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Duck! Duck!
Date of Scene: 29 March 2019
Location: Manhattan
Synopsis: When a giant foam bath toy attacks the city, Kid, Arella, and Dusk come to the rescue.
Cast of Characters: Dusk, Kid, Arella Despana

Dusk has posed:
Evening in West Harlem. It's fairly uneventful around here, a college part of town, but at night, the parties come out, and with it, some predators. The usual thieves are to be expected in a few isolated pockets, and on occasion in a city like New York, predators choose targets that in retrospect they aught not to have, very unpredictably. The form this takes can vary wildly.

Tonight, irony takes the form of three teenage thugs fleeing from an alleyway, persued by.. a rapidly growing, animated foam rubber duck?

Damn wannabe mad scientists.

The duck turns down the street, ignoring the panicked gunfire, gently stepping on a fire hydrant and absorbing water from it, its other webbed foot slowly crushing the door of a beat up compact car.

Kid has posed:
    Kid was disgruntled at the moment. But that was nothing new. He was ALWAYS cranky about something. But the lack of snow, and warmer weather was nice. Even at night. However, there are some things some people are simply not prepared for.

Kid, is not one of those people.

Kid at the moment was in his illusionary form Malcolm, typically outed as a mutant - he a mafia styled brute in a suit. First he looks at the thugs running down the street. And than the giant...rubber...duck. He cants his head to the side trying to figure out if he ate something bad, magic was invovled, or some other form of weirdness. He gone through ALOT of weirdness.

Arella Despana has posed:
Arella Despana is frequenting Harlem on a tip looking for another piece of esoteric technology. She had climbed up onto a building to gain some perspective and was in the process of scarping a corned beef sandwich when the gigantic banger chasing duck appears.

The svartalfar arches a white brow. This was not what she was looking for. But it was... interesting. She would watch this little action scene - for now.

Dusk has posed:
The duck stomps after the noisy noisy guns, crashing down the street and caving in the side of an old rent controlled tenement in its passing with its tail. Residents scream.

Cassie St. Commons looms overhead on a rooftop. "What the? Time to get to work."
    A shadow detaches from the roof and soars down, almost tackling a random bystander caught in the path of the parade of weirdness.
    >Shrrrpt!< In an imploding flicker of starlight in void, both vanish.

Kid has posed:
     Kid watches this for a few moments more. After determining that...the duck was indeed real, he sighs. Welp, guess someones going to have to tear its head off.


...he can tear it head off without folks getting mad. And people might...appreciate it?

Kids' grin becomes very wide, revealing his large canines. Oh. He was going to enjoy this! The man takes off, charging like a gorilla gone mad...and once he is near enough he attempts to jump onto and cling to the rubber ducks head and actually bite into it. Pulling and tearing at it with a beastial glee.

Arella Despana has posed:
And then the heroes go to work. As for Arella - she is no hero though her arm had been twisted to act in order to save people in the past. At the moment she could see nobody in utterly immediate peril. As for the duck well that 'man' seemed to be having fun attacking it. She continues eating her sandwich. Enjoying the spectacle.

Dusk has posed:
The duck feels like wet sponge. Huge gouges of nasty-tasting foam are ripped out, and the duck flails in an attempt to shake the new attacker off, stomping back and forth in the street. A car skids, trying to stop, only to be rear-ended by the car following too-close behind. The duck steps that way, about to crush both cars underfoot...

>Bleeenk!< Dusk appears out of nowhere, opens the door and faces down the duck to try to protect the people as they escape - but that's only one of two cars that is about to be stepped on. She can't be in two places at once...

Kid has posed:
     Perhaps not, and as much as Kid was absolutely loving this, looking like a (very disturbing) Kid in a candy store. He still had his head about him. This thing may have been foam, but he was muscle! Hopefully enough muscle for what he is about to try and attempt.

The large man hops onto the docks back. Notably opposite the side the duck was lifting its foot. And digging his hands into the foam, he attempts to knock it off balance be hanging off it side to add alot of extra weight, as well as pulling the upp half of the foam duck in his direction to help with the attempting Duck Tipping.

Arella Despana has posed:
"Oh by the Aether..." Arella sees the other car about to be crushed and leaves her position on the rooftop. She cannot fly or teleport but her kind are unusually strong, durable and fast. She is next to the car in no time releasing the trapped passengers tearing open the vehicle with a purple glowing weapon if necessary.

She braces herself in case that ducks foot comes down on her as she works. This is why she's not a hero - she hates this.

Dusk has posed:
Dusk blinks at the swinging mobster. "What? Ohh! Tilt a bird, huh?" Black shadowy tendrils extend from her inky form and slam into the side of the duck. "I didn't expect to be fighting a bath toy today. I prefer showers."

The duck's foot swings close enough to Arella that she can feel the breeze it kicks up and get sprinkled with some of the water infusing its foam body, and it scrapes the roof of the car enough to make it shake as the driver dives out the fresh hole in the car, then the duck wobbles, tilting to the side and stumbling for balance away from the car.

Not quite fallen yet - but oh so close... it's huge, and heavy with water weight, after all.

Kid has posed:
    The mobster lets out a deep chuckle of a rumble as he seemed to be enjoying this. He he continues throwing his weight around, trying to keep the duck away from any more cars and traffick.

But communication WAS a thing. A general telepathic broadcast goes out. Weather or not Dusk and Arella 'hear' it is another matter entirely o O ("Oi! Most fun I've had in weeks! Harharhar!!!! That being said. Saw this thing get bigger after stepping on a fire hydrant. Also...it feels wet. Anyone know how to dry it out fast?") a pause in the broadcast o O ("Where the hell did a giant living foam duck even come from?")

He didn't know, he didn't rightly care THAT much. He instead decides if it wants to be big, he'll shrink it down in his own fashion. Be begins trying to just tear off massive chunks of foam duck with his sheer strength.

Arella Despana has posed:
Arella could probably meet the ducks weight but is unsure of its malleability. Would it simply settle around her like a giant sponge trapping possibly even drowning her irrespective of her strength? She moves out of the way of the giant foot and hearing the telepathic message frowns - trying to think on the fly. It's a shame she reflects that fire hydrants don't gout forth fire instead of water. But fire in an urban area is not a good idea anyway. Taking her wicked scimitar she decides to work on severing the limb that almost crushed her at the root. Perhaps dismemberment would work. But she is not confident enough in her present plan to share it with the others.

Dusk has posed:
The duck is huge.. but not sturdy at all, sluggish, and uncoordinated. One good swing slices the spindly tube of a leg off, followed by a fountain of cold city water draining out of the duck from the wound onto the street! The duck wobbles and starts falling toward Arella, flapping decorative, thick, square foam wings uselessly!

"Timber! Duck! Whatever. Go limp." Dusk dives at Arella in a whoosh of inky blackness, a flying void portal to try to carry Arella to safety on the other side of the falling duck, at the edge of the growing puddle of water from the wounded leg. >shrrrpt!<

Kid has posed:
The mobster was a bit busy snarling and ripping into the duck to notice it had a leg sliced off by Arella. But as Dusk makes her quip...he comes to the realization, it was falling. On it's side, which is where he was.

As the Duck finishes falling over, The mobster rolls off the duck and out of harms way. Because let face it, water is HEAVY. But none the less he jumps up and pumps his arms as if to go 'Woot!' but doesn't actually say anything outloud. o O ("Alright. That was great. Lets go again!") the grownass man was practically a giddy child. As if realizing this, he coughs into a fist and just glances from the deflaiting duck, to the other two women. Oddly, he seemed completly dry, as if he didn't just help fight a duck of death.

Arella Despana has posed:
Arella is transported accordingly to the other side of the Duck monster. It is rare that the ancient rather arrogant Dark elf is ever suprised but Dusk manages this impressive feat. Arella's overlarge emerald eyes widen to an even greater extent with aforementioned suprise. She manages a weak smile at Dusk. "Thanks... I guess." Her accent has a scandinavian lilt. Arella is plainly not human. Blue grey skin and pointy ears as well as white hair. She watches the Duck deflate. "Where did that come from?"

Dusk has posed:
"I didn't bring any ducks. You did good!" Dusk gives a thumbs up as the duck flaps helplessly on its side, slowly shrinking as the water drains out of it.

"I don't know, but it's only the weirdest thing I've seen this month. The animated billboard still wins out. I'm Dusk." Faceless Vantablack from head to toe, black tendrils fading and dissapearing, hardly one to call someone out for weirdness.

Kid has posed:
o O ("It not that weird.") he decides to help the duck out and jumps onto the duck to help squesh more water out o O ("But, pretty sure this thing came out from an alley way or something up ahead. Probably the place to check out. After all, if it had been walking down the street longer, probably more folks woulda noticed.") just an observation.

He jumps back off the duck. He looks between the two women, not seeming off put by either. Far as he is concerned, there probably just mutants or something. o O ("Malcolm or Kid, which ever does fine.") he seems to speak exclusively through telepathy. Speaking of which...he decides to 'listen' out, perhaps see if he can hear any thoughts about the duck comming from anywhere.

Arella Despana has posed:
"Arella of House Despana. Though there is as far as I know no members of aforementioned house left apart from myself. Or many Svartalfar of any note." The Elf watches the 'mobster' approach though the agility and strength marks this person as more than a man. And the telepathy. Perhaps homo superion? She didn't have the energy to speculate. "I will leave you to investigate. I am here for other reasons."

Dusk has posed:
Dusk nods. "Probably a good idea to check it out, sure. Ooh, what kind of other reasons? Something ironic and sinister, or are you just looking for a good restaurant? And how does a svartalfr end up in New York, anyway?" Dusk tilts her head curiously, nailing the pronunciation like someone who keeps up to date with such things.

There's somebody injured and hurt in the alleyway. Bullet wound. She has crutches, nice ones, and glasses, and she is laying in a pile in a shrub, bleeding on her red dress.

Kid has posed:
Kid visible grimices, letting out an all too beastly growl. He hated feeling others pain, feeling them dye. And though she wasn't dead yet...she will be if something not done. o O ("Forget the investigation. A lady is about to die. Hope one of you has a phone. If not...") he glances at the car o O ("then I am about to break alot of speeding laws...again. Oi") he didn't actually see Dusk teleport, nor did he know how far she can go.

But regardless, with the woman on his telepathic radar, he completly forgotten the duck, or even about questionginy what a Svartalfr is. He is just quickly making his way towards where he sensed the injured woman.

Arella Despana has posed:
"My crippled spaceship crashed in to Canada and Alpha Flight released me into the custody of Lex Luthor to work on his secret projects. I'm looking for some esotereic technology," Arella does notice the injured woman. "My field is cybernetics but I have little knowledge of human physiology. I do not know what good I can be helping this person. I can call for help," which Arella proceeds to do. Though no doubt emergency services would be on the way by this stage.

Dusk has posed:
Dusk snaps to attention at the declaration. "Where?" She narrows her eyes, watching where Kid is running. "Try the Columbia east lab? I'll be back soon." >bleeenk!< She vanishes in an implosion of Darkforce, appearing in the air, then next to the injured girl for a moment.

"I'm taking her to a hospital. Back in a bit." She leans toward the girl, going starry, and vanishes. >shrrrpt!<

Kid has posed:
Well, Kid was going to grab the girl. But as Dusk appears and dissappears, he jumps startled by it all. Of everything, THAT was the most startling. Screw the duck!

o O ("Welp. Not my problem any more. And I ain't dealing with no cops. Peace!") yea he wasn't sticking around. He didn't like cops, or paramedics, or really anyone in authority if he honest. So he turns and begins walking the other way, he didn't see nothing. o O ("Good luck finding that tech.")

Arella Despana has posed:
Arella is suprised again at the quickly evolving situation. At least it was evolving in a direction of self resolution. As Dusk disappears Arella uses her tablet keying in these 'labs' before heading in their direction.

She gives Kid a salute as he departs. Off to perform her particular peculiar disrete errand.