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Dinner New York Style
Date of Scene: 18 March 2019
Location: Carrie's Gotham apartment and a New York restaurant
Synopsis: Carrie joins James for a late dinner with a view of the Statue of Liberty
Cast of Characters: Warpath, Carrie Kelley

Warpath has posed:
James called, in part to go over a few details about the still to be taken trip to Arizona. Though he also had said he knew it was short notice, but wondered if Carrie might be free that night. He was arriving back in the area and would be near Gotham. Would she care to have dinner with him, maybe drive over to New York to a great place he knew with a nice view. It's a little upscale but nothing over the top.

And so he shows up at her door to pick her up, knocking softly. He's wearing a pair of slacks and a shirt and jacket, all tailored to fit his large frame perfectly.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
There's a slight commotion behind the door to Carrie's apartment. It wasn't in the best of buildings, a bit old and run down, but it was inhabited by students and so had to meet certain standards. Which meant the small crash and curse from behind the door wasn't likely due to something going wrong with the apartment itself.

"Just a second!" Carrie calls out amidst another thump, and a mutter heard through the door of 'come here you little brat!'

There's some shuffling, and then finally the door opens revealing a slightly disheveled redhead. Her hair which apparently had been nicely arranged with some barettes was flopped half over her face as she glowers down to the calico cat caught up in the crook of her arm. "Sorry about that," she offers with a little wave for him to come inside a moment. "I'm cat sitting for a friend and he keeps trying to murder me every time I get up from the couch." Her own attire was simple enough, nice but not top of the line anything. A grey sweater with sworls of white and silver designs and black slacks over boots. Her apartment was... Sparse. A beat up but functional sofa, a large but dinged up coffee table, a bean bag and a book case with a TV.

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar has a soft-hearted grin on his face as he sees the cat. "Not nice of you to give her such trouble," he says to the cat, reaching a hand to the animal, moving gently and if it doesn't mind the approach of his fingers, to give it a little rub behind the ears. If it does react poorly to him, James would just pull his hand back gently, not seeming to mind if it attempted to bite or claw.

"You look nice," he tells her. "I apologize for the short notice. I should have thought ahead that I'd be in the area," James says. "I hope the restaurant will make up for that."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley sweeps a hand through her hair to try and fix it back in place, much as she can. "It's okay," she assures with a chuckle. "If I was busy I could have said so." She does gri though when he reaches out to pet the cat, who lifts his head with a warbling purr to accept the scritches. "This is Abaddon. He has a bad habit of trying to trip me," she explains. "Otherwise he's a pretty nice cat." Even as she says it he twists his head around to catch at James' fingers with his teeth to chew lightly. Not enough to hurt, but there was chomping.

"And that," she adds with a chuckle. "Let me grab my purse and I'll be set. I'm curious to see where you've got in mind. I haven't hit many places in New York that weren't pizza related."

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar doesn't seem phased by the chomping. Indeed, the cat fails to scratch his skin at all. The fingers seem to make a good chew toy and James just keeps on petting before pulling back. "They... might have a pizza on the menu. Though it'd probably be one of those that replaces all the ingredients with something else," he muses.

"It has a great view though. Up high on a building, with a view out towards Lady Liberty," he says. He waits in the hall for Carrie to get her purse, and makes sure the cat doesn't make a break for it when she sets him down.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley has a plan for the attempted escapee. Her purse is snagged in one hand and draped over her shoulder, only for her to crouch down and place a few pinches of catnip on the floor. The cat goes down, and she's up and running toward the door as if a hellhound were on her heels. Apparently it works though; Abbadon takes a few steps toward the door but stops when he smells the catnip with a quizzical meow. Oh yeah, found the good stuff.

"His owner would probably kill me for giving him catnip, but it helps," Carrie explains as she slips out with a broad grin. "I don't think it hurts him anyway. I'm good with trying things other than pizza though," she assures, "And that sounds like an awesome view." Smiling up toward him she adds, "How can I complain about short notice with a treat like that to look forward to?"

Warpath has posed:
James gives Carrie a soft smile at the final comment. "That was my hope in picking it," he admits to her. He tells her. "And you really do look nice tonight." Because a nice restaurant AND compliments work even better than just a nice restaurant. Or that's the theory he's working from.

Plus? She does look really nice.

James walks down to the car with Carrie. He's got a large BMW that fits him well enough, though the seat is all the way back on the driver's side. He walks around to open the door for her, before taking his own seat.

The drive to the city isn't the longest, with traffic light. Though a little time to chat before they get to the restaurant. "How has the play been progressing? And the rest of your work? I hope it has been a good one for you?" James asks along the way.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley follows down to the car only to quirk an eyebrow at the BMW. Nothing is said about it though other than to chuckle a bit at the seat pushed all the way back. Only then does she look over as she gets in, offering, "I was about to ask if it was big enough for someone as tall as you, but looks like you've got it figured out."

Then they're on their way and she fiddles with her own seat a moment or two just to make sure that she's comfortable. The mention of the play earns a grin. "It's coming along nicely. We had to make some repairs on the scenery, of course, and I made sure they took more precautions this time. Overall, they're settling in to routine again and forgetting that little near miss we had."

"School has been the usual, and my students I teach on the side are doing well. I can't complain." Here she pauses to glance over at him as he drives. "I never did ask what you do. You don't really seem like the student sort at this time at least."

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar is a good listener, which is another way of saying he is kind of quiet but is good at asking questions and keeping a conversation going without himself talking a lot. Not that he often shirks away from questions, nor does he this time. "Simple question. Complicated answer," he says, pausing to try to figure out how to explain it. "I have the ranch. Other people run it mostly, since I'm here. I sometimes work as a personal assistant. High end business people. You could say 'bodyguard' though I actually do the personal assistant work," he says.

There's more though. "I try to take care of other mutants. Including finding those who need teaching," he says. "Seeing they get a good education. I've been working with a school. I'm hoping that might be an option for those in need," James tells her.

He looks over to her, gauging her reaction to the answer. The car moves smoothly through traffic. James isn't a speed demon, but makes use of the speed limits. New York is on the horizon.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley actually smiles as she listens to him in response. When he looks over at her, the smile broadens with a small incline of her head toward him. "Yeah, I can just imagine how terrifying it would be as a teenager suddenly having abilities you didn't have before. It's good to know there's people trying to give them somewhere they can feel they can fit in and be safe. ... Theater was kind of like that for me. I didn't do sports really, didn't have any teammates, but the theater kids were always kind of tight knit. Still are."

Realizing she may be rambling a little she clears her throat awkwardly as her eyes skim away to look at the approaching horizon. "Sorry, kind of off track there. I just know what it's like to feel like you belong somewhere. I hope it works out for you. And them," she adds with another soft smile.

Warpath has posed:
James seems interested to hear what she has to say. When she speaks of getting off track, he raises a hand to give a little gesture that indicates she wasn't doing anything of the sort. "So how was it you first got involved in a theater? How old, and what were the circumstances?" he inquires in a tone of genuine interest.

"I was into sports. Football mostly. Never was much for basketball," he comments at the talk of things kids do. "Really, kids just need to fit in. Be somewhere that they are accept. It's difficult for my kind with the way the world is today," he comments, sighing and giving a shrug of his shoulders.

"I was glad you seem accepting of me in that way. Not that I expected otherwise. You seem like one of the genuinely nice people I've met," James tells Carrie as he smiles over to her. They enter New York, not far to the restaurant now.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley reaches out to give the arm nearest her a little reassuring pat at his remark of her accepting him. "I've had good role models in that aspect. I've also had a lot of friends that were different in other ways. Gay, or lesbian, and other things. That's the theater crew for you. We attract all sorts. If I can be accepting of their differences, I'd be kind of rude not to accept yours. ... Honestly, turns out another friend of mine is a mutant, too. She just told me a few days ago. So if I do or say anything stupid please let me know, I do not want to intentionally be a dick."

With a small sigh she leans back into her seat relaxing a little on the rest of the drive. It takes her a few moments to mull over how to respond to his other questions. Finally she takes a breath, and lets it out slowly before responding. "My parents weren't around much. If they were, they were always busy with their own thing. It felt like they kind of forgot I was around as I got older. I'd end up having to cook and clean, and do the things around the apartment because they just weren't there. It was lonely." Lifting a hand she runs it over the back of her neck lightly. "I guess I was about twelve or thirteen when I got into the theater. I'd usually take after school tutoring sessions for classes if it was available but one of my teachers pointed out I didn't need to. My grades were already good enough. So she suggested I do something else. Pointed me toward the drama teacher." A small smile flits over her again as her thoughts drift off. "Just ended up spending my time there. It gave me something to look forward to."

Warpath has posed:
The car pulls into an underground parking garage. "So it was just a chance thought by a teacher in a way then," James says. He pauses and gets a look of serious contemplation. "That's a great reminder of why it's important to do the right thing by people. All of the time," he comments. His expression is a little troubled looking though, not the kind of look you normally get when you uncover a nugget of wisdom about how to live life.

James gets out of the car after parking, moving around to open her door for her. "And what roles have you tried, and what do you aspire to? You are directing this play. How do you feel about acting? Have you done many roles that you liked if so?" James asks her.

Once together, he walks her over to an elevator. Pressing the button for the top floor, which is labeled with the name of a restaurant. Carbone.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"It was," Carrie agrees quietly. "I think maybe she noticed I was just avoiding going home. Whatever the reason, I'm glad she did. I really did find somewhere I actually wanted to be. I've got a lot of great memories from that time."

She slips out of the car when the door is opened taking only a moment to dust her hands off on her thighs to ensure that her slacks weren't wrinkled from the ride. They weren't. It was merely habit. She falls in step with him, looking toward the elevator with curiosity at the name of the restaraunt. It wasn't familiar to her.

"I've played tons of roles. I only started to get into the directing when I went to college. It seemed the next logical step. I'm a good enough actor I have private classes on the side for younger students. It's a way to make some money as well, though I try to charge in line with what they're able to pay." Some students paid better than others. Namely the ones with wealthy parents. "I'd like to think I'm good at it. Not really professionally trained like an actor or actress in England would be. There's whole courses for that. But as for characters I've portrayed?" She thinks a moment. "Socialites at parties, country girls new to a city, gang members. All sorts."

Warpath has posed:
James gives a warm chuckle at the list of roles. "That's quite a range," he tells her. "So if I were to toss out different roles to you to assume, say throughout the night? Would that be a fun challenge, or, if it's just silly say so. I admit I know nothing about acting," James tells her. "Not that I'd do it tonight. I think I'd enjoy spending the entire evening with Miss Kelley the college student tonight."

The doors open to the restaurant. It takes up the entire top floor. Glass windows give a great view of the water between the city and the Statue of Liberty. The Lady is lit up for the night, the green copper skin glowing under their brightness.

The host is waiting and James gives his name, Proudstar, for the reservation. Soon they are at a table along a window with the view of the water. James pulls out Carrie's seat for her before taking his own.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"That's actually a practice technique for actors," Carrie points out with a little chuckle of amusement at the suggestion. Her head tips toward him looking up with an eyebrow raised, "You can just call me Carrie, though. Miss Kelley sounds like I'm some older woman trying very hard not to be seen as older." There's a momentary pause before she adds, "Or a teacher. So I guess it kind of fits at times."

The thought is shrugged off. Instead she goes quiet when they enter the restaraunt to glance around it slowly drinking in the sight of the statue in the distance. When the seat is pulled out for her, she hesitates before sinking down into it with a polite nod toward him. It was clear she wasn't used to this, but since he'd started it she was following through with accepting politely.

One elbow lightly rests on the table as she lifts her hand to draw her fingers back through her hair tucking it away behind her ear to regard him from across the table. "A reservation? I thought this was last minute?" It's asked quietly with a bemused smile. "You're right though. The view is amazing."

Warpath has posed:
"It was last minute. And a last minute reservation because of it. I called in a favor to make it happen," he comments as he's seated. "Those high end business people I mentioned working for. They have to be good for something, right?" James says softly in his deep bass voice.

The waiter comes over to take drink orders. "Would you like wine or a cocktail? Or something else?" James asks her. It doesn't look like they are likely to card here at the least. It's a fairly fancy restaurant. Most of the customers have jackets for the men, and women are well dressed, anything from dresses that might have been worn to a show earlier, to skirts and slacks.

Once they do get their drink orders placed, James would ask, "So do you make it into New York to see the shows there? Are you a fan of musicals, or mainly theatrical plays?" he inquires. "Also? Do you sing?"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley glances down at the tabletop with a small burgeoning blush. Maybe it was the light. She's quick to lift a hand to run over her cheeks though, so maybe... "You didn't have to waste a favor on me. I would have been happy with hotdogs and pizza," she points out quietly. Another glance out the window has her mulling it over though. Just as quiet she adds, "Thanks."

Oh thankgod the waiter was here. The distraction is taken full force as she considers the suggestion of drinks. "A sweet wine. Whatever you recommend," she requests as if she were used to it. Or... no she definitely wasn't. "And a glass of water." At least she was being mostly responsible if she was going to take a drink.

"Oh, you do not want to hear me sing. I don't have a terrible voice, but my range is absolutely abysmal. I end up croaking like a bullfrog." Her head shakes lightly at the rest. "I've never seen a broadway show at all. I came here because I was working on a video project at the time. But," she decides, hands lightly clapping together. "I've been chewing your ear off enough. Was there anything you wanted to talk about? Besides me, that is," she finishes with a chuckle.

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar places an order for the wine, seeming to be familiar with a selection enough to not need to look at the list. But then he probably orders such for the people he's worked for.

James leans forward, interested in what Carrie has to say about her voice. He chuckles warmly at her comments. "I think I'll have to find a way to coax you into a song and judge that for myself," he says after the bullfrog comments.

James smiles and leans back in his chair again. "Maybe you'd like to see a show sometime then. I think there's a revival of Hamilton coming through, if you haven't seen that before," he tells her. The large Native American gets a soft smile and says, "Well, I'm enjoying hearing about you. But I'm willing to talk about other topics if you like," he says.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley groans with a little roll of her eyes at the threat of being made to sing. No one ever believed her. Even so she starts to grin before being thoroughly distracted by mention of Hamilton. A quick little breath is sucked in with shoulders rolling back. There's an obvious interest that lights up in her green eyes that she tries to repress by biting the inside of her cheek. No. No that show costs a fortune. Do not. No.

"Mmmmaybe," she finally lets out. Dropping her hand away from her chin she points toward him. "Horses. You were saying that riding takes a different set of muscles, right? Anything else I should be aware of?"

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar lets out a soft, warm laugh as if he's truly charmed. "Hamilton. Noted," James tells her, smiling across the table. Their drinks arrive and he smiles to the waiter. "Another few minutes," he tells the man since they haven't looked at menus yet.

"Yes, the inside of the thighs in particular. Because you end up wanting to squeeze the horse to help keep yourself on their back. Which isn't so much necessary. You have your feet in stirrups and can put your weight on them instead," James tells her. "But newer riders tend to try to clamp down with their legs far more than they need. That's why you see people walking all bow-legged in movies where they've been on a horse but aren't used to it," he says.

"I have no idea what you can do to prepare for it though. Really, the best preparation is to get in the mindset you don't have to clamp down that hard," he tells her. "So you're a city girl. Are there very many outdoorsy things that you enjoy? Fishing? Hiking? Camping?" he asks. "Have you had much opportunity to do those?"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley ohs softly when the waiter comes back and he asks for more time. That was right, they were here to eat as well. The menu is flipped open to begin skimming over it while listening to the proper way to ride a horse. "That actually makes sense. I wouldn't have thought of that, but if the saddle is there then that wouldn't be quite as necessary I guess. Just have to find out. I don't imagine I'd look good bow legged." Her nose crinkles a bit with a grin to show she was simply kidding about that.

"Never had a chance really. I've taken a few hours off to explore Central Park when I was here last. That's probably the closest I've come. There's not a lot of green spaces in Gotham unless you get past the city proper to where the richer folks live." A bit of her hair is twisted around her finger as her eyes move over the menu again. "There aren't any prices listed." That was bad, right? Absently she adds, "Oh, I do city running though. Or parkour. Which ever you want to call it. I mean, it's not really hiking but it's as outdoorsy as I've managed to get in the city."

Warpath has posed:
"The horse kind of... rolls a bit as it walks, and that's when people want to cling to it. But instead you just put your weight on your feet in the stirrups so it's more like you're standing than sitting," he tells her. "We'll work on it though. I imagine you'd cut a fine picture no matter what," James tells the red-head.

He picks up the menu, looking down at it while he says, "I'm covering it. I asked you to dinner after all." There is an array of dishes available, James having chose somewhere with a fairly eclectic menu to make sure Carrie would find something she liked.

"Well, if you would like to try any of that while we're there, we can. But you don't have to either," he tells her. "I'd love to see you parkour sometime. Do you do the flips and the running up walls and such like in the movies?" he asks.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Now that I can do. Singing not so much. Parkour yes. It's a lot of fun and great exercise, and I've gotten decent enough at it. It's just nice and relaxing to start running and not have to stop for any reason other than wanting to." Carrie still looks dubiously at the menu trying to figure out what to get that would also likely not cost an arm and a leg. "Chicken ... scarp... However that's pronounced. You'd think I'd do better at languages considering. That's on my list though. Languages." Nodding solemnly she looks up from the menu again to smile ruefully at James.

"Are you sure? I can put it on my card if I need to. I mean, yeah you invited me out, but seems only fair to chip in."

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar gives a little wave of his hand as if Carrie's card is fine staying in her purse. "I'm sure. Tell you want, if you would like to get together again sometime, you can pick that one up?" he offers. "I've had the aged porterhouse. Delicious if you like steak. The three chicken dishes on the bottom right, all delicious. I love chicken," he comments

He turns the page. "The rosemary tomato bisque is excellent too," he adds as he spots it. James pauses a moment to glance out at the view. "I'm glad that spring is coming," he comments. "I don't mind winter all that much, except... it just doesn't know when to leave. If it stopped right in the beginning of March and no more snow after that? I would be fine with it," he says, shaking his head.

That brings another thought. "Do you ever go skiing?" he asks. "There's a few nice resorts up north, not very far away at all."