7337/City Fall: A Family Call

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City Fall: A Family Call
Date of Scene: 26 April 2019
Location: New York City
Synopsis: Koya makes her debut, and April is kidnapped despite Leo's best efforts.
Cast of Characters: April O'Neil, Leonardo, Shredder
Tinyplot: City Fall

April O'Neil has posed:
Casey's Auto Shop was two city blocks over from April's antique store building, and her apartment above it, so she was used to making this trip through Brooklyn's seedier sides of town to get there. It didn't really concern her at this phase, she was armed wit ha tazor and a WHOLE YEARS worth of practice at her local gym in self defense classes from a really attractive mkan named Troy! She was confident in herself, probably too confident.

Truth be told, April was familiar with most of the homeless people that inhabit the route she takes through the alleys to cut her way over to Casey's place, most of them were pretty nice people who left her alone, and the occassional weird one would get a open ended look at her tazer in her hand if they gave her any funny feelings.

So as it is now, April is walking through the alleyways at about 5:35 pm. She's on her way over to Casey's to water his precious plants that provide him with 'more oxygen when lifting, babe.'

Her blue eyes are down on her cell phone, she has the tazer in her other hand at her side, a messenger bag slung over her shoulders and her yellow jacket is tied around her waist by its sleeves.

Leonardo has posed:
With a little time gone by, occasionally eyes on the garage have been spotted by the Turtles when they've been keeping watch on the place. It's primarily been for observation, but from time to time Leonardo was pretty sure he heard some chatter about the 'Family' coming up. But, nothing else happened.

Today, as afternoon leads closer toward evening, there's still enough daylight out that he's careful to avoid being seen by keeping to the rooftops near the garage. It's just him this time, a light patrol in effect, but his thoughts have been filled with a variety of issues especially since this stuff with the Punisher started up. Was he making the right decision? Was he leading his brothers back into a mess they'd had a bit of a reprieve from? It had to be done at some point, didn't it?

Then, he picks out a familiar face below, on the move. April, around the time he expected her to be in the area. Settling into a crouch near the edge of the roof he's perched upon, he watches and waits, ever silent.

Shredder has posed:
    One would expect that when you are on the rooftop, you have the bird's eye view.

    Unless you're actually a bird. A new figure on the scene, a very tall Falcon mutant, circles overhead. Given the hour, the number of people on the main streets is suffocating. The alleys, however, have far fewer people.
    Koya spots the Turtle above as she makes her way to land on the roof. She's behind Leo, and they know where April is biproxy. The tall falcon pulls a radio link to her beak, and whispers. "Only one of them, on the southern roof." She doesn't attack, however, waiting for the other Foot to get into place. The turtles have proven enough of a problem in the past that it could be a problem to try to capture the blogger while the reptile is unoccupied. Two are on the roof across from Leo, while four ascend the fire escape on the same building.

April O'Neil has posed:
April pops off another text to Vernon as she proceeds on down the alleyway. She is well aware of the Turtle's patrol schedule so that does add some extra confidence. She steps around a pair of homeless people who're arguing over their various issues in life, but both of them stop to happily greet April. She gives them a smile and a nod, knowing them both by name and once past them they both burst back into argument!

April, is also completely unaware of the Foot patrolling and sneaking about, she does lower her phone though to be more alert in this current situation as she'd very nearly collided with those two men back there which was a bit of an eye opener to be more aware, less she get scolded by one of the Turtles if caught being anything but!

Leonardo has posed:
For the time being, Leonardo has no idea there's someone above, a mutant in fact. No clue that an actual falcon-person is hovering, watching, reporting in. As his eyes sweep the area, he frowns at the amount of pedestrians along the sidewalks. A lot of people are on their way home from work, and this would be prime time for trouble if someone was of a mind.

Across the street, the two Foot have the advantage of being higher up, making it more difficult for him to see them, but as others draw closer along with Koya herself, he shifts his balance ever so slightly. Stay on the balls of the feet, not the heels. Always be prepared. For anything? If possible. For something? Absolutely. Of course, a quiet and uneventful watch would be just fine. Just don't let April out of sight..though his attention slides over toward the garage for a moment.

"Eyes up, April. Put the phone away," Leo mutters under his breath. So many people these days with their faces buried in the small screens they stare at.

Shredder has posed:
    As the Foot get into position, Koya gives the command. "Go."

    A bursting unfolding of her wings, and Koya leaps back into the air as the Foot leap onto the roof, charging at Leo at full tilt. One carries a pair of katanas like his own, another a kuri-sama, a fourth with nunchaku and the last with a quarterstaff. The two across the street make their presence known as they leap the distance of the building, a pair of komos in the hand of one, tonfas on the other, flying through the air toward the green mutant opponent.

    Koya, for her part, isn't concerned with Leo. It's her job to get the girl. The audible beat of her wings takes her overhead, making for the edge of the roof so that she will be able to dive down to scoop up her target.

April O'Neil has posed:
Leonardo did get his wish at least, as April did stuff her phone away into a pocket on her jeans. She then just hooks her thumbs into her jeans pockets and strides along, dark red hair bobbing loosely around her shoulders in the breezes as she proceeds along toward the mouth of the alleyway.

Its the sound of the wings above, however, that draws April's blue eyes up toward the sky that they mimic in hue. She raises her left hand up to block some of the dying daytime light out of her vision, she can hear that audible wings and is searching the sky for them because the sound itself is one that... is quite unusual.

As it happens to do with people, an unsettling feeling starts to lay in on the girl's emotions and she starts to move faster, breaking into a jog to get out of the alleyway!

Leonardo has posed:
A shadow passes overhead, a large one in fact. The blue-masked turtle looks up and his first reaction is, "That's one big pigeon."

A moment later, Leonardo realizes this is bad, for that looks like no pigeon at all but rather something a lot more dangerous. "Crap." He risks exposure by shouting down over the din of the passers-by, "April, look out! From above!"

That's as far as he gets, for half a dozen Foot are now moving on his spot, and at first they have him effectively pinned between them and the edge of the roof. Not for long.

"I was wondering when you'd come out to play. Six of you against one of me? That's unfair odds - for you!" Leo leads with a forward flip and a kick that strikes at the side of the closest Foot's head, the one wielding the quarterstaff. If he can get in close enough to negate its range, he can move to intercept someone else next. Now, the katanas come out, one in each hand, and he follows up with a dual slice at the weapon itself.

Shredder has posed:
    Koya's swoop is announced at the same moment she clears the roof over Leo's head, and tucks her wings in to a faclon's dive, her binded legs pulling forward, the talons stretching out toward April in the process.

    The first Foot is taken in the head, and the katanas knock his staff away, but the one with the kuri-sama uses the weight, slinging it out toward Leo's planted foot in an attempt to catch it and pull it out from beneath him while the one with the katanas makes a counter slash toward the turtle and the one with the tonfas comes bearing down feet first from above at the turtle's back.

April O'Neil has posed:
Whether April had heard Leonardo's cry for her safety is unclear, she seemed to react to it though, or she just had her own version of spider-senses alert her to incoming danger. Either way she was running from the massive bird that was swooping down to get her!

Before Koya can grab her though, April reaches for a metal trash can lid and she spins around with it to aim it up to hopefully shield her from whatever is there, while her other hand darts out with the tazer weapon to try to activate it and ZAP whatever it is that is coming for her!

Leonardo has posed:
All that training, countless hours of practice, drilling muscle memory and knowledge in, over and over. There have been battles with the Foot before, some easier than others, but most of the time Leonardo has the benefit of being able to count on his brothers and vice versa. They cover for each other. Alone, that is more problematic regardless of the bravado shown. He knows with the variety of weapons they carry, any one of them could get past his defenses - and probably will at some point.

For now, he dispatches the first opponent as quickly as he can, even if it's only to knock the thug out of the fight for a few seconds. It could buy him all the time he needs, but he soon figures out this is a distraction, meant to keep him from protecting April. In fact, it was known as soon as Koya began her descent while leaving him with the group. Not good.

A hop over the kuri-sama, leading into another forward flip, this time a smash at the face with a padded elbow, followed by a back slash in return at the one with the katanas, metal ringing at the contact. The tonfa-wielding attacker plants feet against his shell, driving him off balance and down to a knee before he responds with a sweeping kick at him, trying to create some space.

Shredder has posed:
    Koya slams into April's trash can shield with her full weight, feet first with a horrible battle cry of a screech. She is open and vulnerable to the tazer. At least, if from the full impact of the eight foot bird slamming her toward the ground doesn't prevent it in and of itself.

    As for the Foot above, they continue their attack, trying to press the turtle while thhey have him off balance, and one of them is caught by the sweep kick. The fastest, naturally, and he tumbles face first into the ground next to Leo.

April O'Neil has posed:
The trash can shield was an exhilarating tactic to use and get some positive results out of! Some part of April, deep down inside, felt for a split of a second that she could be just as cool as Captain America! This thought was lost instantly forever again though as she was sent flying backward and onto her back on the ground where she does indeed hit her head on the ground too, no less! Thankfully though, the impact was partially absorbed by a toeless old Nike shoe that was worn out and just sitting there in the middle of the alley's dirty floor.

April did indeed keep the tazer held out though, as she's starting to sit up onto her butt and scoot back on the pavement, using her booted feet to push her across the dirty concrete while looking up at her attack.

"Stay back!" She shouts in a super intimidating (not really) April angry voice!

Leonardo has posed:
When the one falls next to him, Leonardo delivers a thump of a fist to the back of the neck while still managing to hold his sword. It's a disabling strike intended to keep the other one down and out, even unconscious for a spell. That's necessary because the others descend on him rapidly and whether they fight just to keep him from getting away to go after April and the attacking Koya or they mean to more seriously injure him, it doesn't really matter. It prevents him from getting directly involved.

With the numbers game still enough of a threat, Leo takes a slice down an arm here, shoulder there, another nick above an eye, but he gives as good as he gets with a flurry of strikes both with his katanas and without. Blood may be drawn but it comes in the form of surface wounds, though any he lands will require treatment before long. However, tonfas will leave bruises, along with impacts from the nunchukau. And yet, he gets a stronger impression the primary goal is to keep him occupied.

"April!" he shouts again, still unable to force enough separation to aid her. The fight goes on, providing Koya with enough time to act further, whether Leonardo's side of the battle ends with him defeating them all, or leading to their eventual retreat.

Shredder has posed:
    Koya takes the tazer to the leg, stumbling back after the impact and clentching her needle-like teeth behind the beak. She takes a moment to shake off the tazer, and then shoots forward, aiming to catch the reporter by the arm holding the tazer so that she can try to knock it free. Apparently it wasn't super intimidating to the mutant bird.

April O'Neil has posed:
The tazer is knocked easily from April's hand, Koya is out of April's league when it comes to hand to hand combat. Its sent flying away into the stacks of garbage and she's left to stare up the bird-thing. April continues to struggle backward, trying to get away and get back to her feet.

"Look." April says to her. "I've never been anything but nice to birds! I shoe the cats away from them on the window sil at my apartment. Literally! I hit the cats with an old shoe to get them to leave the pigeons alone! So we're good, right? Great!"

The reporter makes an effort to stand, intending to run and its clear in her body language.

Shredder has posed:
    As April moves to get up, Koya reacts, anticipating that move. "Yeah, we're good. I'll make sure not to drop you from a roof." A powerful thrust of her wings, and she's airborne again, feet once again snatching out in an attempt to take April by her upper arms and lift off into the sky with her. "We're just going to have a nice chat about you and the Family."

April O'Neil has posed:
April was in the process of running for the alleyway mouth when Koya takes flight once more and latches onto her by her shoulders! There's not a lot that the reporter can do other than be lifted up into the air and frantically swing her feet while her head snaps left and right!

"Leonardo!" April cries out as she's carried up into the air, indicating that she did indeed know that the turtle had been in the vicinity trying to help and keep her safe, but it didn't seem to be working out too well in this instance!

Once up in the sky, April's heart pounds inside her chest, she dangles there from the bird's claws. "Oh god... this is, this is not first class accomodations!!" She quips, even while in such a perilous position.

Shredder has posed:
    The Foot ninjas are battered and beat up, but their goal was just to run interference. As Leo strikes another one, they fall back, and one of them throws a flash smoke grenade. The flash bursts at the eyes, followed by the disorienting smoke, and the six retreat.

    Up and into the sky, Koya does a vertical climb to take her straight up the side of the building and into the sky.