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Date of Scene: 24 May 2019
Location: Mealtide, Empire Bay
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: War Machine, Spider-Woman (Drew), Lex Luthor, Blue Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver
Tinyplot: Sentinels

War Machine has posed:
     It's a day like any other, the birds are singing in the trees the fish are trying to eat the bees. It's a wonderful echosystem in motion that perfectly balances itself one day to the next.

     The sun is a pure blue with barely any smog filled clouds hanging in the sky. Which admittedly for this part of town is a bit of a surprise but a welcome one at that. A few people are out walking their pets enjoying this rarely seen lovely moment in their lives.

     An eagle majestic and proud soars through the air cawing out as it spies its pray, a lone bluejay fluttering about as it ruffles out its feathers towards something on the ground. It starts to swoop and FWANG.

     A suit of black and grey armor is sent flying through it at high speeds by a violent burst of neon orange energy sending a surge of heat through the air that turns clouds into steam. A second beam sends the figure slamming back down into the ground HARD

     Dirt and rubble is kicked all over as clouds rise up and debris splatters across the hoods and windshields of the various parked cars lining the roads. A semi driver screatches to a hault his wheels spinning as he jackknifes the load causing the truck to shutter and shake as it flips onto its side causing a puncture that spills fuel out onto the road and sends it oozing along.

     People scream out running in terror the fumes already rising to the air as the fast slow fumble over the fast who have tripped. Some turn back for those who have fallen in a moment of humanity grabbing them over their shoulder before running off down the street the best that they can.

     The road is a complete mess cars skid out as they try to avoid collision with the fuel truck skidding to a halt that smacks them right into the back of the vehicle deploying air bags and only adding to the panic.

     The building War Machine had collided into begins to collapse under the weight of the impact shuddering and creaking as its main support beams buckle. Out of the chaos a voice screams out. "OBEY ME DAMMIT!"

     The voice comes from an old man with grey hair dressed in a rather simplistic jumpsuit as he stands at a control pannel manned by several assistants. They all look as if they are panicking scrambling to try and do something. "Shutting down... it's not... it's not shutting down." They call out trying to figure out something anything.

     The console is about the size of a full sized electronic keyboard. It's been plastered with a friendly and welcoming Friends Of Humanity logo on the side much like the groups jackets. "What do you mean it's not shutting down?" The grey haired man calls out with a shout. There's a definitive panic in his voice. "You said you had the emergency shutdown codes" Turning around on the spot towards one of the younger men in his little group. "I do, but it's not responding, they aren't supposed to do anything like this."

     As they panic the smoke starts to clear. And a set of figures become visible through the smoke. There they stand tall the first generation of Sentinels. They are bulky, massive in their design the paint mostly worn off from the years. Even at a glance it's clear they haven't been kept up to snuff. In spite of how much taller they are then the normal batches there's still something to be said towards the intimidation factor from a robot that's already been partially disassembled.

     The entire arm of one of them is already missing. It doesn't look like it was blown off either, instead the markings indicate it was removed one bolt at a time.

     Yet still it seems they have quite a bit of power backing them as their eyes begin to glow sending out a flickering cone of glowing lights while they search for something. Standing in the wreckage of an icecream parlor.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica Drew has encountered sentinels before. She has never had any trouble from them, personally. Probably only because she isn't a mutant, she reasons. But you stop ONE time to get ice cream...

"God...did anybody get the number of that bus?" She asks, pushing half the counter off her body and shifting debris aside to climb gingerly out of the rubble. Before her, as she rises is the foot of a 50 FOOT SENTINEL! As she stands, however, she realizes that she may have exaggerated that estimate. Nah...he's just regular-sized.

She can hear the shouts and sounds of chaos around her, but she is still trying to get her bearings. She took a pretty good tumble there, and she touches her comm. We've got sentinels....on my mark. Well, actually about four feet away from my mark. Anybody know what the hell is going on here?" She didn't come dressed for this.

Lex Luthor has posed:
LexCorp is a multinational giant, with subsidiaries all over the world, including one in Empire Bay. It was a small, but important biotech firm that handled manufacturing, and it was here that Lex had a scheduled meeting with the CEO of Brochtore Inc. He was in the middle of the meeting when Mercy got the call with the news of giant robots attacking nearby, leaning in to whisper it in a relay "we have a potential Sentinel attack nearby, Mr. Luthor." A moment later, and Luthor puts up a hand to the CEO, "we'll have to finish this in the evening, Mark... I have business to handle elsewhere, just came up." Reaching over for a handshake, Lex amicably excused himself, Mercy and Hope trailing behind.

Once out of earshot, Lex brought his hands behind his back as he started to head to the parking garage, "have the truck crew get the assembly platform ready for me. I've been waiting for a chance to test it like this." Lex orders. Mercy brings up her phone as they go, "Mr. Luthor wants the suit assembly ready within five minutes." A pause, "Yes, I know it's short notice. No excuses. This is what you're paid for."

Instead of going for his Limo, Lex heads for the non-descript truck stored out of sight in a parking garage, and enters. Stepping up onto the platform inside, the Mark 1 general warsuit starts to fit itself onto Lex, already having encased his arms and legs.

Blue Marvel has posed:
Adam is walking down the street. He checks his watch and picks up his pace a bit. He is without his leather shoulder bag today, but still dressed in one of his usual tailored brown suits, with a green tie and white shirt. Adam fusses with the tie as if uncomfortable with it. Green might have been a bad choice.

Adam looks in the direction of the War Machine as it comes roaring in and starts when it is sent slamming into a building. He is looking in the direction the energy blast came from when the tanker goes out of control and flips. A cream coloured Volvo swears sharply to avoid colliding with another car heading at the tanker, and drives up onto the sidewalk. Adam tenses to move but sees the other pedestrians near him will get hit. Instead he sets his feet and lowers his shoulder. The Volvo slams into him and comes to a dead stop, the front fender bent halfway into the engine block around Adam. He doesn't stay to check on the driver. Instead, he turns, snatches a ballcap off the head of a man staring at the chaos around him. Adam pulls the Red Sox cap low and launches into the air.

The air sucks in the vaccum left behind him as he races into the hole in the building left by the War Machine. He comes up against one of the main support beams shared off by the War Machine's impact and strains upward pushing back up against the beam. The light around him warps and shimmers.

"You've got five seconds to get out of here," he shouts towards the downed War Machine. The floor creaks and cracks under his feet.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff was just back and getting cleaned up from a trip to somewhere not nearly as nice as an ice cream parlor when Rhodey's call came in. She hurriedly donned a fresh Scarlet Witch costume as she called out, "Jarvis, show me the location!"

The large television situated on her wall lights up, the screen split in three to show a map of the area, a live satellite image, and a larger map with the locations of the other Avengers. "Here you are, Wanda," Jarvis's disembodied voice replies. "Also contact Warren Worthington of the attack and see if he can assure media coverage," the Scarlet Witch says. As Wanda hears Jessica then over the coms, she has Jarvis zoom in on Jessica Drew's position.

Wanda's fingers become wreathed in scarlet energy that gathers into a ball between her hands, then grows into a cylindrical field. At the same time, a similar field of red swirling energy grows besides Jessica in what should be a familiar sight to her teammate. The energy disappears, leaving Scarlet Witch there. Wanda immediately puts up a red glowing shield about herself and Jessica. "What's the situation?" she asks.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"They're out of Rocky Road AND Superman, but the toys in the kids' meals are massive," Jess quips to Scarlet Witch, as she looks around the rubbled parlor.

War Machine has posed:
     This shoe in particular doesn't look like the usual sentinel shoes. It's attached to a green leg instead of the usual purple. Despite some of the paint being worn off that green leg leads up to a purple body that's designed to look far more like body armor with more green arms, the hands and face of the beasty are made out of what looks like bronze or brass. Though it's likely just the paint job.

     The face looks all too human frozen in a single expressionless display. Its eyes are a bright glowing yellow and it has a purple helmet over the golden face. At a glance it could almost pass for human if the colors were done right, and it was a bit more human sized.

     The sentinel that did the stepping through the icecream parlor is the more intact of the twin units. It only seems to be missing part of the mask of its face, revealing a flat wall of metal beneath and a single ocular sensor which is currently glowing as it searches the debris abound.

     From Luthor's positioning he could see them, or rather their aftermath. The pitch black pillars of smoke billowing up into the sky from where the truck had hit its fumes rolling higher and higher much like the other vehicles which had wrecked.

     Sounds of sirens police and fire fill the air. The hounds have been unleashed and they are searching for a way to save people from their doom. He would be able to easily notice the beam of orange crackling energy sent up into the sky that keeps going for some time before fizzing out tearing a rather nice hole inside of a large rolling smog cloud.

     At Brashnears feat rests War Machine. This suit of grey and black armor done up in the full assault package looks like a walking tank. With more weapons then one would ever reasonably want on a suit of armor and enough plating to stop a dump truck thrown at high speed it's no wonder the suit is only partially caved in on the front.

     Standing up with a whir of machinery. Rhodes rolls his shoulders inside the suit. It's hard to tell if there's a man inside of all that metal but given the designs similarities to Starks. Save the intimidating pure red glowing eyes, and far more militaristic look it would be a fair assumption. "Guess some people never retire."

     Said in a robotic voice as Rhodes takes one quick look up towards the ceiling. To the outside he's just wasting time but in reality it's a quick scan for signatures. Making sure there's no one left in the building. "Listen, at 140 on the fourth and fifth floors you've got four people still inside if you get them I'll get the eight on the other, and we'll both get out of here before the building collapses." He doesn't wait for a response before kicking off to try and barrel through part of the already destroyed section of the building to attempt his little rescue.

     Wanda would be able to see that most of the people in the parlor have already managed to leave. The building had cleared out quite fast, considering they only had so long to evacuate before the building came down on top of them.

     Yet outside she could get a slight view of something. A truck, armored heavily, with the words PRISONER TRANSPORT on the side. The police cars to the front and back of it are crashed already with the cops trying to get eachother out of the frey. It's a struggle to survive against the force of the impact before more cars can crash into them.

     The back of the transport has been cracked down the side. It's not enough for someone to climb through but it looks almost as if the crumpling against the overturned tanker managed to shatter some sort of protection over it.

     From the crack a blue glowing energy surges. It's a light crackle at first before it flares sending practically a localized lightning strike. It arcs from the trick right into the back of the towering sentinel standing over it and doing its own scans. A little chip carried on the lighting latching right onto the hulking figure.


War Machine has posed:
     The sentinel shudders and shakes for a moment spasming out. Its arms go to either side as electricity surges across it. A spiderweb patern of blue energy begins to cover it as it screams out in... pain? Can machines even feel pain? The Sentinel buckles over the second of the group pausing in its actions to turn towards the first. It pauses for a moment looking over.

     At the ground level the FoH members are still working their best to shut down the machines and from the reaction of the Sentinel one shouts out in joy mixed with fear. "I think it's working, I think it's working!" A look of relief across their face as the woman goes back to work. "Now just to get the other one, and we can put this whole mess behind us." The whole of their little group seem to take a comfort in this moment as they relax knowing they might be able to avoid more chaos.

     And then the sentinel begins to laugh.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Then, the sentinel is laughing. Jess looks stricken, shooting a panicked look at Wanda. "Does this sentinel sound...funny to you?" Then, she doesn't hesitate, but leaps straight for the Sentinel, landing upside down, clinging to his face. She draws on the electric charge of the metal for a moment, then ZAP!! As she is drawing again for round two, she shouts into the sentinel's face (still upside down, but a target on a face is better than a sitting duck target anyday). "Sebastion. We have a rogue sentinel. I am trying to shut it down, but I need to know if you're able to read me here! Y'know. I'll probably ask you later. If I live through the ride. I don't know how long a quarter lasts in these things." ZAP!!

Lex Luthor has posed:
Once he takes off out of the top of the assembly truck, the pillars are easy to see. "Not very subtle, are they." Lex quips into his commlink to Mercy and Hope. "Mercy, I want a satellite over this portion of the city ASAP. Get on the console on the truck and get the uplink ready. I want a top down 3d map of the fight within five minutes." Lex barks as he heads full speed over to the smoke... and within seconds, lands with a loud *THUMP* on the edge of a roof nearby the parlor.

He takes a moment to bring the heavy duty sensor suite in his suit to bear on a ten block radius to get a good read on the situation... and centers his sensors on the two Sentinels.

From above, everyone in the area will be able to see the green and purple powered armor suit that just landed... and brings up it's right hand with some sort of projector in the palm. "I don't think so." A synthetic voice can be heard from the suit as pulses of high energy plasma start to discharge from that projector into the back of the Sentinel experiencing the massive power surge. He's trying to be precise with his blasts in order to slow down the transformation even as he tries to take the Sentinel out of play outright, keeping track of his surroundings with the sensors.

Blue Marvel has posed:
"I don't know what you mean," Adam says, unconvincingly to War Machine's retirement comment. But he nods when James lays out the plan.

He lets go of the ceiling and blurs as he speeds out from under the building then up the side and back in through the windows. He doesn't stop for permission or to offer comfort. Adam simply blasts through, picking up a middle aged woman leaning against the wall in a hallway and out the far side of the building, depositing her on a nearby roof. He is gone before the woman really realizes what happened and does the same again. And again. Until his assigned floors are are clear. Then he looks around for War Machine and comes up beside him.

"Done. The hell is happening to the blue one?" Adam asks, adjusting his cap.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff looks about the area and quickly assesses the threats. The Sentinels and the effect of the energy coming out of the prisoner transport are high on the list. But if that gasoline tanker blows no one in the area my survive.

As Jessica Drew leaps out of the protective field, Scarlet Witch lets it drop. A red aura wreathes her hands as she splays them out to either side behind her and propels herself up into the air. She twists in the air, flying backwards and keeping an eye on the Sentinels as she expects to be one of their primary targets. Her path takes her above the gasoline tanker.

More chaos energy is pulled into Wanda and then released. The gasoline tanker is rimmed in that scarlet aura and then the entire tanker and semi lift into the air. They turn in the air so the ruptured area rotates to the top to stop the flow of gasoline. Wanda and the semi-truck float through the air over into the large yard of one of the nearby plants. The dirt is suddenly thrust up in a few places to cradle the tanker and keep the rupture at the top as Wanda sets it down. She flies back towards the scene then, landing on the road. A red glow is seen over the already spilled gasoline. The spill is much less than the tanker volume, allowing Wanda to transmute it to water. She lets her arms fall to her sides, catching her breath as she checks back to what has happened while she dealt with that.

War Machine has posed:
     As Jess leaps up onto the sentinel the first thing she would notice is that it's covered in a sharp electrical field that's constantly discharging a great deal of electrical energy. The second thing she would notice is that it's getting higher up into the air.

     As first meet face cracking into the metal the surge of blue spiderwebbing circuitry turns blood red. Spikes begin to slam out of the shoulder pauldrons of the sentinel its face shifting and molding even as the old is ripped off. Beneath that first face is another, this one made of wire and circuitry moving metal from other parts of its body to form something of a helmet even as she shouts for Sebastion.

     "Sebastions not here right now, if you'd like to leave a message please wait for the bee-" The menacing crackling computer voice is cut off as the sentinel is knocked forward a bit the armor on its back heating up even as it twists and changes its shape to 'heal' itself with armor from other areas. "Now you're all really starting to fry my circuits."

     The sentinel grabs for Jessica with a bit more speed then one might expect out of the old unit, as it tries to make a quick grab and throw of one Jessica, into Luthor.

     The other Sentinel seeing the first attacked opens fire on Luthor. Those beams are high intensity to be sure but who knows what they'll do in contact with the new suit. After all it only has one hand but then again the beam comes right from a circular portion on its torso.

     Rhodes does his part to help with the evacuation, finally coming up through the building only after Adam has managed to quite handedly set everyone down. He's got two kids one on each shoulder a pair of elderly men in one arm and a matching set of elderly women on the other along with a pair bombshell babes who're clutching onto him for dear life.

     He settles down onto the nearby rooftop as the building he'd just flown from collapses down into the ground sending up a massive ploom of smoke in every direction. The damages caused thankfully send it right straight down instead of toppling over to either side would it have without the twos assistance.

     Now the battleground is covered in a thick layer of dust forming almost a fog as One sentinel is pelted with abuse and the second just tries to keep up.

     "I'm not sure, but whatever it is, it can't be good." Rhodes says rather calmly looking over the fray as the machine further morphs and turns from its original design to suit its new 'friend'. "Pretty sure they're not supposed to do that normally."

     Wanda is just in time a single spark from the electricity had set a trail of the gas ablaze. The fire burns and burns but before it can reach the tanker proper she's got her shield around it. The flame comes up against the bubble of energy but can't quite travel past.

     Once she sets down the tanker the harmless water rocks in its container. It rolls back and fourth on the spot a small arc of electricity flowing through it before fading into nothing.

     The sentinel now looks significantly more... Death Metal then before, whatever is inside it twisting and forming its shape like putty.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica usually does a great job of handling electricity. It's...kind of her thing. However, she wasn't prepared to become a projectile. She's plucked from the sentinel's face, thrown into a pile of rubble and knocked out...to dream of ice cream and happy meal toys.

Lex Luthor has posed:
Over War Machines commlink comes a scrambling, synthetic voice. "The one giving off unstable energy is the big threat. Take it down quickly." Lex barks out to War Machine from the rooftop opposite as he continues to fire pulses into the back of the electrically charged Sentinel.

Or he was, until Jessica is tossed at him like a projectile... and the other Sentinel turns to fire at him. His right hand drops, and immediately the left gauntlet comes up as his secondary shield shimmers in front of himself, like the knights of old.

High energy blasts still have a kick to them though, and when they hit, Lex has to engage his strength amplifier and leg anchors -themselves piercing into the rooftop to be effective- in order to remain in place.

If nothing else, he's soaking the damage effectively. He just can't move until the barrage is over with.

Blue Marvel has posed:
"Yeah, probably not," Adam agrees with James. "Let's shut them down so the medics can get to the victims."

Adam flies down from the rooftop and lands behind the Sentinel firing at whoever the person is in the armour. Adam clenches his fists and the air around him warps as negative energy reacts with ambient kinetic energy in the air molecules around him. He holds out both hands and unleashes a stream of negative energy at the second Sentinel. It has been 60 some years since he has done this, and he is frankly not sure whether he is firing too hard or too lightly.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
The female Avenger's voice cries out as she sees Jessica Drew slung through the air by the Sentinels, Wanda spotting this too late and too far away to arrest her flight before Jessica has crashed into the building's rubble.

The Scarlet Witch eyes the two Sentinels angrily, seeing one has been transformed by what came out of the crashed prisoner truck. Rather than go after the transformed Sentinel immediately, she tries to make sure the second cannot be similarly turned.

A red corona gathers about her hands as she holds them wide apart in front of her. Wanda brings her hands together then as if she were molding something between them. A similar aura gathers about the prisoner truck, mashing the metal together to seal the gap that was used to affect the affect the first Sentinel.

Wanda propels herself through the air then to land at Jessica's side. "Jess. Jess, can you hear me?" she says as Wanda's magic checks the woman for serious injuries. "I think you should be ok," she says in her soft accent, picking up Jessica in her arms and launching the two of them through the air, opening distance to find somewhere safer to set Jessica down behind some solid cover, before turning and flying back towards the fight.

Quicksilver has posed:
As the fighting rages on between the Avengers (and friends) against the Sentinels, A blue blur ZOOMS into the line of fire and takes 10 people out of the crossfire before the civilians even knew what happened. As soon as thats finished, this flash of movement runs along the arm of the Sentinel that is attacking Lex Luthor and Pietro has what looks like a long pole in his hand as he hopes to jab the machine in the eye as soon as he's ready to leap off it.

Then finally, Pietro is still, and he gives a shrug at the machine.

"Heh, catch me if you can you piece of scrap metal." But another thought went through Pietro's mind:

Where the hell is his dad when you need him?!

War Machine has posed:
     With the face hugger thrown off of him the Sentinel rolls his neck before doing a brief scan of his surroundings to double check threat levels. The scan takes longer then they might be used to with sentinels but still far less time then the standard.

     Shoulder pauldrons grow into place, and he uses this distraction now fully formed to slam his hand through the side of a nearby building. He recognizes as well as anyone what the word Bank means. And there's no time like when you're already inside a Sentinel to take a vault for your own.

     War machine locks down on the spot for a moment as he gets a com in. His hand goes up to his ear as one of the bombshells just kisses him on the armor saying. "Oh Mr.Stark , you're my night in shining armor, thank you so much for saving me." At this point it was something he'd heard so much the sting had pretty much faded. Instead he looks over stoically towards the suit of armor in the distance. Speaking inside his helmet.

     "Someday..." A pause as he moves over towards the edge away from the two in order to get a better look. Back over comms he calls, as he comes next to Brashear. "Alright got it."

     Turning to where Brashear had just been Rhodes starts to say. "A little birdy jus... t told..... me" Cutting himself off completely as he hops down off the building as well leaving behind a pair of swooning women who are after the wrong armor clad man.

     Thrusters kick in to slow the suits descent down the side as he looks between the two targets powering up his full battery of weaponry and readying to lock on. It's at this point he sees that other suit knocked back hard by the blast and deploys his own anchors locking himself down onto the ground for his own next attack

     The more normal of the twin sentinels takes a shot over back towards the flying target. To be fair it's a little hard to tell where it's priority comes from as there are a few too many targets yet to tell as its other arm, the building behind it, the cars behind the building the street and the sewer line are torn with a massive hole that leaves behind a sparking husk in its place.

     The truck is sealed back shut completely and those with superhuman hearing would be able to hear a quiet stream of expletives and pounding from inside the prisoner transfer truck. It's not nearly enough to break through the truck specifically designed for holding its occupants but someone inside is mad beyond measure.

     The big bad glowing sentinel screeches out in pain as he falters back for a moment. A stream of expletives coming from it as it grabs up to the eye where the speedster had managed to climb up and jab out in one fell swoop.

     The bank vault is dropped and the machine twists right back around. "That's it!" The robotic voice shouts holding up both arms. "Everyone dies!" Spikes shutting out larger as the hand readies a super powered blast of energy glowing brighter and brighter still.

Lex Luthor has posed:
Time to change up his strategy. The big one is the main problem.

As soon as he gets a moments reprieve from the energy blasts, Lex unanchors and launches from the rooftop... with the shield still operational. His angle adjusts as he goes top speed directly into the glowing Sentinel like a powered battering ram, intending to split it apart himself... or at least knock it off balance as he tries to push it into the sky, away from the street, so he can really let loose.

Blue Marvel has posed:
Adam blanches, as much as someone with complexion can. His stomach turns when he sees the hole in the building and the wreckage he caused. He swallows hard and offers a small prayer out loud that he hadn't just done what he feared he had.

He stops to /think/ for a moment and takes a breath. Then he jumps forward to the second sentinel's nearest leg and tries to punch through the plating to any cabling. If he manages, he pulls on the Sentinel's power, drawing into him and radiating it out as heat, trying to drain the machine.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
As Wanda sees the non-upgraded Sentinel point a weapon towards her, she raises a hand towards a parked pickup truck on the ground below. It's an older model pickup, with mud flaps with the Playboy logo, and some of those brass balls hanging from the trailer hitch.

It lurches off the ground and flies up into the air in front of Wanda just in time to take the attempted blast from the Sentinel. The truck balls blow apart, one in each direction. Poor truck. It becomes a fiery wreck which Wanda pushes her hand forward to, sending the truck zooming like a flaming missile towards the Sentinel's chest.

Quicksilver has posed:
Pietro gives a smirk at the 'EVERYONE DIES' quip. "Hey, I have bad days too. But usually I spend it watching YouTube like a normal person." Pietro then charges with speed at the Alpha Sentinel, with a big smile on his face. Though since it apparently decided to charge up the spirit bomb of F-You and getting ready to blow everyone straight to hell, Pietro double times it. He takes the time to run in a circle EXTREMELY fast, creating a strong tornadic wind that happens to pick up a few vehicles (regular cars, and a truck) and he eventually stops on a current, letting the vehicles to be thrown at the Alpha Sentinel! Hopefully distracting it or ruining its power play. Hopefully.

Worst case scenario, Pietro might be running in the opposite direction.

War Machine has posed:
     Gamma, the unupgraded Sentinel, having not only lost an arm completely but also having managed to have its blast blocked by a truck readies to open fire with its chest beam once more. This time one of those fun little power blockers. Instead it gets hit with a truck stumbling back slightly.

     There's a quiet cracking noise as something about how that truck explodes against the front of Gamma causes the casing around its main weapon to spider web. The shot frizzles for a moment before it bursts open with a shower of sparks onto the ground. The shot instead tearing a hole in the torso of Gamma.

     Alpha, the largest one is in the middle of charging one massive beam of energy when Luthor comes careening head first into it. There's shockwave of electricity in all directions as the suit makes impact. Car alarms go flashing on and off cellphones in the area are fried as well as any unprotected communications tech or electronics as the emp burst widens out dissipating about a block away in all directions.

     Alpha skids back taking bits of street and parked cars with it in the force of the impact slaming hard into a nearby building while trying to maintain its stance. The 13 foot tall metal mans chest is indented by the sheer force of the strike but the building behind it keeps it from falling to the ground.

     That beam of hyper concentrated energy goes wide firing off high into the air and clipping the wing of a passing aircraft. It may just be a grazing shot but it's enough to tear through the engines of the craft and send it spinning.

     Then come the cars back for their revenge against Alpha. One after another they pelt into the upgraded monstrosity. The rapid fire slamming of automotive dents and dents his armor a little bit more each time slamming Alpha's head further and further into the building he's backed up against.

     Effectivly every time he tries to speak there's another car to the face. It would almost be funny if this thing hadn't just clipped the wings off of an Airbus A38 with its blast. Only a few mm shy to either direction on that blast and it could have hit the main passenger body.

     Meanwhile Rhodes is doing his best to keep a steady aim on Alpha. He's got his weapons charged and ready to fire, it's just getting a shot where he won't wind up blowing half the damn civilians in the area to kingdom come that proves an issue.

     "Just give me a-" He cuts himself off as his eyes track that wide shot as it tears into the civilian Airplane. He barely pauses a second before pulling up his anchors and readying himself to try and play a bit of catch the airplane.

Lex Luthor has posed:
The kinetic impact isn't even felt as Lex just burns right into Alpha, his shield taking the brunt of that hit as he just sends Alpha flying back into the building. Without actually grabbing it and engaging the strength amplifier in his suit, he's not going to get it into the sky... but Lex /can/ keep Alpha pinned, and his suit can take a few cars to the back without an issue.

So, for now, that green and purple power armor is visibly flying directly into Alpha, keeping him right where he is for an easy shot. Sentinel weapons pack a punch... but he hasn't stress tested the suit under sustained Sentinel fire.

This is as good a time as any to give it a try.

Over the commlink, War Machine gets another transmission from that unknown person in the suit, "Disable the weapons, I can keep this thing pinned." The synthetic voice grates out as Lex concentrates on managing the load, his thrusters occasionally pettering out as power systems start glitching.

Blue Marvel has posed:
Adam is too late to try anything on Gamma and watches it fly away with Lex's impact. He turns in a circle, seeing the heroes rushing in different directions. His eyes fix on the prisoner van.

A second later Adam is at the truck. He grabs it and pulls, planning to peel it open as easily as a chip back. If things go the way he plans, the instant the truck is torn open there is a strange non-light flash as he unleashes a butst of negative energy from himself with the aim of barely not killing the transport's occupant.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda doesn't have any time to feel satisfaction as the Gamma Sentinel's chest suffers the staggering damage. The errant shot hitting the airliner draws her attention. She flies up overhead of the fight with the Sentinels, calling down to those below, "There is a chip on the Sentinel's back! Probably how he is controlling it! I am going after the plane!"

Wanda takes off into the sky then, her hands glowing red like they were afterburners. But really they are not afterburners. War Machine is going to make it to the plane well ahead of her, but Wanda calls to Rhodey on her coms. "I'm following you, James. I can take up some of their weight when I get there. Can you fill in for their missing engine until we get them on the ground?"

Quicksilver has posed:
Pietro looks at Wanda. "Dammit Wanda, be careful!" Pietro then looks at the Alpha Sentinel and he cracks his knuckles. "So...you have a weakspot. Can you cover it before I get there? Heh, Doubt it!" Then of course, there's Lex charging at it like a madman, and Pietro hopes he can either knock this mechanical beast down or distract it. But, in the meantime, Pietro ZOOMS off, and tries to get into a good position to get onto the Sentinels back to try and find the chip that Wanda spoke of.

War Machine has posed:
     Alpha fires off an upgraded shot hard into Lex trying to force him off. The energy blasts are stronge then the standard Sentinel and are firing a constant burst as the energy crackles around. The process causes excess electricity to fly off in all directions as it expends a large burst of electricity.

     The glow around alpha weakens somewhat as that high energy burst falters slightly only able to hold full blast for so long with white hot intensity that burns the building behind the two with an outline of Lex's suit that melts parts of the cars being flung at the Sentinel.

     As Adam rips open the truck he could see a woman setting on the side wall of the truck. She's wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and resting her leg on the back of a dead security guard. While she might have been able to overpower the guards in the crash she doesn't exactly expect Brashear to come in out of nowhere.

     "My he-" Spoken sarcastically before BAM comes the non-light. It's a flash of darkness, of anti matter that blackens the back of the truck completely having managed to take her by surprise. She doesn't even get a chance for that quippy one liner she had planned for when her accomplice got her out and free.

     Luckily her more then human damage resistance keeps the blast from killing her. Instead the neon blue haired woman is knocked completely unconscious by the blast. One and done, she's out cold her own electricity sparkles out without her to control it.

     "I'll see what I can do, but right now I've got a plane to save." Rhodes calls back out over those open coms. The war machine assault armor is loaded up with one hell of a massive pair of repulsor engine arrays. A collection of smaller hyper concentrated repulsor engines synchronized together in order to give the full package suit quite the heavy flight speed for its size.

     It still lets out that loud FWOOOOM and boom uncharacteristic of a single repulsor, but with more then 20 in each leg it's no wonder the sound is almost deafening as he speeds to the plane grabbing onto what's left of the wing. "Like the way you think Wanda." Said back to her in the process.

     The plane is already heavier then almost anything he'd tried to lift before even with the assault armor. This wasn't going to be easy by a long shot. He wondered to himself if he'd even be able to slow it down.

     On the ground As Pietro runs towards Alpha, Gamma tries one last trick, a single pulse of the mutant suppression field to try and end the fight proper. It goes out sure, but it's only there for the briefest of moments echoing out far as the last action of the sentinel before without its main power core the creation shuts down falling towards the ground.

Lex Luthor has posed:
The structural force shield around his armor would have been fairly depleted from the massive amount of energy the Alpha Sentinel is firing at him. Unfortunately for the possessed machine, Lex has been keeping his gauntlet shield between him and it... and the energy just hits the main deflector, flying all around him as he keeps it occupied.

Then Wanda points out the chip in the Alpha Sentinel... and now that he knows what to look for, the sensors easily pick it up against the other background noise.

"Why didn't I see that sooner? I'm going to need to recalibrate the system later." Lex muses to himself.

Then, once the latest burst of electricity is finished, Lex activates the strength amplifier in his suit, maxing it out as he suddenly starts to fly around and behind the Sentinel. Within moments, his sensors pick up a weak point in the armor, and *CRACK* Lex ignites his plasma blade in the right gauntlet just in time to tear into the point, going right for that chip to cut it out, while his left gauntlet remains on standby to take any sudden jolts.

Blue Marvel has posed:
Adam sits down heavily on the bench inside the prisoner transport. He puts his hand on the woman's shoulder and concentrates. He tries to bleed off the sparking electricity, to warp it with a negative energy field and re-emit it as pure sound, directed if he can straight down into the ground.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff follows War Marchine though she is longer reaching the plane. She angles herself on a path to meet up with it rather than fly straight at it, so much longer does it take. But eventually Wanda is there, flying to land on the wing, crouching on it and grabbing the leading edge with a hand to help hold on.

Her loose hair whips behind her, and the plane's strobe lights on the wingtip light her up again and again as they flash. Wanda looks over and sees faces of terrified people pressed to the windows. She waves to them reassuringly, prompting one little girl to wave back.

"So between my lift, and you and the working engines pushing it forward so the wings give lift, we just guide the plane on down to the nearest airport?" Wanda asks War Machine over the comms. "Can you talk to the pilots so they are working with us?"

Barring a response that changes that plan, Wanda concentrates and draws on her magical strength, the red aura flowing from her out across the bottom of the plane until to anyone on the ground it will look like a red halo surrounds the immense aircraft. Wanda begins to provide lift, concentrating hard as this is surely no small feat to sustain as long as she will have to.

Quicksilver has posed:
One last shot, huh? Well...

Its a shot that Pietro didn't see coming. As soon as that pulse strikes at the ground, the pulse eventually reaches Pietro as he starts to run and he feels his powers supressed...which means no speed!

But because he was already running, Pietro falls and rolls along the ground until he hits a wall forcefully and groans.

"That...motherf$*#er..." Pietro struggles to get back to his feet, but without speed...he's pretty helpless right about now. Hopefully that Alpha Sentinel doesn't go looking for the white haired speedster.

So he hugs a wall for a minute, hoping that his powers come back aaaany minute now.

War Machine has posed:
     Alpha is running low on power. The sentinel can't sustain that constant barrage of energy any longer it shuts the main beam down and readies a supression field of its own. If it can't beat him it can at least cause some chaos a full pulse of it should cause s-

     Luthor cuts through the metal just as the next pulse is charging. The little chip on the back comes lose and as it does a violent storm of electricity erupts in a vibrant burst of pure electricity that reaches high, high into the sky. This one's a big one.

     Thanks to Brashear's quick thinking and Lex's method the blast isn't nearly so strong as it could have been otherwise. Instead of vaporizing those close by it merely sends that burst which overpowers the nearby cars causing their batteries to explode showering the ground with glass.

     Light-bulbs shatter, batteries burst on the spot, cameras that weren't fried by the first blast by the second see the kind of oversurge that fries them completely.

     Down the street a lone figure who'd been flying into help has their own power suit fried causing the young hopeful to careen safely bounding down the street and into a collection of trash cans in a nearby alleyway. A small bit of electrical smoke rises out of the back of the suit and into the air, even if its pilot is undamaged.

     The chip harmlessly now falls off the back of the sentinel and into Lex's hand. It's the size of a television remote with a lone eye on the front of it. The eye despite being made of ink seems to look around in every direction as the last bits of the red glow fade electrical power spent trying to keep its hold over Alpha.

     The first generation Sentinel has seen better days, but then again it certainly looks in better shape post upgrade then it did before. The spikes are a nice touch, and only most of its face has been smashed by cars to the point it's unrecognizable.

     "This is Avengers Aviation, we've detected a minor obstruction on your left wing and will be providing you escort to ground level, please be prepared for minor turbulence while we escort you safely down to the tarmac." Rhodes broadcasts over the planes speakers and the Avengers coms at the same time. "We assure you that any turbulence you may be experiencing during our descent is perfectly natural and the pilot will be working directly with us to ensure a safe landing. War Machine over and out."

     As he goes back to focus on the task of assisting Wanda in the lengthy process of guiding that massive air bus back down to the ground safe and sound. The burst of energy just barely misses his suit which very likely would have sent him to the ground had it hit.

     Alpha is left lodged into the spot unable to move. The Sentinel now no longer being controlled awkwardly shifts its limbs back and fourth trying to figure out a way to break free but unable.

     It's only then that the Friends of Humanity finally are able to get their shutdown signal sent. Alpha powers down slowly the lights leaving it as it slumps down now harmless as can be when partially still lodged into a building.

Lex Luthor has posed:
The sheer power that erupts hits Lex point blank. With no information on what he was dealing with, he doesn't have enough time to fly away, and it blasts his suit /hard/.

It's more than enough to cause enormous flux in his suit as suddenly his power systems have to be forced into an emergency reboot so they don't fry themselves with the outside surge.

For anyone watching, the green and purple power armor suddenly drops from the back of Alpha like a stone, hitting the ground as the suit goes completely inert for about twenty seconds.

Blue Marvel has posed:
Adam flinches when the electric surge happens. His ears ring and he shakes his head to clear it. When the energy pouring out of the woman stops he stands up slowly and steps down out of the van. The scene is just... madness. He can't help but look at the crisp edged hole he bored through a building or avoid noticing the people coming out from the lower floors.

He rises into the air, dragging an empty van with him. He starts using it to ferry people down from the floors above the hole. Then he turns his attention to buildings punctured by the Sentinel blasts.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff likely has a long flight ahead of her, helping the plane stay aloft as it makes its way to the nearest airport that is long enough to handle the plane. Between her lightning the plane's weight, and Rhodey providing thrust like a substitute engine, they keep the plane flying in a normal fashion. Though inside the pilot has to ask the people to not all shift over to the side of the plane to try to look out the window, for fear of tilting the plane that direction.

Wanda's hair was still wet from the shower when she arrived. It doesn't take long in the streaming wind for it to dry out. Though talk about frizzy!

Quicksilver has posed:
Pietro finally feels that surge and he smiles to himself. Suddenly, he ZOOMS off again, his powers gone for only a brief moment and he's running up the side of a building until he's on the rooftop. "HEY! HOW WAS THE PLANE CATCH?!" he calls up to Wanda and Rhodey comedically, knowing he could just be a normal person and use coms.

Then he looks at the sentinel and he grins. "Heh, not so tough now, hunk o' junk. Should give you to Stark so he can reverse-engineer you."

War Machine has posed:
     With the sentinels defeated it seems that things can finally calm down a bit. Officers clamor and climb their way out from the wreckage over to see what's going on. Their stance a bit more reserved as they try to work with the injured and the troubled.

     Ambulances are finally able to arrive on scene with the usual SHIELD agents coming out in small numbers to just make sure things are handled the right way.

     All the while a lone GPD Interceptor watches from the end of the road. It had been waiting in the alleyway nearby watching the proceedings. The officer dressed in his full uniform takes one look at the end of the proceedings and pulls his hat down firm over his face. As he looks over towards that suit of armor being used by Luthor.

     He ducks into the open car door. Head kept down he pulls back out from the other side and that vintage cop-car drives off slowly from view.

     Brashear has no trouble getting people into the van and out of the buildings. Most of them are able to help out eachother to more easily evacuate from the buildings some of which will no doubt wind up condemned.

     Yet it's a lone woman who looks to be in her late 80's perhaps even early nineties who seems the most pleased to be rescued. She's on oxygen but she looks like it's perhaps the happiest day of her life just seeing that man carrying the van. "I knew you'd come back." The old woman says, her dark skin wrinkled with age to render her eyes almost closed. She doesn't look like she's aged all that well, but her thick Chicago accent is filled with a pure joy as he son helps her and her wheelchair into the back of the van. "Bless you Blue Marvel." Said with a quiet smile of worn down teeth.

     Her son just keeps his eyes on the road ahead. He's a man bulked up with muscle and covered in tattoos. He looks like the kind of man who'd break rocks for a living with all that muscle. Though the way he leans down to her shows in spite of the rash of prison tats he's still a momma's boy at heart. "Come on now momma, don't go bothering the man, he's just doing what heroes do."

     Setting down on the bench beside her as she just smiles pleased as punch to see that familiar face. If she actually recognizes him? Who knows. But she's definitely happy enough that it shouldn't really matter.

     High up holding the wing of the plane Rhodes keeps the calculations in his head adjusting his trajectory just enough to keep the ride smooth as he can even with all that weight shifting to have a look at one of the Armored Avengers.

     It's hard for the pilots or even the nurses to keep the passengers from all moving to take a look at Scarlet Witch, and War Machine. Then again who could blame them. They'd just been saved from a horrific plane crash and there was no doubt in their minds that this would be the best chance they'd have for a look. From inside the plane it's all cheers and joyous shouts from people young and old as they clamor for a look.

     Lex would hear something he might not be used to as well. Applause, thunderous cheering applause for stepping in. All of those heroes on the ground get it really. All it takes is one person to start clapping and then another, and soon there's a roaring cheer from the people already brought to safety. People are in high spirits with the day saved from catastrophe.

     Even Pietro gets a bit of a quiet cheer from someone else on the roof. A little girl who's no older then 8 just calls over to him. She's got a fish fin on her head, and little fishbowls on her gills to let her breath above air. Her bright red hair draped down partially over them as she just calls over saying. "Thank you mister." In a soft little voice as he cheers, clearly not sure what to do as he'd run up right by her hiding spot where she'd been watching the battle. She's got one of those little Magneto shirts on that were selling a few years back at the gift shop on Genosha. They sold well but it's a surprising site to see in the middle of a city like this.

Blue Marvel has posed:
Adam smiles for the elderly woman and shakes her hand gently once they are safely on the ground.

"You're welcome, ma'am," he says. When he finishes the last load he looks around but does not feel like smiling, not at all. He rises up into the air slowly and lands near a police sergeant giving orders to her people from a makeshift command post. His suit is ripped and dirty, the ballcap long since lost. He looks tired and sad.

"I did that," he says pointing the gaping hole in what had been an occupied building after all.

"My name is Adam Brashear, and I surrender."

Lex Luthor has posed:
It takes a full twenty seconds for the armor to reboot itself. Luckily for Lex, even without the structural integrity field, the armor matrix itself is very durable, so he isn't too knocked around.

A few seconds to go through general diagnostics later, and Lex stands up with micro-motors rebooting themselves, the mufflers giving a slight whirring as everything comes back online. Soon, the lights on the sensor array and the slight shimmer of the force shield can be seen... and a moment later, the chip is placed in a utility compartment at his hips.

The old car is definitely out of place, so a quick database checkup on the person going into the car is done... and suddenly he tunes his sensors to get a solid look at him and his car. Lex looks to the Alpha Sentinel, a PIP showing the car leaving, "Mercy, sending you coordinates. There's a vintage cop-car driving away. Track it and the person inside. Don't lose him." He speaks over the encrypted commlink back to the suit armory truck as he engages the strength amplifier and suddenly grabs Alpha by both legs... and starts to fly away with it.

Scarlet Witch has posed:
While flying the plane along, Wanda says into her comms, "Be sure to arrest those responsible for the Sentinels," she says. "And Jessica Drew is injured, behind a concrete wall to the northwest of where the fighting took place.

Eventually she and War Machine get the plane onto the ground. Once it is safely landed, Scarlet Witch waves to the people in the plane before flying away. "That... was a workout," she says to James. She is clearly a bit fatigued from the exertion, and if War Machine offers to carry her back to the scene of the battle for clean up, she will definitely accept the ride.

Quicksilver has posed:
Pietro looks to the small child cheering him on and Pietro gives her a small smile in return for her happy cheers. He walks over and picks her up, before he ZOOMS back to ground level, setting her down where she's good and safe and where a family is likely looking for her. "Stay safe. I like your shirt."

Then Pietro looks around at all the cheering. Smiling lightly, Pietro then gets back to task, running again until he finds the unconscious spider he saw get flung a few moments earlier when he arrived. Picking up Jessica, he zooms off to carry her to safety. All in a good day's work.