6733/A Visit To The Doctor

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A Visit To The Doctor
Date of Scene: 02 March 2019
Location: Medical - Avengers Mansion
Synopsis: Jessica checks on T'Challa who is stitched up after a run in with Bushmaster and Anaconda
Cast of Characters: Black Panther, Spider-Woman (Drew)

Black Panther has posed:
Black Panther made his way off the Wakandan jet, hand holding a bandage in place across his abdomen. Trying to get down to the medical bay without the person who might worry most noticing. Not realizing he'd left dribbles of blood on the jet's entry ramp even if he did manage to get down there without causing any alarm.

The door slides open and T'challa moves in, walking heavily over to one of the beds and sitting down on it. He draws a slow, deep breath, the movement causing him bits of pain, though nothing that he lets show too terribly. "Jarvis. I need medical assistance, please," T'Challa requests, lying back on the bed and giving a faint grimace finally.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Surely T'Challa wouldn't mind if Jessica just SAT in his jet. It's not like she's gonna FLY it...necessarily. Nothing's ruled out /completely/ but...probably not. Almost definitely not going to fly it. Unless she can't resist.

It's a wait and see thing.

But something's wrong. The ship is bleeding. "Jarvis..." Jessica begins cautiously. "Why is T'Challa's jet bleeding?"

Jarvis doesn't reply. After all, it's confidential information if someone is in the medbay, right?


Instead of a reply, there is audio replayed to Jessica of T'Challa's voice: "Jarvis. I need medical assistance, please."

Jessica neither passes Go, nor collects $200. Instead, she virtually flies out of the hangar and down the stairs, three at a time at minimum, until she arrives in the medical facility. "T'Challa?" she calls out as the door bursts open. One look at him is all it takes. "Who do I need to kill?"

Black Panther has posed:
Black Panther lifts his arms, helping the mechanical appendages from the ceiling that are cutting away the shirt he wore beneath his armor. The armor itself has already been removed, the normal set now the one from the necklace. A vicious gash across the front presages what can be seen looking at the African man's body itself. A bandage, soaked in blood, going across the front third of his body just above his stomach.

He looks over as the door opens and he hears Jessica's voice. "I am alright," he says in that gentle, gravelly voice of his. "Bushmaster got in a lucky hit. Is all. Just a scratch really," he says, doing his best to give a nonchalant wave of his hand without letting on any signs of pain. He mostly succeeds. "By now, he should be... in the SHIELD lock up," T'Challa tells Jessica.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"That is NOT a scratch. It NEEDS stitches. Look, you're already soaking the bandages!" Jessica is rattling nearly as fast as she can run. "Why didn't you tell me you were back? Why didn't you tell me you were injured? I had to wheedle it out of Jarvis, RIGHT JARVIS?"

"You're right as rain, Miss Drew."

"Finally, a man who LISTENS...Seriously, are you SURE this guy's in SHIELD lockup? Because I'll go remove his lungs. I'm helpful like that..."

Black Panther has posed:
T'Challa's attempts to calm the woman don't even make it out of his mouth as she proceeds ahead faster than she'd covered the trip down from the Hangar Bay. Pietro might still be standing in the hall, wondering what the blast of air was all about.

"And thankfully Jarvis has an arm that does stitches," T'Challa says, motioning to the medical bay's accessories that hang above him. "Do you not, Jarvis? Have one that handles stitches?" T'Challa asks.

"Right as r- I mean, yes Your Highness, I do." T'Challa glances up. Since when did Jarvis start improvising?

The Wakandan relaxes back then, moving his hand away from the bandage so the medical bay equipment can do its thing. The bandage is pulled away, red running down his side as the metal suturing tools already start going to work. "See? I'll be good as new in a day," he tells Jessica.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"But you still didn't even tell me you needed help. You didn't tell me you were hurt. Why didn't you tell me? Why did I have to find blood and threaten Jarvis within an inch of his life to find out where you were?" Jessica's face is flushed, as she's still in panic mode.

"Technically, Miss Drew, that is not /exactly/ how--"

"ZIP IT, Jarvis." Jessica cuts off the voice, and Jarvis goes quiet. "I threatened him. I threatened him /good."

Black Panther has posed:
"I did not wish to disturb your evening," T'Challa tells Jessica. "Not for such a minor- ow!"

"Sorry about that, your majesty," Jarvis says.

T'Challa clears his throat. "Not for such a minor cut. I have had far worse shaving," T'Challa claims. Not that he's ever shaved his chest or belly before.

One of the arms begins cleaning up the excess bleeding as the other makes a neat-looking seal across the wound. "See, all better already," T'Challa tells Jessica. He gives a little bow of his head to her. "If you wish, I will let you know next time. If I have an issue requiring the medical bay. I am sorry that I did not alert you. And I am sorry that you worried. I would never wish to cause you worry," he says, dark brown eyes expressing his regret at the state of agitation that Jessica is in.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"No? And what if you'd been killed? Would you have bothered to let me know, THEN?" She shakes her head. "You SUCK at Hide and Seek, I'll have you know." She crosses her arms, finally starting to run out of steam on her rant. "Left a blood trail, you NEVER leave a blood trail in Hide and Seek, it'll out you every time."

Black Panther has posed:
Black Panther relaxes back on the bed, moving the pillow behind him so he can sit up easier. The arms pause in their work until he is settled and the resume. The soft whine of servos accompany their precision movements as they clean up the last signs of the wound other than the zipper suture.

"Perhaps it was intentional? Perhaps I wished to be found?" T'Challa suggests. "Perhaps I was thinking that a cheeseburger sounded like a fine idea tonight? And that I might evoke enough sympathy from a teammate to join me?"

He peers over at her more closely. "You do have sympathy, yes? Or are you just worried that Tony's drones will have to work extra hard on the hardwood floors?" he asks with mock suspicion.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica is still standing with her arms crossed, gazing away from T'Challa. "I have sympathy," she says matter-of-factly. "It's not my fault you suck at not getting cut, too..." She gives an indignant sniff, and cuts her eyes back at T'Challa, partly to gauge his reaction, and partly to check the work on the sutures. "I'm pretty sure I can manage a cheeseburger, now that it won't just fall OUT the second you swallow it..."

"Besides, you know I like cheeseburgers. No fair using my weaknesses against me." Not to mention the guilt, which is far more of a weakness than food. And that's saying something.

Black Panther has posed:
Black Panther's lips grow into a lopsided smile as he sees Jessica stealing the glance over towards him. "I would hate to waste a good cheeseburger," T'Challa agrees on it not falling out now. "Jarvis, am I...?" he asks, trailing off and letting Jarvis complete the sentence.

"Right as rain?"

"I was going to say, free to go," T'Challa replies.

"Oh. Yes Your Majesty, you are," Jarvis replies. "With your healing, the sutures can probably be removed tomorrow."

T'Challa sits up then, looking over to Jessica and raising his hands as if to say, see? "Will you join me for that cheeseburger now? And... perhaps some raspberry tea?"

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"I don't like raspberry," Jess replies coolly. "I'd do some sweet tea and a burger, with extra cheese and pickles, though. I wouldn't say no to /that/..." She's doing her best at maintaining the utterly pissed-off demeanor. But it's growing thin.