures to the sidelies and has observers take the puppies from Wade. "You'll be happy with the number of zeros," she says dryly. Once the puppies are cleared of the field, the fight carries on!

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Suzanne can only shake her head. "It's like you're trying to cheat." She says as she pops her neck.

Daredevil has posed:
Shaking his head Daredevil laughs, "So as I was saying..."

The Elektra is standing up, talking to the crowd and... buying puppies.

It was cute but her comment caught him off-guard. Was it her birthday? Figuring that out would mean figuring out what day it was, and he'd lost track.

"That's some timing," Daredevil says, meaning more than the tournament finale. "And sorry I forgot, I had a lot on my mind, make it up to you later?" he asks, forcing a smile to his lips.

Green Arrow has posed:
    "I almost want to see how far the puppy jokes will go... but yes, less puppies, more martial arts!" Green Arrow declares from the sidelines, entirely unconcerned about the sidekick offer, it seems.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
     Damian remains bowing, his head pointing to Deadpool while bent over. The former assassin eventually has enough with it all and charges at Deadpool, katana in hand, starting to slice at the tactical wear of Deadpool.

Deadpool has posed:
    "So, about paying me to concede. Did you write that number down?" Deadpool asks Robin, while Deadpool steps out of the ring to deal with taking off the puppies and that coat. One of them pees all over one of the helpers. That's what they get for helping. "Wow, timing. Good job holding that in. Gold star for that pupper. Gold shower for you. Such luck."

    Deadpool then runs back into the ring like a child that can't focus. But then Damian is charging him. Deadpool draws a katana instantly and quickly blocks the slashes. He's mostly just dodging and talking: annoyingly. It's a super power. It might be ranged. Is he cheating?

    "Like, do you need some paper to write the amount on? I have some. And a crayon. Or were you full of shit? It's okay to be broke. I don't judge. Spent it on hook---- gah, twelve. Sorry. What do twelve year olds buy? Do they stock up on angry angst for when they turn thirteen?"

Elektra has posed:
Elektra sits back down, and gives Daredevil a pained sort of smile. "There's something to say for timing. One final hurrah and all that."

Her smile grows to something rather more meant. "No need to make it up to me Michael." Even if she's sure they'll do eactly just that.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
     The katanas clashing ring out with a lovely 'ting'. Damian soon gets into his groove. "Oh I've got the cash. 500 thousand." He offers between the clashes. "Feel free to counteroffer."

  Robin keeps the fervor going with strikes with the katana, it's all working towards a goal either way.

Deadpool has posed:
    "I have a suggestion. Maybe we should decide what the win condition is. Like, is it first blood, or until someone is missing a limb, or until someone gives up. Or /until someone is PAID/?" Deadpool suggests cheerfully as the slashing fight continues. "OR! How about, 'if you cut off a body part, you win'. Yeah? Good?" Deadpool encourages. He stops dodging, flips his wrist backwards and slides low, pulling his other katana to block the strike to his upper shoulder on the hilt, and hooks his blade up and back, hyperextending his elbow for the trick. If it follows through, he'll twist Damian's blade, maybe even disarm. The tendon made a pop though: that's an ow. But it'll heal in a moment, so, whatever...

    "Wait, I wasn't listening. Do you actually have the cash?" Deadpool is surprised. "Double that and I'll even let you stab me once. I do deserve it. I mean. You still would have to catch me. But I wouldn't like, hunt you down after this because I was insulted or something..... ---- Since, I did promise I'd do well for the kids, they get the cash, so---" Clang clang, swords are great.

    "I can give you the account number to put the money in," Deadpool is still fighting though. Of course.

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
Suzanne Reinhardt facepalms at the dialogue Deadpool is puting up while fighting. "Now I know why 'Deadpool' rhymes with 'Dead Fool'.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
     Damian continues with the clashing, negotiating all the while. "One million, and a stab? One point five and I cut off a finger."

  Robin takes a moment to think of a stipulation. "First blood drawn." He comments, though the distraction worked, Damian's katana is disarmed from the young hero. Almost immediately he takes out dual smoke pellets, throwing them down with an audible crack as the glass snaps and the smoke is released, dispersing through the cordoned off fighting area.

Deadpool has posed:
    "Two, and you keep the finger as a special ultra-creepy stalker souvenir of our very special time together," Deadpool barters. And then there's smoke. "AGHHHH, I already suffocate in this mask, this was so unnecessary, and the cameras can't see my dynamic shit anymore," Deadpool complains about it, deliberately putting his voice in a particular location just before acrobatically rolling, lunging for where the sword was flung in a low sleek dive. Sweep the leg. Or the sword where it fell. Whichever. It's all great fun.

    But he can't stay quiet, so, the talking is going to still identify where he ended up. But he's moving, so it's not so bad. There's a sound of him sheathing one of his katana. "I think I have a little fan in here. If I could see. No, that's a grenade. Probably."

Daredevil has posed:
"Very you," Daredevil says of all of this being a final harrah.

The cover name gets a smile out of the man in red, "Yeah, but you know I'm going to anyhow."

Then he shakes his head. "They're negotiating a buy out while they fight? I guess that's one way to settle things."

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
     Damian holds a birdarang in one hand, his mask adjusted to thermal imaging as the smoke filled the area. He was looking for that katana of his. He remains silent until he picks up the hilt as the smoke starts dissipating. "Dismemberment is our stipulation, or one million." Damian uses his mask to find Deadpool in the smoke, charging again to take a stab at the Merc's arm.

Deadpool has posed:
    "Yay! Oh hi," Deadpool says, as the blade digs a cruel gash down Deadpool's arm, glancing off the blocking move belatedly as Deadpool twists aside from the cut then into it. Big wicked gash, but he'll step into damage to slash in return. The blindness is not really helping. "You can see me, huh? I have something FOR that," Deadpool tut-tuts, spinning back. With, in his free hand, that shrapnel grenade. But he wasn't going for it. He DROPS it, and searches more. It probably won't show up on thermal vision, but it will make a 'tink' noise when it lands.

    "Where is my fan?! --- I was fine with a million. You just kept wanting more stuff and I like to barter. I don't remember the account number so you'll need to let me look it up..."

    Then the shrapnel grenade goes off.

Green Arrow has posed:
    As the grenade goes off, Green Arrow looks down at his suit... then back up to the fight. "Well. That escalated quickly."

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
     The drop of the grenade alerts Damian, giving him enough time to pull his hood and place his gauntlets in front of his face, offering little protection from the grenade.

  The blast knocks him back, sending shrapnel through his tunic, hitting the body armor underneath and sending Robin back out of the smoke.

  The area is cleared of the earlier smoke pellets, and Damian slowly gets to his feet, face peppered with shrapnel wounds. His mask provided protection from the grenade, but mostly useless now. One of his eyes now visible, the boy removes the mask, and through his own blood, smears it over his eyes. "You stupid shit! A grenade?!?" He finally says.

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Around the ring, outside of the smoke, a light blue aura can be seen outside of the smoke. IF the shrapnel hits this aura, they stop, as if they hit something solid, then fall to the ground.

Deadpool has posed:
    Deadpool was right on top of the experience. He's still standing. But he's looked better. He's peppered with shrapnel. And he releases a grumpy string of curses that burn the hell out of the bleeps but his player is going to spare the room from them. You're welcome.

    "First tip to new sidekick: Do not stand over a grenade. Most of that is up my ass now - the bits I'm not chewing," Deadpool shares. And turns on the little plastic teal colored hand-fan he finally found. The little yellow colored blades spin weakly. With a soft 'whirrr' it doesn't actually help much, since the smoke is nearly gone. Still, he focused long enough to get the fan going. That's something.

    " .... Was any puppy hit? Any glowing blue auras injured?" Deadpool asks, raising his voice to address the crowd. Deadpool uses a few fingers from his katana-hand to pull a big shard of metal out of his own neck. "Time out for account info exchange? I only have so many hands, kiddo. But I DO have more grenades." That was, of course, to the upset teen. Or pre-teen. Whichever.

Daredevil has posed:
"Whoa," Daredevil stands as the grenade goes off, he throws his arm up over his face and flinches at the noise. But then the fragments just stop?

Unable to see the blue aura all he has is what his senses tell him which is that it's a big blurry mess spotted with shrapnel.

"Nice touch," he says to Elektra assuming she set it up. "You want them throwing grenades around?" he asks. "I mean when you said armed matches I thought, swords."

Elektra has posed:
Elektra is up on her feet when the grenade goes off as well; but then there's the barrier, and the spectators are fine. She's not looking pleased, though, and nods to several of the bystanders who have clearly been doing security the entire weekend. And, as the more astute among the guests might haven notice, have paid their hostess more attention than one might have expected.

"No. Though technically they were not forbidden." She almost says she'll make a mental note for next time, but stops herself, remembering. "You'll have to thank someone else for the nice touch. And if this gets any further out of hand I'm clearing the arena."

For reasons.

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Just as quickly as the blue aura appeared, it fades from view. Clearly something else is at work here, but one that is looking out for the spectators....

Shredder has posed:
    As the blue aura raises and vanishes, Shredder's attention leaves the fight, scanning the croud. "Foot, seeek out who may have executed that aura," he says quietly. Without hesitation, the two leave his side, and start to walk through the spectators.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
     "You're serious?" Damian's al Ghul green eyes peer from behind that blood mask. Damian approaches Deadpool with his katana at his side. Kneeling down, placing his left hand down on the ground. "Let me just..." In a matter of seconds, that razor sharp katana swings down, and a harrowing thunk can be heard by some. A small green digit rolls away from Damian, who promptly sheathes his sword, holding his hand up, showing the dismembered finger from his hand.

Elektra has posed:
There is muttering from the crowd. People trying to figure out just what madness this is that Robin has entered into. Has he just forfeit the match?

Dragon has posed:
Arriving to watch the battle is Richard Dragon!

Grandmaster of martial arts.

He simply stands still, watching the fight at hand as he seems to frown. Damian and Deadpool going at it huh? Richard seems to frown on more than one occassion, but he remains quiet. Watching the battle silently.

He trusts Elektra's wisdom.

Deadpool has posed:
    Deadpool cheerfully answers back, "I have /SO MANY/ grenades," while putting a katana back, and drawing his guns. Deadpool probably forgot the rules. Or it never really mattered. Until he then stops, and watches Damian with the finger. He looks at the finger. Then Damian. Than back. It's a head-whipping motion suited to a cartoon.

    "Ohhhhhh. Fuck. We agreed it was the first person to cut off a part. You loopholed that shit /so hard/," Deadpool says, deadpan, and then puts his guns away. And claps.

    "Ow." Deadpool digs some shapnel out of a palm. And then resumes clapping. And then skips out of the ring.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
     "The stipulation was first one to dismember." Robin comments, bending over to pick up that digit. "I've dismembered a finger."

  Robin's blood drips from the wound, but the young combatant stands, looking at Elektra and the various elders around.

Elektra has posed:
Elektra stands when Deadpool leaves the ring. "Winner, Robin," she declares in a loud voice.

All about, various elders and witnesses nod. "Someone get that man medical aid." And immediately, there are those who rush to Damian's side, and gather up the finger, and pop it into ice.

Another runs to the dock and calls forward for a medical team to be on standby to receive the boy and his finger, as well as arrange for transport.

It all happens in a blink of an eye.

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    The one who put out the blue aura remains wonderfully anonymous. Even from the Foot.

Probably because the one who did it is now making a delightful snadwich. "Dear god there are some lovely things to put on a sandwich here." says Suzanne.

Deadpool has posed:
    "That was some crazy *bleep* I would do," Deadpool says to nobody specific while the children gather near as he returns to them. "If I hadn't been distracted I'm sure I would have thought of it. Hey kids. No money. Tough going, I know. Sometimes cancer does win. But we still do our best. HIGH FIVES!"

    Deadpool collects his high fives, while still bleeding a little. Or just dripping from the costume, not so much from wounds anymore.

Elektra has posed:
And with that, it's all over. Folks start to disperse. Other stick around and converse. Many return to the boat in preparation for tomorrow's departure. In short, things wind down. Damian has won. Accolades are given. Money changes hands. And surprisingly, thought both Hand and Foot clan were on the island all weekend, no serious alteracations occured.

There can be only one: Robin wins the day.