6189/Red Morning

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Red Morning
Date of Scene: 15 January 2019
Location: Siberia
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Omega Red

Shredder has posed:
    The temporary structure set up here in the cold reaches of Siberia isn't warm. It's just not -10C like the rest of the area. Space heaters fill the 20x20 building, and several black clad figures, one with a dragon mask and a rice hat, and two more with red masks and silver and black uniforms stand at the ready. The figure in the rice hat had respectfully requested Arkady to come with him, for there was great power to be gained.
    The center of the temporary building is occupied by one that stands out from the rest. Sitting in a plain folding chair is a man in steel plating, blades coating his shoulders, and tines from the back's of his gauntlets. A metal helmet covers the head, and a black shozuko mask covers the face, an old scar over the left eyebrow visible. "Arkady Rossovich," the man says calmly, casually. "I'm pleased you have chosen to join us this evening." He doesn't stand.

Omega Red has posed:
Omega Red's eyes follow the movements of the men around him as he moves through this temporary shelter from the perpetual storm outside. He is not just some mutant murderer. He was once a soldier and he carries himself like one as he walks toward the seated figure. The tentacles that are his signature weapon are kept contained in his forearms and Omega Red has managed to keep his deadly pheromones contained... for now.

When he reaches the centre of the room and the figure seated there, Omega Red slows to a stop and folds his arms across his chest. The metal-clad man states that he is pleased that Omega Red has joined him, but the pasty-faced man had little choice. After all, he had to see the face of the man who had awakened him from his sleep.

"Greetings, tovarish. Few are brave enough to stand before Omega Red. Even fewer would risk waking me. Yet, you did both. What is it you want of Omega Red, tovarish?"

Shredder has posed:
    "Utility." The one word sums it up. "You are a man of remarkable talents, Omega Red," he says, using the self-declared title. "Your prowess in combat is not to be discounted, nor are the enhancements you posess. Yet the USSR was too shortsighted to see your potential. Citing," He dismissively waves his hand, as if the next statement is for a fool, "moral indiscretions and a lack of predictability." He leans back in the chair. "However, I can see from your history that you are more than what they label. You are a warrior, and the time for warriors has returned to this world."
    He plants his hands on his knees, and stands to his feet. "Around you," he motions, "Are men and women who have seen this. They know the need for power, and have chosen to join me as we seek to forge a new era for mankind. The obstacles are many. Kryptonians, mutant superheroes, SHIELD, the Justice League. While they desire to maintain order, they create chaos, an atmosphere ripe for war, and war brings conquest. What I want is a weapon who will strike without hesitation or moral compromise, one who appreciates power, and seeks more of it." He tilts his helmeted head to one side. "Am I wrong to think I am speaking to such a man?"

Omega Red has posed:
Omega Red doesn't try to hide his confusion over the names of the entities named by the man before him. Of them all, the only one he has heard of before is SHIELD and even then it was difficult to tell how much of what he heard was fact, and how much of it was speculation. The rest of the groups were completely unknown to him when he went into his deep sleep., with even mutants only being spoken about in hushed tones by his superiors, at best.

"And what is it you would have Omega Red do, tovarish? I am not a leader of men. They die far too quickly and easily." Omega Red takes a moment to size up the man in front of him. "You speak as though you are familiar with me and my life before I was betrayed. Yet, I know nothing about you."

Shredder has posed:
    "Your files," the Shredder reveals. "Little more than that, really." He waves a finger nonchalantly. "You are not a leader, but I am." The motions of the bladed figure are seamless, and the balance with which he walks, though he is casual, is the balance and poise of someone who knows how to fight, and would not likely be caught off guard. "There are many targets which I have, targets which hinder my progress in attaining the power I am securing. I cannot be in all places at once. I need someone who is able to act ruthlessly, someone war-forged."
     He stops his slow pacing, and turns to directly face Red. "As to my identity. I have commanded armies for centuries, I will never die, and my eventual rule is inevitable, it is written in history's annals already. It is simply a matter of time. I am the Shredder."

Omega Red has posed:
Omega Red watches and listens as the Shredder paces the floor before him. He has heard something similar in the past. A vicious dog that is sent out as a weapon to attack and weaken an enemy. Beat it down into submission. It's a role he was accustomed to before he ever became Omega Red. He enjoys it, and sees no reason to not to trade one master who calls upon him to take care of issues and this new one before him.


"A splendid speech, tovarish. But you have not told Omega Red what he receives from this deal. You get power and I get...?"

There is but one answer that would make him bend the knee here and now to this would-be conquerer.

Shredder has posed:
    "There is a synthesizer I learned of when I researched your file," Shredder says. "It seems that the carbonadium in your body is unstable. I do not have it," he says. "But my resources are global. With it your augmentations can be made whole and stable. Know that this is also a goal, but you were easier to find than it is. I will help you find the synthesizer should you join me. I think you'll find it more beneficial than searching alone."

Omega Red has posed:
There it is. That is what Arkady was looking for.

"The X Weapon has taken it. The X Weapon and his colleagues. American interlopers. Where they took it, and for what purpose, I was never told."

Omega Red focuses on Shredder for a moment to take the measure of the man. He was able to find and revive Omega Red after decades of sleep. He was brave enough to meet with Omega Red when even being in the same room could be deadly.

Perhaps the Shredder will be able to fulfil this promise.

Without taking his eyes off of Shredder, Omega Red nods his head and begins to kneel.

"Very well. You have gained the services of Omega Red."

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder watches as Omega Red kneels before him. "Very well, Omega Red. There are many things to be done. Currently, the Weapon X program will be placed into sites as I build power within the US Government. We need not mount an offensive if it can be handed to us, but needless, there will be call for your particular talents for violence. There is history that you will need to familiarize yourself with."

Omega Red has posed:
Omega Red rises back to his feet and stands at his full height. Even though he knelt, he feels no shame in the act. There is the slightest of smiles on his pale face at the mention of the need for violence. If there is one thing that Arkady Rossovich knows, it is violence.

"Yes. There is much that needs to be learned. This world is very different from the one I knew. I am yours to command, tovarish. Point me at your enemies and they will be ended."

Shredder has posed:
    "Very well. The first enemies are in a particular part of New York City. Called the "Friends of Humanity." He waves the name off as if it were dust in the air. "Their agenda is not important to me, but they oppose the mutants in a particular section of the city, and I plan to recruit more to help in this endeavour. Your people have suffered at the hands of bigots for some time. I imagine you may enjoy this task. But you must be discreet. It will jeopardize other political agendas if you are discovered."

Omega Red has posed:
"Friends of Humanity," Omega Red repeats. "Mutant Town." Just two of the things that he will need to learn. Political games were never his strong point or something that truly interested him but if it means slaying his enemies, he can accommodate.

"It will be done and it will not be traced back to you, if that is your wish."

The tentacles in the undersides of Omega Red's arms begin to snake out and curve around his wrists in anticipation of the carnage to come. "They will never be heard from again."