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Cold Days
Date of Scene: 30 January 2019
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Synopsis: The Avengers respond to a natural diaster in Minneapolis!
Cast of Characters: Wasp (van Dyne), Captain America, Black Panther, Vision, She-Hulk, War Machine, Spider-Woman (Drew), Captain Marvel (Danvers)

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Minneapolis isn't often a victim of alien invaders, but Earth's own forces of nature wreck merry havoc as well. The snowstorm from a 'polar vortex' was more than just cold winds. Brutal snowfall accumulation stacked drifts six feet deep in thoroughfares and utterly buried entire alleyways and smaller homes. The winds die enough to admit outside aid but the city's in a state of emergency, and a call was sent to the Avengers for assistance.

The Avengers deploy into several areas at once. A twenty-car pileup threatens lives on the interstate as people are locked in their cars and unable to get past the obstructions. Several low-income apartment complexes are without power due to equipment failures, potentially causing weather exposure for hundreds of people. And downtown the snow's caused a building's roof to cave in and prompted a slow but urgent evacuation from the building before the whole thing comes down.

With so much ground to cover, the Avengers need to split into teams to cover it all.

Captain America has posed:
The jet is well-piloted, but still, the winds whip in the upper atmosphere as the team travels to the west and towards the beleaguered city. Those not seated in bucket-seats and strapped in will have to hold on to something sturdy or risk being jostled about at odd moments. Steve's up front with hands on the wheel, as it were, talking into the mic with nearby traffic controllers to be certain that no one collides with the swiftly-traveling jet. He pushes the 'mute' button on the headset and risks a glance over his shoulder towards the team in the back. His voice travels into the ear-mics as well as aloud through the jet's interior.

"Alright, we're gonna set down nearby the interstate, in a field just off it. Who's on the building with the collapsing roof? We need someone either good with electrical or good at improvising insulation for the tenants without power. I've already put in word that I'll be helping on the interstate. There aren't enough responders to get people out of the stalled vehicles."

Black Panther has posed:
Black Panther checks out the information coming in on the situation. "The building with the roof collapsing. I may not be well suited to preventing collapse. But my senses may be useful finding anyone already trapped," he suggests, looking over to Captain America, ready to follow his lead on the situation.

Black Panther looks out at the white of the blizzard, switching his vision between different spectrums to find the one that works best in the heavy snowfall. "Barring that, I could try to find a solution for the building without power," T'Challa says, perhaps a case for putting his physics background to use.

Vision has posed:
As he listens to the assignments and scenarios, Vision is quiet for the most part. "I would believe that given the situations at hand that Janet's abilities to move quickly within confined spaces would serve best within the traffic incident, while Jessica's strength and speed would lend well to clearing the building." he comments. "Also, judging on recent social interaction, I give these pairings a seventy-six point two eight change of success. I can assist with the restoration of power - though my own power cells can only restore power temporarily. I did not come fully prepared, I fear, for a full use of my power cells as a backup source would be helpful. I believe the phrase is 'I was caught with my pants down?'" he inquires.

She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer looks over. "I can get on the building, Cap. If nothing else, I can get the rubble dealt with. I can handle the heavy lifting, if someone else can handle getting the injured out." That's likely to be a job for someone with better speed, agility, or senses than her.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
"Okay. I'll start going through the cars and do triage," Janet says, agreeing with Vision's assessment. "Biggest priority is the injured, then the old and young, then anyone else. With this wind we need to move fast, I'm sure everyone on the highway is freezing their keisters off."

She moves to the drop chute and pulls a helmet over her head to guard her exposed skin from the wind. Her black bodysuit sports some thermal gear but she's probably going to be painfully cold in a few minutes. "Everyone remember to stay in touch!" she says, cheerily, and with a *whumph* the jet ejects her into the airpsace below. She shrinks mid-fall and her wasp wings take over, buzzing towards the traffic jam with her best speed.

Black Panther has posed:
Black Panther moves over beside She-Hulk. "If you can delay the collapse, Ms. Walters? I will focus on evacuating the occupants." T'Challa gives the green-skinned woman a bow of his head before turning back to note the jet's progress, waiting for them to reach the building. "I believe Ms. Walters and I can both jump from the plane. No need to waste time landing," he says, looking to She-Hulk for confirmation she can drop from any height necessary, as long as the landing zone is clear.

Vision has posed:
"Then I will assist Ms. Walters and King T'Challa with the building and power restoration. Captain Rogers, Ms. Van Dyne, the best of fortunes in your endeavor." With that, Vision follows Janet out, going intangible in the process as he pulls away to head towards the city, sure that the two heavies can keep up easily with him.

Captain America has posed:
"Last I checked, seventy-six was above a passing rate, so it'll do," the Captain calls back over his shoulder towards Vision. "Sounds like everyone's got a job to do, so lemme set the -- "

And there goes Janet, ready and raring and already out of the jet before he can even set the plane down. Steve sighs as he looks back to the controls. "Janet's got the right idea. Jessica, T'Challa, Jennifer, Vision, you get to the building with the roof collapse; I'll swing the jet alongside, but I can't risk blowing out everyone on the street below, so you'll need to stick your landings."

As foretold, Steve pulls the jet low enough to admit those working on the building with collapsing roof to the street below and then swings around back towards the interstate to set down the jet in the field nearby. "Rhodes, you helping with the vehicles or you wanna jog over to building with the collapsing roof?" Steve asks even as he walks towards the jet's opening back-hatch, buckling his shield into place as he goes.

She-Hulk has posed:
Jennifer nods, and hops out of the Quinjet, looking over towards the building. "Okay. I'm going to take this from the top down...if I start pulling from the bottom, we're likely to have another collapse." She looks to T'Challa. "If you need anything big out of your way, let me know, Your Majesty." With that, she tenses and springs to the building, moving up to the edge of the roof collapse, hopping lightly in. She taps her coms "Cap, have them keep the west facing of this building clear; that's gonna be where I'm tossing the debris."

Black Panther has posed:
"That is an acceptable plan," T'Challa replies to Jennifer, nodding his head towards her. He walks over as Steve is flying the plane above the building, not waiting for him to drop the altitude. The Black Panther crouches and then bounds out of the plane, falling to land light as a cat on the roof, knowing his momentum will be arrested by his vibranium footwear, saving the roof any additional stress.

Once he is down he looks about for a moment, sniffing and listening. Then he's moving quickly, finding a hole in the collapsed roof and crawling inside with the speed and grace of his namesake.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Janet's enthusiasm might have gotten the better of her here. The winds are so intense that her flight becomes completely uncontrollable. She lurches down fifty feet at a time, shrinking and resizing herself and hits a snowdrift hard enough to bury herself completely in it. She enlarges with a *whomph* of displaced snow and kicks clear. "My wings are iced over!" she announces, her tone shrill. "I can't fly with this wind! I'm... I'm making my way to the traffic pileup!"

She has a solid hundred yards of snow-covered ground to cover and starts walking as fast as she can. The petite fashionista hugs her arms, shivering at the cold that assails her. By the time she hits the open highway there's ice on her helmet and clinging to her clothing.

Vision has posed:
Arriving at the power substation, Vision becomes solid as he lands lightly on his feet. "Good evening, I believe that someone here put in a request for assistance?" he asks, as he moves forward, drawing more than a few stares at his other-worldly appearance. "If you will allow me a few minutes, I will be able to start to assist with restoring the power - if you are sure that the lines are cleared."

Captain America has posed:
Steve turns his shoulder into the wind that immediately slams into his frame upon leaving the interior of the Avenger's jet. Wincing even as it slinks cold fingers beneath the thickly-lined navy-blue suit, he places a finger to the side of his helmet.

"Roger that, Jennifer, talk to Police Chief Arradondo. He said he'd be on-scene. He'll wave folks to cordon off that area for you to work. Janet, I'm heading in." The Captain then breaks into a ground-covering lope towards the interstate, squinting through the flying snow. He comes upon Janet soon than later at his speed and pauses to look her over. "Keep moving! They're expecting us!" he shouts over the wind. "Show me what you got, van Dyne!"

Dimly through the near-wall of white and grey, the flashing lights of multiple fire trucks, ambulances, and a few sheriff cars can be seen tucked off to one side of the interstate. Road flares shine through the haze of falling snow. Steve heads immediately over to the gathering of first-responders on the lee of one of the fire engines and gets to talking with them about where to start.

She-Hulk has posed:
Jen starts the grunt-work. Like it or not, she's the heavy lifter of the team...and tonight it's going to literally BE heavy lifting. She grabs a huge slab of rubble, jumps up and out of the building, and lands not far from the police cars. The rubble is placed near the building, and she heads to the police, explaining her situation to the Chief, and advising him to keep that west side clear...there's about to be a lot of falling rocks.

Black Panther has posed:
Black Panther crawls through the debris, either squeezing through or pushing things out of his way as needed. He comes upon a man whose leg is trapped by a fallen beam. The Black Panther crouches by him and says, "I will lift the beam. Can you slide yourself out?" The man gives a shaky nod of his head. "Yes, I can, though I think my leg is broke."

T'challa tells him, "We will free you first." He squats down and takes hold of the beam. Lift with your legs, not your back. The wreckage gives a bit of a groan but Black Panther only needs to lift the beam a few inches. The man slides himself backwards, and T'Challa sets the beam back down. "I smell a woman nearby," T'Challa says, helping the man over to a more stable section of the building. "Wait here please while I retrieve her."

He disappears back into the debris.

War Machine has posed:
     A lone figure walks down the road. He wasn't listed on the team of supers who were set to come along and help out with this whole incident. He moves one step after another taking his time as he uses a flame thrower to rapidly melt the ice and clear the roadway.

     He stands tall and bulky a heavy suit of grey and black powered armor with the similar glow of one of Tony's reactors in the chest. The inhuman slots of the helmet for eyes reflect the bright orange glow of the flames as they spew fourth from that small tube built just under the hand of the military grade suit. The polished silver and black metal reflecting the light brilliantly.

     The suit looks more equipped for fighting an end of the world threat rather than cleaning the roadways and yet that's exactly what it does. The small tube built under one hand melting the ice and snow like nothing as the other suctions up the water before it can freeze back to normal.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Janet scowls at Steve behind her helmet and gets in his wake. The athletic super-soldier provides a wind buffer and kicks a path through the snow that she can follow. Once they're near the wrecks, she hunkers down and tests the wind. The fashionista shrinks down and tests her wings. They flex and spread and she thumbs up at Steve. "Nothing's broken." Her voice comes clear over their communicator. "Probably gonna hurt tomorrow though. Okay, I'm gonna head up to the front of the pack and--" She flits skywards and ducks, forgetting the wind almost too late to avoid it. "Is... hey, is that Tony? Did he bring a flamethrower?"

She-Hulk has posed:
Jen taps her comms. "Okay, all. Chief's given me the all clear, so stay clear of the airspace near the building, and watch your heads!" The green amazon leaps up to the roof again, and then it starts a process of her grabbing rubble, and arcing it up and out, tossing it to the "landing zone". Good thing there's a lot of snow on the ground to help cushion it a /little/, or that street would need redone. Might anyway.

Vision has posed:
The foreman, wearing an XCel helmet looks to the android hero and frowns a little. "We ask for Avengers. They send us the robot."

"I would prefer android, but it's understandable. Please have your crews reroute power at substation 116-A and 116-E, so that we can properly bring this substation back to capacity." With that, Vision moves forward to start to assist with the connections. "If you could pass that utility line, I would appreciate it."

Work continues as Vision works quickly and efficently at the substation to start to bring power on line as he scans the lines. "There's a failure at the 5th Street intersection, I will attempt to reroute it."

Captain America has posed:
Steve has half an ear on the coms and so far, it sounds like everything's proceeding according to personal plan. Good. He glances away from the fire chief -- poor guy's mustache has some frost in it already -- at Janet. He nods briskly and replies over the wind, "I'll meet you up there, Captain Fruetel says they can't get the jaws of life into a few places and -- "

He pauses when he hears the question in regards to Stark. "No, Tony was incognito when the call when you." Again, his fingers go to his ear. "Roger that, Jennifer. You heard her, team, keep clear."

He steps out and around the bulk of the fire engine to see the flamethrowers in action. "If it's a suit, it could be Rhodes. It's got the same tech as Tony's gear," he replies to the winged fashionista. "Come on, we gotta get those drivers out." Again, he breaks into that loping jog through the snow, snaking his way through the vehicles and towards the front of the pile-up.

Black Panther has posed:
A section of fallen roof collapsed into one of the top floors stirs, and were anyone there to watch close, claws might be seen slicing through the material. A hole is made in it, Black Panther punching out with his foot. He climbs through, then turns back to gently pull a woman out. Once clear he picks her up and carries her over to where the man with the broken leg waits.

"We should vacate this floor quickly," Black Panther tells the man and woman. He looks at the window and the drop outside. "This may be an alarming trip. But I ask you to trust me. We will land gently. As if we had taken a normal step." Panther says, breaking out the window.

The woman stares at the many story drop. Double digits even. "Trust me madam. I dropped to the building from an airplane. We will be safe," T'Challa says, opening his hood so they can see his face.

"A-A-Alright," the woman says hesitantly. The man looks out the window and looks like he's going to be sick.

"Oh Jesus," he says as T'Challa picks them both up, slinging them gently over his shoulder.

"Hail Mary, full of grace..." T'Challa carries them over, standing on the window ledge.

"The Lord is with thee. Blessed arrrrrRRRRRGGGGHHHHH..." The man begins shrieking as T'Challa steps out into space. In three seconds it is over, Black Panther landing lightly on his feet. The man's eyes are squeezed closed.

"....GGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!" T'Challa gently sets the woman down then taps the man on the shoulder. "You are alright now." He sets the man down carefully as EMTs come running over. "Please see to his leg," T'Challa says. He glances back up the building. "Could use you and those webs now, Jess," he says as he runs at the building, running several stories up the side before he has to start digging in with his claws, leaping up the building exterior in bounds.

She-Hulk has posed:
Jen keeps at it, arcing giant rubble pieces through the air like they were ping pong balls. She heffffts a particularly large slab...then curses as she finds an unconscious and wounded woman and her child. "Dammit." She taps her comms. "I've got wounded, my location. They were under some rubble, I'm worried to try moving them. Anybody got means to keep them rigid while we get them out?"

Vision has posed:
As the others in the building work, the lights on the block start to flicker back to life.

At the substation, Vision is working on making the final adjustments and redirects to restore power to as many people as he possibly can. "I, by all means, trust this to the experts to complete, but for now, this grid should hold for the next five days."

Hearing Jen's callout, Vision opens up the full commo suite. "Attention, any Avengers on station in or near Minneapolis, Minnesota - we are in need of further assistance, there is multiple injuries and evacuations needed at a tenament at 5th and Baker Streets. She-Hulk and Black Panther already on scene. Contact She-Hulk for further instruction."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
From seemingly nowhere, Jessica steps out from behind rubble. "Need a hand, Jen?" she asks. She begins sending out filament after filament, holding rubble more securely together with each new web. She tilts her head and looks to the woman and child where Jen stands, shivering in her thin suit as the gliding apparatus flutters lightly. "Tell me what you need. I've got this."

War Machine has posed:
     The worlds 8th most dangerous snow plow moves its way down the street taking its sweet time leaving the road behind perfectly pristine freed from ice and snow. Of course it won't last long but he's already made it this far with his little cleaning process so he's not about to turn round on it. Besides everyone else seems to have the dangerous stuff under control.

     He just keeps on a rambling right to the moment he catches something on his sensors. The flame thrower stops for a moment. He down the road ahead of himself, the figure pausing mid motion. Legs begin to glow for a moment before the repulsers kick off hard. That sound, the thunder of guns could have tore him apart as he slams right into the air. The suit itself was heavy and bulky with that payload of the full assault loadout in toe. And it clearly needed some high powered repulser tech.

     He speeds with a crack of thunder that so far silent figure as it does a tight precision aleron roll. Instead of going up and around the pile of vehicles that suit manages to go right through. It travels through a space that gives it less then an inch of clearance any side the timing having needed to be perfect to avoid scraping against the wrecked vehicles and crashing into the ground.

     Coming out the other side the suit is upside down. Belly up towards the air arms are pushed firmly into a 'superman pose' making the body as thin as it could be while the suit skids under a careening truck in between snow and road after circling past.

     While the vehicle had been on a collision course it's now flying like something out of ET lifted on the back of that suit. The chest of which is glowing brightly as it uses the out of controls own momentum and its repulsers to keep it moving forward while also moving higher into the air in a parabolic arch landing it safely in the nearby snow in a matter of split seconds.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Captain Marvel hears the alert on comms, and in no time she's in her uniform (thanks awesome Kree power of molecular control), and in the air en route. "I'm on the way," she transmits back, "She-Hulk, you have any specific needs? I'm coming on my own, do you need me to come with a quinjet instead?"

She-Hulk has posed:
Jen looks relieved. "EXACTLY what I needed. Here." She looks about. "Web them securely to the floor, and I'll break this section loose. Then I'll get them out. The footing here is feeling less and less stable. Head to the lowest levels, and as soon as I evac these two, we'll tag-team it; I'll pull load-bearing supports back into place, and you web 'em there. /Thanks you/, your timing is great!" she says. When her com beeps, even more relief shows. "This building feels like a sand castle under me, Carol! I need to shore it up, or it's ALL coming down!"

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
"Wow! What a catch!" Janet announces as the semi flies by. With War Maching handling the vehicle so adeptly, the damage it could have caused is substnatially mitigated. "If that's Rhodey, he just earned a big kiss and a hot toddy," the petite fashionista informs the Avengers over their comm net.

"Janet flickers and ducks under the cars with a buzzing of her wings. Outside the brutal winds, flying is uncomfortable but not impossible. She flits to the lead car and flies through a break in the car's skin, emerging inside the vehicle. "Concusssion and bleeding, but alert," she reports to Cap. Two more cars follow, the occupants shaken and trapped by not badly injured.

Abruptly Janet appears atop a car, beckoning Steve over frantically. "Here! She's got a bad head wound and isn't conscious," Janet broadcasts to Steve. "I think you can take the door off and we can get her out of the car. Is EMS here yet?"

Captain America has posed:
Steve squints up into the wind as if he could track the incoming Kree-infused woman. He says into the coms, "Glad to have you on-board, Carol." It sounds like the woman's already got a trajectory, so he turns his attention back to the situation immediately at hand. Behind him, four EMTs braving the wind in the lee of his travels. Already, his bared skin is beginning to redden from the first inklings of frostbite. "On my way, Janet," he replies to the woman across the coms. The sight of the flying rig is enough to make him briefly slow, but he adds to Janet as he picks up his jog again, "By the way it was handled, that's Rhodey."

Leading his medical-rescue ducklings, he arrives at the car. Wincing at a strong shear of blowing snow, he then grits his teeth as he digs fingers into the doorframe and pulls. Metal warps under his gloved hands and strains against its mooring in the car's skeleton, but he manages to remove the entire thing within a second or two. The EMT team rushes in even as Steve shifts to block the flow of wind with himself and the removed door. "What else do you have, Janet?"

Black Panther has posed:
Black Panther finishes bounding back up the side of the building, vibranium claws digging in and leaving little divots in the walls. "Minneapolis is m-m-much colder than Wakanda," he notes, shivering a bit as if his suit was not made for the icy weather. "Jessica, good," he says as he sees the Spider-woman on the scene just when she's needed most. T'Challa says into the comms, "Carol, I can evacuate the civilians. Your assistance might better aid Jennifer and Jessica. The building is beginning to creak in an alarming way." He moves over to join the lady Avengers where the wounded have been strapped down to the section of roof.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
As quickly as she is asked, Jess begins thwipping up webs to hold the victims firmly in place. Anywhere she has webbed up rubble together, she begins shifting the entire piles of concrete, steel, and wood, using the webs as nets to hold the loads together, then moving them outside the building altogether, where they can't cause further damage while She-Hulk begins to shore up the building. The wind whips her dark hair, but at this point, putting it up would only make her colder. Plus, she's fresh outta bobbypins.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"Roger that," Carol replies, and makes her way directly towards Jen's position, taking a few minutes to get there, but once she does, she notes the sorry state of the building. "My, this doesn't look good, let me see if I can brace it at all..." which is the first thing she goes for, flying up against a weakening spot, and attempting to push against it with her body, to lower the pressure on the building's own support.

Vision has posed:
Now that power is near fully restored, Vision switches rolls. "Captain Marvel - your speed is more essential than that a quinjet could offer in the atmosphere. We have an accident on I-94 that multiple EMS units are in response to. However, your immediate need is the tenament building that is currently under patrial collapse. Black Panther, Spider-Woman, and She-Hulk are on station there - thank you for your assistance in directing the Captain to you."

Rising from the substation, Vision frowns as he hears the broadcast for EMS, and responds. "EMS units are three minutes out. However, if you have someone that needs immediate transportation, I am currently en route. If you could please make sure that they are placed in a vehicle." He lifts into the skies, turning his attention towards the interstate, but not before giving a salute towards the Excel workers. "Thank you for allowing me to assist, if you need further asisstance, I will be there in a moment."

Streaking across the city, Vision moves to arrive on station where the accident is being worked. But not before he makes a stop. Finding one of the ambulances that had been caught up in the traffic, Vision approaches the driver. "Do you mind if I assist you?"

"How? You going to make this traffic disappear?"

"Not exactly. Please buckle up and leave your engine in idle." With that, he phases through the ground, just to come up underneath the ambulance, taking on his more tangible and heavier form as he lifts the ambulance off the ground and lifts the entire vehicle into the air, carrying the ambulance over to where the accident triage has been set up. As he moves to set down the ambulance, he phases through the side of it to find the chief on duty. "Where is your medical evacuation?" he asks one of the medics, red optics flashing in worry.

"Grounded at the moment! They're completely iced over and the winds are making it too dangerous to fly."

Vision considers for a moment and then nods his head. "Get your most wounded into one of the ambulances." he comments, before turning his attention to his communicator. "Avengers, this is Vision. I am going to attempt to carry one of the ambulances with injured to the nearest hospital. Captain Marvel, if you are able to get freed up, I would appreciate your assistance in the transportation of the injured as well." He offers helpfully.

Once the first injured are on board, he plans to carry the ambulance and all to the nearest hospital.

She-Hulk has posed:
With things (and things in this case means wounded people) secure, Jen tears out the section of floor Jessica's webbed the wounded to. Rather than superleap out, since that would be a lot of downward force, she just picks the crappiest-looking section of wall, and plows through it with her lead hand, the rear hand holding the section of floor. Once /outside/, it's a quick leap to the nearest ambulances, where she carefully sets it down. Then and only then, she'll delay long enough to tear the webbing off; otherwise the medical folks might have trouble getting them off.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"If anyone else can help support the building, or if anyone can find Quicksilver to get everyone out ASAP, I'll free up Vision. In the meantime, if you can load an ambulance or a truck, or a sufficently large platform. I can fly that thing directly to the hospital's roof access." Captain Marvel answers Vision while still bracing the building for now, "Shu-Hulk, how long till you can clear the building? Vision needs some help transporting the injured."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica watches Jen, and does likewise, picking the crappiest section of wall...then jumping through the hole Jen left in it, thwipping out a web to swing delicately downward to a lower level, and daintily crashing through a window, then tumbling across the floor and into a pile of rubble with a THUD.

War Machine has posed:
     The truck sat down safely by the side of the road. War Machine flies out from under it at a much slower pace. Those repulsers are still way too damn loud. That booming echo that has some of the icicles falling from rooftops as he sets down into the snow. The overly armed and armored figure slowly walks over to the side of the vehicle taking a silent peak into the vehicle.

     The driver terrified opens the door and throws an arm around War Machine. Tears running down his face as he just cries there for a moment saying "Thank you Iron Man! I swear I'm buying Stark-Fuji break pads from now on, no more of these cheep knockoffs." A look in his eyes of pure gratitude as in that moment his life was saved. "You're a true blooded hero Mr.Stark."

     Inside the suit James just has a completely deadpan expression. He's got snow places it should never be. He's cold, filled with an overload of adrenaline, and though he's about to say something instead he corrects himself.

     Speaking through his voice changer War Machine says in a reassuring voice filled with confidence. "It's no problem at all."

     Already walking away on the outside brimming with a cold calculating confidence of almost a work of machinery the kind of thing before all these heroes most people would only have thought to find in films, TV and Books. On the inside of that suit, he shuts off the mic for a second and just says a few choice expletives trying to put that ice out of his mind.

Black Panther has posed:
Black Panther sees that Jennifer took care of the wounded people. He moves over to drop off the side of the building, falling a few floors before grabbing a ledge by a broken window. He climbs inside and begins sniffing and listening, making sure that each floor has been evacuated.

T'Challa jumps out of the building and jogs over to the ambulances, checking on the wounded. He's about to turn and go back to the building when he points to something in the ambulance. "Pardon, is that liquid protein?" he asks, pointing to some containers that hold a protein gel. The EMT nods and says, "Yes it is, need some?"

T'Challa takes a handful and says, "We do. Though it is not for me." He runs back to the building. Seeing Jessica swing through a window, Black Panther leaps and follows her through the hole in the glass. He skids to a stop on the floor, moving over to her. "I brought you protein, Jess," he says as he offers her a hand to help her up. If she seems alright and desires what he has brought, T'Challa begins opening the gel packs and passing them to her one by one for quick consumption.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jess takes a few packets of protein from T'Challa and downs them quickly. "THANK you...." Then, hearing cries from a couple of floors above, Jessica jumps up and thwips a web up through a hole in the ceiling, to another ceiling forty feet up. She swings herself up and looks back down to Black Panther as she goes. "Come at me, Bro!" And with that she begins her practiced webweaving, starting low the moment she finds a foothold on high ground, and thwipping and weaving webs as fast as she can, upward toward her perch.

Captain America has posed:
Working against the weather, Steve picks up a flare and signals towards the collection of EMTs by the fire trucks and ambulances as he and Janet find another car fully trapped on all sides by other vehicles. This one requires the roof-window's removal and the Captain tries hard not to shatter glass; a good shove on Janet's part from inside helps them break the seal without fracturing the pane. The mother and her two toddlers are carefully helped out, handed off one at a time to the waiting rescue workers waiting on the injured.

"Something hot when we get in for the team, I think-k-k," he comments to the Wasp over the wind. He hits the last consonant hard as restrained shivering swings into display on him. A quick full-body shiver and he appears to be fine other than the redness on nose and about his lips. He puts fingers to his helmet.

"How are we holding up, team?"

She-Hulk has posed:
    Jen moves to leap back to the base of the building, and hurries in to Carol's location. "Funny thing about that...trade up?" I can hold up the building, but you can FLY. You can get the survivors out way quicker than I can." The green woman moves to take over the support structures, if Carol assents.

Vision has posed:
A pair of flashing red and white lights appear in the distance. Drifting down in the snow as it blows across the ground, Vision reappears with the ambulance he had earlier, now empty and ready to take on more patients.

After gliding back down and touching on the ground in the midsts of the triage, Vision starts to take in more of the wounded and injured as he tries to figure out who to move wear. "Captain, considering your past with this type of cold, are you sure that you do not need a moment to warm back up?" Was that humor? An attempt at humor? It's hard to tell with Vision.

"I have been in contact with the other teams. The group in the building are working at an expedited rate with the recent addition of Captain Marvel. War Machine is present here to assist - have you heard from Wasp? Her small stature and this cold weather could cause her issues."

With that, he starts to move towards the next ambulance. "I shall return in approximately five minutes and thirty-seven seconds. After that, the next nearest hospital is another eight minutes away." he offers politely as he moves to slide and phase beneath the next ambulance to prepare to carry it off. "Do you require me bring anything else to you?"

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Janet helps Cap extract the toddlers, and flashes a signal beacon at Vision when the synthetic life-form cruises by. "Vision!" Janet calls, waving at him. She flickers to full size so she's more easily seen. "The kids are OK but I think their mom might be dazed. If you can get them to urgent care we'll flag any other vehicles that have serious injuries."

She turns to Cap, making grabby hands at his belt. "Hey give me those emergency beacons," she tells him. "I know you've got a few on you."

She listens to Vision's broadcast, then goes "HAH!" and points at Cap. "Because of the glacier!" she squeals, and laughs like it's the funniest thing in the world.

Black Panther has posed:
The call from Jessica springs Black Panther into action. He bounds upwards, Spider-woman flinging webs to just the right spots to be launching spots for the next bound with the smoothness of an orchestrated and practiced maneuver. A ladder of webs lets T'Challa scale the height in a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise. He reaches a hand up for Jessica to grasp and hold him up as they dangle from the ceiling.

Panther and Spider both listen, focusing in on the same patch of wall. "There," they say almost in unison, drawing a smile from T'Challa who is without his mask at present. Black Panther uses his claws to cut a hole in the wall, then flips through feet first, clearing the way for Jessica to follow now she isn't holding him up. "Two heart beats," he says. "One faint."

War Machine has posed:
     Walking back towards the street there's a brief moment where the War Machine armor almost misses its footing on the ice. It's one of the hazards of this sort of environment. However it's not long before Rhodes is right back to using his flame thrower vacuum combo to clear off a nice safe path for EMS as he had been doing for some time. The joys of flamethrowers.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"Gladly," Carol easily takes on She-Hulk's deal, and once the building is braced, she goes flying inside looking for survivors, "THIS IS CAPTAIN MARVEL. IF ANYONE CAN HEAR ME AND NEEDS HELP, LET ME KNOW." She's not shouting to be intimidating, she's shouting to make sure people can hear her, while similarly counting on her Kree 7th Sense to help find people in trouble as she zooms by from floor to floor. Eager to save all she can before the building comes down.

Captain America has posed:
Reaching down to his belt, Steve hands off the two emergency beacons, bright yet than a standard road flare and with a lengthy duration of available lighting. He's just about to rub his hands together against the chill when Vision's response filters along the coms.

"That's hilarious, Vision," he replies to the Avengers, his tone humoring. "Regardless, stay on your toes, team. We might be able to take this cold, but the citizens and emergency crews can't. Toddies at the mansion on me after we've wrapped up." With that, he continues at his work along the line of cars, available to assist wherever necessary.

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
With Janet, Vision, and Steve working together, the traffic jam is cleared up. Once the major injured are removed, Steve and Vision can move the cars to one side of the highway. This allows the sluggish congestion to start moving forwards so people aren't trapped, largely thanks to Rhodey's improvised ice removal which allows them to get out of the snarl and the crush of snow and ice.

Vision's work on the apartment complex guarantees a lot of families aren't going to be cold tonight. More critically, Jen, Jessica, and T'challa are able to extract the injured and the weak from the collapsing building and with Carol's help, it's secure enough that firefighters can take care of the rest and evacuaate the rest of the residents. The building's condemned but it won't come down this evening, and thanks to their intervention, many lives are saved.

"That's a good effort, team," Janet says over the com link. "I think we're about done here. My wings are frozen solid. Anyone have a craving for hot toddies and spiked cocoa?"

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica nods as she couches behind T'Challa, then tumbles past his feet to make it to more secure floor space. She thwips out a menagerie of webs, securing them to the largest pieces of rubble, then one more web toward the ceiling, raising herself quickly to lift the heaviest rubble and swing it aside, setting it down gently against a support wall. By the time this is done, T'Challa is picking more delicately through the lighter rubble to reveal a woman who is conscious, but in shock.

"Arthur...he's here somewhere..." She says in a shaky voice.

Jessica joins T'Challa in gingerly lifting a section of wall to reveal a golden retriever wearing a red and blue vest. His eyes are open, but he is panting shallowly. "We need to get them out...separately and carefully. I'll make nets to lower her and Arthur down." She speaks the plan clearly to the woman and T'Challa together. The handled harness on the dog's vest tells her all she needs to know. And it's only fair to return the favor to the woman who cannot see her rescuers.

"We're Avengers. You are in good hands. We're going to get you out of here safely, and everything will be just fine." Jess breathes a sigh, looks to T'Challa, and works to gently weave nets of webbing to lower Arthur and the woman safely to the ground. After all, Jess has a promise to keep.