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An X-men Wedding
Date of Scene: 18 August 2017
Location: Paris, France
Synopsis: Two X-Men getting married... what could go wrong? EVERYTHING!
Thanks to: Gambit and Rogue for running the craziness!
Cast of Characters: Gambit, Cypher, Magik, Jubilee, Colossus, Tendril, Charlotte Maynard, Cyclops, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Boom-Boom, Rogue, Moonstar

Gambit has posed:
This is it, the day of Anna-Marie and Remy Lebeau's union in holy matrimony. While the whole thing might be taking place after sunset to accomodate everyone on the friday afternoon and to allow certain people to not burst into flames in the sunlight, the ancient castle of Marie de Medici. The gardens have been mowed the day before, ensuring the quaility of the yard and with many candles lit around the entire facility it's a beautiful night and will only get darker and more intimate for those in attendance.

Near the front of the alter, Remy has his hair slicked back and cut yesterday with his stubble also cleaned up, for once he's a dapper looking man with a tuxedo poured onto his chest and hugging him in the best ways. He has a dark green bow tie on, and twin tails hanging from his coat. He's leaning over and whispering to his best man, who, happens to be Dazzler but a nod is given past her towards Scott as one of his groommen. The last has yet to be named.

The groom turns towards the isle defined by folding chairs, filling with friends and familiar faces of the soon to be wed as the organ begins to swell, indicating the arrival of the bride.

Cypher has posed:
Doug is sitting among the guests. Probably next to Illyana. Unfortunately he got into the champagne when he got to Paris. Seriously, they sell the stuff on every street corner, and it's so CHEAP. So he's got a fuzzy little smile on his face. "This is nice." He says, looking around. "This is really, really nice."

Magik has posed:
    'Fashionably late' is the polite phrase, a flash of light and - carried on the breeze - a flickering scent of ozone marking the arrival of Illyana Rasputin, materializing off to the side with a lit cigarette in her fingers. She takes one last draw off it - long and deep, loading up on nicotine (unseen by the audience, the three she smoked in rapid fire sequence before arriving). She flicks the butt away, a little motion of her fingers following it as it bursts into flames and the wind carries off a smattering of ashes.
    She walks 'cross the lawn, finding a seat near Doug and, probably, near her brother or Jubilee.
    "It's all right."

Magik has posed:
    Illyana gives a little sniff, then glances at Doug without turning her head.
    "I will lose all respect for you if you cry."

Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee paces back and forth, a little faster than anyone -should- really pace, in the room where the ladies are all in waiting. She's running away at the mouth, but that's really nothing new to the bridesmaids, or to Rogue. "...still say this is a bad idea. Doesn't anyone else think it's a bad idea? It's gonna upset the time-space continuum or something..." She pauses to take a breath, and blows a big, strawberry-flavoured bubble. One of the few indulgences she has left, these days. When it pops, she's off again. "...Remy was never meant to get married, what if a black hole forms and swallows us whole? That could be how it's all going down, y'know? The Bible talks about all that destruction and stuff, but people back then? They couldn't possible fathom quantum physics, or astrophysics, or like TOILETS. They peed in pots and dumped them out the window..." chomping her gum furiously, she tries to take a breath. "It's a sign of the apocalypse, I just know it, here he is gonna have and to hold from this day forward and there will be NO DAYS FORWARD cause we're all gonna be shrunk to the size of ants like that one movie way back when with Rigor Mortis in it, or whoever...WE'RE ALL GONNA DIIIIEEE!!"

Colossus has posed:
For anyone who was out of the country still attending classes, work, or possibly fighting evil rather than enjoying whatever monstrous debauchery must have comprised Remy's bachelor party, Piotr has provided transportation! For some of the younger students in attendance, that alone might have been draw enough to get them to come: a chance to actually fly on the Blackbird! Of course, even with the hypersonic jet, they arrived well ahead of the ceremony, giving everyone enough time to change and otherwise prepare.

But the man is prompt, so he and all the group he's shepherding arrive reasonably on time at the ceremony, ahead of his more spontaneous sibling. Ellie is with him, and he's trying to dispel any self-consciousness over her unusual attire: "You are looking wonderful, do not worry!" He'll take an aisle seat for... logistical reasons, a couple over from Doug so both the frowny teen, and ultimately, his sister will have space to squeeze in on the inside. Once the music starts up, he turns to watch, grinning broadly. He might not seem especially the sort to love weddings... but he kind of loves everything!

Tendril has posed:
    Well, better late than never. Having gotten a bit too into exploring the beautiful surroudings, Lexi comes jogging in at speed! Somehow...she can actually run in those heels. Because powahs! She whews as she sees nothing has started yet, then tugs the other girl towards Rogue's side of the aisle, quickly looking for a pair of adjoining seats.

    "See! Made it!" she whispers to Boom Boom. "Told you!" She plops down in one of the chairs, then mmphs and gets up again, this time remembering to properly smooth out her skirts to sit, grumbling to herself a bit, then grins, almost bouncing a little excitedly. "This is th' first big wedding I ever got ta see!" she murmurs to Tabitha happily.

Charlotte Maynard has posed:
Also in the guests is someone who's hard to miss: one of the other senior students. (She might have flown on the Blackbird. That would have been fun.)

Charlotte has joined the gathering of guests with a constant smile on her face. She's happy for Rogue, she really is, even with the slight confusion you get when someone announces they're marrying a teacher. She has fussed a little with her dress and her hair, but it's been a pretty good day for her and the wedding hasn't even /happened/ yet.

Spoiler: Charlotte cries at weddings. Not yet, but it's coming.

Cyclops has posed:
     Scott waited with the groomsmen, giving a nod to Remy. He'd of course coordinated his tux to match the colors, he stood proudly for Gambit, even if they fought every now and again, he was a valued member of the team, and Scott was honored to be a groomsman.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has posed:
Getting to fly in the Blackbird was one of the perks that made Ellie all excited about attending the wedding, but the fact she's more or less dressed appropriately for the event? Well, as appropriately as possible, as she did spruce up Rogue's chosen dress. That...she really wasn't excited about. It made her feel vulnerable, lame, ridiculous, all manner of things she should never feel.

"Yeah...I'm sure," Ellie mouths bitterly at Piotr's attempt to cheer her up, as she makes her way by his side towards the wedding gathering. She's so invested in how terrible she looks in the horrid yellow halter dress, she doesn't even pay attention to how beautiful and fairy tale like the setting is. Maybe it's a good thing. "Face it, big guy, I look like a dork from Home Ec class...or worse, a Stepford Wife...ugh."

Ellie makes sure to seat next to Piotr, not because she's shy and can't handle being apart from him. More like...he's huge, and there's the biggest chance he'll hide little ol' her without even meaning to.

Magik has posed:
    "Ellie. You look *fine*."
    Illyana said a nice thing. There isn't even any sarcasm to it. She didn't smirk when she said it. It's just a reassuring comment.
    This is not *so* grand a surprise as it may at first appear, given that four of perhaps eight people alive she has any particularly positive predisposition towards are in fact seated in close proximity to her.

Boom-Boom has posed:
    Tabitha grins at Alexia. "Well, even if this thing doesn't happen, it was worth the trip to see Paris. Didja see those flowers?! They were amazing!"
    She looks around at the others. "Hey, look at Warhead. She looks nice. And Dani. She and I went to get her a makeover and I had someone mess with my hair too." she says, touching the bangs of her new French bob.
    "Didja see Doug's tie?"

Cypher has posed:
Doug says, to Illyana, "Oh, I'm good!" He pulls the sleeve of his coat up, and checks his watch, before he says, "I wonder if there's time to go get more champagne before the wedding starts --" Then he quiets, and then says, "...Huh. I know I'm forgetting something..." He strokes his chin. "...What am I forgetting..."

Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee sighs and collects herself, her expression suddenly bereft of any emotion. Indeed, emotions seem to depart as quickly as they came, these days. Maybe it's the humidity. She goes to the Yeti in the back of the room, and pulls out a large, paper-wrapped boquet. It's ginormous. Bigger than some of the flower arrangements. Unwrapping the paper from it, she smiles wistfully at the cold, sweet smell. She peers out the window one last time, and, confident that twilight's painted array across the sky is no longer a threat to her, or her bouquet, she proceeds out as the music plays, and moves down the aisle, carrying a bouquet of fudgecicles, and handing them out with a dazzling smile to each of the guests she encounters. By God, she'll keep the fudgecicle company in business, one way or another. She tosses a few lightly, with deadly accuracy, to guests holding up a hand. The golden satin of her dress against her pale skin, makes her look like a China doll, given the brilliant blue that has begun breaking through the stormy grey of her eyes. With hair spilling down over her shoulders, she hardly looks like the Jubilee anyone knows and loves. Or hates. But she's determined to make this occasion beautiful and happy for Rogue. And what's happier than a flower girl with fudgecicles? Nothing. Except maybe Rogue, on her wedding day. Or heads. Will. Roll.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's mother (Priscilla) spent the first six years of Anna-Marie's life instilling the same love for Paris inside her daughter that she herself had for it. Her mother never got to visit the city, however, before disappearing 12 years ago. This is why its been a goal of Marie's to get here, in any way shape or form. It was Gambit's gift to her, the ultimate gift of the wedding for the young mutant, not even out of her teenage years and she couldn't possibly be happier because of all of this.

With the music going, and Jubilee starting the whole process of delivering the bride... Lorna (Polaris) would appear beside Ellie and grab her by the arm to get her up out of the seat and take her up to her place with the other members of Rogue's escort for this ceremony.

With Jubilee, and her tastey treats gifted to the audience, now up at the front with the others the music did indeed start to swell and it was clear that the show was on.

Anna-Marie appeared at the end of the aisle with Dr. Hank McCoy on her arm. Since Rogue's father disappeared the same fateful night that her mother did, Marie had to ask for a stand-in, so she chose the male influence that most felt fatherly to her at Xavier's (other than the Professor who was still in Westchester).

Hank and Rogue made their way down the aisle together, passing by all the rows of seated onlookers who were hopefully enjoying their icey chocolate treats!

Rogue's hair was tied up into a tight bun atop her head with two snow-white strands framing her face on either sides. Her dark green and black dress was flawlessly arranged and her arms were concealed in matching tall gloves that went up to her biceps (a perceptive eye might even notice an odd braclet/bangle around her left wrist that looked like some advanced tech of some kind).

Once at the front, the process of Hank giving Rogue to the groom began while the music started to settle for the rest of the ceremony to begin.

Moonstar has posed:
Dani mutters to Tabby, sitting on the other side of Alexia, "I /am/ right here, you know." She grins over at the blonde, looking around as she just takes in the sight of the bride, catching her breath as she falls quiet, her focus solely on the ceremony.

Colossus has posed:
"I am not sure who is Stepford or his wife, or how she is dressing. But our Home Ec teacher looks more like you usually do, da?" Piotr offers a smile that is meant to be encouraging, and the simply declares: "Is special day! Dressing up a bit, is nice, I think." He beams past Ellie at his sister as well, for her added moral support on the subject. "And you are sparkling as ever, snowflake." He won't pick on her for the dark dress. The man is far from a fashionista, and the fact that everyone is vaguely playing along - no full goth attire, no spiked demon armor? This is a win! Normal! Happy!

As Jubilee passes with her somewhat unusual bouquet, the man tilts his head slightly, but will accept a couple of them, possibly passing some down to the girls. "Is American tradition?" he wonders at the icy treats. "Very strange."

This is interrupted by a mild bit of panic when he realizes Ellie is supposed to be -up there-. "Bozhe moi, you are supposed to be at front?" There's some shuffling, and he ends up just picking her up and setting her down on the other side of him, for expediency. "Go, go!" Other than this averted minor disaster, he turns to watch the bride approach, with what can truly only be called a 'dopey' smile.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has posed:
As Illyana was one of the few (okay, very few) people that Ellie actually liked around the Xavier School, she doesn't shoot off her compliment viciously. She actually looks at Illyana hesitantly, pondering her words, and eventually just accepting it with a shrug. By the dour expression, she still doesn't feel like she's looking fine. Though she has to admit, the brooch, belt and spiked collar she added brushed away some of the lame off that exceptionally lame disney dress. Fine, so it's not quite a Disney dress, but seeing how Ellie feels about dresses, it may well be.

She needs to do something to feel more like herself, and the easiest thing is to be mean, so when Doug mutters about forgetting something, she completes it for him, "you're forgetting how stupid you are, Doug, just sit down, shut up, and hopefully this will all be over soon so I can stop looking like Prissy Miss Daisy, or whatever other horrible thing I look like. Ugh." She then clenches her hands into fists across her lap, feeling the soft material of the dress only pissing her off more, as she mutters under her breath, "Rogue owes me so fucking much..."

Then the worst thing in the world happens, she's been spotted! As Lorna reaches around Piotr to drag Ellie to her feet, the young goth nearly whimpers, "please...it's bad enough I'm here...I don't need to go out front...nooooo..." sure she's whining like a little girl. First she's ever done so since arriving at Xavier's, but nevertheless, a deal is a deal and she lets Lorna lead her to her place with the other bridesmaid. Officially Ellie's worst day. Well, aside from that time she killed her parents. Okay, nevemrind, second worst.

As Lorna drags the mostly unwilling Ellie away, she calls back at Piotr, "yeah! Why do you think I was whining so much? This is illegally humiliating! I was trying to hide and stupid Lorna spotted me," she then looks at Lorna and quips, "damn your sharp sight, Lorna. Eating all those damn carrots."

Tendril has posed:
    Alexia is totally one of those who holds up a hand as soon as she sees Jubliee tossing the frozen chocolaty treats! Being the mobile black hole for food at that she is when it comes to needing calories! She catches it, then promptly sticks it in her mouth, which allows her to pretend she didn't hear Dani pointing out how close she is. And so she can pretend she doesn't have to acknowledge the blush she suddenly has. Nope, no idea what Dani is talking about!

    On the other hand, she's stopped wiggling, her golden eyes all wide as she watches as Rogue walk down the aisle, perking up, then popping the snack out of her mouth long enough to whisper to both Tabby and Dani. "Ooh, she looks so pretty..." Her eyes sparkly with a bit of excitement, but also happiness for Rogue. She hasn't really met her fiance...but Rogue was so nice to her when she first got to the school, and she hasn't forgotten that.

Charlotte Maynard has posed:
Charlotte Maynard has to admit: she has never been to a wedding where she was given a Fudgecicle before. "No, no, it's not," she assures Colossus; like him, she has an aisle seat (same reason). "I think it's just her." Honestly, she has no idea what to make of it.

Of course, then Rogue comes out, and when the bride comes out you look. Charlotte certainly does, with a smile on her face. She refrains from the urge to wave, and instead tries to figure out how you eat a Fudgecicle without dripping on a (expensive, tailored) dress. Also she watches Negasonic go. Sorry, Ellie.

Boom-Boom has posed:
    bout time, slowpoke." Tabby's says, leaning a bit to stick her tongue out at Dani. Her smile grew as Jubilee started passing out her 'flowers'. She pats the hand of Alexia, next to her. "It's almost time." she says, excited. Then the music swells and she turns to look down the aisle. She cranes her neck and almost points but remembers her manners.
    "LOOK." she hisses. "Oh, she looks _gorgeous_." Tabitha gushes to the nearby girls, keeping her voice low.
    She sighs. "I hope if I ever get married I look half as nice at that ceremony." She turns back towards the front as Hank and the bride pass and she goes back to whispering.

Magik has posed:
    "Thank you, brother. You look nice as well."
    That Illyana looks vaguely like an evil queen from a Disney film is - well, there's only so much you can hope for without being just entirely unrealistic. There are only two items shaped like skulls, and they're easy to overlook; her lipstick isn't *all* black; and there aren't any enormous buckles to be found, so in the end, you've got to count it in the 'win' column and just move on, even if her blouse is cut a bit too wide for a wedding.
    Her response to Ellie's tirade is the slightest little snort, barely audible even to Doug right beside her, and the smallest curl of her lips.
    "See, and you think Warlock is the only one to understand you," she whispers to him as the wedding begins to commence in true.

Gambit has posed:
Remy's ruby and obsidian eyes soften as the young folk seem lost at what to do and he nods to each of the bridesmaids as they make their way up towards the designated alter with him just off center and the priestess waiting for the bride to approach and begin this ceremony proper.

A smile to Jubilee, Lorna, Ellie, and the others as they finish their walk with his groomsmen having circled around and walking them up in turn before returning to their spot at the wings.

Then Rogue is at the end of the isle and for the first time he sees the dress she picked out and he literally drops his jaw. No one else is in the castle's yard. Only Marie. Only his future.

Remy steps forwards towards Hank and just smirks quietly, seems the frog has a frog in his throat and he takes Rogue's hand in the crook of his elbow and walks her up to the alter and smiles, moving his hands to hers.

As the couple approaches, the priestess steps forward and lifts her hands up to the brim of the hood she had on and in a brief moment, she pulls it down, revealing her silver hair, and her golden eyes.

"Hello X-men... Welcome to hell."

And with a snap of six fingers, the entire field is instantly transplanted before anyone can react into something appearing like a gladitory arena, with countless unknown types of aliens and beings surrounding the entire wedding ceremony.

"WELCOME. TO MOJO WORLD!" Cries out Spiral her six arms splayed wide and inviting with a vile laugh following her words.

Cypher has posed:
...Someone speaks. It's Doug. And it is a swear.

"Aw, <Expletive in Demonic>!"

Magik has posed:
    Illyana unworks the buttons of her jacket and reaches inside. Some mystic artifact she's readied for defense? Some eldritch gift she had brought as an offering?
    Well... no. She takes out a pack of cigarettes, brings them to her lips and pulls one out, lighting it with the tip of a finger and taking a long drag while she slips the jacket off and sets it against the back of her chair.
    "If we are in Mojoworld, I am going to smoke," she says as she cracks her neck to the side. "There is arsenic in the air here already. Also, most of us will probably die in any event."

Moonstar has posed:
Dani looks about to say something to Tabby, then blinks as Spiral reveals herself, "Oh for..." She looks over at Tabitha and Alexia, "Must be sweeps week. Remember your training and saddle up!" With that, she says a simple word in what almost sounds like ancient Norse, the fashionable dress being replaced with Asgardian armor and sword, as she regrets not being able to smuggle Brightwind on the plane.

Next time, Dani, take the Magik Bus.

Boom-Boom has posed:
    "Really? REALLY?!" Boom-Boom exclaims. "I will _murder_ that snakey silver wench and her blobby boss." She leaps to her feet. She nods to Dani. "Call it, chief." a look to Lexi. "Stick with us, and we'll all be fine. Dani's runnin' the show for us, okay?"

Tendril has posed:
    Alexia, unlike many people here...has no idea what's going on, her golden eyes wide as she looks around at the sudden change, grabbing for Tabby's hand. "W-what?" she says, blinking at Dani as she gives the order, though it's obvious the mauve girl is more than a little confused. And, frankly, scared.

    And perhaps predicably giving her combat experience, she promptly freezes in her chair.

Charlotte Maynard has posed:
One moment, Charlotte is perfectly happy at a wedding.

The next moment, she's... apparently in Mojo World. This has never happened to her before. (Honestly, Charlotte is a little vague on exactly /what/ happened; she likes the X-Men, she likes the concept of being a hero, but she's not actually one and she has no experience with getting randomly teleported around by people like Spiral.)

Charlotte rises from her seat, standing at her full height (about seven foot five). Like Alexia, she seems a little lost, but unlike Alexia her first instinct is to look around and figure out what the hell is going on. "Uh," she gets out, feeling rather out of her depth. She looks helplessly toward some of the others, like Tabitha and Dani. Where did she even get armour?

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has posed:
Ellie almost looks like a condemned on death row the way she shivers with trepidation, her head hangs low, and she ultimately tries to hold on to her commitment without running away. She doesn't like it, she lets everyone who gets even a cursory look at her know she's not liking it, and then she stands there like an idiot next to other idiots, all dressed in lameo yellow. It's just the worst. But then something happens, to put it mildly.

"What in the fuck..." Ellie mutters as she witnesses first hand how the priestess or whatever turns out to be Spiral, now she doesn't really know Spiral, but six arms is mad crazy. But on the plus side, this isn't really a wedding anymore, is it? She glowers at Illyana's direction, and while Illyana must be calm for her arrogance and powers, Ellie is calm because she has no fucking clue what's going on. "I'm sorry, 'Yana, but I'm not dying in a lameo yellow dress, ok?" She then looks from Illyana, to Spiral, to Rogue, "does this mean I can take the stupid dress off and blast this America Got Talent reject like a bat out of hell?"

Jubilee has posed:
"MotherFUCKER!" Jubilee may have spent too much time with Frank Castle of late. She rips the gold satin dress off her person with one swift, effortless swipe of her hand. Beneath it, she is wearing what would appear to be black leather lingerie, except that it's reinforced with steel bones and rivets. She's glad she didn't give the priestess a fudgecicle, now. But there's no time to dwell on that, at the moment. With a volatile hiss, Jubilation lowers into a crouch, her keen eyes going a brilliant icy blue, as they scan the creatures nearest to her, and thus nearest to Rogue. Leaping into the air without hesitation, she somersaults with blinding speed, and lands in a crouch just behind Rogue, and in front of a creature that looks like it came from an alien movie. Hands outstretched, she lets loose a plume of blue plasma that would put a hole the size of a hummer in a steel door.

Colossus has posed:
While some people might have assumed this was all too nice to be true, Piotr is a true optimist! This was to be a happy day! And he really believed it. Remy wouldn't run off with a french strumpet, Rogue wouldn't get cold feet or accidentally suck anyone's lifeforce out, and the couple would be wed and live happily ever after.

Shame how such optimism rarely holds the day.

But as the would-be priest reveals herself and everyone starts springing into battle-mode, he gives what has to be a very resigned sort of sigh. "I had feeling would not be getting deposit back on tuxedo." Being that his one great vulnerability is being caught unawares in human form, the man surely isn't going to risk it. So one second, there's well-dressed looking Piotr, and the next, the metallic giant that is Colossus. The tux is this first casualty of the day. "Stay together," he warns whoever is nearby, while himself striding up the aisle to offer what aid he can.

Cyclops has posed:
     Scott watches the flower girl hand out her treats and of course the hands that vie for said treats, he grows a slight smile at the somewhat unconventional arrangement.

  Cyclops' smile only expands as Rogue comes down the isle, looking ravishing. The X-Man holds tall, only wavering once the priest shrieks out calling for Mojo World. Cyclops glowers before reaching for the small combat visor he brought with him. It wasn't as advanced as his others but it's push button would work here. "X-Men, keep the students close, stay together and stay frosty!" He looks to Spiral. "We aren't doing this again, not today, not ever." Cyke holds a hand to his visor, behind the lenses there was a flash of light. "Take is back to earth before this gets uglier.

Magik has posed:
    "Yes," Illyana says to Ellie while working herself out of boots too preposterous to walk far in, let alone *fight* in, "You can take off your dress. Hopefully you are wearing something under it, for if you are not I am afraid my brother will die of embarrassment." The boots come off; her stocking-clad feet find much better purchase on the bare earth of the arena than the seven-inch heels. "Though apparently my friend has already set the dress code as 'bondage night,' so perhaps it does not matter."
    The blouse goes next, unbuttoned and sloughed off to reveal a black lace bra beneath. Thankfully - for Piotr, at least - the topless look lasts only a few moments, for Illyana draws a sword of burning light from the center of her chest and is immediately clad in a breastplate of silver, a spiked pauldron at her left shoulder, her left arm covered in armor that mimics that of her brother's metallic form.
    She closes ranks with her brother, with Ellie; she grabs Doug's shirt, and drags him along.

Cypher has posed:
Doug lets out another Demonic Swear, before he gets to his feet, and picks up his folding chair. He holds it in his hands like a weapon, and then says, "Imagine, if you will, a television executive who gains *real* power off of feedback from ratings, who is also a giant literally spineless sack of <expletive in Cantonese> who smells like a burning dumpster full of rotten durian and gym socks, and who tortures and maims wonderful people *because he thinks it makes for good TV*."

"Hey, Spiral!" Cypher scolds, "What's the matter! Streaming media taking too much of a bite out of Mojo's ratings? Did he finally see Game of Thrones and choke on his krill?" He readies the chair, as Illyana hauls him with her. "Whoop!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been smiling at Remy when this had all gone to hell... just as the priestess had shouted.

When it all changed, the southern belle's demeanor flowed into a visibly darker place. Her happiness was instantly gone and it was replaced by momentary confusion and then a wealth of raw, unfiltered, anger.

Rogue glanced around them, she saw her friends reacting in similar fashions, she gave a slight nod to Negasonic's question but her eyes turned back to see Jubilee blasting a 'creature' with plasmoids.

Rogue's attention shot forward again and she glared death at this 'Spiral' woman.

"Not on your life, you bitch!" Rogue said, stepping forward in her volumous wedding dress, cocking her punching arm and sending a strong haymaker right afor the six-armed-Spiral!

(The braclet on Rogue's arm flashed brightly with small bright blue LEDs all coming to life... depowering the mutant wearing it.)

Gambit has posed:
The students and everyone in the large arena would have plenty of time to gather up as the audience was instructed earlier to get themselves a souvenir from the gift shop at the center of the ring. The pull forth various weapons and means of assaulting the X-crowd.

Dani's summoning her armor and being over all flashy seems to be a beacon for the brunt of the melee to occur as the winged beasts snarl and start to circle the dome with heavy gusts of winds beating down on the X-men from the beats of thousands of wings. Those without crawl down and jump from their seat rushing the crowd of mutants and friends.

Jubilee's attack melts the green beast that had rushed at her violently and suddenly was a puff of smoke as even the ashes were melted away by the blast the young vampire unleashed.

Remy steps forward but his colar is snagged and held by Rogue. But not as tightly as it could have been. This is when it dons on him what happened. "Rogue! No"

The southerner's fist clocks Spiral in the cheek and pushes her out of the direct blast from the leader of the X-men, his concussive beam hitting the witch, but splitting her robotic arm from her body with a shower of sparks and debris as she spins away.

Remy reaches out and puts his hand on Rogue's wrist, pulling her bracelet off in a graceless spin.

Spiral spins down, lowering her center of gravity as she growls at Rogue, "You bitch." A sword appearing in her hand as she thrusts the blade into flesh but her forward movement is stopped abruptly.

Jubilee has posed:
"The hell is that shit?" Jubilation lunges, reaching for the flashing bracelet on Rogue's arm, an attempt to tear it away. "Somebody's tryin' to kill you!" As a creature dives at her from one side, Jubilation reaches out one hand, and snaps its pathetic neck, leaving it in a quivering and jerking pile at her feet. Then, Remy is reaching for the bracelet, too. She watches him in horror, as the realization sinks in.

"You." The hollow voice of Jubilation is notable, as her eyes turn on Remy, wild and full of spite. "You did this to her? And you abandoned me. YOU ABANDONED ME!" She lunges for Remy's throat, even as he removes the bracelet from Rogue's wrist. "YOU WON'T TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME, TOO!"

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has posed:
"No, Illyana, I'm not wearing my LARP armor under my prissy dress, you know why? Because I thought I'm going to a fucking wedding, not a Hell Night Gladitorial Tryouts!" Ellie screams, only now starting to catch on to what is happening, "fuck it," she snaps and instead of taking off her dress, just tears the skirt at roughly knee to mid-thigh length, if only to allow for mobility.

She turns to look at Spiral just in time to catch her react by taking a sword in hand, "you know who brings a sword to a negasonic warhead fight? Dead people, bitch!" She doesn't provide more exposition, she just charges right at Spiral, energy crackling about her as she prepares to detonate right on the six armed freak. She went through the trouble of dressing like a Disney Princess Dork for her friend's wedding? Ain't nobody ruining that wedding! Nobody!

Moonstar has posed:
Dani frowns at the numbers, "There's a certain irony in asking me to roleplay in Custer's Last Stand... Tabitha, clear the skies!" She then looks at the approaching horde on the ground, and manifests her psychic bow, snapping off arrows to start picking off the demons.

She then shouts towards Illyana, "EVERY DAY I GET IN THE QUEUE!" Normally Dani wouldn't quote song lyrics in a fight, but there's a special significance to that one. Magik Bus, anyone?

Colossus has posed:
To his credit, Piotr is concerned with more important things than anyone's states of mixed formal-costume dress! So he's not about to freak out over the girls ditching their dresses just now. Well, mostly. He's careful where he looks, in a gentlemanly sort of way!

Still, the greatest concern is turned on protecting those nearest to him, and he forms up with his sister with a certain unspoken understanding. Any of the alien hordes that descend on them are in for a very unkind welcome: osmium-steel fists sweep away the initial waves of the swooping host like gnats, swatting them from the air. His large body is carefully positioned to give the others cover, as their lesser attacks, whatever claws, spines, blades, and even the most typical of alien weaponry stands little chance of harming his shining frame. "Stay behind me," he shouts, possibly to his sister and maybe to anyone else in the vicinity, although this is not an instruction for them to stay out the fight. Much the opposite, it's a plan for them to approach it:

Whatever alien hordes might descend to fill the wedding aisle, he plows through them like a bulldozer, swinging his huge arms to clear a path, like the farmer's sickle cutting down grain. There's distance to cover to reach the wedding party, but he's intent on helping, if only to thrust his largely invulnerable frame in the way of an... inexplicably angry Jubilee, along with any other nearby attackers, using his body to help guard the assaulted bride.

Boom-Boom has posed:
    Boom-Boom starts lobbing time-bombs at various monstrosities, concentrating on the fliers, as Moonstar ordered. They're good-sized bombs and she only times them for about a second or so. "On it!" She's still got Alexia's hand, at least for the moment.

Charlotte Maynard has posed:
A couple of the audience members come toward Charlotte, and her defense is to shove, using her superior size and strength to advantage. She pushes her way through them, a knife more bouncing off her shoulder than glancing off it. Her eyes are wide, but she's managed that much at least.

Charlotte is...

Well, she's not invincible. She knows she's not invincible. But ever since her mutant powers developed she hasn't been hurt by very much. Subconsciously, she's not expecting to be hurt much here either, even though this is the most frightening situation she's beein in since basically ever.

And so when the knife bounces off her she assumes that's going to hold true here too. It might have, except the next guy has an axe. It slams into Charlotte's side at about waist level, cutting through her dress and thunking into Charlotte. This draws blood, though not a lot; mostly it staggered Charlotte, and she trips through a whole row of chairs, causing a hell of a clatter and sending her sprawling with a yell.

Charlotte pulls herself up to her knees, grabbing onto the back of two of the chairs for leverage. She looks around, a lot closer to panicking than she was before, and she /pushes/ her powers in a way she doesn't usually.

With some tearing sounds from her already-cut dress, Charlotte shoots up about two feet, keeping her proportions. The dress rips along the axe slash, meaning she is now wearing a distinct top and bottom, both of which are awkwardly tight - but she's also not getting hurt anymore, and when she pushes the audience members away as she tries to stand the rest of the way up, they get shoved multiple yards. She's trying to move toward Dani and her group, just because they look like they know what they are doing. More than her, anyway.

Tendril has posed:
    The golden-eyed young mutant blinks, starting to breath a bit faster, before she swallows, looking around a bit wildly. "R-right..." she say. "Right, I'l...I can..." If anything...it's when the winged thing with the big axe comes at Tabitha from behind that snaps her out of her paralysis. "Tabby!"

    Her back bulges briefly as a pair of long snaking tendrils sprout from her back and coil like striking snakes, winding around Tabby to SMASH down into the oncoming thing, crushing it into the ground with an audible SNAP of breaking bones, before she whirls, more tendrils pushing out of her arms as she swings them at the other creatures swirling above. She can't spin to swing in all directions, not standing near Tabby and Dani, but she does her best to cover the other two, flailing at any of the creatures that start to come close.

    However, fighting with tendrils is not the best strategy...not when the side has sharp weapons. There's a shriek as one of her back tendrils is sliced in half by another winged monster with a halberd, flopping to the ground as it twitchs and jerks, the cut end retracing back into her body, leaving a long cut along her back as blood runs down it..then slow, as the wound seems to seal tight, visible but no longer bleeding.

Cyclops has posed:
     After connecting with spirals arm, Scott takes more blasts at the approaching horde. "Jubilee, calm yourself NOW and get it together." Scott calls out. He takes a shot at Spiral's sword, attempting to disarm her and give Rouge time to get to cover. He's keeping an eye on as much as he can between blasts, keeping things as together as possible.

Magik has posed:
    "Well then perhaps you should start wearing your LARP armor beneath your prissy dress because it obviously comes in very handy!" Illyana, attired in shining LARP armor, calls after her teenaged friend as she explodes off to explode *at* someone, a discontented huff serving as effective punctuation.
    Not that anyone can hear it, of course. And she can't really hear anyone else, over Ellie ... Ellie'ing, all over the place - certainly not Dani, trying her hardest to get a group of inexperienced teenagers to safety.
    On Illyana's part, the fight is ... perhaps, not so strenuous as it is for many. This is, in many ways, not unlike her childhood after all - and unlike her friends and associates, she has the unfair advantage of a weapon that is burning death for many of the creatures seeking to assail her.
    And so for a time she is a whirlwind of death, black blood shining like oil upon the sands as Spiral's creatures are rendered into halves and into sections, the luckiest burning away before they hit the ground and those not so blessed left to scramble away from the cold-eyed swordswoman.
    A stocking-clad foot pushes against the small of a wounded creature's back. With a sweep of her arm, its head is gone.

    "My sword would be death even to you, Spiral," proclaims Illyana, milk white flesh stained with the blood of her foes.
    "Do you so detest what passes for your life that you come seeking its touch? Surely, there are simpler ways to catch my eye."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's punch landed with all the power of an 18 year old with noodle arms and no mutation or stolen strength powers.. just a regular old human girl's standard strength level for her age and small size... Which was HORRIBLY unsatisfying for the southern belle who was used to punching down buildings!

Her eyes went to Ellie who was powering up her Warhead Blast and Rogue lifted up her hand to shake at her. "Not yet!" She said to the younger mutant before feeling Remy slipping that bracelet that she'd forgotten all about off of her wrist and then hearing Jubilee screaming at Remy.

Rogue looked back just in time to see Spiral's sword go right into her Fiancee's chest and out his back where it slams into her and stops dead against her restored-invulnerability!

"No!" Rogue shouted at the top of her lungs, louder than she'd shouted since the night her parents were taken from her right front of her eyes.

Rogue yanked on Gambit by his shoulders and leapt backward, sending them both flying into the emptied chairs where the audience had been watching their wedding, clutching the body of her impaled would-be-husband against her chest, having pulled him off the sword out of reaction, even if it was far too late.

Cypher has posed:
Doug promptly winds up back-to-back with Illyana. "Got your six, Magica," He says, before some alien... thing rushes him and he clobbers it over the head with the folding chair. WHUD! This does not look nearly as epic as Illyana beheading her demonic foe did, but he kicks it in its flabby belly and it collapses into an unmoving heap in front of him.

"God, I *HATE* Mojo, he *sucks so bad*," He says, under his breath, before he tilts his head--something's caught his eye, and then he just as she's finished giving her defiant speech, he rather rudely grabs Illyana by the first convnient handhold, which is her hair, to yank her down and backward and to the left, in time for a blaster bolt to come winging past her head, singing her hair and scoring his shoulder. Just a flesh wound. He yelps, lets her hair go, grits his teeth, and says, "Ah, pain--*there* is a familiar language. Kill me later, 'Yana--" He says "And get ready to go down fighting, because I think the Smooze from My Little Pony: the Movie is about to eat us both." He looks up at a big gray blob monster thing with googly eyes and a big goopy mouth. It makes a sound, which is 'Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh--!'

"I hate Mojo!" Cypher repeats.

Gambit has posed:
Remy coughs and is still holding onto the bracelet, knowing how much it means to Rogue, but with the newest addition, or subtraction to his chest cavity, Remy coughs agaisnt Rogue's shoulder and his chin falls there, not at all helping the situation, but it's lost already for the cajun. There's no time for words, but Rogue would receive every thought he was thinking, every word he never got the chance to say, or explain. All his dreams, regrets, hopes, desires and wishes. Every person he's wronged and all the things he did to attempt to redeem himself for those actions.

"I love you." Remy coughs finally.

Spiral back at her five armed stance has the remaints of her cyber limb sparking randomly down towards the ground when SEVERAL X-men step up to her and seem to attack her.

"You!" She says with her three right hands pointed at Nega, "I don't trust." And with that gesture she negates the woman's abilities entirely, but a moment too late as the initail explosion had started and the shockwave burps out forcefully before having everything behind it cancelled out by the witch who sails through the air and smacks against the wall of the coliseum.

Pushed away from the large patch of French grass in the arena, Spiral lands on her knee and with five arms keeping her upright. "I think my job here is done." She says, winking to Jubilee, Illyana, Scott and Ellie, or to all of them at once and with a shake of her hips. She's gone.

The swarm of ogre like demons and aliens remains, Scott's beams blasting several out of the sky, while Tabitha's bombs do just as much work at the fearless leader's attacks.

Charlotte and Colossus are the really muscles here, carving a swath through the horde as if it was butter, while the others are each holding their own well enough despite cuts, wounds and void deposits are occuring all around the battle. Dani's arrows are effective but there's just too many and they continue to close into the X-men's position. It's starting to get overwhelming...

Moonstar has posed:
Dani shouts to Tabby and Alexia, "Get over by 'Yana! NOW!" She winces as the horde closes in, then decides to summon their greatest fear to cover the withdrawal... guessing that with Spiral's game over, Illyana can get them out of here!

And then there's the titanic image of his bloatness himself, the giant vision of Mojo gesticulating at the demons in anger, "YOU CALL THAT RATINGS! YOU PATHETIC UNION WORKERS! NEXT TIME I'LL HIRE SCABS! YOU'LL NEVER WORK IN THIS TOWN AGAIN!!!" And well, it's what those demons /fear/ anyway, as Dani quickly hustles after Tabby and Alexia towards Illyana.

Boom-Boom has posed:
    "I'll make a hole." Boomksi agrees with Dani over the din and she holds her arms over her head to produce a good-sized bomb to toss to the ground between their knot of teenagers and the Peter-Doug-Illyana-Charlotte group. "Fire in the hole!
    Two... one!" *boom*
    "Let's go!" Boomski calls. "Comin' to ya, Tin Man!" She points in that direction for the mauve girl nearby. "Go!"
    Unfortunately, she doesn't notice a bloated spiky demon-beast, who fires off a volley of eight inch spikes, one of which goes through Tabitha's right shin, the busines end sticking out of the other side. "Arrgh!"

Charlotte Maynard has posed:
Charlotte is not really doing a great job of carving, but she's certainly pushing her way through the crowds with energy. At her larger size, she's strong - enormously so - and hard enough to hurt that most weapons are just bouncing off her. She's going to have some nasty bruises tomorrow, and she still has a trickling wound in her side, but she's not getting carved up by physical damage.

It's so chaotic that she is not clear on what happened for a few moments, despite being quite tall enough to see over the crowd. There's an explosion, and something is going on, but it's too confusing for her to make out what - but then Charlotte pushes through and staggers after Dani, moving toward Illyana. Hopefully she won't mind the student tagalong.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead has posed:
"Better trust me to fuck you up!" Negasonic is truly pissed that her friend's wedding got ruined by this crazy hell witch. Whatever she is. Going as far as to be more focused on blasting the witch back to hell than she is aware that her teammates are nearby and she could seriously hurt them. Lucky to everyone around, Spiral inadvertantly saves the day by using her magic to negate Ellie's power. But not before she gets a shockwave blast to send her into a close encounter with the Coliseum's wall.

What's less fortunate, is that in negating Ellie's powers, she also negates her invulnerability to her own explosion, which knocks the teenaged girl hard against the opposite wall, before she collapses on the floor all knocked out. If she's lucky, Illyana is aware of it and will snatch her out of harm's way on time. Hey, at least she got a hit on the bitch that ruined the wedding.

Jubilee has posed:
"You will NOT--" Jubilation begins, preparing to lunge at Spiral, but she halts, as the five-armed woman disappears. "MotherFUCKER!" Jubilation spins on her heel, and takes in the scene. Everything at once. Her friends. Her family. Or those she used to believe were. Her eyes begin to practically glow ice blue now, as she returns to Rogue's side, as the mutant cradles her husband-to-be. He'd been trying to remove the bracelet. He hadn't given it to her to make her vulnerable. And tears brim her eyes with red, and streak her cheeks with pink. She knows there are so many more here to protect, but right now this is her only concern. He needs Rogue. And so does Jubilation. And so, if it means her life, Jubilation will protect them from the approaching hordes. With lightning speed, she snaps necks, breaks bones, pops whatever that guy was. And burns them to the ground. "Rogue..." she begins, stifling a sob as she pulls someone's arm off and hits him with it. "I can--" No. She couldn't do that to him. Or to either of them. She looks back at Rogue, as she lassos three together with a glowing golden lasso from her palm, and detonates it, the fireball consuming all three. "I could--"

Colossus has posed:
There is an angry roar from Colossus as his arrival is moments too late, Rogue pulling Gambit from the fray but the wound in his fellow X-man's chest obvious enough. And then, moments later, as the backlash of Negasonic's blast sends her flying, his empty silver gaze traces her ballistic path, and an expression of concern etches itself onto the metal giant's still-human face, of worry for his young quasi-protege's own fate. But it is quickly replaced with hardened determination, and indeed, a tinge of something more. Rare as it is to see the gentle giant angry, it is a terrible thing when it happens.

Powerless to render immediate aid, he lashes out at those around him, and in defense of those more vulnerable X-men and students who he can see suffering under the endless waves of alien attackers. In response, his blows become more directed: not merely knocking the foes away, but striking directly against them, often ending with unpleasant squishes, squelches, snaps and cracks, as strange bones, alien exoskeletons, and even the occasional inhuman organ gives way beneath his colossal strength.

Like this, the man wades through the violence, making a path toward Ellie while searching out his sister amidst the conflict. "Yana! Ellie is hurt!" And then, as he plows through the hordes, he catches sight of Tabitha and the others clearing their own paths: "Everyone together! Behind me if you are injured!" Ploughing through it all, he serves as a walking rallying point, trying to gather the group for his sister.

Tendril has posed:
    Lex nods, eager to be anywhere where it's a bit safer, and turning to run after Tabby...which is when the spike demon attacks, starting to pulse. Her eyes widen as she throws herself forward, her tendrils whirling as she tries to form a shield with them, the surfaces hardening as the spikes slam into them, thunking like they've just hit mahogany, save for the first one that punches into Tabby's shin.

    And, you know, the other one that slams into someone else, as it punches through the pretty dress she wears at about the abdomen, staggering her, as her eyes go wide in shock.

    She takes a stagger, wobbling as the loose tendril shield collapses to the ground, before she grits her teeth, then grabs Tabby, forcing herself into a shaky run towards the rest of the group, running on pure adrenaline for the moment, craddling the other girl to her. "G-got you...got you..." she hisses.

    She makes it about 3/4s of the way before that steam runs out as she actually trips over her heels, stumbling and nearly gone down.

Magik has posed:
    With the battle going - not especially well, and with the rather more pressing matter of an enormous sword having been lodged into Gambit's chest, it is perhaps time to make a tactical retreat.

    In truth, it doesn't matter where everyone else, it doesn't matter what everyone is doing: irrespective of action and position, light explodes upwards around one and all of the gathered mutants at the speed of thought, leaving them...

    Well, leaving them somewhere that's arguably far worse.

    The red skies of Limbo crack with thunder, visible against a skyline that changes every time eyes drift from it and attention wanes. The stone beneath those assembled is cold, and the ground is far below - the roof of a castle, the first place Illyana could think of capable of holding everyone.

    "Quiet," she commands, sounding rather more imperious than simply bitchy, eyes closed.

    A moment later and blinding light returns, the smell of ozone giving way to the antiseptic stink of a hospital - the closest she could find to their prior location, to the scene of Rogue and Gambit's intended wedding. Gathered together in the triage area, a stunned assemblage of doctors, nurses and orderlies gathering.

    In the time between seconds, Illyana's sword has returned to its home in the void that should house her soul. Her hand rests between Doug's shoulders, shoving him forward. "Tell them what they need to know. He is injured. Ellie will need to be examined as well."

    A moment later, she murmurs, sounding - almost - apologetic.

    "I cannot heal them. Not and leave them as they are."

Cyclops has posed:
     Scott keeps up the blasting, only stopping once the mojo-folk get away. He looks over to Remy, frowning at the situation. The X-Man doesn't have the words, so joins Jubilee in keeping things at bay. Long sustained blasts create vapor trails rising from his visor, he's pissed, and it shows. His fingers press a little harder on the button, holding the lenses open longer and longer. Cyclops joins Colossus in the assault, attempting to shield and keep those who need assistance away from the assailants.

  The group is then taken to Limbo, a bit of a farcry from Mojo World, but the field leader was glad to be out. He motions a nurse to Gambit and the others. "Help...please." He says before sighing, looking to the downed cajun.

Cypher has posed:
Doug rolls his shoulders, and he gestures, before saying in French, 'Our friend,' He gestures to Gambit, 'Has been severely injured, through the abdomen. You need to get him into surgery, now, or he is going to die! Hurry.' He looks to Ellie, 'She's been hurt as well, a bad impact. She may have broken bones... internal bleeding. Please check her over cafefully.'

He looks up at Cyclops, and then puts his hand on the X-Man's shoulder. "Cyclops," He says... before he jerks a thumb at Rogue. Because how much worse must this be for her?

He frowns, sucking in a pained breath as a nurse pulls his jacket back to look at the burn on his shoulder, but he doesn't protest.

'What is this?' One of the nurses says, surprised.

'The unceasing search for edgy entertainment,' Doug says. He tries to be sarcastic but... fails.

Charlotte Maynard has posed:
Charlotte Maynard ends up in Limbo. She doesn't like it.

Charlotte hunches down automatically as if this would protect her from the weirdness of the plane, but she doesn't have to worry about it very long, because they reappear in a hospital in France.

Charlotte is currently between nine and a half and ten feet tall, wearing a dress sized for her when she was seven and change, and a little bloody (but not nearly as much as some of the people here). It's a good thing she's hunching, because this means she hasn't rammed her head into the ceiling, but she can't possibly hide that she's a mutant (not that, in this crowd, she would be anyway).

For probably the first time in her life, she pays no attention whatsoever to that as she tries to squeeze through the group. "Are they going to be okay?" she asks, even though there's no possible way anyone can know that yet. She didn't even know they were as badly hurt as they are, and now she feels awful about it.

Oh, also Charlotte doesn't speak French.

Colossus has posed:
Although Colossus is not... unfamiliar with his sister's favorite vacation destination, it is never entirely a place he gets used to visiting. Still, moments later, they have returned, appearing somewhat conveniently in a hospital. He can never fault his sister's sense of practicality.

Of course, the average hospital cooridoor isn't designed to acomodate a seven and a half foot tall metal man, and it tends to be the sort of thing that can leave people a little alarmed. He switches back almost immediately, although this basically leaves him in his X-undies (well, his costume bottom, which was about all he had going for him through the fight but looks a bit weirder when he's not metal!) and a few tuxedo scraps. Not that he is concerned. A glance finds Illyana to make sure she's returned with them and not vanished off to some horrible fate, but then he continues where he was originally headed, toward Ellie, though the distance has been made shorter in dropping them all off in the hospital waiting room. Picking her up, he places her onto one of the stretcher beds they've rolled in. "Check for concussion, she is hitting herself very hard," he explains, tolerating no strange looks from the doctors over his state of dress. And then a nod at Doug as well, who lists some other possible symptoms. "Da, strong impact. Please check on her."

Otherwise, maybe they can chase him down a hospital gown, and he will settle in to waiting with the group... and hopefully them not drawing too many questions!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was in no position to do anything to help any of her friends right now, her mental state was demolished. She laid there in a sad heap of ruined wedding dress and ruined wedding plans, with the injured body of her would-be-husband laying on her lap in her hands and arms.

To no one's surprise who may have looked at her, Rogue was crying, though her hair was down around her face in a terrible disarray out of the bun she'd had it in.

She heard Jubilee standing beside her, giving that offer. Rogue knew what Jubilee had become and had accepted it, Jubilee was her friend... one of the closest friends she had. But in response to the offer, as kind and somewhat morbid as it was, the southern belle's head just shook side to side.

"He's already gone, chere." Rogue's voice said, her Mississippi accent laced with a strange flavor not of her own.

The destroyed bride raised her head up then and she looked up at Jubilee's pale blue eyes with her own solid dark reds. Her left hand came up from beneath Gambit's head, his eyes closed peacefully, her bare hand sparkling with a bright violet/pink energy.

Rogue's dark-red-eyes now looked to the others, to the emergency service peopke, to Doug calling form them to come to her. She went to stand up, her ripped and torn dress moving around her. She just stared at them, tears streaking down her eyes, looking at each of her friends faces.

A second later and Rogue took to the skies, like a bullet out of a gun!

Magik has posed:
    Illyana is covered in gore, wearing a bra fashioned for an opened blouse, a short skirt and now-ruined silk stockings. Her blouse, her jacket, her cigarettes and her boots have all been left behind in Mojo World, alongside a large number of chairs and - well, quite a lot of Gambit's blood, really.
    She leaves the frantic activity, the panicking, the dramatic emotional responses to others. Her expression never really changes, not even at the declaration that Gambit is already dead, not at Ellie being hefted by her brother onto a stretcher.
    She stands off to the side, and she watches.
    And, in the end, returns anyone who wishes it to New York.

Boom-Boom has posed:
    Boomski wraps her arms around Alexi's neck as the other girl snatches her up and retreats for Illyana's group. "Glad you're here at the end." she says, being pessimistic. She reaches for the pendants around her neck as she braces for the swamping attack... which never comes. She opens one eye and then the other. "Wha'? Lexi... are you alright?" But she laughs as she realizes where they all are now. "Yes! I take back all the bad things I ever said 'bout you, Stevie Nicks!" that for Illyana.

Cypher has posed:
Once his shoulder is bound up, Doug declines the Magik Bus back home. "I'll text you when I need a ride, 'Yana. Promise." He shakes his head, slowly, and says, "Worthless. Still worthless." Before he walks out of the hospital to lose himself in Paris.

Jubilee has posed:
Jubilation shakes her head, but Rogue doesn't see. She doesn't see...really, anything.

Jubilation can sense the blood in his veins. The infinitesimal movement through the vessels within. The attempt of the heart to beat. The failing light that wavers inside him. "But...he's not---" Too late. Rogue is gone. And the swell of voices and movement around her is slow motion. Anything that can be done for him by -them-...is being done. She moves to Gambit's side and takes his hand. Helpless to do anything but weep bloodstained tears.

Moonstar has posed:
Dani could sense it. She can always sense it. And she walks over towards Gambit's body. Even though the danger's gone, she's still in her armor. She kneels down by Gambit, touching his cheek once, then she takes a deep breath, as if steeling herself for a task that isn't going to be pleasant. And then she whistles once.

And up in the sky above... there's Brightwind, circling around as the winged stallion descends to land near the group of X-Men. The horse normally would be friendly with everyone... but not tonight. Tonight, the stallion knows his task.

Tendril has posed:
    Lexi struggles to stay conscious, as the world seems to flicker...and she's in hell for a moment...then in a hospital, and not entirely sure what happened. But then, her body is attempting to seal off the damage around the spike in her side, the blood flow slowling, but the injury starting to cause her mind to retreat, her instincts coming to the fore as she lets out a growling whimper, trying to push herself up. Has to...hide...hurt...eat...

Cyclops has posed:
     Scott changes his visor back to his normal glasses, looking to Rogue, approaching her. "Rogue...did you, touch him?" And the X-Man witnesses the change in Rogue's eyes as well. "Ro-" He was cut off, as the very understandably distraught Rogue had taken to the skies. A short succinct sign as he brings his hand to rub at a temple, Cyclops puts two and two together when Dani called Brightwind "Dani...no, please. He deserves to be buried at home...our home."

Moonstar has posed:
    Dani looks lost in thought, then glances up at Scott, "It's his right, but..." She pauses, then nods towards Scott, "As you say." She looks over at him, then glances to Brightwind, shaking her head as she rises, "I'll... stay here for a bit, then. Illyana can take me back later."

    Then the Valkyrie walks off, sparing no one a backwards glance as she gets on Brightwind, spurring him to action. The winged stallion spreads his wings, and Dani flies off into the night.