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As If the World Were Perfect
Date of Scene: 08 June 2019
Location: Sector 1624
Synopsis: Kinsey finds Blurr in Cybertronian space. Then Walker shows up.
Cast of Characters: Kinsey MacKenna, Blurr, Saint Walker

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey had to admit a real curiousity about the.. well, that was it, wasn't it? She wasn't sure what it was. He? Did it have a sex? He have a sex? She didn't know, and it wasn't like she could ask at this point. Not without, well... doing exactly what it was she was doing right now, searching for him.

Him. She'd decided she'd go with him for now.

Yod-Aesch had been insightful, but Kinsey didn't want to get all her information from him. Besides, he seemed terribly invested in pleasing her which wasn't helpful. What Kinsey wanted were straight answers. Like.. why was the other being kept like that. And just why was it that she kept running into the same questions over and over? And why was it her gut wouldn't let her ignore this otherwise chance meeting (other than the fact that someone had died during it).

There was something. Something she needed to get to the bottom of, even if this particular journey turned out to be a false lead.

Of course the only place she knew to look for her mystery 'man' was back on that planet. Though she at least had co-ordinates that weren't the middle of a city. She could start there, right? Where he'd left her and Saint WAlker... Saint Walker who Kinsey wasn't asking permission of to take this little jaunt.

Call it something of a rebellion if you will.

Blurr has posed:
    Kyzil, the desert-like planet where Kinsey had first met Blurr, is just as it was when she left it, well of course minus the presence of Yod-Aesh, her new Kree friend. Who really seems to be...enamored with her. At least he is recovering from his injuries quite well, if he doesn't exactly have a home to go back to.

    Anyway, Kyzil is still teeming with Kree, although there is no sign of Blurr there. Upon returning to the spot, though, she does spot one of those raid groups she'd heard about from Yod originally. They seem to be searching the wreckage of something, maybe a ship, or maybe a village they've just razed...

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
That, too, was a reason to return. To find out what to do with Yod-Aesh. It wasn't like Kinsey could keep him like a pet, and well, it seemed a little crass to give him false hopes. It wasn't that she didn't like him, but perhaps not that way, and besides, it wasn't like they could forge any sort of true relationship, even friendship, as long as he was at the mercy of her hospitality.

It does strike Kinsey as odd that she's so easily accepted here on Kyzil as part of the scenery. Like she belongs. It raises those small hairs on her arms, and the back of her neck when she thinks about it. Then again, to her they look mostly like humans, other than those with differing skin tones, and the fact that she needed Kibou's translation skills.

Spotting the raid group, Kinsey tries to fit in by dropping her Lantern outfit, leaving her in her human clothes which are still stand out in the crowd - other than the fact she's not approaching the group, and is trying to stay hidden out of sight. Her last encounter here leaving her more than a little gunshy. Literally.

Blurr has posed:
    As she gets closer, she may be relieved to see that though they are Kree, like the ones she crossed last time, they aren't wearing the same uniforms as those guys. So, maybe a different faction.

    However, her human clothes don't exactly help her blend in. Plus the fact that she kind of dropped out of the sky, and they're military trained personnel. However, once again, they don't react negatively to her as she may have expected, nor do they treat her like an outsider. In fact, one of them approaches her. "Can we help you, ma'am?"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Rats! Foiled! So much for staying out of sight, but so far so good? No weapons drawn? Calling her ma'am? Unexpected, but she could work with this. "I was looking for a friend," she tells them with the help of Kibou translating. It was a bit awkward and did very much peg her as an outsider, but perhaps they were used to that as well.

She gives them Blurr's name, and feeling foolish, his description as well.

Blurr has posed:
    As she starts to describe Blurr to them, they goggle at her, their mouths agape. So, she is 'friends' with a Cybertronian?! The one who had addressed her first sort of clears his throat a little, trying to regain his composure. "Listen, I don't know why you are looking for a Cybertronian to begin with, much less considering it a friend, but if you knew what's good for you, you would stay -well- away from those mechanical monstrosities."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
There's a slight cant of head from the woman as she considers that. It's not the first time she's encountered that opinion, though. "Well, it's less a friend than he saved my life. I'd like to thank him for that and ask him a few questions."

She's puzzled, other than the fact she's encountered xenophobia at home. She just hadn't truly expected it to be a universal constant.

"I realize you may find it odd, but if you could direct me towards their encampment?" Of course integrity grabs ahold of her. "Actually, do you mind if I ask what happened here? Are you in need of assistance?"

Blurr has posed:
    When Kinsey informs them that Blurr saved her life, they just gawk at her all the more. -No-, that wasn't possible! But for whatever reason, they don't seem to think she's lying. "You...must have been mistaken, or maybe it wasn't intentional." A shrug. One of the other men says something under his breath to the one speaking, and he finally relents. "I mean, I have no idea where your 'friend' went, but if you are looking for one of them, I'm sure you'll find it in sector 1624. That's where their home planet and many of their colony worlds are located, anyway."

    Though his expression hardens when she asks about what was going on here. "Thank you for asking, however, this is Empire business and no assistance is required. Now, if that was all you needed, I bid you good luck in entering such dangerous sectors of space." he nods respectfully. "For the good of all Kree." Then they return to their business.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Empire business? Kinsey was afraid to ask, and with their assurance that they did not need her help, she didn't feel obligated to push the matter. "For the good of all Kree," she echoes, uncertain why, or if it's the proper thing to do, but when in Rome and all that, right?

Kibou is asked where that sector is, and if he's able to get them there. The answer is an affirmative, and barring any interference, Kinsey is on her way again, this time to sector 1624.

Blurr has posed:
    The trip itself is fairly smooth. Kinsey won't run into much interference, and soon she'll find herself in a sector of space that most of the rest of the civilized galaxy wouldn't dare go anywhere near if they could help it....and she might begin to see just -why- those Kree had looked at her like she was crazy for wanting to come here.

    Desolated planet after desolated planet passes by, many of which may have had life on them before, but one could just -tell-, especially with a ring in possession, that -something- terrible had happened there.

    But as it would happen, she would come upon one that isn't -totally- wrecked (although it certainly doesn't look good either), and has several Cybertronian settlements on it as well a number of ships and probes in orbit of it.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey is careful not to let her atmospheric suit drop once here as she's both uncertain of the safety, and, well, she's rather soft and squishy as it is and looks terribly terribly human otherwise. It might not change anything to keep herself garbed as a Lantern - but at least she looks like an official person in her Lantern garb! Someone that the unverse would respect on basis of her title alone. Which did make her feel a tiny bit squicky, not being official official and all, but she had been reassured that she was, indeed, a Lantern, and that she did have authority.

Of course, how to find Blurr now. That was the question.

Blurr has posed:
    Down on the surface of the planet, things definitely aren't pretty. There are ruins everywhere of what must have once been a thriving civilization, covered in toxic waste and dead flora and fauna. Good thing Kinsey has her Lantern suit to protect her from these very potent dangers.

    After some time of searching, she'd eventually spot a familiar looking blue and white hoverspeeder sitting among the remains of a town or settlement of some kind.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
She's not sure why, but finding that familiar vehicle brings a smile to Kinsey's lips. Maybe because out of all the beings here on this planet he's the only one she knows. Or maybe it's just that he's not a figment of her imagination.

The smile doesn't last long, though. The place is a right mess, and well, it looks like it's not only seen better times, but it's exactly the sort of place that promotes despair.

Mind, she's rather uniquely prepared to counter that, and makes her way over. "I wish I'd seen it before this had happened," she says softly. "I can imagine what it might have looked like. Are you okay?"

Blurr has posed:
    When Kinsey approaches Blurr and starts a conversation, he jumps up out of his vehicle mode, his body shifting and unfolding rapidly until the speeder is standing on two peds and staring down at the Blue Lantern. "Thefragareyoudoinghere?!" he exclaims. "Imeanyoucould'vecalled?!" Didn't he give her a way to contact him? That's what he thought, anyway.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
There's a laugh from Kinsey who, in all the greetings she might have expected, hadn't expected that one. "As I recall," she offers with a smirk, "You suggested that I go my own way and forget you existed. I suppose I could have told you then that I'm really very bad at following directions."

Which is to say he hadn't left her a way to contact him, and she understood his surprise.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you. Besides, our little friend is nice and all, but he's rather too besotted for proper conversations, and I have questions."

Blurr has posed:
    "Yeah, because if you knew what was good for you, that's what you would do. But apparently you -don't-." Blurr replies, still sounding rather flabberghasted. "Smelt, you're -stubborn-." he remarks, although he is somewhat amused by it.

    "'Little' friend?" he scoffs. "He's only 'little' compared to me, just like you are. He's like the same size as you. And what do you mean besotted, what's he so obsessed with that you can't ask him questions?"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey shrugs, and makes her way closer given she's not stopped, picking her way carefully amongst the rubble. "Stubborn was a good quality where I grew up. The projects weren't kind to anyone. You'd get bowled over if you didn't learn to stand up for yourself."

Mind, that didn't translate into violence where Kinsey was concerned, but she'd held her own, and had something of a reputation for championing the underdog.

She manages a soft laugh at the discussion of relative height. "Fine. He's my height-ish, but it's a term we use on my home planet. Mostly it means your familiarity with him is greater than mine. Some would use it as a bit of a derogatory title. You decide through context."

If there's a place to sit, she takes it.

"What he's obsessed with is me. Which is - well it was flattering for about all of five minutes. But after that it becomes something of a burden. And until we manage to find him a place suitable to relocate for a home, he is rather an obligation."

Blurr has posed:
    "'The projects'?" Blurr tilts his head curiously. "Sooo what kind of projects? Hard ones, I assume."

    Sure, there are places to sit other than the ground, though not exactly anywhere that comfortable. Mostly just large pieces of debris. Well, relatively speaking.

    "What? Uh, haven't -you- been taking care of him? Why would I know him better than you?" he asks, sounding confused. Oh, and then comes the part about him being obsessed. "He's obsessed with you?" The Autobot looks puzzled for a moment, then nods in understanding. "Oooh, he wants to mate with you." Because that's what organics do, right?

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Projects.." Kinsey searches for an easy way to explain them. "They're places that are generally populated by the poorer denisens of humanity. Though not quite so poor as the homeless, or say a.. actually, let's leave it at that for now. I grew up in an area where none of us had very much. For all that, it could have been worse."

Leave it to Kinsey to see the brighter side of things.

There's a nod of assent when it comes to who is looking after Yod-Aesh. "Well, not entirely me personally, but I have been checking in on him. He's been receiving wonderful medical care. But I do have another job, after all. Two, actually." She holds up her ring bearing hand, and that's as far as she gets before Blurr mentions mating, a thing that has her laughing outright. "I couldn't say. I haven't asked him. But it wouldn't be nice to ask, especially as I don't really reciprocate those feelings. I take it, though, that your kind don't mate?"

Which seems rather self-evident, given he is a vehicle.

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr listens to her description of 'the projects'. "Oh, so like, low caste kinda but not quite Dead End level of low. I see." he says, nodding.

    "Well I'm glad he's doing better and getting the care he needs." He arches a brow at the comment about asking. "Really? Why wouldn't it be nice to ask? I mean, how else would you organics reproduce? And why -don't- you want to? Don't you like, enjoy it or something?"

    He nods at her question. "Nope, sometimes I wish making more of us were that easy, though."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
The matter of caste is considered. It's not an exact comparison, but it suffices. "Pretty much," she agrees. "Maybe not so stratified."

Again there's a soft laugh as she struggles to consider how to explain this. Things like this hadn't entered into her mind when she'd settled on xenobiology as a compliment to her genetic engineering studies.
"Let me see if I can explain.. I'm a female human, and most of us do like to mate. Some don't. There are reasons why a person may chose not to. But we're also able to pick and chose who we wish to mate with. It really isn't a perfunctory matter for most of us - we have another word for that, having sex, or sexual acts without feeling or engagment with the other."

Blurr is given a helpless little shrug. "I don't find him attractive that way. It isn't anything of his fault, I just don't."

She doesn't actually address whether or not she enjoys mating practices, but she does ask, "How do your kind reproduce, then? And I suppose I'm curious about how you show affection to one another. Being physical - mating - is one way my kind show affection." To explain.

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr watches her intently as she tries to explain. "Oh, so you have to be attracted to him in a certain way? Huh, I guess that makes sense. I--actually haven't really talked to organics a whole lot." he admits. "Given most of them avoid my kind."

    Then he frowns pensively. "Huh? You're Terran?" He crouches as long as he can comfortably go, trying to examine her more closely. "Primus, I could've sworn you were one of them."

    As to the question of how Cybertronians reproduce, he sighs a bit. "Well, we don't really any more, actually. Vector Sigma used to ignite the hot spots that gave rise to our sparks, but the pulsewaves stopped a long time ago..."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Some humans - I can't speak for all organics - don't care if they're attracted, but most of us prefer to be. It makes it more pleasurable." At least that's been her experience. Kinsey inclines her head, "I imagine you haven't spoken to many of us if they react the way they did back on Kyzil. Which I'm curious about, but we do have some time still."

"Vector sigma? Hot spots? Spark - you mean like a spark plug?" Sadly, Kinsey's understanding of cybertronians is still rather weak and her experience equates them rather one on one to the actual vehicles she's familiar with. "I'm confused, though. One of whom? Who is it you could have sworn I was one of?"

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr nods at the explanation about attraction and pleasure. "Yeah, I guess that does make sense. Heh, yeah that's pretty much the universal reaction to any Cybertronian aside from a few rare cases like you and Star-Lord and his people."

    He shakes his head at her confusion. "No, spark as in like..." Huh, how to explain this to her. "It's like a soul, I guess. It's what makes us alive. Otherwise we're just drones. Hot spots are physical locations that can give rise to new sparks, but they have to be exposed to pulsewaves from Vector Sigma. Which is um...well actually I'm not even sure exactly what it is. There are stories, and legends, and all that stuff about where it came from but I never reall gave it much thought I guess. I just know it's at the core of my home planet."

    The speedster peers at her curiously at her last question. "Well the guys colonizing that planet. The Kree, right? I mean, they seemed to think you were one of them, since they didn't act all suspicious or anything around you and seemed to give you the benefit of the doubt, at least at first."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Ah," Kinsey says with some understanding of spark now, though the mechanics of how it all comes together are still a bit of a mystery. She hesitates to liken this Vector Sigma to what many humans would call God, though, so she keeps that thought to herself. Regardless, Blurr seemed sentient enough, and despite his oddity of being non-organic, she had to treat him as such.

It was good enough for her.

"Kree? Oh, no, I'm..." Except she can't make herself say it. This matter kept coming up again and again, though he was rightly to put such a firm word upon it. Instead, she tilts her head fractionally, watching him closely, "Why do you say you thought I was Kree?" Maybe, just maybe, this approach would get her some answers.

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr shrugs. "Like I said, mostly just from the way they were treating you? That town you found me in had some kind of biometric identification field, which I'm guessing was to make sure no aliens just came waltzing in whenever, but obviously that didn't hold you up so I guess I just assumed."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Well, that was news. And if a similar thing was in place at that village...

Kinsey grows quiet and looks troubled.

Blurr has posed:
    There's a somewhat awkward moment as Kinsey grows silent. Blurr peers at her. "Uh, are you okay?" he asks. "I didn't mean to offend, I just figured, you know? Not trying to say you don't even know what your own species is."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Oh, it's not that," Kinsey offers carefully. "It's just.. you aren't the only person who keeps suggesting this. That perhaps I'm not human. It's something of a surprise and a shock to consider what if it's true? What if I'm not."

But that was ridiculous, wasn't it?

Her gut didn't think so.

Blurr has posed:
    "I mean, it could be." Blurr says, shrugging again. "Kree and Terrans are pretty similar, physiologically, so I don't think it's really that big of a shocker. If you could live your whole life and not even realize it, does it -really- change anything? You're still yourself, whether you're Kree or Terran or Xandarian or whatever. Okay if you were Cybertronian -that- would be different, but I don't think that would apply because you're not even made out of the same stuff."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"I'm not sure I could explain it in terms you would understand," Kinsey begins, still very quiet. "Imagine yourself looking out over this here.. your home, right? and believing that this was what it was. That it was destroyed and mourning it, and then finding out that no, all along there was somewhere else that was truly your home. That you'd been told this story all along about this place, this place here, and it wasn't true. And it isn't that the other place is wrong or bad.. it's just not what you believed."

She looks out over the rubble. "How could you mourn this, still, knowing it was never your home, and yet you still felt that way. And there had never been your home. No matter how beautiful it was, you didn't feel this for it. Only now both places are alien.."

She gives a soft sigh and tries to smile. "I don't know. I think I'm explaning it poorly. I don't even know that it's true... only.. there are just some questions about my life up to this point that I've avoided asking. I think I can't avoid that anymore."

Blurr has posed:
    "This wreck?" Blurr looks out over the rubble. "Uh, no this isn't my home, not by a long shot. Not that my actual home is that much better, but still. Anyway, even if I suddenly found out I was actually from Velocitron or something instead of Cybertron, I don't think it would make that much a difference to me, honestly. I'd still consider myself Cybertronian because well, that's where I spent my life. Just because you came from somewhere doesn't mean it's your home."

    Suddenly, he tenses a bit, having heard a noise. A noise that Kinsey probably heard too. If she looks, there are a pair of glowing yellow eyes staring out at that from inside of a half-demolished building...

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Well, I told you I was trying to find something similar. I'd say what if you found out you weren't cybertronian but some other vehicle species.. anyway.."

She'd go on, but there's that warning, and those yellow eyes.

Blurr has posed:
    The glowing eyes are there....then they're gone. "Shh!" Blurr hushes her when she keeps talking, then jumps to his feet and starts making his way carefully over toward where they had been. He peers into the shell of a building. "Score, looks like one of them got out. Pff, sloppy." he whispers, crouching in front of a cracked wall.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"One of who got out?" Kinsey asks in hushed tones, creeping up behind Blurr. LIkely ill-advisedly so. But she had warned him she wasn't really one to do what she was told.

Blurr has posed:
    "Hey, I said--" Blurr starts to say, but before he can finish, Kinsey gets to find out the answer to her question...

    A massive insectoid mechanical springs from the shadows. It looks like some twisted, mutated mantis-like thing, and lashes at her with its enormous claws, attempting to grab her and probably chomp her with its powerful jaws!

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
KInsey's reaction is instinctual, and powered by Kibou, who exclaims "Kinsey!" even as she's telling him, "Shields, Kibou!" Whether or not the insectoid intends on chomping her, it's going to get a mouthful of air, or shield, and not tasty tasty.. human? "What is that?"

Blurr has posed:
    The creature tries to grab her, but just ends up slamming into her shield and screeching in frustration. Which is the exact opportunity Blurr needed. In an instant, he whips out a weapon that appears to fire some kind of electrical bolt that strikes the creature and causes it to stagger. But before it can recover, the Autobot shoots it again. And again, and again. He is literally a streak of blue and white, as fast as he is moving. Well he certainly doesn't have that name for nothing, it seems.

    With a second or two, the thing flops onto the ground, motionless.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey scrambles backwards from the thing, even with the protection of her shield concerned that it might chomp on her. Thankfully, Blurr knows how to deal with these things, and is also fast. Certainly faster than the creature, or Kinsey's scramble, leaving her slightly flustered and asking, "What was that? And how many more of them are likely to be about?" Suddenly very acutely aware of the fact that despite the considerable protections her ring could offer, this was a more than hostile place and maybe she shouldn't be taking it quite for granted.

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr circles the motionless thing a few more times, making sure it's definitely down for the count, before whipping out what looks like a flat piece of metal that actually expands and unfolds like a piece of origami into a box or cage of some sort large enough to fit the creature. He starts shoving it inside. "It's an Insecticon." he answers Kinsey's question. "And I have no idea honestly. But I'm hoping there will be at least a couple. Chances are though they're locked up in the lab and I'll have to break in to get at 'em."

Saint Walker has posed:
Enter a figure wreathed in blue light: Saint Walker, first of the blue lanterns.

The pale skinned being floats gently to the ground beside Kinsey, as if showing up as expected for afternoon tea. "My ring told me you would be here, but I did not expect things to be so, exciting," he remarks looking over the destroyed metal bug. "Though by this point in our friendship, I suppose that was somewhat naive of me," he offers with that tone of light amusement he used for just about everything.

"Also, greetings Blurr, it is good to see you again," Saint offers, remembering his manners.

Then stepping forward he nudges the fallen mechanical. "And what is this nasty piece of machinery?"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey holds up a hand, "WAit.. woah. The lab? And you're planning on breaking in to get at them. Can we back up several steps here. Just what lab are we talking about, and why are you breakin in to get at - well, whatever they are? Insecticon. Creepy crawly if you ask me. Looks like a drain centipede."

Kinsey can't help a shiver at that.

When SAint Walker just steps into the conversation, the woman shakes her head. "And hello again, Brother Walker. I see even when I think I've escaped your ever watchful eye I have not." Blurr gets a small rueful look, "One of the joys of still being probationary. Phenonominal power. Itty bitty leash."

Saint Walker is told, "It's an insecticon. Blurr there seems to know more, and it sounds like he's actually trying to get at them for some reason."

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr looks up as Saint Walker appears. Oh, yeah that guy. What was his name again? "Oh, hey um--Brother?" Kinsey called him that, so that must be at least part of his name.

    As soon as the bug is fully inside of the cage, it seals itself up and he starts pushing it toward his ship on treads that come out of the bottom. "Yes, lab. And yes, I'm planning on breaking in to get at them." he confirms, smirking. "I'd tell you, but it's classified."

Saint Walker has posed:
Saint shakes his head, "Well, it is my job to keep an eye out, but in this case I was mostly coming to say hello," he explains with a smile, like he had simply walked down the block and not travelled lightyears to 'drop in'.

"I am Saint Walker," Saint offers to Blurr. "You may call me Walker if you like."

As for the metal bug, "Interesting, is it..." he searches for the appropriate word. "Deactivated?"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"Just in the neighbourhood?" Kinsey laughs. "If you say so, Brother Walker."

Her attention swivels back to Blurr. "I don't understand what you're collecting them for? Wouldn't there be other, more intersting things, in the lab?" OKay, Kinsey might have a vested personal interest in seeing this alien science lab.

Blurr has posed:
    "Deactivated? Sure, I guess so." Blurr replies to Walker's question as he continues to push the cage over to his ship, which was not far away. "Not dead, though. I need it alive."

    "Again, can't tell you what I'm collecting them for." he shrugs at that last question. "Maybe, probably, but I need the bugs, and that's it." Because that was the mission.

Saint Walker has posed:
Saint nods, familiar with that idiom. "Yes, something like that," he says sounding as wasn't aware of Kinsey's skepticism.

His head swivels to Blurr. And hmm, you are collecting them, but you can't say what for?" he asks. "Most mysterious. What can you tell us about all of this?"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Amusement flitters over Kinsey's features at she gives Blurr a look. He'd walked into this one all by his lonesome, knowing that while Brother Walker was as calm as they came, he was also quite formidable when it came to holding his ground.

Blurr has posed:
    A cargo door opens in the hull of the vessel, and he pushes the cage inside. Blurr chuckles at Walker's comments. "Right, -mysterious-. And it's best we left it that way. I've already told you everything I'm allowed to tell you. As you might know, I'm kind of at war. So, there are a lot of things that you organics are best left out of. Really, it's best you didn't hang around me, like I said. People who hang around me tend to run into trouble." Which....hasn't proved to be wrong, thus far.

Saint Walker has posed:
"While I understand the need for secrecy, you are speaking to two representatives of law and order in the universe, I feel we can be trusted," Saint looks to Kinsey, "Don't you agree Sister Kinsey?"

His eyes turn back to Blurr, "Besides if this," he nods to the mechanical bug. "Is part of your war, then it is not happening on Cybertronian soil, and is therefor in violation of several interstellar laws. I would hate to have to impound what you were collecting until the proper authorities could rule on the legallity of your actions. Wouldn't you agree it would be best to share a few more details now and save yourself and your people trouble they otherwise need not deal with?"

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Kinsey crosses her arms over her chest, totally willing to get in on this one. "Why yes, Brother Walker, I do agree. We're representatives of law and order in the universe, providing arbitration and overseeing legislation in the absense of other authorities or where there might be disputes. If we can't be trusted, who can be?"

It would sound a whole lot better if it weren't for the very amused lights in her eyes, and the twitch of her lips, for all that it's also true.

She sobers at the rest of Brother WAlker's words, because they are true as well. "He's right, Blurr. We wouldn't let others bring their war to you where it was unwarranted. We can't let you return the favour. But we can help you in other ways... if you let us."

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr sighs as he closes the cargo door back up. "Look, I appreciate your concern, I do. But we were -way- past 'legality', a long time ago. That's why the rest of the galaxy doesn't want -anything- to do with us. Trust me, just go ask whoever's in charge of all you Lanterns, they'll know what I'm talking about." he says, his gaze downcast.

    "...it's not that I don't trust you. It's more that the information could get you killed, imprisoned, or worse. Again, there's a reason why most civilizations or groups with any kind of sanity about them avoid the slag out of us."

    He moves toward the door to the cockpit. "I--should go."

Saint Walker has posed:
"I disagree, legallity must apply across the galaxy or not at all, it is what keeps things civilized," the Blue Lantern says crossing his arms as Kinsey's done.

"Can you at least explain why it is dangerous for us to know this information? I assure you both Sister Kinsey and myself are quite capable and we are backed by the entire Blue Lantern corps as well as the Green, we as a result have very little to fear."

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
Here Kinsey chuckles, but avoids contradicting Saint Walker, because, of course, that wouldn't do.

She does, however, give Blurr a smile. "I grew up in the projects, Blurr. I've talked down broken bottle weilding crack addicts who thought I had extra heads and was trying to brainwash them. I've been jumped in alleys and walked away to tell the tale. And contrary to your opinion of the rest of the universe, I don't hold that opinion of you, and the first step in changing those opinions is to actually trust someone when they say they're both willing and able to help you.

Her smile gentles, "Trust me. This is what we do."

Blurr has posed:
    "Yeah, in a perfect world." Blurr retorts. "But in case you haven't noticed, this world is far from perfect. And as you can see, this sector of space is also far from civilized." he says, gesturing in general toward the ruined landscape.

    "Heh, I know you grew up in 'the projects' or whatever and so you think you've seen it all, but trust me, you -haven't-. There's a reason they don't want anything to do with us, and haven't for the past few million years. It isn't something that can be -fixed- just like that."

    "And I just did explain to you why it's dangerous. Because it could get you killed and if not that, definitely get you tangled up in business I can tell you right now you will very much regret getting yourselves and potentially the rest of the Lantern Corps tangled up in. If you've come to this sector, you've -seen- what happens to planets that are unfortunate enough to cross our paths."

    He opens the cockpit, though he pauses in the doorway. "I appreciate the sentiment though. Really, I do. But you just haven't seen what I've seen..."

Saint Walker has posed:
Saint steps forward and gently puts a hand on Blurr. "Should we not live as though the world is perfect?" he asks the Cybertronian. "How else does it have any hope of becoming so otherwise if we bow to injustice and fear. And just because something has millions of years of inertia, doesn't mean it should continue forever. Change can happen my friend, but it begins with our own descisions."

As to the dangers of knowing Blurr's mission. "Yes, but /why/ does knowing these things make us likely to be killed or embroiled in your matters, that is what I seek to understand."

He sighs and looks to Kinsey, a silent question asking if she knows of any way to make things more clear.

Kinsey MacKenna has posed:
"I think," Kinsey says, nodding to Saint Walker, "That what my fellow Lantern means is, we are in as much danger not knowing as knowing. Our mere association with you has marked us. Who would believe a Lantern encountering a problem and walking away from it? Sure we'd be lying and suspect."

There's a small shrug of her shoulders. "There is also the small matter that what little we do know already is enough for us to stop you, Blurr." Her words are softly, and regretfully spoken. "We really /can't/ help you without more information. YOu truly do not understand what the Corps is about. Or Brother Walker."

Her smile for Walker betrays a fondness. "He very nearly singlehandedly saved his entire solar system on his faith and hope alone. He isn't a man I'd say would shy away from a matter, even if it were certain death as you say. He couldn't be himself /and/ walk away. Please, Blurr? I stopped for you, and stood between you and blasters, even with being told what an abomination you were. I didn't believe it then, and I won't believe the same words from your lips. A lie is still a lie no matter how many times you tell it."

Blurr has posed:
    "Ugh, -that's- why you shouldn't have even come here, or even associated yourselves with me at all." Blurr mutters, shaking his head, then scoffs at the comment about trying to act like the world was perfect. "Look, I appreciate your optimism. Okay? But it's just--it's misplaced. I know your type likes to believe the best about people, but I'm going to tell you right now, I'm -not- a good person. And if you had been at war with your own kind for seven million years--slag, even more than that if you count the tribal wars, you'd probably be jaded too. We tried to make peace with them, we did. But it never worked. No matter what we do, we always end up destroying the peace and destroying ourselves. Sometimes I wonder--if it's just fate." he says bitterly, as he finally gets into the cockpit.

    He sighs. "I--thank you, for doing that. It was the last thing I expected from a fleshling. But it's not as much of a lie as you think it is. If you could ask the people who used to live here, and countless other planets, an 'abomination' isn't all that far off."

    The door closes, and the upward thrusters activate, pushing the vessel up into orbit and away from the planet. The truth was, while the reason he gave might have been partially true, it wasn't the full thing. He also was fairly certain they wouldn't agree with what he was doing at all, and might try to actually stop him--so, it was just best they didn't know.