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Witchay Womaaan
Date of Scene: 21 May 2019
Location: Sanctum Santorum
Synopsis: Doctor Strange and Black Cat get a visit from Wanda seeking help with a protection spell
Cast of Characters: Black Cat, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch
Tinyplot: Protect Xavier's

Black Cat has posed:
With no one worse for the wear after the attempted assassination of the Sorcerer Supreme (except for Felicia's shoes and the assassin himself), it seems to be a far more quiet day for both Sorcerer and cat-burglar. Having purloined -- kidding, been given -- a house key for the Sanctum itself, Felicia lets herself in and closes the door behind her. Today, she's in a vivacious red spring peacoat, svelte and tied closed with a small bow at her hip. Beneath this, cream-colored jeans almost equestrian by nature tucked into knee-high boots in brown with golden buckles. She has her hair down and loose in a cascade of platinum-blonde waves and, lo and behold, her lipstick matches her coat. On her arm, a small grocery bag with more tea.

"Copperfiiiiiiiiiiellllllllld," she calls out musically, loud enough for her voice to carry. Rather than lingering in the magnificent foyer, she begins to walk up the grand staircase with...a very deliberate sashay to those hips.

Doctor Strange has posed:
    "Feeeeeeee." Says a voice nearly as sing-song as Felicia's and certainly a woman's but it's from behind and above Felicia, just beneath the window of the anomaly rue sigil forced into a window frame. The wizard sits beneath it. Sort of. He has his legs tucked underneath him, obscured by the cloak that hangs low off his shoulders and touching the ground. None the less, Stephen is seated with his legs crossed and his hands grasping onto the middles of his shins.

    Stephen turns his heand with a smirk on his lips. "Always a welcome sight when your shadow darkens my doorway." The wizard smooth talks to the woman on the other side of the landing from him.

Black Cat has posed:
Turning on her toes with a small 'eeep!' of surprise, Stephen gets a momentarily wide-eyed look before the cat-burglar giggles despite herself. She meanders over to the man floating in his seated lotus posture and places a hand lightly on one of his knees.

"I just can't help myself. I keep on wandering back in here," she says blithely with a little curl of her red-red lips. Her thumbs rubs back and forth gently. "You don't look //too// busy..." Her musing is definitely a purr as she lets her kohl-lined eyes drag up the Sorcerer's body slowly until they meet his. "Join me for a cup of tea, your wizard-ness? I brought some apple-cinnamon Chai."

Doctor Strange has posed:
    Slowly Stephen starts to lean towards Felicia as if he was going to steal a kiss but his hand is lifted and presses against her lips. His fingers, not his lips. "Tea sounds lovely, I could use a break from scrying... it seems I'm having a bit of a hiccup mystically as it is." Stephen says, still unsure what caused his magic to go haywire at the charity event the other day.

    Stephen's foot extends down and touches the floor before the other one finds it's place beneath the wizard. "Shall we?" Stephen says, trying to take the bag from Felicia and leading her towards the kitchen."

Black Cat has posed:
Thankfully, no lipstick lingers on Stephen's fingers. This is the heavy-duty stuff, apparently. Felicia smirks to herself as she allows Stephen to take the bag and slips a hand about his bicep. She walks beside him in her easy swaying way towards the kitchen.

"We shall. Do they make an anti-acid for that, magical gas bubbles? Or do you need to do something like...go dance under the light of the full moon in a fairy ring to realign your chakras or something?" she asks, clearly poking friendly fun at the Sorcerer and the magic she pretends to understand.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Within the Sanctum Santorum, as Doctor Strange and Felicia are making their way towards the kitchen, a red light comes on. Or so it seems at first, but a glance will show instead a tiny cylinder-like shape of swirling scarlet light. No bigger than a hand, and casting that soft red light into the room, along with a voice:

    "Stephen. Might I pop over for a word with you?"

The voice has a slight accent, something soft, Eastern European perhaps, and the woman's voice has a relaxed, slow delivery to the words. The voice and the magic both will be quite familiar to Doctor Strange, as Wanda Maximoff sends him the magical equivalent of a text message.

Doctor Strange has posed:
    "If they make an antacid for that sort of thing... I'll dress up in your suit and go steal some priceless jewel myself." Stephen says with a chuckle towards Felicia, smiling faintly at the blonde woman holding onto his arm. Softly his free hand finds her fingers and pats against them sweetly as they begin to decend the stairs.

    "No, I just have to figure out what is causing it and exorcise it from my life one way or another." Stephen explains with a glance towards Felicia and looks down at her attire, "You look stunning in red my dear." Funny how far they've come having started as a simple business exchange. Then there's a new voice within the Sanctum that hasn't been heard in here in some time.

    Stephen and Felicia have just stepped onto the first floor landing when the flying tube of red gives Stephen a voicemail. "If you must, but make it quick." Stephen says, he wants to spend some time with the thief. He reaches forward taking his hand off Felicias and starting at the top and working his way down. He unzips reality and with minimal effort Wanda is in the room before them. "How can I help you Wanda?" Stephen asks, forgoing introductions at the moment as he's not sure if they're needed quite yet.

Black Cat has posed:
"Why thank you, Copperfield," Felicia demures as to the compliment. She smiles, pleased with having chosen the color...deliberately. "It does do me justice, I've been told. But if you really want to wear a suit like that, just ask. I'll be sure to go and find something for you. You have to try it on for me, of course." By the light in her jade-green eyes, the cat-burglar's envisioning the sight and it's an amusing one.

The sudden showing of light has her stopping in place beside Stephen and falling into a marked stillness. Novel magic has been either shocking good or bad in her experience and she's leery now, stepping slightly behind the man. She frowns at the voice exuding from the crimson gleaming. Who...is this?

Stephen answers her silent question with a name and a parting of reality that visually still boggles her mind. Blinking beside the man, Felicia doesn't release his bicep as she stares at the other woman.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff steps through the opening from what appears to be a comfortable room with an open floor, purple furniture set around a coffee table before a fireplace, and large windows with a view of elsewhere in New York outside. She is fairly instantly recognizable as she is wearing her Scarlet Witch attire. Black leggings and a red and black corset beneath a scarlet jacket with angled layers of fabric at the bottom in what seems near to an Asian inspiration. Brown hair with just the slightest reddish tint is left to fall unhindered about her shoulders.

Wanda gives Stephen a soft smile before her eyes move over to spot the source of the woman's voice she heard. "Forgive me for interrupting," the Scarlet Witch says to Felicia, giving her a gentle, apologetic smile. "I will keep it brief," the Transian woman says as she looks back to Doctor Strange.

"I may be doing a bit of protection magic in the future." Wanda tells Doctor Strange. "I am doing some research for it now, but I was hoping when it is time I might ask your assistance with the creation?"

Doctor Strange has posed:
    "It's okay, she was... a student of mine." Stephen says with a glance to Felicia and then a stare towards Wanda. A half truth, at least he can tell Felicia that. The he addresses Wanda, stepping forward once and sliding his hand to Felicia, keeping contact with her to know that she's still by his side even if mostly behind him. "A protection spell... on what? You know I could and will help with what I can." Stephen says towards Wanda, a touch of kindness in his voice, a hint of familiarity there. "I'd have to know more than just that Wanda to agree to help though."

Black Cat has posed:
"No worries," Felicia replies evenly to Wanda, still noticeably wide-eyed. It's probably pretty obvious that the blonde in the cherry-red peacoat is mundane and not a magic-worker in the least. The cat-burglar meets the Sorcerer's eyes at the glance back to her.

"Oh," Felicia says as she looks around Stephen after being told of the connection between him and this Wanda. It makes sense. Everyone has to learn from someone more wise. While he steps forwards to attend upon Wanda, he does leave a scarred hand back to Felicia; this, she keeps a gentle hold on, interlacing fingers loosely as she observes the two mystical gurus.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
"On mutual friends who could use the assistance," Wanda tells Doctor Strange. "I still have some details to work out. I will focus on them for now and we can talk in more detail when I catch you at a better time," she suggests, giving him a pleasant smile.

Wanda glances about the Sanctum briefly. To her senses it could almost too much to take in at once, though she has enough familiarity with the place to not overwhelm as it might have on her first visit. "Oh, and please pass my regards to Wong," she offers. "I noticed a new Jewish deli down on 12th that he will have to come try with me," she says with the kind of soft smile that leaves peopled tending to find her a likeable person.

"Apologies again for interrupting," Wanda says, her eyes going to Felicia as she says that. Her fingers gather a swirl of scarlet energy about them, which flows out to form a cylinder much like the small communication magic, but this large enough for her to step through, and with her room visible on the other side again.

Doctor Strange has posed:
    "I would appreciate knowing who you're asking me to help. But... I know you're not one to get mixed up in the wrong crowd. Not any more." Stephen says with a coy tone but his fingers squeeze against Felicia's in that moment. There is a worry mentioning Wanda's checkered past. He does understand her need for secrecy though and respects it. For now.

    "Nice to see you again and in less of a demanding mood." Stephen says before the tube appears and without another word Stephen ushers Felicia to go towards the kitchen with him in step just behind her, keeping an eye over his shoulder towards Wanda until she's gone from the room.

Black Cat has posed:
Felicia lifts her free hand towards Wanda in a gesture equal parts awkward dismissal of the apology offered and farewell. Grimacing a little to herself, she watches the crimson magical light disappear entirely before offering up the softest little 'hmm'. Now she's being herded and goes willingly at the time, still startled from the sudden arrival and departure of the Witch.

"Wow. Text messages seem so much more boring now," the Cat offers with a little titter as she pauses by the kitchen table and glances back at Stephen.

Doctor Strange has posed:
    "Texts get the job done without having to make me eat slugs for lunch." Stephen says with a frown towards Felicia and then a hand pats the woman on the small of her back as he goes past to grab a couple of mugs and then starts to fill up the kettle with water before he turns on the burner and sets it down and steps back over to Felicia to wrap her up in his arms as if he wont be apart from her. "I'm sure you have questions. I have answers."

Black Cat has posed:
Felicia wrinkles her nose and sticks out her tongue slightly at the idea of such a repast. "Oh, gross..." she mutters, hoping from the bottom of her heart that he's joking. She watches him prep the kettle on the stove and then steps into his arms, resting her face against his chest. He smells of him and the usual cologne, incense, and the singular fabric of the cloak itself. She reaches up and gently tweaks the lifted collar of the clothing in greeting.

"If you want to tell me about her, you can." Leaning back a little within his arms, she then makes to begin fussing with the lapels of his gi-top. She purses her lips as she talks. "She was your student. I bet you were a good teacher." Instead of flattening them, rather, the Cat works them steadily upwards and upright until she reaches the fabric about his neck. POP. "Ooh, you looking fetching and fashionable, Copperfield," Felicia teases, biting her plump lip. "All you need is an inverted baseball cap now." She reaches up and runs her fingers through his hair before curling her hand about his jaw. A sweep of her thumb crosses his cheek and back towards his ear. "I'd be one of your //biggest// fans," she purrs, eyes twinkling.

Doctor Strange has posed:
    "I don't mind telling, but I'm not sure what to tell. Simply ask and I'll answer as best I can." Stephen says around her thumb as she brushes against his lips. His hands fall from her back to the sides of her waist, unable to say how in awe of her thinness and how much the thief pops out of her clothes and seems like everything was custom made for that perfect frame of hers. He lowers his face to brush against her cheek with his breath. "I don't think I can stomach a backwards hat any more, but for you, anything Fee." He says before a peck of his lips against her cheek and he smiles against her skin, savoring the warmth of her face and the brush of his facial hair against her smooth skin. "I know I'm your biggest fan Felicia, and if it takes a ballcap to achieve the same for you, then I'll wear a ballcap."

Black Cat has posed:
"I'm not going to make you wear a baseball cap, Stephen," the blonde laughs. "You're too dignified for that." The tease is accompanied by a kiss on the end of his nose and still: no lipstick left behind. "I could rock a baseball cap though...and a jersey." She rolls her eyes to one side along with her head, musing over the idea. Note - only a jersey.

A couquettish tuck of her chin now and she looks up at him through her dark lashes. "I can't think of any important questions right now, so let's just have tea and you can tell me about your day. After that, I can tell you about how your night's going to go! It'll be a good compromise, cross my heart." The Cat draws an X over her cherry-red coat with a fingernail, never dropping Stephen's eyes.

Behind them, the kettle begins to whistle. What good timing!