6666/City Fall: Hun's Invitation

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City Fall: Hun's Invitation
Date of Scene: 26 February 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen - NYC
Synopsis: Hun delivers an invitation to Elektra. The Shredder wants to meet with the Defenders.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Elektra
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    Another night in Hell's Kitchen. Crime. Pain. Suffering. However, tonight, there's something a little different in the streets. A mountain of a man that might be remembered as Hun. Arnold Jones as he was once called. The Purple Dragon logo is across his denim vest, a thick gray sweatshirt beneath it to fight off the biting cold.

    "Nah Hun, you ain't bulletproof," another thug says. "'Sides, since when you turn vigilante? Cleanin' the streets. Gonna be caped crusader. Workin' with the Devil and his crew?"
    "I'm gonna work you over if you don't drop that shotgun," the massive blonde haired man answers. "I don't like people pointin' guns at me. Now scram, or I hurt ya.

    They stand in a convenience store, facing off at ten paces. The poor clerk, a girl of about twenty-five, stares wide-eyed at the news story unfolding. The two men stare each other down for several seconds, the only sound in the building that of the rattling heater that is on it's last legs. It will probably outlive someone here tonight.

Elektra has posed:
The streets had always been her playground, now more than ever. These days when Elektra took to the streets, it wasn't out of a boredom driven itch, or a frustration that she couldn't seem to banish. Oh, she was still just as deadly - she was just a rather more controlled and focused person.

And, given recent events in her life, and the matter of still contemplating who and what she was, Elektra hadn't been killing. She wasn't sure what it was that was staying her hand in that matter (it could even be as simple as Matt Murdock's influence on her), but whatever it was, Elektra wasn't leaving behind a trail of corpses.

Tonight, however, she's paused in the shadows to witness this particular interchange, expecting that things will go from bad to worse in short order, with the poor cleark caught in the middle.

Shredder has posed:
    Hun curls one half of his lip up, breaking the stand off. With his massive paw, he grabs a steelshelving unit, flinging it forward and sending pastries and sunflower seed packs flying in several directions. The shotgun goes off, but only to be blocked by the shelving, most of the scatter caught between the steel and twinkies.

    It collides with the man, who is knocked back into the counter, and the Hun closes in, remarkably fast for his size. The Purple Dragon leader is out of his turf. This isn't usually an area they bother fighting to control, but his fist that comes at the other man seems to disagree with the status quo. The man dodges, then swings the shotgun like a bat, solidly connecting with the larger man. He shrugs it off, and his other hand comes crossing to grab his opponent by the throat, lifting him up in the air.

Elektra has posed:
As expected, things go from bad to full out altercation, with the added oddness of just why does the Leader of the Purple Dragons care about a small time robbery of a convenience store?

Elektra slips from the shadows, sai at hand, and crosses over into the light, and the doorway. "Gentlemen," she says quietly. "Why don't we take this outside like civilized people and stop terrorizing the poor clerk. After all, I'm sure you have better things to do with your evening?"

Yes, she knows she's blocking at least one of the exits, but she's also in a position to leave or advance as she chooses, which suits her fine.

Idly, she flicks a glance towards the clerk, who, if she isn't already ducked down behind the counter, Elektra gestures that she should, and to stay there.

Shredder has posed:
    "Damn," Hun says as he hears Elektra's voice. He frowns, scowling at her as if he's disappointed. "Took you long enough. Been lookin' for the Devil for like three nights. Now I get you." He sighs, and throws the man up against the glass wall of the building, sending him crashing through it and out onto the street. He picks up the shotgun casually, paying little heed to Elektra, but instead of using it, he passes it to the counter before the terrified young lady. "Here, keep that," he says. "Sorry bout the window."

Elektra has posed:
There's an elegant uplift of brow from the woman. "You're showing your sexism there, I'm afraid. I might forgive you."

As long as guy who got thrown out the window makes himself scarse, she focuses on Hun.

"As it is, you've got me. Deal with your disappointment. Since you've gone through all this trouble, let's talk. I presume that was the intent." A flick of glance towards the counter, and the shotgun. "Though not here."

Shredder has posed:
    There a hrumf from the walking landmark, and he says, "Yeah, not here." No apology at appearing sexist. "You one of his groupies I guess?" he asks. Apparently doesn't know all the story behind Elektra's recent transformation. Or at least he doesn't know her by face. He starts walking to the door that Elektra is near, steady, thudding steps.

Elektra has posed:
"Groupie?" Elektra laughs softly and with amusement. "Hardly. Though if you would prefer a groupie to deliver your message, I can go back to where I came from."

Her weapons are tucked back and away, but they're always near at hand, so it isn't an issue. Elektra indicating that he should lead on.

"I'm his partner," she says after some consideration of how to answer the matter. "And you went through an awful lot of trouble to get his attention. I presume there's a good reason for this?" She doesn't inform him further (yet) of who she is; that he doesn't show any recognition for her on any level is somewhat unique of an experience.

Shredder has posed:
    "Partner." The word is like something mildly distasteful when he says it. That's enough. "Oh, you're his girl, huh?" he says, "Heard about you, supposed to be a bad ass." He glances her over, as if assessing her capability, but doesn't comment on his conclusions. He begins to walk, casually, as if it was a great chilly night for a walk, his breath visible as he speaks.

    "The Shredder wants to talk to him. Says he has somethin' that might be mutually beneficial. Dunno why. He may be tougher than most guys, but I wasn't impressed."

Elektra has posed:
"His girl?" Elekta laughs outright at that. Especially the distaste. "That too. But mostly his partner. If it bothers you so much, I can leave you to your own devices. I may or may not remember to let him know someone is looking for him. It's funny how memory is tempered by the little things."

Her laughter falls into a thinly amused look. "Supposed to be bad assed? How kind of rumours. Though they do rather undersell me."

She walks along, her movements both graceful and contained. Whatever she is, she has presence, and if he's unware of who or what she is, at least that much should be obvious.

"Ah. There it is. So he wishes to speak to us, does he? Nothing more about what it is he has to offer? The last I saw him he was rather intent upon leaving quickly. We didn't get a chance to talk. I had wanted to thank him personally for something."

Shredder has posed:
    "Hey, not my business," he says in response to whatever caused Shredder to leave. "The Shredder makes rules, I follow'm, cuz he is one guy that /does/ impress me." He glances around. "But yeah, I know why. It ain't bad, it's real good, and real smart, too. I figure the Shredder is wantin' to talk to you. I heard about how things went down with your ninja buddies. Hand, Foot, Elbows and Knees, all them body parts. Think you'd do good to set up somethin' to meet him. He likes it when people appreciate him, right?" He arches his brow as if conspiratorally, they are in on something together.

Elektra has posed:
"Oh, I appreciate him," Elektra says, though she says it in such a fashion as to the breadth and depth of that appreciation, or the place it comes from, might be in question. "And they're hardly my buddies. If you've heard that much, you'd know why. However, tell your boss that we'll speak with him."

She gives him a time, a date, and a place that she figures Shredder would be familiar with - one that offers both parties safety, making it as nuetral a ground as possible to engage upon.

"Just us, Daredevil and myself. And him. He may bring a friend if he chooses, but more than one friend and we might not have so much to discuss with him."

"If that's all?"

Shredder has posed:
    Hun nods. "I'll tell him, but...you know the Shredder. He'll bring everyone or no one, doesn't matter what someone else tells him to do. Like I said, it's real good for you," he taps the side of his head. "So try not to make him mad. He doesn't put up with wise guys none at all." He shrugs, "But that's your business, I'm just tellin' you what's smart." He may be a tough character, but Hun seems to have a healthy fear of the warlord he serves. Not terror, but a man who knows his place in the operation.

Elektra has posed:
"Tell him what I said. If he wants the meeting, those are the terms. We can all be reasonable, or we can all stay home."

She shrugs negligently as if it matters little to her which of the options Shredder chooses.

"As for me and my health, let me worry about that. You worry a little more about you. Just telling you what's smart." She smiles, showing her teeth just a little. Those perfect, white rows of teeth somehow bringing notes of danger to the smile without a change in tone, or an outward move of agression.

Shredder has posed:
    Hun's paws raise in surrender. "Okay, I'm just the messenger, you do you," he says with an insincere laugh. "I'll let'm know. Somehow doubt I'll get to see how this turns out though, so you take care. And I'll let you guys go back to beating up shit heads in your neighborhood. Too much a pain in the ass for me."