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War of Light Pt. 3
Date of Scene: 12 March 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: AFter an explosion and all out battle, our heroes defeated a trio of villains: Arkillo, Fatality and Despero. But the real threat was deep within Takron Galtos, as an Avatar of Darkness and Death was potentially discovered!
Cast of Characters: Green Lantern (Jordan), Sister Reinhardt, Saint Walker, Star-Lord, Drax, Kinsey MacKenna, Lobo, Adam Warlock, Groot, Arkillo, Fatality, Despero
Tinyplot: War of Light

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    Something has changed in the Universe. It is like a wave, a chill almost, that makes you shiver, like the ancient Terran saying, "Someone just walked over my grave". Dreams are dark and forboding, and make even the darkest heart wake up in a cold sweat. However, the dream never stays, fading into wakefulness, like that memory at the tip of your tongue that just won't manifest.

    Lately, rumours have been floating around interstellar space in the last few days, rumours of a darkness coming. Something vile and evil. However, no one can tell you, what evil? What vilness? Is it an ancient evil? A darkness from the past or the future? Most higher beings, such as the New Gods, and the Old Gods remain silent, cloistered away in their safe abodes or planets, off limits to normal space travelers.

    Those with Cosmic Awareness, or Superior Powers of Perception feel it to. A dread that won't disappear. A shadow, hiding just out of sight of your powers. A ghost. This is where our story begins...

    Takron-Galtos. Space Sector 3561. A detention and rehabilitation planet where the Universe's worst criminals are kept, either for incareceration, or someday, the hope they can be changed for the better, and become productive members of society again.

    The emerald glow of the arrival of a Green Lantern signals Hal Jordan's entering of this start system. In tow: Two criminals that he and Star-Lord had arrested on Knowhere a few weeks back. Bur'Gunza, who had still not come out of his coma, and Grange, the Gordanian, who was growling up a storm, with epithets and cursing that was, thankfully, muted by Hal's ring. All he had to do was drop them off, and he was gone.

    "This is Senior Administrator G'Hu, Green Lantern. On behalf of the Warden, welcome to Takron Galtos. PLease bring your prisoners to Inatke Area #7, and we can begin processing your criminals immediately."

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Ever since Hal left earth, Suzanne was worried, but she couldn't really voice it to anyone without revealing who she was. That is the reason there is a Blue Latern at Takron Galtos now. She came in a few minutes after Hal, but she stayed quite a ways back. Mostly because it was a DETENTION AREA, and strangers in the vicinity could be viewed as hostile. At least she knew that.

Saint Walker has posed:
From elsewhere around the prison planet a wormhole opens sending three beings into the space around Takron Galtos, the two are surrounded by the blue aura of Blue Lanterns, and wearing the uniform of the Corps. The third was blue too, but of skin not affiliation, a Blue Kree criminal being escorted to the prison, towed behind walker in a blue orb constructed of light.

"Welcome to Takron Galtos, one of the most formidable prisons in the Universe," Walker says to Kinsey through their rings. "We should be able to deliver our prisoner quickly then there is an excellent Gramosian Bistro three systyems over that has a most excellent soup..."

As they head towards the prison Walker's ring alerts him: "Green and Blue Lanterns detected"

A smile spreads across Walker's face. "Excellent it seems we are reunited with our friend from the station as well as one of our Sister lanterns. Shall we hurry on to the prison? It would be good to talk with them again."

Star-Lord has posed:
Cue another set of 'criminals' coming in via the jump point about a minute after Hal Jordan arrives. The Guardians of the Galaxy are almost as legendary as Lobo are as bounty hunters (almost) and if rumors are correct, they had a recent run in with Cybertronians... and /survived the encounter/.

Star-Lord is known for being unpredictable, but he's clearly insane if he was dealing with those machines. Still, the Milano seems fairly intact when it comes through the jump point.

"You can unbuckle ladies and gents, jump complete." Star-Lord announces over the shipwide comm, "this is your captain speaking. I need everyone topside, looks like we have Lantern activity out there, and you know what that means."

Meanwhile, the Milano cruises at a moderated pace, waiting to be let into queue.

Drax has posed:
Drax the Destroy was on the Milano (because where else would he be?) and sits in his usual crewmember seat. He tends to enjoy operating the weapons systems of the milano and doing...surprisingly creative things with it, for a brute. "Peter Quill, I believe it would have been wise if we brought the scrap heap with us." of course, he speaks about the recent cybertronian they encountered just a few days previous.

Unbuckling himself, Drax awkwardly rubs at his chest. "I hate the seat belts." You know why he hates the seat belts.

Once he stands up, Drax begins sharpening his knives. This was gonna be a fun mission, and Drax is...'smiling'?

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey is bemused by the whirlwind of events as they've unfolded over the past.. has it only been two days?? Regardless, it was considered she should attend to her training, and as Brother Walker was willing, here she was.

"Oh? The Green Lantern?" Whose name she still doesn't know, but considering the rest of the surprises in her life right now, that's a minor point. Saint's calling of their fellow Blue as sister makes her grin, "I thought that was just an affectation."

She's not to sure about that one anymore. Still, "Lead on. I'm am but the student. And it would be nice to meet another fellow Lantern."

Lobo has posed:
    The Milano waits, but the Hog roars on ahead, its rider belching as he ignored the warning signs to wait in the queue and instead, goes straight toward the compound itself. Dragged from behind that dangerously modified hoverbike dangled a few dozen rough and tumble characters, most of them corpses while some were still moving even with their bodies battered and broken. Sat directly behind the Main Man was what used to be a cyborg, though his shiny metal chrome arms are now just a dangling mess of wires, and his big metal jaw is hanging down around his chest lamely. This was what remained of a former pirate crew, before they got on the wrong side of the Main Man who discovered that they were all wanted men, women, slimes and otherwise, as evidenced by one dull metal bucket hanging from the right of the bike, bubbling goop waiting to be processed just like its crew-mates.

    The big man pushed a few buttons on his handlebars, opening up a direct hailing frequency to the prison.

    "Open up an' get yer credit sticks ready, geeks, The Main Man's got one heck of a haul fer ya!"

Adam Warlock has posed:
Aboard the Milano the mage known as Adam Warlock unbuckles himself and stands up from where he'd been sitting, pacing steadily towards where Drax and Star-Lord are located. A smile forms on his face as he looks over the pair, "I believe the Cybertronian had business of his own to attend to, but I would like to work with him further in the future. I find his species fascinating. So much disparity between individuals."

He looks over some of the control panels and monitors, then briefly shuts his eyes and reaches out with other senses, "I am glad that the goal of this establishment is to rehabilitate rather than to just punish offenders."

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    "Stand by Milano and Lobo." There was a pause. "Milano, please proceed to Intake Area #3 and Lobo, please proceed to Intake Area #6. Others, please inform us of your authority, security code, and cargo as soon as possible." The masculine voice that, if you knew him, did sound like G'Hu.

    As the Green Lantern moves towards the prison planet, something bothers him at the back of his skull. Call it a sixth sense. "Wait...G'Hu...why does that name sound familiar? Hmmmm."

    "Note: Blue Lanterns present." Hal Jordan moves ever closer to the Intake Area and his mind races. Before he can ask his ring a question and ignoring the indicator that there were other Lanterns present, Hal tries to make sense of the situation.

    "Wait...G'Hu was a Green Lantern...no. It can't be. That would be impossible..." Hal makes a mental note of the arrival of all of the Lanterns and the Milano. Serendipity.

    "Saint Walker, Suzanne, Milano." The signal goes out over broad band, so even those not in the comm chain would get it. "That Administrator should be dead! It amkes no sense..." That was when things start to take a turn for the worse.

    An explosion is seen by all in orbit and near orbit. The plum of fire almost makes it to the upper atmosphere, it was so big. Location: The maximum-security area of the prison.

    That was when a signal was broadcast across all spectrums of communication. "Help us! Something is wrong! We're...we need help! We are being...massacr...argh!!!" The signal then cuts out.

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Saint Walker....Suzanne had never heard that name before now. She only knew Brother Shon, whom had given her her ring. then Hal tells of his own revelation before the signal from the Penitentiary was bradcast, then cut out. "And......somehow, I feel I'm in the right place and the right time."

With her being here on her own, it meant she acted of her own accord...and in this case, she flew straight for the prison itself.

People could still be alive there, so she had to make sure they got out.....

Saint Walker has posed:
"The Green Lantern we met operates on Earth as one of you superheros, identity is important to them, so I will let him reveal his name in his own time," As for the bit about brother and sister... "It is something that has stuck within the Corps," he explains adding. "Do you prefer Sister Kinsey or Sister MacKenna?"

Then Hal is hailing them, and Walkers brow furrows with concern. "Perhaps it is a being with the same name as..." he begins to justify before the prison explodes.

"...Or it could be part of some deception. We should inspect the damage, Sister Reinhardt, Kinsey and myself can attend to the wounded. If that is agreeable to everyone?"

Star-Lord has posed:
The comm system is keyed, "Got that, control." The Milano picks up speed to head for the planet prison, he looks back to Drax, "get the psychopathic idiots down in the cargo bay cryo-pods secured if you don't mind, we're-"

The explosion could easily be seen from the bridge of the Milano, and Star-Lord stops mid-sentence as the plum expands. "It's like clockwork. Lanterns show up, and everything goes to hell. Sometimes I get tired of being right all the time, you know?" Star-Lord muses out loud.

Mostly to himself.

"Warlock, Drax. If you could get down there quickly with a portal, I'm going to bring the Milano in for a closer look and give you two some overwatch. We don't know what's going on down there, and I want you two to have an escape route." As he speaks, the Milano goes from a cruising speed, to maxed out engines. Being a heavily modified scout ship, the Milano is /very/ quick, and Star-Lord is taking it down as fast as he can.

Drax has posed:
Drax looks at Adam Warlock. "You still confuse me, Golden Man." Drax states rather simply, but then again, he's NEVER gotten along with the scholarly types. Nevertheless, the warning does get his attention, and he sheathes his knives. Standing up, Drax looks to Peter Quill. "Good luck, Peter Quill." Then he moves to Adam Warlock, staring into his eyes.

"I don't like portals."

Drax is eager, it looks like. "Better now than later. Let us go."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
If it were anyone else, Kinsey would have thought he was kidding, but it's Saint Walker, and well.. "Kinsey, please. MacKenna makes me feel like I should be looking over my shoulder for my mother. But plain Kinsey would work just as well."

A girl has to try, right?

Her bemusement cut short by the hails, and the confusion of explosion and probably imposter.

"I was just going to say.." she remarks of the attending to the wounded, not having expected a trial by literal fire quite so soon. She did, however, believe that she was up to the challenge. "Lead on, Brother Walker."

Lobo has posed:
    From inside the station, The Main Man was dragging a bundle of crooks behind him, their various bloods staining the concrete ground. Lobo was dressed simply today, bandanna tied around the top of his head while his black hair flowed with a healthy sheen, while around his body hiding some of the weapons on his person, an old poncho flowed in in the slight breeze of the air conditioning. He had been standing there lighting a cigar under the "No smoking" holo-sign and watching the guard count up the Credits and figuring how best to consolidate the amount on just one or two sticks, when Lobo looked over and heard the sounds of violent explosion and screaming. Sounded like it was real close, so close he could smell the fire and the cooking organic fat.

    "Sucks ta be you guys, looks like I'll have my hands full roundin' up escapees next month. Don't worry...I'll give ya a discount! Haw!"

    The match was flicked aside, bouncing off the cyborg pirate captain's head as he looked down in his shock at having his cyberlimbs destroyed.

Adam Warlock has posed:
"Oh no!" Warlock exclaims when the explosion goes off and he feels the sudden loss of life, moving to look at the damage out the viewport of the Milano. He lifts a hand and a heavily engraved staff flies into it so that the magician can start to work his sorcery.

At Drax's statements Adam nods his head, "We can discuss things later, if you'd like. For now..." The staff is pointed towards an open spot on the ship and a portal opens up, slightly larger than Drax size. Preparing to go through it the mage takes a deep breath, "We must be ready for anything. Some of the prisoners here may have unexpected powers or abilities." Without any further hesitation he steps through the portal.

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
     Hal Jordan had two bad guys in tow, and was heading towards the problem. "Just what I need. Passengers, and an apocalypse to deal with. Dammit!" Knowing he was out of the fight until he dealt with his prisoners, Hal Jordan zooms towards the rear area of the prison, out of it for the time being.

    Lobo receives his credits, and the guard takes the prisoners under tow. It was quick though, as the guard places them in "temp lockup" while he tries to figure out what to do next.

    The fires in the installation were spreading. There was a mass panic, considering one of the things that made Takron Galtos so effective was the fact that it's lack of atmosphere was a deterrent to normal "aliens" from getting away without help. Being blown into space -not fun.

    As all of the heroes head down towards the prison, one thing could be noticed. Many of the incarcerated were running away from a certain area - ground zero of the explosion. There were also several bodies that were spread out from the explosion, inmates who had been a part of ground zero, and had not survived, or were severely wounded, their moans mixing with the sounds of burning debris.

    Those that arrive near the explosion, see the following: Within the darkness there were several shadows. Moving with a purpose. One was heading towards the power generator area, the being's intent unknown. Another, a very large, hulking brute of a shadow was moving towards the life support area. The third was standing in the main exercise area for the Maximum security area, waiting for something.

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Suzanne is already on her way down, and she keeps her atmosphereic barrier up if only to fly through the smoke. Suzanne's main purpose wasn't to fight though, it was to find who was wounded and tend to them, so the moans of the wounded caught her attention first. She diverted away from the concealed men to find the wounded and get them further away from the explosion center...and attenmpted to heal them along the way....or at least mend their wounds

Saint Walker has posed:
As Walker descends into the atmosphere, he sends his construct orb away to land elsewhere on the planet, with a warning to the prisoner: "Given the number of bounty hunters and Lanterns present, I'd advise you to remain where you land and await my return. However you may make your own choices, brother."

Then the orb is sent away and Walker lands near the wounded tending to them while trusting the more lively prisoners to the others.

To his fellow Blue Lanterns he says, "We should hold the line here and gather what wounded we can under our protection and heal those who most need it, those others can be healed when the crisis has been resolved."

They would likely be expending a lot of power today.

"Also, Green Lantern, if you need our assistance, let us know and we'll be happy to provide a boost."

Star-Lord has posed:
Flying over the wreckage, the Milano is brought to a standby speed as Star-Lord starts to circle over the region, diverting power from the engine to the sensors so he can get an idea of what is actually going on on the inside and outside.

The several Lanterns flying around get looks through the bridge, "Got a bunch of Lanterns dropping in, fellas." Star-Lord updates Warlock and Drax over the comm system, "So far, lots of explodey things, not much intel."

Drax has posed:
Drax walks through the portal with Adam Warlock with an aura of fearlessness about him. Surely Drax has faced far worse in his lifetime, right? I mean...they don't call him 'The Destroyer' for nothing. Though, as Drax as Adam move closer to their destination, Drax narrows his eyes.

"I do not trust Lanterns. They are too reliant on rules that don't have relevance." Then he looks to Adam. "You would make good friends with them, Golden Man."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey is more than happy to follow Saint Walker's lead - that's what she was here for, wasn't it? To learn. "I can start a triage," she says helpfully. "That way we can deal with the injured as you say, Brother Walker, and prioritize our energies."

She's taking note of the chaos, such as it is, orienting herself with regards to it.

"Is there anything else you wish of me, Brother Walker?" First time on the job, so to speak. She feels like an intern - complete with shiny identification badge and everything! Or, you know, Blue Lantern ring and outfit.

Lobo has posed:
    The credits were tossed into a saddlebag on his Hog, and Lobo was about to leave when he looked behind him and saw all the commotion, saw that people were really losing their minds over whatever was happening deeper in the compound. Giving a snort and spitting over toward the side of the processing center, the Main Man took a few moments to decide...and then shrugged, and instead of taking off, decided to gear up even as he glared over to the one guard that was told to hold position.

    "You touch the Hog, you ain't touchin' nothin' else, got that fragface?"

    And that's how the massive, ivory-skinned killer found himself walking down the halls of this monstrous facility, poncho pushed back past his shoulders to almost act as a cape, broad-brimmed hat hiding his gleaming red eyes as he swung his hook around idly. Near the power generators, he saw a form hidden by smoke and shadow.

    "Well, fancy meetin' you here, Clyde. The Main Man awready got his killin' quota in, but ain't no reason I can't stock up fer the space-winter!"

Adam Warlock has posed:
Stepping through the portal into the devastation being wrought upon the prison world, Warlock looks around, using all of his senses to get an idea of what's happening and where. His feet leave the ground and Adam begins to levitate to get a better view of his surroundings. "Sometimes people impose rules upon themselves in order to be as good or moral..."

The mage trails off when he spots something, "There are three people not fleeing. Two of them are heading deeper into the facility, one is in some sort of courtyard with exercise equipment." Pointing his staff the wizard says, "Drax, the largest of them went that way. I feel you would be best suited for combating them." He turns to direct his attention to another area, where the power generators are, "There's one going that way. I'll pursue them. Star-Lord, can you bring the Milano to bear on the one in the courtyard?"

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    Suzanne's goal was noble, and before long, she was helping those who could not help themselves. Many of the aliens that she tends to are barely alive. Many of the inmates and security's wounds were superficial, however, and something was blocking her healing attempts.

    Saint Walker's words are heard by the prisoner in tow, he decides discretion is the better part of valour, staying where he lands. Hal responds quickly with a "Copy!"

    Using their Blue Lantern powers, Kinsey, Walker and Suzanne could sense something darker at work here. Something sinister.
r    Star-Lord, from his vantage point, could tell the following: The Hulking brute was one with a purpose. His yellow skin and dark blue clothing was unique, and tailored to one so used to having others do his bidding. His dark, black eyes were set on his prize, and may not have noticed any heroes there to stop him from his goal. Life support must be destroyed, so his goals would be accomplished!

    The next villain was heading for the power generator. Lithe. Powerful. Quick. Her movements were pure and unadulterated. Fatality was death in motion, and her eyes were set upon her goal. Dark, black eyes. She would not be stopped. As Lobo gets closer to her, she turns her eyes upon him, and smiles. A deep, dark, feminine voice, like that out of the grave, says, "Bring it Czarnian, and join your long-dead kin." Her eyes then glance at Warlock, and nods. "So be it. Come then. Let us dance."

    The third and last villain was calmly standing in the centre of the main area. The largest free space in the prison, several exercise devices were nearby, as were several bodies strewn about like kindling. Broken. Both of his pink hands were on his waist, as he waits for the heroes to arrive. His pink skin and fin in the centre of his head telling anyone in the know who he was. Despero was waiting for the heroes to dare to attack him. His deep, dark, black eyes waiting, with a yearning for death.

    Through it all, somewhere, deep within Takron Galtos, something was lurking. Something dark and evil, something of death, and decay. Something that may be the origin of all of this chaos. Something ancient.

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Suzanne helps as best as she can, but this was another case where she couldn't immediately heal without getting the source out. She even sighed. "it's like the Asgardian poison again. But this source isn't in their bodies." She stands there, trying to think of a solution as her ring detects the presence nearby. "Hmmm...likely the source, but I'm no xenobiologist. this is going to have to call for a leap of faith."

That particular leap of faith, has her talking to her ring. "Walker? If you're a fellow Blue Lantern, please answer. I'm really out of my element here."

Saint Walker has posed:
"Excellent," Walker says when Kinsey volunteers to start triage. "Your ring should be able to scan their injuries to determine who is the most seriously injured. It will also be able to heal them as it did for the kiwa. As you do that, I'll create a shield to protect the area."

Even as he says it the shield springs into place putting a half-dome around the Blue Lanterns and their patients.

Though when Suzanne brings up the darkness, that Walker feels also, and how it hinters the healing, he considers it. "I am Saint Walker and this is Kinsey, our newest sister," he says. "I feel the darkness as well and cannot find the source. We should combine our resources, join me at my location and we will see what can be done."

He maintains the shield as he waits for them to join him.

Star-Lord has posed:
"Just remember Warlock, we're not space cops. We're bounty hunters and mercenaries. Don't get dead over this." Star-lord warns Warlock, before he turns the Milano around. "The yellow skinned one is heading for life support Drax. He kills that, we start losing prisoners who won't be able to escape."

Eventually, the Milano is flying around the courtyard space, giving Star-Lord a birds eyes view for a moment as he tries to size up Despero.

"This is a horrible, horrible idea."

When he realizes who it is though... "OH CRAP THIS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA!" Star-Lord brings the blaster turrets online on the front of the Milano as he flies away, hopefully giving him enough distance to figure out a plan. "Warlock, Despero is loose. I need you over here as soon as possible to have a chance against him."

Drax has posed:
Drax looks upon the largest one heading for the life support system, and he nods. "I understand." and he starts SPRINTING that way with purpose, probably the fastest Guardian at the moment since Gamora was not on mission, But Drax movies with purpose, eventually grabbing what looks to be a large and un-important looking pipe and chucking it at the large alien who's going for the life support.

"Gargantuan warrior!" Drax calls out to his opponent, knives being drawn. "If you wish to get to those systems, you will have to beat me first." and wehther or not the alien turns around, Drax charges.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey isn't a doctor, but she's had enough experience in labs and such, given her particular scientific bents, that triage isn't an unfamiliar concept. Between herself and Kibou (her ring), she's mor than confident things will be okay. As with any crisis, keeping calm, and sticking to the plan are the major orders of the day.

Except, well, when they aren't. She can sense that darkness too, though it's more confusing to her than the others, perhaps, being new to her ring and its possibilities. Uncertain how the xenobiologly of her specialities would be most useful, she does remember what Saint Walker had said when she'd first met him - which would be useful - that being banishing the darkness (or despair, as it often was, or perhaps fear if it came to that) with the sheer force of Hope.

"I'm guessing it's not a co-incidence that there are three of us, then?"

Already moving to Saint Walker's locale, though she can't help but do a bit of flyby stabilizing/healing where it doesn't take too much time. Just enough to send someone back on the way to help, or you know, keep them from bleeding out. She's quick about it, though.

Lobo has posed:
    Amidst the blazing fires, and the screaming running thugs and child support skippers, Lobo emerged from the mass with a sneering grin on his rugged face, a row of throwing knives and scattergun shells strapped to his chest underneath the flaps of his open vest. His arms bare, one could easily see how much of his credits he'd spent on tattoos over the years, one incomplete design clearly traced on the inside of his bicep for later. How did a man with regeneration get tattoos?

    "Very carefully", he gladly answered outloud to nobody. He swung that chain and hook around one more time to let it wrap around his bicep and forearm, the handle of that weapon slapping into thhe palm of his waiting gloved hand. At her challenge, the bounty hunter and assassin merely rolled his crimson peepers and looked over at Adam with a raised brow...even as his left hand unholstered that familiar Rippergun and sprayed at least half a magazine's worth of nail-shaped bullets where 'Fatality' was stood. A few dozen popped a few dozen holes in walls, light fixtures and at least one Skrull who had been trying to disguise himself as part of the wall. So much for that grand escape plan.

    "These new geeks comin' up...always way too fulla themselves, outta know they can't stand against a guy as cool as me!"

Adam Warlock has posed:
"Very well, Star-Lord," Warlock says over his comms after getting instructions to support the Milano. "Lobo, I trust you can handle this, my attention is demanded elsewhere." the artificially created being says to the red eyed fellow as he turns to fly off in the direction of the exercise yard. As he zooms away a sonic boom is left behind in his wake, the mage dodging debris as he hurries to provide support to the Milano.

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
     The trio of Blue Lanterns can tell there is something deeply wrong here on Takron Galtos. Fear. Jealousy. Rage. Avarice. It seems to permeate the place. Suzanne's initiative raises a concern. The negative emotions of the Spectrum of Light. All bound together by Blackness. Death. As they dig deep into their powers, using their combined skills, a true test of Hope, they feel it. It was only the power of the three of them, Kinsey, Saint Walker and Suzanne, can their pierce the cloud of shadows. An Avatar of Death was here! Their healing light gives many of the people hope, forcing the darkness away. Was it enough?

    Then: "Sai...wa...ker...inside...can't...und..attack!" Hal Jordan's communication was broken, and suddenly silenced!

     Fatality was moving faster than thought. Her hands were weapons, and with a few strikes, she eliminates the few guards in her way. Next. The power generator. Knowing that she was now outmatched and controlled by whatever it was that had her in its grip, she grabs and attempts to use the nearest guard's hand weapon by pointing it at the generator controls, and releasing the energy pulse towards it! Does it hit?

    Lobo's shell attack hits her all at once, distracting her, and her squeal of pain echoes in the area, as she collapses in a heap, out of the battle. The dark shadow around her seems to vanish as she loses consciousness.

    Despero stands there, unmoving. His dark eyes suddenly look up at the Milano as it cruises over head, and he smiles. Then frowns. Then shakes his head. The look on his face is one of concentration. As though he was in a mental fight. Then his dark, smoldering eyes find Warlock approaching, and he steadies himself.

    The villain heading for the life support system turns at Drax's challenge, and smiles! Turning to face Drax, it was obvious the being wasn't yellow skinned, but greenish-grey skinned, wearing a yellow, skin tight outfit. "Finally, a challenge in this insignificant place. You face Arkillo now, puny one, come and challenge me, and face my might!" The being's muscles ripple and his long fangs drip with anticipation as Drax's blows strike. Grunting in pain, Arkillo absorbs his initial blows, shrugs off the slashes from the blades, turns, and maneuvers to try and hit Drax from behind!

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    "You all detected that, right?" Suzanne says to Walker and Kinsey. She continues to heal others as she focuses her detection on the dark being she detected. "Walker? Can you get to the Green Lantern?"

Saint Walker has posed:
Saint Walker shudders as he feels the touch of death binding together these other emotions. "How is this possible?" he wonders aloud. He would have much to ask Ganthet and Sayd. For now though Hal's distress call draws his attention.

He sweeps a hand over an injured prisoner, sealing his wounds. "All will be well," he advises the man before he drops the shield he'd been holding and rises into the air.

"We should all go," he answers Sister Reinhardt. "There is something seriously wrong here and we may yet need to combine our powers."

He looks to his ring. "Find Green Lantern Jordan," he says no longer caring for secrecy when a life is on the line.

Then as his ring lights up he says, "This way, zipping towards the prison in a nimbus of light blue light, expecting the others to follow.

Star-Lord has posed:
When Adam is clearly within range, Star-Lord brings the Milano around and brings up the targeting system on the bridge as the ship hovers in place. "This better work..." He mutters to himself as he aims the turrets directly at Despero.

They aren't really designed for sniping, but he doesn't need to aim well: he just needs to be in the general area.

Soon, the area around Despero is saturated with blaster bolts when Adam is about to make his move, with Star-Lord ready to bolt the moment Despero turns on him.

Drax has posed:
Drax is literally laughing like a madman as he attacks Arkillo! Boom, Boom, Boom, strikes hit one after the other thanks to Drax's creativity, but as Arkillo sweeps around him and punches him in the back of the head, Drax literally is pushed into the wall, only to bounce back with a punch right to the jaw! Putting some of that Cosmic 'oomf' into it.

"Hahahahahaha! You will need life support after our awesome battle!"

Now Drax draws those razor sharp daggers.

Game on.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey, as it happens, isn't plagued with Saint Walkers trying to fathom how such things are bound together. It's part of the human experience to understand such things, and she's seen enough in the Projects, and further along her life and studies to recognize that Death, the ultimate equilizer, often bound those things together first - long before things such as acceptance and love could gentle the experience.

She's already about to protest the initial suggestion that she and the other Blue Lantern deal with the wounded, while Saint Walker find and bolset their Green alone. The place feels of escallation, and compounding. Each bit of chaos and death adding to the darkness. They might have pierced the veil to discover a portion of that secret, but there's a feeling in her gut that if they split up, things will be bad. Catclysmically so.

"Brother Walker, I don't think it a good idea.."

Only he's changing his mind and calling both herself and Sister Reinhart to him, a move that has Kinsey breathing a sigh of relief.

She's moree than ready to find herself at Saint Walker's side, and not just because he is her anchor in the newness of her weilding of her ring. But not before she suggests, "Some help? If we leave them in a domed shield, with some guardian constructs, they'll be safer than if we just leave them." It's a small thing, but it's a thing. "I think we all have to do it, though." Because of the Darkness.

Lobo has posed:
    With a snort, the Rippergun was re-holstered, and the big man casually walked up to the girl on the ground who was now bleeding. He patted down where his chains or cuffs usually were, but realized that all of 'em were still on the pirate crew, which meant he was going to have to get creative if he wanted to subdue and tie down 'Fatality'. And out the corner of his eye, he saw his blessing.

    That same Skrull was now crawling along the ground, trying to inch out of the way but the Czarnian's hand still found the green loser's throat. With that trademark strength of his, he rung and straightened out the very stretchy alien, and soon got to work, crunching and looping the unfortunate hollering dirtbag until he was wrapped around the woman's wrists and elbows and shoulders. With that being done(if she wasn't playing possum), Lobo could grab her around one of her ankles, dragging her face-first along the harsh dirty prison ground. In the background the reactor had been shot repeatedly and was making all sorts of noises, but that really wasn't Lobo's problem, so he didn't take any action to fix or prevent it from blowing.

    "You was talkin' all that trash to the Main Man, and where'd it get ya, toots? Next time ya badmouth me with nuthin' ta back it up? Yer thumbs are goin' in a trashfill somewhere."

    Idly, Lobo pushed a button on his very cool skull belt, and instantly a heavy metal thrash symphony was blaring throughout the building. Perfect meditation music...if you were the baddest bastiche in the galaxy.

Adam Warlock has posed:
Seeing the look on his opponent's face, that look of concentration and internal battle. Whatever's getting to him, Warlock might be able to help further. He concentrates deeply and grips his staff tightly with both hands, focusing his magic to grant telepathic abilities so that he can delve into whatever is plaguing the villain, "Let me help..."

Only that's when the guy he was trying to help gets blasted with everything the Milano's packing. Yeah, not the best time to try to delve into someone's mind. Might as well roll with it, however, and add to the firepower on display. Adam levels his staff at Despero and starts to unleash upon him a powerful blast of cosmic energy. He could help him when later when it was more convenient.

Groot has posed:
Groot is with Star Lord on the ship, acting as an engineer, boosting the edge of what the ship can do and what the ship can take, magnifying the effectivness of the Milanos actions. He also mans the scanners and looks at the mayhem below...concerned. "I am Groot."

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    The Blue Lanterns can feel the power of the Dark Avatar, deep within Takron Galtos. The Green Light of Will was there, fluctuating, but fighting. After all, it was Hal Jordan himself fighting something deep within the prison planet. Suzanne's anchor gives Hal hope, as she thinks of him, and mentions him to the others. They can sense he was alive, and fighting, but not much else. As Saint Walker zips off to find Hal, and a deeper battle, the first battle continues for the safety of the whole planet. At least the quick thinking of Kinsey allows a shield of Hope to remain?

    The blasts from Star-Lord, Groot and the Milano distract Despero enough that he growls and shields his head and eyes with his left arm. Preparing to strike back at this insignificant ship, he was unprepared for an attack on three fronts! The attack on his mind by the Dark Avatar, the attack on his body by the Milano, and finally, the strike by Adam Warlock! The look on Despero's face was one of shock, as Adam first tries themental route, which actually helps, and then the blast. As of that last part, it left Despero open to any attack, as his defenses were down! "Finish?it!" Despero says to Warlock through clenched teeth.

    The battle between Arkillo and Drax will be sung of in legends. Drax's blows draw blood, as he strikes him across the jaw, nearly ending it there! What a hit! Drax's continuous blows cause bruising all along Arkillo's body! Grunting in pain, Arkillo strikes Drax, giving as good as he gets! "Life support! Bah, you will need a Doctor! A Doctor of Coroners!" Strangely enough, the dark nimbus around Arkillo fades, as does the shadow behind his eyes. It was though the thing that had been controlling Arkillo was concentrating on something else. This was the moment to strike!

    The two of them, evenly matched. Arkillo grabs a metal pipe off the ground, and blocks Drax's blows with his knives as Drax draws them. Arkillo then tries to strike back, hitting and receiving, until they are both near exhaustion. Suddenly, Arkillo shakes his head, and drops his guard! "What??!?" There was an opening!

    The situation with Lobo was the same as always. Shooting up the place and causing irreparable damage to the power generator. Although there were backups, they will take a few moments to kick in, as power throughout the prison planet shuts down, leaving everyone in complete darkness for several seconds. Then, the backups kick in. Not before several prisoners attempt escape! Meanwhile the Skrull was not enjoying her time with "The Main Man".

Sister Reinhardt has posed:
    Suzanne looks to Kinsey and sighs. "Come on. You're right. We need to stick together." She says flying to Walker as soon as she can, to make sure he and Hal are okay. Once that is done, she tries to heal up everyone else, as best she can...without separating from the other blues. "Green lantern? Are you sure you're okay?" She asks finally...

Groot has posed:
Groot screams in rage and turns all the dials to red as he increases what the ship is firing. He REALLY doesnt like Despero amd is juggling systems in a way that should not be possible

Lobo has posed:
    For Lobo's part, the journey back to the front(where the warden probably was) was a very simple journey. He was no doubt strong enough to lift the skilled warrioress who he subdued with an automatic weapon, but he preferred dragging her. The Skrull who was serving as the woman's handcuffs was hating his life as well, but that wasnt' even a concern for The Main Man.

    He walked past many of the fleeing and escaping felons, because really, to catch them now when there wasn't any bounty for their return, that would just be foolish and a waste of potential credits that could be spent on booze, ink and babes.

    When he got to the front, with Peter and anyone else who returned with their potential hauls, Lobo gave them all a smirk and a head nod while hurling the subdued woman overhead over the front desk...the resulting crash was music to his ears.

    "I found one'a the culprits, warden, no need ta thank me fer this selfless act'a charity. I'll be back ta return tha current flow of escapees, when their heads rack up more of a prize. Pete, say hey ta Gamora fer me, that girl's a killer."

    That was the nicest thing Lobo's said about anyone, as he got on his Hog, and took off into the vacuum.

Drax has posed:
Drax sees his oppurtunity after the pipe smack, and without any kind of hesitation, he lunges forward and DECKS Arkillo in the soft part of the jaw, knocking him clean out. Drax then stands. "HAH! I win!" cheery, Drax puts his knives back in their sheathes, before he drags Arkillo to a cell and bends the steel around the doors to make sure he stays there. At least until questioning. Meantime? Back to the crew.

With Drax looking like victory.

Groot has posed:
Groot roars with rage at the evil they fought, triumph at the victory and sadness at those who got away. But he keeps working til he cannot any longer. Peals of smoke come from the panels. Rocket will kill him later.

Star-Lord has posed:
"That's enough Groot." Star-Lord states with a definite undertone of amusement as the Colossus overloads the blaster turrets, "we don't want to turn him into a smear on the ground. Warlock can handle the rest."

After a moment, the Milano turns and heads for the nearest landing pad, settling down on autopilot as Star-Lord walks to the boarding ramp, hits the switch to lower it, and Jet Boots away in the direction of the Wardens office.

"I'll get us some answers soon folks. Looks like things are mostly under control." Star-Lord states over the Guardian CommNet as he flies.

Adam Warlock has posed:
As Despero asks for him to finish it, Warlock looks somewhat forlorn and hits the villain with another blast of cosmic energy, hoping to render the being unconscious. And it works, too, the overpowering blast of energy slamming into the villain and bowling him over. "Star-Lord, I believe I have defeated him. When the other prisoners are contained I will attempt to delve into his mind to see if any damage was done to him, something here seemed to be affecting him in a way I do not yet fully understand."

With a gesture with his staff Adam causes the floor of the prison to mold itself around much of Despero's body to try to hold him in place.

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    With the devastation seemingly calming down, and the Blue Lanterns disappearing deeper into the prison planet, things seemed to be calming down. The moans and groans of the injured, the sounds of the power systems "zating" and zxxxtting", and the crackling of the fires everywhere were a cacophony of sound that was almost soothing.

    Arkillo was unconscious, struck down by a mighty blow from Drax and finding himself in a prison of Drax's making. Fatality was also unconscious, bleeding from the rounds shot rhough her by Lobo - but she will survive. Finally, Despero, sinks to his knees after being struck by Adam Warlock's energy blast, finally falling into the darkness of sleep. Delving deeper is another story...

    The Warden watches as Lobo arrives, drops off his delivery, says his bit, and then leaves. With an open mouth, the Warden doesn't know what to say, except be glad the Main Man was leaving. "Gawds..." Was all he says, and then shakes his head as Star-Lord flies in his direction.

    The heroes are victorious...for now...