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Sentinels: Sentinels of Gotham
Date of Scene: 23 February 2019
Location: Kingston Park - Gotham
Synopsis: Friends of Humanity rally unveils a new threat to Mutants in Gotham
Cast of Characters: Red Hood, Zeitgeist (Julius), Punisher, Longshot, Crimson Dynamo, Cyclops, Rogue, Jubilee, Shadowcat, Polaris, Magneto
Tinyplot: Sentinels

Red Hood has posed:
    Kingston Square. While most of the time the square is the home of performances and concerts, today - something more sinister is going on. Set up in the ampitheatre of the park is a rally. 'Keep Gotham Pure' is what the theme was.

And pure? That's what one decides to translate as their definition of 'pure'. Currently on the stage, there's a band playing what could be called Rockabilly music. As they enter the end of their set, a man comes up on stage, and takes over the microphone.

"Thank you all for coming out today!" The crowd is not that big. But it's vocal. "Gotham already has enough problem with those that reside in Arkham Asylum, and those that should be! Like the Batman!"

This brings cries of 'LOCK HIM UP!' and 'DOWN WITH BATS'.

The speaker waits for the crowd to die down, before continuing. "Now there's a new menance! Taking our jobs! Causing crimes! And now - now these mutant freaks want to open a clinic in Chelsea! We cannot let them get a foothold in our town!" This brings more screams and applause from the crowd. "Keep Gotham pure! No mutie freaks!" The crowd is rambunctious, but for the moment, it seems peaceful.

Outside the venue on a nearby rooftop is a figure in black armor and a large Red Hood. Bat wanted someone to babysit. Guess who drew the short straw? Though he's too injured to directly interfere - he's there in case they need to call in backup.

If it's one thing I hate more than Joker? It's bigots. And this whole ampitheater is full of them. Bat wanted someone to babysit. Guess who drew the short straw?

His only vocalization of his thoughts? A single word.


On either side of the stage are two figures that are currently covered in large sheets. "The City Council of Gotham wants to make space for these freaks! To take jobs from people that work hard. That earned their way. Out of their homes! This cannot happen! These genetic freaks do not need to be in our city! This is our time to speak out! To let them know that they do not belong. That they are not wanted. And if they take the Batman and others with them, the better!"

Red Hood has posed:
Outside of the park, there is a small group of mutants that have mobilized. They're carrying signs asking for equal treatment and acceptance. They have a seperate area for their protest - as they walk with their sounds, trying not to listen to the rhetoric from the ampitheater.

Zeitgeist (Julius) has posed:
Lucius Primus is with the small group of mutants, he might have actually drove the bus here. He's got a sign over his shoulder, "We all are 'mutants'. Some of us just have cooler abilities then you." He doesn't mind hearing the bigots over there, nothing he hasn't heard.. originality needs mutation to be interesting.

Punisher has posed:
There are the protesters. The Counter-Protesters. The security.

Then, there's the Punisher, on a stakeout.

This rally has a number of targets of opportunity that brought him down from New York. He's not about to start a riot or mass panic himself.. but if something happens and the entire event turns into chaos? A perfect cover for cleaning some of the trash, with no one the wiser.

The Battle Van is sitting in the parking lot near that ampitheatre, a recon drone flying high as Microchip keeps an eye on matters from within. The Punisher himself is tucked away in an out of sight alcove in the ampitheatre, some if his infiltration gear readily concealed by his trenchcoat. Tonight, he's covering up his skull decorated vest with a black piece of cloth so he doesn't draw attention.

"Got eyes on Michael from here." Frank states over the transceiver. "Can't see Don or Rick."

Longshot has posed:
Longshot has no idea what's going on here exactly. He had found this motorcycle outside of a pub and borrowed it to take a ride and, well, he ended up about three blocks from here. He heard the talking begin, so he thought it might be some sort of show, but if so, it's a really terrible one. He hasn't laughed once and there doesn't seem to be anyone showing up to take down the obvious villain shouting fascist nonsense.

The Director had to be around here somewhere. Somebody obviously was missing their cue. He couldn't even make out the plot of this. Still, he was curious about what was under the tarps and someone did just hand him a large hoagie when he happened to get hungry, so he might as well enjoy the rich and savory meat construction and see if the plot of this thing started to pick up.

Crimson Dynamo has posed:
en they said "Don't get involved in American Politics", this is -exactly- the sort of stuff they were talking about. This is exactly the sort of thing that got the Dynamo program into funding trouble, yet here she is.

    A study of previous American Mass Casualty events had lead her here, and well she needed to earn points with folks who didn't report Moscow if certain long term plans were to succeed. So she slips through the crowd, moving to position herself on the outskirts of the crowd. Head dipping as she lights up another American cigarette, before letting those shoulders slump just a touch. She's not doing it -wrong- exactly, but to the trained eye? Yeah she's probably a might bit too casual over there off by herself. Then again, she's no KGB.

Cyclops has posed:
    The X-men have been briefed, the know there is a protest in Gotham today. An anti-mutant rally with pro-mutant protesters doing their thing as well. Scott, or Jean one of the top brass at the School had come up with the notion that they are a peace keeping force and to keep in line with Charles' wishes, they are going to do exactly that. They are going to keep the peace.

    With the X-Jet parked quite far and securely, the X-men have to hoof it a bit to the scene where they meet with the lead officers and Scott offers his services to make sure the event goes as smoothly as possible. The x-men were all warned that this could get bad, they are to do everything they can to keep it calm and make sure everyone, EVERYONE is safe and makes it home tonight to their loved ones. They are each to spread out and basically act as fill in officers and to help keep a safe perimeter.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is in the air, wearing a dark green bodysuit with a hood pulled up over her face, a pair of red-tinted goggles and a mask over her nose and mouth... she's in a stealth suit, and she's flying high over top of her team.

"Eyes in the sky." Rogue says inside her mask to her team below.

Jubilee has posed:
Easy to fit into a crowd, Jubilee doesn't tend to wear a uniform, but her usual blue jeans, a black shirt and her yellow trench coat with pink shades over her eyes. The once mall rat stalks through the crowds, carefully listening as she reaches up to touch one of her dangling red star shaped earrings. "I'm in place, all clear so far." She says softly as she ambles about, trying to put eyes on particular faces, seeing if she recognizes anyone, or spy any potential hostility she can quell.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pryde moves along the edges of the crowd, staying out of the way of the pro-humanity protestors. Shadowcat has normal clothing atop her X-men uniform, a mask in one pocket so it can be donned quickly. She glances up towards a rooftop where a friendly purple dragon sits on a corner, like Lockheed were one of the many gargoyles that adorn the buildings here in Gotham. Giving the protestors a wide berth, Kitty Pryde moves over nearer to the pro-civil rights people, though staying to the side of either group.

Polaris has posed:
Lorna was a bit too obvious to be covert if she wanted to. Her hair color was a brilliant green, a highlight of color against the darker hues of Gotham's evening. Plus, it was immediately recognizable as a mark of her mutant nature and of who she was. Her face was known, and she'd made no qualms in hiding who she was. Polaris, a Princess of Genosha and member of the X-men. She strode on the ground, this time with police permission at the rally rather than just a supporter.

This time,however she was in costume, green metal reinforced bodysuit and black gloves and boots. A leather jacket slung over top it all for warmth against the chill of the winter night. She wore no mask, and the metal headband, more like a tiara, pushed her hair back from her face.

She moved along the crowd, stopping every now and then to smile and talk to them as they caught her attention for one reason or another.

"So far so good here. I'm in dead center."

Red Hood has posed:
The speaker on the stage glances towards the two covered figures on stage. "We have a gift to offer to the city of Gotham to make sure that this menance will not happen. That our city will be clean. From both mutants, and from the threat of vigilantes! We present this in the hopes that Gotham City will accept them, and use them to usher in a new safer, stronger Gotham!"

With that, the curtains are pulled back on the two figures.

They were kneeling. But anyone that has seen the news recognizes what they are. The purple and grey paint schemes. As they start to activate, the two Mk 1 Sentinels start to rise to their full fifteen foot tall height and announce.


There's a cheer that rises from the crowd. "These new Sentinels are a gift. They will patrol the streets of Gotham. And keep them safe for generations to come!"

Is it a coincidence that the Sentinels arrived at the same time as Crimson Dynamo and the Russian Delegation? Completely. Perhaps.

Cyclops has posed:
    Scott still wearing his costume as well but underneath a heavy black peacoat and a pair of rip away basketball pants that are pro Nets. So he doesn't look the coolest, but at least he's fashionable. "X-men." Scott says, as he looks down to the lapel of his coat and frowns heavily as the curtains draw back to reveal the purple menace.

    "Everyone hold. We are here to keep the peace... plus we don't want to reveal ourselves unless absolutely necessary." Scott gives the orders, but keeps his yellow and red visor covered with a wide hat and a hood from the jacket beneath the coat he wears. Layers save lives.

Rogue has posed:
It doesn't take Rogue too long to spot something else up in the sky sharing the airspace with her. She can hear the fans on the drone and she recognizes them almost immediately.

The hooded southern belle swoops down out of the air and moves to intercept it. "Cyclops." She speaks calmly. "We got a drone up here. Looks military... definitely not a civilian drone. Advise?"

Crimson Dynamo has posed:
    "Blyad..."Everyone's favorite russian winces behind those shades, because you know what she didn't pack? Anti-tank weaponry, she just plum forgot it on her way out the door. She was expecting nutjobs to try and torture somone on stage or something, not...whatever the hell this is. Americans, were clearly out of their god damned minds.

    She lifts a gloved hand up to dip those shades, just enough to let her cybernetic eye get a good look at the sentinels. Trying, quite desperately to recall exactly what M855 was rated for out of a short barrel. Either way she wasn't going to be able to do much when whatever madness to come breaks free, not from there anyway. So cooly, she eases her way foreward. Working around towards the edge of the partitioned area so she can rush the stage if necessary.

Jubilee has posed:
"Holy cannolis!" Jubilee hisses out at the sight of the MK's. "What the hell are those?" She says softly into the radio as she taps her earringe again. "Are those ... those crazy robo hunters?" She makes her way through the crowd, inching in and out as she checks the pulse of the crowd.

Shadowcat has posed:
A little puff of smoke rises from the dragon-shaped gargoyle on the building corner as even Lockheed is surprised.

Kitty Pryde's eyes widen as she sees the Sentinels. She ducks back around a corner, glancing with just her head around it. Not sure how good these things are at identifying mutants. Or what their programming of the moment might include should they spot one. "Really wish I'd gone after that intel now," Kitty grumbles to herself, coms off for that part. Then switching it back on, "I'll stay near the friendly protestors, be ready to get some out of the way if it is needed," she says.

Longshot has posed:
Longshot cocks his head at the robots. Big things, that's for sure. He fought something like them in ROBO-LANCER and again in ROBO-LANCER 2: METAL STORM. Of course, he didn't have a fifteen foot energy sword on hand at the moment. Or a decent special effects budget.

Still, some of these people seemed...happy about their new robot overlords? Humans were a very strange species, by all accounts. "I don't have a good feeling about this, but I respect your enthusiasm!" he says to a man next to him.

Punisher has posed:
This just got a whole lot more complicated.

"Micro, get the Berrett and the AP grenades ready. They're starting to bring the robots to the US, so we're going out with an M61 in the back from now on." Frank mutters to himself in the alcove into the transceiver. The Punisher wasn't expecting the robots to be brought to the US so fast... but he had a few anti-material options with him, at least.

Up above, a military grade recon drone was up against a building, with a Rogue moving to intercept it as it kept watch on events below. Microchip, being focused on overwatch for the event itself... is not watching for flying humans, so Rogue easily gets close.

Polaris has posed:
Lorna was in the thick of the counter protestors outside, unable to see exactly what was going on inside the stadium proper and what was revealed inside it. She frowned as there were gasps and at the comm chatter, her hand rising to press against her ear piece. "What? What is it?" She bent slightly, trying to get better idea of how to get through the crowd of counter protestors if she needed to herd people along. She could fly, but low key was supposed to be her position for the moment.

For all that she wasn't wearing a mask.

Magneto has posed:
     The magnetic fields of the Earth are something that Polaris can feel easily, and when Magneto moves closer to her, she can feel it in real time.

  The King of Genosha made a large move Friday, from Genosha to New York. Now he is moving again, as the crow flies to Gotham at an accelerated rate, once the Sentinels were unveiled.

Zeitgeist (Julius) has posed:
Lucius Primus senses the various emotions in the area and even some of the thoughts. He shakes his head, muttering, 'the monsters we make to fight the monsters we think exist.' He doesn't want to cause a panic, he looks around for some cover for the band of pro-mutant rights folks, but honestily most don't have abilities that would allow them to survive the assault by those things.. heck, he doesn't feel like he really wants to challenge one.. but if he has to.

Red Hood has posed:
The crowd of mutants outside of the ampitheater, twenty or so, gasp, cries of panic arising from the group as they are quickly trying to break and flee - most of them saw what a newer model Sentinel did in Russia to a butterfly-winged mutant.

The mutant hunters optics come to life and start to scan the crowd.


With that announcement, the Sentinels start off stage, not towards the crowd of mutants outside - no, there's one, much much closer. A metallic tendril snakes out towards the crowd. In that crowd, the guy glances to Longshot. "It's a new future! Hey.. you only have three fingers."

The tendril was aimed towards Longshot - however, the luck of the mutant in play, the tendril instead grabs the guy that was right next to him. "HEY!" he screams. "I'm not any kind of mutant!" he cries out in panic.

The Sentinel is confused in it's programming - why didn't it grab the mutant? And it sets down the human as it starts to step closer, the crowd parting around it as it approaches Longshot.

The other Sentinel notices the crowd.


And with that, it starts to move to leave the stadium and advance upon the counter-protestors.

"Get back here!" the man on stage yells. They were supposed to be programmed to listen to him, and only him. Not to go off on their own. Not like this!

Polaris has posed:
Two separate things come alive to Lorna's magnetic senses. One the Sentinels as they full came online sparked awareness in her magnetic senses. Two. Her father was coming. He was in the US, as she knew he was, but now he was rapidly approaching. "Cyclops, we have a situation out here. We have to evacuate. Now. My father is coming." She spoke rapidly into the comms, trying to get to the edge of the panicked crowd. With a grunt of irritation at almost being trampled she floated into the air above the crowd.

She glanced down the street, trying to figure out the best way to get the crowd to disperse. Though it seemed clear they were doing that already on their own well enough. She would swoop down to help whoever was clearly struggling. The old, the young, the hurt.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pryde answers Lorna in her coms. "Sentinels. Two of them." Ok, perhaps it is a little too late, but she can't tell if Lorna can see... Oh wait, there she is, flying. Kitty tries to keep the edge of the building she was using for cover between her and the Sentinels, but begins closing the distance towards the pro-mutant crowd as well. Looking about for any that are having difficulty clearing the area quickly enough. She slips her mask onto her face, figuring circumspect won't matter with the Sentinels in play, though otherwise in normal street clothes apparently.

Cyclops has posed:
    Scott's ears are getting full info, so first things first, "Rogue, leave the drone alone, especially if it's military. We're here to keep the peace, not start wars." Scott replies and then he turns around as the sentinels awaken and his jaw drops.

    "Son of a-" Scott says to himself before he reaches up to pull the hood off his head as the machine reaches out for Longshot, claiming it has a target. "Lorna, g- Wait, what?! No time to worry about that. "Magneto's here?" Scott frowns further looking to the skies and scanning, but there's an immediate threat. "No time. We have to help everyone." He takes a moment to scan the situation. Two targets, hundreds of people.

    "We put the robot's down." Scott orders, and drops his coat and jacket, with the pants being ripped off in a quick motion. The blue suit with the yellow straps and pouches across his chest as the X-leader stands firm.

    "X-men. Go."

Punisher has posed:
Yeah, that's going to cause a panic... and he needs to go and grab ammo to stop those things if he wants to save innocent lives.

His right hand is placed into a pocket on his trenchcoat, and the Punisher makes a casual -but slightly brisk- stroll over to the back of one of the benches, where his eyes-on target is about to stand up.

Well, he does manage to stand; stand right in front of the Punisher as he pulls out his silenced .22 S&W Victory, and pulls the trigger casually against the back of his skull, right at the weak point.

He's dead before he even drops to the ground, and 'sits' against the benches with only a small bleeding hole to tell of his death. He doesn't have time to worry if his assassination was seen. He's already heading for the Battle Van in the parking lot at a jog.

"Berretts all ready Frank, got three spare magazines in here. If we're going to be dealing with these Sentinels now, we'll need to pack more from now on." Microchip notes to the Punisher over the transceiver, "Keeping an M61 in the back is going to be a strain on space, but I'll see what I can do."

Jubilee has posed:
Queue the X-Men music from the 90's cartoon. Jubilee springs into action as she hears her commanding leader in her ear piece. Pushing forward, she starts to call out to the mutant supporters and those that are mutants. "Move, move, move! Everyone haul your butts out of here. Quickly!" Throwing her hands out, a ripple of intoxicating colors explode out of her hands, looking to shred through the tentacle of the man that is being held by the large robot. The flashes of fireworks sparkle and reflect in her pink shades as she grits her teeth and pours on the poppers.

Pop! Crack! BOOM!

At least Jubilee is going to put on a show before she gets her butt kicked.

Crimson Dynamo has posed:
    Theres all eyes going towards the robots, and then shit begins to get out of control. It makes it all the easier for drag a road box, the thing they carried the PA here in? Yeah well Galina rolls the thing out where she wants it, before pushing it over onto it's side. "Americans and their fucking toys."She pulls a kerchief up over her face, and dumps her pack beside her.

    Out from under that coat comes a proper American Classic, a legit first run Colt 609! She sources a sixty round drum from her backpack, before filling her pockets with more mags. Backpack back on, charging handle racked and safety clicked all the way over. She takes a knee, grabs sight picture and waits to line up a shot. She might not have the right tools to drop the Sentinels, but hey she may well distract'em.

Longshot has posed:
Longshot backflips away a bit, landing on top of a nearby parked car in a rather dramatic pose, his leather jacket flaring out and his collar flipped up, "You suck at math. I have six fingers, I'll have you know! Just not all on one hand."

He does read as a mutant, however, because he does have a certain amount of terrestrial mutant DNA in his genetic mix. His genetic mutation? Free will. Not super flashy, but it's always done him well.

Recognizing that there are a lot of civilians around here, he intends to start leading the robots away when suddenly there are others intervening all over the place.

So he just sprints towards the stage, parkour style, running along the heads of people in the crowd, springing from one to the next.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue flies up to the drone and is about to run her fist right on through it when Scott tells her to leave it alone... she doesn't stop it from detecting her now, but all it'll see is a female in a dark bodysuit with a hood/mask/goggles before she flies off again. "Copy that." She replies to Scott, her voice quiet.

Rogue swoops around and puts her fists out in front of her. "Engaging Sentinel." She says then, intending to fly right at one of their heads, fist-first! Powerhouse vs Powerhouse.

Zeitgeist (Julius) has posed:
Lucius Primus begins to get people moving as well, caring more about their safety then his own for the time being, he watches the x-men go to work in their attempts to fight the sentinels. It's almost like watching a movie or such, man vs. machine.

Red Hood has posed:
A young girl, no more than fourteen turns towards the Sentinels. She picks up a rock and throws it at the Sentinel. Except when she throws it, it has the kinetic force of a railgun. It punches through the Sentinel that was attacking the crowd. "Stay away from my mom!" she says, holding a sign that says 'Mutants are People 2'.

The Sentinel turns towards the girl, raising it's hand as it glows omniously. Will this be a repeat of the Russia video? Not this time. Lorna manages to sweep in and grab the child, while Rogue shoulders into the massive creature, sending it stepping back, crushing one of the news vans that had been sent out to cover the event. Raising it's hand, it fires a powerful electric blast at the stealth flyer, looking to knock her out of the sky, along with the drone, perhaps.

Back at the stage, the blast from Jubilee causes the tendril to be seperated from the robot, causing it to fall to the ground amongst the Friends of Humanity. They scream and panic, apparently now in the same boat as the counter-protestors. As chaos starts to form in the crowd, there's police officers that are starting draw their weapons - moving in on the crowd. "Get down!" they call out.

The Sentinel in the ampitheater tracks after Longshot, heading towards the stage. The man on the stage, the leader of the Gotham branch of the Friends of Humanity, takes out a pistol and points it at the free-willing mutant. "St-Stay away from me, you freak!" All the while, the cameras roll, just as Longshot wanted them to.

Galina's approach is noticed by the GCPD. Some of them point their guns towards her. "We have enough weapons here, lady!" one of them growls, obviously not recognizing the Russian hero.

The target that Frank was going after is taken down. Laying in a pool of blood next to his vehicle, someone notices it and there's a scream. This is only going to cause more chaos, adding a dead body to the mix.

Cyclops has posed:
    "Good hit Rogue, but watch out for the counter." Scott says over the comms as he makes his way into and through the crowd. He watches Jubilee do her thing with a sense of pride and accomplishment but then Lorna is rescuing people from getting crushed by the bots. "Keep it up team. Aim for the joints." Scott notes, the weakest points for any articulated object, the leader reminds before he is forced to give longshot a bit of cover.

    With the briefest opening from the apertures in his visors, the beam shoots from his face, striking the speaker's gun. "Hate us later, but keep yourself alive first and get out of here." Scott issues his order though it may get drowned out by the screams of panic and the loud din of horror.

Crimson Dynamo has posed:
    She turns, peering after the GCPD for a moment. Then she points, quite plainly to the nearer of the Sentinels. "Contact front, now! Bust'em!"She's at least using the US military vocabulary, and well shouted it hardly carries much accent. All the same, she's not waiting for the GCPD to get it's daddy pants on and do their god damned job. No she drives that magwell into the box for extra support, leans foreward to pin the gun in place and cuts loose. Sending the full measure at the Sentinel going after the girl.

    Even out doors, a ten inch carbine dumping a drum magazine isn't just loud. It's -LOUD-, flame scorches that roadie box. Spent brass goes hurtling off at a fourty five, it's a pretty amazing way to get attention right? "Loading!"She shouts all the same, leaning back the moment that bolt locks back. Hoping the GCPD follows her lead, but well this is the GCPD so who knows.

Magneto has posed:
     The Sentinels start turning on their masters. Even the despicable neo-naziesque Friends of Humanity are scared of what they've wrought on themselves now.

  His goal here was not to punish these insolent morons for their stupidity. It was much more than that. This was a threat to mutants and humans alike.

  The stadium lights highlight his approach, and midair, a vision in white and silver floats Magneto. Arms crossed and toes pointed downward, white cape flowing in the air. He descends, putting himself in between the FoH leader and the sentinel, and stopping the bullets from flying to the metal behemoth. "Run. Before the weapon you unleashed kills you."

  Magneto holds out a hand to the Sentinel, gripping at the massive head of the robot, and pulls. "I will now allow this to become the fabled hydra! It ends NOW!"

Longshot has posed:
Longshot lands two feet firmly on the head of a rather rotund gentleman towards the front, his shaved skull providing surprisingly good footing as Longshot uses him as a springboard. The dashing superstar does a flipping somersault, landing casually on his feet amidst the speaker and his cadre, somehow luckily just being missed by Cyclops' blast. He doesn't even flinch from it, of course. Never let them see you sweat. Did he sweat? He wasn't sure. He'd have to get his glands checked.

In the meantime, he gives a shrug and throws a Shawn Michaels-esque superkick right into the jaw of the freshly-disarmed Speaker, just in time to be caught on camera in a striking freeze-frame.

Jubilee has posed:
As she continues to stride forward, Jubilee narrows her eyes behind her pink shades, wheels her hands a few times and let out a scream of rage as explosions ripple once more through the sky, looking to rip through the knee joints of the sentinel to hopefully drop it down. "Keep moving!" She shouts to a bystander, giving a lick of her lips as the heat of her powers blasts outwards, causing her hair to whoosh behind her. There is nothing fancy in the way she works. She is looking to damage.

"Holy cow, is that Magneto?" She breathes out when she finally spies the Master of Magnetism in the air, yanking heads off of robots.

Punisher has posed:
There was already chaos, and the witness will confirm it was the Punisher, not someone from either side of the current 'debate'. Frank gives a look to the screamer, before he gets into the back of the Battle Van.

"Drive down the block and get ready for pursuit." Frank snaps out as he loads the bolt, then pops the hatch on the rooftop... along with the cover on his skull vest.

The Punisher is easily seen, now, with that gigantic Berrett being bipodded on the rooftop, and the skull on his vest is easily seen above as he aims... *click-BOOM* pulls the trigger.

.50 anti-material rounds sound out for blocks as the Punisher indeed aims for the joints of the currently engaged Sentinel. Dead accurate, he's aiming at a giant target... but he's just going with a guesstimate of what will work on these things; his current biggest gun.

Polaris has posed:
Lorna kept her focus on the people below her, on those that needed saving. She dove and wove between beams and blasts from the Sentinels as needed but her focus was on those that needed her. She could sense the giant robots movements in her mind's eye, they were a constant in her senses... Just as her father's approach was. She flew away from the crowd, to the edge to set the little girl down safely into the arms of her mother.

And then her father was there, cape billowing behind him as she felt the magnetic bond between them dance and snap to attention. His presence as brilliant and blinding to her senses as a spotlight. Finally satisfied that the crowd of mutants were more or less out of danger, she flew forward, making to land beside the Master of Magnetism.

"Is this because I was held by the cops at the last protest I went to?" Snide comment aside, her threw her powers into those of her father's making to amplify the two together with her arms out stretched.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pryde runs out through the crowd, towards a pair of people nearest to the battle being waged. It doesn't matter that one of them has a shirt bearing the words "Humans Not New-Mans!" The Sentinels are changing direction and these people are at risk of getting crushed underfoot. The masked girl grabs hold of one with each hand and then the trio sink into the ground, disappearing down into a sewer drain beneath.

"And yes, that was a mutant who just saved you," the masked girl tells the two anti-mutant demonstrators, unable to keep her voice from taking on a hard tone. Kitty phases back up to the street then. "And if it takes them a few hours wandering the sewer to find their way out? Serves them right," she mumbles to herself.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue arched up in the air and spread her arms out wide while her legs were kept knee to knee and feet tipped backward... soaring through the sky she felt the danger to herself before it came, and to dodge it she tips her body to her left and drops down into a deep spin that lets the electrical blast zip right past her opposite side...

As she comes back up she means to circle around to go attack the sentinels again... But Mageto has arrived. Rogue stops mid-air and she reaches up to push her goggles up off of her green eyes. She breathes behind her mask, hovering and watching now with her hood shielding light from her half-covered face. The loud gunshots from the Punisher draw Rogue's eyes to him, she can see him and his infamous skull-adorned vest. "Cyclops. Advise?" Rogue says over comms, now that Magneto has appeared.

Cyclops has posed:
    Scott's mouth drops again when Magneto shows up and helps a human. Not only a human, a human who would kill him given the chance. A human who has unleashed these monsters upon Gotham. Then Lorna stands beside her father and Scott knows they are on the same page. They have the same goal.

    Scott lifts his hand to his visor and presses the comm button. "Rogue, continue fighting. Magneto is an ally this moment, but be warry." He says, the order going out to the whole team. Even Lorna.

    Scott approaches the stage, to help, but he's still trapped in the panicing crowd, so the trek is hard and lumbersome, but he's on his way.

Red Hood has posed:

Those are the last words of the Sentinel in the ampitheater as Magneto's powers warp the metal of the monstrosity. Even if the robot were shielded against EMP - there's more than enough metal for the Master of Magnetism to crush it like a tin can. It's hand raises up, firing wide at Magneto before it's shoulders slump, arms lowering as it shuts down. A blast from Jubilee causes the robot to crash forward, slamming into the stage.

On the stage, the gun that the leader was about to fire at Longshot is blasted away by Cyclops. The man grabs his hand in pain, just in time to get round-house kicked by the six-toed (who knows, he could be part sloth?) mutant, and he goes flying back, crashing into the podium with the Friends of Humanity logo on it.

Now with Galina and Punisher both firing, the Sentinel outside is getting chewed into with heavy calibre rounds. It collapses to a knee. It's hand turns towards the pair to fire, but it pauses.


Instead, as it is down on one knee, it turns towards the nearest target towards it that is a mutant.


A massive blast of electricity is unleashed at Lorna's back just as she floats by on the way to her father - apparently trying to catch the green-haired mutant unaware!

A couple of good old boys, one of them wearing a red 'MAKE GOTHAM GREAT AGAIN' hat see what Kitty just did to one of their friends. "You bitch!" one of them yells, throwing a beer bottle at the woman as he rushes in to take a lazy and slow haymaker at her.

Zeitgeist (Julius) has posed:
Lucius Primus runs along with the rest of his pro-mutant group off into various directions away from the remaining sentinel. He'll let the 'professionals' at the moment handle this, he helps one of the protestors back up who fell as they were escaping.

Crimson Dynamo has posed:
     Galina hoists that rifle up over her head, before..well Infantry sign language? Shockingly universal. She doesn't know where the sniper with that Anti-material rifle is, but she hopes he can see her. Message signed, she jacks in another magazine and takes off with a grunt. Weaving through the crowd as fast as she can, Finally getting close enough to, well take a flying leap.

    She grabs for the Sentinel's chewed up armor, trying to get a foothold so she can jam the barrel of her assault rifle down the back of it's neck and hopefully do some proper damage to the drive core keeping the thing operational.

Polaris has posed:
Polaris had just touched down beside her father, had listened to the comms as Scott spoke of his worry regarding her father's presence. She'd warned them he was coming. Whether they'd believed her or not, or had had time to react was not her problem. Her problem lay in how her powers were interwoven with her father's. A doubling of magnetic force that was rather a heady experience for her. A widening of her senses beside the older mutant yawned out before her.

Her senses spread outward, and redoubled back to her with the extra stimuli as she felt the Sentinel crushed between her father's grip with a grin dancing on her lips.

Which is how the Sentinel's blast behind her came as a surprise to her. The green haired mutant barely had time to react, The blast came hot and fast, fast enough that as she scrambled to rip her powers up into a force field to deflect the beam, it caught her. She couldn't completely avoid it. The heat of the blast burned off her jacket in an instant the smell of burned leather filling the air as she deflected the worst of the damage up into the air away from her and others with a cry of shock and pain.

She dropped to her knees, panting hard as she struggled to throw off the smoking leather of her jacket, and throw off the rest of the super heated armor that made up her suit in a panicked rush.

Punisher has posed:
More rounds are fired from that .50 AMR on the roof of the Battle Van... and with no one following them yet, Microchip stops just down the block. AA perfect distance for the Punisher to snipe in earnest. *BOOM BOOM BOOM* The rifle fires off those hardened armor piercing .50 rounds into the Sentinel.

Though when Galina hopping onto the thing after signing, "Well I'll be damned." The Punisher mutters to himself, before he turns the rifle to another joint on the arm. Hoping to disrupt it's aim, at least.

Rogue has posed:
"Copy." Rogue says back to Scott, her eyes darting back over to Magneto for a second before she drops out of the sky to assist some of the people on the ground who've been pinned beneath a tipped over kiosk. Rogue easily lifts it and tosses it ot the side, letting the people get up and care for each other.

She then looks up just in time to see Polaris getting zapped, hard. Rogue starts to run at her full enhanced speed, then launches off of her feet again, aiming to move to grab Lorna and to get her the hell out of there before she's shot at again in this now vulnerable state.

"I got ya, Green Peace." Rogue says over the comms and she swoops in to grab her friend!

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pryde phases so the thrown beer bottle passes through to shatter somewhere off behind her. "I should have let them get crushed!?" she says towards the attacking good old boy. As he throws the big punch, Kitty sidesteps it, grabbing his arm and putting a wristlock on him which is not damaging, but painful enough to get his attention.

She turns his head to look at the Sentinel. "Big. Feet. Crush your friends. Get it?" She sighs and shakes her head, letting the man go to fall to his knees, clutching his arm about his sore wrist. She looks about for any more people from the crowd, either crowd, who are in danger, before turning back to see what she can do to help against the Sentinels directly.

Jubilee has posed:
As the robot goes down, Jubilee doesn't take a moment to celebrate as she pinwheels her arms to the crowd. "Go, go! Everyone get outta here!" She says, shoving one guy to the side, looking to push him to the streets. "Yeah, yeah, die mutie scum die." She mumbles. "Just keep hauling butt!"

Magneto has posed:
     The white and silver helmet of Magneto turns to Lorna. "One of a couple." He turns back to the Sentinel and with the amplified power, plucks the head of the Sentinel from its body. If Lorna has looked, she would see he had a slight smile on his face.

  Magneto wants to crush that Sentinel head badly. But also knows that if it is as intact as possible, there can be a way to fight them even more through reverse engineering. He keeps the head held aloft, and looks to Lorna, that horrid smell of burned flesh causing him to fear the worst. He looks to Lorna, taking a knee to assist her in removing her armor, before Rogue comes in to take her. "Get her out of here!" He demands, his tone sounding less commanding, and more of a father protecting his daughter.

  Magneto takes to the skies again, surveying the other sentinel for activity, he's pissed, and starts to rip at the robot with all he can. He had the head of another, this one was damned for the scrap heap.

Red Hood has posed:
Galina gets a hold of the last Sentinel, firing several rounds into it's core. Then it's body starts to tremble and shake - she may not know of Magneto's power working on the metallic creature as he starts to rip it apart.

It is this. This raw show of power from the master of magnetism that finally breaks the crowd. The GCPD will find it easier to seperate them now that there is something...


More dangerous on the field of play.

As the crowds disperse, signs and litter are left behind. A scared child runs over a sign that says 'COEXIST'.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pryde sees Rogue moving to help Lorna, and the green-haired woman's ordeal trying to get out of the smoking armor. "Gotcha Greenie!" Shadowcat yells, running over to her teammate and reaching out to grab her hand. Lorna and Kitty's bodies go a little translucent, but the armor doesn't, just falling over to the ground as Kitty leads Lorna away from it to where it's safe to phase them back normally. "You ok?" Kitty asks, looking to make sure Lorna isn't badly burnt.

Also, that she's clothed.

Crimson Dynamo has posed:
    She's happy with just a few rounds, if we're honest. That is before Magneto gets in on the action, which is bad business for our favorite Russian hero. She ditches that delightful colt and takes a leap away, lest her other equipment (or limbs) get caught in the crossfire. Theres a moment's glance back, before she takes a sprinting dash for the crowd and...well she's gone.

Magneto has posed:
     The Sentinel's limbs are ripped from the body, and Magneto is done with his temper tantrum. The floating head of the sentinel is brought closer to Magneto from his place in the air. Then of course, he approaches Cyclops. "A gift for the X-Men." He says, gesturing to the head. "I must see my daughter." He informs their leader. "And we must talk."

Punisher has posed:
With the Sentinels dealt with, it was time to retreat. "We'll find another one to poke around in one day Micro. For now, get us out of here." Frank states down into the Van as he's putting the rifle away.

Down the way, The Battle Van speeds off into the night of Gotham, partially successful in their mission.

Cyclops has posed:
    "Um..." Scott says as he eyes the head and then Magneto. What the hell is he supposed to do with that? He can't just walk through Gotham with a giant robot head while in his x-costume. That would be the worst thing to happen tonight. "I feel there is a discussion about to occur back at the mansion." Scott says to Erik before he awkwardly looks away and then turns away and starts to walk away off the stage to gather his clothes and make his way to the jet.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gathers up Lorna and Kitty and she makes for a quick exit back to the Blackbird. "Have I ever told ya'll that I'm not fond'a this Gotham place?" She says along the way. "At least we handled those things pretty well... I mean, with Magneto's help, but still. They're not so scary, right?"

Jubilee has posed:
Having made her way across, Jubilee looks concerned as she rolls up on Scott's shoulder, staring at Erik. "Hey, Mags." She drawls out, followed by a pop of pink bubblegum. Crack. Pop. She got your back, Slim.