7020/Sentinels: A Sentinel-sized Puzzle

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Sentinels: A Sentinel-sized Puzzle
Date of Scene: 24 March 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Steve interviews the Sentinel captive.
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel (Danvers)
Tinyplot: Sentinels

Iron Man has posed:
Whether or not Steve chose to accept it, he was furnished with the new 'Toy' that Tony's worked on during the week. It doesn't have a name yet (because that's important) but the working title is a phaser. Specifically, a small weapon aimed to cause Sentinels 'problems'. It would cause other things problems too, but specifically Sentinels and robotic items that aren't furnished with Stark's personal shielding. If Steve finds a need to /test/ it, that would be 'useful.' Although entering a prison cell with any type of weapon may not be wise.

The cell isn't as clean as it could be, and when Steve arrives, he gets that their subject has, of that morning, entered a hunger strike, to, it appears, peacefully get his message across. He hasn't attacked anybody, but he's made them very uncomfortable about going into the room with him.

Captain America has posed:
Staff surely warned Captain Rogers about the shift in behavior from the man still called 'John Doe' on all paperwork and in conversational reference. As such, the Captain has arrived both forewarned and forearmed. The test-'phaser' is tucked into the small of his back and the cheerily-colorful box, no larger than a box of Cheerios, is tucked under his arm. Reassurance comes to the technicians at their consoles and the armed guards nearby that Steve means well today, even if there are lines of stress and weariness lightly coloring beneath his eyes.

A knock-knock on the door is undemanding and then after bypassing the security system, Steve opens it. "G'morning," he offers to John Doe politely as he then walks over to the small table. "Is the food not agreeing with you?"

The box makes a small sucking puft of displaced air as he lifts the lid. Afterwards, small irregularly-shaped cardboard pieces printed in eye-searing patterns spread across the surface of the table.

Yes, it's a puzzle, one-thousand pieces, and the pattern? Retro candy wrappers.

Iron Man has posed:
Previously, John Doe has done behavior such as knowing when others were coming, and moving to politely greet them, or at least stand up to attention. He does none of those actions at first, he's seated on the side of the cot. There's a lack in expression as Steve comes in, but then finally, as if he felt some inner will surfacing, he gets up and naturally resumes a firm 'at attention' body language, the rebellion dropped aside for the moment, maybe.

"I don't want to harm the people here, but I wanted to make my objection known, Captain," Doe answers. He then stares at him, and then at the puzzle, with a baffled look. He doesn't ask about the puzzle; he waits, though.

Captain America has posed:
"At ease, soldier." Steve glances up from spreading out the puzzle pieces on the pale monotony of the table-top. "You're welcome to join me." It's an offering and nothing more, delivered without coercion in tone. Holding John Doe's eyes, he then reaches into his pocket to place in the middle-side of the little empty space remaining: a standard-sized Snickers bar.

If there's any amusement to be found in the infamous commercialized joke, the Captain doesn't let it show on his face.

"Your objections are known and noted," he then continues, turning his attention to the amalgamation of mismatched pieces. As always, he first works to hunt out the corners.

Iron Man has posed:
John Doe approaches; there's a fearlessness to it. He's not intimidated by Rogers, although he's respecting him in some form. He looks at the candy bar, and then to Captain Rogers, and pointedly ignores the food. Perhaps he's confident his continued objection may be heard properly, this time. The hunger strike continues until conditions improve.

"Is this a test of some type?" questions the man, but he does slide into a chair across from Steve, eyes more on the other man than on the puzzle, but then he looks down at it. He's interesting to watch, if Steve does so, because he tracks over each piece in a methodical way as if searching.

Captain America has posed:
"No test unless you want to make it one." Steve offers up a bland smile as he locates and places the third corner piece. The rough scale is laid out in turn by now. It's not a huge puzzle, but the pieces are smaller than standard for certain. "You're bored. You're concerned no one's listening. You've probably come to the conclusion that you're stuck here until some decision is reached."

He continues on after locating the last corner piece and placing it with a soft 'tick' of purpose on the table's surface. "You're a man of action without a cause. A soldier and a lab-gerbil all in one." The Captain's eyes rise again and his expression is grave. "I empathize. You think it's a buncha bunk. Been there, done that. The waiting's the worst part."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol walks in to check on John Doe, and finds Steve has decided to get personal and step inside with him. "Hey, Steve," she greets, before looking inside and asking, "room for one more?" But she doesn't just walk inside, picking on part of that conversation. Maybe it wasn't a good time for her to join in.

Iron Man has posed:
"I /want/ to be tested -- within reason. I want to know what's going on with me, or what's happening outside," Doe answers, without being forceful in his tone. These are open statements, in a way that may suggest a report. He was asked, and he's answering. "My cause has to be that, lacking another direction. I still want to talk to the people that had me before you. Although 'talk' may be a lightweight way of putting it." John's jaw tenses some, and he put his gaze on the puzzle. There's a pause.

"I do have a solution for this. But I don't know that that's what you wanted." Doe lacks any bragging in his voice, it just is what it is. If he's aware of Carol's arrival behind the window, he hasn't suggested that he is.

Over the earpiece and the speaker in the overview room, Tony's voice comes in, though: "Hi Carol. You're welcome to add another wheel."

Captain America has posed:
As if he hadn't heard both Tony and Carol over the coms, the Captain continues flipping over pieces as to better expose their patterning and letterings, broken up as the design is. Still, Carol will catch the subtle nod of invitation even as he doesn't let on to her presence behind the glass as well.

"You've been tested. The results were inconclusive. I think you're aware of this." Steve speaks in the same even tone, not inviting an argument. "Our team has come into further contact with the Sentinel program in various capacities, none of which directly pertain to you and your status. As far as talking to the folks who had you before?" Steve lifts his attention to John Doe. "Punching won't get you a lot of answers, even if it'll make you feel better. Plus, you wanna walk readily into the hands of the people who did this to you? Risk your own life when they coerce you into reacting again?" The questioning smacks of confirmation rather than mockery.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol joins Steve and John Doe on the other side of the window, giving a small wave of her hand, "...for the record, I'd like to talk to the guys who had him before too, but with questions rather than fists...we need to get at some answers." She approaches the two and looks down at what Cap is trying to work with John over, "how have you been, John? I see we're into puzzles now?"

Iron Man has posed:
"Doing nothing isn't the answer either," John Doe answers, without emotionally rising very much. He's keeping his calm, this time: there has been other times when he hasn't, but he seems to be, at least, making a good effort. "It does occur to me that they may have done something to me to promote me to try to go back," John says, in a careful way. He also begins to help on the puzzle, by rearranging things near him, building a little patch unconnected to what Steve is doing: it's building off of a Good and Plenty.

"But I'd like to do something. Whether it's making them pay, or something else." He looks up to Carol, and gives a brief smile. "Nothing has changed with me," John says, by way of 'how is he'. He is the same. Aside from his hunger strike, anyway, and that he's got a good amount of pale beard going now, which makes him look more human than not.

"So, I talked with some of them. But we can have this chat later," Tony chimes in from the earpieces, as if he'd forgotten to mention he sent their coats out to be dry-cleaned.

Captain America has posed:
Carol gets a mild smile as well upon her entrance, professional and as if he hadn't expected her to show. "Think we can all agree that a good punch to the face can be cathartic, but it doesn't solve much. Escalates a situation more often than not." He glances back to John Doe if only to watch the nuances of the man's reaction in turn. His keen attention doesn't have the purely-analytical functioning of the demi-bot, but he observes nonetheless.

Tony's comment has him gritting the enamel of his teeth once in a small horizontal motion, but other than this, he remains cool. It is a known to him, after all, but he's uncertain as to whether or not Carol was made aware of it. "Puzzles'll have to stand in for now until we come to a decision on matters. Prefer not to let you wander back into their hands without good reason. 's'not worth a life," he adds quietly, going back to working on a section of bright pink Pop Rocks. A minute frission of tension ran through his last thought, but it dies away just as fast as it appeared.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Looking at the beard, Carol lets out an impressed whistle, "that's fancy." Carol doesn't look too happy about what Tony ever so casually quips, a nice after thought to mention, not like anybody cares about that minute detail.

"Recall how they wanted your arm?" Carol asks of John Doe, "I'd imagine if you were to meet them, they'll try and take a whole lot more...I think they don't care about you, so much as the parts that make 'you'."

Iron Man has posed:
Surely nobody really cares about it. Tony adds, though, because the man is really good at talking: "Don't get all grumpy; I'm seeing if he can hear me," Tony says, a smile in his voice. "So. Yay."

John Doe seems more involved in frowning at the puzzle and then at Carol. "Yes, I remember." He looks at the puzzle. "I've had some dreams about it. I recall them trying to take it, but failing that, asking me for it." He pauses with the puzzle. "I do have some nightmares to compare it to, so I can tell you it isn't that. I don't think this is overly useful, though. Most of what is in my head isn't to be trusted. But I want to seek the truth. I can't do that in here. Worth risking my life? I think so."

Captain America has posed:
Thank god John Doe's looking at the puzzle when Tony quips in again. By the fall of Steve's eyelids, he's masking something very near to an eyeroll. He's composed again by the time the man's attention shifts to Carol. The Captain's nearly got his section of Pop Rocks completed. The pieces are easy to suss out, given their brilliant color.

"I'd rather not risk the general public unless absolutely necessary. This includes you and anyone else who crosses your path outside of this safehouse without forewarning," he says quietly.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol crosses her arms, as she considers John Doe's words, "I'm sure that's favorable to you," Carol says that much, while letting Cap play lead on this, not wanting to step on any progress he made. And then the Captain sounds her own concerns, "what he said," she notes to John Doe, pleased she gets to flip the annoying 'what she said' for once in a proper situation.

Iron Man has posed:
Some of that composure is breached, it appears, because John frowns deeply, and stops working on the puzzle to stare at Captain America for a long moment. "I'm not going to harm the general public. Or either of you. I understand that I'm considered a problem because of the accident when I fell out of the plane," says the man, with a tightness to his tone. "I can't prove otherwise sitting here either. I /want/ to help. What can I possibly do to prove this? If there really is no way for me to do that, then what option do I have left?"

Captain America has posed:
Steve sighs and puts down his collection of pieces. "Wish I could believe you, but something's setting off the technology inside of you. I get the impression you can't control that. It's a matter of safety. Still."

Standing up, the man silently excuses himself from the room. Presuming safety (and lack of altercation) between John Doe and Carol, he's gone for a short period of time before returning with a sheaf of paperwork. They land on the low-lying mound of puzzle pieces. "The results of what we've discovered about you so far. If you have thoughts, share." Steve sits down once more with arms folded and observes, his expression neutral.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"I for once would like to talk to the Trask people on your behalf," Carol notes to John Doe, "and then hopefully get to their competitors, because I don't believe Trask Industries made you." She looks on as Steve goes to share the results with John Doe.

Iron Man has posed:
"I'll get you a meeting if you'd like, Carol," Tony offers in a way that suggests he's multitasking and not entirely listening to everything that is going on. He's got other things to do.

"I'd like to know what they say, like, who my family is," John answers Carol, moderating his tone; he'd clearly like to go himself, and perhaps glare at them. The 'who made you' thing isn't lost on him, he gave her a funny little stare.

John Doe lifts his brows a little when Steve leaves, but then he's back soon enough. John looks at the papers, and then leans forward to pick up the paperwork. He doesn't speed-read it like a weirdo -- he picks it up like a normal person, brows lowering with a tension in them, and starts to look at it, examining each page as he reads through it.

He gets to the important bits, though. "This is saying I'm a robot," John observes, as if that were crazy. "I'm human, though."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
"Cap, I'll let you finish this," Carol notes as she gets noticed she has to attend to Mansion Alpha, "something came up with Alpha Flight, I'll be back later tonight." With that she turns away in a hurry.

Captain America has posed:
Steve nods towards the papers with their graphs and charts, numbers and sub-set conclusions in typed short-hand. "We've got what could be both positives and false positives present in regards to the technology shown to exist in you. You're not a mutant, that much we can tell. The abilties you've displayed haven't come from enhanced genetics. They're from something else." His eyebrows lift and then meet in a show of what could be pity, in a small way.

"'m hoping you have other things you can tell us, in regards to the information." He glances over at Carol and nods to her silently. Once the door's shut, Steve turns his attention back to John Doe.

Iron Man has posed:
The man is very obviously trying to figure out how he feels about any of it, or how to react to it. He looks at the pile of papers, and then at Steve with a clearly speechless sort of answer. "Like... like my consciousness put into a robot?" John asks. And then he goes further down the rabbit hole. "Or I'm just a machine. Because I don't remember anything?" John laughs, but then it's not funny, and the laugh dies as if it were stabbed suddenly.

He looks at his hands, flips them over. There's a mix of denial and disbelief. "The first person that I remember was.... a lady. She was kind to me. A little later, the Russian police, then government came, and then the Trask people. And a lot of questions about where I was from. And I've got the wrong year in my head, it's something like 2027, I can see on this document. You're saying it's all because I'm not a human. That my 'data' is fouled up. But this seems so insane to me."

John puts the files down. "I want real proof, not scans."

Captain America has posed:
Steve stretches a little in his chair, along the line of his back, and nods slowly. "I understand. Define 'proof' for me. 'm not about to let you go mutilating yourself in the name of science," he says quietly. "You're human. No reason to suffer for the sake of discovery. Point 6, Declaration of Helsinski. The well-being of the subject takes precedence over all other interests."

He's not stating this to appear smart. If anything, more of the subtle pity shows in his eyes.

Iron Man has posed:
"Something real, that's not on a paper. I wasn't going to suggest trying to remove my arm, no," John says, more dryly. His ability to do a puzzle is not enough, either, clearly. "But if I am a robot or part robot, the idea to do that /at all/ makes more sense, to get at the weapons," John gives, somewhat reluctantly.

Tony's helpful, and suggests, "I can route a signal on the frequency sentinels use in there, and see what happens, if you want. See if he responds to orders I've been catching off the others on patrols. Otherwise, opening him up is really the most direct proof. Unless you want to arm wrestle him. Don't let him blow off your hand, though."

"I don't want to harm anyone. If I have weapons inside me, no matter /what/ I am, I need to know how to use them," says John, during the same time Tony was speaking, since he's not able to hear Tony. "Is there a safer place to try to use them, figure out what they are? I don't want to harm any people." The man seems, indeed, preoccupied with not hurting those around him: he doesn't just try to fire off in the confined space.

Captain America has posed:
There's a period of silence while the Captain appears to consider options. One index finger slips into view to taptap on his bicep as he looks across the table towards the man. It does take him a few seconds to come to a conclusion, likely delayed by needing to separate the two feeds of information he received. Tony's idea has merit. John Doe's concerns also do.

"I'd prefer you don't harm anyone else either. I wanna know what you can do as well. That way, precautions can be made in case of an accidental application. I know, I know, you won't mean to," he adds with a palm towards John Doe from the folding of his arms, " -- but we need to be prepared. You read about the signals. They're coming from somewhere and you're not defended against them." He sighs hard. "Gimme...gimme a day to see if I can set something up?"

Iron Man has posed:
John Doe thinks about that offer. "I read about signals, but I don't think it has anything to do with me. Same with the page about blocking your scan equipment. Perhaps your equipment is faulty," he suggests, changing pages to point to the section about various readouts. He's slid into denial, and there's some emotional despair coming with it. John's been told a weird 'truth', and it looks like he's possibly believing it: yet still verbally sparring against it. Like being told you're sick: another opinion. Or eight opinions. Even if it might make sense.

"My money was on you, if it helps," Tony teases in the earpiece. "Roll a remote scanner in there and let him use it if you like. I'd actually like to see what he does with some tech. I mean, now that we have a way to blast him to bits, that is...."

Captain America has posed:
By the way Steve briefly reaches up to brush at his ear, there was an aversion of a kneejerk reaction to remove the com-piece there. Suddenly loss of com-signal was spared due to Tony's idea and instead, the Captain glances over his shoulder towards the windows and the technicians waiting with their gear beyond it.

"False positives happen, but we can't go dismissing them. Proof..." he echoes on an exhale. "Could see if the same results are attained if you scan yourself?" The offer comes with a shrug. "I can wheel one of the scanning machines in."

Iron Man has posed:
It's an easy request to get one of the technicians to bring the machine in. And Tony is optimistic, in his way: Tony's the type that will zap Dr. Banner in the side to see if he turns into the Hulk, though, so of all the moderate ideas, this may not be one of them. "This may either be the best idea, or certainly one of the worst. I'll be prepared to send out another pulse, although I'd prefer my scanner not be wrecked."

When the item is brought, John Doe looks at it, prods at the console, and then examines one side of it, easily taking off a side panel. "I'm not going to harm it, just seeing what it is," John explains. "I don't trust weird machines."

Captain America has posed:
While the technicians are fussing with calibrating the machine, Steve turns his back towards them and pretends to look at his phone while he replies ultra-sotto-voce to Tony, "Just zap 'im if you need to. He looked distressed at the idea of being part machine. Might have a mental breakdown."

He turns back in time to see the techs exit, no doubt giving him concerned looks, and then to see the summary removal of the exterior of the machine. "You don't remember who you are or what happened to get you into your state, but you wanna look at a bunch of wires in a scanner that could help you figure it all out?" His expression is also a little droll, but he doesn't make to stop John Doe from doing it. Scanners can be rebuilt -- at least, in his mind.

Iron Man has posed:
"Not everyone can deal with needing machines inside their body as well as I do," Tony quips pleasantly.

John looks inside it some, in a slow, methodical way, and then turns it with some competence, to where it's aimed at him, adjusting the console. The scanner itself is hand-held, so he reverses that, and pokes at the controls.

"So far I'm bored," Tony comments in Steve's ear; AKA nothing new.

John stops when Steve calls him on looking in the scanner, and actually seems to stop to try to sort it out, himself. "I wanted to see what was inside it. It's not dangerous. It's a scanner. I know what it is. Like I know what a shoe is." John stops, and then turns the scanner towards himself, looking at the console.

"I LOVE being right: we're in business," Tony comments. "He's stopped blocking scanning. I'm getting loads from this---"

Captain America has posed:
Again, by the brush of his fingers behind his ear as if addressing an itch, it becomes clear that Steve's patience is tested by the chattering of the genius-inventor in his ear. It's like a helpful shoulder-devil, the man's dialogue.

"Tony." A flat whisper of remonstration won't be missed as to the man's proposed boredom. When John goes back to working the scanner itself, the Captain can't help but take a step closer. He cranes his head to better see what the screen is showing both him and the one under inspection.

Iron Man has posed:
John Doe focuses on one arm, and watches the consoles light up. They're a mess at first, but clear up, as he guides it over a forearm. "Will you assist me? Hold this here, please," John asks of Steve, showing him where he wants him to hold the scanner, while the images jump and move in a jumble of green and depths of yellow on the consoles. It's showing a maze of technology: conduits and twisted, convoluted parts.

"If this is right, there's a plasma projector and generator right here," John says, as if it were more interesting than it was actually disturbing. It's a tone a lot of science people adopt, including Tony.

"Ummmmm, that's accurate," Tony says, keeping the sudden concern out of his voice: mostly. "He can probably escape any time he wants."

Captain America has posed:
Happy to assist if only in the name of figuring out this metallic mystery below John Doe's skin, Steve does step over to a respectful distance and takes up the scanner. He holds it steady as he too watches the screen. His eyes flick between it and the man under its scrutiny. To hear the revelation of what lies beneath?

The Captain goes more still. Tony's tight tone of speech doesn't help the sudden upswing of blood pressure. "That's novel." He too tries to keep the worry from his voice. "A generator too?" Playing naive might garner him more answers and more time for the inventor on the far side of the coms to figure out a counter-solution.

Iron Man has posed:
"Just inspire him to be a better-- whatever he is, like usual, Cap. Well, I mean. Don't inspire him to blow a hole in the wall; you know what I meant," Tony says, but sounds distracted: he has data to look at, so Steve is getting spared more than just low key chatter.

"Right. I am unsure how they fire, but I could remove the power source, maybe," John Doe says, focused on the problem. He moves the hand under the scanner more, which reveals more of the hand construction, then swept up and back to the elbow. John seems to steel himself, and clamps with his opposite hand on the elbow and pulls backwards sharply.

With a hiss and metallic clicking trio, the whole lower side of the forearm opens, into a mass of tiny, extremely sophisticated computer systems. John sort of looks at it, with a quiet sadness.

"I'd call that proof," Tony adds.

Captain America has posed:
Silence follows the physical revelation of the interior sophistication of John Doe's arm. This level of technology is beyond Steve and he wouldn't argue with anyone who teased him about it. He swallows.

"Seems like a good idea to know how to disarm it, yeah," he agrees as he takes another step in, curious despite the trepidation consuming him beneath the veneer of stoic calm. "You can keep people safe knowing this," he adds, attempting to play on the earlier stance in regards to safety of the general public.

Iron Man has posed:
"Just for reference, we need to add flight and strength and some other things to his list of abilities," Tony says into the comm. "We're also going to a check a box on integrating with other tech, although that's just a gut feeling, but I've seen other machines like this one that readily mount other pieces onto them. Which we can use against him if we had to. Systems that do that are easier to infect. But it could also mean he's controllable by somebody that isn't us or himself. I could create an AI to try it." Familiarity with Tony's tone may supply that the idea is fun and interesting but risky. "If we could use him to breach into other Sentinels, that's a win for us," Tony continues. "Granted, he may already be able to do that. I'm adjusting our blockers, now that I've seen what he can serve out. He's got some crazy range, but I'm crazier..."

All of that is probably just a distraction to what is important: focusing on John Doe and his reaction. John considers, turns the arm so the hand is downwards, much like one might aim a gun barrel away from people, and starts to press and move things around in the arm with competence. An adjustment and the palm and hand immediately starts to power up, a heavy, throbbingly obvious power surge. It looks exactly like a Sentinel's; there's no mistaking the glow and sound. John seems calm about it.

Captain America has posed:
The mental list of capabilities present continues to grow as the Captain listens to the com. He's too close now to John Doe to risk a whisper back to Tony in regards to eventual experiments in AI (and how badly that might go), so he thins his lips as he watches the internal mechanics react to the fussing.

Goosebumps and the fine hairs on the back of his neck rise at the sight of the warm shine appearing from within the confines of skin. Eidetic memory slaps him momentarily with flash-frames of bright light -- sound -- Janet's scream -- torqued metal and burnt rubber and ash -- before he grounds himself in the present with a shake of his head. "Don't think that's the disarming portion of wiring," he quips tightly.

Iron Man has posed:
"No," agrees John Doe. "But in order to confirm if it's off, I had to know where to turn it on." He draws his hand out of the side of the forearm, and the energy fluxes on and off, clearly controlled by John. He then reaches back in, does an adjustment, and the energy entirely disappears. "It's disconnected. But easy to reconnect." John looks at Steve. "I don't know what to say to help you trust me on that. Or on anything."

Captain America has posed:
Once the sullen golden glow of the plasmal energy melts away and he too is certain, at least upon visual inspection, that the weapon is disengaged, Steve meets John Doe's eyes again.

"Actions mean a helluva lot more than words. You earned yourself a portion of trust with disarming it. Don't confuse the rest of my distrust with fear. Wisdom means respecting the weapon and minding the handler." He returns the scanning-wand to its holster on the machine and then remains in place, not retreating a step further.

Iron Man has posed:
John Doe holds the gaze a little longer, and then silently moves his attention to the other elbow, going through the procedure on the other side, although there is no glowing to herald any of it.

"From what I got in the scan, I think he may have auxiliary power for those coming from the chest power, but he might find it rude to suggest that," Tony comments. "I wouldn't be offended, but I'm not a confused robot emulating emotions."

John closes up his arms again, and looks at the scanner more thoughtfully. And then down at himself. There's some clear thought (processing?) going on.

Captain America has posed:
It's all just honestly sci-fi enough to warrant Steve's continued attention. He's actively wondering just how many years advanced this display of technology is in comparison to the experiments he's seen on chromed display in Stark Tower. A subtle nod is given again in reply to Tony in his ear. Shifting his weight between feet in subconscious reminder to not lock his knees, Steve then hangs his thumbs in the pockets of his jeans.

"It's surreal, isn't it?" His voice is quiet. "One minute, you're sure you know where you stand in the world. The next, it's turned on its head and you realize you're not who you thought you were. Been there. Power comes from in here?" he asks in the same undemanding tone as he taps his own sternum twice.

Iron Man has posed:
"No, I'm not different, not really," decides the artificial man, with a slow, almost gentle conviction. "I've thought, before, about escaping here," John says, still looking at the scanner. If he's doing two things at once, it may be hard to tell. "But all of you asked for time. And I chose to grant you that. An escape from me would have endangered the workers here. I don't want that, either."

"Whatever I am, or was built to be, I'm that." John rubs one hand over the other, slowly, his posture restrained. "I don't think I could harm you if I tried."

Captain America has posed:
The Captain lifts his chin as he listens, the slight tilt of his head conveying how earnest he is as such. His eyes fall to one side. The crease of his brows is confliction on display.

"Don't want to hurt you either. Don't think you did any of it on purpose, not in the end. Whatever it was that triggered it..." Steve looks to the man once more. "If we can completely shut off that signal's access to you... Trust us to try for a little bit longer? Got a lot of new information from the scanning," and he gestures towards the machine with its screen frozen on display of the readings gained.

Iron Man has posed:
"Who is working on this?" John asks, finally, and looks around the room, then at the scanner more specifically. "I've gathered it isn't you," he says, but there's a smile there. "I think I can contribute. I don't want something controlling me or turning me into a weapon against allies either. If I have some kind of communications hub or system, that could give clues?" he suggests.

Tony comments, "This is YOUR interview, so I'm not intruding; your call with this guy. Maybe he's trustworthy, but also could easily be smart enough to get something to broadcast a distress signal if we supply it."

Captain America has posed:
Steve smiles as well, mildly, as if acknowledging the subtle irony of all of the scanning and dredging for information. "Happy to have to you contribute. We're gonna have to find a way to meet in the middle about the communications array. Heard of the Manchurian Candidate? Don't want to accidentally give any enemy signal access to you in the process." His shrug is a rueful one. "Nice thing is we've got the cream of the crop working on what we've just gained from the scans. Give us a day or two to see if we can find a way around it?"

He then holds out a hand towards John Doe in open display of confidence in him.

Iron Man has posed:
Tony chuckles at the flattery aimed at him, "Accurate," agrees the genius inventor shamelessly, with his usual smooth even tone.

John Doe shakes his head a the reference to the Manchurian Candidate, but nods a little bit to the reason why. It looks like John responds well to facts and logic, although there's frustration around the edges. His emulation of human emotion is very advanced. Perhaps he IS feeling.

John accepts the handshake, in a proper, expected firmness that meshes well with his military style of stance and interaction.

"You don't need to leave that here," John says with a nod at the machine. "But if you do I'll use it; I have more than just weapons in my arms." He rubs his forehead slowly, a natural and human motion. "And I'll come up with another name. I don't /want/ to be anonymous."

Captain America has posed:
Steve returns the handshake with exacting pressure and poise. Then, with thumbs back to hanging from his pockets once more, he replies,

"I'll have one of the senior technicians take my place should you want to continue to use it. 'm curious about where the power's coming from -- 'nd who knows, could find where the communications array is in the process. Remember that we've got one of our top scientists on the other end parsing data." The Captain attempts to speak the jargon to some success.

"Insofar as your name..." Steve's smile is half-wattage. "We've been calling you John Doe, whether you knew it or not. Let the technician know what you want to be called. We'll edit the data to reflect it. A name's important," he notes in no vein of mockery.

Iron Man has posed:
"It was on the paperwork," John Doe says with a brief smile, nodding once. He pays attention. "And I've heard it used when your communications was having difficulties. I didn't mean to listen to your conversations, but it was not like there was something else to listen to," John says, finally opening up about having heard them in the other room. "I could sense a little through this wall, somehow. I was ashamed of what it might have meant." John looks at the wall. "I think its heat. Sensing heat." He gestures two fingers across the long reflective wall into the room there. "And bad people. I can sense them." He looks at Steve. "You aren't one of the bad ones. I'll try to continue to do what you ask, Captain."

Captain America has posed:
His lips go thin to hear of the revelations put forth. Pragmatism counters disappointment in stymied attempt at secrecy in the end and as such, the Captain decides not to dwell the news other than through the lens of information gleaned.

"I sincerely appreciate your efforts," and Steve accompanies this statement with a firm nod. "I'd like to know who qualifies as 'bad people' when you get a chance to tell the technicians. Don't want to entice a reaction, after all."

Not after what Tony confirmed via the coms.

"Can't offer you much else for right now except my solemn promise that we're working to make you your own man. Anything else?" The question is asked out of manners and the Captain's gaze contains a noteable measure of advance apology for things he simply can't grant.

Iron Man has posed:
"There was at least one in this room that visited me, I'm not going to explode; it isn't like I'm a loose cannon, here," John says, with a measure of dismay and sadness. "You just can't trust what they say." John's speech pattern suggests more that he's trying to warn Steve than anything else. It isn't urgent or forceful: more a subtle pressure of ingrained learning. Bad people can cause harm. It's very logical.

"I don't know how to qualify it. I would have said a gut feeling until we discovered I lack guts." John smiles some. He made a joke! He's trying. "I'll be here, then."