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Two Bit Circus
Date of Scene: 25 March 2019
Location: R&D - The Triskelion
Synopsis: Micah takes Dinah on a tour of the Triskelion and runs into Sam practicing in the heavy ordinance range. It is a screaming good time.
Cast of Characters: Foxfire, Black Canary, Nyx

Foxfire has posed:
The Triskelion often has visitors and newcomers. It's a pretty large building for a pretty large organization so people come and go all the time. This means that newcomers have to be given tours and that is what is happening now for Dinah Drake. The man assigned to give her said tour is Agent in Training Micah Murphy.

"So these are the labs. Most of our toys come from this area and also half of our expenses. I probably should mention we've just finished installing a new round of blast proofing because things keep happening in here."

The way the brown haired man says things leaves no doubt that most of those things are uncontrolled explosions of something or another.

Black Canary has posed:
Black Canary nods. "I do like toys," she muses softly. "I might be able to give you guys some pointers in sonics. It's my speciality." She is walking along with Micah, hmmmming softly. "I left them in my Harley. I thought it a bad idea to bring weapons into here without saying something." She smiles faintly, adjusting her domino mask. "Still getting used to the mask," she mutters. "Anyway... where should we go next? Thsi place is seriously impressive."

Nyx has posed:
Speaking of weapons in the Triskelion....

There is a KRACK-THOOOM from the Heavy Ordinance Testing Range just down over yonder.

Honestly it sounded more like kinetic impact on some sort of metallic structure (perhaps blast shielding) than anything conventional. Sort of the noise a howitzer might make hitting said blast shields.

Several of the techs and lab coats stop and look over, then one looks sort of helplessly at Micah. "Uh.. the new girl.. Twining is in there practicing." as if apologizing for the noise disrupting the tour Micah is giving.

Foxfire has posed:
"Sonics? I'd love to hear about them sometime." The noise does make Micah smile. Welll why don't we go over to the heavy ordinance range. That's where some of the more entertaining toys get tested. And some of the most interesting people..."

It's a short walk to the range and when Micah opens it up, it is shown to be a reinforced concerte bunker inside the very structure of the Triskelion. What it's reinforced with is classified but it's clearly enough to withstand quite a big boom.

"Sam?! Sorry. Recruit Twinning?" Micah calls in, waving away smoke and dust from whatever just got exploded. "We've got company!"

Black Canary has posed:
Black Canary smirks at Micah's pun. She nods as she followed him. "Yes - I like interesting people." She just walks into the bunker with Micah, nodding curiously. "So - someone was blasting with... superpowers I take it, or was that a howitzer? Could've been either. And maybe I could show you what I'm capable of sometime." She smiles, the loud noise not bothering her at all. "I'd love to see what you were just doing. I'm Black Canary. Don't worry about the noise. It doesn't bother me."

Nyx has posed:
It actually wasn't an explosion at all. Though there is some smoke in the air and an acrid smell and a whole lot of concrete dust.

The heavy ordinance range has been heavily used this evening. There are gouges along the far wall and several target stands are in front of it. Just the base and the post and absolutely no targets to be seen, just missing. Except for one untouched one that looks to be a bullseye on the same metallic material as the back wall. Which doesn't at all explain why the other three are just posts though it does look pristine so far.

In the middle of the room is a small young woman, maybe 5'4" and 105lbs wearing SHIELD issued fatigues.

At the moment Samantha is trying to figure out how to pull her hand back through a metal armor plate that is stuck up to her elbow and bits of concrete base are still stuck to.

When Micah calls out her name she turns scraping it with a loud SCREEECH across the metal floor. "Oh hey .. uh... hi...." and Sam bushes nodding to Black Canary. "I uhm... well I punched one of the targets for a change and that... mixed result?" not a howitzer but evidently a punch like one.

Foxfire has posed:
"Dinah Drake, this is Samantha Twinning. And she is one of those interesting people I was talking to you about." Micah says with a slightly broader smile than usual. Her getting nervous is almost cute. Well as cute as someone with nuclear powered hands can be.

Since Dinah has already invited her to show off, as it were, Micah just gestures. Go for it Sam. Knock 'em dead. Well they're already dead but knock 'em deader.

Black Canary has posed:
Black Canary nods. "Hello, Samantha Twinning. I'm Dinah Drake. I'd love to see the kind of strength that can get your arm stuck in that precarious position." She smiles softly, leaning back against the wall, adjusting her costume a bit. "I'm not sure if I've said much about my abilities... I am a metahuman as well." She is obviously assuming that Nyx is meta.

Nyx has posed:
"Oh uhm.. sure... one second..." and Samantha is twisting around once more struggling to find an angle to get leverage to get it back off her and then just sighs "FINE Nyx" and one moment her arm is stuck, punched through the metal blast material. The material flowered out and her arm kind of stuck through it.

The next moment the whole is big enough around her arm for her to pull it out and it to clatter hard to the ground. That chunk of blast shield easily weighed many hundred pounds.

"Also cool... and no.. I'm pretty new here really so I have no idea what your abilities are...?" she looks to Micah and then Black Canary and back. "I can show the strength off. But well um... I mean it .. I just punched it super hard. On the bright side didn't break my arm that time." unlike what previous times. "I was kind of curious about .. well if I could punch one of the targets and what would happen... but I mean I was practicing this really." she squints and holds her hand up, Tony Stark Style, palm pointed to the last of those trio of blast targets. A breath is taken and then slowly let out and brilliant white energy cascades down the young woman's arm and lances out across the intervening space. It looks like the air is erupting into plasma and when the beam hits the target.. well the blast shield glows and pretty much explodes, distinigrating into molocular components from the inside out.

Honestly at that point Samantha looks very proud of herself because she hit it while being watched by someone Micah brought by.

Foxfire has posed:
Micah also beams though in a less literal way. He watches the target just completely melt and sublimate and then glances up to Dinah. "Particle Beams. SHIELD's recently recruited her." He explains. She looks very, very young to be a SHIELD recruit. Most of those come through the intelligence community or the military or sometimes through the universities. Samantha can't be more than eighteen or nineteen tops. Is SHIELD robbing the cradle a bit?

"What did Nyx say?" Nyx is clearly not Samantha, though Micah is going to leave it to Sam to explain that to Dinah.

Black Canary has posed:
Black Canary flinches as she squints. "That was bright." She smiles softly. "Well. That's impressive." She blinks. "Mmmmm. This seems an opportune time to demonstrate what I'm capable of. Let's see...." She gestures to the other test dummy next to the one that's... currently nonexistent. "I would suggest you get some earplugs handy." She smiles as she starts walking over there. She then blinks. "Oh wait - yeah, who's Nyx?" She turns back around, wondering if it's some kind of voice in head.

Nyx has posed:
Samantha blushes, just a touch at the commentary and ends up grinning and shrugging. "I'm a trainee... the pay is surprisingly good." though probably not entirely in scope with her assets. "Also cool." about Black Canary demonstrating her ability. Though she looks to Micah about the earplugs comment.

"Oh.. um.. Nyx ..." how to put this. "Nyx is the A.I. who shares my body with me." okay she just up and said it. It sounds like she isn't entirely sure how best to explain things and just winged it.

Foxfire has posed:
As Dinah is asking Micah is already heading to a drawer to get ear plugs. Uncertain if Samantha needs them he hands her a set and then puts his own in. "So your experience with sonics is fairly personal then? Sorry, I hadn't read your file. If we have one." Which SHIELD probably does but might not. Micah isn't exactly a senior agent so even if SHIELD did have one he might not be cleared to look at it.

There are many, many follow up questions to what Sam just said and some of them are fairly nerdy like how does said AI live in your head without destroying you, what powers it and why is it named in ancient greek?

All good questions but Micah will let Dinah ask those she will after she does her own demonstration. He's kind of curious truth be told and if he has to he'll arrange for a few more target dummies. These are the days that science is kind of a riot.

Black Canary has posed:
Black Canary grins as she faces the target dummy at twenty feet. She then opens her mouth, inhales... and SKRRRRREEEEEEEEE!!! An intense sonic blast comes out of her, blasting the training dummy clear off its pedastal, slamming it into the wall, and drops it in a crumpled heap. She turns back to face the two of you and winks. Waiting for the earplugs to come out, she then announces, "That is my Canary Cry." She lets it speak for itself.

Nyx has posed:
Samantha kind of struggles to figure out how to put in ear plugs, not like she has used them before ever really. She mostly watches Micah apply his and then tries to copy it, and seems to manage all right.

Then she watches Black Canary do her Canary Cry <tm> and Sam's eyes widen quite abit, even with ear plugs she can really hear that thing go and it destroyed the training dummy. "Woah..."

Working the earplugs out she stuffs them in a pocket now and there is a grin. "It is definitely a cry..." she pauses "Aren't Canarys like little birds... I mean that was totally badass big raptor bird stuff?"

Foxfire has posed:
Micah also seems suitably impressed and why wouldn't he be? That cry could shatter glass, bone, metal possibly? Defintiely training dummies. He takes his ear plugs out and shakes his head a bit to clear it.

"Well I can see why SHIELD wanted you around definitely. I take it that you've used that in anger before? Or at least in action?"

Maybe not anger but hey they way she looks certainly suggests this isn't her first rodeo.

"It's really interesting that you'd be able to do that just from your natural voice. Do you have to be careful not to talk to loudly the way that Samantha has to be careful not to hit things too hard?"

Because Dinah saw what happened when she did, just now.

Black Canary has posed:
Black Canary nods. "Not at all," she states softly. "I am in control. It's like..." She ponders. "Do you ever just burst into song when trying to talk normally?" she asks. "You're having a normal conversatino and suddenly you start singing your words instead of speaking? You have to _deliberately_ choose to sing, right? It's like that - except instead of beautiful song - which I'm quite good at - my band's album is in record stores across Canada by the way - I emit devastating volumes." She smiles softly. "Though I'm not much for high technology, I know how useful it is at times." She smiles. "I'm also immune to loud noises - otherwise I'd be deaf as a post right now." She ponders. "Wait - so she's a trainee for she can't control it? Didn't you say an AI is in her? Does tha mean... there's some kind of... computer thing inside her?"

Nyx has posed:
"Kind of?" she offers to that line of questioning. She looks unsure how to really explain it.

"So yeah.. I just got my powers like .. about two months ago and I'm still figuring out how to use them and how not to do things like hit so hard I get stuck in a metal plate or a wall... it's a lot to learn pretty quick." a soft shrug from Samantha.

"Also .. yeah I have an A.I. in here with me though it doesn't really talk much, just watches." and yes Samantha knows how that all must sound, she blushes more.

Foxfire has posed:
"Makes sense. So it's a different process you're engaging. Wait, what band?" Of course he'd ask that.

"Samantha definitely has some kind of computer or something similar augmenting her brain and storing information in not the usual places. The Nyx being, whatever it is, seems to know a lot of things that Sam doesn't." And yes that is defintiely a concern but right now Micah is trying to play it cool so Sam doesn't worry.

"She's a trainee mostly because she's new at it. Her control is actually pretty decent for the most part. Her aim is even pretty good." That gets a wink to Sam. "But she's new to the lifetyle and SHIELD wanted to make sure she had an opportunity to get started on the right foot."

Micah is NOT going to embarrass Sam by mentioning how she got into SHIELD custody. Nope.

Black Canary has posed:
Black Canary nods. "Ashes on Sunday is the band. It's rock, but borders closely to metal." she smiles faintly. "I go by Black Canary. That is a secret identity - please respect that." She glances at Sam. "I could've went by Black Siren or something like that, but that sounds like _such_ a villian name. Everyone loves canaries. Pretty birds. But this one's dangerous." She hmmmmms softly.

She ponders. "I'm not used to being in a group like this, but I did in the past, so I know how they work. Kinda nice. But vigilanteism is always my pride and joy. Well, that, and my Harley."