7183/Operation Dusty Resolver

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Operation Dusty Resolver
Date of Scene: 09 April 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Silver Sable, Valkyrie

Silver Sable has posed:
Silver Sablinova, CEO of Silver International, is a working woman. She makes good money, of course, but the company's success is predicated on Silver leading them and making sound business decisions.

Sometimes that leadership requires a boots on ground approach. Thus, Silver is on the ground in Senegal with a small platoon of crack Silver International troops. The Senegal national forces are in the same sprawling military camp and the difference between the groups is night and day in terms of professional demeanour and equipment. Silver's troops are lean and well-rested, hard men and women with the lazy indifference of the truly elite with their minds focused on the task at hand. They're around a few light civilian Jeeps retrofitted for combat. At the foremost vehicle, Silver's examining a paper map with one of her lieutenants and Brunnhilde at her side. Her attire is all matching, custom and expensive armor and gear in scrub and desert colors. A silver bandana holds her hair back from her face and cushions the helmet on the hood of the vehicle. "This is the route we're taking," she tells Brunn. "Five vehicles, three paths. I'm sending two teams of vehicles down the west and north faces, and our vehicle will take the south approach. Hopefully, we can just flush the militia forces," she explains, in her clipped Symkarian accent. The sun beats down overhead, already stiflingly hot so early in the day. She sips from an old steel canteen at her elbow and offers water to her companions. "If we run into resistance, we're to drive them out by any means necessary. The regular army should be able to pick them up once they're on the open savannah, or pursue them into the deep desert bled if need be."

Valkyrie has posed:
Brynn has joined Silver's forces as a 'consultant', or at least that's what the troops were told. The valkyrie is dressed in matching armor and gear, and although she's been introduced there's a certain wariness around the woman. It's only to be expected, after all.

Listening to the briefing, the short woman nods while casually checking her gear. For a 'consultant', she carries herself and moves like an experienced soldier. "Flushing rats out of the weeds." she offers casually.

Silver Sable has posed:
"Da," Silver acknowledges. "We're allowed to defend ourselves but this is not intended to be a full engagement. We're rousting them from cover so the regular army can sweep in."

She grins at Brunn, a flashing and enthusiastic expression. "But of course, we can defend ourselves very violently if the occasion demands it." She puts her helmet into place and drops sunglasses onto her face. The helmet sports a distinctive silver adornment that marks her as the leader, but otherwise she blends in with the rest of the tactical-garbed warriors. She hops up onto the Jeep's sideboard and waves a hand in a circle over her head. "Load up and roll out!" she barks in command. Soldiers rush to vehicles and they start their engines. "Lady Brunn, would you care to sit in the command seat or man the weapon?" Silver inquires politely of her companion, and gestures at the front passenger seat with one hand, then slaps the vehicle-mounted machine gun welded to the crossbar over the rear seats. "You're welcome wherever you're most comfortable, of course."

Valkyrie has posed:
Valkyrie plucks up her own helmet, flipping it lightly before settling it onto her head. Brows lift as she looks from Silver to the gun, a playful smile spreading over her features. "That a serious question?" she asks, climbing lightly up into the back of the vehicle. Her own rifle is shouldered and she checks out the machine gun. Ammo belts... safety... check and check. She pulls back the lever to jack a round into the chamber, holding onto the handles.

Apparently she's done this before. Giving a nod to Silver, she snaps her chin strap into place. "Ready."

Silver Sable has posed:
Silver grins at Brunn and gets in the driver's seat as they rattle down a dusty road. The convoy spreads out a bit and then the vehicles go their separate ways towards a series of low foothills leading into a relatively mountainous region, with more cover and less visibility. As they get nearer she checks her own weapon again and puts it where it's easily accessible and not encumbered by straps or bulkheads.

She leans back and claps Brunn's calf to get her attention, and passes up a satellite phone. The display shows heatmap signatures a few hundred yards away, beyond a series of low rises. "Might be cattle, but looks like campfires and vehicles," she tells Brunn. "It can be hard to tell around here. You're the spotter-- tell us if you see anything," she advises the woman, and sits back against while the Jeep agilely climbs up some broken rocks to bypass a washed out section of the dirt path.

Valkyrie has posed:
Brynn clings to the grips as they bounce along, bent knees keeping her balanced against the jostling motion. Feeling the touch on her calf, she leans down and looks down at the phone. Nodding at the assessment, she offers. "Hard to say for sure without a first-hand look. I'll keep an eye out. Be better with a look from the air, though."

And with that, Brynn turns her attention towards scouting duties. She watches ridges as well as valleys as they drive on.

Silver Sable has posed:
It doesn't take long. They creep around a low ridge at Brunn's suggestion, and then the trio peek over the vehicle to assess the situation with binoculars. Sure enough, a small camp of militia fighters. Typified by disordely uniforms, no flags or signs of allegience, and a mishmash of borrowed, stolen, or surplus weapons. Most look to be tending to the lazy needs of camp life while a few cook or rest.

"Well, we found them," Silver mutters, staying well low so thy're not spotted. "The trick now is hitting them hard enough to make them run, but not so much they think it's time to stand and die. Could use the mortar rounds to shell them into fleeing," she suggests, and nods at weapons strapped to the back of the vehicle. She cocks a questioning eye at Brunn. "What about you, Lady Brunnhilde? Do you have some thoughts on how best to flush our quarry?"

Valkyrie has posed:
Brynn shades her eyes with one hand, peering over the camp and taking mental inventory. "They're not packing anything heavy, just small arms." she muses out loud. "If we crash in they'll offer a pitched fight, probably looking to add martyrs to their cause."

Looking at Silver directly, she nods in agreement. "Artillery fire out of nowhere should generate some excitement. Hard to fight something you can't see, and I doubt these blokes would know the sound of a mortar shell from a grenade." Raising up again, she peeks back at the camp. "Drop a couple dozen rounds behind them. That should ...encourage them in the proper direction."

Silver Sable has posed:
"Very easily done," Silver agrees, and nods at her lieutenant. They start setting the mortar up. Silver eyes Brunn speculatively then pulls the heavy machine gun from the vehicle to balance on her shoulders. She's no lightweight but it weighs close to fifty pounds of unwieldly steel. "We'll walk up to the next rise," she advises Brunn. "Once we're there we can emplace the machine gun and lay down fire. They'll think it's a complex barrage instead of a vehicle assault. Grab the ammo and parts kit?" she asks, nodding at a bag near Brunn's feet and a few boxes of linked ammunition. "We'll start shooting, and then you send off the first mortars," she bids her aide, and then sets off for the shooting position she's assigned herself and Brunn.

Valkyrie has posed:
Brynn nods in return, giving Silver a small smile as the white-haired woman shoulders the heavy gun. "Got the ammo." she offers, clutching a heavy ammo can in each hand. Her size is deceiving, of course, but the valkyrie wants to keep something of a low profile with Silver's troops. She sets the shell boxes near the mortar, sorting through the various fuse timers while the weapon is set up. "I'll be ready in a moment." she offers.

Silver Sable has posed:
It takes but minutes for the ambush to be assembled. Silver sets up the machine gun, readies it, and discreetly signals Brunn and the Silver Int'l officer to stand by. She takes a deep breath, braces herself, and starts firing.

The machine gun stitches a line of bullets through a technical vehicle armed with heavier weaponry and takes out the main cannons. This leaves the secondary vehicles that are armed with machine guns much like Silver's Jeep. She knocks the pintles off two of them with controlled fire and destroys a heavier tracked vehicle that might give the Army a hard time. After a few panicked seconds, badly aimed gunfire peppers the rocks near Silver's position.

When Brunn and the officer start laying down mortar fire, it turns from a panicked response into a route. The expertly aimed mortars start walking towards the camp like ponderous rocks thrown by a giant, digging great craters out of the ground over and over and destroying a few tents and small, temporary huts as it drives the main camp population towards a few terrified camels and their other, lightweight vehicles.

"We've got them on the run! Continue walking the shots forward!" Silver commands into the radio, exultantly.

Valkyrie has posed:
Brynn organizes the mortar, giving overall instructions and letting Silver's troops handle the details. It's a good test, after all. She watches the machine gun tracers arc into the encamped troops, and once they react to the initial shock she drops her hand to signal the mortar.

Mortar shells start dropping behind the troops, throwing up clouds of turf and vegetation with every explosion. Brynn watches the result through a pair of field glasses, smiling as the enemy reacts in full rout. Just like they're supposed to.

Keying her radio, she calls back. "Your boys do good work, Silver, but we aren't finished quite yet."

Silver Sable has posed:
Silver comes skipping down the hill once the last rounds are expended, moving with remarkable celerity. "Not by a long shot!" She clambers onto the Jeep and grabs her rifle, checking it with a competent, authoritative slap*clack* of the action. She stands in the seat and braces her hips against the rollbar. "Go go go!" she barks at the driver. The man vaults into the seat and the second Brunn's on board, they take off like a shot with dust squealing in their wake.

"Lay down suppressive fire to keep them moving if they slow down," Silver advises Brunn. "Short, controlled bursts. We're not trying to kill them or stop their vehicles until they're a solid few miles away and they can't walk out of the deep terrain."

She gets on her radio and starts calling in the support elements, and three miles later they're joined by several more Jeeps and the Silver International team starts flushing their quarry like houdns chasing a fox into the woods.

Valkyrie has posed:
Brynn spots Silver's return and responds with a grin of her own. Heading for the Jeep as well, the valkyrie takes her place at the machine gun once more and braces herself. Peering around, she swivels the gun as the Jeep takes off.

"Roger that." she calls back. The other two Jeeps join in and the trio gets to work. Rebels are spotted, and Brynn lets loose a battle cry as the gun erupts. "Yaaaaah!" she calls as the metal casings clatter into the Jeep in short bursts. With all of Silver's forces on one side of the rebels, she alternately rips up the turf and shoots over their heads. Enough to keep them moving and ducking for cover at the same time.

And for all her enthusiasm, it's perhaps amazing that Brynn manages NOT to hit anyone. Then again, that was sort of the point.

Silver Sable has posed:
The trap's sprung perfectly, and Silver calls a halt just as the nomas sail into the desert. SEveral of the vehicles are visibly leaking oil and gas, and won't make it far. The satellite relays that not far away, the Senegal Army is waiting to close their teeth around the fleeing paramilitary forces.

Silver reloads her weapon out of habit, then slings it across her back for safekeeping. She blows a sharp few whistles and brings her troops in with a wave of her hand once the fleeing vehicles are disappeairng into a distant dust cloud. "Any casualties? No one injured? Hurt feelings?" she inquires. That last provokes a few grins and muffled laughs.

"You all performed flawlessly. Exactly as planned," she compliments them, looking satisfied. "There will be fresh beer in the barracks tonight and you can expect a bonus at the end of the month."

There are a few cries and whoops of praise, and the Jeeps start convoying back. Silver climbs into the back seat with Brunn and removes her helmet to uplfit her chin at the Valkyrie. "Tidy, clean mission with no casualties. Perfect, if I say so myself," she says modestly. "Your thoughts?"

Valkyrie has posed:
Brynn keeps up the machine gun bursts, placing her shots remarkably well for all the enthusiasm. Once the rebels are fleeing into the desert she stops firing as well, still clinging to the gun handles as she points the barrel skyward.

Looking around as Silver compliments her troops, Brynn can't contain her smile at both the offer as well as their reaction. "Clean. Precise. Almost surgical." she replies to Silver, as the white-haired commander joins her. "Your boys could've run over the lot of 'em, but that wasn't the mission. Sometimes a battle needs berzerkers crying for Valhalla. Today wasn't one of those times."

Brynn pulls off her own helmet as well, tossing back dark locks. "I don't expect to see such restraint with the beer, however. Buy you a round?"