6858/City Fall: A Deal with the Devil

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City Fall: A Deal with the Devil
Date of Scene: 11 March 2019
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Elektra and Daredevil have the arranged talk with Shredder. He makes them an offer they can, and do, refuse.
Cast of Characters: Shredder, Daredevil, Elektra
Tinyplot: City Fall

Shredder has posed:
    The night's chill causes breath to be visible, and recent rain has left puddles that reflect the city streetlights here in Clinton. Not that much is visible in this alley. You may as well be blind. The Shredder does not hide, however, having been agreeable to allow the meeting place proposed by Elektra. He would have likely chosen a more cordial location himself.

    Standing by his side is Karai, the young woman who stands far shorter than her grandfather, red scarf and light armor on her shins, shoulders, and forearms reminiscent of her master, but without such a bladed accent. They stand quietly, backs to the chain link fence as they both listen carefully for the approach of their guests for the meeting.

Daredevil has posed:
As far as locations go, the alley suits Daredevil just fine. They were familiar, if not exactly comforting. Especially not with both Shredder and Karai waiting below.

Still, the meeting was set, and with a turn of his head towards Elektra for confirmation, he leaps down, silent as a shadow into the alley way, landing with a soft thud and rising to standing. He had his batons on him but they were housed firmly in their holsters and he keeps his hands away from them.

"Shredder, Karai," he greets with a nod for each.

Elektra has posed:
Karai is seen, noted, and not found wanting as far as the agreement had been made. The alleyway chosen mostly as a convenience and as a place not exactly fortuitous to either party, as well as the sort of location that most wouldn't spend a lot of time or thought about investigating a discussion being held within.

She supposed a rooftop would have worked as well.

As it was, though, the woman drops down from above along with Daredevil, her own greeting limited to merely a nod to the pair waiting for them there. Like Matt, Elektra is armed, but then again, she's always been deadly, even without her sai.

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder's eyes open, and there is a certain flare of spiritual light that nearly immediately fades from them as he looks between the two figures in the dark.

    "The Devil of Hell's Kitchen, and the /former/ Black Sky," the Foot Master comments as they appear. "I am pleased that you did not retract from our meeting." He unfolds his arms, and Karai's eyes open as well, though hers do not bear that same fading energy. Shredder's stance is casual, though sturdy, as if he is unconcerned wholly about any danger that may be posed to him by those standing opposite him.

Daredevil has posed:
Matt doesn't turn his head as Elektra lands but his attention flicks there a moment before flicking back again to Shredder and his granddaughter. He steps slightly to the side to give himself and Elektra a little more room if it came to violence. That is the only hint the fabled 'Man Without Fear' is concerned, he stands easily, hands by his side.

"Glad to see we all know who each other are," Daredevil observes with a faint smirk appearing on his lips. "We heard you wanted to talk."

Elektra has posed:
"I am still Black Sky," Elektra says, lips turning up at the edges into something approaching amusement. "That was always the name of the weapon. I merely weild myself now."

She positions herself at Matt's side, her stance calm and easy.

Shredder has posed:
    "You hold in your hands a problem," Shredder comments matter-of-factly. "You have sought to rid Hell's Kitchen of the plague of rampant crime and corruption." He glances as if around. "Has that been working? Is there less crime in your beloved home?" he asks. Of course, Hell's kitchen's high crime rate speaks for itself.

Daredevil has posed:
There is a 'hm' from Daredevil at Elektra's turn of the title of Black Sky. It being the weapon she now weilds, he hadn't thought of it that way.

"And you propose to help us with that?" he asks him. Shredder's intervention had helped bring down the Hand but he doubted he'd done it for any but his own reasons. "Or did you just want to point it out."

Shredder has posed:
    "Perhaps," the Shredder answers. "But you know my help does not come without cost." He gestures vaguely outside the alley. "You fail for a simple reason," he points out. "Whatever your intent, whatever your prowess, you fail to command the numbers necessary to enact your will. You and your rag tag collection of friends are but a handful against thousands. You simply cannot be everywhere. You cannot do everything." He glances back from the alley to Elektra. "The opportunity was there. But you squandered it. Rather than claim the power from Gau, you let her escape with the remnants of the Hand." There is a tone of disappointment, as if he had expected a different outcome.

    "So you are left with your same failures, repeated once more while your enemy, one 'Wilson Fisk', I believe, prospers. He grows in strength because he is not afraid to raise an army."

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil scowls in disgust. "What were we going to do? Take over the Hand and use it to fight crime?" he scoffs at the notion. Turning his head towards Elektra and nods, "Elektra tried to reduce the damage the Hand did and they killed her for it. I doubt the Hand would ever willingly fight crime."

He turns back to Shredder. "But that's what you're offering, isn't it, the numbers of the Foot to help turn the tide?" he doesn't sound receptive to the notion.

Shredder has posed:
    "I've offered nothing yet," the Shredder points out. "But yes, if you had the power to enact your will on the Hand, you could have done exactly that. But you lacked the power. Their ancient traditions and philosophies were more powerful than your will."

    Karai seems completely silent, not speaking as Shredder casually paces to one side. She watches though, her eyes moving between Elektra and the masked face of Daredevil.

    The Foot's master continues, "I do not lack that power," he says. "But you know that I have my own ends. Order, namely. This city is changing. Have you felt it? Old rivals have made peace. Mutant Town has seen less oppression. Convictions on crime has lowered in the last month." His eyes twitch to indicate a smile behind the mask. "People believe that I rule the Foot through fear. But that is a lie. I rule them through trust." He indicates behind him. "My granddaughter trusts my judgment. I trust hers. She knows that what I do will be the best for our family. Those who serve the Foot. They trust me. They trust that if they obey, they will be honored, and if they disobey, there will be punishment."

    "Do you trust me?" he adds, a double-edged question.

Elektra has posed:
Elektra isn't put out by Saki's admonition of her.

"Was I suppose to feel chastized by those words? I think you fail to understand what it is I did. Or chose. As for Madame Gao, to have stopped her would have cost the lives of those I spurned her for. Counterproductive, do you not think? To refuse to be their weapon only to watch those I cared for die in the aftermath?"

She shrugs.

"I don't live to please you, either. She is only a symptom of the disease. What I am is the solution. As long as I exist, they can not win their little war. She lives with that knowledge, and I can only assume it eats away at her. She will make mistakes because of it."

As to the rest, Elektra has noted what he speaks of. Of his question, though..

"You ask a rhetorical thing. We can trust you seek only to further yourself. That your words, such as they are, are truth. Your motives, however, are not what they seem, and will be turned when it suits. You forget who and what I was and how I understand these things."

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil too seems unfazed by Shredder's words. "We're not conquerors, Shredder, we're defenders, and if we've noticed the changes, knowing you're behind it we have to wonder the cost, what did it take to get all those gangs to be pressed under your thumb."

Elektra's words about trust are nodded to, seconding them wordlessly. The Devil's mask is turned towards Saki, waiting his reply.

Shredder has posed:
    Shredder waves off Elektra's challenge that he forgets who she is. "Every person /is/ what they /do/." he says with a raised finger. "And every person /does/ what they /believe/. The rest is just empty talk. You both are aware of this. You see the cattle that live their days /saying/ that they will be this or that, will change one thing or another. Their claims are worthless. You act. You face challenges far beyond your station to bring about /your/ goals."

    He glances back toward the Daredevil. "Do not speak to me as if you are different. Defending and conquering have only the difference of who holds the power at the beginning of the conflict." He points out of the alley. "Who holds the power in Hell's Kitchen. Is it you?" he asks.

Elektra has posed:
Elektra merely crosses her arms over her chest, taking her turn at not rising to the challenge, letting Matt answer who holds the power in Hell's Kitchen.

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil's arms remain by his sides as he listens to Shredder. "They're not cattle, Shredder, they're people, people with lives and goals, you may not find either valuable, but it's not our place to sit in judgment, having power, doesn't give us that right. None of us are better than anyone else, we all have our roles to play."

As to Hell's Kitchen and who holds the power, Daredevil's answer is clear: "The people."

Shredder has posed:
    "I see," the Shredder says, folding his hands. "So the /people/ enjoy a neighborhood rittled with crime, where they must bar their windows, cry out in vain for justice from the law." He narrows his eyes. "Do not play the fool," he says. "I do not believe your dedication to your mission makes you blind to the reality that is before you."

    "I have spent longer than I intended pointing out the obvious to you both," he declares plainly. "You can indeed trust that I will do what I claim, and yes, and I make no qualms about my motives. The only question is whether you wish to benefit from that, or wish to suffer from it. Have you seen the nature of this city? It's core is bending to me already, and not because they have to, because the /people/ want to. They want better than what they have, and I offer that. I do not need you, I make the offer to you to enjoy the fruits of success. But do not make the mistake of thinking I am equally indifferent to opposition."

Elektra has posed:
"BEnefit," Elektra says dryly. "I walked that path once, Saki. Believing you could accomplish good from a place of evil. You make no bones about who or what you are, and thinly disguise it in a pretty wrapping claiming benevolance. In the end, you're still the head of the Foot clan, and you still are nothing but a deal with the devil."

Her arms uncross.

"I didn't walk from the Hand only to embrace you."

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil "Hehs" at the accusation of not being blind to the reality before him. "They have the power Shredder, they just don't realize it yet and when they do then people like you and the Kingpin and all the rest will have had their day." Matt wasn't sure he believed it, not with all the corruption he'd witnessed, but he'd be damned before he bowed down to Shredder.

"And we didn't defeat the Hand only to serve it's shadow," Matt adds to Elektra's declaration.

Shredder has posed:
    "It's shadow..." One scarred eyebrow lifts. "Then you can wallow in your insignificant struggle here," he says, without further argument. "But do not meddle with matters beyond you. Count this the grace earned for the thorn you placed in the side of the Hand. I am not Gao, and to think I will be as easily displaced would be a dangerous mistake."

Elektra has posed:
"I'm still who and what I am, Saki. And those are nothing but words."

Not waiting for him, and in an act that leaves no doubt as to her opinion of this meeting, Elektra turns and begins walking away.

Daredevil has posed:
Daredevil turns his eyes towards Shredder. "I'd gladly wallow in it rather than bow to to Foot. If you're going to come, come, we'll be ready for you," Matt says. Then when Elektra walks away, so does Daredevi, turning back for a moment to add: "The city won't be yours, know that Shredder, you're not going to win."

Then he carries on down the alley, his back to the ninja master.

Shredder has posed:
    Karai looks up at Saki. "Fools," she bites out. They don't even know," she comments as they leave, stepping up as if ready to fight the insolence.

    Shredder holds his hand up to silence her, having heard of the Daredevil's keen hearing. "As it should be."