6563/The Fastest Invader Alive

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The Fastest Invader Alive
Date of Scene: 18 February 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Professor Zoom, Gorilla Grodd

Professor Zoom has posed:
It's been months since Professor Zoom made contact with the creature calling himself Kid... and he hasn't received any replies to the deaddrop location given.

Time to take matters into his own hands. He has a rough idea of location, and he was the Fastest Man Alive. He could apologize later. Maybe.

On a day where it looks like Grodd is publicly at the UN, 'Harrison Wells' has woken up, and his costume is donned before he starts to run. Across the Atlantic he goes at a cool Mach 15, red lightning trailing behind him as he goes... visible to any boats or satellites. He'll get in the general region where Gorilla City is rumored to reside in five minutes.

Once there, Red lightning zips back and forth as the Speedster starts to scout the region, no doubt tripping ridiculous amounts of failsafes and alarms put in place by those he's trying to find.

Professor Zoom is not being subtle about his invasion attempt.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd has a lot of speedster specific defenses in place specifically for the Flash. The sensors immediately pick up the rapid motion of a being the size and mass of a humanoid and at that speed, with a large number of hidden frost inducers icing the ground around particularly critical infrastructure just automatically. Grodd, half way across the world gets an automated alert, "Speedster Omega." Cursing, he has the teleporter send him from the New York City safe house directly to Gorilla City.

Professor Zoom has posed:
When it becomes clear ice blockages are being used to restrict his movement, Zoom stops a respectable distance away from the area he's found those defenses in. Blurred and with red lightning arcing all around his body, the Speedster sets to calculating a path through the defenses, if any, "Not as stupid as you seem, little Gorillas..." Eobard notes with a grudging respect, his red, glowing eyes darting this way and that as he works.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla Grodd begins gearing up as the triangulation of his speed has a great many of the special task force he set up and on constant watch arrive as where he is, ready to shoot but when they catch a visual they halt. One comms to Grodd, "It's not the flash!"

Grodd, already gearing up in armor with a lot of things specifically designed for speedsters coms back, "How do you know?"

"Different suit. Different voice."

"The man can change his suit and a voice modulator is radio shack tech."

"Radio shack?"

"Never mind, just ask him who he is."

One of the Gorilla soldiers says, "Identify yourself!

Professor Zoom has posed:
The suit is in fact an exactly opposite of the Flash... and so is the energy byproducts coming off him. The special forces Gorillas see red lightning... and it flares as Zoom ignores them, starting to run through the path he created in his mind. The Speedster can think fast and run fast... and he has none of the restraints of the Flash himself.

"Time for a test...". His voice sounds monstrous. There's no modulation signs to speak of. In fact, he's using his natural superspeed to vibrate his voice to create an entirely different tone from his normal voice.

Weapons technology is usually a good indicator of the technology level of a civilization, and Eobard is centuries ahead of most of the people in this era. Gorilla City? He's not sure if they're on par with the technology he's used to or not... and he's here to find out if they're capable of what he needs for his endgame.

And so the game begins.

Gorilla Grodd has posed:
Gorilla City shows tech about on par with his own era at baseline. The soldiers are just as easy to evade as they were from his time, though interestingly, they exibit group level tactics and shooting patterns that show social tech that most people not from the future wouldn't notice. There is a bright line of a teleportation beam seemingly from the sky as he immediately realizes they were mainly herding him to a specific area where he sees Grodd.

"No. You aren't the flash, but any ally of the flash is no ally of mine..." he throws what looks like a grenade but much to his alarm time at random areas of space around the area speeds up and slows down. And it seems purely chaos.