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Lorna Gives Gifts!
Date of Scene: 14 January 2019
Location: Xavier's School, Westchester, New York
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Polaris, Cyclops

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has kept the present close to her stomach the whole walk/stroll from the lower levels up to the main floor. She's grown to know this house like one she'd been raised in, or at least thats how she assumes it feels, and she makes her way toward the rec room with Lorna.

Since its a bit late, most of the students have retired for the evening though some of the older ones are still awake at the gaming consoles in the tv corner of the room. Rogue, however, walks to one of the tables to set the gift down.

"I'm gonna consider this my first birthday present of the year." She says to Lorna with a big grin. She starts to pull her gloves off and once they're set aside she sets to artfully open the package up!

While doing so she has to ask. "Where the hell is Genosha, anyway? Like... geographically... speakin'."

Polaris has posed:
Lorna followed after Rogue, her anger at Strange's insults cooling rapidly as they left the medbay behind and returned to the higher levels of the mansion. Her heels clicked as she walked, her long sleeves pushed up around her elbows as she walked. A huff of a breath escaping her as they found a space free of younger or older students in a fairly quieter section of the room. She sat, sliding in beside Rogue.

Inside the package was a lovely sweater, black and thickly woven with little decorative knots tied along the neckline. It was soft, made of some rich mixture of fibers.

"I thought you might want something warm back here. Winters being what they are here and all.." She smiled sheepishly. "If it doesn't fit, let me know. I can get you a size down or up." She mumbled, and at the question about Genosha she bit her lower lip.

"Off the coast of Africa actually. It's tropical. Really nice beaches."

Cyclops has posed:
    Already seated in the room, the geometry teacher, is at one of the tables in the corner, not in anyone's way, but he has a stack of papers and he turns a sheet over while holding a red pen in his hand. Scott has his other hand holding his head up by the forehead and he sighs softly to himself. He looks up to the women as they enter. "It's not too far from Madagascar isn't it?" Scott asks, as he looks up from behind his ruby red lense oakleys.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's reaction upon seeing the gift, unfolding it and settling back into a chair to hold it up and in front of her? She just smiles and then pulls it to herself to hug it against her body and to wrap her arms around herself and the sweater. She looks up to Lorna. "I love it." She says. "I don't mind baggy, if it is." She raises her right hand then and wiggles her bare fingers. "Thank ya, ever so much. Been awhile since I got a gift that I didn't have'ta wonder whether it was stolen or not." Is that a shot at Gambit? It must be. "I'd hug ya, but alarms would probably start goin' off around here. Anti-Rogue-Touchin' style." She looks back down to the sweater then while she hears Lorna explain the country's locale as well as Scott chiming in on it.

"I don't know where Madagascar is neither, but ya had me at nice beaches either way." She laughs a little and looks back up, to Lorna, then over to Scott. "I think its time for a tropical vacation, Mistah Summe'ahs." She says to the X-Men's esteemed leader.

Polaris has posed:
"Baggy is good for sweaters, so, I'm glad." She grinned, and shifted in her seat. Before she blinked, and Lorna turned her attention toward Scott as the man chimed in. She flashed him a smile, sitting up in her chair and giving him a wave of her hand. "Yeah, it's pretty close to Madagascar actually." She stood, and waved to the table her and Rogue had taken over. "You're welcome to join us.. I got as many gifts as I could for everyone. You too. Late for the holidays, but better than nothing, right? Bobby helped me bring them in this afternoon when I flew in." She reached up and scratched the back of her head as her gaze swung back to Rogue.

"Really? Of course you should come back with me if you want to take a vacation. It's a lot warmer."

Cyclops has posed:
    "We don't have alarms for Rogue touching people. Though I could get Forge to get to work on something." Scott says with that stoic half smile he wears so well before he sets his pen down and flips over the documents to prevent kids from cheating again. Then he stands up and walks over to the table. "Glad to have you both back, but if you don't know where Madagascar is, we might need to reenrole you in geography class Marie." Scott says with one brown eyebrow going back up before slowly turns his attention to Lorna. "You have gifts for everyone? You really shouldn't have, but I appreciate it." The X-leader says with a smirk before looking back to the kids in the room and being hushed.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over to the rowdy video gamers for a second too before she glances away and down once more at her fancy new sweater that she's still wearing like a second skin at the present moment. "A vacation to a tropical beach sounds like the very best place to be, but I wouldn't be able t'take my new favorite sweater with me." She flashes a grin at Lorna before she glances voer to Scott.

"Ha ha... I know where it is! Sorta... And _no_ its not cause'a that kid's movie neither." Its entirely because of that animated movie from when she was little. "I do want to enroll in the colleges courses here, but I figure I need t'tell Jean that." So apparently she plans on coming back here, done with the big city as it were?

Rogue looks back up to Lorna. "Do you need help puttin' the gifts somewhere? Wait." She looks between the two of them. "Is Bobby okay? He lost an arm!" She hadn't seen what happened with him as she'd slept the whole way home after they rescued her. A real sleep, one that was actually restful rather than stressful like the 'magical sleep' she'd been in for days upon days by her captors.

Polaris has posed:
A small laugh escaped Lorna at Scott's words and she shrugged lightly. "I wanted to. I've been gone for nearly a year. I have access to a lot, and I wanted to give back." She smiled, and settled back down in her seat. "The gifts aren't all that much. Yours is somewhere.." She added after a moment's consideration. "Bobby helped me pile them in my room. He said it hadn't been given out to someone else yet, so I hope that was okay."

Her gaze swung back to Rogue and she grinned, "No, you'd melt trying to wear that in Genosha. It's humid. Hot. Tropics.. you know. Sun." She shrugged lightly, and reached up to push her green locks back from her face, blinking repeatedly at Rogue.

"Wait, what? Bobby lost his arm? He was fine this afternoon! He felt well enough to help me unload my rental car and everything."

Cyclops has posed:
    Was never worried about Bobby's arm. Cause he was in the Iceman form, usually pretty safe for him at that time. If he can get to more ice they've patched him up before like that, so a whole arm didn't surprise Scott. "Yeah, that's it, I'm having Jean sign you up." Scott says, the leader wanting his collegues to know more and learn constantly. "I am surprised Carol doesn't know that even." Scott says, his eyebrows furrowing as he considers.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's attention mostly falls upon the description of the tropical island and it makes her melt down into a slouch in her chair. "Mmmm, hot, humid, sunny, oceans..." She has her eyes shut for a little while before she draws in a heavy sigh and just shakes hre head side to side.

"I thought Bobby's ice form was like... armor, like in one'a those stupid video games the guys are playin' over there.

"Yo, these games ain't stupid, you're stupid!" One of the highschool seniors shouts back from their place at the sofas. He's just joking around, in that mean kinda way that teenagers do.

Rogue just smirks at the response, her eyes still shut though. BUT, she suddenly opens them and sits up. "Where's Aces? Crap, I gotta find him." He's her BFF after all, her dog. He's likely in the garage or such since the school generally doesn't allow pets inside.

Polaris has posed:
A exhale followed and Lorna shook her head, "Oh, you had me worried that something serious had happened to Bobby." She drawled, settling back in her seat as she turned her gaze from Scott back to Rogue and arched a brow upwards.

"Yeah, big ol' sandy beaches, palm trees.. the whole nine yards of tropics. It's not so bad in the air conditioning but the second I go outside, my hair is a tangled mess of frizz. It's a pain." She grumbled, but her lips formed a smile none the less.

"If you want to come hang out with me there Rogue, you're more than welcome." She hoped her father wouldn't care //too// much if she dragged an X-man or two along with her. They were mutants, Genosha was made for mutants.

Cyclops has posed:
    "You going to tell her the whole story or just be kind of vague about it?" Scott says with a look to Lorna from behind the glasses that she could feel more than see. Scott hesitates just a moment, waiting to see if Lorna will be forward about what Genosha truely is. While that happens, Scott turns his attention towards Rogue and nods, "Yeah, the dog is holed up in my room for now untill you can get everything set up in your room and moved in. If you want." Scott says with a soft smirk. "And the Bently is in the garage." Don't ask how they got it back, but they did.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue turns in her chair to the direction that Scott is, holding the sweater in her lap now with her arms both rolled up in its fluffy softness. She looks to him and shows a slight smirk. "Hopefully he hasn't scratched a hole through your door. He doesn't like bein' away from me and in strange places... But yeah. I can take the car back t'the city tomorrow and get some'a my stuff. I got that place there until summe'ah though."

She looks between the two of them. "I totally wanna go now, but I probably gotta get some stuff in order around here before I can. I'm supposed t'already be back in classes by now, so I'm behind, if I'm transferin' here and all."

Another heavy inhale is taken and she moves to stand up. "Whats the full story?" She then asks, now upon her feet again.

Polaris has posed:
Lorna shot Scott a look from beneath her eyelashes, one that clearly said, 'You're doing this now? Seriously?'. But she sighed, leaning forward as she pushed her hair back from her face. "Genosha was once a rather horrible place, and was where a bunch of humans enslaved mutates and mutants for slave labor.. But it's better now. It's a haven for mutants. For all mutants." She added, turning her gaze upwards at Scott with a purse to her lips.

"I've been working there for almost the entire past year. Working on diplomatic relations and helping to establish Genosha." She hadn't expected Rogue to //not// know what Genosha was.. Bobby had known after all. Or at least, he'd pretended he did.

Cyclops has posed:
    "Keep going." Scott says as he stands back up and moves over towards his table to gather the papers he left on it. "I'm going to get to work on more paper work and ... other activities." There's some ops he needs to work on and get squared away, but he does expect Lorna to give Rogue the whole story, and not hold back any info. "Nice to have you both back. We're going to need both of your help soon enough." With rumors of the Sentinel programs that have been brewing.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks from Scott back over to Lorna and she does a little eyebrow raise at the rest of the information about the island of Genosha. "Oh. Huh." She replies. A second later and she shrugs her shoulders. "If you're safe there and you like it'nd all, then I'm onboard for it. I mean, you're not gonna put that much effort inta a place that... ya know, sucks or whatever."

"'Sucks or whatever'." One of the highschoolers at the sofas mocks Rogue, so she leans forward and picks up a plastic bottle on the table and turns to throw it side-arm at the kid, causing it to bounce off the side of his head and he throws his arms up in the air. "Not cool!" He says back at her.

"Agreed!" Rogue says back, before she huffs and looks back to Lorna. "Maybe Spring Break? I don't know, I gotta talk to Jean about what I need t'do to keep my school goin'. I wanna be signed up as a Teaching Assistant. Hopefully. Just not sure to who."

Polaris has posed:
A grimace twisted her lips as Scott urged Lorna to continue the 'full truth' about the island nation and her ties to it. Something she desperately didn't want to share, but people here knew her and had accepted her before. It wasn't necessarily new information, she was known //publicly// in the wider world now.. It was just harder to say it outloud to someone she counted as a friend.

"My father is the reason why it's different.." She grumbled under her breath, looking down as she folded her hands as Scott departed to return to his grading.

Her gaze swung back to Rogue and she bit the inside of her cheek. "The UN gave him Genosha a while ago. He's King." She exhaled roughly. "So.. if that impacts your plans for coming over for Spring Break..." She pursed her lips together and looked down at her hands.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue holds the sweater against her stomach with her forearms crossed together there as she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. She stares at Lorna and shakes her head at the woman's words.

"Come t'think of it, I have heard'a the place. Magnus... er, Magneto, yeah. I haven't seen him since... like, almost two years now. At a sailing competition near here where a mutant boy lost control'a his powers. I had t'a stop the kid from freakin' out, so I absorbed him for a second or two. He had a 'cold' power'a some kinda. It was... chillin'." She flashed a light grin.

"Magneto was there, he put his cloak around me to keep me warm. Which was, ya know, chivalrous or whatever." She glances over at the snickering from the sofas, but pays it little mind, just smirks, then looks back to Lorna.

"Again if you like the place, then I like it and look forward t'seein' it someday."

Polaris has posed:
Lorna tensed for the moment, waiting and listening to Rogue's story about what her own interactions were with the person that was her biological father. Up until the last year or so, he'd been a distant figure in her life. A shadow that hung over her. But by the end of the little anecdote, Lorna exhaled a breath, her shoulders falling as she lifted her gaze and smiled. "I love Genosha. It's ..not perfect, but it's trying. Mutants can be free and do what they please and don't have to be scared of being different. I love the people and everything that the island stands for.." She blinked, and turned her gaze back down to her hands.

"Plus you know, the beaches are pretty great. I'll take you to my favorite bakery too.. their scones are addictive." She smiled up at Rogue again.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just cracks a grin then and she exhales while shaking her head side to side. "That sounds awesome. I can't wait. Some time'a way from stuff would be really great... I'll see how things line up after I can grab Jean for a chat."

The southern gal lifts the sweater up to rub it against the side of her face then. "So soft..." She flashes a grin then. "I better go get Aces from Scott, I'm worried that he's clawed a hole in his bedroom door by now."

She turns toward the door then and pauses. "Thanks for the gift and let me know if ya need any help with anything while you're here. I'm glad t'get to hang out with ya again, its been way too long."