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It's a Lesson
Date of Scene: 05 April 2019
Location: Keystone Food Depot - Gotham
Synopsis: Batman sends a message to Impulse about activity in Gotham, with Shadowcat, Kestrel and Huntress watching on
Cast of Characters: Batman, Shadowcat, Carrie Kelley, Huntress, Impulse

Batman has posed:
     The Keystone City Food Depot, sometimes called the Keystone Food Depot, is an organization that takes money and food donations. Impulse gives to this place, giventhe close relationship between Keystone and Central City. Before the speedster can react, that's when the trap is sprung.

     The place is normally open. Tonight, the front lights are on, but the back donation area it's pitch black. Bart wouldn't be able to notice until it's too late. The trouble with Speedsters, velocity can be used against someone if they plan for it. What some people speculate about Batman is his planning. If given time, Batman's planning can be scary. Today, he had more than enough time to plan.

     Once Bart stops, there's no warning, just tons of small explosions. These aren't the normal burning kind. These are a series of flash bang effects. The effects will blind him ten fold, no matter what what he turns. The damage to the place is minimal, if at all.

     As Bart's vision is still adjusting he'll feel something toss him to the ground, HARD. Soemthing jams into his back. Then a modulated voice rolls forward, "Now that I have your attention. I need you to listen," and the voice that rolled forward is Batman's.

     Since the dance, Batman has planned this. Today the plan is in full swing.

     It's hard to get a speedster to be still, and quiet. "Your heart is in the right place, but Gotham isn't your city. It's -mine-. Unless the threat is global. Stay. Out." He looks down at the speedster, "You're impulsive. Gotham's threats, make the Rogues look like a joke. You could get killed, with ease. Am I clear?" Batman isn't alone today. He brought along one of the newest Bat-Family, Gotham Knight, members with him. He knows that she can sometimes convey messages better. Also, this is to show her tactics. Same for any that may be close. Thsoe that follow him, could see this situation unfold to some degree.

Shadowcat has posed:
No X-men uniform for Shadowcat tonight. Her outfit is pure black, and of a different cut, and missing the X logos that are prevalent on her normal costume. A close fitting mask adorns her face. As the explosions fall silent, leaving behind only ringing ears and blinded eyes for those not prepared for them, Shadowcat moves in to close the door and stand in front of it.

Her arms cross as she stays quiet, not adding her voice to those of the Batman. The after smell of the explosions fills the room, and even prepared for it, Shadowcat's ears are ringing just slightly. She shakes it off after making a mental note she will need to spend some time experimenting with different ways of countering that.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Kestrel was here as well. Unlike Batman and the other though she was dressed in the brick red and black suit she'd taken to while patrolling in Bludhaven with Nightwing. She lingers further back waiting for the moment for Batman to strike and capture Impulse. She has no doubt he will. He is who he is. As soon as the motion comes though, there's the sound of shattering glass that fills the alleyway through which Impulse had run. The light glints off the shards of glass mixed in with caltrops that skitter and skid across the only path out for the speedster unless he chooses to run up a wall. It might at least slow him. Only then does Kestrel step out of her chosen spot in the shadows to walk toward the figures, feet tapping lightly against the ground.

"Don't take it personally. I got this same speech myself... Well, almost the same."

Huntress has posed:
Huntress wasn't a part of the planning nor was she part of the welcoming committee. In fact, she was only coincidentally in the area while looking into something completely unrelated a few blocks away. It was simply the fastest rooftop express route to get where she was going. But then the party started without her. The flashbangs echoing into the night between the nearby buildings.

Stopping abruptly at the first explosion, Huntress turned to locate the source. Given the number of flash bangs used to try and assure the quarry was properly stunned and blinded, she was able to narrow the source down to the food bank just not whether it was the ground or second floor.

Leaping across the alley to the building's rooftop, she easily bypassed the lock on the access door. Slipping into the fire stairwell, Huntress began carefully working her way down, covering both above and below herself with arms spread and one crossbow aimed each direction and at the ready.

Impulse has posed:
With a cooler on one shoulder filled with supplies bought from a wal-mart in North Dakota the speedster known as Zippy doesn't really pay it any mind that the lights are all dark. It happens and street lights go out, and then aren't replaced for like six months. It comes with the territory. So color him suprised when the cacophany of lights and explosions go off, a strangled "ACK!" gurgling in his throat the lenses of his suit blacking out to try and deal with the sudden flashes. But then it's all over, with a whoomp of unstable molecular armor slapping pavement the breath is forced out of the teens chest his lenses returning to their semi-transparent state as his eyes adjust.

"Who? What?" he says a bit dazed getting his breath back, and then frowning. "What's with you guys and your surprise trip attacks!" he grumbles not quite realizing the seriousness of the matter at hand. "First Robin sends me crashing into a wall at thirty miles an hour, then you almost blind me?" the teen grumbles in typical teen fashion before catching on to what more the man said. "Wait.. Muggers, Rapists, and Gang bangers are more dangerous than Mirror Master and Weather Wizard??" he asks the teen clearly not up to date on the real monsters of Gotham City..

Batman has posed:
     That ignorance just causes Batman to drives his knee in harder. "I've seen a clown paralyze a a young woman just to punish her father. To try and push an honest man over the edge. The same clown brazenly kill an older couple because he could. Because that was the joke. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. A thief that uses mirrors can't touch that." Batman's voice firm, hard, and nearly insulted. His eyes looking at impulse, they're covered by lenses so no one can identify his eyes.

     "As I said, 'you're impulsive.' You haven't done your homework. Don't try to argue, you'll just insult the Flash more than you have," Batman says firmly and leans up, standing upright after a moment. "I debilitated you with a couple of flashbang grenades, and some time. Imagine what a series of shrapnel grenades would have done to your knees. Your accelerated healing forced all the tissue to heal incorrectly because of all the shards inside. You would slow down, tear your knees open each time you move at superspeed. Gotham's criminals would have done worse than that, just because they could. I don't say that lightly," Batman doesn't know about the young speedster's powers. Given that he works within the Flash's neck of the woods, he is presuming a connection. Banking on a power connection, somehow.

Shadowcat has posed:
Shadowcat glances towards Kestrel's entrance only briefly, keeping her attention on Impulse for the most part, and then the rest of the room. She's not really expecting any other issues here besides Impulse. So Huntress goes completely unnoticed by Shadowcat as the vigilante makes her stealthy movements towards the building.

A muscle in the young woman's jaw tightens a little bit. Not with anger, but as Impulse's reaction touches on some of her own memories. Younger days when she wasn't as aware of the workings of the world, and of this life that the speedster has entered. She remains quiet as Batman explains some of that nature to the teenaged superhero.

Huntress has posed:
Huntress clears the firestairs from the rooftop downward one floor at a time. It's only a four floor building and, on hearing no activity on floors 4 then 3 and nothing on 2, well it's pretty logical it came from the ground floor and most probably the food bank. Low life scum - stealing from the already poor. She hates those kind of Gotham criminals the worse. They're usually tied to the Mob.

Easing open the fire door on the ground floor, Huntress listens carefully. The conversation continues which only helps her. Batman. And some -- kid? Younger person anyway. Maybe more. She eases out of the stairwell, slowly guiding the door shut before moving farther into the room. They're not far away. She listens to determine if Batman is fighting or "conversating" in his own special way. Also she's looking to make sure there aren't any two bit thugs hiding in here with her ready to jump her.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Kestrel had the speech less than a year ago. This was before many things happened that led her down this path, before Batman had warmed to her a bit. Even so she was constantly reminded of the accuracy of it. A glance is cast toward Shadowcat to share a small, helpless shrug with her uncertain of what to do or say. She wasn't the one in charge of this situation. She was only along for the ride to ensure that it didn't get out of hand like SOME of Batman's talks could, on occasion.

Impulse has posed:
Impulse grunts at the knee. "Hey! Grandpa's proud of the work I've been doing!" he exclaims at the comment of 'Insulting the Flash.' "And stop hitting me!" he says before there's a flash of lightning colored blood red and bronze gold the teen getting up to his feet faster than the eye can track the teen skidding to a halt a few feet away.

"I did enough homework to know that Gotham's crimerate is ten times higher than the national average. Wage disparity is thirty percent higher, and the number of people living below the poverty line is almost twenty percent higher than the national average. The sheer number of slumlord cases that the judicial system throws out is super high too." he says a bit sullenly. "Your city is like.. Literally the worst. And you /don't/ want help?" he asks incredulously. "Gideon says this city just about eats itself alive in.." he stops realizing he was about to say something he shouldn't..

Batman has posed:
     That makes two things this person said, he shouldn't have. The word "Grandpa" isn't lost on Batman. "You looked up numbers. Statistics. Nothing more. There is a difference between looking at the numbers, and living in them. You're presumptive. Like I said, your heart is in the right place. But you're a liability. You need to train with the Flash more before you consider going into Gotham again. Stay out," he chides the younger hero. He leaves the how's secret. It's because Batman understands this young kid is the time-travelling grandchild of the Flash, and he has technology from the future. The technology is wired into some form of historical context. However, Batman belives your fate is what you make it. To him, the future is unwritten and ther'es opportunities for multiple timelines. There's no garuntee that this grandchild of the Flash is from THIS timeline. His presence may have altered the timeline highly.

Shadowcat has posed:
Shadowcat's lean form waits in a stance that appears relaxed, though the footing might be recognized as being balanced and ready to react quickly. The eyes glance over to Kestrel at one point, catching the shrug. A little reassuring nod is given back to the other woman before Shadowcat refocuses on what is going on in front of her. Glances are given to the surrounding room, though most of her attention is on Impulse. Though should any other watches move too far inside they might end up being spotted.

As there is the blur of Impulse getting to his feet, Shadowcat's focus is drawn back to him fully though. She doesn't move, just observes as Batman gives the warning. The conversation seems civil enough so far, and the masked woman just stands watch while it continues.

Huntress has posed:
Huntress catches on to the conversation. Petulant new comer trying to tell Batman they belong. Everyone's had this talk but this one doesn't seem to get it, yet. She doesn't lower her guard but she eases back on the stealth infiltration. The layout allows her to silently slip around to nearest to Kestrel's position where she can see Shadowcat, Batman and the do-gooder being told thanks but no thanks. Because Gotham may need help but it doesn't want charity from outsiders!

Just as she comes to a stop, her cape settles about her form. However the hem near her right foot just swishes into the pool of light coming from the interrogation room. Just enough purple that shouldn't be there for the observant. It certainly wasn't there before. Was it?

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Movement. Just a hint. For someone that had worked on stages as often as Kestrel had, the sight of a moving curtain was something to be kept in check. Either someone was in the wrong spot, about to come out, or something was wrong with the scenery behind the curtain. It was almost second nature for that ripple of cloak to catch her attention. She stiffens subtly, and takes a step back from the group as if she were having thoughts about being here and watching this. Another step... And she sinks back against the wall to broaden the range of her peripherial vision. Without a word she slips along the shadows toward where that movement had originated. Curious.

Impulse has posed:
Impulse's jaw sets mullishly, and he makes what might be another big mistake. "No. People need help, and I'm going to help them. I'm not going after your big bads, I know I don't have the experience to deal with them. But I can help stop someone's mom or dad getting killed in a mugging, or a robbery, or make sure some old guy who doesn't have a place to live can go get food from the soup kitchen." he says emphatically.

Batman has posed:
     "To rub you out of existence, all someone needs to do is take out the Flash. You're a vulnerability. Want to know how I know that?" Batman looks at him. "You. I did not research that. You told me. You get emotional, and you jeopardize everything including your own life. Gotham doesn't want, or need, your help. Period. If you show up in the city, I will treat you like Frank Castle. This is your one warning, you're not just impulsive. You're reckless. You're dangerous to those around you, and yourself. Stick to food shelters, it's hard to damage them when you're just delivering cans," Batman says all of this firmly. Yes, he just puts this young speedster in his place, HARD. Batman starts to walk out of the place, today is a lesson to everyone listening. Do not given Batman information he can use against you.

Shadowcat has posed:
Shadowcat continues to be focused primarily on Impulse. If she spots the movement of the cape in the light, or notices Kestrel fading away, no sign is given to reveal that recognition. The young woman clad in the black unstable molecular suit watches quietly as the conversation concludes. Or seems about to. She stays in place for the moment, watching as Batman begins to make his withdrawal.

The smell of the flashbangs is finally starting to die down a little bit. The scent of the smoke from the flare component in particular is hard on the nose, but gradually the furnace is blowing in new air to replace it. Shadowcat stands quietly, just continuing to be watchful for now. She does step to the side of the doorway, finally, that she had been blocking.

Huntress has posed:
Huntress saw Kestrel. The younger vigilante is smooth. But she also isn't Batman. Yet. She addresses Kestrel first, "You're good. And I can see you know it. Keep at it." A half smile is offered in acknowledgement of having been seen. Then, instead of doing anything brash unlike her past mode of operation in Gotham, she speaks up as Batman finishes.

Her voice is quiet and calm but certain. Why it's almost like having one's teacher correct them.

"He's right. Gotham may be socially sick. It may be crawling with petty thugs and hardened criminals and mobsters. For every one of those moms or dads you think you can save? There's a dozen more children who witness their worst nightmares come true before them and no one was there to help. But you're not cut out for these streets. If you haven't lived here. Grown up around this city? It's not something you want to adjust to. I speak from experience. Whatever city you're from? Help there. Do good. But don't do this. You don't want to close your eyes at night and still see the things that happen here." She pauses, "If you really want to help those in the city that need help? Why not arrange for more food and sundries to be sent here? There are many great charities you can anonymously route resources to. And you won't have... him after you."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Closer. Closer. Just how close... and what to do if this person were armed? Then again it was a *cape* she had seen and she didn't know if there were any big bads around that wore a cape. None that sprang to mind at least. Just as her hand starts to slip to her belt oh-so-casually to palm a few gas pellets Helena speaks up breaking the whole attempt at sneaking. An eyebrow raises along with a soft chuckle in resposne to the other woman once she actually gets a full on view of her.

"I'm observant. Working on the good part," she admits with a dip of her head in acknowledgement. Still, nothing was done to make her seem like a threat, so her hand falls away from her utility belt again.

"He's been doing that part, actually. The food deliveries I mean. Red Robin caught him at it once already but I got called away to another matter." Hey, she has to give credit where it's due at least.

Impulse has posed:
Impulse looks like he's been fed sour grapes. "You know.. I don't know if Gotham made you, or if you made Gotham, but you sure do fit right in." Impulse says sourly sighing at the ruined foodstuffs. Looking up where the new voice is coming from he doesn't hear Carries words. "That's mainly what I've been doing, and what I'm gonna /keep/ doing." he says stressing the word 'keep' flaunting the word in Batman's face. "Do what you wanna do, but I'm gonna help the folks you don't seem to care about." he adds the teen vanishing in a shower of sparks and lightning.

To promptly stop as he steps on a caltrop or five "OW! OW! OW! WHO DOES THIS KINDA STUFF!"

Batman has posed:
     "Again, all I need to do is to keep your grandparents from having children, and you fade from existence. You've told me who at least -one- of them is. You can flaunt. You can taunt. But it doesn't change the fact that the Flash is better off without someone so reckless, so careless, and clearly not qualified for the Flash name," he nods to the uniform. There is a clear lack of flash lightning bolt. "Your heart is in the right place, but you're not ready for Gotham. You've been given your warning. Don't push me, kid." Batman has multiple options to turn Impulse into a smudge in history if necessary. "If you continue on this path, I may not need to do anything. If you've tipped your hand to me, imagine what will happen if you give it to someone like Joker. He will have your Grandfather kill your Grandmother just for fun. And it will only be your fault, because you're the most reckless hero I've seen to date," Batman tries to stop out of the door. He's going to let Impulse ponder over everything.