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Bobby did WHAT
Date of Scene: 28 January 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Polaris, Magneto, Quicksilver

Polaris has posed:
Lorna had stayed more or less in touch with her father while she'd been at Xavier's, at least as in touch as the youngest in a gaggle of children could be in their twenties. It wasn't long before those text messages became fewer between before all at once Lorna had asked for a portal home. She came through one sunny afternoon in Genosha, a backpack on her shoulder and her hair pulled back from her face.

There a dark bruise marred the side of her pale skin, curling back into her green hairline. It was clear that Polaris had been up to the usual X-men missions and she had the bumps and scrapes to prove it.

As she came through the portal she exhaled a heavy sigh, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply as she breathed in the humid tropical air that was Genosha's natural climate. A much more forgiving environment than the cold of New York in Winter.

Magneto has posed:
     When asked for the zeta-tube, Magneto made a point to see the Princess at her destination. Dressed in military regalia, a lordly cape, and his crowned helmet, the master of magnetism watched as the blue portal shined its light around the room.

  Magneto was hardly a doting father, but his intuition told him something was amiss. His silver brows remained neutral as Lorna walked through the portal. "Lorna, dear." He said, looking to his youngest daughter, and noticing her bruise. "I see you had some fun in New York..."

Quicksilver has posed:
Don't let Pietro see that bruise, Lorna.

Quicksilver is running at mach 5. He's sprinting. And in moments, he goes from being in New York....to being straight up in Genosha! running faster than guards can even see what just happened besides a shit-ton of dust to the face, Pietro is a blue blur even straight past Magneto and Lorna. Family reunion at mach 5.

Dressed in a brand new armored uniform of blue and white, silver hair telling immediately who he is with a cocky smile. "Hey Dad. Miss me?" he gives a little wink to Lorna.

Polaris has posed:
Lorna flashed her father a smile, her magnetic fields entangling with his own naturally, an effect of having an opposite polarity to that of her father's. An invisible embrace, sent in the language that they knew. Her father's words as he greeted her earned a smile, and a hesitant touch to the bruises at the side of her temple. "I went to Canada and got hit in the head with a rock?" She offered, her expression grimacing.

"I was busy stealing rifles from humans that tried to shoot us.. so I was a bit distracted." She continued sheepishly, knowing that she should've been better prepared for projectiles and she hadn't. Then there was Pietro, and whatever else he was going to say, was cut off with a blast of wind that ruffled her hair and clothes around her. She blinked repeatedly, flashing her brother a small smile. "Hey Pietro."

Magneto has posed:
     Magneto's cape billows with the sudden gust of wind, his depression suddenly turns to surprise. "Pietro." He comments, fixing his cape. "I'm glad to see you're still alive." Yes, it was a little awkward, but he was still on loose ground with Pietro.

Quicksilver has posed:
"Yeah, well, at least you know if I died, I'd be waiting in Hell for you." ooohhhh yes, the same family tension of loose ground that has ALWAYS existed between Magneto and Pietro. But a stern look from the mutant speedster turns into a soft smile.

"But it's good to see you again." He turns his head to Lorna, then his eyes widen. In an instant he's literally two centimeters away from Lorna, looking at her bruise.


Polaris has posed:
A grimace pulled at her lips and Lorna pulled back as abruptly Pietro was in her face inspecting the bruising that carried from her temple into her hairline. She scowled, pushing her hair down in front of her face. "Pietro," She whined, grumbling as she crossed her arms. "It's called personal space!" She shot her father a look, pleading and all at once hoping that the two could stop with the tension between them for five minutes..

Exasperation cut her pleading look off and she muttered under her breath. "I was on a mission alright? Something threw a rock at me. I was busy taking rifles away from a bunch of guys that wanted to shoot us. I was told it was a bear or something? I dunno, I got knocked out. I got treated, I have a minor concussion. Alright?" She huffed and shook her head.

"There's been some //really// crazy stuff going on in New York... mimics, or puppet imposters.. There was one of Rogue and then this afternoon when Bobby and I went ice skating there was one of him.. and I dunno what it wanted.. It came up to me, and then took off.."

Magneto has posed:
     "You've been checked out medically" Magneto asks, already knowing the answer. "The life we choose comes with its own dangers. As you know." He didn't sound callous, he was merely stating a fact. "Puppets? And they were all mutants?" He balls his fist, the leather of his gloves creaking in protest to his force.

  "I will have my people look into it. If they are targeting high profile mutants, then they must be stopped, at all costs."

Quicksilver has posed:
For once, it seems Pietro and Magneto agree on something.

"Agreed. If they're targeting mutants at all, they'll make everything worse for us as a whole. If they target high profile mutanhts, and manage to either kill or replace them, then this is gonna get bad really fast. For all of us."

Pietro looks to Lorna and he growls. "Fine. But if you see 'em again, lemme know...I'll take care of it right as rain." his romanian accent peaks out for a moment.

"We should be looking into it personally. Less cahnce of something, oh I dunno, going terribly wrong?"

Polaris has posed:
Lorna heaved a sigh and nodded, "Like I said, I have a slight concussion. No bright lights, avoid the sun, no staring at my phone. I spent over an hour in the medbay, getting checked out. And Dad, you can't just barge into the X-men's missions and what's going on there. Jean said it might've been a demon when she looked into the imposter Rogue's head. She said puppet or shell or something. It was being controlled. But it had Rogue's powers and looked like her. So these imposters look like them.. The fake Bobby didn't say anything.. it just ran off, cut its ice skates when I tried to stop it." She pursed her lips, glancing toward Pietro with a grimace.

"Whatever or whoever it is.. how do we know they're not involved here already? Should we worry about Genosha and our borders?" She tilted her head and adjusted her grip on her backpack. "Anyways to stop in and tell you and get a change of clothes. I only packed for a week really..."

Magneto has posed:
     "Lorna, I don't barge into the X-Men. I am the co-founder of that school, without me, Charles wouldn't be half the man he is." Besides, he never needed the X-Men, he can do it on his own. "I worry about anything that concerns my people. You said they impersonated Rogue and Iceman, who's to say I'm not next? This has become a matter for all of us." He rises from the floor, keeping an inch from the ground. "I agree with Pietro, it is a matter to be looked into personally." And of course, that doesn't bode well, for whomever is behind this.

Quicksilver has posed:
Pietro looks to Magneto and while he SEVERELY doubts the school or Charles would be what it is without him? Well....He doesn't say anything on that for once. But he crosses his arms. "Especially if they can even mimic the powers of mutants....can they mimic the memories too? If so then....this is really bad." he looks to Magneto as he agrees with his son.

yaaaay. first time for everything. Miracles DO happen.

Though he looks to Lorna. "We should worry. This is one of the most concentrated areas of mutants on the planet. They might've already infiltrated us."

Polaris has posed:
A roll of her eyes truly brought home the appearance that Lorna was in fact Magneto's youngest in the brood of young royals. She exhaled a breath, "I know dad, and no offense, but most of them still are kinda scared of you. As I was told repeatedly this week," She cleared her throat, "'Your dad used to be the biggest bad in the room, when he walked in people didn't walk out.' To quote roughly.." She muttered. "My point is dad, you'll scare a good few of them if you get involved directly." She grimaced, shooting her older brother a look.

Thankful at least he hadn't questioned her on what she was doing out ice skating alone with Bobby..

"It didn't sound like they had minds like us, according to Jean. I dunno how she described it other than .. different. It seemed apparent to her at least. If we can get a few telepaths to scan people, do a few checks here in Genosha.. I'm sure it would be for the best. The one that pretended to be Bobby didn't say anything to me. Didn't try to act like it was him.. and when I tried to interact with it, it ran."

Magneto has posed:
     The comment that some of the X-Men are scared of him allows Magneto a slight boost of ego. "That is their prerogative. But if they are scared that much of one old man, are they truly deserving of a second thought? Or a second skate?" He comments on Lorna's friends. "Nolan was fearful, but stood against it, had it bolster his resolve, I respect that amount of courage."

  "Now, we will indeed have our own scan to check our ranks, make sure Genosha is safe, and her government."

Quicksilver has posed:
"You say that, Dad, like I'm not gonna kill the bastard if he breaks Wanda's heart." Because sorry Lorna! Pietro was closer to the twin. But he does take a breath. "aaaaand ego-neto is back." Pietro back as well with the quips. Though he does glance to Lorna with a biggest tilt of his head. "Besides, it'd be good to let them know you're at least still here."

Mag's been out of the spotlight for a while...but alas, he hums very softly. "So he acted like his own person. that's....easy, I guess, to spot them."

Polaris has posed:
A shrug, and Lorna reached up to comb her hand through her hair a hint of pink spreading over her cheeks as her father mentioned a second skate. Given everything else that had happened over the course of the week with Bobby, Lorna was less than enthused about her father's comments on fear and courage. There was more to it than just that, she thought, and bit back such words. She wasn't dating anyone after all.

A glance was spared for Pietro as he mentioned killing Wanda's current boy if he broke her heart and she bit her lower lip. She was most certainly not going to tell Pietro what had happened during her 'vacation' at Xavier's.

"I'm sure he makes Wanda very happy." She drawled, and shook her head, turning her focus back t to her father. "That's all I wanted. I was worried that Genosha might be targeted, given that the X-men clearly are at this point.

"The imposters all tried to flee when they were found out it seems. The fake Rogue through the center of the Mansion and the fake Bobby through the woods."

Magneto has posed:
"My interview with April O'Neal certainly was pointed at that business with President Underwood. Of which I did not kill him. Merely accused him of the murder and subsequent cover-up of a mutant." Magneto soon starts to exit the room. "Lorna, you're free to do as you wish, of course. But remain vigilant, I wouldn't doubt someone would want to make a double if you as well."

  "Pietro...if you wouldn't mind, I could use your insight into this matter as well."

Quicksilver has posed:
Pietro kept his arms crossed, before he seems to hum very softly. "hm." he does glance to Lorna "I sure as hell hope so." and of course, Pietro was NOT hoping that any question about his love life be brought up. Been there, done that. Nope. don't ask.

but he rubs his chin softly.

"Cowards they are then..." though Magneto surprises him. "You want my help?" a pause...sniffle (not really). "Well...okay then. I'll help."

Polaris has posed:
A sigh escaped Lorna and she nodded, "Of course Dad, I'll be around for dinner, okay? I want to stay at the Mansion and help once we get the run down here." She glanced side long at Pietro and her lips twitched faintly. "Will you stay for dinner?" She asked, arching a brow as she shifted her grip on her back pack. Her intent to switch out clothes and get new clean ones was strong.

As was the desire to enjoy the warmth of Genosha for a few hours before she returned to the frozen land that New York in Winter.