7093/The Gift of Time

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The Gift of Time
Date of Scene: 30 March 2019
Location: Greece
Synopsis: Richard Dragon and Elektra meet in Greece. They select a new training area for Elektra's Martial and spiritual growth.
Cast of Characters: Dragon, Elektra

Dragon has posed:
Richard Dragon has gone to Greece!

Where the Elektra of old had died. Where the line ended for her at the hands of Lady Shiva, another student that the Dragon had trained. Perhaps the best he ever had. But, it was too late to say this. He had more than a few students who were so young..with so much left to learn.

But, he had sent word ahead that he had made arrangements for Elektra to come to Greece. How did he do this? Well...Richard has many friends, in both high and low places. Many know the name of the Grandmaster.

And so, Richard meditates in the arena, unmoving, his breathing so still that one might assume he was dead. But those of wisdom know far better than that.

He awaits his student.

Elektra has posed:
As it happens, Elektra had business in Greece, and why have private jets if you can't use them. Not to mention, she and a certain Matt Murdock had a planned getaway. No time like the present, right?

They arrive early, leaving Elektra time to tend to her business contracts and legal papers that don't transfer outside of Greece, and then leaves Matt for the afternoon to find her Sifu and begin her lessons anew.

Her way is made to the location agreed upon in Rhodes, where she waits.

Dragon has posed:
Dragon was waiting himself not to far away! But he senses the chi of Elektra Natchios, and with a small smile on his face, Richard rises to his feet, and clasps his hands behind his back, approaching his student. After about two minutes, he finally arrives, and he gives Elektra a smile. "Eletra. It is good to see you in good health. Tell me, how was the trip? Uneventful, I hope?" Because nobody wants to hear about eventful flights! that's bad!

He currently wears a black chinese master robe with simple shoes, black pants, and white sash as the waist. Richard speaks very softly, and seems genuinely happy to see Elektra looking alive and well.

Elektra has posed:
"Mostly uneventful, Sifu," Elektra says, her lips falling upon a line of thin amusement. "I have spent the morning tending to business. It isn't always the more enjoyable of activities. Still, necessary. Your health is well?"

She looks around, gesturing to the space they occupy. "What brings you to my native Greece? I had expected to meet you first upon American soil."

Still, it had given ehr ample opportunity to run away with Matthew, and to return to her beloved Kairos, this time to a different ending than last they were there.

Dragon has posed:
Richard looks to Elektra with a smile. "Good, good." Richard then places his hands back behind his waist, as they always are, keeping a rather...regal air about him even as he converses with Elektra. "My health is well enough as it can be, given recent events but...I am well indeed."

Greece was chosen for a number of different reasons....but, there was one prime lesson to be learned.

Richard then smiles softly to Elektra. "Walk with me. Tell me, how are you reacquainting yourself with life? Your spirit has been through a great deal of trauma...and with such a trauma, it can be difficult for one to return to society, if even to act out mundanity."

Elektra has posed:
Elektra keeps to Dragon's pace, her steps easily adjusted to walk along with him as though that were her own natural stride. "I was not aware that you were unwell," she remarks with quiet concern. "Or is this a refernce to injuries I have been responsible for?"

There had been many who had been harmed along the way to her finding her voice and her freedom from the Hand, to becoming not their weapon, but herself.

"I am.. I am well enough. My memory is better every day. I find the company I keep has helped." It was true, when she was with others she had shared the past with, her memories returned more quickly, bringing others with them besides. Sadly, many of them were also of things she had done to harm those she cared about, and more, she was realizing that there were other twinges of guilt that she did not expect, over those she had not known.

It was not so much a struggle, but a rising awareness that she would have to consider who she was in the past and how much of that she was willing to keep, and what needed to be tossed as so much chaff. Matthew had not asked, but she had not killed since before she defied Madame Gao to her freedom.In the past, this long without doing so would have had her bored to tears and seeking danger merely for danger's sake. That had not happened yet.

"My return to society has been buffered. I am only now beginning to return to my business affairs. I have been lucky in my uncle, Kosmos, how has seen that things have remained running smoothly while I have recuperated."

Dragon has posed:
Richard simply shakes his head. "I was sick recently. I believe with a variation of a headcold. Through simple herbal remedies, I was able to recover in double the time. And...perhaps the mental unwellness as well. I feel...a disturbance in the chi, as of late. I cannot say what it is. But something is coming."

Richard shakes his head. "But that is besides the point. I am happy that you are taking your time with this. The memories will be hard as they return in full. But...I believe that you are strong enough to survive it." He looks full of confidence. "Though, there is another reason why Greece is the place I summoned you to."

He takes a moment then. "It was in Kairos that your life had ended. By the hands of Lady Shiva. I know her work anywhere. You will think much about your past, but there is a lesson in this:"

He pauses, turning to look towards her. "Your past does not, nor has it ever, defined who you are."

Elektra has posed:
Elektra remembers her death. It was one of the first memories that returned to her upon becoming again - even before she defied Madame Gao.

"I asked her to kill me," Elektra says simply. "I did not wish to die a meaningless death. Nor one that betrayed my hand." Not that her plan had succeeded - the Hand cared only that she was dead, not how it had happened. Elektra's death had merely hastened their timeline by a small fraction. "We fought fairly and well. You do not need worry about that, Sifu. I came to my peace with that action when I said my goodbye's to Matthew."

Dragon has posed:
Richard nods very softly about this. "I did not know this fact, though Matthew made me aware that you believed you were protecting us all....especially him." He reaches out, touching her shoulder softly. "Life is precious in all of it's forms, and it's not something to be surrendered easily. In many ways, you are stronger than most."

Though as she tells him not to worry, he nods softly. "Just know that yesterday is history, and tomorrow is a mystery, but today is the gift. That is why it's called the present.' he gives a small little smile, before he continues to walk.

Elektra has posed:
The touch is allowed where once she might have slipped it, or moved to counter it firmly.

"I thought long and hard before taking that path, Sifu. I did not know the fullness of what they intended. I had meant to keep myself from their reach. I believed if I were dead, then their plans would fail."

She'd been wrong, a fact that had ultimately worked out okay, but it could have gone either way, and nearly had.

"I did not surrender it easily. I earned that death. It was mine by all rights that could be claimed."

She'd earned her death from Shiva, not only out of the request made, but the battle itself. A glorious thing where she'd actually pierced the other's flesh and drawn blood, and a moment of respect had passed between the two.

"You are passing along platitudes now?" Again, Elektra smiles with that quiet amusement. "I will not die now. You realize that, yes? I may be killed, but I will not die. It is odd to think upon it. Matthew will grow old before my eyes. I wish only to spend what time I may enjoying the life we will have."

She tried not to think on this, and did not think Matthew had realized it at all - that he would die long before she even showed simple signs of aging. That unless she were killed in just the proscribed manner, she would continue to live on indefinitely.

That was what the Hand had done to her. And perhaps that was the biggest curse they had levied upon the woman.

Dragon has posed:
Richard allowed her to speak, however, when she speaks as though she is absolutely immortal, his eyes looks upon her. "All things die. Nothing is eternal. This is the balance of life. Death is not something to be cheated....how many do you think have come before you, attaining similar power? Even if you are simply more difficult to kill, it is very possible for you to die. Please, do not allowe yourself to grow overconfident because of this, or I fear it may yet be your downfall."

Yet, she was right in many ways as well. They made her soul into a construct of duality. She is neither living nor dead. But rather, in a state of equilibrium that is unknown to most of humanity except for a select few. It was a horrible thing to subject onesself to. Just because you can live to see the stars die out does not mean it will be pleasant.

But, regardless, they finally reach their destination, which looks like a training area at the top of one of Rhode's large hilltops. "This is where we will be training, should we both find the time."

Elektra has posed:
"I died, Sifu. What I am now is different. Maybe I should have said it that way, instead."

She does not dwell further upon it.

When she's shown the space they will train in, it is considered thoughtfully. "It is sufficient," she tells her Master, knowing full well he already knows this. "I have always loved Greece. It is a place of contrasts. Of live, and of things both barren and lush. You have chosen a spot that I think will serve us both well for lessons."