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City Fall: Premature Fallout
Date of Scene: 05 February 2019
Location: Hillary Gardens - NYC
Synopsis: After a bombing rocks an upscale apartment complex, Lex decides not to move there, and the defenders investigate.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Dragon, Daredevil, Lex Luthor, Elektra
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    Hillary Gardens isn't known for being a place where there are problems. Upscale, filled with the well-to-do of NYC who are not interested in owning land. Judges, lawyers, doctors, and the movers and shakers who have stepped up to the plate in the modern economy are found here. It's not too terribly late, only 7pm, and the city street lights just came on for the evening.

    Crimson and gold flames are seen from the surrounding area in Greenwich as they spill violently for only a moment from the side of the costly apartment complex. It's followed by a smoky residue cloud that starts its ascent, a flag of ash that announces where the disturbance just took place. Surely it won't be long before police arrive.

Dragon has posed:
Dragon was just on a lovely walk while, albeit coincidentally, being in the area around the Hillagry gardens. less than a block away. But imagine his surprise when he notices the crimson and gold flames?

He narrows his eyes, before he clasps his hands behind his back, and approaches the scene. It doesn't take him necessarily long to get there, but when he does? He'll try and perch on a fairly high place to get a full view of what's going on. First rule of Martial combat, especially regarding infiltration:

Never go throug hthe front door.

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil and Elektra were out for a night on the town, but, not the standard sort, with them dressing up and going out involved more costumes and punching than dinner and dancing.

"Think we should actually go out for dinner sometime?" Daredevil asks as they swing leap rooftops towards the flames. "Or is that too normal for us?"

As he asks his senses sweep the area finding Dragon crouched nearby. "Dragon," Daredevil says to Elektra, gesturing towards their master.

Daredevil heads in that direction, "Not your work I hope, sifu?"

Lex Luthor has posed:
It also happens to be one of a few potential sites Lex Luthor is visiting for a change of pace in scenery when he travels to New York. Having been in the Penthouse at the time of the attack, he's already in the lobby as the smoke starts to spill out of the building.

Dressing in his black business suit and flanked by Mercy and Hope, the businessman has his hands behind his back as he leaves, the Gardens agent goes alongside him, "Interesting security you have. I have some additional reservations we may need to consider." Luthor quips to the agent as they head for the exit.

Elektra has posed:
Elektra grins at Matt, "I suppose dinner is what people do." Of course she and Matt weren't really normal people in many ways. "I know a place.. Though this is fun."

And it was true. She much preferred crawling the rooftops to the mundanity of normal.

When they encounter Dragon, she gives him a respectful nod.

Shredder has posed:
    Glass rains down, glittering outside for a moment, and the alarms go off. As Lex starts to make his way to the exit, the agent is hardly in a position to argue his concerns. She pulls her cell phone and simply starts calling 911. "Yes, we have had an explosion in Hillary Gardens, we are not certain what the cause is yet. Of course I think police are necessary, what kind of...yes. Yes I will have everyone exit right away."

    Of course, even as Lex starts to exit the building, he is joined by a bewildered crowd of residents, pouring out of the building, all listlessly looking around and up at the hole that has been punched out of the side of the building. All in all, it isn't that critical of an explosion. Whatever went off doesn't seem to have done any serious structural damage, but the glass windows and doors on the balcony are shattered and gone, and smoke still trails up from the architectural wound. So far, no police are there, yet. Just a bunch of people who wander around aimlessly outside their home as the shrill ringing of the fire alarm pierces the air.

Dragon has posed:
An outright attack. Whoever is behind this certainly has no notion of stealth, or wants to send a message. Either way, Richard knew his students were nearby. "Elektra. Daredevil." because he never knows who's listening. He turns his head to look at them. "No, not particularly. This is from an outside source. If my guess is correct...it comes with wanting to target someone or a group of people. Not a random terrorist strike."

He looks ahead, but doesn't speak. "Matthew. Look with your senses. Tell me what you can see. Elektra, you as well." see what they've learned.

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil nods to his former teacher.

Letting his senses run over the burning building and the surrounding area. Trying to get a sense of what was going on, but Lex Luthor and his bodyguards catch his notice. "The two women down there aren't human," he says, he could tell their heart beats were slower and stronger than the human norm, he might have pegged them for the Amazons they were except he'd never met one in person before.

"I'll need to get closer to get a read on the building."

His head turns to Elektra, to see what she's found.

Lex Luthor has posed:
By the time Luthor is outside, his LexPhone and bluetooth device are already running. Mercy and Hope both scan the crowd and the surroundings for potential threats as their boss takes care of business.

"Yes, I'll have to cancel my 9PM. Reschedule it for tomorrow morning." A pause, "No, it's entirely out of my hands, I've had my penthouse tour interrupted by some sort of ridiculous bombing." Another pause, then Lex looks up, "how would I know if it's terrorists? I wasn't up there at the time." Lex grates to his secretary.

Elektra has posed:
Rightfully, Elektra had no business judging people for not being human. In most respects she might not actually qualify herself. At least she was missing certain vital qualifications, like a heartbeat. However..

Elektra shakes her head at Matt's question. She hasn't Matt's senses, and she's seen no more than he or Dragon have.

"I'd say a lot less confusion than you might expect. Surprise was likely a factor. Why would you bomb a residential building?"

Though that one she had answers for: Diversion. To expose something beneath the building. To force someone in particular out of the building. To guage response times... To get access to someone's - or several someone's - safe(s).

Shredder has posed:
    As Mercy and Hope scan the crowd, there seems to be mostly the general confusion in the mass. Most of the people comment to their neighbors, each asking what the other one might know. It seems that none of them know more than that they heard a loud crash that shook the walls. But that doesn't keep them all from repeating the information to each other over and over again.
    There's one exception, A middle-aged man, well fit and groomed, stands amongst the crowd, but he doesn't seem to be curious about anything. He stopped looking at the damage far sooner than the rest, and seems to be watching the road. His salt and pepper beard accents his bushy eyebrows, his skin pale, as someone who does not get enough sunlight. He's calm, he's unconcerned. As he hears Lex's voice, he shifts his attention, sable eyes resting briefly on Metropolis' most wealthy man.

    The police have mobilized, and several blocks away, they start their journey. One car. A second. A fire truck. They are all starting to converge on the location. Strangely, though, there is little radio activity. What is said is short.
    "Yes, Drill one, This is a budgeted activity, remember the protocol."

Lex Luthor has posed:
Once the phone call is dealt with, Mercy gives a nudge to her boss; a predetermined signal to glance where she is looking for a point of interest. A subtle glance in the mans direction gives Lex all the information he needs, before he starts to listen to the crowd around him. Quietly, Lex notes to his two bodyguards, "keep him in your line of sight."

For all intents and purposes, the Man of Tomorrow is just another bystander in a bombing.

Dragon has posed:
Richard narrows his eyes at the scene. Murdock's response is interesting. "Not human you say? That adds a bit of speculation. What man uses people who are not human whatsoever to achieve random attacks on a residential building?"

He hums. "Many things to question. Matthew, Elektra, if you can, get closer. You are wise enough to know when or if to engage. I will move around the flank and see what I can find as well. We must be careful." He stands up then, and moves out.

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil doesn't need to look back to tell the non-humans had slipped into the crowd near the burning building.

"I am not sure they're responsible." he reports but then turns his head to Elektra, pullimg out one of his batons tossing it to her for the grapple line it held. "Want to go down and check with me then?" he says when Dragon mentions getting closer.

He steps to the edge of the building, his senses searching the scene as the police arrive. Seeking out any one trying to make an escape.

Elektra has posed:
There's an impish, "Race you," from Elektra - even though she's not racing. It's more the point and the challenge of the thing than the actual act. She's a lot more careful than that, picking her way down to the ground, looking to check out the outskirts of the area, heading back towards the building everyone is fleeing. She hasn't Matt's way of knowing what is or isn't human, but then again, she's a fine sense of when to engage, and little compunction about doing so, which, in the end, suffices.

Shredder has posed:
    As the Devil of Hell's Kitchen and Elektra find their way down to the back of the building, the police pull up to the scene. They busily maneuver people back from the building farther than they had placed themselves, and start to set up a tape barrier. The bomb squad arrives shortly thereafter, and they begin unloading and assessing the area.
    The back of the building has little to boast, but during a circumnavigation of the building, a body may be found in a tree that is below the apartment that was blown out. It's in the higher branches, making it difficult to immediately get to, or at least, without climbing a tree.

    Meanwhile, in the crowd, the man with the salt and pepper beard, checks his watch when the police arrive, watching their engagement carefully with a studious expression, turning away from Lex and his bodyguards, he pulls out a small notepad the size of his hand, and jots something down on it, frequently looking back at the squad cars.

Lex Luthor has posed:
Even for most people, the man couldn't be more obvious if he tried. Keeping his phone up, he brings up an app on the phone, accessing the LexCorp technology apparatus he keeps on standby in New York. A spy drone from one of his nearby safehouses is redirected to the area, and he orders it onto the man to track him... and to see what he's writing. It'll take a minute for it to get into position, though.

Mercy keeps near Lex, though Hope is keeping a small perimeter around the two. An inner and outer defense, as it were.

Daredevil has posed:
"Sure," Daredevil says to Elektra even as he lets himself fall off the edge of the building only to be caught by tightening of the line as he swings over to the building, resets the hook, then drops to the alley below.

Once they're both in place and he can smell the body in the tree even if the swaying of the branches obscures it clearly from view.

He considers Elektra, "Think you can get him down? I'll cover things down here."

Elektra has posed:
"If you insist, though I think there's more to what's going on here than meets the eye."

She's already decided the major contenders for what this is are response time, or pilfering a specific vault. However, if she were going to this trouble to steal from a vault, she'd have wanted response times beforehand.. Something she'd have had access to via her former network of tech connections. A thing not everyone else has, which leaves this is a test run for somewhere else.

"We're looking for someone in the crowd, or just outside it," Elektra notes. "They'll be calm and stationary. If spotted, they'll leave casually."

"The dead can wait," she tells Daredevil, making an executive decision as she slips into the shadows to observe the crowd more closely.

Shredder has posed:
    The police finally begin their sweep, and there seems to be rather casual demeanor about the whole thing. The man with the salt and pepper beard continues to watch, as at this point most of the people do.
    The observer's attention shifts, and the notepad and his palm goes against his side. Once the spy drone is able to get in position, it may be hard to distinguish, but it seems that the man has written down a series of numbers speckled with decimal points, some speckled with dashes. IP addresses? Phone numbers? It's difficult to discern, but neither seems to fit his current situation.

    The police come in through the scene, and they start to make their way near where the body is.
    "So this is it?" One of the officers says.
    "Yeah, I guess so," the other answers.
    "I mean, it's not that much different from what we normally do. Not so bad."

    "Hey, get a look up here, think we found number one," a flashlight is pointed up in the failing light as one of the men spots the dead body. Of course, there is plenty of time for Daredevil and Elektra to make themselves scarce.

Lex Luthor has posed:
Silently, Lex brings up a search program on his phone and sets the support AI connected to it to finding references to the numbers written down. It'll be trial and error, but it'll be done.

Meanwhile, Lex dials his driver, and bring up the phone to his ear. "Bring the limo around to the front and standby."

Subtly, Lex is watching the man, gauging his reaction to Lex potentially leaving the scene.

Daredevil has posed:
"Elektra," Matt hisses as the assasin slips off to do her own thing just as the police arrive. Grousing, "Good to see that hasn't changed," he slips back into the shadow to listen as the officers talk.

It didn't take long to see they weren't on the side of law and order....Dirty cops, why did it have ot be dirty cops. Daredevil complains inwardly, as he hides.

The officer's conversations bear fruit though, 'number one', were there more bodies?

Moving in the shadows of the building keeping low, Daredevil stalks the cops, listening for now, but also waiting for one of the men to wander off alone.

Dragon has posed:
Richard Dragon moved opposite of his students, yet still keeping to the shadows, seemingly rather approving of how they've managed to at least act quietly. Though as the police go through the scene, Dragon narrows his eyes.

Always dirty cops indeed."

But he ewaits. Turns out Elektra has gone off to do her own thing, but he'll listen closely to the group. But he seems to be intending to watch how his students perform.

Shredder has posed:
    The officer looks bewildered. "So, how we gonna get this poor guy down?"
    "We don't," the other says. "Let the detectives handle it, probably have the engine come up so they can pull him down later. Who do you think pulled this off?" the second asks.
    "Beats me, hopefully whoever gave the tip will give us some more to go on than what dispatch told us."

    The man with the notepad doesn't seem to be interested in leaving, and when Lex's limo is pulled up, a man in a dress shirt approaches the mass. "Okay folks, so we are going to need to get some help here. Bomb squad is checking things out now, but we think this is an isolated event. Still, we are gonna need some words from each of you to see if we can't figure out who did this and put their sorry asses in prison."

Elektra has posed:
It's not so much her own thing, as a suspicion. And Matt hasn't eyes on the crowd, so who else is there to actually *see* what she's looking for. There's only so much a heartbeat will get you. The arrival of the police, and the subsequent finding of the body in the tree forces the former assassin into the shadows where she's content to stay while she susses out the crowd, looking for her target. Once she has that target, memorizing the look, and the sounds associated with them as best she can (including moving in closer if necessary - though carefully so) to isolate them specficially that she'll be able to identify them later by that alone, she'll slip away again, and back towards where they'd started.

The body in the tree may be a writeoff in terms of them getting anything useful from it. She's less concerned about that than maybe she should be, but it's been her experience that live men tell better tales.

Lex Luthor has posed:
"Of course, officer." Lex offers in reply.

His attention, however, is on the spy drones viewpoint from up high on the man writing. He can't see facial expressions from here, but the drone can... and eventually, once it's in range, the hi-tech directional mic is lasered in on the man to catch if he's speaking to anyone... the output filtered into his bluetooth.

Dragon has posed:
Richard watches, his eyes narrowed, looking down upon the man in the dress shirt as he approaches Lex Luthor's limo. It's no question that Matt can probably hear that entire conversation, given his enhanced senses. He does seem to approve of Elektra sussing out the crowd. Isolate anyone specifically. either way, he keeps his eyes on Luthor...

then the cop that speaks with him.


but otherwise, silent as a mouse. Elektra could have a hayday with these guys.

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil adjusts his thinking, maybe not so dirty. Though his attention peaks at the mention of a tip.

He continues to keep close and quiet waiting and listening hoping to learn more.

Though his senses bring him the smell of blood and death nearby. He let's his senses bring in more detail and he can make out the sense of a body crumpled behind an old AC unit.

Taking care to move quietly, Daredevil makes his way over, crouching low beside the corpse letting his senses in again, to get a quick scan of what he had before the cops find there way over to him.

Shredder has posed:
    The observer doesn't seem to speak, and perhaps even more interesting, he doesn't seem to have any public record of his existence. His photo isn't in a police database. Elektra might notice though, his posture and his movements are not of someone who is a stranger to combat. He moves with a certain solid grace. As she enters the crowd, it appears the man is also keenly observant, his eyes shifting to fall on her for just a split moment as she enters the crowd, but then otherwise seems to ignore her. If he recognizes her, he makes no outward sign. He seems to simply give her the glance that a person might naturally give to one who has just entered their field of vision.
    The dead body looks to have received quite a few bruises, the woman was somewhere in her late twenties most likely, dressed as if ready for work, or more likely coming home from it.

    The police take statements, they do their job, really, but when they finally get to the bodies, there's a certain lack of regard for the evidence. It is documented, but several things are left out. The bomb squad eventually makes their way through the crime scene, announcing that the building is clear and safe to return to.