7175/War of Light Pt 3.5

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War of Light Pt 3.5
Date of Scene: 08 April 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: The intrepid explores of the Guardians and Blurr discover a Citadel Heavy Destroyer on course towards Titan...with a strange, eclectic crew, all dead, with a strange bounty worth 500,ooo galactic credits on board...flashing...Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet. Darkness. What can it mean?
Cast of Characters: Green Lantern (Jordan), Blurr, Star-Lord, Drax, Lobo
Tinyplot: War of Light

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    It was very dark in outer space. Several thousand kilometers outside Saturn's orbit, the wreckage of a space craft was floating in the void. Several bodies, in the rigors of death, float around the large craft. The atmosphere that was being produced by the systems inside were still bleeding into the vacuum. Power systems fluctuated on and off, and through the viewports, something seemed to still move inside.

    The velocity of the craft was still going at incredible speeds, directly towards the Moon of Titan. That might have once been its destination, but now, it was unknown where it would end up. The cargo was the main thing though. An "anonymous" client was willing to pay handsomely for what was inside. A client from Knowhere, known to work for the Collector himself.

Blurr has posed:
    Bounties, the Collector, Knowhere, and stuff aren't really things Blurr typically pays attention to, but the wreck itself does attract his attention. Clearly whatever happened to the craft happened only just recently. Scans indicated that there was still something in there, perhaps something sinister.

    So he alters his ship's course and turns toward Titan in pursuit of the damaged vessel. If it crashes on that moon, he'll go down to the surface to investigate it.

Star-Lord has posed:
With his 'guests' in the cargo hold handling their business with Drax as their babysitter (that's going to go well) Star-Lord was heading out of the Sol system at max burn towards the jump point nearby when the bounty came in over the comm system. The nearest FTL comm bouy was hours away, but Peter had made it a priority to tie into the galactic news networks. The long range scanners had picked up the craft, of course... so it was easy to turn and head in that direction.

The internal comm was turned on, "Got a salvage bounty on the way out of the system. Going to do a flyby, see what's going on." Peter states from the cockpit as the Milano is just about past Mars.

Drax has posed:
Drax is in the Milano, louding eating potato chips as he stares at Peter Quill. "What do we intend to salvage?" Drax asks the obvious question right out of the gate, his eyes focusing on some of the moniters. He keeps his attention on most of the Guardian's guests, mainly most likely stairing a man he has a good history with already.

Lobo. The Main Man.

"Why are you called the Main Man? Are you the center life form?"

Lobo has posed:
    Lobo, for his part, was sat in one of the many chairs made available, his right hand clasped over his left elbow as he moved his left arm here and there, stretching, extending and bending it at will. Every so often his wrist moved around and his fingers followed the same plan as his arm...curiously enough, his fingernails on his right hand were painted black and looking practically new, whereas the left were all unpainted and just plain old white. That, in addition to the lines of black ink that were slowly snaking and winding around his left arm like weeds wrapping around a tree, it was clear that he'd run into some trouble on earth. His Hog was in the corner of the Milano, folded up and compact in order to take up as little space as possible, but that meant that the saddlebags, blankets and everything else were laying on the main table as if the Main Man owned the place. Idly, he was looking out one of the nearby windows as Peter flew.

    "Wow, it's really dark out there in space, ever notice that before? That's wild, man."

    He was snapped out of his reverie by the Destroyer himself, and Lobo met the superbeing's gaze with blood-red eyes.

    "Yer goddamn right I is, Clyde. Alpha an' omega, it starts an' ends at the Main Man's feet...'less I'm on that robohooker planet. Then it begins an' ends somewhere else! HAWW HAW HAW HAW!"

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    The communique across the GNN was a big score. 500,000 galactic credits, intact. The package was listed as "extremely dangerous, handle with care". The ship was fast, but no match for the speed of the Milano, or of Blurr's craft. Their sensors were not obscurred, and they can easily scan the ship heading for Titan.

    It was a Citadel craft, registered out of the Vega Star System, fully licensed as a...warship. A heavy destroyer in the New Citadel Empire. The "Kitacklac". The damage along her hull was not caused from the outside...but the inside. Explosive decompression.

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr hits the thrusters even harder to try to catch up to the thing--by all the calculations his ship's systems are running, it is on a collision course with Titan and at the speed it's going, it probably won't be recognizable any more once that happens. "Hmm. Vega, huh?" he mutters to himself as more data floods in. "Well here goes nothing."

    As he gets in range of the wreck, he opens an airlock and jumps toward it, searching for a way inside. Surely, if atmosphere is leaking out, it has a hole in it somewhere hopefully big enough for him to get inside.

Star-Lord has posed:
The Milano gets to the ship just a few scant seconds before Blurr is in range, and it's easily picked up at that range, despite the stealth mode the Milano is under to get out of the Sol system without being intercepted by Earth authorities. Galactic bounties probably aren't recognized there, and Star-Lord has no interest in trying to convince them otherwise.

He pulled up alongside the Kitacklac, his sensors scanning the ship from front to back... and it's around this time Blurr can see the Milano as well.

"Uh... we're not alone out here. Might be competition." Peter remarks over the ship intercom as he looks for an airlock to get over to the other ship.

Drax has posed:
Drax looks at Lobo and seems to be dubious. "But it is doubtful that all life spurs from you at all times. If you die, life will go on." then he hears about the robohooker planet and he tilts his head. "What end? Whate beginning? I do not understand."

Oh no.

Oh nonononononono.

Drax though turns his head to Star-Lord as he speaks. "What do your Lord of Star eyes see, Peter Quill?" He puts his hand on peter's shoulder, looking out the cockpit windows to try to get a view!

Lobo has posed:
    Slowly strapping on his weapon's harness and securing his gunslinger belt to account for zero gravity, Lobo drained two and a half cans of beer in one go, gave a belch and rose to his feet.

    "Well if we gots us neighbors, let's go say hello!"

    The forceshields were cycled, allowing the Czarnian to leap out into the vacuum without the Milano getting ripped apart from the inside out. His breath being held and already starting to feel frost upon his flesh, the casually dressed bounty hunter and mercenary swam through the black to try and intercept the warship that was hurtling toward Titan. He'd try and get right in front, putting both of his hands on the front, and putting that 100 ton range strength to good use by pushing and kicking his legs and 'swimming' against the momentum of the ship. Teeth were grit, and even if he could make a funny quip, he was taking this seriously enough to actually concentrate on the task.

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    As you enter the ship, either through the unlocked airlock, or the big hole in its starboard side, it is obvious that whatever caused this damage was done from the inside. More bodies, one a Kree, a Shi'ar, a Dire Wraith, a Gordanian Slaver, a Gil'Dishpan, and even a Galadorian Space Knight was floating in the vacuum. This was the strangest, most eclectic group of ship mates ever.

    What was even more strange was that, all of the bodies showed zero signs of a fight...except for the shocked or terrified expressions on all of their faces. As though something killed them, without violence, almost instantly, from the inside out...much like this ship.

    As you approach the bridge, you can feel a humming in the air. It seems to be coming from the bridge. Through the darkness you make out a gentle flash of light. First red. Then orange. Then yellow. Followed by green, blue, indigo, violet...and then no light, almost a darkness that absorbs all light.

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr opts to use the large hole starboard side, because most of the airlocks are too small to fit his oversized body. He scans all of the dead bodies, the broken machinery, whatever he can find. Having noticed the Milano outside, he attempts to ping Star-Lord on the comms.

    << I'm guessing there's a reason you're here, too? I don't think I've ever seen a more eclectic group of dead people. No evidence of a fi-->> But he interrupts himself when there is that odd series of different light flashes, then darkness. << Well that's not good. >> he remarks.

Drax has posed:
Drax sees the ship and now he doesn't hesitate. He tosses the bag of chips aside and he makes sure his daggers are well and in place in his boot sheathes. He then exits the Milano while making sure to steal one of the plasma cannons that Drax enjoys using and onto the ship through the hatch.

His eyes eventuallysee the dead kree, shi'ar, wraith, and gordanian and other different bodies of different species. That is...strange. What is that light? and why did it seem to fade as if the darkness was spreading.

Drax remains quiet, and keeps his eyes on that location, lifting his weapon like he was prepared to fire.

Lobo has posed:
    Well, that wasn't working, and Lobo eventually realized that he must look ridiculous. That, far more than the threat of being crushed between a massive ship and a planet, is what eventually motivated him to stop in his task, and swim over to one of the massive holes in the ship and slip inside.

    That's how Lobo ended up floating aside Drax, looking around with those blood-red peepers of his, slowly drawing a revolving blaster from his holster. Slowly over time, the veins of his neck were starting to become a little more pronounced. He preferred air to stay in his lungs, more often than not. This is why his primary contribution to the conversation was,

    "Hmm. Mmm-hmm!"

Star-Lord has posed:
As Peter sits in the cockpit, watching the scanners, Blurrs sudden voice has him going wide eyed for a moment, "Blurr, is that you?" Peter asks, "What are you doing here? I thought you had gone back to Cybertron."

Green Lantern (Jordan) has posed:
    A pulse. Red. Then orange. Then yellow. Followed by green, blue, indigo, violet...and then no light. It repeats. As you all get closer to the bridge, you can tell that all of the doors throughout the ship are open. If even one of them were closed, between the bridge and the breech, the life support systems may be able to provide an atmosphere to breathe.

    The door to the bridge is jammed open. A few bodies float around the area, all dead as far as you can tell. In the centre of the room, floating above the command chair, is a strange, opaque container, holding something inside it. That was where the shifting colours of the emotional spectrum were coming from. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet. Darkness.

    As you move closer, and the atmosphere fights to maintain an environment for people to survive, you can hear one word through the silence of space, as though broadcast into your minds. "MINE!"