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About A Trask
Date of Scene: 17 March 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Captain Marvel (Danvers), Wasp (van Dyne)
Tinyplot: Sentinels

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol has been out and about lately, going over all manner of things, one of them was concern over 'John Doe' in the Avengers' possession. Another was having to see Janet for a brief thanks, which she neglected thus far, because stuff got in the way. Like...Janet getting shot by aforementioned 'John Doe'.

Reaching Janet's door, Carol knocks on the door, and calls out, "Janet...are you there? How are you feeling?"

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
"Carol!" The door swings open and Janet beams up at her friend. "Get in here and take your clothes off," she orders the blonde.

Janet beams impishly at Carol, her hands braced on the doorframe for balance. "I've got your fabrics in and I need a pinning dummy," she beckons her friend inside. For the moment her room is set up as a design studio again, with a drafting table, tailor's pedastal, and a large sewing table that could not possibly have fit through the door. "I've got some *great* stuff in mind. You're gonna love it." She drapes a tailors cloth tape over her shoulders. Today it's red and white, a jumper-style white pencil skirt with a waistband just under her sternum, scooping around an encarmine demisleeved blouse. Even in the mansion, she's in four inch heels white heels with a red sole. Sparkling rubies hang from her ears.

"I'm doing fine hon, thanks for asking. What's new with you? This a social call, or something formal?" Janet's already holding cloth up at Carol and juggling pins, scissors, chalk, and tape somehow to mark it off as she goes.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol smiles when the door opens, glad to see Janet is doing well, but even as she walks inside, she narrows her eyes suspiciously at the follow, "take my clothes off? You didn't even buy me a drink yet," she jokes, but despite the humor, looks a bit cautious.

"Ah! That," Carol laughs, "so you were serious about it, were you?"

Carol closes the door behind her, before she starts undressing, first draping her jacket over a chair, followed by her shirt. "Don't tell me, I'm the pinning dummy?" Carol muses, as she crouches to take off her shoes, before removing her jeans. She elects to stay in her underwear, assuming that's no bother for the role of a pinning dummy.

Looks like she's been keeping in great shape, judging by her toned physique, as she moves to position herself where she assumes Janet wants her to stand. "Perfect, I can't wait," Carol says in a tone that almost sounds happy. "By the way, you look glamrous as ever, even when you dress down."

"Well, I talked to our friend John Doe, and he's insistant about meeting with Trask personnel...I'm kinda suspicious about the whole Trask involvement, not sure if you got to see my latest communication, but I'm thinking about paying Trask a personal visit..."

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
"I'm always serious about fashion, Carol."

"Now, this old thing? I just threw it on," Janet says with a false modesty. "But you're sweet to say so." She pauses, looking Carol up and down. Eyes narrow. "God I hate you sometimes. Do you even work out anymore or do you just think about a diet and drop five pounds?"

She chatters on glibly while working. Scissors fly through the fabric like razor blades. "Trask makes my skin crawl. There is *something* up with him and I can't put my finger on it."

"Hold here." She puts Carol's hand on a fold and knees to pin it, mumbling around pins in her mouth. She gets down to two before "-ood you even say to him?"

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"That's true, nobody can claim otherwise..." Carol should know, because until she met Janet, fashion was something she often ridiculed, now she doesn't dare do such a thing. Sure, she's still not a fashionista by any means, but she doesn't openly scoff at people enamored with fashion. That's because Janet is a friend, a hero, and a strong woman, proving that fashion doesn't turn anyone who touches it into airheaded barbies.

Carol laughs at Janet's non chalant reply, "sure you did, probably took you less than twenty minutes, huh?" She winks playfully, while at the same time bracing herself for the sting of an intentionally misplaced pin.

"Contrary to popular belief, I do work out, you can ask Steve, I actually run into him a lot at the Mansion's gym."

"Yeah, Trask is a character alright, a Capitalist sleezeball, who would likely sell his own children if he got offered enough. I would say he has a broken moral compass, except I'm pretty sure he already sold his moral compass when he was 10."

Carol holds her pose when asked, and grins at Janet, "I would expect him to do most of the talk, I'd be demanding answers about our John Doe."

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
"We have a gym?" Janet gives Carol an impish look. "I'm kidding. I hate working out with Steve. He's distracting as hell and I don't like him seeing me all gross and sweaty."

"And don't knock capitalism, it's why you're getting a free dress out of this," Janet rebukes Carol. She steps back and gives it a critical look. "Eh. Derivative, but it works." She gives Carol the 'step and spin' gesture. Behind her are floor to ceiling mirrors. Carol's wearing something right out of the glamour of the sixties. Black, satin dress, a slash of asymmetry like a lightning bolt. It slings over her right shoulder and the modest neckline disappears under her left arm. From her hip, following the line of motion of the dress, it opens again to reveal most of her back from lower left hip to the shoulder strap. The hem, too, is asymmetrical, favoring Carol's right side and giving the ensemble a look of motion even while passive. It flares rather nicely with her twirl. "Could go with white or red opera gloves, black sandals..." She sucks on the inside of her cheek.

"Okay. What if Trask stonewalls you? He may just decline to answer anything. Do you still think you can get something useful out of him?"

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol laughs as Janet feigns ignorance of having a gym, "I've seen your figure, Janet, don't try and fool me...just because you don't train to build muscles, doesn't mean you don't keep lean and slim, I've seen you workout before!" Carol looks at Janet with a feigned chidding expression, as if fully aware that she caught her fibbing.

"Oh, I've served in the USAF, so I did a great deal to protect our Capitalistic system," Carol says with a grin, "I know that much, don't take me for a full. But it's not a perfect system, it still yields assholes like Trask. At least Tony has a good heart, you know?" Did she just diss Tony a little? Why, yes. Even if it was wasted because he wasn't there to hear it.

Reacting to Janet's gesture, Carol turns to look at the array of mirrors with surprise, "wow, Janet, this is...amazing," Carol is clearly taken by what she sees as she twirls, and looks at her reflections. "It's downright stunning."

Carol does nod at the suggestion Trask might not be inclined to cooperate, "I've been thinking of making it hard on him...not sure if Tony or Steve would appreciate a bit of roughing up, though I do believe he deserves it...either way, we need a representative from his group of assholes to come talk to John Doe."

Wasp (van Dyne) has posed:
Janet twirls her heavy shears on a fingertip. The heavy blades whirr through the air. "Derivative. I think I saw this in a movie once. But I figured you could show a little more skin." She tosses the scissors and holds them by the blades so she can point with the handles. "The asymmetric look is perfect for you. It helps emphasize some curves. Plus-- that old Warbird costume, with the--" she mimes the Z-shape. "Same contours, basically. Just you're wearing it as a garment now. You can get away with a backless dress all day, so, you're welcome. Little more modest than some," she acknowledges, "but it's putting attention on your legs and face and arms. We put a red sash or gloves, some rubies, maybe some hot fire red punmps instead of sandals, people are going to blow up social media with Hastag captainmarvelsohot."

She taps the scissor hand against her chin, thinking. "I'd be careful. Trask has political connections. I'm pretty sure he's in tight with a few of the local aristocrats and I'd be shocked if he wasn't talking to the mob. He's smart enough to go after you in the courts or via public opinon, too. A smear campaign like that would be hard to defeat."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"It's generally not my style," Carol is quick to note, not that Janet wasn't already aware of it, she was clearly trying to get Carol to push her boundaries. Hell, she practically tossed Carol into the deep end way back when she helped design the Ms. Marvel costume, which now serves as Carol's bathing suit. "I did very much like that lightning bolt design, Janet, it was a stroke of genius."

Carol does seem genuinely impressed by the result, to the point she didn't complain once about showing more skin, and then Janet makes that social media quip and Carol just laughs. "Well, maybe I could see about wearing that to that outing you said we'd all go on. Girls Night, right? That thing still on?"

Carol sighs when Janet gives her very real reason not to shake up Trask, "I guess you make a good point...there must be a reason that sleezeball is still alive and well."